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Madhya Pradesh

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Jan 31, 2013

aadhaar card not received till date


my uidai enrolment No.
1093/20254/00096 dated 18/08/2011 16:41:04
my name is Kethavath Hanma s/o late Kobla
H No. 20-121, Sharadanagar Colony, Road No.4,
Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad 500060 AP INDIA. email ID hanma.kh@gmail.com
my family members aadhaar cards has been received, but my aadhaar card not received till today.
I requested you to please provide my aadhaar card.
jaikumar as
Jan 31, 2013

adhar card not received

Dear sir,
My aadhaar card not received please check this Enrolment No. 1098 / 90172 / 13840, Date and time : 07/11/2012 10:10:09

My Address

Jaikumar A S S/o Shivalingaiah
Virupakshipura hobali
channapatna taluk
Ramanagara Distick
ktm pune
Jan 31, 2013


my aadhar card not recieved
enrolment no:1190/10657/87866
date:28/07/2011 10:34:03
contact no:9623826626
post office code;411046

enrolment no:1190/10097/02083
date:02/08/2011 10:16:58
contact no:9623826626
post office code;411046

enrolment no:1190/10097/02084
date:02/0087/2011 10:26:19
contact no:9623826626
post office code;411046

enrolment no:1190/10097/02087
date:02/08/2011 10:54:33
contact no:9623826626
post office code;411046

enrolment no:1190/10097/02086
date:02/08/2011 10:47:47
contact no:9623826626
post office code;411046

please send my aadhar card on below address

Bundgarden-KTM Showroom
Godrej Castlemaine Bldg,
Next to Ruby Hall clinc,
Opp Wadia College,
Bundagrden Rd,
Pune-411001 or mail on bundagrdenktm@gmail.com or contact me on 9623826626
Jan 31, 2013

delay of aadhar card

Sir we didnt yet recieved our aadhar cards holding EID numbers as follows:

Aitha Sridevi :1079/09074/03635 Date:26/10/2012 Time:21.30.32

Thatipelly NIshanth: 1079/09074/03634 Date:26/10/2012 Time:21.15.26

Thatipelly Ramnarayana: 1079/09074/03633 Date:26/10/2012 Time:21.08.34

Thatipelly Prashanth: 1079/09074/03632 Date:26/10/2012 Time:21.02.31

Kindly confirm, as soon as possible and please send it to my residential address.


Edward D' Souza
Jan 31, 2013

Father's name wrongly written to be corrected

Aadhaar No.:6163 2546 6845 Enrolment No:1074/16655/09273 dated 17/11/2011 10:09:51

Name: Edward D' Souza
S/O Monthu D' Souza ( wrongly written as Agnes D' Souza, who is my wife, Aadhaar No.:2771 3920 0425)

Acknowledgement of Correction: Enrolment No.: 1074/16655/09281 dated 17/11/2011 11:05:21

Correction not made yet. Kindly send me the corrected Aadhaar Card.

Edward D' Souza
amit k
Jan 31, 2013

addhar card

sir mera addhar card net par show nahi karta hi. because mera addhar card mere ghar pe nahi aaya hi.please help me
amit k
Jan 31, 2013

addhar card

sir my addhar card mere ghar pe nahi aaya. and me net par apna enrol no and date and immage dal ke submit kiya par mera addhar card show nahi karta hi.please help me
Mukund Deshpande
Jan 31, 2013

Not get Aadhar Card

Sir, I have registered for Aadhar Card on dated 16/06/2011 15:32:28
My Enrolment No. is 1218/17334/02136
My Name is Mukund Shriniwas Deshpande (Male)
until date not get a card please suggest me on my mailid
Jan 31, 2013

finger prints not getting accepted

My hands are rough and dry and hence my finger prints are not getting accepted in the machine (only 20% accepted and atleast 60% required) - please let me the solution for the same.
Jan 31, 2013

Aadhaar card not received

Sub: Non receipt of Aadhaar Card


I alongwith my family members were enrolled for Aadhaar Card on 20.08.2011 at Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi Centre by Enrolment Agency- Virgo Softech Limited (Photo copies of the Acknowledgement/Resident Copy are enclosed herewith.). I have not received any Aadhaar card till date. I have made several complaints regarding non receipt of the Aadhar Card through e-mail and tried to contact on the telephone No.1800 180 1947 and 011-23747095 but nobody was there to attend the calls and it seems to be a bogus number. I have also approached the Aadhar registration centre, Bikaji Cama Place, New Delhi but according to them since I have already enrolled they will not take my finger print and photographs again and advised me to approach Bangalore address but the four I cons given in the acknowledgment slip are not giving any response.

Since the Government of India has made Aadhar Card mandatory for the transactions, I request you to direct the concerned authorities to issue the Aadhar card of the following members as early as possible.

Sl. No. Name Enrolment No. Date NPR receipt
1 B.R.Haridasan (Male) 1211/01055/02307 20/08/2011-15.07.59 990708003700300080003162001
2 Geeta Haridasan ( Female) 1211/01055/02308 20/08/2011-15.13.59 990708003700300080003162002
3 Srikant Haridasan (Male) 1211/01051/03161 22/08/2011-11.00.52 990708003700300080003162003
4. Sreesha Haridasan(Female) 1211/01050/03131 22/08/2011-11.27.01 990708003700300080003162004

Hoping for an early action at your end.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

XY-48, Sarojini Nagar,
New Delhi-110023.

preeti marathe
Jan 31, 2013


Me and my family registered for Aadhar card on 06 august 2011.
but we have not received it yet.
1) Priti Bhaskar Marathe
enorlment no.2006/00625/02199 Date-06/08/2011 Time-17:53:20
Kindly confirmas soon as possible
Priti Marathe
Rita yadav
Jan 31, 2013

wrong date of birth

Dear sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice that I have received my Aadharr No. 2687 4326 0852 at my residence . But my date of birth has shown 1868 in my Aadhaar Card which is totally wrong. It means that I am 144 years old.Actually my date of birth 1968.

You are requested to kindly rectify this mistake immediately and issue new Aadhaar Card at my ressidence at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Smt. Rita Yadav,
Year of Birth: 1968
Husband's Name : Brahmdev Yadav
252, C-Block, Sector No. 9, Saweena(Rural)
Hiran Magri Udaipur
Sampath Kumar Taduru
Jan 31, 2013

Aadhaar card not received

My self and my wife enrolled for Aadhaar card on 22.08.2011. But still we not received the cards. The details are detailed below.
1. Taduru Sampath Kumar No. 1190/10757/08363 Date 22/08/2011 15:36:41
2. Taduru Vijaya No. 1190/10757/08364 Date 22/08/2011 15:51:53

We are not getting even the status through your website. When the government is introducing the Aadhar card for every thing, the authorities not reacting properly. Please check up urgently and send the cards as well as reply to us.

Taduru Sampath Kumar, Hyderabad
Jan 30, 2013

delay of aadhaar card

Respected sir,
we the family members have not received our aadhaar card.we registered for aadhaar card on 28/09/2012.
our enrolment number and date are
i) Sindhu.c.c, EID- 1171/26188/00010 date- 28/09/2012 time -16:57:08
ii) Licyamma Mathew,EID- 1171/26188/00005, Date- 28/09/2012 time- 15:26:56
iii) Joony Johnson, EID- 1171/26188/00009, Date- 28/09/2012 Time- 16:37:04
iv) Simi Mol C.P, EID- 1171/26188/00008 Date- 28/09/2012, Time 16:21:53

So kindly confirm as soon as possible.
with regards
family members
Email address: osfconvent@gmail.com
harshal kadam
Jan 30, 2013


Our all family members get the aadhar card at the same date and place, but my mother Ms Dipika D. Kadam still not receive her aadhar card,

her enrolment no is 1216/00075/00819 23/08/2011 11:28:56

Kindly confirm as soon as possible.
Harshal D. Kadam

email-id _ harshal.d.kadam1991@gmail.com
mandingh r yadav
Jan 30, 2013

aadhar card

sir, my adhar card enrolment NO1218/17767/02113 date 29/06/2011 time 17;38;31has ben tared and i want the duplicate of mysame
plese send me the duplicate copy of new address

ADD . Laxmi pandurang Kadu
Ganptnagar ashela padha near nagrani mandir
Laxmi kadu chawal
Ulhasnagar thane maharastra 421004

Yours faithfully

Basavaraju M
Jan 30, 2013

aadhaar card was dispatched but not received

sir myself Basavaraju .M me and my family members were enrolled on 23/01/2011
my family consists of 4 members me, my wife and my 2 daughters but still i got only my younger daughter's aadhaar card
and the remaining are not yet received
i have enrolment nos
1)enrolment no 1037/11379/01093 on date 23/01/2011 at 12:16:14 and also i have dispatched item no UE617976649IN
1)enrolment no 1037/11377/00982 on date 23/01/2011 at 12:08:54 and also i have dispatched item no UE617976034IN
1)enrolment no 1037/11377/00983 on date 23/01/2011 at 12:16:14
so m kindly requesting you please as soon as possible i want to receive cards.....
am waiting for it
A saikumar
Jan 30, 2013

not received AADHAR Card,

i have not received my AADHAR Card ,
pls look in to this

my enrolment no is-1094/50049/05916 Date:24/07/2011 Time:19:22:51
Email id-aduganisai@gmail.com

pls send my AADHAR Card to this Address

A saikumar cell-9160960451
c/o J Narender
H NO-15-2-252,
Maharaj Gunj,
ramesh 1969
Jan 30, 2013

not received adhar card

me & my family members enrolled for adhar card on13/08/2011 16hrs
enrolment numbers are
kothapally ramesh babu 1190/10808/04765 13/08/2011 15:44:46
kothapally jyothi 1190/10808/04766 13/08/2011 15:54:16
kothapally rahul chowdary 1190/10808/04767 13/08/2011 15:56:42
kothapally rohit chowdary 1190/10808/04768 13/08/2011 15:58:48
kothapally ratna kumari 1190/10808/04769 13/08/2011 16:01:12
Jan 30, 2013

pls send my aadhar card

i couldnt receive my aadhar card yet.
Enrolment no:1111/00086/07080
Date:06/10/2011 12:12:48
20,middle street
Contect number: 9345176428,9360214255.
Mail id:s.manithulasi@gmail.com

I request u please send my aadhar card,or send pls detials
virendra sankhla
Jan 30, 2013

not find aadhar card

aadhar card not received.my entrolment no is 1207/01093/02263 and
Date 26/07/2011 Time 18:07:32
item number UE5154582241N.
renu pasarnikar
Jan 30, 2013

correction in name

Sir, My Aadhaar Card No is 290632747441. My correct name is Ravindra Manohar Pasarnikar whereas it has been mentioned as Ravi Manohar Pasarnikar in my Aadhaar Card. Please correct the same at the earliest, my e-mail id is - renu15p@gmail.com and mob No is 9423576629.

Please do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Ravindra Manohar Pasarnikar
Prashant Kamble
Jan 30, 2013

aadhar card

Me and my family registered for aadhar card on 15 july 2011.
but we have not received it yet.
1) suryakant pol
enorlment no.1190/10957/01795 Date-15/07/2011 Time-15:59:55
Kindly confirmas soon as possible
Pritali Todkari
venugopal jetti
Jan 30, 2013

aadhaar card issuing

I & my family members enrolled for aadhaar on25/09/2011 at machilipatnam town with enrollement no 1001/15139/29481 ,1001/15139/29482, 1001/15139/29483 ,1001/15139/29484 but still not yet we recived aaddhar card &not showing at aadhar status also . so pls verify & do need ful As early as possible

J.venu gopal ,

Jan 30, 2013



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