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Madhya Pradesh

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Dec 20, 2012

correction of our village address-reg

Dear sir, Vanakkam. Our village Ilanji has revenue taluk in Tenkasi, Tirunelveli-dist,Tamilnadu-627805. And Postal ,Passport & Election ID address was indicate same above address. But, Now you will can process issue of Adhar card address show Kunnakudi,Shenkottai. This one is major difficult for our village people. Ilanji is one of the Town Panchayat in Tenkasi taluk. Kunnakudi is Non Residential area. Pl remove the name of Kunnnakudi, Shenkottai in you can issue of the Adhar card. And our village street name Jubilee Is the correct name, Jupli is wrong word,. Please, correct the above matter for our village people living peacefully mind. . Thanking you, N.Kumara perumal Enrolment no 1092/12744/00174 dt16/12/2012 15:28:33
Dec 20, 2012

AADHAAR CARD not received

me & my family registered for aadhaar card on 23rd oct 2011 at enrolment station location 400086 at enrolment agency: Karvy Computershare Private Li but i got my wife's card Mrs. Ancy Thomas at the doorstep without any acknowledgement or signature to the postman & he is unaware of anything.the following 3 cards are yet to be received:
1)Thomas Kuruvilla
enrolment no: 1104/20377/05368 date:23/10/2011 time: 12:25:05
2)Peedikayil Merina Thomas
enrolment no:1104/20377/05370 date:23/10/2011 time: 12:36:20
3)Peedikayil Aneetta Thomas
enrolment no:1104/20377/05371 date:23/10/2011 time: 12:39:42
pl's do the needful.
email id:anitamerina@yahoo.co.in
mob no:09923714083
Dec 20, 2012

Adhar card not recevied

adhar card not received
Respected Sir/Madam,

I could not recevied my AADHAR CARD Yet my AADHAR CARD ENROLMENT NO: 1216/00012/33660, DATE:23/05/2011 11:54:58. Name is RAM CHANDRA SARVAJEET YADAV, Address: R N 41, S. P. YADAV CHAWL, HALAV POOL, HALL ROAD, KURLA (W), MUMBAI-400070. & My Mobile No:9699919425.

So please i request you redispatch my ADDAHAR CARD as soon as possible.

Thanking you,
yours faithfully,

Ram Chandra Sarvajeet Yadav
Dec 19, 2012



Me and my family - (5) members, registered for AADHAAR Card on October 23, 2011

3 of my family members have received their Aadhaar Cards but (2) cards still not received - details as under :

Name : Debkumar Sinha Enrolment No. 1007/10113/64167 Date : 23/10/2011 14:56:00

Name : Shreya Sinha Enrolment No. 1007/10113/64166 Date : 23/10/2011 14:45:58

Kindly confirm, as soon as possible and please send it to my residential address.

Debkumar Sinha, Mobile : 09436496145
Email-ID : debkumarsinha@ymail.com
Debkumar Sinha
Ward No. 7
Satya Narayan Bari Road
PO : Ujan Abhoynagar
Agartala, West Tripura
PIN : 799005
Dec 19, 2012

aadhar card

Pls note our family register for aadhar card on october 2011 but till date three
Member not recived there card...
Details... ashok rai--1104/20332/02094 -- 6/10/2011 13:17:02
Vipul Rai -- 1104/20332/02095 -- 6/10/2011 13:27:14
Supriya rai-- 1104/20334/01933-- 6/10/2011 13:25:32
Kindly help.
Contact no. 9833628628
Dec 19, 2012

we did not get aadhar card of three member of our family enrollment no. are 1104/20332/02094

We didn't get aadhar card till now.
kailash kumar itbp
Dec 19, 2012

adhar card not received

Me and my family registered for aadhar card on 18 October 2011.But we have not received it yet.
1) Kailash Kumar
Enrollment no.1093/31171/01309 Date-18/10/2011 Time-09:17:35
2) Babita
Enrollment no.1093/31171/01310 Date-18/10/2011 Time-11:03:26
3) Kavya
Enrollment no.1093/31171/01331 Date-18/10/2011 Time-14:44:57
Kindly confirm as soon as possible.
Kailash kumar
Email- kailashchd1234@gmail.com
Dec 19, 2012

adhar card not received

Respeted sir,

name:sudesh kumari sharma
enrolment no:1090/10126/00181

date:26/07/2011 15;20;34

contact no:8091417331

please send my aadhar card
Dec 19, 2012

Aadhaar cards not received

Respected Sir,
we are not received our aadhaar cards.
Name:Kasani Narayana Rao
enrolment no:1111/22193/02907 dated 29/07/2011, time 18:43:06
Name:Kasani Sita Ratnam
enrolment no:1111/22193/02908 dated 29/07/2011, time 19:00:37
Postal code - 533102
Kindly confirm, as soon as possible and please send it to my residential address.
email- sambasivakasani@gmail.com
mobile 9949558677, 9440611208

thank u Sir,

Dec 19, 2012

Aadhaar cards not received

Our aadhaar cards are not received. our enrolment nos. 1111/22193/02908 date 29/07/2011 time 19:00:37 and
1111/22193/02907 date 29/07/2011 time 18:43:06.
My contact no. 9440611208
Email- sambasivakasani@gmail.com
postal code - 533102
Dec 19, 2012

Adhar Card

Sir, I, Abhayaanand Kumar couldnt receive my aadhar card yet.while my father shailesh kumar had applied for enrolement on 26/08/2012 at 10:22:44 a.m. and my enrolement no. is 1171/23021/04805. name-Abhayaanand Kumar fathers name-sh. Shailesh Kumar e-mail id. is- mokamaghat@gmail.com & my father's mobile no 9560128271.
please oblige me and send my aadhar card imdtly.thanks.
mohammad ameeruddin
Dec 19, 2012

as the region show in status our aadhaar card no could not be generated due to the data process error in our enrollment

our aadhaar card no could not be generated due to the data process error in our enrollment
sir, mine and my mothers cards as been not generated
as the region show in status our aadhaar card no could not be generated due to the data process error in our enrollment

Mohammad Ameeruddin 1027/01303/09623 12/11/2011 12:44:16
Shamshad Begum 1027/0130/309622 1211/2011 12:40:35

where else my fathers aadhaar card as been generated and the aadhaar letter will be delivered shorty

Mohammad Nayeemuddin as been received cards number is 6187 0701 2835
date delivered on 19/12/2012 Wednesday
with same address and other details mention in all the three, please check r remaining two card.

thanking sir.
Dec 19, 2012

aadhar card

my aadhar card has not received yet my all family members received card but still im waiting my enrolment no of card is 1218/17745/01463 dated on 05/05/2011
Nisha C S
Dec 19, 2012

Aadhaar card not received

All my family members got aadhaar card except me ,enrolled on the same date at the same centre on 30/12/2011 at 20:20:53. my enrolement no.2003/13005/13411 . please give the details. my mail id nishaschand@gmail.com.
Dec 19, 2012

adhar card not recieved

Enrolment no 1218/17680/04723 date 02/08/2011 time 11:17:09 not recieved till 19/12/2012. Send aduplicate one.On enouiry it was found mis placed at koper khairane so pin 400709,my self unable to get it.Arrange to give the adhar no on phone 9619935716 or mail.
banu prakash
Dec 19, 2012

did not receive adhaar cards

this is banu prakash...me and my family members did not receive aadhar card,resident of hasthinapuram central,l.b nagar,hyderabad...so i request you to please bring it to my notice of not getting the aadhar card.
thanking you,
here are our enrolment details..
1190/10314/02193 name:T.Banu prakash
1190/10314/02192 name:T.Ashwini
1190/10314/02192 name:T.Renuka
1190/10314/02192 name:T.Laxmi
Dec 19, 2012

Aadhaar card not received

Aadhaar card not received
Enrolment No. 1218/17651/59690 Date 19/06/2011 Time 10:30:02
Enrolment Agency : Wipro Ltd.

Thanking you,
Mangesh Rane
vish chawda
Dec 19, 2012

Adhar card still not received

my name is vishal chawda.my family not get our adhar card still. we give application on 14/07/2011. my enrolment no is 12181771305795.
varsha chawda-12181771305794
sejal chawda-12181771305796
please kindly inform us about my status in how much time i get it.
M.Umamaheswara Rao
Dec 19, 2012

dhar card not received


we have appeared before the authority who were authorised to take information and to take biomatri information for issue of adhara cards. the following are the details.

name Mantha Umamaheswara Rao enrollment number is 1111/17003/59073 dated 14.05.2011 09:47:57 at Gandhinagar Municipal High School Kakinada East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh

My wife Smt Mantha Satyavathi Enrollment number 1111/17003/59074 date 14,05,2011 09:56:07. at Kakinada E G Dist Andhra Pradesh

when enquired in Taluk Office Kakinada Urban they said that you have to wait. when contacted by mail the mail is asking image particulars that was not available in the receipt give to us,

please help me to get adhra card and what I have to do to get adhra cards My E Mail I D is ummaji1952@gmail.com cell 9866050255
sajeeda khan
Dec 19, 2012

lost adhaar card

Sir, i had received my adhaar card a few months back but due to mishandling i 've lost the cards of my whole family please could you send me duplicate copies of my card .i am providing my enrolment no with date and time
Name .Sajeeda Meraj Ahmed Khan no. 1171/02077/00769 date 09/09/2011.18:25:17 (female)
Name. Meraj Ahmed Abdullah Khan no. 1171/02073/00495 date 09/09/2011 .10:08:56 (male)
Name. Saema Meraj Ahmed Khan no. 1171/02077/00772 date 09/09/2011. 18:44:23 (female)
Name. Sumaiya Meraj Ahmed Khan no. 1171/02077/00769 date 09/09/2011. 18:28:21 (female)
abhijit kalekar
Dec 19, 2012

not recieving aadhar card

Me and my family registered for aadhar card on 07-12-2011.bur we have not recieved it yet.
1)abhijit anant kalekar
Enrolment no-1175/00235/01074.
2)kavita abhijit kalekar
kam singh
Dec 19, 2012


kam singh
enrolmn no. 1007/60348/00363
date : 17/05/2001
time : 17:04:32

Please send my adhar card

Thanking you
yours faithfully

kam singh
kam singh
Dec 19, 2012


ADHAR ENROLMENT NO. 1007/60348/00363
DATE 17/05/2011
TIME 17:04:32

Please Send my Adhar card

Thanking you
your f6ktr`aithfully
Kam singh
abhijit kalekar
Dec 19, 2012

aadhar card not received

Me and my family registered for aadhar card on
07-12-2011· but we have not received it yet.
ENROLMENT NO- 1175/00235/01074·
Enrolment no-1175/00235/01075·
Rakesh kumar singh chauhan
Dec 19, 2012

Aadhaar Card

Our all faimly member get enrolled same place&date My Wife,Son,Doughter get Aadhaar card But I still not recieved the card.
My enrollment no- 1218/17011/08482 date 10/10/2011 09:43:21 My aadhaar card is genreted & No 453051441142 and deliverd
at Banglore G.P.O. it is to be delivered on same address given on aadhaar card
My add is Rakesh Kumar Singh Chauhan
Flat No. A 303 Sidhi House
Plot No. 416/2 Takka Panvel
Raigarh Maharashtra
PIN- 410206
Tel no 02227482078 Mob no-09819540284
Email- neelam.chauhan72@yahoo.com

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