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Humsafar Matrimony

Madhya Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Humsafar Matrimony

M. Sharma
Sep 22, 2016


Not pick up call..... and I submit rs 3500. That girl name was anu sharma .And they are total fraud. Before registration she call every time they have many girl.. And send different -different photos of girl .......... after registration they could not attend phone.........
Jul 30, 2016

Duped by humsafar matrimony jaipur

A person named Uma Shankar from humsafar matrimony Jaipur called us several times that he has good some really good profiles based on our criteria..he sent us the profiles on our WhatsApp and mail too and promised us that he has spoken to the groom's parents and they are interested in our profile and convinced us to pay Rs 4000...after payment the person told us that he couldn't find those numbers and all non sense shitty things...they didn't have us a profile I'd too....they should definitely be arrested for fraud n playing with somebody's feelings...will file an fir on them..
Jun 6, 2016

Humsafar Matrimony is a fake company

This is indeed an absolute fake website and Humafar Matrimony group is duping customers by fraud profiles. We are going ahead with a complain to the police to get our money back. And, I would very strongly advise other customers who have been duped to not only put complaints on online forums like this one but also to go ahead and file complaints with the local police of the town where the Humsafar Matrimony team contacted you from. Only with official complaints will these cheats learn, otherwise they will keep duping people. Absolute fraudsters.
Jun 2, 2016

fraud humsafar Matrimony site

I read the ad in amar ujala newspaper sunday for groom for my daughter and call on givien mob. no.8871857444 an employee of humsafar matrimony miss sapna give respose and contaced 6 7 times in a day for the registration and told that she will provide till you get the perfect match after membership. I had deposited 3500/- in Bank a/c no.07342000005239 of HDFC in favour humsafarmatrimony.com IFSC code HDFC0000734 on 30/05/2016 dt. which was provided by miss Sapna through her mobile no.8871857444.she confirmed also it.after deposited the membership fees there is no response on call and did not provide any login ID. She is now not picking up the call and giving unreasonable excuses. she provides the groom's numbers either unreachable or fake. She even told the name of contacted person. it is very bad experience with fraud indore hamsafarmatrimony.com.it is for information either provide membership no.or refund our money or i will lodge FIR against this fraud website.
Anjum f pathan
May 2, 2016

Fraud Co.

Beware of customer care salma khan and Manish from humsafar they cheat people and extract money
Shahbaz Sid
Apr 17, 2016

Humsafar Matrimony Fraud, Cheater, Tout.

Humsafar Matrimony is a fraud company, Here they have made lots of fake IDs and employee working their are totally fraud and they change their name as per customer surname and their cats and religion suppose any Brahmin (Pandit) call them so to attract them to cheat they become Pandit, Any Thakur, Srivastava , Aggarwal, Gupta and any of the person Either Hindu or Muslim or any of person call then they change their name accordingly and cheat. Once you pay them they start ignoring your calls and leave you. And get busy to cheat new one. I am going to lodge FIR against them next week in Jabalpur (MP) police station and you innocent people please do not hesitate and file FIR in your city nearest Police station as Police is also waiting for complaint against them to take sharp action.
For any help regarding Police complaint you can call me on 9818448982.

Shahbaz Siddiqui
Mar 31, 2016

Bustard Matrimony

Guys ,don't become member of this website.They are completely Fraud.My 2000/- get sink due to these bustard.
They will call you many times and send you good looking profile.But all are false.
If they call you just slap from my side also.
Trust me i am victim of this website.
Mar 4, 2016

share fake id and poor service

I have very bad experience with Humsafar patna services they shared fake id of girl initially and when paid the amount , no response has come from them never pic any call - I am going to complain about this in consumar court....for all their fraud and poor services and cheating people money.
Feb 15, 2016

Fraud or not

My self dr.vishal Dubey I'm searching a medico girl on these sites..mr.ankit from hamsafar used to contact m 3-4 times a day..he provide me some good id and even made a conference call with the Girls mother..I'm not sure the conference he made is fake or not..if any one hv such experience pls let Mei know

Dr.Vishal Dubey
Dec 15, 2015

Froud and Fake

Hi.. I am looking for a groom for my sister and so like everyone else I use to browse the websites as well as the newspaper. In the leading newspaper Dainik Bhaskar. As we liked one such ads,we called the number provided in the ad and found that it was of the humsafarmatrimony.com office in Bilaspur. I told the person (Kavya) to provide me with the details of the profiles. In response he requested me to take the membership of 4500/-. I told him that I will think and get back to him. As the pressure of finding a suitable groom was much, I called again the Bilaspur office and this time I spoke to a guy named Ankit and paid up the membership fee of 4500/-. In response, I got details of few of the profiles but I found them unsuitable as the profiles were of age far less than what I had requested. I took the membership in Dec 2015 and apart from the few underage unsuitable profiles, I have got nothing in return from the Humsfarmatrimony.com guys based in Bilaspur. (full chutiyapa and bullshit)
s kumar
Dec 14, 2015

not repling ,made all frod promices for marrige

Such a very pathetic experience with humsafar matrimony....for me that day was black day when i made payment for this marimony.....please dont beleave on the words of this matrimony employee......all r making false promices to take money only after that they never called you........
Nov 23, 2015

Humsafar matrimony is fraud

All the contacts provided by humsafar matrimony are unreacheable and fake.

A person named shraddha srivastava called me number of times before i registered, but once i registered i had to follow up number of times and the contact details she shared were always unreachable.
The number from which she called up are:918871001030 and 8109099413and the email id from which the fake biodata was shared is: rkshri1200@gmail.com
They charged 4500 from me as a registeration fee and gave details of two fake profiles. Beware of such calls.
They cheat the customers by making fake calls and fake telephonic contacts to collect money.
Sep 23, 2015


Hamsafar is a fraud matrimony website.
All employees Sweta ,sonia and other team member and there manager working are fraud.
please beware of Sangeeta Verma 7489168646. she only cheats not gives service
They dont receive calls neither call back.And not given me ID and password
They charged me 3500/- .These people call thousand times before registration and after receiving money they dont entertain us.
FRAUD PEOPLE and FRAUD WEBSITE.I want strick action of all emlpoyee of humsafar matrimony in jaipur branch
They should be taken to the court.
Dont go for this matrimony eve
Aug 31, 2015


hi....i am also a member of this fucking humsafar matrimony...initially,they told me that the plan will last till u get married.....bt, nw they r telling me dat i need to upgrade my membership....they jus dnt knw hw to talk....gawaars and losers as well.....bt the fact is....until we make a complaint,nothing will change....they will cheat many others like u and me.....so,i think evrybody shud together make a complaint against these losers....this complaint board will be of no use unless and until some action is taken.....n as we can see....dey r least affected and continue to cheat ppl......so.....i request all of you top come together and take action against them........
Jul 26, 2015

Fraud humsafar matrimony

I totally agree with all of you. This humsafar matrimony is a total fraudster cheaters who don't deserve to be in our society. All of them should be put behind bars with rigorous punishment and made to return money to all the people they have cheated. They totally disappear after gulping up our money.
riz khan
Jul 16, 2015

Fraud and false representation

Dear Sir Madam,

Fraud and false representation of my personal details on HumsafarMatrimony.com!!!
This is in regards to Fraud and mid representation of my personal details on your HumsafarMatrimony.com.

I spoken to HumsafarMatrimony.com representative Ms. Pooja from indoor on her no 9926974936 but no feedback till today.
I want to take a legal action against false and fraud information given on my profile on the web site

I just wanted to ask all the people, can we all go together and take action against them. We all are again and again appealing to the Government, but to no avail and these fraud people continuing their fraud business. lets join hand and we need some strong against them

Jul 7, 2015

Don't ever contact humsafar matrimonial

Sonia the biggest fraud she always promise to provide grooms profile for my sister but she never provide .... I am completely fed up .... Now she is not picking calls I would suggest every one not to trust humsafar
Jul 1, 2015

Fraud and mid representation

Same situation is with me also.I am going to call the S.P Ashish Kumar of Jabalpur and going to launch a complain.S.P Ashish Kumar - 09424437743 , Office - 07612676111.Kindly all of u call S.P sir and lauch a complain against Hamsafar Matrimonial.
Chauhan Chanchal
Jun 22, 2015

Fraud Site

Yes i am also. We had the same experience. We are searching groom for my sister and found a suitable match. But when we contacted the boy, a man namely Prashant Shishodia was on the other side. And before that Ms. Nutan Rathore already membership fee of Rs.3000/- and thereafter, she became Mr.India and not even picking up the phone. And this guy threatened me when we asking for the money.

I just wanted to ask all the people, can we all go together and take action against them. We all are again and again appealing to the Government, but to no avail and these fraud people continuing their fraud business. Please, we need some strong against them coz they are not only taken money by fraudulently but also threatened us when we asking for return of our money.

Thanks & Regards
Chanchal Chauhan
Jun 16, 2015


Some Ishwar Meena from Humsafar matrimony CONTACTED ME a number of times and asked to make payment of Rs 6500/ .He also forwarded some profiles of girls before payment and given wrong informations .This came in my notice when I verified them at my lable .I MADE payment on 10th June 2015 but the person ISHWAR MEENA is UNDER GROUND FROM THAT DATE. Some persons are picking Phone but not supplying right informations .THEY Intimated me the I d number but this was also wrong .
They mailed me wrong informations again .In case of one I D at two places ,the informations given were different .I experienced that Humsafar matrimony is fake and fraud .GOVT must action against this.
Annamma Qureshi
May 5, 2015

Humsafar Matrimonial Sevices

I received many calls from one Ayesha of Humsafar Matrimonial Services. She sent me profiles of many boys. Asked me to take membership of Rs. 3500 for life time. I made payment online Rs. 3500/- But after getting payment they stopped taking and also created a profile for three months instead of lifetime. I contacted the profiles and found that they were all married. This is a fraud company. Kindly take some action against this people. They are cheats.
bhagwan Singh advocate
Apr 28, 2015

fraud in membership

I read the ad in amar ujala newspaper sunday for groom for my daughter and call on givien mob. no. 918962000160. a lady miss jyoti give respose and contaced so many time Other lady miss janhnvi kashyap contacted so many times and promise to prove profie of grooms after membership. I had deposited 3500/- in Bank a/c no. 3238002100015052 of PNB in favour humsafarmatrimony.com IFSC code PUNB0323800 on dt. 10-04-15which was provided by miss janvi kashyap through her mobile no.09039401438.she confirmed also it.after deposited the membership fees there is no response on call and did not provide any login ID. it is very bad experience with fraud hamsafarmatrimony.com.it is for information either provide membership no.or refund our money or i will lodge FIR against this fraud website.
Apr 16, 2015


One employees of Humsafar maitrymony of Bhopal Miss shrivastava was taken Rs.3,000/- for membership provide of services of bride. Before taking money she call several times and committed to provide information daily and also contact with bride for son but after taking money she has not given any receipt of money nor lifting of our calls. After some time she simply advise us to contact you directly and she can not help for further to provide assistance. Now understand that they people of humsafarmaitymony is fraud organisation and cheating to public. We are planning to call in the court and take necessary steps. So We request to public do not believe in above fraud site.
Mar 29, 2015


I have registered since 6 months on this website. they collect data from other websites and give you their information when they are not registered.
also it's their duty to suggest and forward contacts but they never do so... once you pay the fees. Till the time u pay they will bug you by calling continuously, once payment is done no one will call you not will show any interest.
My recent experience, from ad given in local news Ppr, I called up... it's their no. first they told all basic info n then when I told, I am registered she cuts the phone. on same day I call up for another ad different no. After hearing my voice she cuts the phone without even showing curtousy to say that they will forward the info.

Till now they must have given me 6 7 contacts, that too two immediately after registration and remaining after 4 months that too after our rigorous follow up. And to our surprise none of them even knew their name and three were already married.

So just beware of these ppl, don't fall prey to their call. And pay them. They are biggest frauds in their industry.
monika prakash
Mar 24, 2015

Service is very bad

Mera id HS231121 he..hm patna humsafar metrimony k member he hmne 23 jan 2015 ko registration krwa k uske manber bne he roshni k through..before member ship wo kai bar fon krti ki mr. Subodh kumar jo smstipur k rahne wale he unka express intrest aarha he aap member bnie fir sam tk ladke se milwa kr shadi ka date fix krwa dia jaega...bt pahle member bnna pdega..hme unka proposal acha lga hm member bn gye bt after membership wo us ladke k bare me bolti he ki wo av intrest nhi le rhe he..or roshni ji.bat krna to dur 10 bar fon krne k ek bar fon recv krti he or ye bol k fon cut kr deti he ki koi intrest aaega to pta chal jaega...wo to na mail pe ldko ka detail bhejti he or na btati he kuch...i m realy sorry bt ur service is very very bad...jhuth bolti he kisi k imosn ka mzak bnati he apki co..hmara 4000 to dub hi gya na

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