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Consumer complaints and reviews about HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD (HMIL)

Mar 8, 2017

Pathetic episode at hyundai sangli

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please take a note that, i am Hyundai customer. i took 2 Hyundai vehicles in last 4 months.(Expecting good services from Hyundai) Recently i met with an accident and hence took my CRETA (MH-10-PB 7599) to Hyundai Showroom Sangli. And After that, i started suffering form many different issues.

I dropped my vehicles for repairing on 24th November 2016 at Hyundai Showroom Sangli. and yet to receive my Vehicle. Since last four Months, i am constantly in touch with respective authorities and not getting proper response. Every single time they gave next dates only. as per your respective showroom commitments, it is expected to get my vehicle on 24 Dec.2016. but not happened because of not having required spare parts.

After that, They gave us next date of 10 January 2017. we waited till the said date of January but again got disappointed and got next date 25 January 2017. but the same thing happened. On the 25 January 2017 we have been told to come by 10th of Feb.2017. again the same thing happened and they request to come on 25th of Feb. hence reached to the showroom to take the delivery of our vehicle but we saw that, our vehicle was at the same place in same condition, the way we left on 24th Dec.2016.

After So many request and dramas, finally they committed to give our vehicle on 7th March 2017. And hence we are trying to reach the concern person but he is not responding to my calls. it is also learnt that, after making complaint your team starts troubling more, to the particular customer.

Due to above all the episode i am fed up mentally as well as physically. so i need a reimbursement for all the harassment and three months interest of loan.

Now look into this matter on Top Priority and get it done or i am going to take legal action against company for the mental harassment.

Arun Mohan A
Mar 1, 2017


I owned a hundai i20 from trivandrum karamana popular showroom they give so many fake offers at the time of booking but really happened is horrible.
But my main issue is i pait a 10000 package for ubc 3m coting and ipp yesterday after 7 days from the delivery date the under body coating is still wet and low quality paint with lot of mud and dust
Additional accessories price also very high with low quality car is amazing expect their poor service
Feb 17, 2017

Very poor performance and misbehave during servicing of my Hyundai i10 car at M/s Binay Hyundai, Begusarai

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I had approached M/s Binay Hyundai, Begusarai situated at Zero Mile , Begusarai for replacement of parts and servicing of my Hyundai i10. There was requirement of replacement of various parts like headlight, windshield, bumper etc. and regular servicing of my car was also to be done. People at Binay Hyundai assured me that all jobs shall be completed in two to three days. For two days there was no response from their team after I submitted by car at their disposal. After two days when I went to their service centre, I found that literally my car not even touched and no job was done. I was also not informed about any development in this matter. On enquiry and request they started job on my car, but again there was no feedback given by them. When I went after four days, I found that some job was done and various parts were replaced. I am not sure whether those parts were genuinely required for my car. The parts replacement was not totally done.

After a gap of approximately 12 days, I went to enquire and found that my car is opened from front but no parts have been replaced. After my enquiry, they assured me for delivery of car on the very next day. As promised, I went on the next day to take delivery of my car. Total bill raised by M/s Vinay Hyundai was Rs. 41800.00. I tried to negotiate on rates given by them for certain items and talked to their manager Mr. Abbu, who was not available on that day and asked for payment of Rs. 41000.00 for time being and payment of rest amount , i.e. Rs. 800 after talking in person to the manager. When I tried to transfer money online, system did not allow the same due to daily limits on transaction and hence I requested them to accept payment through SBI cheque which was accepted telephonically by Mr. Abbu. Further when I went to Accounts section to submit by Cheque with required amount , the person at accounts section declined to accept the same and misbehaved with me. I even requested him to talk to Mr Abbu but he told that why should I talk to anyone. Somehow , he got convinced to accept the cheque and I got delivery of my car. But the bill was not provided to me at that time. After that, when I went to start my car, same was not taking ignition and was not starting. On calling Mr. Abbu, his mobile phone was out of range. When I called the shop floor guy, he told that he has already left and now he can cater to me on next day only. There were some people at that place in the showroom who helped to open the bonnet of car. It was found that the Battery connector was rusted and was not replaced. They managed to establish connection through makeshift arrangement and somehow my car was started and I had to literally flew away from that place with my car out of frustration.

Please note that I have already made full payment through cheque and I do not wish to go back to the service centre again to receive my bill. This is a very unfortunate incident and totally not acceptable from service centre of a very reputed car maker, Hyundai. The service centre people are non responsive and do not provide any feedback while my car was looked after. Also they insist on various other means such as application of Anti rust coating, engine coating, exhaust pipe coating of a specified brand (3M) so that they get their incentives but they ignore genuine requirements such as battery connector as seen in my case. Also I believe they are charging more than the standard rates specially on labor charges. Same cannot be confirmed by me as I am in no mood to go back and get my bill. Also they prepare hand written bills which also indicates some foul play.

My humble request is to take this matter in serious manner else it will impact company’s reputation and will hamper new customers to go for buying Hyundai Cars. Definitely I am not going to choose Hyundai as my next car because of this incident because if servicing of car is so hectic and embarrassing then it is better not to go that way. Also , M/s Binay Hyundai is a new opening in Begusarai and if a new opening of Hyundai behaves in this manner with a customer who is willing to pay Rs. 41000.00 in his first visit then you may rethink on how service centres are getting operated by your authorized agencies.

Awaiting your positive response.
Feb 13, 2017

New Grand i10 engine damaged on just 2nd day

Dear sir,
This is to bring to kind notice that i have purchase Grandi10 magna silver from charisma hyundai chd.on 9 Feb2017.in the name of Tarunika D/o Dhruve kumar bearing chassis no.MALA851CLGM571811
It is very regreat to say that while i was going toward U.P from chandigarh along with my family suddenly there was noise in engine cabin and vehicle finaly breakdown at 10 pm.on 10 Feb2017.it become very odd situation as i was along with my family suffer full night i also called ur road assistance service they came at spot after 4 hour bring my vehicle nearest authorized dealer i.e. Khanna hyundai and i came to know my vehicle engine damaged.
So this is my request to that i dont want any kind of repairing and all only want change my vehicle because my vehicle is only one day old and this is to inform you that also this vehicle was purchased for marriage gift purposed and marriage date is 15 Feb2017 so we have only 4days .
So kindly put your leg into my shoes and kindly do the needfull.
This same email forward in hyundai but not any responce or any further action on it

Feb 11, 2017

Finance issue

Hi after multiple visit on harsh hundai showroom in indore not a single sales man touch with me for hundai creata finance. requsest you to please improve the quality of ur sales and finance department else hundai lose lot of good customers base.

Naveen singh
Mob : 9977358353
Feb 7, 2017


The service is very bad. I am not satisfied. Arasuhyundai service manager is very ost . properly no answer. Please change the manager.
Feb 1, 2017

Airbag problem

My car name is Hyundai Elantra 2016 model (petrol) l had purchased this car from sas Hyundai showroom . When we was travelling to our village ( Mohamdabad gohna) on 28-1-17 the car get accident but the car airbag does not open...due do this problem everyone was injured .This is a manufacturing defect .chasis no.= MALD341CMGM010549
Engine No.=G4NAGU895050 Date OF Purchase=5-10-16
Jan 28, 2017

suddenly gears are not working in highway driving

i own a hyundai creta(reg no:-AP 16 DD 3366, white colour) vehicle which is 10 months old. Today i had a very bad experience with my vehicle. While driving on a highway while on the ouskirts of bangalore," the gear lever got locked suddenly and could not shift the lever from neutral position to any of the gear position". I feel very bad facing problem with a premium segment vehicle which . with a good experience i had with my old hyundai car( hyundai verna), i opted for creta even if had a better option but now i think i have to change my opinion. A tolling vehicle was sent to pick my vehicle.It is a very very bad, worst and disgusting experience.
My complaint no. is:- X117021847IND.
I hope my complaint would be attended as soon as possible and things would be taken care of so that i will not have any such problem in future.

Col Sanjay Akhouri
Jan 17, 2017


I Col Sanjay Akhouri have a Hyundai Verna car which met with an accident on 15 Dec at Shahdol Madhya Pradesh The car has been put in the aaaaaaaaaauthorised Hyundai Workshop at Shahdol. It was promised that by 15 Jan 2017 the car would be repaired. However I am sorry to say that the repair has not even commenced so far because the spares demanded by the Shahdol workshop has not arrived as yet. Let me tell you that I have travelled entire length and breadth of the country in this car but I have never experienced such a lackadaisical attitude of a workshop of a reputed automobile manufacturer like Hyundai. Kindly take appropriate measures to get my car repaired at the earliest.
Jan 10, 2017

2nd worst experience by HYUNDAI

"NEW THINKING, NEW POSSIBILITIES" REALLY?? MAYBE WORST JOKE OF THE DECADE. BEING A REPUTED CAR COMPANY I HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH THIS SHITTY EXPERIENCE. GOT TO EXPERIENCE YOUR NEW THINKINGS AND NEW POSSIBILITIES OF MAKING YOUR CUSTOMERS UNSATISFIED. It has been 2 months since my accidentof my Grand i10 (MH-14 EU- 9708). I haven't received any updates recently from the company. There is a point of crossing patience and hyundai has successfully reached to the point. There are no proper replies from the body shop panel and management. Everytime a new date comes out. I have to ask the workshop employee again on myself. It has never happened that the workshop employee has himself pinged me about the status of the car. I myself went to the service centre (25th dec 2016) finally and all what I got to hear was that i'll receive my vehicle in 2 days and asusual there has been a delay of 15 more days. Last time I called up hyundai I received an update of delay date. I was supposed to recieve my car on 5th of january and now they've extended the date to 10th of january. The date of accident was 6th nov. sunday 2016. Everytime the reason of delay was that company wasn't able to get the parts. I really don't have anymore patience and finally I came up on this solution. I need a fix update and a date about my car. All the insurance documentation and rest of the documentation was done in 10 days. It is now hightime and everytime all I hear is bullshit. Go through my vehicle pictures. Worst service ever received. Didn't expect this from hyundai. Make sure you follow what you write about your company. If you cannot keep promises atleast do not make any false commitments. Even after receiving parts, the working wasn't carried out as expected. 2-3 weeks was acceptable was ok and now it is high time. The Store name is Ishanya Hyundai, location pune. Ambegaon branch service centre. Contact me on +919673081558. Make sure to contact me asap or I shouldn't I even expect you to call me!!
thampy thomas
Dec 28, 2016

Clutch Complaint

Dear Sir,
I'm Thampy Thomas (Mob:8547080404) from kerala and i buy a new i20 from Popular Hyundai with warrenty period it's Registration No.KL-27 E 7333,Engine No.GULAFM617423 petrol engine & Chassis No.MALBM51BLFM086465C. we face a problem in car. While driving the car the clutch is not proper functioning .If the accelration is less car getting OFF.Again we want to restart the car
This complanit is inform to Popular Hyundai,Kottyam;SS Hyundai,Pravincodu branch(Allapuzha). Both of say this is sensor complaint company cannot response of this and non of her duty.
I need help for this problem.
Dec 24, 2016

New Hundai Creta - Bad experience - Advaith Hundai

Dear Sir

I purchased a Hundai Creta SX+ in July 2017 from Advaith ( Bangalore-Outer ring road ) and just drove like 700 Kms till date.

I have been facing a problem since last 1 ½ months that there is a BAD SMELL coming from AC Vents whenever I drive my car with mirrors closed. Believe me it is like you will die if you smell it.

I have visited twice the Advaith Service center and Mr. Lakshmish ( Asst Service supervisor ) has attended me. Firstly they were not able to locate the problem and they sprayed something in AC vents and told this will be rectified … but again after 1 week that smell started. I visited personally to Service Center, This time they open the Part above Bonut and checked to see if some thing is there, but they could not find the problem and finally said they will call the AC vendor and show it to them. After that NO responses from them. Finally after my following with Mr. Lakshmish for almost 5 days, they took the vehicle on Friday and returned back stating that this problem will be there and there is no solution. This will go only after 500 kms and Even the new car has this kind of bad smell if only Blower is running and AC is switched off.

I checked with one of my Friends living in my society and checked his vehicles and there is no smell.

Is this kind of vehicles you are selling which creates BAD SMELL when the vehicle is running or this service advisor is making joke with my vechile. What is the purpose of spending 15lacs and buying a inferior product like this.

I need to know your comments.

Thanks & regards
Neerja Gupta
Contact Number : 9663368669
Vehicle Reguistration Number : KA51MT3576
Dec 24, 2016

New Hundai Creta - Bad experience - Advaith Hundai

Dear Sir,

I purchased a Hundai Creta SX+ in July 2017 from Advaith ( Bangalore-Outer ring road ) and just drove like 700 Kms till date.

I have been facing a problem since last 1 ½ months that there is a BAD SMELL coming from AC Vents whenever I drive my car with mirrors closed. Believe me it is like you will die if you smell it.

I have visited twice the Advaith Service center and Mr. Lakshmish ( Asst Service supervisor ) has attended me. Firstly they were not able to locate the problem and they sprayed something in AC vents and told this will be rectified … but again after 1 week that smell started. I visited personally to Service Center, This time they open the Part above Bonut and checked to see if some thing is there, but they could not find the problem and finally said they will call the AC vendor and show it to them. After that NO responses from them. Finally after my following with Mr. Lakshmish for almost 5 days, they took the vehicle on Friday and returned back stating that this problem will be there and there is no solution. This will go only after 500 kms and Even the new car has this kind of bad smell if only Blower is running and AC is switched off.

I checked with one of my Friends living in my society and checked his vehicles and there is no smell.

Is this kind of vehicles you are selling which creates BAD SMELL when the vehicle is running or this service advisor is making joke with my vechile. What is the purpose of spending 15lacs and buying a inferior product like this.

I need to know your comments.

Thanks & regards
Neerja Gupta
Contact Number : 9663368669
Vehicle Reguistration Number : KA51MT3576
Dec 7, 2016

My new mobile phone no not updated last three month

Sir; i call about 100 times to customer care for change my new mobile phone no since last three month. My self very bad experience my creta car
Aloke Gupta
Nov 27, 2016

Hyundai Motors India - Substandard Tyres in Creta

Letter to MD & CEO, Hyundai India, Mr Mr. Y K Koo

Dear Sir
I am a proud owner of Hyundai Creta Plus (Diesel), which I purchased on 21st August 2016. The vehicle came originally fitted with KUMHO Tyres which were made in Vietnam. Since the time I purchased the vehicle, I have often experienced tyre punctures and valve leakages in the tyres. I am rather stressed about the unpredictability of tyre being deflated, which takes out the pleasure of owning the vehicle which is a great pleasure.

In a recent driving trip to Jaipur from Gurgaon, I suddenly felt the vehicle become unstable and wobbly. I stopped the vehicle and observed that one of the rear tyres had deflated. On checking I found that it had been cut in the middle and was repairable. I took the tyre to your dealer PL Motors and their observation was that the tyre required replacement and that it was not safe to repair it and convert it into a tyre with a tube. They informed that KUMHO Tyres were soft and not suitable for Indian roads and that all new Creta vehicles were now coming with Bridgestone or Good Year Tyres. I would like to put my appreciation for your Jaipur Dealer, who replaced the damaged tyre with a brand new Bridgestone Tyre at no cost.

Now, my vehicle, which has done around 10,000 Kms with tyre rotation, has four KUMHO Tyres and one Bridgestone tyre.

Through this communication to you, I would request you to repalce my balance four KUMHO Tubeless Tyres with Bridgestone Tubeless Tyres at no cost to me, since i am saddled with sub-standard KUMHO Tubeless tyres. I am surprised that even after purchasing the Creta Plus Model, wherein I paid Rs 14 Lakh plus for the vehicle, Hyundai decided to equip the vehicle with sub standard tyres as OEM.

I await your positive response


Aloke Gupta
503/2, The Palms, Southcity 1
Gurgaon - 122001
Cell Phone: 9810184001

Vehicle No: HR 26 CQ 4514
Purchased from Orion Hyundai, Gurgaon
Nov 15, 2016

Grand i10 CNG ( Car is missing)

This is regarding my Car HR51BH9121, I have purchased Grand i10 from Mahadev Hyundai on 31st Dec 2015 with Company Fitted CNG, I am facing issue in CNG Since the time I have purchased, Engine of Car is getting Switched Off whenever I changed gear and apply break, The car is giving more problem in the Morning and evening, I have visited Mahadev Hyundai in Faridabad almost 8-10 Times but they failed to provide resolution, Initially they were not even bother to resolve the issue and not even Hyundai People were interested to resolve the issue,
Currently problem still there and no one from Hyundai since they are also involved ( 9873180712 ) bother to follow up and try to solve the issue, Strange part is that they have left me in such situation where in I am feeling to burn my Car since I really do'nt know where I have to go to resolve my issue, Interestingly Hyundai Motor they do'nt work on weekend and Mr. Saurabh completely deny to look into my problem during weekend which means I have forced to visit all the times during my working days, THIS IS WORST SINCE ONE YEAR...!!!!
Guys, I would request to do'nt buy Grandi10 CNG Fitted else you guys will be in trouble since Hyundai and it's people/Dealer are Enjoying their luxury life without bother to resolve customer problem,

Below are the Co-ordinates whom you can contact to verify the above review:

Kalyanaraman Seetharaman
Nov 3, 2016

DSC Hyundai - Cheated us

We have booked Hyundai CRETA in DSC Hyundai, Nandanam on 12th Sep 2016 with assurance of delivery before 30th Sep 2016. We have paid advance of Rs 459974 and it was realized on 15th Sep 2016. Based on this, we got loan of Rs 13,30,000 from HDFC bank and it was credited to DSC Hyundai account on 22nd Sep 2016. After so many follow ups with Mr Ganesh, Mr Sugumar & Mr Arunkumar of DSC Hyundai we didnt get confirmation on delivery of the vehicle. Because of this, we decided to withdraw the purchase of car and we have given our written consent to them on 5th Oct 2016 requesting for refund of our advance payment and settle the amount with HDFC bank. They assured us to pay our advance with interest before 7th oct 2016 . After vigorous chasing through phone calls, direct visits we got our advance back on 26th Oct 2016 and they refused to pay interest that they have promised us to pay. But they have not settled the loan amount to HDFC bank till date and we got message from HDFC bank for payment of first EMI on 5th NOv 2016 . We are trying to contact senior officials of DSC Hyundai and they are not at all picking our calls. When we meet them, there is no rigid answer from them. Now we are begging HDFC Bank not to present first EMI Cheque. Think of our pathetic condition that we are liable for HDFC bank for not at all purchasing the car ONLY Because of Unprofessional approach and bad attitude, cheating intention of DSC HYUNDAI .

Simply they are doing business by this kind of rotating our monies and they dont have any business ethics

My humble request is that dont GO TO DSC HYUNDAI, NANADANAM . They will cheat you
Oct 26, 2016

Corporate bonus not received from the dealer

I have purchased Hyundai eon car from popular Hyundai Kollam dealership on July 2016.my corporate bonus not received from the dealer.l have already submitted all documents to the dealer.The dealer has not responding this matter .so kindly give my eligible corporate bonus to me from Hyundai motors.my vehicle no.isKL-24-M-558.Chasisno.MALA351ALGM479474.my mobile phone no.is9048646327.kindly informed me
Sudarshan Goyal
Sep 29, 2016

Against Service centre

Dear Sir/Madam
I Sudarshan Goyal my car no WB20H 2814 Firstly gave on 13/09/16 for Accidental repair which i was supposed to be get by 22/09/16 but I received my car on 27/06/16 this is also because i had to stand whole day in Bengal Hyundai workshop and request the worker,Supervisor and Manager please repair my car leaving my Office and without having Lunch.After that when the work gets Complete and i paid Rs.45665 I requested them to please drop my car as i have my another car with me and i am on self drive but the First answer was a big NO.
Sorry Sir Driver is not available right now you should tell before or in the morning.I said ok next morning I went paid my dues and took away my car.
After taking the car from there i saw and heard that there was a noise coming from front wheel I decided to drive the car for atleast a day to see there was actually noise coming or not but i saw there was still noise coming which was not coming earlier when i gave my car on 13/09/16.
Then on 29/09/16 i went to the Bengal Hyundai Workshop at 10 am for the problem.My car was received by Mr.Amrul.I told him the problem that i was facing he told me the sound is coming from the front wheel bearing and i had to change that i told him repeatedly that the Bearing of my car is fine but the sound is coming from some where else he(Mr.Amrul)said no the sound is coming from bearing only and you have to change both the bearings and the car will be ready by 6 pm, i said ok if you(Mr.Amrul)think that then please change the bearing and then please drop the car in my home in Saltlake because i can't wait for so long because i had to attend my office for an important meeting again the first answer was a big NO. Sorry sir Driver is not available you have to take the car yourself or tell to the Dipankarda then I requested him also he also gave same answer and told me that you(me) should tell atleast two days before.I don't understand what is the use of putting a Big Poster and hoarding in the workshop mentioning We have PICK & DROP FACILITY AVAILABLE...
In the evening i went to the workshop directly from my office in the cab and paid Rs 3545 and took away my car from the workshop. Hardly i had covered 300 meters i heard and saw the same noise coming from my front wheels. Then whats the use of spending Rs.3545 on the car if the problem is not solved. It means that the Adviser doesn't know any work and just cheat people by misguiding them.I can challenge that the sound which was coming was not from the bearing and my both the bearings which was replaced was totally in good condition...
So I would request you to please look into this matter seriously and solve the problem as soon as possible or else i will have to solve in my own way..

Sudarshan Goyal
Rashi Piyush jain
Sep 12, 2016

Battery issuse in vehical

I have a new EON era car about 3 month old only. From the date of purchase I suffer from the electrical battery issues of this car. I am a gov.employees & I have not time for repeated problems . Sir I am very disturbing due to my first car discharge again n again. And dealer and service center not taking intrast to solve my issuse. My vehical no is MP44CA4982 registered recently and registered mobile no 07828514015. I hope you will definitely solve my problem and come out from this issuse. And never thought bad against Hyundai.
Aug 26, 2016

Retrofit the AUX+USB

Dear sir/Madam
I have i20 Magna Car. purchase date 30/09/2009 , vehical No GJ06DB8521. In this car music system only AUX port is provided.so I can not use USB . Now let me know It is possible to retrofit the AUX+USB in my car in the same car music system provided by Hyundai company.I am int rested to change through Hyundai company . So please give some good suggestion to resolved promblem earliest.
Sr.Joginder singh
Jul 30, 2016

Not recevied coprarate bonus Rs7000

Hi sir/Madam
I have bought hyundai i10 magna on 20 june 2016 from Berkeley hyundai Plot no. 27, industrial area, phase 1, Chandigarh. Mr Ritish salujaa has deal with us.He has promised us about the seat covers and the boy cover and the coperate bonus Rs 7000. now hee is not responding us.. pls make sure that all the items should be recevied to us.
Aravind Arul
Jun 28, 2016

Hyundai Is the Worst brand to buy

Friends don't every buy #Hyundai Cars - Please spread the news. The quality of the products are too bad and they are cheating the customers – I bought Verna Fluidic SX (TN06K2940) within one year the car started to rust, when approached the company they told there is some batch problem in production so they will repaint and give it but I insisted for replacement of the affected part. They replied that we have treated the metal and it will not rust hence forth if so you can come back to us we will replace and give you.
I trusted the company and accepted their request – after a year again the same parts started to rust when approached the company they are telling that your warranty period is over so you are supposed to pay for it. Then they told as a special case they can bear 30% of the cost – what about the assurance that your company gave they dint have any answer for that but started repeating the same old thing like a parrot.
Please don’t buy Hyundai cars their quality is pathetic and customer support is very poor and they cheat their customers.
Captain Sandeep
Jun 18, 2016

Hyundai Verna Fluidic : P13 AF 6003 : Concerns Over Substandard Quality of Parts

Dear Team Hyundai,

I have been driving Verna Fluidic 1.6 SX vide Registration number PB 13 AF 6003 since 27 Nov13. The delivery of said vehicle was taken from Morani Hyundai, Jaipur. It is intimated that post delivery of the vehicle till date the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle in terms of service have been followed as per the laid down parameters and at proper time intervals as guided. But to my utter dismay the parts of the vehicles has started deteriorating in just over 2 years. It is never expected from a vehicle of worth 11lacs plus which is claimed to be of such high quality and from a reputed brand Hyundai to demand for replacement of parts at such an early stage . To add on to the discomfort my vehicle didn’t start post recent service on 08Jun16 and I was told to get the Battery changed. To name a few the parts which have been replaced till now in the vehicle are as under –

Parts Replaced Part No Month/Year of Change KM run
Rear Tyre ( 01) Bridgestone make Jun-15 22000
Clutch Bearing Assembly 4142132000 Oct-15 28000
Clutch Pressure Plate 4130032021 Oct-15 28000
Cooler Assembly Engine 264102A300 Jun-16 35700
Pad Kit Rear Disc Brakes 583023XA30 Jun-16 35700
Contact Assembly Clock Spring 93490A4010 Jun-16 35700
Battery Amron Jun-16 35700

Apart from this I got the Teflon coating done on my vehicle during first service at Morani Service Centre, Sitapura , Jaipur and it was supposed to be done 2 more times , one each on my next 2 services as per process. My next service was done at Morani Service Station, 22 Godown, Jaipur but they didn’t do the second coating stating that it is to be done at the centre where the first coating is done and the same was never disclosed to me at inception. Anyway I left it, on my 3rd service at Sitapura Service Station , the 2nd coating was done and now when on my 4th service again at Sitapura Service Station I asked for the 3rd coating it was blankly refused stating the validity of the same is 2 years and it was never conveyed to me initially when it was done during my first service . Imagine I have paid upfront for a service and the same has been refused

Pls note that I have been driving vehicles of Maruti and Volkswagen in the past and also presently but I have never experienced such substandard product quality being used in the vehicles . You must acknowledge that a person buys a vehicle with his hard earned money so that it should give comfort to him and it should be dependable during normal course of time but my experience with Verna which I bought with confidence and pride has been very unpleasant and dismissal. I gave thumbs up to Hyundai Verna when I was looking for new vehicle few years back basis the claims of high performance and dependability which are made by the Company which were intact till recently, so much so that I visited Crossland Hyundai, Vaishali nagar last month for a test drive of newly launched Creta along with my colleague as both of us are planning to upgrade our vehicles but now with such an experience it has set aside all the comfort with the quality of the products which are being used in the manufacturing of the vehicles

I have raised a service request citing above concerns at your call centre vide SR ID 1-519841707 on 11jun16 @1155hrs with an assurance that I will get the revert within 48hrs but nothing has moved till now apart from few calls from the Morani Service centre, Sitapura that they have done their servicing properly , they can’t help it as the parts have gone bad and they have no other option to change them to keep the vehicle on road. General service part at the Service station has been satisfactory

It is submitted to pls take a note of the above mentioned grievances and address the same on priority as below average performance of the vehicle delivered to me has instilled a feeling of unsafe driving . If the same is not addressed in an appropriate manner I will be forced to take up next course of action as permitted by the law of the land

Looking forward for an expedited action on my concerns in the right spirit

With Warm Regards

Captain Sandeep Nagpal
May 11, 2016


Dear Sir/ Mam,



You are requested to please arrange to rectify this problem through complete check AC COMPRESSIOR .so that It would not cause any further problem is Future.

A Waiting Your Responce.

Advocate Ajit singh Yadav

Mob. No.- 9001421911, 9413559494, 01495-260460

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    care---paytm.com -
    - 9510751428 Оur Сustomеr Сare Is Аvailablе Тo...
    OPPO - Mobile Snatching case
    Dear Sir, At 8:30 PM on dated 25.03.2017 from Noida...
    ESTILLO FURNITURE - Pathetic after sales service
    Very bad service from Estillo... Plz don't buy...
    Trapthedeal - fake powerbank dispatch
    totally fake dispatch product by trapthedeal..powerbank...

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