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Consumer complaints and reviews about HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD (HMIL)

Mar 2, 2015

xcent diesel

I purchased an xcent Diesel (Registration no- DL 10 CS 4027) dated 24th July-14 after that within 7 month I have to visited the service centre for three times due to poor quality of this vehicle .
First time I Visited on 12th Oct-14 due to problem in horn ,second time visited on 21st December -14 due to problem in centralised control system, again visited today on 2nd March-15 due to heavy noise and smoke from the engine.
I called to the costumer care number but they ware helpless to do any thing.Now car is under repair at Malwa Hyundai ,Kundali ,sonepat,
I am very disappointed with quality and performance of the car.
Request you to please resolve the issue AEAP .
Feb 24, 2015

SUB :- Delivery issue of Elite I20 Megna 1.2 booked in Nov 2014

Delay in in delievery of Elite i20 Megna 1.2 Model

This is in reference Elite i20 sportz model , which I booked on 09th Nov 2014 at OSL Motors Pvt Ltd (Orissa) .At the time of booking dealer promised us that Car will be delievered ontimely .

Request you go through trail mail which discussed with couple of times with Priyank Pal with fake Promises with Committment all the times.

I will appreciated with grateful to you if delivered before end of Feb 2015 .


From: Rout, Sashi
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 5:48 PM
Cc: OSL; 'GM Osl' (sujit.chakraborty@oslhyundai.in); 'Sales Osl Hyundai' (sales@oslhyundai.in)
Subject: RE: Acknowledgement

Hi Priyanka,

Vehicle booked in Nov 14 but now we are in last week of Feb 2015.
Earlier couple of discussion with you & promised us will get the Vehicle before end of Jan 15
then middle of Feb 15 & again changed date to end of Feb 15 .

Today again changing the date to 1st week of March 15 .

Your fails your promise all the times & No one can trust you . Saying something but putting matters through mail is totally different.

Your Commitment standard is very poor which will not meet the MNC Service Standard.

Now I forward this mail to top Management but don't require any supports from you



From: EROSCCA [mailto:X11130@hmil.net]
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 5:17 PM
To: Rout, Sashi
Cc: OSL; 'GM Osl' (sujit.chakraborty@oslhyundai.in); 'Sales Osl Hyundai' (sales@oslhyundai.in)
Subject: Acknowledgement

Dear Sir,

Greetings of the day..!!

We highly apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. Due to high demand of Elite i20 and limited supply vehicle is getting delayed to deliver.

As per communication with you regarding your booking of Elite i20 is that, the dealer have already placed the order for your vehicle and its expected that the allotment would be confirmed by the end of this month. And the tentative date to deliver the vehicle is expected by the first week of march 2015.

Thanks for your continuous co-operation and support. Hope for the best service in future.

Thanks & Regards,

Priyanka Pal.



Jan 25, 2015

Delay in in delievery of Elite i20 sportz model

This is in reference Elite i20 sportz model , which I booked on 6 th Oct2014 at NRL Hundayui Agra .At the time of booking dealer promised me that Car will be delievered on 10th of Nov2014.After that he ensured me for delivery in the end of November.Then in the month of December he said that company is not producing the same model and he suggested to buy other model.I was not interested to buy any other model.I want to know the exact status.
I will be highly grateful to you let me know exact status of the same model.

Dr. Rekha
Sakshi Kapoor
Jan 4, 2015

Delay in delivery of Elite i20 Sportz (O)

This is in reference to the Elite i 20 Sportz Optional which i booked exactly 2 moths back from one of the dealer in Delhi. At the time of booking, the delivery date promised to me was December end. However, the current status that i am getting from the dealer is that the company is not producing the same model and the expected delivery date is still not known. The dealer is suggesting me to book the same model with some other dealer or i can choose some other model of Elite i 20.

Would be grateful if you could let me know the exact status of the same model so that I won't be left with ambiguity.
gagan vaneet
Dec 4, 2014

Regarding warranty of remote key and poor Service Experience in body shop of Hyundai Charisma, Chandigarh

Respected Sir,

Myself Gagan Sidhu is working as an Assistant Professor at Panjab University Chandigarh. My Hyundai i20 car having Registration No:- PB-13 AB- 3371 and complaint No:- 1-38189565 is standing for warranty of remote key and painting of front bumper and left rear door (warranty) in the Body Shop of Hyundai Charishma, Chandigarh from 22-11-2014. 26-11-2014 was the day fixed for delivery of my car. But unfortunately, work done (paint) on the car is very much shabby as there are number of pinholes in the paint and is not fulfilling the standards of such a reputed company like Hyundai. They have not delivered my car yet. Moreover this is for the second time, I am facing the same problem. The service engineers like Amit Chadha and others of Regional office, Chandigarh, seems to be working in favor of authorities of workshop. He and the others are not listening to warranty issues set by the company. Their dealing with the customers is very bad and are very much ignorant to customers. As I am working on a responsible job, I do not have any spare time to see the work they are performing in the body shop. All I want is to get my car properly painted and to get remote key in warranty, so that I and the other customers will not get harassed in future at Hyundai outlets. Please it is my humble request to you to take the necessary action regarding my complaint against the concerned persons of Hyundai Charishma, Chandigarh. Otherwise I will drag the matter to the consumer court.

With Regards
Gagan Sidhu
Nov 1, 2014

Complaint against Dealer Mukesh Hyundai in Guwahati, Assam

I hereby want to bring to the attention of Hyundai Motors India about the poor quality of customer service provided by your dealer Mukesh Hyundai based at Ganeshguri in Guwahati, Assam.

On shown all rosy pictures, I purchased a Hyundai i10 Magna from the said dealer on 18th September 2014, VIM No. MALAM51BLEM583996. As per my purchase agreement, the dealer had promised to do my car registration and provide extra accessories like the two front fog lamps and four mud flaps. On the day of my purchase I was given a warm welcome and I felt good when they garlanded me, handed a big key and photographed me with my new car. On delivery I found that they have not fixed the fog lamps and the mud flaps which I was told will be provided "very soon" and the vehicle registration will take around 2weeks time. My problems started soon after. After numerous follow ups I was promised that everything will be done "this week".

On 24th October my son-in-law and daughter who were visiting me from Delhi went to the Mukesh Hyundai showroom and demanded that fog lamps and the mud flaps should be fixed. The salesman Mr. Himanshu who I was dealing with, said that as some puja was held at their showroom, the key to the accessories store was not there and the accessories will be fixed on the 25th October. Mr. Himanshu was kind enough to call my son-in-law on the 25th and inform that the technicians were not available and he should come on the 27th to get the fog lamps and the mud flaps (which were in stock) fixed. As agreed, the vehicle was taken to the Mukesh Hyundai showroom on the 27th Oct at 3pm. At 4pm the technicians finally stated fixing the fog lamps which was done by 5pm. My son-in-law then asked for the mud flaps and he was given a reply that they were not in stock. My son-in-law who had by then lost his patience (poor fellow - he thought the job was easy) demanded to meet the Director. The Director was not available and he found a lady in his cabin who claimed to be the HR Manager. She patiently heard his grievances and told him that he should meet the Sales Manager Mr. Dhiraj Das. She also informed him that Mr. Das was not available at the moment as he was out for lunch and he will be back in 30mins. It was 5.30pm. My furious son-in-law then told Mr. Himanshu that the mud flaps should be fixed by any means even if it is required to be removed from the cars in showroom. The mud flaps were soon issued by the accessories in-charge Mr. Rupam and were fixed. By 6.15pm the Sales Manager was still at lunch as was informed by the HR Manager (the showroom shuts at 6.30pm). The HR Manager refused to share the Directors contact details and there was no one in the showroom who could give a definite answer or take responsibility.

As of today the 1st November, after 44days since the vehicle was purchased, my car registration is still not done and I am being promised that it will be done by "next week". I am back to my worries again. I have lodged the same complaint with the Hyundai Motors customer care yesterday. My complaint no. is 1-27993360.

I wonder if my agony will be ever heard and if any action will be taken against these kind of car dealers who just make fun out of taking people round in circles. My naive son-in-law who thought he was a HE-MAN, told me that when he had visited the showroom, he saw two cars were being delivered and the customers were given the same story that the spare they demanded will be given to them "tomorrow". I am sure that "tomorrow" for them has not come and Hyundai motors have two more unhappy customers.

I have by now realized the biggest mistake of going to Mukesh Hyundai to purchase the vehicle and pray that the after sales service of the vehicle will not be as painful as buying it. I am sorry to say I will not recommend Mukesh Hyundai to any of my friends or relatives or even a Hyundai vehicle if Hyundai Motors do not have another car dealer in Guwahati.

Mrs. Malaveeka Hazarika
Guwahati, Assam.
Email : sumanhazarika@gmail.com
Sep 4, 2014

Average & reverse gear shifting issue (Vehicle No : MH 04 GE 5084)


I have purchased I20 (Petrol) from Modi huyndai and getting my car services from Modi hyundai Service center, Its been one year i have been struggling with two issues 1. Reverse Gear Shifting 2. Average of 11-12. my car has been out to service center for several times for both the reasons but my issues has been not resolved so far,

1. Reverse Gear : Car has been serviced for the same reasons many times but still am facing reversed gear getting stuck and does not fix in first attempt certain times.

2. Average : Car was tested for average by the drive of Modi Huyndai with Speed limit of 60 KPH with RPM below 2000 along with pre-examination of all the parameter of air check & filter cleaning air and we got average of 14.48, is this average we can get from I20 after maintaining such parameters werein Hyundai quote 18 KPH as average.

I have wort of the experiences with service center, They speak well but technically have been struggling still to get my car in line, i have lost so much of money towards fuel only due to pathetic average.

Rgds / Kalyan vishwakarma
Jul 14, 2014

Poor service

Dear Team,

This is in Regards to the worst experience i have been having with my Hyundai cars & Trident Hyundai Whitefield

Our first mistake was in deciding to purchase cars from Hyundai and to select Trident Hyundai Whitefield which is (15 kms from my home)

1. Issue from the finance dept:

As we decided to purchase cars from Hyundai our cousin suggested to go with Trident hyundai
when we contacted Mr vijay Mandanna he referred to Mr Srujan of sales and Sohail of Finance who
had sent home a person Mr Madan to explain the EMI and collect the document, we realised that Mr Madan did not know anything about finance when he had come home when enquired back with Mr Srujan he blamed Mr Sohail which was the first step of our mistake to choose Trident and Hyundai.

2.Poor response from the sales team for Phone calls
Any time we called up Mr Srujan or Mr Sohail for an update of the status of loan or delivery of our cars our calls were not picked up promptly we had to get back to Mr Vijay for a response . Which made us feel lost after paying the advance amount.

3.Test Drive
we had requested for a test drive of both our cars a week in prior before visitng the showroom Mr.Srujan was not present to organise a test drive nor had he informed any of his other team mates to arrange we were told to come again here we go blank and lost.

4.Poor Teamwork from the sales team they do not work with unity
When we had visited the showroom for the first time we could understand the poor teamwork between the sales team because nobody came to our help or could arrange a test drive as we were customers of a different sales person and Mr vijay nor Srujan did receive our calls just because it was a sunday and they were not working.

5.Explaination of the car
Finally when the day of delivery arrives for the cars our sales person Mr Srujan found it difficult to explain the car for us which has made it difficult even till date to understand the car it may be basics but this is the first set of cars for our family and the service manual was not explained to us nor were we told about the accesories need for our car, we would appreciate if a feedback form was taken by us to know the status of your service.

6.What to expect what not to expect
I still have not received my insurance documents whenever i try calling Mr Srujan or Mr Vijay nobody receives my phone to suggest me what i should be doing.

After our difficult journey in sales we expected services to be better atleast but it again proved wrong when we had requested Mr Vijay to help us in booking an appointment for our first service he had promised to do so when we reach there on a sunday for our shock the appointment was not booked nor did Mr Vijay receive our call to help us in that situation as the sales was done then we could understand that the sales and the service did not have good relationship which has been affecting the customers again .

8.Day of first service
We were there at the time informed to us (8.30 am) no staffs except the security guards were here we had to wait upto 9.30am to leave our car for service, at the time of delivery even though our car was ready by 12 am we had to wait upto 1.30 pm to finish the billing were we had wasted nearly 2hrs only for the billing which was mentioned in the feedback form where we had no response on the feed back later , also we were given only 1 feedback form for leaving 2 vehicals for service and 2 bills paid .

9. Staffs expect tips
Your staffs expect tips on all point of time when we were there for service, we would appreciate if Trident could pay them enough salary so that your staffs don't expect tips for polishing and delivering vehicals on time .

10.Over Staffed
I somewhere feel your team is overstaffed in service and sales where they do not have time for customers but see them sitting and chatting among themselves and least bothered to stand up and check if a customer needed any help.

11.Poor quality of materials used in the cars of Hyundai Motors
When we were out with my family on a trip to Madikeri all of a sudden the front left tyre of my XCENT blast off even though the tyres had run only for 1000 kms i still dont know how and why when checked with Mr Vijay he has asked me to bring the tyres to the showroom. Now if i had to keep visiting the showroom for these issues what is the point in purchasing a hyundai car when the quality is so bad. (my car has Apollo 3g tubeless tyres) when i decided to buy new one i am not able to get the same tyres in the market than what is the point if we dont get spares outside.

12.Day of 2nd service
Today (14/07/2014) was the day for the second service we had booked an appointment yesterday and were told to be in the service centre by 8.30am we reached there by 8.30 to see the service doors still locked and no staffs were present to receive us except the security, later by around 9am staffs started coming but nobody bothered to be asking us why we were standing finally i reached the service desk where i met Mr Pavi kumar who was busy browsing the net when i said i had a complaint he was least bothered to stand up and ask what i wanted by when Mr Shariff approached us when we told him we were here for service he checked the manual and said we were early for our service because our car had just run 5000kms he aswell checked if anybody had explained to us earlier about the manual which nobody had told us till date i understand it is our responsiblity to read but it would have been much appriciated if the person taking our appt had enquired about the number of kms before booking an appointment which would have saved time for us and we realised only today that we had to get an insurance copy through post we just have the covering letter not the original insurance the sales person had not told us about this nor is our 3M undercoating slip been sealed or signed from the concern .

13.To Conclude
We are still unaware of what other documents we are supposed to be receiving , other accessories needed for our cars , point of contact for our complaints, point of contact for servicing, a demo from a experienced sales person about the accesories in our car. We will never recommed anybody for HYUNDAI or TRIDENT now we understand why MARUTI is top on sales & service.

Requesting a solution before we decide to sell our new cars.
We own a GRAND i10 (Asta) & a XCENT (SX) both diesel
For further clarification please contact me on 9886301499
Jun 28, 2014

Work shop

To: Hyundai Motor Company India Limited, India
Hyundai Motor Company India Limited, and Korea
Koncept Cars India Private Limited

Against -SAS Automotive Pvt Ltd
SAS Hyundai, Showroom 14,station Road
Station Road, Luck now
Uttar Pradesh

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: (Hyundai Grand I10 Magna 1.2 BSIV, Color Stardust) Policy No Policy HAX/S9634896)

On (Date 04-11-2013) I purchased a Car from your dealership (2013, Hyundai Grand I 10 Magna 1.2 BSIV, Color Stardust Chassis no MALA051CLDM034258). Unfortunately, the vehicle has not been satisfactory because (say what the problem is, for example, on the same that of purchase my music system, watch and side mirror was not working. Your mechanic inspected my vehicle and agreed to fix the problem under warranty, however, when I collected the vehicle and started using it again, the problem was still there, on the 2nd time of visit they sort out my problem.
During the time of my purchase your company sales executive - Ajay Srivastava had not given full information about the insurance part, it was a first time experience of mine we don't know much about it and your agent knows that, Insurance information was neglected by your executive which most important for me as middle class family after buying a car i am not able to effort any monetary loss of Rs 10000 to 15000, He has told me that it was fully covered but when i sent my car to service center, the executive Amit Tripathi told us that your insurance do-sent cover 100% Depreciation and i have to pay RS 10000 to RS 12000, when we collect our car from the service center he asked me that during the time purchase you have been told about this, But its true was not aware about it and the executive has also not given any information about it. I was also not aware about the company from which my car was getting insured.
I would appreciate it if you could have the problem fixed, as i was aware that no money will be charged. An
I look forward to settling this matter amicably. If, however, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint
Again I sent my car to Hyundai workshop, the same fault front bumper was damaged earlier it was the same but front light was also changed but this time it is not, I asked your representative to send me the estimated by mail on Sarita Tripathi ID but they have not sent it, Now when I call them they told me that we have to pay RS 27700 for which earlier it was charged 10000 some how

My car cultch is also not working properly from the day of purchase; I also told them about that they told me that they will handle later, not this time.

If this is a client service, then I am surprised to know the level which the HMIL Company is into

Company Moto about company is (We are pleased to welcome you on Hyundai after sales website.
This is an initiative by Hyundai to reach out to its extended family
of customers all over India.
The objective is to spread awareness, being informed and increase transparency among our Customers about various customer-centric service offerings and activities being organized by Hyundai.
We hope this website will a significant step towards achieving our ultimate goal of 'Customer Delight'.
We value all our customer and we commit to deliver the following
at our dealer workshops:
• Make contact within 3 business days to ensure you are
satisfied with the service provided.
• Ensure the vehicle is returned at the time agreed in a clean and tidy condition.
• Maintain safe and friendly environment.
• Listen carefully and actively follow up what you tell us.
• Schedule an appointment before your service.
• Attend to you promptly on arrival in a friendly and professional manner.
• Provide you with a time and cost estimation.
• Obtain your prior authorization before commencing any additional work.
• Thoroughly explain all repairs performed and review all costs.
Sarita Tripathi
Contact no -+919999607311
Nov 27, 2013

The Worst Car Manufacturer HMIL

Hi I am Vijay Kumar M Jaiswal from hyderabad.

I purchased Santro Xing GLS LPG on the 14-02-2013 from Talwar Hyundai Hyderabad, As per the brochure at the showroom and the e-brochure at their website under the safety and security the car is company fitted with Key less entry, Central Locking & Doors Auto Lock. These functions are self explanatory, or you can get details on various web sites.

The Central Locking & Doors Auto Lock is not functioning since the car delivered, this was brought to the notice of Talwar Hyundai they advised me to go to the workshop, to my surprise I was told that these function is not available in this model then I presented the brochure then they completely changed the meaning of the specification for this 2013 model car.

1. Service manager,technician and all other define that key less entry is nothing but unlocking the doors with the remote unit. But the Key Less entry is there is nothing like remote unit you don't need to operate any button the moment you approach near the car it automatically unlocks the door sensing the key in your pocket or purse.(Hyundai Service Personal need to do Lots of Homework).

2. Central Locking & Doors Auto Lock once again they define that the driver has to operate the lever on his entry door for central locking, coming to Doors Auto Lock as I mentioned it's self explanatory i.e. the doors shall automatically locked when the ignition is switched on, or upon releasing the hand brake or upon shifting the gear or after 10 to 30 seconds after the car starts moving. And all the things go reverse when the vehicle stops the doors are unlocked.(Hyundai Bafoons do not know this at all.And they speak as they like).

I reported the matter to HMIL Chennai & Delhi via emails and letters but in vain for email I get an automated reply informing me that the Zonal Branch Executive will address the issue, but the Zonal Executive are more worst.After going thru the reviews on the net I decided the file a case in the Consumer Court, however I served a notice to HMIL via FAX giving them 30 days time they failed I gave a second notice giving them 15 days time they once again did not respond.Now I had decided to approach legally.

I appeal to all the Hyundai owners in Andhra Pradesh facing the issues relating to their cars to Join me they can mail me at mjvijay2110@gmail.com or call me at +91 9160975384

I also appeal to the persons who are planning to purchase cars "BEWARE" Do Not Purchase Hyundai vehicles.
Nov 15, 2013

Bitter experience with Dealer Sachin Hynduai

Dear Manager,

My father in law purchased Hyundai Eon on 25/10/2013 and gave that car to us as a gift. He was promised by the sales person (Sudeep Kumar ) of Sachin Hyundai that we will take care of all the documentation process and we will also take care of the Registration and insurance and this is a part of Hyundai sales promotion.

As per the commitment my father in law did payment for the car, car insurance and also for the registration of the car. Now it has been almost 22 days we are doing followup and we are not getting any satisfactory reply that when we can get our documents.

I am worried that If this is the service of Hyundai dealer in the beginning then what will be the later part or this is a new sales strategy of Hyundai instructed to there dealers that once you receive full and final payment, your mission is accomplished.

I swear if this car was purchased by me I would have return this car to the dealer and asked to return my payment.


Yasir Kamal ( +919760626290 )
Sep 17, 2013

Act before it's too late

Dear Manager,

With great disappointment, I inform you that the services offered by “Concept Hyundai (Ahmedabad)” have deteriorated big time. I have had bitter experience with your working procedures and also with neglectful attitude of your team members, especially with the “service center team at Vishala”.

I had bought Accent on 17th April 2011. For the first 4 services, I was treated properly and after each service, I used to get a call from the “Concept service center (Vishala)” for the feedback. When I used to give them good ratings on the scale of 10, after approximately 10 days, I used to get a call from HYUNDAI company and the executives used to verify my feedback. Everything was rosy till I was shocked to utter carelessness of the Concept service center. Things have gone worse in the last couple of months and hence I am compelled to write this mail.

It was 31st August 2013. Time – 9.15 am. The company executive comes to pick up the car for servicing and I make him aware about the problems I was facing. Also, I told him that I wanted to do the interior cleaning. By late evening I got my car back. I could easily make out that the interior cleaning was done cursorily and frivolously. After 3 days, when I received a call from the executive about the feedback, I categorically mentioned that none of my complains were addressed and I was still facing the same gear problem, frequent variation in mileage and poor braking system. I landed up quaffing out Rs. 7800/- for servicing which did not yield any result. The lady on the other end seemed to be least bothered about my complaints and kept asking continuously about my ratings on different parameters. I patiently told her that I would love to rate the services provided I speak with the concerned person (Mr.Kalpik Sathwara) who monitored the servicing of my car. She said that Mr. Sathwara would call you within sometime but she kept on insisting on ratings. I was left aghast at such carelessness of Concept service center personnel.
I genuinely rated 2 out of 10 on all parameters. I thought I would raise my concern when HYUNDAI company executive calls me, which normally happened every time I got my car back from servicing.

Neither Mr. Sathwara (from the dealer’s end) called me nor did the HYUNDAI executive. It has been more than 15 days now but no one seems bothered. The indirect yet clear message by the company was that I better get my car problems solved outside and that their job was done. I tried calling up “Concept Vishala service center” (079-61916161) but in vain. I was put on hold for 10 minutes just to be informed that the concerned person will call me once he gets free. On a personal note, I would rate HYUNDAI zero now.

Neither the dealer (Concept) is concerned nor does the company seem interested in its loyal customers. Let me update you that this is my second Hyundai car. I used i10 for three years before switching over to Accent. But now I have my own apprehensions in going for a HYUNDAI car for the third time. The joy of driving HYNDAI is shattered. I really feel cheated by the company. In Retrospect, I should NOT have taken the decision to go for ACCENT.

There are some comments in my Retail Invoice (such as Rear Jumper leakage, Refuse damage repair etc.) which are illegible. There is an explicit mention of list of pending works in my invoice. After 17 days, I am still waiting that the service in-charge will call me to apprise. I want to know what’s wrong with my car but it seems that people at “Concept center” live a kinglike life and are busy with themselves and their own problems rather than attending Hyundai’s loyal customers.

I had no option but to get my car re-serviced somewhere else.

It is very evident that the service team works in a mechanical way (robot-like approach). They will do only the fixed set of action items – convince customer to drop the car for service – pick out some petty issues after inspection & inform the customer of the charges involved – execute the fixed action items written in the training manual - deliver the car back to the customer hurriedly and forget it. If you want to verify – pose there as a stranger and see how many come to ask you about your purpose of visit.

I am an educationist since a decade and having been in the service industry, I know the value of customer satisfaction. I raise my concern only when the bucket is full till its brim. In my circle, there are many more, who have faced such cavalier treatment from CONCEPT service center. I request you to take corrective measures so as to stop spreading discontent among customers before it’s too late.

Is the car service done perfunctorily and very hurriedly just to win some brownie points in feedback?
Will mentioning the faults in the car without explaining serve the purpose of the car user?
Is it not the duty of the dealer to ensure that the customer is well informed about the problems that the service team had identified and explain the gravity of these faults?
Can’t the dealer recruit more trained persons in the service personnel, if the dealer is unable to cope with the increasing customer group size?

These questions, and many more, will always remained unanswered, if the company itself does not take any initiative to get the processes streamlined.

My car details –
Registration Number - GJ 1 KJ 1835
Name of the owner – Chandramauli Bhatt
Contact - 09377477999
Jun 28, 2013

Hyundai Eon Era+,worst experience with Dealer and Company


I have purchased a Hyundai EON ERA+ MH14DT4826 from "KUNDAN HYUNDAI" ,Thermax Pune. After purchase it has developed some issues. Even after continuous follow ups with the Dealer i have been turned down and with statement by "KUNDAN HYUNDAI" senior technician AMOL - "We can not help any more for the issues as these are from the company itself".

Issues reported -
1. "ROOF LIGHTS FOR REAR DOOR" - The lights were not lighting up when rear doors are opened.
"KUNDAN HYUNDAI" STATEMENT - ERA+ doesn't have the option. We can't help any more.

But other ERA cars have the option. How can it happen that for some ERA cars it works and for some it doesn't.

"KUNDAN HYUNDAI" STATEMENT - Its like this only. We can't help any more.

2. "HYUNDAI GENUINE ACCESSARIES FITTED MUSIC SYSTEM FADER OPTION NOT WORKING" - On dealer recommendation i asked for company fitted Music System by the Hyundai Genuine Accessories dealer.

As per comment from "KUNDAN HYUNDAI" - the Music System had FADER
option but doesn't has option for Rear Speaker Power Outputs. We can't help any more.

So according to them the Company (Hyundai) fitted Music System are defective as they have the FADER option but no slot for Rear Speakers.
"KUNDAN HYUNDAI" STATEMENT - Its like this only. We can't help any more.

Secondly, when the car was taken to the dealer for sorting these issues on 27th June 2013, the senior Technician "AMOL" refused to give the Bill and Job card also. After repetitive request for handing over the Job Card's customer copy also no action. Moreover the rude and inhospitable behavior was absolutely unacceptable.

I would further request "HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD" to please act upon the defects stated as per the dealer "KUNDAN HYUNDAI".

If the dealer is correct the cars are defective and if the cars are not defective then the dealer is completely negligible about handling customer concerns.

I would never recommend "HYUNDAI CARS" to anyone due to so many issues and customer unfriendly behavior of the dealer and the company.

May 11, 2013

Wrong diagnosis


My wife owns a September 2010 model of Hyundai Accent Executive (Petrol - DL10CA5936).

An after-market CNG kit was installed around September 2011 (after about 10000 Kms).

The car is a very well-maintained car. It has been serviced regulary. A lot of money has been spent by us to try to ensure that the car stays, mechanically, in good condition.

The car was running absolutely fine, on both Petrol and CNG, until December 2012.

In December 2012 the car's engine started mis-firing (felt like a drop in RPM) but only in Petrol-mode. Please note that the car was running absolutely fine in CNG-Mode. I took it to Hans Hyundai's service center in Naraina, New Delhi. The service advisor told me that it could be due to a faulty fuel pump. However, after the car was checked by a mechanic the issue was found to be not the fuel-pump. I do not know what the issue was or what they did, but the issue was resolved.

The issue resurfaced in April 2013. Again, the car is running absolutely fine in CNG-Mode. I took it to the same service centre but was shocked by the service provided this time. The advisor told me that he will get the problem checked and resolved. He told me that the issue was due to an unclean 'actuator' and an unclean engine. He advised me to get the actuator cleaned and the engine de-carbonised. I agreed. It cost me almost INR 3800 but issue was not resolved.

I took it to the same service centre again and complained about the persisting issue. The Centre Manager and the Service Manager both assured me that the issue will be taken care of. However, after 3 hours of waiting and the assurance that the issue was identified and resolved, the issue persisted. After a lot of words having been exchanged about what the actual issue might be and the problem I face ONLY in petrol mode, they told me to get the CNG kit un-installed!! They said that the issue is due the CNG kit!!!

Their approach to the problem and the way they have put the blame on the CNG-kit (which is absolutely fine) is absolutely pathetic! The problem is only in Petrol-mode and only lasts for about 10 minutes after the car is started. After about ten minutes of running on petrol, the car functions absolutely fine. Then there is no mis-firing and no drop in RPM. How can it be the CNG kit's issue???

Please help as I am absolutely sure that the issue has nothing to do with the CNG kit . I have already wasted about INR 3800 and about 10 Hours trying to get the issue resolved.

My family owns two Hyundai cars. If this is the kind of after-sales service that Hyundai Service Centres provide then I am sure that I will never ever buy a Hyundai again.


Amandeep Singh Minhas
Apr 26, 2013

Sales & Service

The first complaint about the sales is while the sales they cheated me by offering 10000 discount. On taking the car they only gave me 8500. Regarding service, from the first day the Car AC is not working.
•The first time when I took the car to Garve Service Center, they filled in the gas and gave me the vehicle, after few day there was no cooling. They asked me to bring the vehicle.
•The second time when I took the vehicle they told me to leave the vehicle for 2-3 days so the problem could be rectified, as I had to travel, I told them I will be getting back to you
•The third time I gave the vehicle and the vehicle was returned to me saying that the AC work is done. Now after few days again the AC is not cooling. They are calling me in the service center.
From the day I have taken the vehicle I am so upset with Hyundai Sales and Service that I myself is ashamed that why did I believed Hyundai. Please let me know If I can return you the vehicle and if you can pay me back my money for it is getting too hectic for me to keep this vehicle.
Chitra Durai Send email
Nov 5, 2012

Fraud Email regarding job offer

Be Aware...
Nov 4, 2012

Fraud Email regarding job offer

Your Resume has been selected for our new plant. The Company selected 58 candidates list for Senior and Junior Engineers, IT, Administration, Accountants, Production, Marketing and Sales and General Service Departments. It is our pleasure to inform you that your Resume was selected as one of the 58 candidates shortlisted for the interview. HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LIMITED(HMIL) is the best Car Manufacturing Company in India; The Company is recruiting candidates for our new Plants in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai.
Your interview will be held at The Company Corporate office in New Delhi on 17th Of November 2012 at 11.30 AM, You will be pleased to know that out of the 58 candidates selected 48 candidates will be giving appointment, meaning that your Application can progress to final stage. You have to come to the company corporate office in New Delhi. Your offer letter, Flight Ticket and Hotel Reservation Letter will be sent to you by courier before date of interview. The Company can offer you a salary with benefits for this post 85, 000/- to 3, 00, 000/- P.M. + (HRA + D.A + Conveyance and other Company benefits. The designation and Job Location will be fixed by Company HRD at the time of final process. You have to come with photo-copies of all required documents.
1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents.
2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)
3) Photo-copies of Address Proof
4) Six Passport Size Photograph.
You are to make a refundable cash surety deposit of Rs14,700/- (Fourteen Thousand Seven Hundred Rupees Only) in favor of our recruitment accountant officer name in charge to receive such payment. The refundable interview surety payment should be paid through any STATE BANK OF INDIA Branch closest to you. Account Number will be sent to you upon your response. This is a refundable interview security deposit. Your offer letter, Flight Ticket and Hotel Reservation Letter will be sent to your Home Address by courier after receiving the confirmation of interview security refundable deposit in any of the STATE BANK OF INDIA Account. This Company will pay all expenditure to you at the time of face-to-face meeting with in our office. The Job profile, salary offer, date, time of interview will be mentioned in your offer letter. Your offer letter will dispatch very shortly after receiving your confirmation of cash deposited in STATE BANK OF INDIA.
We wish you the best of luck for the subsequent and remaining stage. The last date of security refundable deposit in bank is 7th Of November 2012. The payment information should be provided after you have deposited the security refundable amount in bank to The Company HRD -direct recruitment via email. Your Letter with supporting document will be dispatched same time or day after by courier to your postal address after receipt of security deposited confirmation in bank. The interview process and arrangement expenditure will be paid by HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY for lodging, travelling and local conveyance actual will be paid by HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY as per bills. The candidate has to deposit the initial refundable security as mentioned by HRD.
NB: You are advice to reconfirm your mailing address and phone number in your reply. 14,500/- (Fourteen Thousand Five Hundred Rupees) will be the refundable amount, as Rs.200/- rupees will be deducted as bank charges for fund deposit. If you are selected or not, the amount will still be refunded to you, as the amount is just to prove that you will be coming for the interview in order for us not to run at loss after sending you the flight ticket, hotel reservation and offer letter and you don't show up on the day of interview. This also applies as a seriousness test for all candidates as we aim at having serious minded staffs in our reputable organization.
We wish you the best of luck.
Please note that only interested candidate should send us detail for the delivery of his or her flight ticket, hotel reservation letter and offer letter after receiving the refundable security payment made by you,
1. Name: 2. Address: 3. Mobile: 4. State:
Chief Executive Officer,
Managing Director: - Mr. B.S. Seo
Secretary: - Tim Chung
Nov 4, 2012

Fraud Email regarding job offer

Be Aware...

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