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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hyundai Motors India Limited

Oct 30, 2014

design mistake


This is Sreenivasa Rao, iam having Hundai I10 Bluedrive car. Car no: AP09CM8109.
My car fuel pipe cut by rats recently on 24.10.2014, same day i have given to hundai service centre, sanathnagar, Hyderabad.
As per service engineer this part is not available and it will take at least 10 days. Now my car is in service centre.
This problem ( fuel pipe cut by rats and fuel is leaking heavily) repeated twice in two months.
In my view this is basic design problem, if the fuel pipe is cut by rats and fuel is leaking ( near engine ), it is very dangerous and there is no safety to customer. This is absolutely design problem.
Hence requesting you to change the design it may be completely metal pipe till engine connection or some protection for flexible pipe you have to provide. As a reputed company you have to take some action on this immediately.
Also taking 10 to 15 days to replace this part is not acceptable.

Hence requesting you take action immediately.

Sreenivasa Rao.
Cell no: 09912220841
Oct 29, 2014

Crash with low intensity (report from hyundai) charging more that 5 lakh for repair work

Hi Friends

Now I believe, choosing Hyundai India was one of my biggest fault in my life. The customer care and relation whatever it is pathetic in the Kerala (especially) Trivandrum region as far my experience is concerned. I called several times to the Kochi office and they assured me to callback at the earliest(I believe they lack professionalism). I wan to talk to the manager and every time when i am calling they will say he is in a meeting and out station and will callback. I don't know when he will callback or I can expect a call from him. My car (i20 Sports Dsl) met with an accident 4 months back and unfortunately it didn't triggered the airbag. I asked for the detailed report about the incident and they have come up with 4 reason. One of the reason was "Impact of the car was low intensity not enough to deploy Air Bag". Till now the the local dealer told me that the cost of the repair work will be around Rs. 5.5 lakh.
1. How can a low intensity crash can take this much amount to repair?.
2. Does that mean, the quality and components used in you car for safety and others are VERY LOW QUALITY and FRAGILE?.
3. Whom will be responsible to give me an answer?
4. Is that your professionalism or Is that how you treat customer?
This is what I asked about your kochi manager and waiting for a callback from him for the past few days. Am I asking anything wrong ?

Previously I was having Maruti Swift and I bought i20 because of the passion towards the i20. Now I believe why maruti is No.1 in customer satisfaction. With this attitude and customer care you never gonna beat them. Suddenly the admiration became hatred and humiliation from your customer relation.

Thank you
Kishore Kumar
Mob: 9539003350
Kali Sankar Ghosh
Oct 28, 2014

Complain against your dealer -Spring Hyundai -Kolkata

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to inform you that the service provides by your dealer based at Kolkata ( Spring Hyundai - 5, J B S Halden Avenue, Dhapa, Near E M Byepass Silver Spring Arcade, Kolkata - 700105 ) ,West Bengal is very upsetting. I had bought a Hyundai car 1.4 cc from this dealer on 28th September 2014 ( I had deposited money on 27th September,14 and the said dealer delivered the car on 28th September 2014 ) and after that day from the dealer site no communication made for registration , after rigorously followed up rather pushed up I got Tax token , Insurance paper and Car number, but till now unfortunately number plate has not given by Motor vehicle Kolkata due to delay payment made by the dealer .Though I had made all payments to dealer on 27th September 2014.

Today My wife have visited motor vehicle after the advise from the said dealer but Official from motor vehicle told that yesterday (27.10.14) money has been deposited for number plate on 27.10.14.from the dealer.

Immediately my wife tried to contact the car dealer office over phone but no body picked the phone. Is this professionalism ? For your kind information this is my 2nd car from the same dealer (my previous car was i10 ).

This is not expected from a company which has huge reputation.

My request is please look into this matter immediately .

Waiting for your kind response.


Kali Sankar Ghosh
Oct 27, 2014

worst Car -HUNDAI EON (magna +)

I have purchased Hundia EON (Magna +) car before One year.

I found problem after only 5000 to 6000 km. The problem is unwanted noise from engine. It sounds like old diesel car, even worst then that.

I asked to Hundia Planet service person (At Sciencity road –Ahmedabad) for same and I was shocked with his reply, He said sir, its only 800 cc car and with big housing so the problem will remain same. Even he criticize me that Its not good decision to purchase Hundai EON meghna.

Also gear problem (hard transmission) is there and service person doesn't have solution for same.

And till date my problem is same. And now I hate to drive my EON after spending 4 lakh rupees.

Hence i request to all please do not purchase Hundai EON.

My no is +91-9978851985 / +91-9016976455

Krupesh Patel.
Oct 26, 2014

ankit goyal

our white colour verna HR21G 9696 model 2012 was given for servicing to the manager anil sharma in orion motors hyundai private limited hansi,hissar(haryana) in good condition on 14-10-2014 on his words of getting it back after service.But it was misused by them for their personal use and met an accident on kundnapur link road one way.we were told dat we will get it back in the condition in which we had given but till no there is no response from the company.
failin to settle the issue i l have to file a complaint to consumer forum
ankit goyal
if anybody can suggest me what should be done kindly contact me..i l be highly thankful
Oct 18, 2014


i booked hyundai xcent car from shreenath hyundai motors thane at the time of purchase i was informed i will get rare view camera..whille i went to handover my existing car i was refused for the same stating they never promised the same . i launched acomplaint with hyundai and informed if they cant they can refund the amount.post multiple followups and complaint and visits (believe had vry hard time in doing followups madhuri and krupa very unproffessional,shabnam merchant as per their website vp sales who never checked hr inbox , multiple message left with her receptionist .) finally aftef 2 months i was informed dealer will pay theentire cost . i sent them a mail asking how do i go about the same the dealer replies my car will be revalued which obviously does not make any sense . this is a trick where now they will revalue my car at a lesser cost and cover the cost . also the dealer states that they have not promised and now i should send them an email. please get me my amount refunded along with ckmpensation. i am tortured and harrassed to the core.. complaint no.c2014070029 vin mala84qclemo39524.... on multiple occassion i have been lied to ... their sales manager krupa also lied to me that i cannot get vin however later thd same was given tk me. i can provide my itemised bill to show how many times i have callef them up ..also i can provide you with the recordings and email sent to them
abdul rasheed
Oct 17, 2014

cheap eon

Dear CRM,
I am Abdul Rasheed, from the place called Chengamanad near Cochin international airport.
I am writing this mail to draw the bad experiences I've faced at Hyundai to you.
As I've owned and used many vehicles. Recently a Hyundai Eon Era+, on 30/08/14 from popular Hyundai North Paravoor show room(Ernakulam dst.). Car reg no KL41 J 925.
From the starting itself it was start to make some abnormal sound from engine side. When I went for first service, I've shown Mr.Shan (service executive) the complaint. It wasn't solved when I got my car back. So I asked to the executive and he forward me to service floor in-charge Mr. Arun. And it's so sad for me to explain what he told. Because I lost my trust in Hyundai that time. He told me exactly as follows "Hyundai eon is a 800cc car, low weight.,This model has many complaints reporting.,for ex- you will have to change the shock up bushes in only 6000kms., and break pads in 10,000kms. There may be many abnormal sounds from both engine and body." It was a deferent experience for me as I am at many other service centers. I was thinking "is this the quality of Hyundai, is this what I spend my money ". Then there was one another vehicle with same model and 5000km. I made a test drive on that car. Then I realise its smooth to drive and no abnormal sound in it. Also I made him realise the same. Then my stand was clear I need my car back without any troubles. So he keep may car for another day. And gave to me next day. After 20km of driving it was started the same sounds.
I've shared my problem with Vytila popular hyundai service manager Mr. Manoj and he contact Mr Maneesh( Service manager, Paravoor). Then he called me and and arranged a pick up to work shop. When I got my car after 5days, I found the problem persist. But I couldn't go there as I have not only this as a business I have something my own business. After, on 09/10/2014 I went to north paravoor showroom and shown the complaint to service manager itself.
I regret to say in all these days there ware no follow ups or feedbacks provided. It's only my needs so I've made follow ups many often.
Day before yesterday (15/10/14) when I checked with them, replay was, they have changed gear box still couldn't rectify the complaint. They asked 5more days.
You should know its only 2500 km I drove that car and bought 47 days back. 20 days spend in work shop. And I lost a lot of my time and effort behind this.
My suggestion to hyundai is please don't market any cheap quality products like this in the modern era market if there is a pro back. Or make some training to your work shop staffs to fix the things.
If I don't get a solution to the matter soon, I will be forced to get the legal way and make you pay compensation for my loses. Also I have my own way to make the matter get to top.

And also please warn the service team at Paravoor,who think customers are idiots and react less. Looking forward to a prompt and positive response from you.Thank you...!
Oct 15, 2014

windshield glass issue

I am one of your privilege customers who is obliged with your horrible customer service and the product. I bought your Grand i10 and have got a BIG issue with the front glass. N number of experiments by your team(Pothens Hyundi, Maruthur, Trivandrum) have been conducted and failed to produce any results. I have got in and out of your office but in vain.
It is sad and disappointing to see such a world class business product service. I have provided the visuals to the management and your Saint Gobain team. The Saint Gobain team has replaced the front glass twice. Your experts said that the issue will be solve if I change the glass.
By the way hope you remember the issue; Issue – when it rains, cannot see the road. Highly prone to accidents. You should have provided life insurance also along with this product.
I will never recommend this product or this service to anyone.
Hope you can understand my grievances, if not there are people who solve customer grievances.
Please take the appropriate action.
Thanking you for all the troubles provided.
Yours Highly Disappointed customer

Vishwa mitter
Oct 13, 2014

delay in repair of my car i 20 asta petrol

Sir - I purchased i20 asta elite on 25 the of sep from kc Hyundai jammu. On 3rd of this month my car hit by a street dog on national highway resulting in crash of my bumper radiator and ac condensor . I put my car on repair to your dealer Kc hyundai on very next day ie on saturday the day 4th of this month. But till today I know from your dealer that the parts are not availabe .being a loyal customer of your Hyundai as Previously had a santro which got exchanged from your dealer ; I don't think of such delay response of repairing my new car. Sir pls make available my car spare parts on urgent basis so that my car got repaired. My car vin no is MALBMSIBLEM018177 . Sir I will waiting for your reply on the details given below.
Vishwa mitter
Email I'd sidhivinayak.idea@rediffmail.com
Amandeep singh ghotra
Oct 11, 2014

less mileage 12 km/L in city as per recommended 18.4 km/L

I m using Hyundai i20 magna 1.4 Dsl , less mileage 12km/L in city as compare to 18.4 km/L .
Mohd Adil Q
Oct 8, 2014

Hyundai i20 Problems in Brand New Car

I have purchased my car before 2 months from Tirupati Hyundai Kanpur, and since the date or purchase brake, pick up, and milage problem was there and I went to workshop on second day of puchase I'll get no response, they said this is new car no problem was there without checking. Then I went again for the same problem, I'll get very poor response from tirupati.

In my car the brake pedal suddenly becomes hard to press and it seems to be stuck...and brakes do not apply as desired. car got jammed and the i could not apply the brakes but the service station people are not willing to recognize the problem because their computers are not showing any faults with the ABS..

Before one week ago while driving the car, car suddenly lost the pick up and stopped slowly slowly, and new type of sound also coming from the engine. I called to roadside assistance, they picked my vehicle and dropped to the tirupati workshop and from that day I m not getting any type of response. When I m calling to the workshop manager, he didn't pick my call, and when I m calling to the other person in workshop they says to talk to manager, and manager was not receiving the call.

Then I went to workshop & I saw there the engine of my new car was totally opened and broken all the original seals and packings.

Then I have talked to the Owner of Tirupati Hyundai Vineet Chandra, they have talked to me very dirtly and poorly, and also disconnected my call suddenly, and when I have called again he was also not picking my call.

I m very embaharrased & disapponted with Hyundai & mostly with Tirupati Hyundai with this poor response.

Mohd. Adil
Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)
Oct 4, 2014

gear and clutch problem

Sir i bought hyundai verna on 15 march 2013. On 15 march 2013 when i took delivery of vehicle and was on a way to my home from showroom some clutch problem occure. When i went back on the other day they changed the pressure pump of my car and said it is ok now. Clutch works correctly for few day then again same problem occure after that i again went back and the again change the pressure pump. After some day the gear box of car started showing some problem. I even almost had a narrow escape from accident to happen due to gear not changing and struck. When i went for the service of gear box to find out what is the problem they told me that they need to open the clutch set and see what is the problem. They changed the clutch plate and other parts for which i paid the bill. After that car works correctly for around 3 months but again same problem occures as before. Sir till the date my problem is not been solved out. The service manager of the company says that they will contact hyundai for the problem and will intimite me as early as possible but 1 month passed till date no notification receiced. On calling back thr told me that hyundai is not replying to our email. I have almost visited more than 20 times for the same problem which they do have a record also and 7 times pressure cylinder had been changed till now. Sir this is my request please solve out my problem.
Registration no. PB 10 ED 3197
Model verna 2013
Bought from goyal hyundai ludhiana

Akshit ghai
rsr constructions
Sep 29, 2014

i 20 elite delivary problam

sir, my name is R.Srinivasa Raju, from Bhimavaram, Andhrapradesh.
i booked elite i20 asta model white colour at your dealer mango hyundai
madhurawada, visakhapatnam. i paid twenty thousand rupees on 1st september
and thirty thousand rupees on 13th september and thru my banker hdfc bank paid
rupees seven lakh six thousand four hundred thirty eight on 17th september. My
complaint is your dealer had promised me to deliver the vehicle by this month 25th after that they postphoned the delivery of the vehicle to 3rd october, eventhough i trusted their words, but today they called up me and they told me that sir we will not able to give u white colour we are ready to give u silver colour on third october, afterthat during discussions about colour with my family members afterthat i called up their executive Mr Ramana and i said him ok pl arrange silvercolour vehicle on 3rd october without fail and they agreed. By this afternoon again they called me and said that sorry sir silver colour is also not available. Total these transaction i was dealed with Mr.Kumar Raja sales GM, and Mr.Ramana sales executive their numbers.8008998801 & 8008989818. Sir i think hyundai motors will never cheat any customer, on belief of that i want to join in hyundai family, So based on mango hyundai people words i sold my present using vehicl ritz car also. I would request you to look into the matter and solve the problem immediately, and intimate me to my mobile number.

Thanking you,
R.Srinivasa Raju
Mobile No: 09441339757
hemen kalita
Sep 29, 2014


Dear Sir/madam,

One week ago I have purchase one i10 2009 Model from one of reputed dealer in guwahati. But still I have not received the warranty card/service manual. The executive asking me to wait another 10days for the same. Will you please confirmed whether the executive are telling me the truth.

In my life firt time I have purchase a car & due to recommendation of my friend/ colleague/ staff I have given my preference to Hyundai advantage certified car. But still I have found some problem with my vehicle & regularly I have discuss the matter with the sales executive but he always ignore my query.

1. Battery Problem (From next day of purchase the car battery was showing problems, I have talk to the deler but they did not given any preference for the issues & I have brought a new battery from market).
2. Silencer problems ( It is given very hard sound & at the time of purchase the car the executive was promise me to resolve the issues but now he is asking me to get it repaired from out side garage not at dealer).
3. Scratches ( Lots of scratches are available in the car body which was also promise to resolved but this also ignore at the time of delivery tell me due to bad weather this can not be done & same will be done latter on).

Can I get any help regarding above issues through your end, so that I can continue my good faight on Hyundai for a long future.
Ashok KJ
Sep 21, 2014

Got a new car with faults

Dear Sir,
I bought Hunday EON ERA+ on 15th May 2014 First day when the driver of Hunday Company purchase the car to our house the Engine very hot, driver said that it was usual for the first time, when I went for the first servicing I complained about this then after doing for little time they said this was ok, after 1week the car engine to began to give out smoke and stopped, again after that with the deriver of the company I want to the show room to repair from that day it has been 1 month and it has been not returned.
From the beginning only I have got a car with faults in it I want a new car or get the money back.
Ashok Kumar Jain
Vashali Nagar,Sagar,M.P.
Sep 20, 2014

Nothing strik/Windshield got cracked

This is regarding windshield crack of my car (details given below) even nothing strike to it,

Model Variant :- HYUNDAI VERNA FLUIDIC 1.6 VTVT SX (O) ,
Name :-- Sanjiv Naresh
Car Registration No. :--MH-12-HN-6052 (RC copy attached)
Chessis No. :-- MALCU41DLCM043273
Engine No. :-- G4FCBU330819

Today morning while coming from Mumbai all of sudden on Mumbai Pune Express Highway My car windshield got cracked. I was shocked & surprised because without striking any thing to the glass how it got crack but it was true... it happened with me.., initially it starts with light crack from driver side corner & soon crack reaches to centre with in a drive of few kilometers on highway.

It is a matter of investigation how this happened as this very dangerous also. I am attaching the picture for your reference & request you to appoint some technical who can investigate don't think I am writing this mail to get claim from HMIL because if HMIL will replace than OK otherwise I will claim from Insurance co. but it is the matter of car passengers safety .
Sep 18, 2014

Delay in delivery of Elite i20

Date: 18th Sept, 2014,

We have booked an Elite i20 from #Mahadev #Hyundai (Faridabad) on 17th Aug, 2014 by the name: DeepShikha, and were committed the delivery of car on or before 12th Sept, 14 (By the sales representative Mr. Veer, as well as the Manager Mr. Mohit Raina) but till date the dealer is giving lame excuses regarding the same (either they are not pursuing the things, the way they should be doing or may be some wrong practices are going on internally.

I am in regular touch with there manager Mr. Mohit but every time we are updated that the car is still not dispatched from the Chennai plant due to PDI issues. I am unable to understand the reason for the delay, if this is the kind of commitment Hyundai has for its customer's then i doubt how the company would be able to retain the customers in long run.

The tag line of New thinking and New possibilities goes all in vein.

Secondly the dealer Mahadev being new, its reputation is also at stake. Still they are not bothered and are lingering this and least bothered about customers.

I request Hyundai to intervene and provide the right information ASAP. As i believe Hyundai being such a big organization should be aggressive enough for there new launched car, every time we are updated that no car is dispatched to any dealer in the month of Sept. Hyundai is holding the car because of PDI and transportation issues.

Also note, 60% payment of the car is already with the dealer hence the interest is being levied to us by the banks for this period also when we dont have the car, secondly we are bonded now with this particular dealer because of such high payments made.

Hope to get a prompt response !!

hopefully new customer.
Madhu Goswami
Sep 16, 2014


I bought a Fluidic Verna on 9th October, 2013 from Sant Hyundai Kullu. Shockers and spring of my verna were not working properly and the person in Sant Hyundai told me to get it changed as it's in Warrant. They told me to visit there place after 10 days. I said them that whenever i'll come for the replacement of Springs+Shockers I'll also go for the Second service of my Car. When After 10 days I went for the replacement, the person replacing my shockers and springs installed shockers wrong i.e. upper part on the lower one and the lower one on the upper. when i told him that he is doing wrong job and i'll not go for service from this particular fellow. The company representative told me to get an appointment on some other day for my service, but, at that very time all the other mechanice were free. I'm customer of Hyundai from Last 10 years. Earlier I used to visit Kosmo Hundai Jallandhar and I was satisfied from that place. But a bad review of Hyundai was given from Sant Hyundai - Kullu.
Sep 11, 2014

front windshield problem in my eon car

dear sir
when i am drive my car in the night some problem is happend in my front wind shield, when i drive my car in the night the front windshied got dark in out side and could not see out side. and it is not a normal problam it is not happend with the other cars .plsss tell me the right solucation
Sep 6, 2014

poor dealer response

Am working in uae had booked axcent two months back and as per dealer requirements payed the money now total amount has been payed but no delivery of vechle its an cheating with costemer and hyundai company should check the people entrusted with dealerships because it will give an bad impression to your company and goodwill in customers . as am abroad my wife alone home they promise to daliver on 4th step then made an excuse and again promise to deliver on 6th then again said this that all happening after full payment and two month prior booking . the dealer name is ss hyundai in ktorakara kerla and the final reply from them is car can only be delivers after an week as they did not resived shipment of car plus on am festival . as an customer its not aseptable hope an reply asap my email blessymoon@gmail.com
Sep 2, 2014

Hundai Verna

Dear Sir,
I have brought Verna on month of May 2014 from Spring Hyundai Kolkata.
At the time of delivery two problems was detected,
1. Windshield glass was broken.
2. Auto Lock key was not working.

The windshield glass was changed by your dealer but the key problem is still pending.
I had lots of phone calls to the Spring Hyundai Workshop but nobody shown interest.
Lastly I have to complain to you.
Ravi Motiyani
Sep 2, 2014

car servies and cleaning

Sir aapki company ke servies department ke workers ka car clean karne ka tarika sabse ganda h.....
Car me har jagah dust padi h,,,, keval thodi si polish karke aur car clean kr dena,,, ye shi nai h,,,, hm aappe trust karke humari car aapke paas clleaning ke liye dete h.,,,,,,,, but aapke workers humara trust todna chahte h.........
So plz aap ek baar unhe car clean karne ka sahi tarika sikhe........
Contact no. 8441043003
Sep 1, 2014

Steering locked while driving i20

I have purchased I20 in May2011.& running is only 33000 km.Within this limited use,I have suffered lot of problems.Recently steering jammed during driving.When I have gone for servicing.they told me that there is problem with EPS & needs to be change.& cost of same is too high. @27000 Rs.
I have purchased the Hyundai car as I was impressed with Hyundai but now I am not happy with the performance of Hyundai.
I hope,you will understand the problem & look into this & take necessary acion.
suresh cholleti
Aug 30, 2014

Hyundai I 10 Poor Mileage problem

My Hyundai I 10 petrol version(Ap29 BP 0125) is giving very poor mileage around 9 to 10 Km/Litre since from the date of purchase (almost 3 years)which is totally against the expectation 14 km/litre as committed by Hyundai.When I contacted service centre at Lb Nagar Hyderabad, they always say one or the other reason but the problem not yet solved and really frustrated with the vehicle.
amit kumar .
Aug 25, 2014

bumper colour & service

I will never ever give my car EON ERA + (NO. UP78CX4477) for service at UNNAO HYUNDAI SERVICE CENTRE (U.P.) ---------POOOOOOOOOOOOR SERVICEEEEEEEEE........AND NO ONE LISTEN the problam at ur service station specially work shop manager lingeron the customer problam (name- Mr. ISHRAT) at unnao hyundai (U.P.) INDIA.
I am really disappointed with Hyundai
Can you please look into this matter urgently?

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