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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hyundai Motors India Limited

Mar 3, 2017

not replacing part in warrenty period since 38 days

Respect sir my Elantra car MH 48 P 4395
Given for service at ritu hondai Kalyan
on 25 January 2017.
There was problem of steering.
Accordingly they order the part and I bring car at home.
Due to car problem I didn't use car up till now.
Every day I was calling to serve center but nobody is taking responsibility.
My car part was received on 5 th February but service center did not call me.
When I called service center they told me that this part can not be fit your car because of hondai service circular Dt 7-2-17.part was received before the circular issued hence ,same part should be replaced by the service center.but they dont do same .
Then I was continually calling ritu hondai manager and concerned person but they are giving only assurance. But until now no part replace.
Please do some thing.
Shashikank Munde
Feb 5, 2017

Changed the Parts

I own Hyundai Grand I-10 & my chassis number is : MALA851CLEM115801.

There was some noise while driving. I get cured for that however I suspect that my audio speakers have been changed as I found it with poor quality.

I complained for the same and after my several strives I get my speakers changed after wasting couple of hours but still the problem remains. To my surprise one of engineer said it would happen and its normal. I escalated this problem to PRO Palak and was assured for the final solution in few days.

To the ridiculous point after 15 days when I called for reminder to Palak, I was said it would take time and I had to wait. After a day of the talk I got a call from manager and was asking for checking of the speakers again. I had already visited service center and spent my couple of hours. He din't even visited me or called me and when I reminded after 15 days he asked me for checking again. Is this the service that I expect? Why should I waste my time again and again? I was shocked when I was told that this is a general problem and it would persist and has to bear.

Mehul Shah
Ashwani .Sharma
Feb 2, 2017

cheating and fraud case


After R&D I decided to own this car by keeping the safety feature in mind plus the appeal it gives to the customer .

This is regarding the cheating and fraud case by Hyundai (Northern hyundai ludhiana 141005 ) I Ashwani Kumar booked a car Xcent base model (Diesel) on 4th JAN-17 . Northern Hyundai have taken complete payments .it was a exchange offer so in exchange they have taken my car on same day and said that your car will be delivered in a week time .

after a week they called me for delivery of car . i approached outlet they said car is on washing station mean while you complete pending forms formalities . I have done everything & in the last they shown me the car but am surprised to see the car and shocked !! because major of key features like air bag ,globe box cooling , roof antenna , wheel cover etc.. was missing ,moreover none of them have this idea , when I show them the catalogue of Xcent with the standard feature mentioned in the base model car, they start calling each other with in department as I have asked something extraordinary!!!! . We had with my family had decided this car after lot of discussions and R&D all were very happy to own this car because we were getting whatever we wanted to have in a base model but your staff and this dealer shattered mine and my family dream !!! As on the same day my son was waiting for his car but it was really very shameful act that the product I asked for was not delivered , this blunder shown me that how much concern Hyundai is showing to their esteem customers Now the irony is ; as per sales man it is a fault of company they removed features without information ..I tried to meet the GM but with my surprise I came to know that “the higher authority does not deal with such sale purchase issues!!! as per the team and sales manager . We purchase the car basis of catalogue only cause car was not available in show room thus all the said key features were discussed during the deal and I enquired Personally about all features .

I am Mentally and Physically harassed by Hyundai , they even picked my old car and not delivered the expected variant as per the requirement . Its a kind of Torture for me and my family ,either provide me the mentioned model which I had opted for or else I will sue the company at consumer court against the mental and Physically harassment as well as fraudulency against the people in India.

Look at the courtesy its already been four weeks and i Have not received any update on my car!! now am running without car using local taxi for my daily needs and getting mentally harassments ..I want to know who is looking to the concern and who will look for the each moments compensations . you people kept my old car and complete money in your accounts since 4th Jan 2017.

I want immediate response from the responsible person asap with a solution else i would be compelled to take legal action against the company and dealer.


Narendra Kumar sanadhya
Jan 27, 2017

mistake done by your KOTA HUndai Dealer

Sir my son Prateek sanadhya did a mistake to purchase a hundai I 20 elite bearing engine no G4LAGM163415 and chassis number MALBM51BLGM294301 from KOTA hundai ;KOTA AUTOMOBILES PVT LTD on 6/10/2016 . Dealer issued delivery note , insurance was done by HDFC ERGO entire money was paid to dealer , But dealer has done a mistake which comes in the definition of fraud as he has not deposited money in DTO office. Unfortunately the vehicle met with an accident on 10/10/2016 , Insurance claim is rejected on the ground the amount was not deposited in DTO . In this regard I contacted your customer care center and talked with Mr Vikas who was not in a position to listen me.He simply transfer the call to Kota Hundai where Mr Sunil talked and his way of talking was very rough. ( My son has given several mails and request them to co-operate but till today no communication is received)
Please look in to the matter and inform

N K Sanadhya
Chief manager Bank of Baroda
Nathdwara District Rajasamand
My Contact number is 9414302449
E-mail address is narendrarsanadhya2000@yahoo.com
Jan 21, 2017

Oil consumption car i10 grend megna

DL1RTB 6165
Contact no 9899987001
Mukund pur
Delhi 110042
Jan 21, 2017

New i10 grend megna

Meri car i10 grend magna DL1RTB 6165 sirf 13719 km chali hain car oil kha rahi hain ye kya problam ho sakti hain
Mujhe meri car bilakul thik thak chahiye ,,vo meri cab hai jiska jariye meri family chalti hain,
Main chahta hu meri cab ko thik karwa dijiye,,
Cab no DL1RTB
Engine no G4LAGM121921
Vin no MALA851CLGM489022
Jan 15, 2017

Hyundai Grand I10 bad experience

Hi Sir,
I am suffering with the Grand i10 purchased a week ago.Yesterday being a weekend, when I took out the car for a ride along with my family it all of a sudden started making a strange sound , stopped twice on the road and thereafter the AC was not working and then finally to my surprise FUMES started coming out of the bonnet. I was petrified, the people on the road also raised an alarm and we all came out of the car (my small kid was also there). Until this time my car was run just 100 kms.
We then saw the coolant was half left and it was spilled all over inside the bonnet. I then raised an alarm to the Garve hyundai wakad Pune sales person with whom I had corresponded and asked for an arrangement to see it as we were stuck in the middle of the road.. There again , it took 2 hours for the person to come and take it which otherwise he promised will be coming in half an hour. So even the after sales service is not upto the mark, wanting our family to wait in the sun for that much time.
After check up at the showroom, the service person said, everything is right and may be while delivering the coolant cap left loosened , which I was not at all convinced and he sent me back after filling the coolant and testing a ride and asked us to test it for few days. Until this time the car after being tested and everything , it ran for 150 kms.
After full day of rush and hush, we though to go out for a short drive on the same day in the evening and later when we parked the vehicle in our building we checked the coolant again and to my utter despair the coolant was half left again and I am petrified to drive it after this thinking that the same fumes will start coming out again.
Until this time, the car ran for 175 kms. This all shows that after every 50-60 kms the coolant is getting half and the car is using a lot of coolant with strange sounds.. Even the service person cannot judge it.
I have used other cars as well in the past and have run for 300-400 kms a day and this thing and coolant consumption never happened in the past.

This all means I have been delivered a faulty engine and a faulty car with a manufacturing defect. I do not feel safe and secure to drive this car and more so along with my family. I feel so frustrated and irritated after this and cannot waste time on it everyday and so need a solution to it at the earliest.

I would request your intervention in this matter and hope would be given an replacement and will be solved at the earliest. I have mentioned my number in the undersigned.

PS: This is a Grand i10 PLUS model which the sales manager Mr Devidas suggested , comes with a touch music system, although there is no plus model mentioned anywhere on the car and delivery was also late by 8-10 days.. and when asked they said it does not come with any branding which also was a little dubious to me.

My Vehicle number:Mh14 fx 2908
Dealer details:Grave Hyundai 136/ 1 A/ 6, Mumbai - Pune Highway, Wakad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411057

Please take immediate attention as it safety concern for my family,else will go for consumer court.
Jan 14, 2017

Grand i10

I purchased a vehicle just 5 days before and certain fire coming out of front and continuosly getting heat I asked for roadside assistance they took 2 hours to reach I have bad experience never go for Hyundai just my life safed anything can happen due to fire
S Balamurugan
Jan 6, 2017

Elite I20 warrenty

Dear Ms.Hyundai motors,

My Vehicle Number : TN 11 Q0937 ( S Balamurugan).

After replacement of Gear box, I drove my vehicle to Chennai from Villupuram Arasu Hyundai and I have observed that boot & drive shaft failed due to assembly issue during gear box change& it was replaced at Vinayak hyundai , Chennai .Very next day I found there was noise from steering box & I complained the Vinayak Hyundai service and they told all blood affected vehicle this issue coming recently & we are in the process of changing the parts under warranty.

Now I have given my vehicle for 20k service @ Vinayak huyndai , I made same complained they checked informed to me that we need to replace the parts & warranty will not be covered.

My vehicle is just one year old & below parts has been replaced and I spend more than 15k even though it’s under warranty.
1. Gear Box failed , while driving (Biggest safety concern ).
2. Drive shaft assembly failed
3. Steering box failed

I got totally frustrated & mentally depressed facing continuous failure on this vehicle.

Please take necessary action to replace my vehicle.

I awaiting for posstive reply.

S Bala
Jan 3, 2017

Related to tyres

Dear Sir,

I have purchased Elite i20 car UP14 CM 4846, in month of February' 2015. Since then i am sending my car to Pawan Hyundai, Ghaziabad for service. On August 18' 2016 i met with an accident, an Auto hitted me from Front side and i got injured. It resulted to severe damage to my car also and then i left it to Pawan Hyundai for repairing. They have replaced driver side front door, Front Bumper, Head light and also changed Suspension system and also done wheel balancing and Alignment. Then after driving for some kms i observed Bubbling and vibration into the car for which i have complained at pawan Hyundai for which they attended the complaint and said now you won`t face any problem related to tyres and alignment. Again after driving for some days, i observed same thing then i visited MRF outlet for wheel balancing and alignment. They checked and asked me to get my tyres replaced as they are about to be dumped.

I was shocked to listen at that time as i have drove only 16000 kms till then and my tyres were asked to replaced. Now i am not able to understand company like Hyundai is cheating their customers like this, since i have been the Privileged customer of Hyundai and this is the 4th vehicle i am using of Hyundai. Kindly suggest me what to do in this concern or else i have got no other option then challenging this case legally. Being into so many years of bonding with Hyundai, i hope you will definitely understand my problem and get my tyres replaced with the correct ones or whatever you suggest to overcome this problem. I am so much frustrated regarding this. Kindly understand and do the needful.

Thanks and Regards,
Arun Kumar

Cont No-9971233342
Id- arunkumar.mechy@gmail.com

Vehicle No- UP14 CM 4846
Deshraj Gauttam
Dec 29, 2016

Car Service Compalint

I reach at Hyundai service station at Kishanpura, tehsil nalagarh, distt. Solan, (HP) to get the service of my i10 car on dated 22/12/2016. I put my car there for the service after showing all problem to the concern person. in the day three time they make me call for related to the car service and they confirm me to take the car before 05:PM.

I paid them around 5400 Rs. of car services and I took my car and raced toward the home which is at kalka.

when I was on the way I feel some heat that I share with me companion who was in second sheet. he also feel same problem.then I saw that a person who was shouted us and sign towards our car then we get down and saw that car was coming fume and seems that there Is possibility of fire. in between I make the call twice to three time to kishanpura concern person but they didn't pick my phone.
I stay there for half hour and start my car but not, then I hire a taxi and reach my home. next day with the help of tochan I reach at kalka Hyundai service station. they check and say that in the car there is no any coolant and water and may be no any service has been done. then I make the call again to kishanpura and talk to them. I paid there too rs. around 1500 and take the holiday to the company.
that day I was an urgent official work but due to this I could not attend.
now sir Iam complaining and want to action against them so that in future they could not do that type of mistake
thampy thomas
Dec 28, 2016

Clutch Complaint

While driving the car the clutch is not proper functioning .If the accelration is less car getting OFF.Again we want to restart the car. This complanit is inform to SS Hyundai,Pravincodu branch(Allapuzha).They are not responding and say non of her duty. Please need to help .
Dec 22, 2016

Grand I10 carTyre problem

Dear Sir,

I have Purchage grand I 10 before 6 month on Date 06/06/2015.
I am facing a problem in Goodyear make tyres. One puncher got in my one tyre and that tyre are not usable more.
I already submit that tyres to Goodyear stores but he said this types of tyres are not under warranty.

So please do needful.
Dec 17, 2016

Irresponsibly behavior

Respected Sir,
I am Dr. M.G.RAJA from sivakasi(Tamilnadu) contact num (9566884456)
My vehicle TN 84W 3555 was handed over to your (Susee Hyundai Madurai) workshop on 01 Dec 16 where I have been told that the oil sump is got damaged and has to be replaced. I have submitted insurance papers on 02 Dec 16 and it was accepted on the same dt whereas the work was not started till 09 Dec 16 giving a vague replies by your service staff Shri. Vivek demanding an unnecessary undertaking letter from me. I have made a complaint to the higher authorities of Hyundai company. Then the service manager Shri. Arun has told me to collect the vehicle as all the complaints are rectified and is ready for delivery. But your staff Shri. Athiappan had again demanded a understanding letter and as such the matter was brought to the notice to the Area sales manager Shri. Srinivasan who was there. As per the advice of Shri. Srinivasan, my vehicle was re-examined thoroughly on 10 Dec 16 and I was told by the service manager Shri Arun that the vehicle was perfectly examined and there is no any complaints which needs to be done, but the vehicle would be delivered only after getting the approval from the area office as I have made complaints to the higher authorities with copies to you. The same reply was told by the service manager Shri. Arun daily as and when I enquired about the delivery of my vehicle.

The same type of reply was given on 15 Dec 16 morning (Recorded evidence is available) but all of a sudden the service manager Shri. Arun has sent me a email on the same day at about 12.09 hrs is seems to be baseless and an intention to cover up in delaying the delivery of my vehicle (01 Dec to 15 Dec). I was unable to get back my vehicle on 16 Dec 16 as I came to know that the service manager Shri Arun was on leave.

Further it is regretted to inform you that the employees in Susee Cars&Trucks(P) Ltd Madurai have joined to make syndicate with insurance companies and work hand in gloves as brokers with insurance agents which results in dissatisfaction among customers BAD NAME FOR DEALERS AND GREAT DAMAGE THE BRAND NAME HYUNDAI among clientele. The employees compel customers to fall in line with their advice to have better profit for insurance agents

Keeping the aforesaid in view, I will collect my vehicle today and will be informed to your higher authorities to close my complaints.

Expecting your kind cooperation for further services and maintain a good relationship with the Great Hyundai Family. Thanking you in anticipation.
Dec 6, 2016

Hyundai Dealer | Selling test drive car

In October, 2016 I went to finally take the delivery of my Creta from Kothari Hyundai, tilak road branch, Pune after a two week delay and when I went to inspect my car, to my surprise I found two unknown people seated in my car (in the driver and co-driver seat) along with the sales representative from Kothari Hyundai (seated in the rear passenger seat) who was showcasing my car’s music system, AC, interior reading lamps and other features and when I objected, after five minutes i.e. after the demo was completed they left my car leaving the floor carpet and the seats (as the lower seat did not have any plastic cover) dirty as well as leaving behind a pre-programmed radio stations and a synced phone on the music system for me to take home. This happened in front of me and I am not even sure of what all the showroom would have used my car for given that it had covered 18 kms at the time of delivery.
Post which I spoke to the manager asking for a refund as I refuse to accept a used car or alternatively had asked them to for a compensation as one they had used my car that was already registered on my name without my knowledge and second I strongly intend to penalize them for spoiling my entire car buying experience.
After an argument, the manager informed me that he was not going to either refund my money nor was he ready to compensate at best what he can do is offer an apology as in his words I quote ‘sir khoon thodi kiya hai isse jyada aur kya kar sakte hain’ (translates to ‘sir my sales representative has not murdered anyone and what more can I do’).
Given my wife’s request I reluctantly took the delivery of the car after spending over two hours in the showroom and we drove away cursing ourselves for buying this car and having to deal with such arrogant dealer.
At the time of delivery, 1) my car was dirty and 2) All the features of my car were explained in a very shabby and an incomplete way.
I had lodged a complaint through the website post which I got a call apologising and when I asked for an action they said that they have deducted the sales commission for the concerned representative and when I asked for that amount to be refunded or donated as to why should a dealer benefit out of my loss they had no response.
Recently I again called the helpline to escalate it and post which the dealer again called me to inform me that they are happy to offer a free car wash package as the car was dirty at the time of delivery. To which I question, what is the point of offering that after close to a month of delivery, I mean are they that dumb to assume that I would go around in a dirty car waiting for them to understand my concern?
P.S.: I have also written several emails to Hyundai and have also been in touch with Himani & Viviek from their regional office but there has been no communication from their side as well for close to a month now.
Nov 16, 2016

Ceater & misbehaving dealer

Here krishna autorider pvt.ltd.korba making customer fool by salesman, issue that time of booking salesmans + gm commitment that time of delivery we give u rs. 10000/- gift as assessoris but after pay and billing they refuse that. So be careful like that.
Nov 7, 2016

Very Poor Service & Quality of Hyundai

I am very frustrated with Qaulity of the Car gear and steering and service. Everytime I give for service, something or other gets broken. And whenever I complain nobody wants to accept. From begining I had told that I have problem in Gear but everytime they said its fine. After every service I would face some problem. Now this time I had a service and they told it is 90 checks free and all. After few days my steering had started getting stuck. I was so frustrated with Hyundai service that I had given in a local service center. Though they are saying motor has to be replaced. Now I have to go to Hyundai but I am so unhappy with Hyundai that I can not express. Moreover customer care is completely a dramma. Noboday does any action.
Nov 4, 2016

Sales Service at Modi Hyundai Kanjurmarg

Achal Date (9820801655) writing this complaint regarding the sales service experienced while booking i20 Elite Asta at Modi Hyundai.

Took a loan and had paid Rs780000 and they committed delivery on Nov 5th. After Diwali they are saying delivery will be in Nov end. So, I have to park my money at Modi Hyundai for a month and keep paying the Bank's EMI.
The had agreed to take back my used Santro Xing, but surprisingly a few days ago returned the RC book of the car at my house without giving any reason.

The whole experience of this transaction is very frustrating and I no longer trust Modi Hyundai. They have mishandled my case, with no one accountable for it.
Nov 3, 2016

Services of Shivnath Hyundai

Dear Friends,
Services of Shivnath Hyundai are like hell. The dealer took Rs 5000/- for getting choice number. And till now he has kept me waiting since last two series for the preferred number. Unfortunately there is no stern action against such dealers. And one has to go for dealer registration for new vehicles.
Anyone kindly suggest how can I make the dealer pay for his mistake / slow and incomplete services.
Jay nikat
Oct 26, 2016

refund amount


refund amount

I have purchase a new comrshal car xcent S model from the car dealer Kothari Hyundai , kharadi pune on November 2015. They din't issue the refund amount .

My car no MH 12 KN 7275
Jaydeep nana nikat
Mail _ jaynikat143@gmail.com
Oct 24, 2016

Issue being faced at Shirode Hundai Sangamner Motors Hyundai Authorised dealership for Insurance claim settlement

Regarding issue being faced about my Vehicle MH17 AZ 6149 insurance claim
settlement, i want to bring to your notice that, i had dropped my vehicle
at dealership on 15/10/16 for accidental repairs, to which i opted for
taking cashless insurance claim from Oriental insurance company (as my
insurance is of Oriental Insurance Co. Kopargaon Dist Ahmednagar*).

I Inquired about taking a cashless claim as i knew that as the insurance is
from Kopargaon, some other formalities will be required for taking a
cashless claim.To which the dealership people told me that they don't have
any issue in cashless settlement of the claim provided Oriental insurance company Kopargaon branch provide an assurance.

For which i checked with Oriental insurance company, Kopargaon office also, now got it approved by Kopargaon office
official stated they will settle it cashless as the surveyor submits his

And i was informed by Shirode Hyundai (Sangamner) people that i will get my vehicle by
22/10/16 evening 4 PM.

But to my surprise, today 24/10/2016 refused to deliver my vehicle, he told me that, your document will be sent by currier to Oriental insurance company Kopargaon and after bill approval your call will be issue

I called him up and checked why he has refused now on the day my vehicle's
delivery was scheduled, to which he straight a way told me that they don't
prefer settling cashless insurances for outstations.

To which i asked him why i was confirmed at first instance for cashless
settlement if i take approval of insurance company, for which he doesn't
have any reply and the staff is altering their statements.

Request on priority your interference for the subject matter as i have
already taken all the approvals from Oriental insurance company because
of their confirmation first hand confirmation and now the dealership person
is refusing after asking me for all these approvals.


Dahikar Samadhan
Aman sharma krish
Oct 20, 2016

Misbehave and harassment

I had bought the verna car in august 2016 from novelty Gt road branch . They people did not give me 2nd key I told Mr kalia to so many time but he never respond me always told me give me some time . Today I called him he misbehave wid me he said when key ll come I tell u don't call me again and again then I call Mr Chadda he also like that I call him and discuss our problem he asked me Mr aman tell me firstly how u arrange my number I tell sir kindly help me out but this guy tell me how can arrange my number he don't care my problem . He ask me about the phone number dis type of guys spoil the name of brand

Aman deep
Manish Mishra12
Oct 4, 2016

Issue being faced at Northern Motors Hyundai Authorised dealership Ludhiana for Insurance claim settlement

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Regarding issue being faced about my Vehicle PB02CN9589 insurance claim
settlement, i want to bring to your notice that, i had dropped my vehicle
at dealership on 24/09/16 for accidental repairs, to which i opted for
taking cashless insurance claim from United india insurance company (as my
insurance is of United india *NIL DEP-From Amritsar*).

I Inquired about taking a cashless claim as i knew that as the insurance is
from amritsar, some other formalities will be required for taking a
cashless claim.To which the dealership people told me that they don't have
any issue in cashless settlement of the claim provided United india
Insurance company Ludhiana branch provide an assurance.

For which i checked with United india amritsar office and Ludhiana office
also, now got it approved by Amritsar office and Ludhiana office, insurance
official stated they will settle it cashless as the surveyor submits his

And i was informed by Northern Hyundai people that i will get my vehicle by
04/10/16 evening 4 PM.

But to my surprise, today i was informed by Northern Hyundai person that i
won't get cashless claim as the Accidental Incharge Mr. Ashok Kumar has
refused for the cashless settlement.

I called him up and checked why he has refused now on the day my vehicle's
delivery was scheduled, to which he straight a way told me that they don't
prefer settling cashless insurances for outstations.

To which i asked him why i was confirmed at first instance for cashless
settlement if i take approval of insurance company, for which he doesn't
have any reply and the staff is altering their statements.

Request on priority your interference for the subject matter as i have
already taken all the approvals from United india insurance company because
of their confirmation first hand confirmation and now the dealership person
is refusing after asking me for all these approvals.


Manish Mishra
Oct 1, 2016

Creta - New Car -Defect

My name is Arun Ramachandran.I had bought a new Creta Automatic petrol from Global Galleria in Mumbai. Had a very poor expereince when i bought the car. The woes did not end there. The new car makes a ceaking sound.. I have visited the service station thrice and the creaking sound was finally detected the third time and I was assured that the problem was fixed . For 2 weeks the sound did not appear. Now again the sound has started. Its very embarassing when your new car creaks.. I am confident now that it is a manufacturing defect. I am at my wits end now.. Why did i ever choose a Creta..Pathetic onboarding expereince , and now continuos creaking noise for last 2 months .. 3 week ends spent at the service station..

Guys.. This is a wake up call for you.. Your car of the year tagline is under serious threat..

Hopefully , someone will take notice and take the right action

Am thoroughly fed up.. I have called up the call centre, written several mails and have not got an answer

My coordinates arunramachandran@yahoo.com and 9820018987
Sep 30, 2016

Khanna Hyundai Kanpur - Mishandling inside workshop

Hyundai i20 reg. no. UP16AJ1530 met with an accident on way to Kanpur. Car could not be started thereafter.

Car was towed to Khanna Hyundai Service Center, Kanpur. Insurance company reviewed and passed the claim.

Khanna workshop repaired the damaged parts. After some days, they said engine is making noise. Needs to be repaired.
Since insurance is not engine-protect; consumer must bear the full fury. Insurance company ruled out accidental impact to engine.

So, there was mishandling inside Khanna workshop; resulting in damage to engine.

But, Khanna workshop would like the consumer to pay full price for damage they inflicted. What a service!

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