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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hyundai Motors India Limited

Dec 6, 2016

Hyundai Dealer | Selling test drive car

In October, 2016 I went to finally take the delivery of my Creta from Kothari Hyundai, tilak road branch, Pune after a two week delay and when I went to inspect my car, to my surprise I found two unknown people seated in my car (in the driver and co-driver seat) along with the sales representative from Kothari Hyundai (seated in the rear passenger seat) who was showcasing my car’s music system, AC, interior reading lamps and other features and when I objected, after five minutes i.e. after the demo was completed they left my car leaving the floor carpet and the seats (as the lower seat did not have any plastic cover) dirty as well as leaving behind a pre-programmed radio stations and a synced phone on the music system for me to take home. This happened in front of me and I am not even sure of what all the showroom would have used my car for given that it had covered 18 kms at the time of delivery.
Post which I spoke to the manager asking for a refund as I refuse to accept a used car or alternatively had asked them to for a compensation as one they had used my car that was already registered on my name without my knowledge and second I strongly intend to penalize them for spoiling my entire car buying experience.
After an argument, the manager informed me that he was not going to either refund my money nor was he ready to compensate at best what he can do is offer an apology as in his words I quote ‘sir khoon thodi kiya hai isse jyada aur kya kar sakte hain’ (translates to ‘sir my sales representative has not murdered anyone and what more can I do’).
Given my wife’s request I reluctantly took the delivery of the car after spending over two hours in the showroom and we drove away cursing ourselves for buying this car and having to deal with such arrogant dealer.
At the time of delivery, 1) my car was dirty and 2) All the features of my car were explained in a very shabby and an incomplete way.
I had lodged a complaint through the website post which I got a call apologising and when I asked for an action they said that they have deducted the sales commission for the concerned representative and when I asked for that amount to be refunded or donated as to why should a dealer benefit out of my loss they had no response.
Recently I again called the helpline to escalate it and post which the dealer again called me to inform me that they are happy to offer a free car wash package as the car was dirty at the time of delivery. To which I question, what is the point of offering that after close to a month of delivery, I mean are they that dumb to assume that I would go around in a dirty car waiting for them to understand my concern?
P.S.: I have also written several emails to Hyundai and have also been in touch with Himani & Viviek from their regional office but there has been no communication from their side as well for close to a month now.
Nov 16, 2016

Ceater & misbehaving dealer

Here krishna autorider pvt.ltd.korba making customer fool by salesman, issue that time of booking salesmans + gm commitment that time of delivery we give u rs. 10000/- gift as assessoris but after pay and billing they refuse that. So be careful like that.
Nov 7, 2016

Very Poor Service & Quality of Hyundai

I am very frustrated with Qaulity of the Car gear and steering and service. Everytime I give for service, something or other gets broken. And whenever I complain nobody wants to accept. From begining I had told that I have problem in Gear but everytime they said its fine. After every service I would face some problem. Now this time I had a service and they told it is 90 checks free and all. After few days my steering had started getting stuck. I was so frustrated with Hyundai service that I had given in a local service center. Though they are saying motor has to be replaced. Now I have to go to Hyundai but I am so unhappy with Hyundai that I can not express. Moreover customer care is completely a dramma. Noboday does any action.
Nov 4, 2016

Sales Service at Modi Hyundai Kanjurmarg

Achal Date (9820801655) writing this complaint regarding the sales service experienced while booking i20 Elite Asta at Modi Hyundai.

Took a loan and had paid Rs780000 and they committed delivery on Nov 5th. After Diwali they are saying delivery will be in Nov end. So, I have to park my money at Modi Hyundai for a month and keep paying the Bank's EMI.
The had agreed to take back my used Santro Xing, but surprisingly a few days ago returned the RC book of the car at my house without giving any reason.

The whole experience of this transaction is very frustrating and I no longer trust Modi Hyundai. They have mishandled my case, with no one accountable for it.
Nov 3, 2016

Services of Shivnath Hyundai

Dear Friends,
Services of Shivnath Hyundai are like hell. The dealer took Rs 5000/- for getting choice number. And till now he has kept me waiting since last two series for the preferred number. Unfortunately there is no stern action against such dealers. And one has to go for dealer registration for new vehicles.
Anyone kindly suggest how can I make the dealer pay for his mistake / slow and incomplete services.
Jay nikat
Oct 26, 2016

refund amount


refund amount

I have purchase a new comrshal car xcent S model from the car dealer Kothari Hyundai , kharadi pune on November 2015. They din't issue the refund amount .

My car no MH 12 KN 7275
Jaydeep nana nikat
Mail _ jaynikat143@gmail.com
Oct 24, 2016

Issue being faced at Shirode Hundai Sangamner Motors Hyundai Authorised dealership for Insurance claim settlement

Regarding issue being faced about my Vehicle MH17 AZ 6149 insurance claim
settlement, i want to bring to your notice that, i had dropped my vehicle
at dealership on 15/10/16 for accidental repairs, to which i opted for
taking cashless insurance claim from Oriental insurance company (as my
insurance is of Oriental Insurance Co. Kopargaon Dist Ahmednagar*).

I Inquired about taking a cashless claim as i knew that as the insurance is
from Kopargaon, some other formalities will be required for taking a
cashless claim.To which the dealership people told me that they don't have
any issue in cashless settlement of the claim provided Oriental insurance company Kopargaon branch provide an assurance.

For which i checked with Oriental insurance company, Kopargaon office also, now got it approved by Kopargaon office
official stated they will settle it cashless as the surveyor submits his

And i was informed by Shirode Hyundai (Sangamner) people that i will get my vehicle by
22/10/16 evening 4 PM.

But to my surprise, today 24/10/2016 refused to deliver my vehicle, he told me that, your document will be sent by currier to Oriental insurance company Kopargaon and after bill approval your call will be issue

I called him up and checked why he has refused now on the day my vehicle's
delivery was scheduled, to which he straight a way told me that they don't
prefer settling cashless insurances for outstations.

To which i asked him why i was confirmed at first instance for cashless
settlement if i take approval of insurance company, for which he doesn't
have any reply and the staff is altering their statements.

Request on priority your interference for the subject matter as i have
already taken all the approvals from Oriental insurance company because
of their confirmation first hand confirmation and now the dealership person
is refusing after asking me for all these approvals.


Dahikar Samadhan
Aman sharma krish
Oct 20, 2016

Misbehave and harassment

I had bought the verna car in august 2016 from novelty Gt road branch . They people did not give me 2nd key I told Mr kalia to so many time but he never respond me always told me give me some time . Today I called him he misbehave wid me he said when key ll come I tell u don't call me again and again then I call Mr Chadda he also like that I call him and discuss our problem he asked me Mr aman tell me firstly how u arrange my number I tell sir kindly help me out but this guy tell me how can arrange my number he don't care my problem . He ask me about the phone number dis type of guys spoil the name of brand

Aman deep
Manish Mishra12
Oct 4, 2016

Issue being faced at Northern Motors Hyundai Authorised dealership Ludhiana for Insurance claim settlement

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Regarding issue being faced about my Vehicle PB02CN9589 insurance claim
settlement, i want to bring to your notice that, i had dropped my vehicle
at dealership on 24/09/16 for accidental repairs, to which i opted for
taking cashless insurance claim from United india insurance company (as my
insurance is of United india *NIL DEP-From Amritsar*).

I Inquired about taking a cashless claim as i knew that as the insurance is
from amritsar, some other formalities will be required for taking a
cashless claim.To which the dealership people told me that they don't have
any issue in cashless settlement of the claim provided United india
Insurance company Ludhiana branch provide an assurance.

For which i checked with United india amritsar office and Ludhiana office
also, now got it approved by Amritsar office and Ludhiana office, insurance
official stated they will settle it cashless as the surveyor submits his

And i was informed by Northern Hyundai people that i will get my vehicle by
04/10/16 evening 4 PM.

But to my surprise, today i was informed by Northern Hyundai person that i
won't get cashless claim as the Accidental Incharge Mr. Ashok Kumar has
refused for the cashless settlement.

I called him up and checked why he has refused now on the day my vehicle's
delivery was scheduled, to which he straight a way told me that they don't
prefer settling cashless insurances for outstations.

To which i asked him why i was confirmed at first instance for cashless
settlement if i take approval of insurance company, for which he doesn't
have any reply and the staff is altering their statements.

Request on priority your interference for the subject matter as i have
already taken all the approvals from United india insurance company because
of their confirmation first hand confirmation and now the dealership person
is refusing after asking me for all these approvals.


Manish Mishra
Oct 1, 2016

Creta - New Car -Defect

My name is Arun Ramachandran.I had bought a new Creta Automatic petrol from Global Galleria in Mumbai. Had a very poor expereince when i bought the car. The woes did not end there. The new car makes a ceaking sound.. I have visited the service station thrice and the creaking sound was finally detected the third time and I was assured that the problem was fixed . For 2 weeks the sound did not appear. Now again the sound has started. Its very embarassing when your new car creaks.. I am confident now that it is a manufacturing defect. I am at my wits end now.. Why did i ever choose a Creta..Pathetic onboarding expereince , and now continuos creaking noise for last 2 months .. 3 week ends spent at the service station..

Guys.. This is a wake up call for you.. Your car of the year tagline is under serious threat..

Hopefully , someone will take notice and take the right action

Am thoroughly fed up.. I have called up the call centre, written several mails and have not got an answer

My coordinates arunramachandran@yahoo.com and 9820018987
Sep 30, 2016

Khanna Hyundai Kanpur - Mishandling inside workshop

Hyundai i20 reg. no. UP16AJ1530 met with an accident on way to Kanpur. Car could not be started thereafter.

Car was towed to Khanna Hyundai Service Center, Kanpur. Insurance company reviewed and passed the claim.

Khanna workshop repaired the damaged parts. After some days, they said engine is making noise. Needs to be repaired.
Since insurance is not engine-protect; consumer must bear the full fury. Insurance company ruled out accidental impact to engine.

So, there was mishandling inside Khanna workshop; resulting in damage to engine.

But, Khanna workshop would like the consumer to pay full price for damage they inflicted. What a service!
george jose
Sep 25, 2016


I own an i20car,The pereodic service is done in MGF Kochi 24.On 20.9.2016 I gave the car with a specific complaint that the display light of Air bag as on while driving.
The service was completed inthe evening and delivered.
While delivering the car the service adviser informed that the AC system has a LEAK and for identifying the fault it will take minimum two days.
When I enterested the car for service the AC was in good condition and I had no complaint on AC.
On my way back home the working of AC was completly stopped and only fan is working
I am of the openion that this has happened only due to mishandling at the service center, I request you to kindly do the needful for identifying the actual cause of damage toAC during servicing.
The Car details are
Year of Manufacture June2012 ,Car i20 petrol Reg.No.39G7812
George Jose
Mobile No.09567136305
Sep 18, 2016

refund amount as not paid

I have purchase a new car GRAND i10 MAGNA from the car dealer SPS Hyundai PVT LTD , kavankarai , chennai on 23-3-2016. They din't issue the refund amount of RS.5000 at present .
Atul Dharaiya
Aug 30, 2016

Problem in A/C

Dear sir

I have purchased a hyundai xcent car on 17.07.2016. during my driving, I had found that A/C is not working properly and car was not getting cool. I had complianed this issue on my 1st service after 2 months of purchase of car. But issue was not solved.
After few months that i had again compliant this issue to dealer and give car to dealer. But this time also, issue was not solved.
After that i had again told the dealer about the problem during 2nd service after 1 year of purchase car but this time dealer has changed the A/C filter for which i had to pay to dealer.

Now my car's A/C was not running satisfactory from when i had purchased car and so it was comany's issue or fault . But i have to pay for comany's fault.



I have already refer 3 car to my reletive but that was my big mistake.

Ramesh Kumar vish
Aug 30, 2016

Invoicing price diffirence

Dear sir,

I had purchase car Hyundai EON Era + on dated 21 junary 2016 in dehradun city state uttarakhand against invoice recieved to by dealer DPM Hundai dehradun (car delevery by DPM Haridwar.)

Received invoice- 312907 included tax but i paid to amount 328100

Already we have complained but no response at your ends
You are requested to pls refund our difference amount 15193/ our satisfactions

I hope you will clear our matter on ascap.


Ramesh kumar
mob no-9358223462
Aug 29, 2016


I (Deepak Maheshwari) have purchased a Car "I20 MAGNA" in 22 may 2015 at "M/S TIRUPATI SERVICE P.LTD.G.T.ROAD KANPUR".I have facing a servicing problem with my car.I went to Khanna Hyundai motors for servicing.This is the 2nd servicing of my car but the average of my car is not good.When I went to Khanna motors for servicing there, I meet with Pandey ji. They talking me rudely and don't co-operate with me.They do not listen to me and my problems.They do not check to my car average still we remind him for average problem hardly.


Dr Kanhaiya Pandey
Aug 9, 2016

Hynndai creta SX plus Petrol

I purchased a new creta SX plus Petrol from Aditya Narayan hundai varanasi on8th April. There was problem in fuse and navigation system of vehicle from day one. They told me that it is a minor problem and advised to go to workshop. I have visited to workshop many times but problem is not sorted out. Sometimes they say there is no checking instruments to detect the problem and call to come later on.Audio and music system has no control and changes automatically from fm to am and USB.Iam facing all problems from first day but never complained as they assured me many times to correct it.I have been harassed many times and feel cheated.It gives a bad reputation to company and agency. Please look into the matter and do needful to resolve the problem. Details of vehicle _Dr Kanhaiya Pandey Urologist VIN MALC381CLGMO85239 vehicle no UP65CF7799 agency name _Aditya Narayan hundai Nagwa Lanka varanasi (U.P) pin 221005
Aug 4, 2016

Hyundai service station bond me take my life in risk


I want to bring your kind notice the whole incident given below-

I had already complain so many time please check my front mirror this is life line for a car and person who is driving so please dont argue me but Mr Mukesh Pandey and Mr Pradeep Mishra branch manager of Hundai Motors chinhat branch Lucknow argued that mirror is ok .Me and my wife trying to visualizes the defect of mirror after two hours they find the defect and then agree for change the mirror but in this process me and my wife ,daughter totally tired .After all this thing they told it will take time for changing first they get approval for the mirror and then change the whole process take 4 or 5 days.
I again risked my life for driving the car because they dont have any customer care any they dont have any substitute vehicle or driver for taking again the car.
Again I compromise the whole situation and come to the Hyundai chinhat lucknow branch the whole process take one week so much frustration and risk of my life they change the mirror in two days.

when they change the mirror I again take test drive but the problem still remain because the mirror having diffraction I again complained they told it will take time because this time chennai hundai team come for check the whole lot again they dont provide any customer care no driver no other vehicle so I come back again with risk of my life.

After all this I take risk of my life go for a meeting there I had an accident from a road hole because my visibility is not clear from the mirror I again come to the service station there I told to Mr Pradeep Mishra and Mr Mukesh Pandey please change my tyre because all this happened from the front mirror so please change my tyre too but they refused and again told me for the approval but this time it will take 15 days.

Lifeline of a car front mirror and tyre but both damaged but they dont have any mercy dont have any customer care.Again I pay for tyre mirror still pending.
Car still having disturbed mirror they dont call for me till one month is going to finish I take daily risk of my life because of the front mirror. I am waiting for approval of tyre and mirror. HUNDAI SERVICE STATION CHINHAT LUCKNOW operation cheated me and I am bond for taking risk of my life if anything happen to me while driving HUNDAI CHINHAT BRANCH LUCKNOW responsible for all.

I am waiting for the response in 7 days if nothing happen then I go for the court as well as consumer court.
My car No UP-78,CU 1444 Model Hyundai Verna.

Your Faithfully,
Mohd Sharif,
292-D ,Defence colony,
Jajmau,Kanpur .
U.P. Pin -208010
E mail-hadwinecomm@gmail.com
waseem alam
Jul 25, 2016


-This is the 3rd time i am getting regrets from the service section of hyundai.
-previously it was sorted in terms of providing my allowances back to me.
-but this time HINDUSTAN HYUNDAI ,MI ROAD ,JAIPUR. has suggested me to borrow the body parts from the market.
-my car is still in its warranty period and your vendors are trying to broke that.

it is simply a case of cheating with customers.
thereby i request HYUNDAI INDIA LTD to take this at priority/kindly let me know so that i should take help from consumer forum.

Mohsin Alam
Jul 21, 2016

Manufatcure issue in xcent PB03AM7409

Respected sir/madam
> With humble submission, i want to state that few lines for your kind consideration and favourable action please.
> I have purchased a new xcent car from bathinda (PB) in last year. Now i am posted at pathankot (PB) .However, present time manufatcure issue in my car. I have gone to novelty hyundai agency for reslove the issue. I said the service manager please give me in written explanation that issue not stand again. But service manager angery with me and not ready give to written . Now my vehicle in novelty agency for painting. After painting, if same issue or colour fade will be again raised . Then i will take strict further action. Because i invested 7.0 lac on said vehicle. I called up lot of time in your company but no any reply by your company.
> You are requested to intimate the service manager for my favourable action at the earliest.
> With regards
> Shivkaran singh
Ravi sandilya
Jul 20, 2016

Misbehave and harasment

Dear sir, i m sorry to inform that mukesh tiwary has been harashed me for 2 months. Lagoon hyundai did not provide my rc book till now. Their employee told me that mr mukesh has received my rc book without informing me . He is not providing me my rc book due to some pressionnel tension. My insurance complain is not completed due to lake of rc book and also my car is in service centre , he is disturbing me official and service both. Wo mujhe pura paresaan karke rakha hai aur ye sub employee jante hi but no body talking action against him. What to do plz tell.and take strict action about him. Lagoon hyundai, bhagalpur. Bihar

from ravi sharma car no BR 10T 0281
Sanjay kumar Keshari 942
Jul 17, 2016


Sir i have purchase a hundai grand i10 sports car on 21 jun 16 through CSD.That time company was giving corporate discount (Pride of India) of Rs. 7000 and insurance value of Rs, 22585. but agency didn't give me corporate discount .And they have charge Rs, 3000 extra for zero dept .but i actually got the insurance value of Rs.19674 .so what for company is giving free issuance value of Rs,22585.there is no written statement of CSD costomer not get Corporate discount. please give full justification with proof.
sanjeev k jain
Jul 3, 2016

battery draining frequently & cannot detected at the authorised service center

the top end model of the company(Santafe) has the problem of frequent battery draining defect and it is not getting detected by the service center personels since last month resulting in toeing the premium car on the city roads many time..it is a very good demo of a worst product of hyundai...i myself feel very unfortunate waisting money in such a rubbish product...
Palash Sarkar
Jun 27, 2016


Hi my name is Palash P Sakar with registered number as +91 9998404540 and possess Hyundai Verna 2012 Model.

Here is my complaint below:

I had a service long time back and there is no follow up from the Service Center even when I called them from my end just told me that they will be calling me but after a week with no response. I'm really dissatisfied with the level of Support being offered. On top of it getting an issue that was already fixed in the last service and paid huge for it. This must not be the way to be treated and taken care of Hyundai Customers. If it continues you will be having hard time maintaining the Reputation in the market. Please take urgent steps, waiting on your response.
Jun 22, 2016

Horrible Service

While I gave my car for 2nd service my scratch less car got scratches on the left side back door .
I got my car back after service when checked there was no coolent in the bottle .
when checked A/C cover its still missing
When asked the same question to the service manager what i got in reply

Sorry sir

Wow thats why we purchase hyundai cars
My car number is UP1CP8870 and yes its a new hyundai Verna.

Service center is Capital Hyundai Sector 63 Noida.

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