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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI

Jan 6, 2017

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Customer(sekar104),

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Jan 4, 2017

transaction from unknown subject

Made complaints earlier but no reply from customer service sofar.

1)On 3.10.2016 my account has been debited / withdrawn for Rs 1512.90 without my knowledge.please
Refund the amount ASAP.
details as below
03-10-2016 NET BANKING VIN/MOPSOTHDRCA/20161003073100/0 1,512.90


2)on 10.12.2016 transaction declined two times, but money withdrawn for rs 288 at saravana stores chennai.

pl.refund the debited amounts.

Savings Ac .no.000901054388
Dec 22, 2016


Dear Customer, (Sujaya123)

We confirm you that, the call you have received has not been made by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank never asks personal, account or financial information from the customers. Please do not reveal your financial details or passwords to anyone. We request you to write to antiphishing@icicibank.com with your contact details in case you receive any such calls. Further, we have made a note of the mentioned contact number and will get it investigated.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Dec 21, 2016

Bank fraud complaint

7282915848... my colleague in Chennai got call from this number which is from Bihar saying from RBI asking adhar card to link to account and she was trapped in such a way that she gave cvv number also... Then realised that this call is fishy and immediately she rushed to Icici bank to block the cards which she could successfully do it...
Request bank fraud dept or crime branch to take immediate action...
Franklin Dathy
Jul 5, 2016

Verification Call - Fake

I got a call from +91 9210481083, claimed that she is calling from ICICI Credit card verification center, ICICI issuing credit card with photo identity, so she want to verify my birthday and get confirmation for issue of credit card with Photo and she started asking my birthday details, i refused and asked her to tell my credit card no, then immediately she discontinued the call.

I think, this call is fake call.

Please identify the no and block it permanently
Yuvaraj Rajan
Jun 10, 2016

icici ATM card blocked

Dear sir/madem,

Im Yuvaraj rajan. My pay direct card has been blocked for 2 days because. I have entered 10 time inserted to the ATM machine on the machine result as the insufficient balance. My pay direct card account have to available balance Rupee's to - 7807 /-. I m withdraw money no want to money. So send me unlock to my pay direct card. So please try to resolve my problems.

Card no : 4629 5203 7771 5842
Mail id : rithyyuva94@gmail.com
Contect no : 8344439862

Thanking you.

Regards - Yuvaraj Rajan

icici ATM card blocked icici ATM card blocked

May 7, 2016

Unauthorized transaction of ICICI bank debit card


I been charged / amount debited from my ICICI account Rs.1512.75 twice (Rs 3025.50) from my Savings Account by the name of MOPSOTHDRC on 2nd May, 2016.
Who is the responsible for this?
Will ICICI Bank take care of it?
As an ICICI Bank account holder should everyone suffer this, if there is a security problem from ICICI Bank.


Unauthorized transaction of ICICI bank debit card

c venkataprasad
Feb 10, 2016

Fraudulent use of debit card

I am C V Prasad, holder of ICICI Bank VISA Platinum Debit card. I got 7 SMS/email alerts at 5.20 am on 10 Feb 2016 stating Rs.72,400 was debited from my SB a/c in 7 transactions. My ATM Card is with me and I did not disclosed any banking information to anyone and not used the card for the above transactions. The transactions were carried out between 22 hrs on 9th February 2016 and around 3 hrs on 10th February 2016 using ICICI ATMs @ Erukanchery/Kodunkaiyur for 3 transactions and Non ICICI Bank ATMs @ Erukanchery/Kodunkaiyur for remaining 4 transactions. @ and directed I have blocked my card and lodged complaint in the nearest branch. I am receiving different versions regarding the transactions each and every time from the customer care service. I have received alert messages only after the last transaction. If I have received the alert messages in time I could have taken steps immediately and other fraudulent transactions would have been avoided. I wish to bring to notice of this forum so that I can get back my lost money and this will be an alert notice to innocent people so that similar thing does not occur to them.(SR No. 400633915)
Feb 6, 2016

Deduction of higher transaction charge


I got debit of some of amount 349.35 INR for 2 times .. may i know this was debit from my account ?

04/02/2016 BIL/000911704105/T Chg Rs10 ST Rs1.45/10 Dr. 349.35
30/01/2016 BIL/000908126693/T Chg Rs10 ST Rs1.45/10 Dr. 349.35

Ashwin Simha
Jun 15, 2015

Fake call from ICICI bank


This is regarding fake call from +919007350926, claiming to be from ICICI verification team, just one day before I got a welcome message from ICICI bank. He has collected my personal information and the fraudster has drawn a huge amount of 58500/- from my account. How did the fraudster get to know that I have applied for a new account and that it is yet to be activated? How did he get the number from ICICI bank. Either the bank database is hacked (which shows a very poor information security policy) or there is an insider involved in this mischief.

I would want ICICI bank to please probe how this can happen.

Apr 16, 2015

Getting Fake calls

Hi ,

I am getting fake calls like now a days many fake calls are being happen.. so we are offering a plan or service.. you can register your complaints in that.. thery focusing on confirmation of our address. phone number. name .. so please do the needful.. many ppl may lose thee cash or its not secured for girls who and all away from their home.. SOME IMMEDIATE ACTION SHOULD BE TAKEN FOR THESE FRAUD BEFORE SOME MAJOR THING HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY. :( :(
Mar 23, 2015

Deduction of MAB Charges on ZERO BALANCE Account

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Shashikumar Naikar and I am having saving bank account no. 6488010XXXXX with ICICI Bank Pune Camp, Pune, It is related to the minimum account balance charges, ICICI bank has debited from my account without any communication in this regard. The Bank is charging exhorbitant charges and that too on monthly instead of quarterly basis done so far. I have never been informed of such policy changes. Also the bank had charged 7000/- as MAB charges from the day account opened.

I called up customer care and informed about the charges been levied to my account, they were ready to revert 2-3 charges but not all.

1 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Nov14+ST 393.26
2 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Sep14+ST 393.26
3 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Aug14+ST 393.26
4 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Jul14+ST 393.26
5 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Jun14+ST 393.26
6 23-03-2015 MABChgs-May14+ST 393.26
7 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Apr14+ST 393.26
8 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Aug13+ST 290.26
9 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Mar14+ST 393.26
10 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Nov13+ST 286.52
11 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Feb15+ST 393.26
12 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Sep13+ST 393.26
13 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Oct13+ST 393.26
14 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Feb14+ST 393.26
15 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Jan14+ST 393.26
16 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Dec14+ST 393.26
17 23-03-2015 MABChgs-Jan15+ST 393.26

I would request you to take severe action against such such practice, fooling customers around.

At a time when other banks have done away with MAB Charges, ICICI bank is fleecing customers. Please take Suitable action in the matter.

Shashikumar Naikar
+91 9665026264
Mar 17, 2015


Hello Sir/Madam,

Few months back I started paying ECS from my ICICI bank a/c to an organization claiming to educate a child.But now I found out that to be a fake organization and I want to stop paying the same.Please help me in this regard and give me directions on how to stop paying it.

Thanks in advance
Mar 16, 2015

Payment for undelivered credit card

Dear Sir/Madam,

I applied for a credit card by the year 2007 providing my office address for card delivery. Before I recieve the card
I resigned my job and moved from the place. I did not recieve the applied card. During the verification period, one person
called me and said, this is regarding the credit card that you have applied. She explained about many things very fast
which I did not understand. She did not allow me to interrupt like saying let me finish and then you can ask. After
completing her recitation she told is that ok for you, for which I told yes thinking this is regarding card verification.
Actually she activated two insurance accounts to be paid through ECS. Now the issue is I did not recieve the card, ECS amount had been charged from the undelivered card.
They ask me to pay 21,584.98(include interest). I am repeatedly getting call saying, we can have a mutual understanding
for which we will give you a waiver. Just pay 13,000 and we will remove your name from CIBIL. Today (16.3.2015) I recieved
a call from a person named Nixin saying himself an Advocate and asking me to come to chennai high court chamber 26 for
mutual understanding. I asked for POD details of the card, which they are not ready to provide. I have visited three time
Ambattur ICICI branch, Chennai regarding this. Mr. Meeran Moideen and his associates Mr. Siva Kumar and another person
they called me in person. Finally they said like no need to worry on this. Leave this issue, you wont be getting any further
calls regarding payment. But it is still continuing. What am I supposed to do now?
Jan 3, 2015

Cibil entry

One year back, I had settled a ICICI credit card without any problems. I have the settlement letter and cash paid challan with me.
The card limit was only 10000/-
Now when I apply for a new loan in a different bank, ICICI had posted that 5 lakhs is pending in cibil.
Somebody advice me as to what is the next step I should take.
Thanks everyone.
Jul 29, 2013


Dear madam

A/c no 602601209392 name J.Thomas

Cheque no 805250 rs 2500 dt 27.06.13
Was bounced , and the amount was deducted my account, actually the cheque was not issued by me, it was wrongly deducted also Rs. 400 was deducted. Hereby i request you to credit the amount immediately. Since i m not in the station i need the money immediately.

Note ;

The above mail i have sent to t.nagar branch (chennai-17) on 28.06.13.

But no further action from icici bank.
May 9, 2013

Prepaid recharge not successful

I have recharged by prepaid mobile AIRTEL through ICICI, the status says successful...but topup is not done...mobile # 9790040268

Here is the details:

Biller Details

Customer Details
Payment Details
Payment Id 437055416
Amount (Rs) INR 333.00
Date of Payment 08/05/2013
Debit Account 602001548592
Payment Status Success
Payment Remarks 0127
Biju Sasidharan
Feb 7, 2013

Credit Card department - Third Party calling and sharing payemnt infoNow

a days, I getting pampered by ICICI calls for the payment and noteably they are calling all my friends, family and relations and telling them on my payment details, I get this harressment from the below number by SAM and VINOD of ICICI Bank and this is not ending

Nos from whom i am getting called


Who is the right person...As per Law, third party shouldn't be shared with the customers detail, but the viloation is happening and no steps are taken still help me ......

Note: All my payment was Zero as confirmed early by icici team, still they are asking for payment????

Biju Sasidharan
Biju Sasidharan
Feb 7, 2013

Credit Card department - Third Party calling and sharing payemnt info

Now a days, I getting pampered by ICICI calls for the payment and noteably they are calling all my friends, family and relations and telling them on my payment details, I get this harressment from the below number by SAM and VINOD of ICICI Bank and this is not ending

Nos from whom i am getting called


Who is the right person...As per Law, third party shouldn't be shared with the customers detail, but the viloation is happening and no steps are taken still help me ......

Note: All my payment was Zero as confirmed early by icici team, still they are asking for payment????

Biju Sasidharan
Feb 5, 2013

Dispute Transaction


This is Sudhakar and i have been fighting for a wrong transaction more than 7 years.

I was using your ICICI Credit card in 2005(Primary) and i never used the secondary card.
In 2005 only i gave 2 complaint for the wrong transaction.

The complaint nos are 1004836651 and 1008544114.

Till now i didnt get any proper information about where this card is used/like vendor details/bank details/ATM Details.

When i gave my first request the customer care person told me that 'the problem not only happened to me and it also happened to some of the customers' and she also confirmed me that this will resolved from the back end team.

Later the custome care is telling that i have used the secondary card to withdraw money. But they are not giving the BANK/ATM Details.

Because of the settlement team torture i have paid the amount Rs 7100 for the never used transaction.
Oct 23, 2012

11/OCT/2012 ---- POSDEC CHG/23-09-12/8955/25ST3 ---- RS 28.09 ---- has been deducted four times from my account.

11/OCT/2012 ---- POSDEC CHG/23-09-12/8955/25ST3 ---- RS 28.09 ---- has been deducted four times from my account.
I was not at all aware of this and was not aware what is this.They didn't even mention what type of transaction is that.
Oct 8, 2012


Response awaited mobile : 9444920712, you can't take my money just like that, is this new way of stealing customer's money, MABChgs what stupidity is this?
Oct 7, 2012


I have just noticed MABChgs in my bank statement, MABChgs was taken on 5th, 12th and 19th of September of amount 393.26 * 3, I was wondering why my balance suddenly dropped without any kind of transaction that I know of. But I was waiting for bank statement to see what it was, this is totally unacceptable, I put my money into ICICI account to be safe not to be stolen by bank. This is first time ever I face this problem, this is rediculous and highly disappointing. I have never had my balance in negative numbers. This is called stealing.
Sep 13, 2012

Credit card statement


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have made a note of your contact details. Our official will get back to you soon to assist you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Sep 12, 2012

Credit card statement

Credit card No.4629863021576008

i have asked ICICI customer care executive to send monthly statement from August 2011 to August 2012. i am not receiving the statement properly.

i have missed my icici credit card on 6th August 2012 and the same was informed to the icici customer care center and requested to block the credit card and also requested to issue the new card. Till now i haven't received neither new credit card nor monthly statement to pay my dues.
I need clarity on the statement to settle the amount.Please do the needful.

My EMail iD: ramdas_mannar@yahoo.co.in

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