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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB WASHING MACHINE

Apr 11, 2014

Front load washing machine not working

Front load washing machine goes to pass at 29 min. left over for program ending.
rani gahlot
Apr 7, 2014

child lock created and not working.

I am having an ifb washing machine model -"senorita d*5.5kg" DX my invoice no ssm-4323 . purchased from bedi electronics world ludhiana . whenever we are trying to wash clothes in machine the all button start ,pre wash, rinse hold , child lock , active are blinking. child lock opted. It get start for a second and stop automatically. we have also complaint last few day by telephonic. they told within 24 hours your washing will be get repaired but no one of your repair man come to repair the machine. please depute a person to repair the machine . I am giving my address detail below'
Mr. Satpal Gahlot
H No. 1144 Field Ganj Ludhiana
pin code 141008
mobile no 9855498736/9988121550
e mail id- rani_pawar94@yahoo.com
Apr 6, 2014

more vibration in running

my name is prema from cuddalore i am sending this message because we made a complaint to customer care for the service but we didn't get any response from you. w e are so much troubled from this , so it is your responsibility to get to us immediately .
thanking you,
Apr 6, 2014

making so much noise by our front load washing machine

my name is premasivakumar from cuddalore i am sending this message because we made a complaint to customer care for the service but we didn't get any response from you. we are so much troubled from this , so it is your responsibility to get to us immediately .
thanking you,
Upma Nayar
Apr 3, 2014

product not delivered even after taking money

I am a resident of Dhangu road Pathankot. Icalled up the service center to supply me a jar of AUTO DISH which is a dish washing soap. After about a week of pklacing order, they came to deliver the goods. Iwas not given any receipt for the payment i had made. when I opened the jar, it was 3/4th empty. I immediately called up Mr. Gurdeep who is heading the center. he promised me to deliver me a new jar. it has been almost 2 months since then, i have not received any dish washing soap from them. each time I call, he promises to send me the detergent immediately. i have not been able to use my dish washer for a month now .Please help.Also do get some better people for your service center in Pathankot. It is a pain dealing with existing staff
Apr 2, 2014

IFB Washing Machine water leakage

Hi sir/madam,

I am Mrs. Gowri. I have a water leakage problem in my IFB Washing machine. 1 month before I done a service from your concern, still the problem persist. I bought this machine in chennai but now iam residing in pondicherry. I aslo informed the change the address to the servicemen and it was been registered. I asked the servicemen last came but he informed to register a complaint, hence I am doing so. Can you do service as yearly as possible. My mobile number is 9798170847/9994072494.

My address:

No: 41, Middle st,
Rajaji Nagar,
Mar 29, 2014

washing machine not working

I have bought a ifb make senorita aqua sx 6kg washing machine on 26/11/2013.Till
March 1st week machine was working verywell. But from last 20days machine is not fuctioning.
Drum is not rotating,Water intake not happens.Totally brand new no 1 Ifb product is idle from last 20 days.
I complained to callcenter one local Service technician came and told problem is in pc board.But
after several followups with regional Service manager also I havenot get the Service. Eventhough it is unable
to work for 3 months how can you assure your will work for 4 years.
Please prove it by giving the better Service to public.
Jan 8, 2014

machine replacement

Dear Sir / Madam

I am a customer of IFB.
After the AMC was taken for my IFB washing machine on 21.11.13,the machine has stopped functioning ; i have lodged a complaint regarding this and it was attended by a service engineer, he mentioned that spares are not available for electronic board and door lock equipment , he said that the it will be given according to the seniority basis and got a sign from me , yet the spare parts are not replaced .Please, take necessary action regarding this complaint

thanking you,
Dec 13, 2013


Misleading customers -

I have an AMC for my IFB Washing Machine- Senorita. I had lodged a complaint on 28th November 2013 - Ticket No. 11949350. A technician (Name- Satish) came on 30 Nov 2013 in the morning and I explained him complaint given by me that no spin button is not working but he started different story and he told that softner has to be reinstalled and drum is not clean and he poured two packets of descale powder- one where detergent is put and otherone inside the drum and also gave me four packets of descale powder to be put in the machine every month- 2 packets and took away Rs.2800/- (1800 by cash and 1000 by cheque) without giving bill and he had checked into our house without customer care sheet .

Same day, in the afternoon one more technician called on my mobile and introduced himself as Rajesh (7406882142) from Sivashakthi Enterprises, VIjayanagar and claimed that our complaint has to be attended by him and I accepted his entry and he checked and told that softner installed by a technician who came in the morning is duplicate and only one packet of descale powder has to be put and not two nos. But this person had bought customer care sheet in our name. Mr. Rajesh told to take refund of the money paid and gave Mr. Bharat (9739037006) phone number and called on Mr. Bharat in turn told me to speak to Sriram Enterprises – 9379515482 (name is not know). Manager, Sriram Enterprises told that amount will be refunded on 2.12.2013 Monday. He was again contacted on Monday, he is claiming that nobody by name Satish is there in his office.

At last, problem was not rectified by anyone. But I am receiving calls from IFB office even today 13.12.2013, whether problem is fixed. Today Mr. Ramesh called on and he heard the story and he is telling that we have to ask the technician to refund the amount and close the complaint otherwise next time if we complain, technician will see the address of our home and refuse to attend the complaint. In such, we are planning to move out this IFB and purchase a different brand. We are fed up of the service provided.

And, we want to put before you that Technicians are misguiding and misleading in every aspect. One more instance two years back, front door rubber had to be replaced. A technician from Sriram enterprises came and replaced for Rs.650/- and within span of 6 months again had to be replaced and Sivashakthi enterprises had come to replace and they charged Rs.1370/-.

Kindly look into the matter and check the franchise people.

Hope IFB people notice this forum and address the complaint
Oct 30, 2013

IFB W/c complaint - one and a half months old

Complaint not addressed since 20 September 2013 - Cust ID 10374297

I have an AMC for my IFB Digital Washing Machine. I had lodged a complaint on 20 Sept 2013 - Ticket No. 11514946. A technician came on 23 Sept 2013, checked the M/c, reported that the motor is to be replaced, assured it would be done in 2-3 days.

Since it was not rectified, I called up the local service franchise on three occasions and every time it was assured that the motor would be replaced in 2-3 days.To my horror, when I checked up on 15 Octo 2013, the complaint had been cancelled without attending to it.

Call Centre person raised another ticket No. 11661119 on 15 October 2013 and assured that the complaint will be attended immediately. Till date the complaint has not been addressed, i.e., even after one and a half months.

When I checked up with your call centre, I was shocked to learn that the complaint has been closed, with the comment that it has been attended on 29 October 2013. AND AGAIN ONE MORE TICKET HAS BEEN RAISED (11761020)

I have contacted Mr. Chandru (9916020151), the Manager of the local service franchise on six occasions and every time I have been assured it will be attended the same day. I have also contacted Mr. Rajesh, Technician (7406882142); Mr. Sathish,(9880207488), the owner of the franchise; Mr. Bharath (9379037006), Regional Manager.

All my efforts in getting the machine have proved futile in spite of so many phone calls and follow up.

Hope IFB people notice this forum and address the complaint
Shard Sharma_76
Oct 15, 2013

IFB Washing Machine - Pathetic Service


We have a IFB washing machine which is almost 5 years old and from the last few months the washing machine is having lot of problems. The IFB service franchisee have come several times to repair but the problem is coming again and again. Secondly the service people are charging double price of any new products and we hade complained the same to their supporting IFB staff also. And now the best part franchisee service guys says us that the model we have is obsolete and is a bad product. Please tell us how you would feel about the product and a company which is leader in home appliances. Its been almost 10-15 days that our complaint is not closed and we hear different stories from the IFB and their service franchisee.

Would be great if someone can help us in taking a serious action against this.

Our IFB complaint number is 11630696.


Shard Sharma
Aug 24, 2013


We Have Washing Machine of 7 kg For That We Have Done AMC since 2 Years, As per They Have Committed Every 3 Month Visiting n Our Place and Free Service will be Done but They Have Not Yet Come At list One Visit n 2 Years, Yes They Will Come for ONLY Collecting the Check for AMC that’s all. After That They Will Visit Next Collection The Check Only, Even We Are Quit But We Had Problem In Machine so We Have Given Complaint n Customer care July 16th and For The Problem They Have Came and Visit our Place and Some Part Has To Replace, within The Week Time It Will Done and Said That’s All,

For This Issue We Have Called Someny Time to Customer care, Each Time They Will Give One Mobile Number to Contact IFB Executives Person… Now Collecting like That Number s We Gone Up To Karnataka Head Mr.Manoj (9379248488)and Bangalore Head Rahol(9379515482) They Have Given Someny Commitments Date and Assurance but They Have Not Kept That, That’s The Worst Part and Are You Careing Customers in IFB This is Way???..!!!!

As On Today They Have Not Called We Have To Called, Once We Called They Saying They Want to Do Part Re-placements But That Part are Not Available in IFB Bangalore and Karnataka and They Have Ordered but Still They Have Not Yet Recvd?!.. Now All Most 39 days over We Have Very Worst Exprince With IFB Servise Guys and Also Very Careless Pepole We Had Secen In My Life ..

Now they are Not Picking My call Only Even We Masg No Responses, This Is Look like Very Funny and Horrible, If IFB Parts It Would Be Available in Market we Would Be Taken That and Solve Our Problem, But Hear IFB has To Provide the Part. By This Time They Can Manifatcher Frm USA it would Be Rech to Bangalore.

Simply Fooling with People and Money and Time, if they can’t arrange or Proved the Proper Service why they want to do AMC and Keeping the Service Center, Why All This Problem Right.. Or if The Part Can’t Provide IFB it Self Let They Have Take Back Machine and Give New One.


PCB Gupta
Aug 1, 2013

1)programme is not ending 2)Water coming from dispensary tray during programme 3) heavy noise

1)programme is not ending 2)Water coming from dispensary tray during programme 3) heavy noise
sunitha bai
Jul 15, 2013

vibrating heavily

With reference to the above subject complaint number 11085806 has not been attended since 7 days..i request you to kindly attend the complaint at the earliest.Though AMC was taken NO FREE SERVICE was provided..Though the technicians called for 2 times for free service they did not not attend us once also. Please provide for a prompt service from the company.
Jun 23, 2013

leaking during spin

We had purchased a front loading Executive plus washing machine from Ponkunnam. in sept 2001.- Serial Number-WTEXE PL B. We never had any problems regarding the machine till recently. Since 2-3months we have noticed that the machine starts leaking when tha spin cycle starts. It got worse last week & our electrical system got tripped twice -2 times last week . Could u please send a service centre / provider who could come and rectify the problem as soo as possible. We are now staying at Thodupuzha since 3 years.
Tel No: 9447033175
Jun 23, 2013

Poor Customer Service Support

Dear Sir,
1. I bought an IFB washing machine 5 kg fully automatic model, from Pune almost five years back and have had no problems with your service representatives at Pune, Ahmednagar and Jammu. My misery began once i came across your gang of thugs headed by Ashish and Sandeep at Pathankot who kept lying of attending to the complaint immediately and would not turn up for weeks. And once after several reminders Sandeep turned up after almost four months; that too after repeated reminders on telephone and Personal visits he fitted an old Magnetic Inlet Valve.

2. Once confronted he agreed to change that but never did the same and once he turnedin my absence to pack it for transit as I got posted to Conoor ( because the other option was to miss my flight and wait for him endlessly) it wasso shabbily packed that I rued the fact that why did I buy an IFB product despite recommendations from my mother; happy with them for last fifteen years
3. By the way my misery didn't end there as on reaching there your representative came and installed my machinebut in two hrs it developed a snag and we contacted Mr Pradeep at Coonoor and informed him of the same. He sent his representative and informed us that electronic board has to be replaced.

4. We requested him to immediately get it changed but he demanded for money despite having an AMC valid till 2015. He infact lied as much as he could like AMC is not registered or send it back to Pathankot, the place from where I renewed my AMC.

5. Then again we got in touch with your online call centre and were put across to some Mr Dutta, who was supposedly their superior. We explained everything to Mr Dutta who took incharge from same agency on a conference call after informong us that Mr Pradeep has been sacked. He assure us of prompt redressal in four days but no action has been carried out despite the fact that two weeks have elapsed since then. And whenever we call up that agency we are informed that part has not been demanded as yet and we should contact Mr Dutta only.

6. My customer ID is 3771079 and I demand an prompt action at your end.
Jun 13, 2013

washing machine not working

sir I am mr. bhimrao Yaksha Patil wants to give a complaint of my IFB washing machine I live in pratapgad soc. plat no.6 deccan pune 411004 & sir its not in waranty
May 8, 2013

heavy noise

heavy noise and vibrating heavily
May 6, 2013

IFB washing machine


the IFB washing machine, DIVA cold was purchased two yrs before and now there is a problem regarding the water inlet valve. The valve was broken/damaged ten days ago and till now the authorised person has not returned with the spare. When we contacted for the same, the response was also the same. They still do not have the required spare. Please do let us know how do you make such horrible things get sooner. And moreover please do not call yourself a branded company. The worst service ever done for a home appliance.
pradeep kumar bv
Apr 30, 2013

making so much noise by our front load washing machine

my name is venkate gowda from kanakapura i am sending this message because we made a complaint to customer care for the service but we didn't get any response from you. we are so much troubled from this , so it is your responsibility to get to us immediately .
thanking you,
Apr 27, 2013

the active status led flashing 6 times

My telephone no 9487044660,9489335299-in the name of Murali, No 366 Phase II, Satthuvachari vellore-9 TN
lodged a complaint with 08039004321- Servcice person came and could not solve the problem.
Apr 26, 2013


Dear Customer,

It has come to our notice that some people have been posting messages by the display name of "IFB Care", "Customer Service Care" in public forums such as this. Please note that these messages are fake and being posted to tarnish the brand’s image and you are advised to ignore the same. We at “IFB” take full notice of your concern and are constantly driven to resolve your issues at the earliest. In case of any feedback/doubt or complaint, pl call us at 18604255678(BSNL/MTNL) or 39004321 (other providers) or email us at customerservice@ifbglobal.com You can also visit our website www.ifbappliances.com and post your query.

Thanks & Regards

Rohit Gaad,
Customer Service,
IFB Industries Ltd.
ifb care
Apr 23, 2013

IFB Customer Care

I accept the above complaints but u cant blame on customer service u should blame on the technician and company service we customer care service people are the one who lodge your complaints/requests of your machines and forward to certain service allocated to your area..we are just doing because we are trained for that service if we are trained better than knowledge we could have guided you people..every day we handle 1000 of calls an every one blame that its our fault after we followup with the particular franchise if they are not responding what shall we do..its not rude come and handle the calls u will face the actual situation ,,old people will call and they totally blame on us even though we say that we are not the right person to argue we are just doing our duty for your food..we have to take care of your call otherwise our job will be gone we need to maintain quality on calls our calls will be audited if there is any rude behaviour towards the cal we will be terminated from the job ..for the basic salary of 6k we are facing a lot of trouble we the whole customer service term are forwarding your complaints to certain departments but its service center fault..don't blame on us..we work for Ta ta business support where we take care of IFB customer service.... we get lot of frustration with irate customers but we have no choice to just accept and say sorry that's it its our duty that's it..
Apr 16, 2013

washing machine not draining water and spin is not working

I have lodged a complaint of my IFB washing machine .as per complaint number : 10423345 dated:4/4/2013.
several time i called to IFB customer care no:18604255678 and IFB customer executive wide telephone number 9387907929 and also called 9946554848,9447264848...but there is no response by them and yet not rectified the machine

Apr 8, 2013

Machine Not Working

Dear Sir
My Washing Machin ( ELITE 5 Kg ) Under AMC My Machine Was Not Working Fast 6 Month My Complint Reg On 18 th Nov-2012
No Responce Till Date I Spoke to Higher Officer All So No Response Please look in to the matter and take remedial actin urgently
With regards,
No.3,KAnnappa puram,
A L H S C Post,
Phone 9486587253

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