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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB WASHING MACHINE

Jun 3, 2015

Lack of visit and not picking the call

I have complained about my washing machine about one week back that water is leaking from the machine, one man came and he ensured that he will fix the new door soon.
But nobody has come till date. When I am calling to that man daily but he is not picking the call, I have called him atleast twenty times but there is no response.When i call to the service center maximum time they do not pick the call ring goes on and when they pick the call they take the complaint no and assure that problem will be resolve soon nothinh has happened till date.

So this is my sincere request to you kindly help me to resolve my problem.
Monika Sharma
1000 RPM
May 30, 2015

IFB Services Team not addressing our request and also not re-new our AMC

We have been requesting IFB service centre to come and service our washing machine and also renew our AMC contract but they are not not responding and sending any to serve out request. Till last year we were happy with IFB service but now we are very unhappy as even after regular follow-up no one is serving our request.
Girija Peter
May 13, 2015

Wrogful closures of complaint

CID 1661724 - Mrs. Girija Peter from Bangalore

Pls take 5 min to read the complete mail. in two years atleast 10 times I have registered complaints. The painful part is:

1) we have to follow with technicians and beg them to attend to our complaints
2) don't attend to machine as a whole checkup.
3) Higher officials like area manager, service centre manager are insensitive and uncooperative.

Its time that you start making people accountable and not just giving responsibility. I am reachable at (M) 9900129656 in case you all need more information

Dear Sir,

I must say your company does keep the trend of disappointing their customers and never fails to amaze us.

After closure of complaint no. 15343230 on 24 April , the machine stopped working again on 26th April.

I had to call your technician/ call centre ample number of times to attend my machine after registering complaint no. 15343230. This complaint which was registered on 16th got closed on 24th and again machine stopped working on 26th.

There after on 26th April I registered one more complaint no. 15413470. The technician told that some part needs to be replaced and he shall do it in few days as its under warranty.

Today when I called your call centre, I was amazed to hear that my complaint no is wrong fully closed and is being assigned a complain no. 15524941

I wonder if you all maintain an escalation matrix and do quality testing on closures because at ground level your people are highly insensitive and uncooperative.

Now I have lost my patience with your company and going to internet sites and social medias on IFB customer service

Girija Peter
(M) 9900129656

From: customerservice@ifbglobal.com
To: girija_aggarwal@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:58:06 +0530
Subject: RE: CID 1661724 - Highly disappointed by customer service

Dear Sir/Mam,
We regret the inconvenience caused to you.
We are looking into the matter and will revert shortly.
NOTE: If you choose to reply via email, please do not change the subject line so that we can directly refer your case.

Thanks & Regards,
Bimal Soreng
IFB Customer Service
Dear team,

I am a very unhappy customer and don’t have anything nice to write about your Bangalore team. I am narrating my one year of experience with your customer service team. Please take 5 minutes to read it and analyse it.

My woes started almost a year back when my 7 kg digital machine stopped working and I started interacting with IFB customer service centre in Bangalore.

Complaint no. Date of registration Date of resolution Complaint about

13236902 28/06/14 few days don't remember

13502106 05/08/14 few days mother board

13826951 20/09/14 Dec’14 ( 3 months) tub & tube

15162484 22/03/15 One week Front panel

15343230 16/04/15 Not resolved

I am sure the data mentioned above is there in your records and can be accessed easily. However, the point I am making is that my machine is under warranty and all the parts have been changed (mostly by paying for them as they are not covered under warranty). Still I am dissatisfied with your service coz:

1.After registering complaint I have to call your service centre in Bangalore and plead to them to attend to my machine

2.Staff is extremely insensitive and unfriendly

3.Senior staff like Mr. Senthil & Mr. Praveen confirm that they shall attend to my complaints but are least bothered and donot assign my complaint to their staff

The track record of complaint no.15343230 is evidence to this. You can get more information from Mr. Balwinder (call centre floor manager) who has put conference calls and witnessed their hostility.

I am a senior bank manager and am surprised that your staff can get away from all this. Company is known by its service values and not sales figures. I am also surprised that you have such unethical staff at such high positions in Bangalore who are insensitive to customer needs and company policies.

I hope you shall look into this deeply and have interaction with Mr. Balwinder and take appropriate steps to set this right. My take on whole thing is - There are many more customers who are in pain but only one has the courage and time to inform you.


Girija Peter

(M) 9900129656
May 12, 2015

IFB Service is Fraudulant

In Short, FRAUDULANT!! is what you can say. If you are planning to buy, DO NOT BUY IFB!!!
May 10, 2015

washig machine diva drum is not rotating

Iam k.prabhakar rao sdsc- shar""sriharikota phc-1 qno:172 "sir my washing machne ifb diva purchased on 2011 sullurpeta venkataramana agency. sir my washing machine was problem at last two weeks iam complaint for customer care sevice at minimum 06times but no responds for your technicians and incharge mahesh and lastly i was complaint for your manager jithendrababu responds my sms but not attend the problem . so please kindly accept my problem and i hope you also as soon as possible my complaint attend and rectify my washing machine diva .

thanking you sir

my customer id no: 3111953
my compalint no :15431318 yours faithfull
k prabhakar rao
mobile no : 998996785
Aparna Mishra1
May 7, 2015


Hi Team,

This is regarding complain no.-15428791 ,In had logged a complaint to customer care, for so many days neither the service person contacted nor any one visited my house to resolve the issue.
Then after some days ,vendor called up and it was attended after requesting so much to that person. He saw the machine and said that it needs to be taken to service center due to some problem and took my machine to services center. It was more than 15-20 days he did not replied back I am calling the customer service daily and till date there is no response. After some time, vendor calls up and said that he can not repair this machine as it had so many issues like change of drum ,band is not working etc….any how he managed to resolve some issues and delivered m/c to my place .When I checked the m/c it was not working at all and leaking as well. I called that service vendor again to tell him about problem I am facing but he a is not picking up the call now .Now tell me what to do? This is the worst service i have seen in my life. I don’t know how to proceed further. I already started advising my colleague never to go for IFB washing machine. If the problem is not resolved now I will go to the consumer forum.

Aparna Mishra
Contact Number-
Apr 20, 2015

Q electronics IFB service center

My IFB machine has been repair for almost a month.i have already given more than one complaint.but it is not properly attended.nobody is responding properly in the service center.my machine is under AMC but still they are saying that it will not be covered.
they are not even responding in a respectable way.this is the worst i have ever seen
Apr 18, 2015

Very poor servise and quality

We have bounht IFB Washing machine on 24th April 2014 from Reliance digital store. With in a year the front glass door broken. We have raised the complaint on 14th April.
As of now there is no response from the company. Prasath is the manager in charge in chennai city. He is not at all picking the phone. we not able to reach the correct person.
Uma who is incharge of office . improper servise I never come across. Pathetic quality and servise.
Apr 17, 2015

Washing Machine Not Returned (3 months) After Being Taken for Service

My washing machine was taken for service 3 months back in February 2015 after a complaint was made.Till today 17th April 2015,it is not yet returned. 3 MONTHS for repairing a washing machine under Warranty.
hanumantharayappa. BH
Apr 14, 2015

Water come outside in different parts of IFB washing machine

Water come outside in different parts of IFB washing machine and also is not working . our complaint no.3223305, Please take any action as soon as possible .

Mob. no. 9480584544
Apr 9, 2015

worst service

Hi i have brought an IFB senator 6kg front load washing machine, its been not working there are problems like water leakage,loud noise,not drying,sparks in machine so on i have raised the complants on jan 2015 and its april 2015 they have not solved the problem still they are saying that its takes around 7-10days if the parts are there if not i may take more days i have been in amc plain and the plain expires next month. here are the tickets numbers(15298437,15261728, 15198343, 15104844, 15022239). the worst ting is that when i was trying to communicate the IFB representative has said to spoke to someone by name shashi reddy (9949793029) and told to speek with him when i called him he disconnected the call in the middle and i call him again the responce was was very rood. and i am been saying to send the technician in early hours from day 1 but this guys comes in late hours after 4pm. each time a technican comes he says some part is not working and need to replace it and they are going on doing it. but the problem is not solved . THE WORST SERIVCE GIVEN BY IFB . i am trying to raise the complain(http://www.ifbappliances.com/get-in-touch.html) i cant even find the model in there list and i cant express the problem completely in Describe Your Problem block.
sujit kumar sinha
Mar 29, 2015

very poor customer service of IFB, it is appeal to Indian to never purchase any product of IFB

complain against IFB customer service,

For front loader washing machine elena vx 6 kg serial no-008345 date of purchase 06/04/2012 customer name- sujit kumar sinha

Dear sir
I am using IFB washing machine, and from date of 02/01/2015 I registered a complain for my washing machine is not proper working with complain no-14501596, after a several phone call one person came on 15/01/2015 and he told me that he will come with some parts on another days and he taken a snap of my warranty card with his mobile camera

After some days I received a sms on my mobile 9955587778 that your washing machine's problem is resolved

but after that day no any person came to my door steps for repair machine is as it is not working in (4 years warranty) period

After some days again I made a call on IFB toll free number
I received a reply from call center that in the his record showing my problem is resolved, I told that no any person came to my home with any parts for repairing how my problem is solved.
he (call center person) replied me that once more complain he registered with complain no-3352556, (14974574) on 25/02/2015 but again no body came
I made another complain 04/03/2015 no-15048814 but till date no any person coming for resolving my washing machine problem

I am depressed and feeling harassed and IFB is fraud company and they are only cheating us and there is no any customer service after sales.

In between I also talk with area manager Bihar of your company mr sujeet (9308355208) he always giving assurance within a day he will send engineer for repairing from last four month

after a long wait for solution I am sending it in writing for any legal helps and support

Before that I am waiting for your reply
Mar 26, 2015

Its not working

Hell Hell Hell !!!!!!!!!!!
This it the worst step I took in my life. Buying a product from IFB kills me a lot.

Step 1: I stay in USA. So my timings are totally different from India timings.
Step 2: I bought a brand new washing machine just 6 months back to my parents so that it makes much easier to them (it has
warranty also).
Step 3: One of my friend suggested this brand else I may choose some other.
Step:4 My parents are uneducated, so they have no idea who to contact.

Well coming to the point: I gave complaint two months back by calling to you stating that machine is not working and you guys raised a ticket and said some one will come and fix it. I made call around Feb 15th(if i am not wrong). From that day to till the moment I am keep on going to call you people at least once in a week to know whats going on but no fu** idiots respond me. Rather every time they say I will raise a ticket I will raise a ticket.What the heck man!!! raising a ticket mean that solving a issue?. No one came to my home till date. Is this your service,stop saying the fuc***** brand company. You people have no concerns on customers issues.
I am killing my sleep and trying to call you once a week and it will take around 30-40 minutes to answer my call. and simply you say sorry will look into that. dummers when you have no clue how to solve the issue at least say it frankly so that we may choose alternate option. don't waste my time and not yours.

disappointed customer.
karthik ponnam,
Mar 24, 2015

wash m/c not working ,F3 fault

washing m/c not working ,F3 COMPLAINT
Mar 24, 2015

wash m/c not working,F3 fault

washing m/c stops showing fault F3.
Mar 24, 2015

timer not working

timer not working
Mar 23, 2015

its not working

its not working since 20 days we already gave complaint throught phone
Mar 16, 2015

Forced to install Filter for no Use. Worst Service

On calling for a complaint regarding water leakage, the service guy forced to install water filter even with out checking the issue. Due to the torture we installed the water filter but wash quality went down after fitting it. Hardly clothes were cleaned. Later on calling to check the issue, the sales guy is not willing to attend or giving any proper answers for the complaint but again forcing to buy drum powder. This has been the worst ever service by any company seen till date where they just force to buy additional products.
Mar 15, 2015

water leaking

sir, my name is ratna raju.padamati .my washing mishene brand I F B .my mishne probleam water leaking.......?

my parement a/c no - 3365644 my phone numbers - 7386444990,9640432098
ramesh goud goturi
Mar 15, 2015

additional aqua filter-regarding

i have purchased IFB Senorita Aqua Sx 6.5 Kg washing machine on 09-03-2015. The next day ie on 10-03-2015 at the time of installation the service engineer is time and again stressing to fit additional aqua filter worth of rs.1800/- if not the drum will be damaged.As per this model specifications aqua filter is the main feature and which is by default in built- ed in the machine itself.As per engineer if it is very much essential then the company could have added to the machine itself and the price also hiked accordingly.But the same was not happened.A customer who purchased a machine with a brand image of IFB is loosing the faith at the first day itself because of the behavior of service engineer.Now i want to know whether the company is playing the game by not putting the additional filter and making less price to compete with other companies machines or service engineer is playing to get more money by selling the company items in the name of good service.Here one thing is very clear that company/service engineer is causing the mental agony to the customer which is highly objectionable.Hence i want clear cut clarification in this regard immediately.

G ramesh Goud
H.No. 7-18/4, Plot No. C-18/1/4, Viharika Enclave. Medipalli,Hyderabad. 500098 Telangana State
e-mail :rameshgoturi@yahoo.com
Mob No:09441494929,09989565165
Mar 7, 2015

part not repalced even after one month

IFB Front load - heavy vibrations and huge noise: ID NO.865981
This is the third machine and had a bitter experience in all the three machines.,. this time.my IFB elite machine which was under warranty period stated making generator like noise,(thanks to my neighbors who dont complain against the sound it produces) , a complaint was lodged, one Vivek & GOUTHAM (Cell. no7299096721) of Sri SAI HOME CARE (0444302185) appeared and said that by using the DESCAL and by changing the filter the problem will be solved and he said that he has not brought the tool to tighten the heavy slab mounted on the drum and again brought another person with the tool and finally concluded that he would send someone to do the mechanical job and left by only selling two packs of Descal and changing the filter and charged Rs.2120/- vide invoice no3974 dt 07.02,2015. But the generator noise continued. the matter was again complained and some new person came from CAPSAN and took away the said heavy slab from the machine for replacement. after two weeks when i made a complaint they said it takes 15 days to manufacture the heavy slab in the factory and before they could give complaint registration number they disconnect the phone............................... will the authorities look into this. Mohammed Iqbal.
mithil upadhyay
Mar 3, 2015

problem in washing machine

problem in washing machine functioning
ranjana bharti
Mar 2, 2015

service center

Dhanbad service is very poor.about 10 days we are complaining but the service man is not comming.so please see to this problem.

Himabindu Bindu
Mar 1, 2015

Poor customer care services

For every 2 months there is some or the other problem with the machine . Last time they checked out the problem on nov 30 and returned it on dec 10
Again the machine has got some problem . Last time they replaced the drum. Now they are replacing tub. If we were to replace all the parts then what r they for?
We have AMC. And that's the reason for their poor service so
If u want us to continue, report this problems to ur higher authorities other wise the next step of mine will be to the consumer court.
Feb 28, 2015

Door not closing

For the last one year I am trying to find the solution for IFB Washing Machine. But I couldn't find it. The problem is the front door is not getting closed. When I attempt to close the door the machine gives the door open signal and door gets opened. The model is Digital 6 kg. I had lodged several complaints but the service person suggested for replacement by a new one. The reason he says that the the model is now outdated. My question is if an IFB washing machine gets problem it should be thrown out? Very poor response in terms of service in IFB. My next choice will not definitely IFB.

Bharani Nagar,
Vannarpet, Tirunelveli, TN

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