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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB WASHING MACHINE

Jun 18, 2013

No service for IFB microwave

Dear Sir,

Our Microwave was not working so we regsitered complaint no - 1081 5775 on 20th May.

Today is the 17th and we have heard only excuses about the part not being available and coming from Goa.

There is no update on the status and the vendor has been making exuses all the time.

Today I got to know that the complain has been closed since 29th May - all the while the vendor has been sayoing the part is on the way!!

This is highly unpofessional service - DONT provide service if you cant respect it.

Please tell me what to do.

I have registered a new complaint - 10971303

Best Regards,

aadersh agarwal
Jun 17, 2013


Jun 13, 2013

Worst and poor service, no quality

I bought a IFB washing machine five years back. It was senorita DX model. I had a big hopes from this machine. I was expecting quality washing, It is very poor in washing quality. Yearly once we are getting the major complaint regarding the washing machine about the washing quality, the person attended our complaint first time said that you have to change the particular parts and charged more than 3500/- but what the complaint has been raised by us he has pasted the front rear with the help of the gum and once again the same complaint has raised. Once again the same technician (Barathi 8940003739) Thirumalai enterprises, has came to attend the complaint. Last saturday (08/06/2013) once again the technician came to attend the fault but he has not given the proper suggestion and exact explanation to us but he is talking very arrogantly and he is not responding in a proper manner. Third time also the same technician came to attend the fault and now he is telling that we have to change the front rear because the drum was clashing with the rear box. I highly advise all people against buying IFB products as they have PATHETIC after sales service. Inspire of complaining about Thirumalai enterprises. They force the customer to take AMC and they telling we change only front rear, we wont change the drum. Finally the service motive and response of the technician that has been appointed by your esteemed organisation was not upto the level. We felt a bad experience with him. Please dont go with IFB. I am really unsatisfied with their product and worst service.
Jun 13, 2013


Dear Ms. Nandini,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details so we can further assist you.

Alternatively you can also write to us at customerservice@ifbglobal.com along with your contact details and we will help resolve your issue.

IFB Team
Jun 13, 2013


I have been an IFB loyalist since over 10 years, I have purchased 3 IFB fully automatic Senator or equivalent models. However since I have shifted from Bandra to Jogeshwari.. My AMC has been given to a company called ANTEK enterprise whose owner Mr Anil is a rude and fraud kind of man. In the last 5 years, I have spent over 8000 rupees to go into AMC with IFB and ANTEK enterprise has charged me over 7000-10000 a year for all parts that have been covered in AMC. They always put the blame on the customer that it is due to my mistake and them AMC does not cover the charges. This time I took up the matter and complaint to Mr Vivek Bane who is a manager or some equivalent post in IFB to resolve the matter. I explained to him that I am in a problem as they are not repairing the machine I spite of a junior technician saying that everything will be paid by the AMC however ANTEK is again gone back on the word and is charging me once again for the repairs. However after one week MR Vivek again comes back to me with the same reply that it is my fault the machine has got spoilt and pay for the repairs. What is the meaning of the AMC then? I highly advise all people against buying IFB products as they have PATHETIC after sales service. Inspire of complaining about ANTEK.. They force the customer to take AMC with fraud companies like them.

I am junking my IFB machine and going in for a Samsung machine. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DEALiNG WITH IFB as THEY DO NOT CARE FOR ThEIR CUSTOMERS.
Jun 13, 2013


Dear Mr. Raja,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad your problem is resolved and you are satisfied. Assuring you our best services in future.

In future for any concerns, please call our customer care numbers 18604255678(BSNL/MTNL) or 39004321 (other providers) or visit our website www.ifbappliances.com . Alternatively, you can also write to us at customerservice@ifbglobal.com along with your contact details and we will help resolve your issue.

IFB Team.
Jun 11, 2013

Worst Service Response IFB washing machine


My Customer ID No :1750186
After paying the money for 2 years AMC,
I have given my IFB Washing machine for repair at my native place Karur, Tamilnadu recently.
I did not get any proper reply from the IFB service engineer at Karur.For the past 3 months ,i was suffering for my washing machine.He is behaving very rudely.(person mobile No 9976166777).He took my machine to his service center and telling that machine is ready it will reach you soon. But i did not received my product yet..It looks he has not done any service to the machine and telling always about lie statement.
I called customer service and registered the complaint also .
Complaint number : 10574043,10528718

Nothing happened as of now.

Please take quick action to resolve this issue at the earliest.
Otherwise i am going to esclate this as very serious issue with Higher level. I may need to put the comment in ‘face book’ to show this worst service to everybody.

I never expected this worst service from IFB.If my problem is not going to resolve,then i will not refer anybody to buy this worst product.

While considering better service only,I bought IFB. But this became worst Service now.
Atleast return my AMC amount and send me my washing machine Immediately,if you are not able to resolve this worst service.

Expecting your quick reply to resolve this issue.

Jun 10, 2013

Poor Service

(IFB front loading washing machine) I had registered a complaint of water leak on 26/05/13. The service engineer attended the call after 4 days. The problem was water pipe eaten by rats. He promised to return back the following day with the said part. After several phone calls the technician replied that the part was not available and asked me to contact Mr. Sailesh on mobile No.9372267232. After calling the said number on 9/06/13, he promised that complaint will be attended on 10/06/13 and part will be made available. As nobody attended the problem, I made a call to Mr Sailesh on 10/06/13, who said that the part was already collected. After inquiring with the service centre at Mapusa on Ph. 08323232484, the reply was that the part was not made available. Request you to please look into the matter at the earliest and reply me as soon as possible else I shall be compelled to approach the Consumer's Forum.
Deep Chandra
May 30, 2013

No quality

I bought a IFB washing machine. It was Alina SX model. I had a big hopes from this machine. I was expecting quality washing, It is very poor in washing quality. On complaining on the washing quality, the person attended our complaint first time said we don't know how to wash with the help of machine. On second complaint he said we need to change our washing powder. we changed the same but was no improvement. On third complaint, we told to use cough & collar which was costing Rs.625/- additionally. On the forth complaint the person said you, who told you that the machine washes clothes completely. Everybody has to wash cough and collars and then put the clothes in the washing machine. On the fifth complain, the person said without using IFB FABO obtaining cleanliness is not possible which was again costing us another 6 to 7 hundreds. On the sixth complaint the person said, you have change the water or purchase water softening device.

With all the above complaints I came to a conclusion -
- IFB washing machines are most bogus washing appliance.
- IFB customer care is one of most inefficient one.
- IFB is trying to sell their other products e.g. IFB fabo, Limo, descal etc. by selling their machine.
- If the IFB fully automatic machine is purchased means- u will have to wash the cough and collar yourself.
- IFB washing machine means poorest quality of washing and spoiling your cloths.
- IFB means you are purchasing blames and problems for yourself.
- IFB means you are slave company is king.

If need be you can call me +91-9350560646
baghla sanchit
May 27, 2013

no service in 3 days after complaining

I have purchased a new washing machine of IFB before 3 days and on the 2nd day the belt of machine had broke down and they are asking me for 650 rupees for changing and my machine is in warranty
May 16, 2013


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May 16, 2013

No customor service

I bought IFB washing machine on Jan 1st. I have faced lot of issues with the machine. They have given the demo on Feb month only. My washing machine has water leakage issue for past one month. I have raised two complaint in IFB customer service. But no one came for service. Please dont go with IFB. I am really unsatisfied with their product and worst service.

My complaint no is : 10507147
May 16, 2013

No show up after 2 years AMC

We have raise a complain number 10491698 regarding our Washing machine model T2900 and it is more than ten days and no one is showing up from IFC to get our machine fixed. Our machine is under two years AMC and the cheque for AMC got cleared the very next day for getting customers inside AMC and after that not even one is responding to our phone calls we make when we have a have trouble with their product, The phone calls made to the customercare people are just falling on deaf ears. Could something be done about this ?
ramesh thammishetty
May 15, 2013

regarding no responds from you.

we gave a complaint about our ifb washing machine. The customer care registered the complaint but nobody came home. Again we gave the complaint but no response...this is repeated for about 5 to 6 times... as we are in using ifb...whats the use of it.

phone no-9440002557
Anantha Lakshmi
Apr 21, 2013

ifb washnin machine

I have taken AMC 2 years for IFB washing machine vide Bill No.50401 dated 22/03/2013 valid from 31/03/2013. My washing machine was not serviced from the date of purchase even single time. Many time, we called and nobody came to attend the service. At the end of the warranty period i.e. during March 2013, somebody called from customer care and said, warranty is getting over and I have to take AMC to service the machine. One person viz. Mr.Ramadoss came spoke for a long time and told us to take AMC which we have also agreed and paid a cheque. In the month of April 2013, I gave a complaint registered vide No.10450706 & my customer id is 1840238.Till today, nobody has come to attend the machine. Many times, I spoke to Ambattur Office No.044-26581516 (imatrix) and 18604255678. Every time, when I speak, they say person will come today, tomorrow. But nobody is bothered to come after taking the money of Rs.3,286/- for AMC? When the IFB is not able to give good service to customer, why should they take money in the name of AMC. What is the use of it? Finally, I spoke to one Mr.Prabhu in Chennai, Ambattur office & he assured that the person will attend 100% on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, which is also a lie statement.

I request IFB to refund my money of Rs.3,286/- when you are not able to service the customer. After receiving the money they keep quite and do not respond to our calls and requests. I am from a middle class family, I have invested money on washing machine since I am not able to do physically.


Thanks.....Lakshmi Krishnan, Avadi, Chennai - 600 071 - Mob.No.9940383270
Apr 16, 2013


After finishing the complete cycle, I was not able to open the door. I waited for 10 minutes and then called the respective customer service center Mr. Nadim Sheikh. He helped me out and advised me to register the complain online. The detail of the washing machine is as follows.
Model : ALINA VX 6 KG
Product Code : 14000016735
Serial Number : 12037111226000598
Date of Purchase : 10/1/2012
Registered Phone Number : 9421533312
dr anand
Apr 12, 2013

no proper response for the complaint

we gave a complaint about our ifb washing machine. The customer care registered the complaint but nobody came home. Again we gave the complaint but no response...this is repeated for about 10 to 15 times... as we are in amc...whats the use of it. We pay for amc every month with lots of problems...
Mar 18, 2013

Regarding improper working of our machine

hello sir.. !!!
we have been using our ifb washing machine for some 6 years.. tilla now it was working good.. but from past days its working is nor in a proper manner.. proudicng loud noise even for little amount of clothes and also it is not taking correct and equal proportion o water.. Please make necessary arrangements to repair the machine otherwise i have no other alternative except to take legal action through consumer court.PLEASE TAKE ACTION AGAINST MY COMPLAINT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.. !!!!
Mar 4, 2013


This is to inform you that I have purchased IFB washing machine MODEL NO. ALINA DX from POWERMET ELECTORNICS, SHOP NO. 32, UDAY SING PLACE, NAHARPUR, SECTOR-7, ROHINI. in my name on 26.10.09 vide SR. No. 69897. The Extended Warranty period is 26.10.11 to 25.10.2013
On 10th Januray’13 I have register a complaint that the washing machine is out of order, at your customer care (Complaint no 10361845). I have spoken to Mr. B.K. Chaudhary 9873405730 /Mr. Tarun 9910124428/ Ms. Shika011-64714428, (mobile numbers got from customer care), but all in vain.
On 22nd February again I have register another complaint when I came to know my earlier complaint was cancelled without informing me. The new Complaint number is 10470973. But till date no action is taken yet.
I have spoken so many times to Mr. Tarun at 9910124428 but of no result. I fail to understand what’s purpose of having IFB AMC ? Isn't it harassment of client and against consumer's right.
Would you please let me know that who is going to pay 10,000/-, which I have spent on washing during the period.
Sorry to inform you that despite my so many reminder & regular follow up I will be left with no choice but to go for consumer court for my right.

Sunanda Bhalotia.

Naveen Khanna
v p dubey
Mar 4, 2013


on complain service engineer visited and assured to attend complain after getting parts from store.complain attended after one month and repair charge 2900/ paid.when try to star m/c he told motor is not working .motor to be changed.About 6 weeks passed but no progress.
nidhi agarwal
Mar 3, 2013

satisfied with the response of ifb against complaint

Dear Sir/Madam
I am thankful to the action taken after the complaint and please to inform you that my problem has been resolved. I am also grateful to this platform which helped me and others place forward their problem. I thank you again for quick and effective response

Vinod Kumar Agarwal
Sandeep Goyal
Mar 1, 2013

IFB Washing Machine complaint Pending

The Customer Relations Manager,
Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be informed that the complaint request no. 10483782 has not been attended so far. ( Again a second complaint was logged for the problem of leakage vide no. 10507098).
Further, this is to request you once again to consider renewal of my AMC for another 2 years ( Complaint no. 10507097) - as the model T-2900 has been under continuous comprehensive AMC cover with you.

I am sure that you will value the long association with your company and help me with renewal of AMC for another 2 years.
I look forward to your valuable response and continued patronage.

Thanks and regards,
Sandeep Goyal
B-84, Anand Vihar, Delhi - 110092
M - 9810405700
Customer id - 932093
Feb 25, 2013


Dear Mr. chandra shekhar bharti,

Hope your concern has been resolved and you are satisfied.

In future for any concerns, you can call our customer care numbers 18604255678(BSNL/MTNL) or 39004321 (other providers) or visit our website www.ifbappliances.com

Assuring you the best of our services.

IFB customer care
Feb 22, 2013


Dear Mr. Vinod kumar Agrawal,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you the best of our services.

IFB customer care
nidhi agarwal
Feb 20, 2013

poor service of IFB washing machine

name- Vinod kumar Agrawal
I have purchased fully automatic machine 'senorita' sr no. C000299 in 2002, I have spent money in extended warranty of yours at frequent times latest being from 19.11.2010 tp 18.11.2012 ,But I am very dissatisfied and disappointed from the service given. I am facing problems and machine is not working for which I have filed complaint, then some person came but it remain working just for one day then even I sent machine to your workshop and again your personnel came after which it remained in working condition just for 1 day, since after that I tried to call, compliant but no response was given and then its warranty expired of course, after which company is not responding. I am feeling very much cheated as I took the extended warranty but service was pathetic and now sice warranty time is finished my complaints are not being attended to though the problem was started in warranty period.
I request you to intervene in matter as soon as possible last complaint no. 9635273 dated 1.10.2012. my contact no. is , 09582539578, 09826023014

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