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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB WASHING MACHINE

Apr 21, 2014


Dear Mr. Sharatchandra,

We are sorry for the delay occurred. Your issue has been taken to the concerned department, we will revert you soon.

IFB Team
Apr 18, 2014

ifb washing mahine company is not responding to seviceng wasing machine

we have purhased ifb wahsing machine and paid RS 5360 towards amc on 5/10/2013 for 2 years. Now mahine is not working and have complained to company somanytimes since jan 2013, but company is not responding so far ,the company dealers in bangalore are telling that company now adays is not manufacturing mahine parts, because comany is in verge of closing .since 4 months we have paying Rs 4000 per month to labours for washig clothes. so i request you to return machine purchase amount Rs 25000, amc amount Rs 5360 and labour charges of 4months Rs 16000 and take neccessary action on concerned . sharathchandra g r no 1293 6th cross 1 stage 2nd phase bangalore- 40 email- sharath5556@gmail.com ph ;9448026079
Apr 17, 2014


Dear Mr. Rao,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you our best services.

IFB Team
Apr 16, 2014

rinse & water out

complaint number: 11347143
customer code : 297396976

I purchased IFB washing machine two years before.

4 Years Warranty
10 years Spare parts support.

I have some problem in my washing machine , so I raised the complaint 4days before. But still I did not get any call from responsible person. So please take urgent care about this matter.
Apr 16, 2014

Worst Customer service

complaint number: 11338824
customer code : 3207795

I purchased IFB washing machine two years before.

4 Years Warranty
10 years Spare parts support.

I have some problem in my washing machine , so I raised the complaint 10 days before. But still I did not get any call from responsible person. So please take urgent care about this matter.


Everything has limit.......

Name : R.Periakaruppan
Mobile No: 9941133801
Kamaljit Chhibber
Apr 14, 2014

ifb could npot set right its own washing machine despite changing its major parts and resorting to corrupt.unethical and unfair trade practices

I had lodged complaints against IFB washing machine in the Court of the Metropolitan Magistrate, consumer court and competition commission of India against its making false and fraudulant claims and giving false assurances to customers which it did not intend to honour including that its machine gives ever and again satisfying services in washing cloths even when the reality is contrary to it. To get these complaints withdrawn IFB checked the machine in March 14 which was lying defunct since December 2012 and claimed that it has changed its shockers, control panel, door lock and gear box to bring it in operation. They made 4 visits to change these parts when machine was found defeunct even after 1 visit after another. But mchine did not work even after that which showed that IFB itself could not set its machine right even after 4 visits and changing of parts. This is their craftsmanship and exposure of falsehood of their making claim that their machine gives ever and again satisfying service in washing cloths. Though I withdrew the complaints on the recorded undertaking given by IFB's representative one Shri Arif to the consumer court that IFB will remove defects if found after withdrawal of the complaint also but soon after that IFB is not doing so and is indulging in contempt of court act also. The undertaking was given in March and my complaint with IFB bearing ticket NO. 12592382 dt. 18th March has not been attended and I have been asked to pay service charges contrary to undertaking given in court without even standing guarantee/warrantee for the parts changed by it . I have lodged another complaint bearing ticket No. 12756962 dt 12.4.2014. Today technician came but could not set the machine in operation and told that its magnet balls are also to be changed for which I will have to pay another Rs. 500-600 and with this change the machine all major parts will stand changed just in few months of its actual operation. Wah what a quality product The IFB which is indulging in contempt of court act also can well be understood as to how they are defrauding and cheating their customers, competitors and other concerned on other matters. They are indulging in unfair trade practices to compete with their competitors also by making false claims that their machine give ever and again satisfying service to lure the customers over their competitors and after luring them and making them to buy their machines defraud and ch7eat the customers by not honouring their this claim. I will pay them service charge which they demand contrary to their undertaking to the court and file contempt petition also against them besides getting my withdrawn complaints restored against IFB. But public must now be careful in dealing with IFB and avoid itself getting befooled by false claims of IFB regarding good performance of its machine which in reality turn into junk after some time instead of giving service as happened in my case. Prof.Kamal Jit Chhibber, Advocate
Mar 24, 2014

Electrical problem

Respected sir/madam,

My Name is Sebastian T.C from ernakulam
I am using Serene-SX washing maching.I was purchased this machine in 2012. So its still under warrenty period.Last saturday(21.03.14) the machine is not working..Please take urgent care about this matter.

Sebastian T.C
Thareparambil house
R.C Road
Mar 22, 2014

Misconduct of Service Person


Dear Sir,

1. Please accept my displeasure on misconduct by one of your service person Mr Yogesh Sharma who attended my complaint no 12613356 today on 22 Mar 14, to my total dissatisfaction. He along with his manager Mr Raman could not provide timely service and continued wasting my time with false commitments.

2. On asking details of some senior official to raise the issue they used unbecoming language and abusive words in their conduct.

3. After leaving my premisis, Mr Yogesh has now started giving threatening calls from a mobile no 9891170627. I have a strong need to take serious cognisance of the issue and I need to hear from the Company owning responsibility, before I take up the issue with
Police Authorities.

4. An immediate action and reply is requested and expected please.

Thanking you,

Your's Sincerely,

Col Sanjy Nagpal
Mar 16, 2014

washine machine problem

Sir I am Arulraj Chidambaram I have Purchase Top Load IFB Washing Machine Before 5 month Purchase So More Time Complaints Agency on Swamy Sons Chidambaram No Response Waste Dealer Immediatley Compaints Adjusted So Complaint Not Rectified Published News Paper For our IFB Company Immediately. Very Poor IFB COmpany , This is for your kind information Thanking u sir,
Mar 12, 2014


Anyone who are registered complaint in this site only loss your money and time.This company IFB never respond to customers....
Mar 10, 2014

machine mal functioning

My machine is ELENA SX
even after complaint to customer care center at kalpetta they tease me and show fece against my request.
This be the first experience from such a reputed fame...the complaints are rusting of shock absorber ,get colour mixing of wet clothes,time lagging ,ujala like additives get patching on clothes,and non drying of wet dresses....

Kamaljit Chhibber
Mar 1, 2014

fraudulant and false claims of IFB

IFB washing machines' operation mannual and guarantee cards mention their machine giving ever and again satisfying customer's family needs of washing cloths. Its web sites claims total customer satisfaction and excellance through perfaction in manufacturing. But these are claims which company never intends to honour and are made only to lure the customers by befooling them and to stand in competiton with other companies and as such unfair trade practices as defined in consumer protection act and fraud as defined in criminal law.I purchased fully automatic washing machine on these claims of IFB which has become a junk within few months as its shockers, control panel and other major parts all need to be changed which cost more or less the same amount as of IFB's new machine within few months of its purchase. This is their perfection in manufacturing. and excellence and yet they also claims that their machine gives ever and again satisfying service However as per their claims customers can file complaints against the company through out their lives as their claims guarantee their product giving satisfying service the whole of life (as is clear from ever and again satisfying service claim of the company) Therefor all customers who are not satisfied with washing machine of IFB and do not get their grievance redressed like me can file complaint in consumer court and other courts for the same dont allow IFB to run its business based on false and fraudulant claims which they do not intend to honour. Prof.Kamal Jit Chhibber, Advocate
[Updated by Chhibber Mar 01, 2014]
Feb 19, 2014

Error Button

Respected Sir/Mam
I've given a complaint against the working mode of my IFB machine. All the time the error button which blinks five times is shown. Since five months i've been calling the agent of vijayawada(Mr. Raja)who came and told us to put IFB Volt Control Which costs Rs.1200. I told him that we are ready to invest more money on the volt control but he told that the problem will be solved with this one of IFB volt control Rs.1200 but the problem continued and i called him later many a time to rectify the problem but he took it ease. I,m very shameful to tell that inspite of being a literate person i could not solve my problem. Then i called out the Vijayawada branch people and told my problem .They said they will surely solve my problem but went in vain. This is my problem which i wanted finally to tell you. If you can solve please solve my prob or else i"ll put the working of my machine in the facebook and the problem which i faced.This is surely not a black mail but my PROBLEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.........................................
ramakrishnan g
Feb 5, 2014

Service provider did not attended complaint

I used IFB executive plus model machine since 2005 and machine under AMC with periodical renewal.In this cinnection I complained in customer care on 16/01/2014 in complain number:11148759 and my customer ID:2753918 . After a week one executive attended and he checked the machine and said that Drum and barring will be changed within a week But till now nobody contact me for repair of machine Even after a week I contacted the same executive he said that Spare parts will come from IFB company for 15 days but till date no response your authorized service provider in Annanagar area.
In conection with above matter , I remain complained to customer care on 28/01//2014 and 04/02/2014 , Later complain attended by Mr.Ramesh ,he said that I will arranged to next day(5.02.2014)but till now nobody response to my complaint from service provider .
Authorized service provider lethargically to attend against complain too late if the machine under AMC otherwise attend immediately.However since 16/01/2014 repair to delay is too inconveniance to my family members.Hence I request you to early arrangement to repair and change the spare parts(Drum & Barring) of the washing machine.
62 / 3 CPWD Quarters,
Annanagar west,
Mobile no:9884002001.
Feb 4, 2014

water leaking bottom

i have complained before the same issue nobody yet contacted me. where i can contact please let me know
Munish Govil
Jan 31, 2014

Main Board Problem

Main Board Problem
Our IFB Machine model Senorita SX 6 kg on 24May'2012, since than this machine giving us problem. We have lodge 10 complaint since the purchase. Last complaint done on 24Jan'14, it is still pending.Complaint no.- 12275472

Engineer visited and told that motherboard needs to be replaced but since than nobody came at our home and nobody is responding with a positive reply. We hope that this message is gonna wake up the executives of IFB company as already I have launched a complaint on their website also,but still nobody is replying.

IFB are making useless washing machine with bad quality of material used.
Harassed Customer
Jan 13, 2014

motor not running

i am using IFB ELENA DX 5.5kg. Now i facin g problem that all auto operations are OK but motor not running .If i am rotating wheel manually in opp. direction than only it getting start.pl. give me solution.
Jan 8, 2014

IFB dish washer not giving desire clean

I have purchase IFB dish washer before 3 months. My customer No. is 10364848. I am using all the specified consumables ( salt, detergent & rinse aid ) of IFB make ONLY. I was having very good result in first two months. But from last 1 month, I am not getting the cleanliness & shining. I have locked complaint before 4 days ( on 3rd Jan-2014 ) with ticket No. 12156490. But his technician has closed the complaint without solving the problem. This is showing the negligence of IFB.
Jan 7, 2014

IFB Washing Machine Model EXE.PLUS

My customer code1092455 with annual maintenance contract from 2nd January 2013 to1st January 2014.. The machine is not properly drying and water leaking from back bottom. Complaint no. 12160228
Flat 202,NVMResidency,
(Behind) Tulsiram Chambers,
Hyderabad 500049.
Phone 09949891875
Dec 20, 2013


My Machine (IFB) was not working properly.So we called The service man to check once.He verified all and told it is the "Timer Problem".I am Thank Full before untill the complaint arised,since we are using this from 10 years.If any problem persists they ~ll with in few days.But This Time I am Shameful to say all the customers "NOT TO USE IFB" ,BECAUSE OF SERVICE IS V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V..V.VV.V.V..V.V. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Dec 15, 2013

Customer support for IFB washing machine

Worst customer support!
after following up for one month we came to know complaint is closed reason they gave is door locked!
We informed them not to visit us without informing and we don't know when they came!
Twice my husband was waiting at home as the IFB service person said he will visit and he never turned up.

When confronted with strong objection they said parts are not available. Now it became our daily routine to talk to IFB customer support without any results.
Dec 7, 2013


I have purchased your IFB wachine machine elena steam 6kg in the month of June 13. WM's door is not getting not properly locked just on the next day of the purchase , somehow we tried to press and locked the door, the intake water goes out of the machine alongwith the soap water .Even if the overhead tank is full, water goes out when we pressed the front door for washing. second complaint is that even after washing compleated all the switches shown ON. when we select cotton mode for washing, it is very noisy. also found water leakage from steam button. we have complained to the call center on the next day of the purchase itself there ws no response. Ist complaint ws attended after one month but it was not properly solved. like this we have contacted three times and no proper solution given. i have contacted mr. johny incharge of service center and had send a technician after many follow up ,tchnician came and cut the part of the door yet the problem is not resolved.

IFB should improve its customer support to sustain in the market. Pl think seriously on your franchisee work style and their technical competency which are damaging the company’s brand. I am not interesed in keeping this machine with me anymore. I am decided to approach consumer court as you have no good service franchisee with you and my issued is not resolved even after 5months of purchase. Your after sales service is worse it we will not suggest anyone to buy IFB....

I want this machine to get replaced on TOP PRIORITY!!!

Mathew Thomas
Dec 3, 2013

Water block

My Name is Naresh from Pattabiram,chennai-72
I am using Serene-SX washing maching.I was purchased this machine in 2011. So its still under warrenty period.Last saturday(30.11.13) water has blocked inside machine. So i have booked complaint to IFB customer care. my complaint ID is :11027094.
Customer care people given some another consultancy name. That is I MATRIX CONSULTANCY. This consultancy also not taking care of complaints.Usually using word is today or tomorrow we will provide solution.

Three days has gone from 30.11.13. But still solution not provided.

Please send a service people to solve this problem.


+91 9940227260
Nov 29, 2013

loud noise

Sir,This complaint is first of all about the way the complaint is being handled by your service center which to my knowledge is functioning at hill palace near thripunithura. I am rather constrained to make a detailed complaint in the light of the bad and miserable experience meted out to me by the staff of your service center.I had purchased the washing machine vide purchase bill number CHN/4334/08-09 dated 27.1.09 from Ekm.I must say that it had functioned without trouble for a period of 3 years.Later on the machine started producing loud noise and that was duly reported to your service center but there was inordinate delay of more than 2 months in attending the complaint and consequently the trouble got aggregated and I had to pay a heavy price for the delay on the part of your service center, since the entire drum and the connected parts had to be replaced which had raised the bill to for more than Rs10,000.It is true that the machine worked smoothly for a while but after a lapse of a few months again it started showing trouble and the personnel from the service center who had attended had issued another bill for replacing MCB,,the price of which was shown as Rs 1538/ along with a service charge of Rs 337,the sum total that came to Rs 1875.The bill dated 2/10/13 issued from IFB customer care logic solutions hill palace p.o is still with me.I regret to tell you that hardly one month there after the machine had again started trouble that is a loud and unpleasant sound is produced by the machine in the course of its working.

I may sum up my the complaint by highlighting the lapses on your part as follows:
1. The technicians who come to attend the complaint have no experience or knowledge about the machine and surprisingly they are recent pass outs from the ITIs or having no qualification..
2.The technicians on enquiry had revealed the truth that the instruction is given to them from their Boss is to replace the troubled part instead of repairing it.
3. The very provocation for writing an elaborated complaint is mainly that, the service personnel are more interested in pressurizing the customer to have an AMC which alone they say would be the appropriate remedy.
This complaint is registered with an intention to move the Consumer Forum in case my grievance is not properly redressed

contact no: 9447080091
pa suman
Nov 22, 2013

IFB automatic washing machine buttons not working

My IFB washing macine Model AW60-8061, is under extended warranty period. Machine swithes are not working. When I complained to IFB repair centre Madurai they did not attend. Kindly help me. M-8489022474

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