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Consumer complaints and reviews about Income Tax Department

Bapi Dhal
Mar 10, 2014

Information about black money

A man named Mr. Pramod Kumar Nayak, who was an employee of a Wine company named Diego has incomed illegally a lot of rupees and purchased three plots from Shivani builders Pvt. Ltd and another at Samantrapur (Bhubaneswar) which market costs are near about 50Lakhs. The Man Mr. Pramod Kumar Nayak was getting 10,000 salary from the company from which he is paying 5000 as his house rent and Rs 3000 for installment of his two bikes one for Hero Honda Passion plus and other for his Yamaha Aviator.

That person has transferred more than 1.5lakh rupees in 6 month to one of my relatives account who had no knowledge about the type of transaction and he is a student of a technical college. The person Mr.Pramod Nayak also admitted and graduated his son Sri Vivek Sekhar Nayak from EINSTAIN COLLEGE (An engineering college at Khurda) by investing 5-6 lakhs rupees.

I just came to know just three days before that he had transferred 1.5 lakhs to my relatives account and the same has been transferred another unknown bank account. So please investigate the matter as soon as possible.
brijesh thaker
Mar 9, 2014

black money

my name is brijesh stayiung anand nagar colony ,sir my opp house owner they have purchase one new house same locality ,in 3,14 crores out of that 1,80 crs they have given black money to the building owner.rest of the amount they have tranfered to the bank a/c of the owner.

name of the owner is buyer rabbani no 9160851797
purchaser name is madan no 9849010314

my no is 9246332961 BRIJESH THAKER
Mar 9, 2014


Address:K.RAMU,Krest technologies,VREInfotechnologies,VegaaItservices
current address:Kresttechnologies,solaitaire plaza,Fl no 203,Near image hospitals,ameerpet,hyderabad.

Contact No:9989700323,04044433434,9000404185

They have lot of money , not paying the salaries properly to the employee and not paying the taxes.
Mar 9, 2014

not paying tax


He is very big cheater and not paying any tax.He had lot of amount.
Ajoy Phukan
Mar 8, 2014

Regarding misguide to avoid paying Income Tax

A notice had been issued by the Income Tax department of NER, Guwahti Region regarding deduction TDS of employees and e-filling respectively, to the Director of Elementary Education Assam vide letter no- M-13/CIT(TDS)/NER/Ghy/2012-13/3061 dated 09.01.2014 and the Director of Elementary Education Assam notice all the EMPLOYER/ DDO's Assam of Elementary department to deduct TDS from the employees as per the IT Act through vide letter no - EAC/TDS/08/2007/192 Dated - 29.01.2014 put e-fill according.

But Sir, the local Treasury Offices (including officer & staffs) misguide the employees (teachers) not pay any TDS nor deduct the same in the Govt. bill, as they said that "the Treasury Office has the power to decide whether the employees have to pay TDS or not. It is not authority of any EMPLOYER/ DDO's to deduct TDS from the employees."

Instead deduct of TDS, the treasury office demand them 30 to 50 % of TDS amount illegally in assurance to relief them from TDS and this way they earned more than 50 lakhs rupees in every March ending.

So, please look after the matter and do the needful to learn the treasury office a lesson for misguiding and also making lost of Central Govt. Revenue.

Hope positive action in this regard.
Mar 8, 2014

Praveen G R

Black Money,

Dear Sir,

This person earns a monthly salary of around 11,000 Per month but in one year he has owned around 2-3 properties in bangalore.
and gold and hard cash. But not paid any cash.

Pls enquiry.
Mar 6, 2014

Tax Evasion & Money Laundering

The Vigilance Cell,
Income Tax Dept.of India,

This is to inform you that one Mr.Mula Dasaradha Reddy,S/o.Avula Reddy,aged about 42 years,having his residential address at Flat No.203,M.M.Classic Residency,Street No.2,Czech Colony,Sanath Nagar,Hyderabad-500018 and business address at Ground and First Floor,SRT.1008,7-2-1263,Jaya Nilayam, Near Shivaji Statue,Shivaji Nagar,Sanath Nagar,Hyderabad-500018. is doing lot of crooked, malpractice,fraudulent, money laundering and cheating things in the mask of a businessman. He actually started his business by procuring money from the banks by showing forged documents and giving false information in the year 2003,2004.He also defaulted to the banks from paying the loans.Before that he was on roads roaming here and there to gather all the information about how to get bank loans on forged collateral security.Alas! he with his associate Mr.Nalla Sudhakar now resident of Flat No.i'm not sure. Noble Block,Amsri Central Court,Old Lancer Lines,Railway Colony,Chilakalguda,Hyderabad-500025 succeeded in cheating the banks by getting bank loans and Credit Cards of nearly 10,00,000/-on merely forged collateral documents. From that point he continued cheating people to earn the money. He started Scrap business with Dr.Reddy's Laboratories in the name of Sri Sai Plastics.Here also he did the same thing,by colluding with the company employees he used to lift the Stainless Steel material as Iron load by paying the company only the Iron rates.That is not the end,he directly sells the material to trading persons without bills.Again for record purpose he shows some 5% to 10% of the business to Commercial Tax Dept.Again he will issue the sales bills to other persons who ever wants for their accounting purpose by charging certain percentage of amount on the value of the bill.Here he will manage carefully upto the Cap of the sales and purchases shown to Commercial Tax Dept.,Also most of his transactions particularly sales and personal expenses, he spent in the form of cash.He deposits huge money for making payments to the Companies from where he purchase the Scrap,he demands the cash from his trading persons, takes his commission and deposit the balance in his account for sending to the Companies through RTGS/NEFT.
Presently he is doing the business with Dr.Reddys Laboratories,Mylan Laboratories,Gland Pharma,GE,Etc.,His average purchase of scrap material will be not less than 3.60 crore p.a.Because those companies will sell the scrap on duly VAT bills to him.I have seen and checked all the bills for the last 4 years which are lying in his above mentioned office.He also runs the fake companies like Srirama Enterprises on his brother-in-law's name, another firm on his wife's name.Besides he also started two businesses with Dr.Reddys and Mylan Laboratories as a supplier of Stationery& Housekeeping material.In this business he partnered with three people.The firm names are Mahalaxmi Traders and Srisaila Enterprises.He managed to have these firms in his name only.Because he already started the firms as proprietary concerns.So he convinced them not to force for the change of status of the firm.Instead, after repeating forcing of the partners he prepared one partnership deed with two original copies.One he kept with him another he has given the one partner who brought major money into the business.But a few days later he requested to bring that original deed to give it to the auditor for pan card purpose.Here he manipulated that he lost his original copy.After that he cheated them and grabbed the entire business and money.These two firms also done an average business of 2.00 crore p.a.
The twist in the story is he is not even filing the returns for the last two years.In the previous years also he has declared his income as 3.5 lacs p.a.Imagine! Where is 6.00 crore turnover and where is 3.5 lacs? He is having nearly 15 accounts in different banks(Karur vysya bank,ING vysya Bank,HDFC,SBI & SBH,) two of them are in his wife's, one of them in his son's name and the remaining all in his name only.He purchased brand new Corolla Altis car by paying an advance amount of Rs.7,00,000/-He recently purchased one open plot at Sangareddy town worth of 10,00,000,and also got registered one more big plot at Kurnool worth nearly 40,00,000/-He already owns a 300 yards well constructed house at his native place Srisailam which is also worth not less than 45,00,000/- Having lot of plots in his mother's home land maddalakatta, prakasam District of A.P.Besides all these he lends money to his own circle of friends and relatives for Rs.2 to 3/- interest depending on the demand.He admitted himself several times that a sum of not less than 2.00 crore is rotating by him for interest.He is trying to enter into politics by contesting for the MP seat to protect himself for Income Tax raidings.He went abroad several times,he brought gold and silver ornaments not less than 1 Kg and 25 kgs respectively.His ING Vysya Bank Current A/c.No's:765011003328(SriSai Plastics),765011002427(Mahalaxmi Traders),765011002435(Srisaila Enterprises),Also having accounts in his wife(Madhavi Latha) and son's name(Vijayvardhan Reddy).Branch:Sanath Nagar,Hyderabad.In Karur Vysya bank,S.R.Nagar branch also he is having Current account in the name of Sri Sai Plastics,Savings accounts in his name and his wife's name(Madhavi Latha.Mula).He is also having accounts with HDFC and SBH Sanath Nagar Branches.SBI, Balkampet branch.His PAN Number is AFGPM8940Q.
He has registered all his firms in different addresses.But runs from another different address ie.,mentioned above.That is his tactics of unethical business practices.So If you want to catch the culprit you have to raid simultaneously both his office and residence without prior notice. because if at all u give notice to him,he will escape from being questioned and also he will try to hide the records to make u more complicated.Of course u can get those records from Dr.Reddys,Mylan Laboratories,Gland Pharma,G.E etc.stating his business names(Sri Sai Plastics,Mahalaxmi Traders,Srisaila Enterprises).Also from the above mentioned banks.His Phone No's.9533192919,9866634069.

Please do the needful to save the people from this kind of notorious criminals.

Thanks & Regards,

One Of his Victim.
Mar 6, 2014

black money & illeagle buisness of property

Hi, near kalyan there is a villege by name bapgaon, comes under gram panchayat, its sarpanch mr. Ananta Gode has illegal buisness of property selling he does not have license for it also he takes bribe from person who go to him for permission for any kind of small construction & he never provides any receipt to it and takes mony in cash.

Please perform an action against him on priority.

For security i am not keeping my name

A good & respectable citizan of India
nishi agarwal
Mar 6, 2014

Black Money & property more than income

I want to tell you that Mr. SUNIL KUMAR AGARWAL prop. NEW BHARAT STEEL AGENCY , KOHARAPEER NEAR ALKA HOTEL, BAREILLY U.P. Is having business but not paying taxes properly . having property more than Income. He has very hug Black money in his lockers and home and offices.he purchase a big flat of rs. 1900000 at sun city vistar but not show in income tax deppt. he have a big unauthorized showroom (NOT B.D.A. APPROVED) IN BEST LOCATION.
he not give properly billed to custmour & saving extra money to not given tax to deptt.
please check request properly
Mar 5, 2014

corporator is millionare because of his illeagal business

Sir,here is a corporator named rrajendesingh bhullar(mahraj),sir before 20-25 years he was a truck driver but at present he is a millionaire today he is a corporator his wife is also a corporator his brother is auto rickshaw union leader in ulhasnagar he was assassinated many properties of city by his power and people he have lots of truck,trailers,tankers running allover India not only this but also he have many bungalows.bank balances in various bank accounts.please make a search enquiry against that corporator.my mob no.is.9049399000 a block chowk ulhasnagar 1 dist.thane.Maharashtra.
Mar 5, 2014


Respected Sir/Mam,
While going on Kachha Beri road in Rohtak from Sunaria Chowk towards Phatak on left hand side there are three shops belonging to Ram Kishan S/o Sumer Singh and three shops belonging to Raj Singh.Both these persons have encroached on public road by extending their shops towards road. There being the Anaj Mandi on this road, this road always remains packed heavily with traffic. The road before these SHOPS is narrow due to encroachment and thats why lot of accidents occur on this road. Residents of this road and passersby have to suffer a lot.Now these shops are selled by Mr. Ram Kishan to Mr. sumer Singh without giving any Income Tax to i.T.Deptt. of india
So your goodself is requested to look into this matter and take positive steps.
Mar 5, 2014

Illegal properties and cheating people

Dera sir,
Complaint against income through selling of contraband items,liquors,as the person is simply a counterboy throughout his life.
Address:K.RAMU,Krest technologies,VREInfotechnologies,VegaaItservices
current address:Kresttechnologies,solaitaire plaza,Fl no 203,Near image hospitals,ameerpet,hyderabad.

Contact No:9989700323,04044433434,9000404185

They have lot of money , not paying the salaries properly to the employee and not paying the taxes.
Feb 24, 2014

Block money

1. Selvam, S/O.Masankonar Kurumpapatty Rengasamuthiram post Aundipatty talk, Theni dt

2. Ramesh, S/O.Masankonar Kurumpapatty Rengasamuthiram post Aundipatty talk, Theni dt

3. Suresh, S/O.Masankonar Kurumpapatty Rengasamuthiram post Aundipatty talk, Theni dt

4. Murugan, S/O.Masankonar Kurumpapatty Rengasamuthiram post Aundipatty talk, Theni dt

The four men‘s 2005-the year before was only three acers of land, two cows, six goats, movable and immovable property, jewelry worth several million, but now, the number of businesses in the industry, They followed me into the business so that they can earn money so I urge you to work to overcome the investigation
I urge you to give information about the investigation For this A.Manieswaran Opposite Document Registion Office Aundipatti post & talk Theni dt.
Feb 23, 2014

lending money and doing illegal business

Dear Sir,
Mr.P.Vajravelu is the Managing Director of Nithish Gastroenterology & Multispeciality Hospital. He is having an asset of worth more than 100 crores without paying proper tax and he is the treasurer of a reputed institution in which also he is looting the poor public and earning around 3-4crores per year unaccounted money. He is having flats of worth 50 crores in rasipuram itself.
His hospital addres is Nithish Gastroenterology & multispecility hospital,163-167 Arisipalayam main road, four road salem-9.
His conduct numbers are 0427-2352030,40,50 and his cell number is 9443235566 and 9585339999
Feb 22, 2014


Mr. Rupesh Srivastava S/o Vishnu Prasad R/O D-39/1, Sarvodaya Nagar, Lucknow-226016 is not paying regular Income Tax from his income from the last five years, He is also earning money from other illegal resources like drugs & illegal works,
Requested to kindly make arrangement to rade for the same. His Cell No. is 9415158580
Feb 21, 2014

Black Money

Sir i want to help u for black money in Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)
Its very beneficial for department Address Sunil Munjal,Deepak Munja
1-H Block,Sri Gangaganagar
running business of fiance with black money given to interest rate on 8%
Daily collection
the best time of raid 8 to 8:30 pm
Feb 19, 2014



Feb 18, 2014

black money

this is to bring kind information to income tax department that my relative mr. george is having huge black money with him and he never pays income tax. he is once upon a time a criminal. he has done lots of criminal activities in his life. he has got by public, during chain snatching in nagercoil, kanyakumari district and was imprisoned in jail. this news came in all daily magazines in kanyakumari district. many cases on him. to escape from all the criminal cases, he joined viduthalai chiruthaikal katchi . their do he is doing many criminal activities with political support. police is unable to arrest him, because of political power. whenever he needs money, he goes to nagercoil, and chain snatch their and brings the jewels here to chennai and sell it and make it has liquid cash. when income tax department( if suppose) raid him, your people can get lots of jewels from him, all are got through chain snatching by him in nagercoil. he , on the other side , is telling to others , that he is one of the PA of minister Mr. Pachiammal. of tamilnadu state. but he is not a PA of minister. he is cheating the others by this way and also in many ways. he is doing kattai panchayat. he is running a ladies hostel namely, aktchaya working womens hostel, he didnt pay any tax for that hostel income and didnt show any accounts for that to income tax department. his hostel name is aktchaya working womens hostel, no 45. panchaliamman koil street, arumbakkam, chennai, tamilnadu. his cell no are 8939051172,9176154462. he his having huge black money with him. he never paid any taxes including income tax. he his running that ladies hostel for more than 15 years. he never paid tax for any of his income. he is doing many illegal activities and earning huge theft money as well as black money. he during his first daughter, name priya,during her marriage , he has put 100 soverigns of gold to her and gave huge money has dowry. he has brand new car. he has many lands in chennai suburban. he has put lots of gold to his wife suseela and younger daughter aktchaya. for his ladies hostel he his paying monthly rent nearly 30,000 rs. more than 50 girls are their in his hostel. nearly 150000 rs (3000*50) is the montly income throught ladies hostel. plus he his getting pension. plus he his doing chain snatching in nagercoil , and earning through that. he his also doing illegal panchayat and earning income. he has many wife, for each wife , he has bought huge lands in chennai suburban. he his in a political party namely viduthalai chiruthaikal katchi, their do he his doing illegal activities and earning money. he has many wealth but all are not shown in accounts. please do a enquiry about his source of income and whether he pays any taxes for any of his income including his ladies hostel income. please do a enquiry about him. please keep secret about my details. and dont show it to him, that i only gave complaint against him.
Feb 14, 2014


1. Rep by the Secretary to Government
The State of Tamil Nadu
Fort. St.George,
Chennai – 600 009.
2. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Dept,
No.121, Uthamar Ganshi Salai,
Chennai – 34.
3. The District Collector
Vellore District
Respected sir, my name is GMI . if u have gets then read & search following details & persons these all very dangours of NATION:
i have very cleared details about those persons, these people are advocats, but these people there doing illegal business like kanja, abine, heroine is having very big network contact, but lost year itself these all very poor people in our village. but now this year having
lx-.10,00,000 - one car,
cr. 1,00,00,000 house (now finished buiding),
cr. 50,00,00,000 purchased lands
and now these all very big people in our village. But everybody knows no one can earn cr. Amount in legal method. With in a year its not possible.
these people very dangerous people of our nations. but if u have gets to face them visit his house then only u will get know all of thing. but people no gets to speck them because all of showing advocates. no one have gets to give compliments. if you have gets to face them pls can visit our village.
moster of net work:-
v. thirupathi ,B.A., BL., vishamangalam (po & vill), Tirupattur (tk), vellore (dt)
c. thirunaukkarasu ,ML., vishamangalam (po & vill), Tirupattur (tk), vellore (dt)
c. thiruvasagam , (doing BL), vishamangalam (po & vill), Tirupattur (tk), vellore (dt)
land benami :
s.chinathambi vishamangalam (po & vill), Tirupattur (tk), vellore (dt)
c. kaviarasu vishamangalam (po & vill), Tirupattur (tk), vellore (dt)
executives of network & lands benami :
c.. govindhi, v. alumelu, v. maragatham
brockers contace:
r. parthiban , cithery , tirupattur
kumaravel - anganatha valasai, tirupattur
ravi, k.bandarappalli.
res address:
vishamangalam (po & vill), Tirupattur (tk), vellore (dt)tamil nadu - 635652.

If u r not taking serious we will meet and give COMPAILENTS
Feb 14, 2014



Mr.Vasudevan reside in Haripad , a town in alappuzha,kerala, holding huge amount of black money with him,he has brought lots of agricultural/resident plots and houses abound his premises.This a particular person was just a drawing sir in a up school and he had no other way to earn to spend on this properties and he belongs to a lower middle class family. His mother was running a small tea shop in this village.You must enquire about how he earned this huge money .

his address is

tholathotta house
opposit to thalathotta mahadeva temple

near railway station harippad

Feb 14, 2014

Cheating and Black Money

My MIL staying in a rented house in Trichy which is of her own sisters son. The owner (Sisters Son) wanted to sell the flat so we paid him Advance 10 Lakhs by cash with no receipt as he is yet to give receipt for the same. He being sister's son we believed him but now he is not registering the flat nor is giving the money back. He has purchased many lands in and near Ethapur (Salem District) and I am sure would not have paid tax for the money borrowed/ snatched/cheated from many people like us. He has taken many times money before from My MIL and has not returned. He also had mentioned that as we have given him interest free loan we need not pay rent but still we paid some rent to him and also some advance amount. Currently his family is residing in Chennai and he is in Ethapur. Kindly request you to look in to the matter as my MIL a senior citizen is alone and the money was from her husband who is no more. The person;s name is M Reganathan, Ethapur , Salem District , Tamilnadu.
Feb 11, 2014

Black money

Respected sir,
I would like to inform you about a person who is cheating the goverment by not paying taxes ,and stocking huge amounts of black money by cheating people .his name is umapathy he resides in srirampuram door no 43 ,5th cross banglore 560021, he is constructed a project with his brother named gopinath ,whu is also a non tax payer .their appartments bookings are happening now ,they have been piling up black money this is the right time for u i believe to go in ... And mr umapathy has sold a land which is in nelmangla ,madevpura it is called as manjunatha farm house he has sold it for 16 crores and has taken about 5 to 6 crores as advance .. Please teach them a lesson sir ,they have cheated many families and come to this level ,now they have started cheating goverment also ,i couldnt tollerate it.hoping you will do the right thing
Yours faithfully(a person who is cheated by them ) mr x
Feb 11, 2014

Having properties more than income and black money

Dear sir,
S. Sankaralingam (Passed away) was a Village Administer Officer (VAO) in vilathikulam taluka. He was a most corrupted person. He earned more money than his income. He bought more land properties in the name of his sons (Two sons) and his wife but not his name. His first son (S. Sankarasubramanian) is having some trucks (Transport, Tuticorin) for taking soil from the river. He is a mafia and he did not pay income tax properly. And second son (S. Rajaram) finished his BE degree just now. But he has some land properties. As far as I concerned they have black money and land properties about some crores, no body knows but God only.
How could Late. S. Sankaralingam buy vast lands while he was working as VAO? I request you to take the necessary action against them and investigate about his son's criminal activities.
vinayak desai
Feb 10, 2014

Blackmoney & income and fraud bussiness

I want to pass on information to income tax dept. against one of fraud person ,who have gathered huge black money & possess dis-proportionate wealth against their known sources of income . The said persons are hoarders, land grabbers and also have huge fraud money and who are very rude with everybody .
I am going to tell you one of the shocking news about that person , In between 1996 to 2002 , he was involve in taking fraud loan in name of dead persons from cooperative bank ( Bhudargad nagari pat sansta gargoti) , using this technique he had gathered huge black money and then that money invest in land mafia business , Right now on money and muscle power he involved in local politics he is deputy sarpanch of gargoti (Taluka place) , Using money and Muscles power he started new business of land conquest of common people those won't sale their land
Please take action otherwise that will danger to common man.

His Name&Address
Sayaji Desai
K D desai colony
Taluka Bhudargad Dist Kolhapur
pin 416209
Phone 02324 222222

Please investigate their income details and you will come to know that how a tax thief make themself rich by saving income and sell tax of govt.
True citizen
Feb 8, 2014

Earning money more than income

Earning money more than income
Complaint against criminal activities and property is more than income

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that S.K.Shrivastava, Vinay Nagar-4, Gwalior , ShidhVinayak dental clininc ,beside Sharma nursing home

I have complaint about him, he has more PROPERTY than INCOME, I have furnished information of property and revenue and expenses incurred details as below for your ref;

1. He is a staff in Adhim Jaati kalyan vibhag Gwalior. He is getting a salary of Rs. 20000/- only ,he had a huge property and Bank Balance and earning by other illegal methods.
2 .He has purchases 6 to 7 plots in gwalior and lot of jewellry more then 30 laks.
3. He has Flat. Near by his house itself, No. 28/ 3.28/1 cost more than 40 laksh.
4. He has House adjustment to his residing house which cost 45 lakhs.
5. He has 1 house in DDnagar street which cast 25 lakhs.
6. He had a house in main road also which worth upto 60 laksh.
7. Rent collected as a land lord (more than 45000 /month)

He is doing some illegal business and earning illegally a huge amount by way of selling some plots and taking some bribes..

Kindly take the necessary action by which more revenue may be collected by the govt. and investigate about his criminal activities. If you live him after 2 year he will became a multimillionaire.

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