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Indian Oil Petrol Pump


Consumer complaints and reviews about Indian Oil Petrol Pump

Mar 16, 2017

Cheating at Petrol pump

Today at about 4.45 pm I purchased petrol for Rs.500/- from Jai Jagannath service station, 30 S C Mallick Road ,Kolkata 700032. I did not notice the oil metre at that time, but just after travelling about 15 kilometers I find that oil has been exhausted.My car is Santro and it gives 12-13 kilometers/litre. As per my information this petrol pump has bad reputation. Please look into this matter and let me know in due course. Piali Roychoudhury
Contact: 9830160013
Mar 16, 2017

Cheating in Filling Petrol in the Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, near Check Post, Hosur

I filled petrol in Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, near Check Post, Hosur, Tamil nadu - 635 109. But always they do cheating If I put petrol for 200 rupees, they will start at 40 rupees and also the petrol filling station meter runs very fast and the quantity filling is less than actual. Please take action on that Petrol bunk, so that they are cheating public and there is loss for public peoples and I too suffer. Petrol empties quickly.
Mar 6, 2017

Fealing of being cheated

Today I purchased 500 petrol from
Kamal filling station kaithal of Indian oil company.but they gave only 450.when I asked for machine reading print out he denied .he gave manual bill.

Before filling my bike he gave 50rs petrol to another person.he did not push pipe in machine that means next counting start from 51.for show only he cleared the screen.name of person binder pandit.

Mar 4, 2017

Fraud petrol pump

Today I purchased petrol from housaria chauraha gomti nagar lucknow,
I purchased petrol for Rs 2100/- and I noticed only half indicater light came alive. When I complained they said the meter is according to central government specifications and its showing correct values. This is not the first time I am getting cheated by employees of the same petrol pump. Please take necessary action on that petrol pump
Mar 4, 2017

Iess density petrol with kerosin

I have two wheeler pulsar 150. I am fill the petrol regularly.Every time check milage when petrol fill that petrol pump my bike milage drops nearly 10 km per litre.I have petrol card from your concern.l want to check the petrol quality.How to check the petrol quality give a tips to your customers. Take action against the mulfuntion as soon as possible.If you take care your customer money otherwise you will loss your goodwill. Detail. G.Parthasarathy fuel agency, Sastra university, thirumalai samuthiram, Thanjavur.
Arch 79
Mar 1, 2017


I filled 500 rupees diesel from Indian oil pump govind &co near pattoor trivandrum kerala. He specifically showed me 0 and 500 to make clear that he filled. I had already got 14km DTE in my car I drove to venjaramoodu through bypass which is around 31 km my car showed 0 DTE !! WHICH MEANS I DIDN'T GET EVEN 17 KM WORTH OF PETROL. !! CHEATERS!!
Mar 1, 2017

indian oil petrol pump cheated

i went to sree kodansarama service station and filled 2000 INR petrol by credit card.
I asked the person that you have citi bank machine he told yes, and I gave him citi bank credit card for payment, but he swaped the card from some other machine which occur a surcharge and VAT to me. if he swaped from citi machine i would have got 250/- INR. I lost 250Rs plus i had to pay surcharge and VAT unnecessarily. i request indian oil to give me my money back or give petrol of that total amount.
Feb 28, 2017

fraud-sec-21, gandhinagar petrol pump-Cheating Costomers


If you are from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, never ever go to Sector -21 (Kalptaru Petrol pump) for filling petrol.

They will directly fill the xtra-premium petrol without asking you, which is 10 Rs. costlier than normal petrol, if you fill 100/- petrol. They do so because their normal petrol is not pure & mixed with other fuel. This happens in all 2wheeler-4 wheeler.

The salesman also does some handy tricks to fill less petrol & makes the customers fool. Bigger the amount, bigger the fraud..!!

Lets all come together & boycott all the petrol pumps, which are mentioned in these Complaint forum.
Feb 16, 2017

kerosine mix in petrol

beohari k kesharewani petrol pump me kerosin mix krke bech rhe hai...
Somi Varghese
Feb 14, 2017

meter malfunction

Today I purchased petrol from Cauvery Service station, Hennur Cross, Bangalore. Meter was running too fast and skipping digits. I purchased petrol for Rs 500/- and only one indicater light came alive. When I complained they said the meter is according to central government specifications and its showing correct values. Accordingly we have issued bill also. They told me to go to a garage and check. This is not the first time Iam getting cheated by employees of the same petrol pump.

When you issue license to people please conduct frequent inspection of their machine quality. All the employees are equally involved in this malpractice. People are getting cheated left and right. Manager was not found when I made a demand to have a talk with him.

Anyway no more visits to the Cauvery Service Station petrol pump again. It is one of oldest and most corrupt petrol pumps in Hennur,

Please do the needful immediately.

Mrs Varghese

Mrs Varghese
Vikas Srivastava 1986
Feb 7, 2017

mixer of karosine in petrol

here is sale karosine mix petrol at polytechnic petrol pump. plz take action against that pump.

Vikas Srivastava
Dist. Vice President
Human rights Association of India
Dist. Vice President
Electronic and Print Media Association
Jan 31, 2017


I went to the Indian oil bunk on JBL road opposite Christ the king school and asked the attendant to fill it up standing next to him he stops at Rs 300 and when I questioned him he says my assistant said 300 so he carries on and when he finishes he bills me for what he has filled + Rs 300 O questioned him and asked for a computerized bill which he said wasn't working I asked for the complaint book which they didn't have and then he comes to me and says take your 300 it's okay when I insisted hit the book he pleaded with me to take the money he said he was sorry I didn't take the money Kidly look into the matter
My email is rmbinny@yahoo.com
Jan 31, 2017

cheating customer by running machune without petrol and diesel

Respected sir ..
I gone your petrol pump of kerala thrissur velliyalukal . And i asked them to fill 3000 rs diesel. They run the machine very clearly and when i got looked the fuel meter there showing empty diesel .. and i asked them why like this .. they told me it may clear on the way .. i said ok .. then i dive more than 6 kms and my car stopped suddenly due to fuel empty .. i gone the pump and told them the problem . The pump owner a lady behaved cheaply to us ...and there so many people said me indian oil is cheaters pump and this kind of complaints is happening on this petrol pump for last 5 years like so ... i am filling your petrol and diesel for the past 10 years .. now we feel shame on your company and how can we trust your dealers sir.. we trust your petrol pump dealers and filling petrol . And this kind of cheaters spoiling your company name.
Jan 30, 2017

Cheating the customer

Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bhavani Nagar, Suddagunte Palya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

While filling the petrol they try to talk to customer so that customer can't able to see the zero meter before filling
Jan 30, 2017

cheat the customer

Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bhavani Nagar, Suddagunte Palya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

While filling the petrol they will try to disturb the customer so that customer can't able to see zero.
Jan 28, 2017

Started filling petrol without setting zero in the machine

Dear sir, one week ago l visited petrol pump of ioc at patratu in ramgarh district of jharkhand. I asked for 4lt.petrol.The boy deputed at machine keyboard suggested me something.l understood that he is suggesting for rs 300/- in place of 4ltr. I accepted.l shall like to point out that prunounciation of the boy is not clear and he utilizes his disability conningly for cheating the customers.Another boy deputed for filling the petrol asked me to keep the lid of scooter tank opened while he was filling the petrol in other vehicles. I opened it and as soon as my attention got diverted in some other side,he inserted the pipe in my scooter tank and started filling petrol.l looked at the display board.It was showing rs 140+ .l asked him why zero was not set before filling was started.He said zero was set by the boy at key board and continued the filling. I was in a hurry.l came back and later l took out the entire petrol from my scooter tank and measured it.It was nearly 2ltr.less than it should be.The have experienced the same thing many times in past at the same petrol pump.Will anybody look into the matter?

Jan 19, 2017

Mix in diesel

yesterday I go to munsipulia petrol pump I told them to fill 1000 rs diesel he filled the diesel but after running 30 km I came back to home and today when I start my viechel it is nt started I call the mechanic he came and check the viechel in fact he told me that their is too much mixture of kerosie in diesel I had taken a sample in bottle just tell me what to do who is responsible for this
Prakash srivastava
arif maqbool bhat
Jan 19, 2017

Necessitate people to take extra premium petrol.

Respected Sir, at Solina, Srinagar, Kashmir the only petrol pump is taking full advantage of being only petrol pump in the area.

Sir, almost everyday despite having sufficient quota of normal petrol, the owner of petrol pump deliberately close the normal pump and necessitate the people to take Extra premium petrol which also have not the guarantee that it is extra premium petrol.

Sir, we have not any petrol pump nearby so we are helpless to take the extra premium petrol, please save us from this loot.
Rohit Kaushik
Jan 14, 2017

Indian oil CNG feeling pump employees taking extra charge rs. 50 per car.

Dear concern department,

I was coming from Amroha on yesterday by my SX4 CNG. I went to Indian oil CNG pump, at 7 PM whose Near by Garh over Brize. He is taking 50 rs. Extra openly & I said that guys Please fill the CNG because Close timing in written timing 10. 00 PM.

He is telling me,
Filling pump Guys-" Aapko CNG nahi milegi.

I said- Maine bola AAP dusri gadio mai fill ker rahe ho.

Pump Employee- JIS gadi mai mera Maan ho ga us mai fill kerunga. Wo mare known hai AAP nahi. Ye filling pump hrmara hai apni Marji se chelaunga.

Q 1. It's the totally misbehaviour with me ?
Q 2. What is timing of close the CNG pump ?
Q 3. Who is guys can give this authority to a employee ?
Q 4. If He is owner of this felling station, why is he create this type nunsenc chat with customer..?
Q 5. Why they are taking Rs. 50 extra again' the role & consumer low.

Please give the Answer these questions.And take the action against this type behaviour.

After that your helpline numbers is busy continue.
Your toll free number is busy continue.

How can judge the image of Indian oil ....? Please tell me...?

Advocate. Rohit Kaushik
# 9758819293, 9958010524
Jan 12, 2017


Thomas mac
Jan 11, 2017

Free air station used by unknown puncture maker

Indian oil petrol pump sector 33 noida near RTO opposite NTPC office sector 24 noida the free air which should be used for coming to petrol pump for fueling but that free air is used by roadside vendor to used for its own purposes to make puncture of make of the car earn money n he is not allowing other vehicles to use free air and there is always a cab driver parking there near free air station n creating a jam at petrol pump this not good for petrol pump and company reputation I request you to remove that puncture wala from petrol pump. This is my humble request to IOCL to look into the matter, so that people can use petrol pump facilities free n safe atmosphere.
Jan 7, 2017

Petrol Adulteration

Iniyan Oils @ Tirupur 641 605 nearest to Deaf school at Murugam palayam doing adulteration on Petrol.
Need officers immediate action to solve this issue. Save public
Imtiaz sheikh
Jan 6, 2017

extra money charge

My name is sk imtiaz Ali. Rajnagar glamour petrol pump extra money charge.i 50 rupees change rupees oil add my bike and extra 7rupees charge why.
Jan 3, 2017

cheating customers by adding diesel with petrol

This is complaint a from many of the people from the area of Karunya university, coimbatore. Near the Karunya university we have a petrol bunk, last one month many of the customers have many problems in their vehicles. They approached the mechanic, he said that this is the problem of the petrol, because it is mixed with diesel. I am also a regular customer in this bunk, but after hearing this i am confused to fill the fuel from this bunk. Please check it, and make sure that the bunk is giving genuine petrol. Otherwise you will be cheated and that will affect your goodwill.
Jan 1, 2017

Misbehaving, wrongly filling fuel, pump manager not attending properly

Today at about 8:30 PM I went to Rama Petrol pump, JAGADHRI ROAD AMBALA CANTT near TANGRI bridge MAHESH NAGAR, I told at first point of deasel disapanser that it is auto stop,he said yes I said ok,fill it but he had not put the nozzle on auto cut after when the petrol trading was on about Rs. 80/- approx.than he put on auto cut, after that the tank was filled on Rs.774/- and stop he said could he fill For 780/- I said why he said he have not any change,I said no only 774/- he said give me change,I said you are trading so give me change,he aargued,I said give me complaint register,he said come to office,on going to office one manager type person was there the person not even listen to me
This is the attude of that Petrol pump,they do not provide me complaint register

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