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Consumer complaints and reviews about INDIAN POST

Oct 28, 2016

Post office imphal

AW991917593IN it's there in nsh Imphal for last 6 days.
Whom and where should I go.
Oct 28, 2016

Please provide valid phone number of Imphal nsh

Please provide a valid phone number of Imphal nsh.
And please tell me is there any non corrupt official left in Indian post service who can investigate why there is huge delay in delivery in Imphal no matter what time of the year it is. Why all wrong numbers are provided and why the numbers are always switched offed.....please one of you ...
Oct 28, 2016

Complete bulshit services

Imphal post office is he worst in all state. Any delivery is a nightmare. The numbers given in website does not work. The delay is in terms of weeks and not days.

The official believes in the idea of coming to office sign and go home. They are just ellergic to work.

The problem is why the numbers and customer support is so pathetic. If they have decided to use the official vehicles for personal vegetable buying and all just give the number right so that we will know where to pick.

I am proud to say and have no fear that you manipuri postal service is most corrupt lazy and illetrate group of people just doing shit in and out of office.

Problem is this complain system does not work because he /she himself is part of same shut hole.
Oct 18, 2016

delay in delivering registered post

my pan card is sent through the registered post which has no as RM829467215IN .they sent on 07/10/2016 but still ihavent get my post please look through it
Rohan Sewani
Jul 21, 2016

Non received speed post containing PAN CARD

PAn card not received
I have not received mu pan card till now which was Dispatched on 04 July2016

Application Coupon number U - N000764760
PAN [ CNXPD3141D ]
Track no RM8296723751N ON 05/07/2016 booked at BPC UTI KOKAN BHAVAN
vincent ast
Apr 21, 2016

Parcel not received

CO058650720IN : parcel not received yet : Article bagged in Mumbai on the 31.03.2016 then nothing more !!??!!??
Jan 19, 2016

Non delivery of registered post(RP341248016IN )

please help with RP341248016IN

no wherabouts of this Registered post.
It was supposed to reach by 21st dec. But now more than 50 days, and article has not reached the destination. Kindly help in tracking it
Dec 23, 2015

Non delivery of consignment

Two packets send from delhi, dwarka sec 6 indian post on 17th dec 2015. One package arrived at 23rd dec but the other one is still stucked at palam TMO. Please help me out to get my package. Consignment num is ED948636229IN this package is received at palam TMO at 18th december 2015 and no futher information is there. It got stuck over there at palam TMO. It is very important package and i wanted the delivery as soon as it can. Please help me to find it. The package had to be delivered at pincode 841438, mirganj .

It is very urgent. And hoping for a positive result

Non delivery of consignment

amit kasana
Oct 28, 2015

not delivered till now after two months

i send this item o 19/9/2015 but till now it doesnot reached
Oct 6, 2015

My tracking number has become invalid.

after I registered a complaint as the tracking has not been updated for 2 days and now when I tried to track my parcle its showing my consignment number is invalid and is unable to see the tracking. please help
Abhijeet Kunal
Aug 19, 2015

item not delivered

BOI KOLKATA sent my chequebook through indian speed post whose tracking no. Is EW082839814IN On 10th of august,2015.It's now 19 August but still i have not recieved it.Whenever i try to track it ,saw same information which was update on 10th of August. I have made a complaint too (Complain no.10006438561) on its portal but still seeing no effect
umesh chandra83
Aug 7, 2015

speed post not delivered

😜😜😜😝😝😝Sir, my self Umesh Chandra Shukla had sent a speed post to : AEC Records, Pachmarhi, PIN 908777 on 17 July 15. But after 20 days it was not delivered to the addressee.

Sir, my article number is EE945519705IN.
I'm in great trouble sir, please help.
My contact number is 9919704282 & e-mail is uchandra088@gmail.com
Vishal Yadav
May 28, 2015

delay in delivery

Booked at Booked On Destination
Pincode Tariff Article
Category Delivered at Delivered on
BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI 09/05/2015 121005 60.00 Domestic Not Available Not Available

Detailed Track Events For EA243005442IN

Date Time Office Event
09/05/2015 19:37:00 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Item Booked
18/05/2015 20:56:17 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Item Received
19/05/2015 00:22:25 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Item bagged for NSH GURGAON
19/05/2015 22:36:48 BNPL SP Hub AGRIPADA MUMBAI Bag Despatched to NSH NEW DELHI
Delivery pending since 09-05-2015
Apr 16, 2015


Apr 1, 2015

Tracking number EE417700762IN not yet delivered

Detailed Track Events for : EE417700762IN

Date Time Office Event

25/02/2015 11:15:08 DIMAPUR Item Booked
26/02/2015 11:08:11 NSH GUWAHATI Item Received
26/02/2015 13:13:28 NSH GUWAHATI Item bagged for NSH JALANDHAR
26/02/2015 14:22:41 NSH GUWAHATI Bag Despatched to TMO LGBI
28/02/2015 11:10:03 PALAM TMO Bag Received
28/02/2015 16:34:14 PALAM TMO Bag Despatched to Hazrat Nizamuddin S.O

Tracking number EE417700762IN not yet delivered

suraj kandi
Jan 10, 2015

speed post not received

Tracking id: EL742285815IN

On 29/12/2014 15:38:12 Kottakkal S.O Item Booked
29/12/2014 17:06:34 Kottakkal S.O Item bagged for NSH KOZHIKODE
29/12/2014 22:39:48 NSH KOZHIKODE Bag Received
29/12/2014 22:59:55 NSH KOZHIKODE Bag Opened
29/12/2014 22:59:55 NSH KOZHIKODE Item Received
30/12/2014 00:24:28 NSH KOZHIKODE Item bagged for NSH VIJAYAWADA
30/12/2014 00:59:00 NSH KOZHIKODE Bagged in Transit Bag for SPTC PALAM TMO DELHI
30/12/2014 10:55:28 NSH KOZHIKODE Transit Bag Despatched to NSH NEW DELHI
30/12/2014 16:24:42 Kottakkal S.O Bag Despatched to NSH KOZHIKODE

Item not yet received , No response from postal services.& The parcel is important.

thanking you,

speed post not received

Meenaketan Sabar
Sep 25, 2014

Non delivery of ATM Card.

I applied for ATM card through SBI, & my pan card was despatched through Indian speed post on 22.09.2014, via Airway Bill No- EB897556966IN, but still not received the same & online tracking is not so up to date, please indicate the specific date of delivery the article. It is very much essential to receive the article so as to enable me to outside state journey on 28.09.2014.

Meenaketan sabar
Airway Bill No. EB897556966IN
Complaint No. 100058-98797
Email: sbrmeenaketan@gmail.com
Mob: 8018262961
ushanda singh
Aug 11, 2014

delay in receipt/delivery

i have mailed a document in speed post on 05.08.2014 from Jalpaiguri, west bengal to Kakaching, Manipur state. but as on date i.e 11.08.2014 the item is not received. the latest updated information flashed on India post Speed post tracking consignment is as followed:
Detailed Track Events For EW877700139IN

Date Time Status at Status
05/08/2014 13:05:15 Jalpaiguri H.O Item Booked
05/08/2014 15:48:54 Jalpaiguri H.O Item bagged for NSH SILIGURI
05/08/2014 17:19:30 Jalpaiguri H.O Bag Despatched to NSH SILIGURI
05/08/2014 21:14:16 NSH SILIGURI Bag Received
05/08/2014 21:24:51 NSH SILIGURI Bag Opened
05/08/2014 21:24:51 NSH SILIGURI Item Received
06/08/2014 01:58:32 NSH SILIGURI Item bagged for NSH IMPHAL
06/08/2014 05:50:55 NSH SILIGURI Bag Despatched to NSH KOLKATA AIRPORT
06/08/2014 16:32:43 NSH KOLKATA AIRPORT Bag Received
06/08/2014 20:01:53 NSH KOLKATA AIRPORT Bag Despatched to NSH IMPHAL.
this is really disheartening that even speed post will take more than 6/7 days.
Jul 29, 2014

PAN Card not received

Dear Sir/Madam,

I applied for PAN card through NSDL, & my pan card was dispatched through Indian speed post on 12 July 2014, via airway bill number # EA427627982IN, but still not received the same. I tried to check tracking online, it doesnt say much but only the following
Date Time Status at Status
15/07/2014 12:56:00 BNPL SP Hub DADAR MUMBAI Item Booked
15/07/2014 13:12:17 BNPL SP Hub DADAR MUMBAI Item bagged for NSH MUMBAI
15/07/2014 20:08:29 BNPL SP Hub DADAR MUMBAI Bag Despatched to SPCC MUMBAI INTERNATIONAL

I dont know the status after 15.07.2014, where is the parcel lying? Tried lodging an online complaint, but after filling all the details, the webpage crashes and the complaint doesnt get registered. Please do let me know how long it will take to receive my parcel?

Airway Bill no. EA427627982IN
Ack. number 881020123738510
Email- kiran_g1810@yahoo.com
Neeraj Raghuvanshi
Jul 21, 2014

Parcel is not delivered

Dear Sir,
I had sent a parcel (box having 20 kg weight) from Dublin (Ireland) to Greater Noida (India) on 14th May '14 through Ireland Post (AnPost) with tracking number "RL 498 597 135 IE" (http://track.anpost.ie/TrackStatus.aspx?item=EF718226834IE&sender=RL498597135IE). This tracking shows that Item was dispatched from London to India on 16th May ’14. Even after 68 days, I didn't receive it.
Earlier I contacted AnPost (Ireland Government postal agency) then they provided Indian Post tracking number "EF 718226234 IE" and they confirmed that they have handed over it to Indian Post and now it is Indian Post responsibility to deliver it and they can't do anything now.

I also lodged a complaint on Indian Post Website with number "100057-54541" on http://ccc.cept.gov.in/PCStatus.aspx on 18th Jun '14 but they also didn’t respond. After that I wrote to cpmg_del@indiapost.gov.in and bddirectorate@gmail.com, then this was forwarded to foreignpostdelhi@indiapost.gov.in by adpgdelhi@gmail.com on 8th Jul ’14. Since then I have written several times but no one is responding.

Can I request you to get this resolved at earliest?

Warm Regards,
Neeraj Raghuvanshi
+91 99584649494
Sasikanth Reddy
Jun 18, 2014


Coupon Number 553926541
Despatch Date 12/06/2014
Consignment Number 9552051983
rajkapoor bharti
Feb 21, 2014

pan deliverd 8 feb. 2014 yet not received

Dear sir,
My acknowlegde no-106769700100615
speed post-rm611268620in
pan card delivered 8Feb. 2014 but till now not receive
till date
Jan 19, 2013

pan card

my pan card is dispatched on 7th of jan 2013 and today its been 13 days,still it doesnt reach to its destination. following are the details: airway bill no.:RM055851943IN
acknowledgement no: 071030500178886
contact details: 08275864908(rahul)
Dec 27, 2012

Not valid Airway Bill NO.

Dear Sir.

I applied for PAN card through NSDL, & my pan card was dispatched through Indian speed post on 13th Dec. 2012, via airway bill number # RM038619535IN, but still not received the same also your online tracking is saying not a valid number, please send my PAN card ASAP,

Mahesh Kumar
airway bill number # RM038619535IN
Acknowledgment Number- 881030114684226
8130 Send email
Nov 9, 2012

Not valid Airway Bill NO.

Dear Sir.

I applied for PAN card through NSDL, & my pan card was dispatched through Indian speed post on 31-oct-2012, via airway bill number # RM021595849IN, but still not received the same dtd. 09.11.12 also your online tracking is saying not a valid number? pls. give me answer my email. id:-n_gupta1983@rediff.com
please send my PAN card ASAP,

airway bill number # RM021595849IN
email. id n_gupta1983@rediff.com
Acknowledgment Number- 010120202340931

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