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Consumer complaints and reviews about Indian Railway

Apr 28, 2017



The train running from Mysore to Mayiladuthurai and vice versa is always full. The passengers travelling from Bangalore to Trichy are highly affected by this. It would be appreciated, if a train is introduced running between Bangalore to Trichy starting in the night time and reaching early morning. Also the trains are still taking the old route via erode, eventhough Namakkal route is made live. So kindly introduce a train taking a route of Bangalore - Salem - Namakkal - Trichy. which will start in the night from bangalore and reach trichy by morning and return night from trichy and reach bangalore in the morning
Apr 25, 2017


This is to inform that I filed aTDR refund to Chief Commercial Manager, (Refunds), Northern Railway, Station Building, Varanasi through Speed Post ( No. EW770177193IN dated 10.01.2017) since the train (No. 12332) was cancelled on 30.12.2016. My ticket PNR No. was 2124051225 from BSB to HWH. The ticket deposit receipt no. is 133948 dated 29.12.2016. Hence I request the competent authority to kindly look into the matter & take action as soon as possible & inform me.
Apr 17, 2017

train got canceled

I had booked a ticket from kota to allahabad date-15/04/2017 from kota pnbe exp and train got cancelled i have booked ticket before one month through IRCTC site beacuse of the cancellation of train my journey got destroy from that day i am searching for tickets i didnt get ticket from anywhere and i have to pay almost double to travel agent for the same journey and till date i have not got tickets

I request you to do needful if train is canceled pls board passengers to other train .

PNR NO - 8157027593
Apr 17, 2017

Train late

Train number 18202 from Nautanwa to Durg Express was late by 1 hour 42 minutes when I Shubham Rakesh boarded it on Varanasi Station and went on to delay by 7 hours till it reached Katni junction.This train always remain late by 3 to 7 hours and since INDIAN RAILWAY do not refund money to passengers if the train gets late during journey thus it seems really pathetic that how passengers are looted by Suresh Prabhu for making money.I want full refund of my money.My pnr is2430544268 doj is 16.04.2017.If not helped the I will go to consumer forum where irctc will have to pay more than what it cost me.
Apr 16, 2017

Cattering service

Dear sir I am sanjit kuar pani going fron vizianagram to bangalore. Yesterday i ordered a veg meal. The service provided the meal and charged me Rs 120.00. On asking for showing the menu he ignored and took back the meal. I complained the same on the railway cattering tolfree no still no action was taken. Nither they provided the menu nor meal. On tomorrow morning when I again asked for menu the service boy mosbehave me . Sir this not a private org that any one can do any thing. Indian Rail is elite organization of govt of india but du to such service it may waste.
Sanjit pani
Pnr no. 6700370462
Apr 6, 2017

non delivery of parcel from jhansi to vasco da gama GOA

Non delivery of parcel (Royal enfield Electra 350cc blue color registration no: UP93AX3329) booked on 28.03.2017 from jhansi(JHS) to vasco da gama (VSG) with booking Id:2004300018 via Rajdhani parcel service of indian railway.I paid 4236/- for the same and continuously visiting the vasco da gama railway station twice a day as i have been told but i am not getting any updates.It has been more than a week.Please trace my parcel and let the delivery of parcel as soon as possible.

non delivery of parcel from jhansi to vasco da gama GOA

Apr 3, 2017

Bike not received booked through rail parcel

PRR NO - K488088
TRAIN NO - 15048
DATE- 02-04-17
Bike regd no - UP53 V 8367
Apr 2, 2017

Dirty coach

am traveling in 16312 kochuveli Bikaner express B2 coach pnr no 4846264032 01-02 April 2017. My coach is very dirty. I have complaint online but it is told that this facility is not available in my train. Again I have complaint by SMS, complaint no 1704021615411 but nothing was done after 14 hrs of journey. Kindly do the needful.
Mar 31, 2017

TDR filed no amount refunded till.


I have booked a ticket from ajmer to jamnagar.
Trian no.:- 19574/ JP-OKHA EXP
PNR No.:-2707287485
on that day train was late by more then 3 hrs, so i filed TDR (Reference No.:-2707287485).
There is no point of contact in Indian Railway to share the concern and know the status of my refund. I was given one Telephone # 02267623586 railway department . Whenever i called this number - no one is answering. Money need to be refunded to my account by the railway department. It is more than 3 months now. Kindly help me out to get my money refunded. IRCTC Team saying that Railway Dept. has to make refund to me which is meaningful. But, We don't know to whom we have to contact or know the status of the refund.
Mar 22, 2017


Transaction ID: 100000700622128 Train No./Name: 12270/MAS DURONTO EXP PNR No 2226587844
Date of Journey: 17-Jan-2017 Date Of Boarding: 17-Jan-2017 Date of Booking: 03-Jan-2017
Ticket Amount:1225.0 Ticket Type:E-ticket
Passengers Details
Name Age Gender Status Coach ID Berth No/ WL No
TDR Details
Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled.
TDR Filing Date: 17-Jan-2017 13:37:16 HRS TDR Status CR Registered Cancellation ID: 100000138999445
TDR Zone: SOUTHERN RAILWAY (SR) Registration No: 206170108051

ISSUE :Train was late for more than 24 hours so i had filed tdr for same, however there was no option to chose late for more than 24 hours. ihad filed TDR on 17jan 2017 and till today i have not received my money. please look into it.


Mar 16, 2017

Refunding Amount of ticket cancellation

Dear Sir,
My ticket cancellation amount has not credited in my bank account till yet while on my irctc account showing the following details.

Transaction ID is 100000730241887,
Cancellation ID /Refund ID is 100000148723578,
Refunded Amount is Rs. 155.0 to my bank account in Union Bank of India.

Please look into the matter.

Thanks & Regards,
M Faheem
Feb 26, 2017

Rajdhani train fare is double of normal train

Indian railways always been a conundrum for all citizens. I observed Indian Railway is now taking dynamic fare even though i am booking at least tow months in advance. i have following problems/suggestion with this system: -

1. dynamic fare should not be applied because it become almost out of reach to travel in urgency by train.
2. This additional fare is making prices more than double what I was usually paid. and i don't see any improvement in train timeliness, hygiene and any service for that matter before and after so what service we are getting in additional 100% hike of fare ??
3. why there is no provision for refund as given in foreign countries where there is dynamic fare, in even for 5 mins late arrivals they give 100% refund.

In summary, government is sucking blood of servicemen who are giving proper and even in cases more tax than applicable.
Feb 16, 2017

Refusal of TDR of delayed train

TDR filed against pnr 2327409895 dated 9-2-17 was rejected without mentioning any valid reason. As per rule TDR was filed before actual departure of the train and the train was late by more than 17 hours.
Cancellation ID- 100000142950537
PNR- 2327409895
Date of journey- 9-2-17
Schedule departure time- 8 AM
Actual departure time- after 1:00 AM (10-2-17)
Time of filing TDR- 15:35 hrs (9-2-17)
soumen Ganguly
Feb 11, 2017

unusual delay of train

Sir, main Soumen Ganguly ek daily passenger hoon Jo daily Rupnarayanpur se durgapur office ke liye train mein travel karta hoon. Kemon pichle ek mahine se train no. 12339 Howrah se dhanbad coalfield super fast express Howrah se right time khulne ke bawjood durgapur late pohuchne ke liye mere jaise kai sare daily passengers ko kafi problem hoti hai. Kyu ki coalfield super fast express ASANSOL late pohuchne ke liye humein ASANSOL se Jo local passenger train no.63563 woh nahi milti aur ASANSOL se uske baad dusra koi alternative train nahi hai Jo Rupnarayanpur jati ho. Toh isi liye apse hamara nibedan hai ki kripaya is samasya ko gambhirta se le aur iska koi upay nikale jaldi. Dhanyabad
Alok Mehrotra 1965
Jan 31, 2017

refund of TDR

PNR No 2126297396 the train didnot touched my station and was diverted due to accident on Delhi Kanpur route.I have filed the TDR but the refund is not processed yet. it is more than a month.
Jan 29, 2017

not delivered

07/01/2017, 1 package booked from KOTA to KGG having PRR no. 4000490778.But this stuff has not yet khagaria.We are in dire needs of these booking. I have my exam. Sir you may request that the booking be processed soon.
14/01/2017, It was unloaded at CNB from train no. 22444, and again loaded from CNB in train no. 15484 on 18/01/2017 22:41.
But this stuff has not yet khagaria,
Sir,you may request that the booking be processed soon pls...
Jan 16, 2017

luggage missing

i have boarded ngp-pune garibrath exp train no 12114 on 15/01/2017 at nagpur staition vide PNR no. 8409739498
After i deboarded the train at ahmednaga station , when i reached home i raelized that i forgot to pich one of my luuggage which was a green trollybag of american touristor company.

so i went to GRP ahmednagar & reported the same but still no update on it.

My contact no 9595473775
Jan 11, 2017

Train name suvidha exp start from sambalpur to yeshwantpur special train

This is to make u clear that why u people introducing special train and fooling people by charging extra fare compare to express/superset trains.fare will be almost double compare to normal trains.

Facilities in special train is old coaches with soiled and dirty seats with smelling toilets and without Charing point. But if charging point is available it will not work.

For this type of facilities our Indian railway is fooling people and charging one to double saying that it's a special train.

There is an worst experience today with me in special train that is sbl to ypr suvidha special train.
My journey details are below

,S3 48,

My name I don't like to share but my humble request to our honorable railway minister to take good decisions. Coz if person is spending his hard earned money and not getting good service then it hurts.

Atleast coaches should be clean,berth and toilets.what else a passenger can ask.

Please sir take some good decisions in our upcoming budget and pls provide a good service to train travellers.
Jan 7, 2017

rail bogie house keeping/ suggesion

Ref. Trn no. Pnr no. 16346. & 422387978
C.M.Davis & five passengers. dtd 22/ 12/ 2016

Train late by 4 hrs at tcr stn. Y? No infm frm rly authorities
No proper house keeoing 1) waste bin below washbasin packed & excess dumped between two bogie 2) toilet hand wash , no top nob to use3) tissue paper holder not ok & Also no tissue paper.
Frequent inspectiion of house keeping once in 2 hour reqd.and remedial measures implimented at the same moment.
Sir these train bogies are of old British govt design mean for short journeys .But now more hours / days journey reqd .so toilets to be more spacious Sir y dont we omit one compartment on either side to accure space for toilets & enterance space
Present generation people are bulkier than earlier . Still we stick with old design nothing is imposible in engg fab now our nation devoloped like one of the super powers but we r still pulling with the old british design a total renovation required more enterance space also needed for all passeger trains. Sir we are travelling in ac couch we expect more comfort if need increase rate public ready to pay. Rlys has done lot for the upliftment of passengers i accept it . But the areas i descussed is not yet touched since 50 years. so kindly look into for a better tommorrow
With regards
C.M. Davis ollur tcr. Keraala .9847465703
Retn Trn / Pnr no . 16345 & 8351310226 28/12/16
Sirdo you think public will take a little pain to inform such thing . They dont respond/ bother about. Those who got some national improvenent spirit only give infm like this.

Best of luck may God bless you to take an appropriate action in this regard
Harish Jangid
Dec 31, 2016


Hello sir,
I could not board train 12215,( PNR-2554627858) because my earlier train 12391 PNR-(6662871024) shramjivi exp was running late by more than 10 hours so i could not board my next train i.e 12215 .please grant me refund .I also filled TDR but the reason is provided in TDR is different because this reason was not available in tdr.


Pankaj jangid
Dec 12, 2016


Please do contact us or tell us our status of complaint.
Dec 11, 2016


I have filled TDR aginst my pnr no 2425262228 as my train is delayed more than 15 hours it was on 4 dec but due to some reason i filled TDR on 6 th dec
Dec 4, 2016

Re-activation of suspended Irctc Account

Dear sir,
My name is Shishu Kumar. My Irctc Account has been suspended. I don't know the reaoson of suspension. I use it for booking tickets for myself and my family(sometimes for friends also).I have only one Email Id. Please re-activate my Irctc account.

For this I will be thankful to you.

Name :shishu kumar
User_Id : sisukr
Email_Id: shishukr@gmail.com
Mob :9818905035
Rao anil
Dec 1, 2016

food not provided as per entitled

We are currently traveling in rajdhani food must be provided in train but they are not providing us food as per menu of rajdhani train
Ranjana Mishra
Nov 26, 2016

Wrong information on Indian railway site of train departure

Hello sir/ madam,
We are looking at train departure status of 12561 from jaynagar of 26th Nov 2016. The departure was showing delay by 26 hours. So we cancelled our plan for leaving for station on that day. Around 2 o'clock when we checked from madubani then it was showing on time. And now we are not left with anytime for reaching station. Even ticket cancellation will not return any money. Even now if I see then from jaynagar the status s wrong and showing delay by 26 hours. And the train status from on the same page is in Allahabad only 4hours late.
I want my money back. What is the point of having a site if it is showing information.


Wrong information on Indian railway site of train departure

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