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Consumer complaints and reviews about info@cibil.com

May 21, 2014

Wrong information in cibil: Business Loan

Dear Sir,
As per CIBIL information i have not availed such type of loan (business loan) of Rs. 10 Lakh from any financial institute or from any bank till date. This is not the correct information, Please advice the detailed information of this loan on priority basis and do inform me about the bank and branch from where the loan has been sanctioned.

Thanking you

Consumer Name: Rajkumar Sharma
Member ID: BS00014920
Address: 6/73, Chetna Apartment, I.P.Extension, Delhi-92
Mobile No: 9868387712
May 21, 2014

Inclusion of Name as Co-Guarantor for a Vehicle Loan


I am Vemulapalli Samar bearing a PAN : AJCPV5254G residnet of Visakhapatnam. I have applied for Mortgage Loan against House Property from M/s.Kotak Mahindra. They have informed me that on CIBIL verification, it is found there has been some pending Vehicles Loans for which my name appeared as Guarantor. I never stood as Guarantor to any Vehicle Loan and I am wondering how may name has been included as a defaulter. I want to know the particulars of loans and the names of Banks/Institutions/NBFCs granted such loan and the name of the borrowers so that I can take appropriate measures to delete my name.


Mail Id : acschagallu@gmail.com
Mobile No.9848157888
May 16, 2014

Wrong Data Update

Dear Sir,
I have applied for home loan from HDFC BANK but my loan has been rejected.Reason-Name in cibil.after this i applyied for CIR report.CIR report also shown this.cibil report dt.07/05/2014.control no.703358308 indicates sanctioned amount Rs50,000 dt.19/12/2008 and current balance Rs37,458 overdues Rs34,106 on dt.28/02/2014. member name BOB Account no.AGRABS-803-684 in my CIR report.this is a wrong information.I dont take any personal loan,home loan since before and after 2008.But CIBIL is showing defaulter for applying Home Loan.Please checked my details from BOB BANK and remove my Name from CIBIL after Verification.
So Kindly solve my problem and correct the wrong entries and my cibil score.


Harish Kumar
Control no.703358308 dt.07/05/2014
email id : cool_2601@rediffmail.com
Mobile : 09319274782
Satish Ahlawat
May 6, 2014

removal of name from cibil

My name entered in cibil due to some late payments I close my account no. 31001679965 sbi agroha hisar haryana on 6th September 2013 now no dues against me. But still my name in cibil how much days have taken to remove.
Satish Ahlawat
Apr 29, 2014

Remove name from cibil

My name entered in cibil due to some late payments. I close my account in 6th September 2013 but still my name in cibil how much days have taken to remove.
Sandeep Raut
Apr 27, 2014

Wrong Cibil report

My self Sandeep K.Raut , recently applied for Home loan in HDFC bank, Its my First Loan.
My Controller No- 696915043.
Few days before Bank informed in cibil report against me of Rs.12000/- purchase shown in Yr.2011. I surprise how is it possible?
I would like to inform you I have HDFC credit card no -5289 4560 0125 0294...using from last 4 yrs. . Bank given me credit limit of Rs. 10000/- only and credit payment clear by me to bank on autopay basis on every 4-5th day of the month.
I am very much surprised how it possible that cibil report shown Rs.12000/-.&I am very much sure that in past I had not done any purchase of Rs.12000/- ...its creates me in tense.
Request Kindly Informed....
1- From which bank credit card purchasing done for which Item 2- Exact which Yr.
Hence rectify the said problem on most urgent basis because HDFC bank hold the my Home Loan process.
Kindly provide right Cibil report.

mail Id - sandeepk.raut@yahoo.com
keep CC to - ravib@hdfcsales.com

Thanks & Regards,
Sandeep Raut
Pan Card No- APLPR1515d
Cell No-8975149300
Apr 26, 2014

non receipt of payment confirmation slip

I have applied for on-line cibil score but the applicationsuc wasn't cessful and system got stuck at midway and haven't received payment confirmation slip. I made on-line payment through my HDFC credit card and amount of 470 has been deducted from my bank account.
How can i proceed further?? My registration Id is SCO0414968709.

Mahesh M
Raakesh Jain
Apr 25, 2014

Wrong entries of ICICI Bk in my CIBIL

My CIBIL control No: 695888036
The fallowing accounts shown as outstanding of ICICI Bank , dot belong to me . All details of name , address , PAN , dob are wrong .The details are :
Credit Card ; 4443 4100 0074 2005
4477 4620 1175 9006
4477 4702 7920 8004
Auto Loan LALUD 00008947116
Two Wheeler LTLUD 0000308622
Personal Loan LPLUD 00010504296

I request u to persue the bank for details and pl remove them from my CIBIL . Thx

Rakesh Jain
R 256, Greater Kailash 1
New Delhi
DOB 01/01/1946
Raakesh Jain
Apr 25, 2014

Fake office address in CIBIL Report

I , Rakesh Jain r/o R-256 , Greater Kailash , New Delhi confirm that the office address as shown in my CIBIL is fake and wrong .
My control no is 695888036 and the right addresses are :
Old Office till 2009 : B/2 Bhandari House , 91 Nehru Place , New Delhi --110 019
current since 2010 : 307, Osian Building , 12 Nehru Place , New Delhi -110 019

you r requested to rectify records . Thx

Rakesh Jain
PAN : AAGPJ 2582 E
Mob : 98100 49792
Apr 18, 2014


Dear Mr. Jani,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your account details. We will get back to you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Apr 16, 2014

personel loan not santioned

I have applied for the personel loan in icici bank. This is my first personel loan I have applied and the bank says that the cibil score has declined my application stating that I have not paying the loan amount. when I have not taken the loan how the cibil score decline my personel loan application.
Charanjeet Singh Saini
Apr 15, 2014

Harrasement of SBI Card

The object of this letter is to get my name removed from CIBIL since all the outstanding dues have been paid by me as desired by the SBI Card statements. I am unnecessarily being harassed. I am giving below the development of dispute chronologically.

1. I received pre-approved “Encash Offer” for Rs.29000/- Year 2007
with condition to pay Rs.2707/- for 12 months.

2. I sent no acceptance of the above said offer.

3. DD No.253612 dt.21.6.2007 was sent to me 21/6/2007

4. I encashed above said DD 29/6/2007

5. First instalment was paid vide cheque No.976949 dt.17.7.2007 17/7/2007

6. All monthly instalments were paid (whose details are not being 3/6/2008
given) ending with last instalment by cheque No.287658
dt.3.6.2008. Loan was thus cleared in all respect with
no liabilities.

7. Monthly statement of June 2008 was received in which 20.6.2008
(a) Last instalment of Rs.2707/- was credited.
(b) But Rs.2313.19 was shown outstanding.

8. I registered a complaint with the call centre bearing June 2008
reference No.MG 0071900062123 and requested to,

(a) Immediately close my Account.
(b) Immediately block my card.

9. Mr. Ashish who registered above complaint informed me of 6.2008

(a) Exemption of Rs.1123.80 from outstanding 2313.19.
(b) Necessity of payment of Rs.1189.39 for closing my
account immediately.

10. I paid, as discussed above, Rs.1190.00 by cheque No.287659 dt.11.7.2008.

As per discussions with Mr. Ashish my account should have been closed at this moment but SBI Card sending me monthly statements showing outstanding amounts. I did not bother as did not owe any amount. The SBI card, instead of correcting mistake, registered my name with CIBIL.

I protested by lodging complaint with the Manager, Customer Service as under:

i. Complaint lodged with customer service with full details on 9.2.2014

ii. Reply of Atmanand Mishra of customer service received on 4.3.2014

iii. I was informed by Shri Atmanand, Customer care that ,

(a) SBI card has been receiving partial payments as against
total amount due payable, therefore late payment and
finance charges have been levied.

(b) Without giving any details of partial payments and
finance charges, I am told that there is outstanding
of Rs.8191.11 as of today.

(c) I was also told that SBI card is not in position to
provide waiver of entire outstanding.

(d) Further, I was requested to pay Rs.2726.54 in order
to “Zeroise” (sic) my SBI Card account.

(e) Nothing was mentioned about blocking my card
and closing my account.

Since I had been tricked by one of your employees Mr. Ashish into paying Rs.1189.39 in July 2008 and my account was not closed as promised therefore, I am not prepared to accept proposal of Shri Atmanand Mishra, who is luring me to pay additional Rs. 2726.54.

My impression of SBI Card is that:

(i) you provide loan without the card holder’s request.
(ii) If he accepts this unrequested loan and trapped into your trap.
(iii) He pays as per schedule and instalments decided by you, then some of your staff erroneously comes out with some outstanding.
(iv) When customer protests then you haggle and ask him to pay a part of the outstanding for settlement.
(v) When he pays as desired by you, then you back out from your promise.
(vi) You charge him further accusing him of making partial payments and send him exorbitant bills.
(vii) You repeat your offer of making part payment to “zeroize” my account which was already “Zeroized” six years ago.

I am submitting this to you with the hope that I will no longer carry above negative impression of SBI-Card due to mistakes of some petty clerk in your organization. Kindly look into the matter and arrange to close my account properly and inform me accordingly alongwith confirmation that my name has been withdrawn from CIBIL. It desired then other relevant documents may also be provided. Your immediate action is requested, since I have paid up all my dues in July 2008 itself.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
Charanjeet Singh
Apr 10, 2014

Cibil Report Undelivered

I have received SMS stating that my CIBIL Report has been undelivered. The transaction Id is 98340106. Could you please check and advise why the report was undelivered as i have not received any communication fromthe courier dept.
Apr 8, 2014

name remove the cibil report

no dues of any bank till now, i have cleared the all amount of HDFC BANK
PERSONAL LOAN. LOAN AGREEMENT NO:-* 16867694*. So, i request to you that
update my cibil report
remove my name from the CIBIL list. I always remains grateful to you.
my pan number CBMPK1926Q KATAM RAVINDRA D O B 22-07-1965


h no: 15-2-3 sri ram nagar luthergiri rajahmundry andhra pradesh india east godavari dist. pin-533104.
Apr 8, 2014


To, Barclays Loan A/c no. : LC019211007548455
CIBIL SCB Loan : A/c no. :49510843

Subject : DISPUTE RESOLUTION as per cibil dispute no. : DIS0414108536.

Dear Sir / Madam,
The brief facts will give you at glance the grievance which made to Standard Chartered Bank because of which the said bank agreed for settlement of the account :

1.) That in the year 2011, on 20th June 2011 the Barclays Finance which had their office at Jodhpur sanctioned a loan of Rs.9,09,100/- to us.
2.) We availed the loan immediately the said company to lodge ECS on our cash credit account no.30282659592 with State Bank of India.
3.) On 09/07/2012, subsequently we closed our cash credit account with State Bank of India and instructed the said company to lodge ECS on our current account no. 32397348209 with State Bank of India. We deposited the requisite fee of Rs. 552/- for change in ECS mandate vide receipt no. 722597 dated 19/07/2012.
4.) The Finance Company did not take any step on our request for change in ECS mandate up till today.
5.) We were regular in payment of installments till the company was having their office at Jodhpur. We paid the installment up to 22/01/2013 at Jodhpur.
6.) Suddenly, the Barclays Finance closed their operations at Jodhpur without informing their borrowers including us. We came to know about the sad fact when we tried to locate the office of the company at Jodhpur.
7.) We started to pay the installments to their representative who was regularly visiting Jodhpur but later on stopped coming to Jodhpur.
8.) We made one payment through Net banking on 20/03/2013. But, we were informed that the account has been taken over by Standard Chartered Bank. It is surprising neither the Barclays nor the Standard Chartered Bank informed us about the transfer of the account. Even the letter from Standard Chartered Bank which bears the date 19/06/2013 was delivered to us by courier on 22/02/2014. Without informing the takeover, the bank has no Rights to damage the Credit Report (CIBIL).
9.) Keeping in view the above facts and delays and omissions to inform us timely, the Standard Chartered Bank agreed to accept a sum of Rs.4,85,000/- in full and final settlement.
10.) As such, it is submitted that the bank has settled our account due their own faults and omissions and we are no way responsible for concessions allowed in repayment of the loan.
11.) As a matter of fact, we made the payment as GOOD BORROWER to maintain our goodwill and reputation without raising any disputes in Court of Law.
In the light of the above material and facts, we request you to maintain our credit rating and not downgrade the rating.


COPY TO : Standard Chartered Bank. PAN CARD NO. : ADSPJ7232N
CONTROL NO : 694337291
Apr 7, 2014


Dear Sir

I was got personal loan from ICICI Bank,My personal loan Account No from ICICI Bank is LPABD00013937804 Due to some technical issue with Bank, Sales Executive (Loan Department) from Bank he committed me date of installment start 10th of every month but here surprised installment of payment start from Bank side 5th of every month and due to these wrong mismatched and communication gap my few installments are bounce and due to these both me and bank suffer lot.

Finally i have cleared,settled and complited all dues and collect No Objection Certificate from ICICI Bank on 29th November 2013.
Now,There are no dues left in the said account.

Now i have apply for a new loan in HDFC Bank but due to CBIL Problem my application was rejected.So kindly i request you to make a consideration to clear the CBIL Issue to goahead for new banking relationship.

Personal Information is given below.
Name:-Mayur Yashvantkumar Jani
Contact No:-9099973765
ICICI Bank Personal Loan Account No:-LPABD00013937804

with warm regards

Mayur Jani
Mar 31, 2014

CIBIL Clearance


I was using ICICI & HDFC credit cards. Due to some severe personal problem I have made the dues promptly & I have cleared and settled all the dues finally. Now I have applied for a new credit card but due to CIBIL problem my application was rejected. So Kindly I request you to make a consideration to clear the CIBIL Issue to goahead for new banking relationships.

Personal Information is given below:

Name: D.Sudhakar Raju
Contact No: 9551084566
ICICI Card No: 4477 4645 4504 5001 & 5176 5370 9878 3002
HDFC Card No: 4346 7720 0379 0937
Mar 29, 2014

Payment paid for Cibil rating but confirmation receipt not received.

Dear sir,

I did not received my CIBIL score , but i paid the 470rs thru HDFC Bank but I have received the Ref.No.SCO0314934639.

Please help me to get the CIBIL score and which loan was not closed.

My details:

S. Chandra
55/10, Maruthi Flats,
Venkatraman Nagar,
My Pan.No. AITPC7573K

Mail.id. abc_chandra@hotmail.com.
ved prakash gupta
Mar 29, 2014

update my cbil report

u r report is showing that I have an auto loan dt. 14.06.2003 pending amount 260000/- from standard charted bank ...but bank has setteled my loan and has also provided the No Objection Certificate in 17.05.2011.
My mileage account no. 62405007841
ved prakash gupta
418 sookh complex munshipulia indira nagar lucknow
pin. 226016
email id. Gupta.ved@gmail.com
sir, plz.do the need full action.
senthil kumar .k
Mar 24, 2014

wrongly catch

Dear sir,
i have taken only 2 personal loans but in Cibil 3 loans shown in profile .
that loan amount is 2 lakhs on the month of Feb 2013 it was wrongly shown pls check let as which bank it has been shown .

i already appiled for Online cibil and the amount 470 Rs also pls give the loan amount of 2 laks in Feb 2013.

CIBIL Registration ID: SCO0314930752

Transaction ID: 99341254 Date: 24-03-2014 08:17 PM

Amount Paid: 470

My details has below

Name : Senthil Kumar .K
Father name ; Kannan
DOB ; 18/06/1986
MOBILE NO ; 9962008535
CHENNAI - 6000043.
MAILID : senthilmechswc@gmail.com

do the needful.

thanks & regards,
K.senthil Kumar
saheb singh chhabra
Mar 20, 2014


Mar 18, 2014

not received cibil report, but loans getting rejected

Not receiving the report. Applied on 1 feb 2014. Contacted cibil many times from past 1 and 1/2 months. Always get only one response that I will receive it in three days but nothing happens. My recent cc request has been declined by icici stating that it is because of cibil report.

email: gurp@rediffmail.com
Transaction ID: 94463473
2750398- cibil calling refrence number
Mar 14, 2014

cibil staff sale data banks for recovery

Hello sir i request to cibil score and they send me after few days but after few months many banks contact me for recovery . this mean if we apply for score they sale data to bank and illegal recovery agencies . suggest to all people be careful to cibil . they all are doing for money and banks pay high omission .
Mar 10, 2014


Dear SIr,
My Self Manpreet Singh S/O S. mohinder Singh R/O T 17 12 Desh Bandhu Gupta Rd New delhi 110005 ,
we apply for a home loan but the related bank ask me your details show in cibil cell & my aplication rejected ,
but actullty till date we not take any loan /creadit card in any bank , so what is the issue created
pls resolve this issue & call my mobile no. 9899273876 it's very urgent

Thanks & Regds
Manpreet Singh
Mar 6, 2014

cibil score not received

Dear sir,

I did not received my CIBIL score , but i paid the 470rs thru Axis Bank but I have received the control number."687349161"

Please help me to get the CIBIL score and which loan was not closed.

2nd floor, Plot no 19 East
Ramakrishna Street ,
Sathosapuram , Chennai 60073.
Mobile No: 8754373132

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