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Insurance Verification Department


Consumer complaints and reviews about Insurance Verification Department

Oct 4, 2015

fake calls regarding bonus accrued on LIC policies

Fake calls regarding Bonus accrued on LIC Policies
I have received phone calls on Landline stating that there has been bonuses from LIC on previous Matured LIC policies. They state that the call is being made from LIC verification department and that bonuses are pending from LIC as the LIC agent has unknowingly taken an NOC( No Objection Certificate) stating that he will take the bonuses and deliver the same

They transfer the calls to various depts like verification department, accounts department etc to make it feel real. Some of the names are SAYED MALIK,TAQWEEM HASSAN etc All calls are either from landline / or from numbers which cannot be contacted.
The calls made to mobile are from 9015134863,05750952083.

Please Beware! these are fake calls . These calls are made either to trap bank Information from innocent people or to make them buy new Insurance policies of Exide insurance or Religare.

They talk for hours and try to get information. Spread the message so that People don't get cheated. Do be cautious about these calls please do verify with your nearest insurance companies.
Oct 3, 2015

insurance verification department

i am getting persistent calls from this number 9211132940 claiming that my money is lying with him and that I have not claimed it.

this guy is a fraud - beware

rajkumar yadav
Sep 23, 2015

Call from so called 'Insurance Verification Department'

I received call from a call today morning from a person named as Rohit Tiwari.
The person gave his number as 9250002361.

The person claimed that he is speaking from Insurance Verification Department and there is a big amount close to 1,95,000 INR pending in my account.
If verification is not done today, this amount would get cancelled.

The amount refers to Company Performance Fund and he told that this amount is based on a policy with LIC and the agent code was B4V73.
He did not reveal the name of the agent and said that agent had not told me about such amounts in past and agent took 72% as commission.

Please be aware of such calls asking for your photographs, PAN card, account number etc.

P.S. - This person was not able to say IRDA correctly. He said IDRA 2-3 times. That made me suspicious about the conversation.
Sep 14, 2015

Persistent calls from LIC Releasing authority

Abhishek Malhotra, Code No. KBN173LIC092, Mobile no. 8882407982: This guy sounds so genuine and confident. keeps saying that soooo much of my funds are pending with LIC and lying uncollected! Dont know whether to give required info to this person or not. Not sure which agency in LIC can give me the clarifications...
kirtan vyas
Sep 11, 2015

face call from Swati sharma , rgarding iinsurance verfication

I received call from 9211132940, the person asking about my policy verification. I denied to give him this thing so he behaving rudely. I asked him to provide me address so I can give them in written but he disconnected the phone.
Sep 9, 2015

Fake call for Insurance verification

I got a fake call from no. 9136957515 from a lady Kirti. I am getting such calls regularly now. Request insurance verification department to please trace such no.s and also others in this thread. Please let know if any other help needed from our side.
Subir Khasnobis
Sep 8, 2015

call details

I got a few repeat calls from +918285973342 on 9th Sept 2015 and the lady on the other side speaking in Hindi was not even able to speak even simple English words of address properly. She mentioned that she is talking from Insurance verification Deptt of all Insurance Companies which raised a doubt. When asked, she was very rude and disconnected call.

Was it a genuine call and if yes, please have proper training and a check on quality of people (I guess call centre). In case you really want a verification and action, the time of the call was at 10.25 am.
Sep 8, 2015

Insurance Verification

I received call from 9910771784, the person asking about my policy verification. I denied to give him this thing so he behaving rudely. I asked him to provide me address so I can give them in written but he disconnected the phone.
Sep 4, 2015

CPF Releasing Department Fake Call

Thank you all for posting the complaint.

My father got same fake call indicating disbursement of Rs 2,40,940. The name of lady who called is Sneha Gupta. She said that she said she was calling from Hyderabad. Her phone number is 8882993896. She gave File number, Personal ID number and MTPIP Application numbers mentioning that these are confidential numbers to be not revealed. It was a trick to gain confidence. Then she started asking for all information - PAN number, bank details where money should be transferred. We did not provide the information and asked for 10 mins to call back. Before calling back I did a quick check on internet and found this post and realized that it was a fake call. Later I called again and asked her to first prove her identity and give her address. She did not agree and hung up the phone.
BE CAREFUL. What should be done to put these identity thieves in jail?
Aug 31, 2015

Fake call

Got a call from the √Źnsurance Verification department. One girl identified herself as ANjali and proceeded the same way as in all the other complaints here. That the policy was going to lapse, or rather the 1 lakh dividend was going to lapse as our agents code was a problem. I got fooled initially as she was able to tell me the address. Now I realise she just picked up the phone book! ANyway I asked for time to check as my husband was not available.I asked her to call back tomorrow. Within two minutes of keeping that phone down, the other land line at home, registered in my moms name , rang.The same girl called and wanted to speak to my mother (who passed away at the age of 80 in 2011. ) regarding her insurance policy(she had none) . When I asked her if she was the same girl who spoke to me a few minutes prior to the call on our other number, she was flustered and without asking anytnhing further about my mom, kept the phone down. That made the alarm bells go off in my head and I googled Insurance verification, and found this forum.
Incidentally, I have had a couple of calls in her name before, but as she did not have any policy and they could never guess her age , was able to put them in their place.
Aug 25, 2015

Fake call about getting insurance money

I got a call from +918459413562 telling me that my father's insurance policy file is with them and the amount is 2,70,940. She also gave me a file number and pin code. She they asked me send copy of PAN card, Voter ID card, color photos, death certificate of my father, a cancelled cheque of the bank where I want the money to be deposited, and a cheque of 25990 payable to customer care value services towards advance service tax (which is refundable). She asked me my date of birth. But later I realized that it might be fake call. She asked me to send the documents to 2 SUMAN RAWAT F/7/175 1st floor, Rohini Sector-16, New Delhi 110085 (GOI, HOD). She gave another number 09250002360 where I can call in case of any doubt.

Please take some action as people might end up giving some vital information to them. I don't know what their intentions are.
For the first 5 minutes of the call, I trusted the call since they had information about my father's full name and sounded genuine.
Aug 24, 2015

lic verification


I received a Call from Couple of Delhi Numbers where there is no facility to call back the same numbers. Her Name is Neha Rawat and she was explaining me that since there is no agency code associated with the LIC Policy, they told me that the policy is deemed for cancellation and out of mentioned amount close to 1.4 lakhs, 40% will go to the Agent code mentioned and 60% will go to the company of LIC only.

They were asking initially for three inputs, Policy_Number, Date of Confirmation and Premium Amount. Later on they were asking the PAN Number, Bank account towards providing the automatic Electronic transfer of my complete money. I have provide My complete name and Date of Birth and had got doubt and called up to the LiC india contact cell.

Lic Office instructed me the that it is a fake call and not to share any information. hence, the next time when I got a call from them, I have given them a wrong account number and they requested me to hold on while they are doing the transcation( credit money to me) for transperancy.. in the meanwhile, they told tha system is prompting for Secure code behind the card as my bank has kept this security measure.. I have provided the wrong number too.. then they told me that transaction failed due to time lag.

they have given me a live number ( 09268005777 --> Neha Rawat) for which they are going to call me back again after some time for trying the same transaction.
Please take some action if any body can take now in the website.

Aug 21, 2015

Fake Calls

I got a fake call claiming from Insurance Verification Department, Delhi. The numbers were 8459106456, 9654578270.. On first call I spoke with so claimed Mr Ak Gupta very gently. Later on when I called him back,and enquired about the identity of the office he became abusive. How do I tackle this.
Is there any agency who can track the owner of these numbers and take them to task.
Teky guy
Aug 20, 2015

Disbursement of dividend

Received a call from 9015744700 at 10:42am 20th Aug 2015 from a person claiming to be from Lic of India head office located at Delhi regarding disbursement of pending dividend amount to almost Rs. 1.42 lacs. He said that if there is no action taken today, our file would be closed and money cannot be disbursed in future. When we said that concerned person isn't there, he said he would check with someone and callback. He refused to give a callback number as he said he is calling from some call centre
Aug 19, 2015

Insurance Verfication department

Please do not consider the call from 09582505718.. It is a fake call from verification department... they speak in a very convincing way... be careful
Aug 11, 2015

receiving calls from this no repeatedly

Tracing Mobile Number: 8459746768
Service Area/Location: Delhi Metro Telecom Circle (includes NCR, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon & Noida)
Network Operator: MTS CDMA (Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd.)
Type of Network: CDMA
Aug 10, 2015

fake phone call

Today around 2.25 p.m. I received a call asking my details like PAN No.,DOB, mobile no. so that a CPF amount (company performance fund) of Rs.2,40,890/- is pending to be disbursed and last date is 30th instant and if I do not respond the amount will be cancelled. Lady was on line, I however gave above details but not the bank details. Then she made me believe to have transferred the call to HOD department where from one Priya Sharma as Senior Officer verified the details given by me above and file no. which earlier lady gave and told me to send 1 PAN copy, 1 Voters IDcard, 2 Passport photos, 1 cancelled cheque and 1 cheque of Rs.24999/- which will be refundable by courier and asked me to make courier till 3.00 p.m. and as soon as courier is made I was asked to inform courier's name and its phone number on mobile number of said Priya Sharma as 09136030755. Courier was asked to be made on the address - SUMAN RAWAT, F/7/175 FIRST FLOOR, ROHINI SECTOR 16, NEW DELHI 110085 (G.O.I/H.O.D.). I immediately contacted my agent and apprised him of the said call. He told me not to respond to such call and not to make any courier as it is a fake call. So I haven't made any courier though provided PAN NO.,DOB and mobile number. The ladies on line told that they are calling from Releasing and Cancellation Department of Government and the amount is from Reliance Company. In fact, I have no any policy from Reliance Company. Mobile number given to call back was 09136030755.
Aug 10, 2015

lic verification

LIC docuemnt verification for Bonce points
Jul 31, 2015

Fake Call from Central Government Insurance Authority

I just received a call from 9136345665, it was some Mr. Pandey claiming to be from Central Govt. Insurance Authority they said some bonus is pending and asked for the details, when i insisted for their office contact details he said we cannot provide the phone no. and disconnected. When searched online to verify this organization, i found this forum and as expected the call was fradulent!!
There are too many similar complaints!! I wonder if any action being taken against these fraud callers ???
Jul 30, 2015

Fake verification call and using Abusive language

Today I Received a call from 120-3301694. I don't know what was the name and he said I am calling from some Government Insurance Authority and want to collect some information regarding my policy. When I refused to give any information they( one more person joined the call) said they will cancel my file.I said ok cancel it because my policy already laps. I don't want to continue that policy.After that they start using abusive language and cut the phone. I dont know who they are but I request you to take action against this number.

Jul 28, 2015


call received from 911284982650 appeared to be fake as inappropriate policy details were being sought about .
Ram Kumar Gupta
Jul 24, 2015

Call from Central govt insurance verification

fraud call from Central Govt Authority (verification call by Urvashi Aggarwal ) (9136346694) . she asked for the policy no. with LIC and when we refused to tell so called again and again. And at last she said your payement and your pensions will be blocked now since you are not giving us details for this verification call.
Jul 17, 2015

Froud call from ( jeevan sewa sadan)

I got a call from 7428944115, he was claiming that I am eligible for 175000 rs as devident which they have earned from commonwealth games. They were asking the pan no, Mobile no, cancelled cheque home address and 3400 rs cheque on the name of Value Add-on securities, and giving the address of Pune to send all documents .
This is totally a fake call because my contact no is only 2 months new and I have never mentioned any where.

Jul 14, 2015

fak ecall

be alert fake call by no. 9350671451.
Meenu B
Jul 9, 2015

Sems like fake call from Insurance Counsel

I had received a call last week that Insurance company have gained during Common Wealth games, The insurance sector would like to share their bonus with policy holders. The lady asked me why I have refused to take the benefits. She further asked me in what sector I have invested and I told her the few policies I have with LIC etc.nothing about amount been invested as I personally have worked for Commonwealth games. I thought they are just calling to whosoever was associated with Commonwealth operation.

She called from +91- 7428 413427 and did not tell me the exact benefit I was entitled to, according to her records. After three days another member called me up stating the same background and I was entitled for 1,31000 INR. He asked me to pay 5000 refundable amount re-register to take the benefitted amount. I asked him to send a written document from their company to my home address stating the entire situation and amount which needs to be paid to get benefits. He was ok on it and said it will reach with 72 working hours.

It did not arrive as yet. Seems like a fraud. Isn't it? As the similar case someone mentioned above in the post?

Can some one take actions against such fraud people.

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