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Insurance Verification Department


Consumer complaints and reviews about Insurance Verification Department

Jul 7, 2015

Call from GBIC related to loyalty bonus

I received a call from person named Rajeev Mehta - number +91 8459459075, says he is from Governing Body Insurance Council and informs me about a policy i purchased from icici prudential. He explains a 60:0 ratio thing and said that loyalty bonus is being sent to the agent code instead of my code and gives me a code and file ref no; there by transfers the call to account dept of their own, then a lady over asks me details of my file number, policy etc.,which i haven't disclosed, thought to be suspicious call and i disconnected the call..
Jul 6, 2015

fake call regarding Bonus

I got a fake call from 01204192900. The person was calling himself Amit Gupta from Central Government Insurance authority, Delhi. He was asking me hell lot of details regarding some insurance policy. When I asked him about his organization information like where is it and what is its website, he cut the call.
Please look into the matter and get these people behind the bars.
Thanks and Regards
Katik Aggarwal
Jun 30, 2015

Fake call for claiming bonus

I got a call (from num: 9810419980) this afternoon saying it was from LIC verification department and asking to confirm if I would like to raise an objection for Bonus cancellation on my policies.
He said if i dont raise an objection then that would mean my lic agent gets 40% and the local branch would get 60%. then gave me an IRDA file number and an objection code saying it was for my reference.
He then said he was transferring the call to the claims department. They infact spent 40 mins explaining the whole process and that this was urgent since today is the last date to raise an objection. He spoke about some Fund Transfer Form which I had signed and that would gave my lic agent any bonus that i may be eligible for.
He asked me to send a copy of my adahar, pan, photographs and a cheque for approx Rs.30000. and confirm the courier number to him. He sent me the address to which I was supposed to send the courier from his supposedly personal number: 9599419801 and the address is plot no 132, sarla tower near park ascent ohtel sector 62 noida 201301.
when i searched this address on the net, it belongs to SK Transports.

Phone numbers: 9810419980, 9599419801
Address to send cheque and other details: plot no 132, sarla tower near park ascent hotel sector 62 noida 201301
Jun 23, 2015

Insurance Verification Department


I got call from mobile number 91364 09980 from lady claiming from insurance verification department delhi.
she told that I have 1 lakh dividend for money back policy from LIC.
when I told her that I am recording the phone and in case of fraud I can go to police since I have her mobile number
then she immediately disconnected.
Mukesh Kumar Mund
Jun 22, 2015

Call for claiming bonus

I received a call from 0911409804342 today from a person telling himself Mr Raghav Singh from LIC verification dept,delhi.
He is insisting me to provide my lic no,PAN no etc so that he could help me claim the bonus amount. But instead of providing these details I cross questioned him to send the same via email reg this as a proof, but he hesitated & said that there is no internet connection in their office.Also said if you will not share the detail then the claim amount will be cancelled.

Kindly help me what to get done in the case.

Mukesh Mund
cell: 09178469406
Jun 19, 2015

frequent calls asking details from central govt. insurance authority

I am also receiving frequent calls from some Central Govt. Insurance Authority, they said some bonus is pending and asked for the details, when i insisted that i want to talk to some senior person and asked them to give the office address, she cut the phone, i googled this organisation , only to find out this forum.....and now it seems my apprehension has come true, this indeed is a fraud company....the no. was 120-4192900
Jun 18, 2015

Insurence verification call

I received a call today morning asking for similar details like the above complaints, the lady asked for insurence policy number, premium, nominee and dob. Same story - case has to be closed today. I asked her number so that i can call back - initially she refused, but later shared Disha Mehra - 9717358480.
Its easy to cheat elders who don't know to verify on internet, they trust people easily. These fraudulent companies and people should be penalised.
Jun 17, 2015

fake call from 01204044400

same fake call
Jun 9, 2015

Dividend refund from Insurance Council

I have received a call last Monday 8th June 2015 that Insurance company have done the insurance for Common Wealth games worth Rs.1250 crores. and since this Insurance amount not utilized they are refunding the money to all Policy holders, then giving it back to the government.

They started basic question about my policies and from how long i hold this policy and wanted alternate no. and Postal address for them to dispatch the cheque. The lady had told me that I shall receive verification call from their senior member.

Today on 10th June, another person had called me from 74289 44115 stating that my refund amount is Rs.1,75,000/- and and he wanted KYC details of me. When i insisted him to send the mail for me to reply he refused and when i insisted to send the cheque through courier, he disconnected the phone since I was not keen to share any Personal details.

Can some one take actions against such fraud people.
Jun 8, 2015

Fake Verification calls

As all below co-bloggers experianced a 30 min back I received a call from 1409801051 asking policy number of Life Insurance
so that he can tell me Dividend amount Received. Out of 60:40 ratio, Amount invested by Insurance co. has earned Dividend.
I said I am right now in Office and I do not have Policy number at my hand and ask him call tomorrow OR given your number so that
I can call you back with details. He made urgency that today he has either to verify OR close the issue. I said him ' okay Let me try to get Policy Number from Home" He told me that he will call in hour, In the mean while I searched in the google and get this Complaint Board and confirmed myself surely its a fake call. Thank you guys for sharing Info. I am thinking next course of action to some how complain this with Cyber Crime Dept.
May 20, 2015

Spam Call for giving Dividend money from Exide.

I received a call on 20th May from 9213093796(blocked it on true caller) from a lady claiming that i am due to receive about Rs.65000 as part of dividend from Exide.
I initially cut the call realizing its a spam, but she called again warning me that she is doing this for me and i would lose the money.
I listened to her, she asked me to deposit 20000 in their account, on which i will be receiving the said 65000 from them.
I asked her to delete my number from their records on which she got abusive.
I request you guys to beware of calls like these, the callers are very persuasive.

Nithesh K P
Apr 16, 2015

Fake call on sharing dividend - EXIDE Insurance


I received a call from 9311109688. The lady (Name was not clear) stated that she is calling from Exide insurance company and that the company has offered me a dividend on Rs 65000/-. I rechecked the name of the company she is calling from. When i informed here that I have no policy with the company so how come I am getting dividend, she informed me that the company has done 200% profit last year and is sharing the dividend in 60 - 40 ratio to current policy holder & a group of people who have policies in some other nationalised companies. My name came up in a lucky draw and therefore I am being offered this dividend. However since the company would be paying the divided even though I am not a polciy holder, I would have to make an investment of Rs 35000/-. When I informed the lady that I am not interested she tried to convince me that its just a one yr investment. She closed that call trying to make me doubt my intention of not accepting the offer by stating "I shall cancel the offer against your name and you shall receive a cancellation call soon."
Quite frankly this call was so absurd that i had to post this in the complaint board.

Request you all to be aware of such calls, the caller dies not give you time to think and ask too many questions, always hovering around the amount you are getting and how one should take the offer. She spoke very fast so that it would be difficult to understand what she is trying to relay.
rakesh achreja
Apr 15, 2015

bajaj alianz

complant no. icd;rakesh achreja/465369
Mar 30, 2015

LIC Bonus verification

On 30th March at about 12.30 noon, I received a call on my landline wanting me to confirm receipt of intimations from LIC about declared bonus. The caller was speaking in Hindi and can better speak Hindi only and not good at English. He said he was calling on behalf of Central Government Insurance Authority under Ministry of Finance. When I confronted him that there is nothing called Central Government Insurance Authority but only IRDA, he was suggesting that I can check on the website about the Authority. When I insisted on knowing policy numbers, he said he only has login id but he would not have policy numbers. He gave the login id and wanted me to approach the local LIC office and ascertain details on bonus. Apparently he took my name and phone number from the BSNL telephone directory.
Mar 28, 2015

Fraudullent Calls from LIC Agents

This is to bring to your notice that i was receiving frequent fraudulent calls from a person claiming to call from LIC office from Delhi. He began the call informing that one of my policy dividends were not claimed last year and the agent from whom i had taken the policy has sent a document that I was not interested in claiming that amount. The insurance company has invested the unclaimed amount in a company and the LIC agent would be getting 40% of the unclaimed amount if i did not take action today. He went on further saying that i would get the unclaimed amount with more loyalties if I invest a sum of 28,000 rs in Agon Religare company. That he would send an agent from that company today to our house and im supposed to give him a check of that amount and i'm not supposed to tell him about the call i had received from the LIC agent and that i should tell him that im investing the amount out of my own interest. One searching over the net i have found out that Agon Religare is another insurance company. By inciting fear the fake LIC agent is making me draw the opening another premium in another insurance company. Please take action against such calls and ensure that these con men are brought to justice.

This was the number on which he had called. :09136849328
Mar 23, 2015

Call from Central Government Insurance Authority, Mumbai Authority - appears to be fake

24 March 2015 - received call from 1204160716 on my landline - Caller PS Tomar - on asking for the address of the authority it said - SSS Serving Branch, Jeevan Seva Yoga Ashram Building, East Mumbai Vile Parle - He said that I have moved a case for cancellation of Additional Bonus' on one of my policies - On asking for the policy number, he evaded and said that the same cannot be provided on open line - On asking to tell which office/Branch of LIC has forwarded the file - he said there are 76 branches of LIC in Delhi - On asking him to be more specific - he said Connaught Place = On asking to specify which Branch because I have policies from 2 branches- he evaded and asked me to provide my ate of birth - I evaded and asked him to tell me the Branch number - he again avoided and asked for date of birth - I asked him to give me his telephone number = he immediately disconnected == It does show that the call is a fake == however, some of the data he gave is correct === well Beware of such calls
Mar 17, 2015

Bogus Call From LIC Verification Department

This is to bring to your notice about getting too many fraudulent calls from LIC Verification number department, claiming to be from Mumbai headoffice. They speak in Hindi, and ask for the Policy number. They were too convincing in getting the policy number from me; but they went on asking for my DOB, PAN, Aadhar details, which I didnt share.

The reason they put forward for such call is, they tell that the commission amount in terms of divident is unclaimed by me and this money if unclaimed will be routed by your agent whom you are not in touch with to hefty commissions - ie., 40% claimed by the agent and the rest by company at the time of maturity.

I have traced the number to have come from 1409580674 and 1409804320. So please note this kind of fraud happening, getting your personal details from you. I am not sure of their intention; but I understand it shouldnt be for good. Hence please refrain from giving any details to such fraudulent calls.
Mar 12, 2015

Fake call of Dividend payment to non-customers from Excide life insurance

Today I got a fake call from 9350572290 and 9599571359 from someone named khushi, telling she is from Excide Life insurance accounts dept. They told me that company has generated a big revenue last year, so as per irda has to share some portion as a dividend between customers. However in order to create large customer base, company is giving this amount to other customers as well. So I need to invest Rs. 30000 into their some investment plan for 1 year, which i shall get back with interest after 1 year. Once I make an investment, company is going to release dividend amount of Rs. 65740 after 48-60 days.

As i was having doubt about their dividend payout to non customers I called Excide Life insurance customer care to confirm whether they are running any such scheme. As expected, they denied it and confirmed that it was a fake call.
Feb 20, 2015

Call regarding Insurance premiums

There was a call from Landline No. 011-33120854. ID indicated as FACK INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT. Threatening to cancel my policies in case I do not provide them with the details they desired. My mobile no. 9431493874. Please take necessary measures to prevent such attempts.
Feb 18, 2015

Phishing call claiming to be from Insurance Verification Department

Today I received a call on my landline and as I don't have a proper caller ID could not record the number, from allegedly, LIC's Insurance Verification Department. The man spoke to me in Hindi and identified himself as Vishal Mehra. He was claiming to be from Insurance Verification Department, LIC and said that a sum of Rs 1.18 Lakh is due for disbursement for dividend against my policies and it would be cancelled if not claimed. According to him, my agent who sold the policy did not do some formality and the dividend was up for cancellation. They also confirmed that the agent will not inform me on this because they will claim hefty commission of 40 % on the dividend if not claimed. They seemed very natural in talking and asked for my DOB, PAN & Driving license for further processing. They actually confirmed my mailing address correctly and this is what fooled me :(.... When I demanded their contact details & a reference number of this conversation they had given me a docket number : NOS5924/001K and forwarded the call to the next level for me to figure out a way to claim my money. The man identified himself as JP Sharma who said the dividend was supposed to be paid out by Reliance industries and they asked me for a relationship number with Reliance on any financial investment. As I did not have any, they advised me to open a Life Insurance policy with them with a minimum premium of Rs 25000 and have the policy cancelled within the freelook period and furnish the relationship number to process the pay out of my cheque! As this persona had a fair bit of my personal details already, I made the mistake of furnishing further personal details like PAN & Driving License number unfortunately which can be misused!

He also shared a hunting number which can be traced as these guys are confirmed fraudsters. The number given to me was 8287012672. I hope the authorities take stern action on these people who are capable of stealing the identity even from educated people!
Feb 18, 2015

Claim of bonus

My father received similar call from some Rahul Sharma calling from Delhi followed up by Geetika Sharma. They claim to be calling from IGMS and handle irregularities done by private insurance companies. Ms Geetika (+919211219236) asked for INR 14,380/- for 'processing' the irregularities and said we would receive around 3.5L as part of bonus from pending insurance policies.

Luckily I intervened and spoke to these people about exactly your system works for which they had not clear answer. I asked them to email from a registered email address, they couldn't do it. Then they gave me an email address: lifeinsuranceivd@india.com and asked to email all details along with policy receipt copies.

till now I have received no response on email and now this is very clear why. Ultimately having full faith in our government officies (that they cant do any good in life) saved my money going again.

Abhishek (aagrawal2287@gmail.com)
Kalyan Sinha
Feb 13, 2015

Bogus Call From LIC Verification Department

Today , on 13th Feb, 2015 , I received a call from +91-9266622521 that they are from Verification department of LIC and a Sum of Rs 1.5 Lakh is due for disbursement for dividend against my policies and it would be cancelled if not claimed. They also confirmed that the agent will not make you informed on this becouse they will claim hefty commission of 35 % on your dividend if not claimed. They seems very natural in talking and asked for my DOB for verification which is very normal in such kind of call and looks authenticated. Further they asked me the address at which divident check would be posted and alternative contract number.They had given me an USER ID : ICC459587 and told that your file is forwarded to next level and you will recieve a call from Management within 48 Hours on your claim before it would be processed and dispatched to given address. You need to confirm them your User ID for process.

After call I just verified if LIC isdeclaring any dividend to Public on net and came to know all these are fake call. Still I am waiting for the Management Call from them . Beware od such call.
Feb 12, 2015

Insurance bonus

Caution about one Mr. Vikas Gupta also... please note 07503274859
Feb 9, 2015

Bogus call from Insurance verification department

I have received a call from 08750482467 saying that his name is Rahul Sarma from Insurance verification department .He said that an amount of Rs one lakh fifty four thousands and three hundred thirty is lying with them to be released towards insurance amount lying with them to be released and gave me my particulars available with them and took details about my date of birth and asked me to pay an amount of Rs30,300 in the name of Reliancs life Insurance so that the pending amount in LIC can be paid to me.Since I doubted some mischief and hence not paid any amount.The Authorities should publish in the mass media cautioning the people to be very careful and not to be cheated.
A.Jeevan jaya
Jan 31, 2015

Fake calls regarding Bonus accrued on LIC Policies

My Parents have received phone calls on Landline stating that there has been bonuses from LIC on previous Matured LIC policies. They state that the call is being made from LIC verification department and that bonuses are pending from LIC as the LIC agent has unknowingly taken an NOC( No Objection Certificate) stating that he will take the bonuses and deliver the same

They transfer the calls to various depts like verification department, accounts department etc to make it feel real. Some of the names are Harish Bhai patel, Preethi sharma etc All calls are either from landline / or from numbers which cannot be contacted.
The calls made to mobile are from 01409803853.

Please Beware! these are fake calls . These calls are made either to trap bank Information from innocent people or to make them buy new Insurance policies of Exide insurance or Religare.

They talk for hours and try to get information. Spread the message so that People don't get cheated.

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