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Insurance Verification Department


Consumer complaints and reviews about Insurance Verification Department

Feb 13, 2016


From the mobile No. +91 9211906053, +91 9211824776, +91 9555753652 , it was conveyed to my that my father has taken up a Policy from LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION (LIC) and Benefited amount of Rs. 2,10,650/- is lying Pending for disburse to him of his Nominee.

It was informed about the File No. xxxxx231 and its Pin No. xxxxxx. If I wish to get this amount of Rs. 2,10,650/-, I have to submit certain document like father's Death Certificate along with my particulars like Color Photo, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Cancelled Cheque all along with Cheque of Rs. 29,950/- (Rs. Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred & fifty only) in favour of HDFC Life Insurance Co. Ltd. which is likely to be collected by representative / Agent of HDFC Life Insurance Company.

The above documents is likely to be collected by representative / Agent of HDFC Life Insurance Company. But I have to hide the above case from the said Representative/ Agent and simple inform him that I wish to take a new policy of CLASSIC ASSURED PLAN for 7 years investment and 10th year maturity. After receipt of the same then after 15 days I will be paid Rs. 2,10,650 +28,250 = 2,38,900/- after deduction of TDS and applicable Service Charges/ Taxes.
When I asked about the Insurance Policy No. or issuing Office they told that this will be given after my login by paying Rs. 29,950/-
It was also forced to tell us if you wish to avail this benefit or not else it will be directed to Central Govt. and your file be closed permanently.
When I rang the above No. +91 9211824776 Mrs. Poonam and asked her that, when you are having complete details of Office Address, Resi. Address, Ph. Nos. Bank A/c. No. and Branch etc. then why are hiding the Policy Details from me, SHE/THEY UNDERSTOOD the matter and disconnected the Phone and after that, they stopped to phone me.
Venkat Pulapaka
Feb 10, 2016

Fake call for LIC policy verification, bonus

I too received a fake call from a person named Rahul Khanna from mobile number 917210783699 claiming that his is calling from Insurance Verification Authority of India. He said there is a huge unclaimed insurance bonus amount in my LIC policy account that I took long ago. He then took my old policy numbers and then put me on to a lady named Khatri (mobile number 8826636377) from the accounts department of the same central government organisation. She then bombarded me with a lot of unnecessary information and then took my address and said insurance amount of Rs 1,19920 is lying unclaimed in my name. If unclaimed, it will be transferred to my LIC agent who has staked claim for the amount. She then said, if I wish to claim that amount I need to pay a security amount of Rs 25500, which will be returned along with the unclaimed bonus amount. If I fail to pay the security by 3pm today, I will forfeit the bonus amount, which will either be paid to the LIC agent or it will be returned to the central government. She even gave me an email ID: gbicfinanceindia@gmail.com. I then told them that I am filing a police complaint against them for trying to cheat common people. When I asked for their address, she she cannot and then disconnected the phone.
Feb 9, 2016

Fake calls stating the officials of Insurance Verification Department

Please be ware of these two numbers, claiming that they are officials of Insurance Verification Department of LIC, has asked me to send them Rs 21196 to issue the bonus amount of Rs. 69180

9015407137 SANJAY MEHRA

9266602905 MS. ANANYA
Feb 1, 2016


Hi All,

Got a call from a guy called Abhik Choudhary. the number he called from was 9212121741. He mentioned one of my old ,surrendered MAX NY Life Policies and said the agent hadn't mentioned at the time of sale that my policy had a clause that if I paid the premium for more than 5 years then the policy would continue to accrue interest even post surrender!!
Surprisingly, he knew my date of birth-my age obviously-and and where I'm located. He gave an incorrect premium amount though and I told him off immediately. Googled and found this forum.
But I'm extremely angry at how they get these details and why the IRDA doesn't take cognizance of all the complaints listed on this page.
Annamma philip
Jan 24, 2016

Getting lic bonus money

I have received a teleport call on my land line number from Ms. Neha Sharma phone no. 9136223659 address in last week of Dec,2015. I have been informed that an amount of Rs. 255785/-as bonus amount against my LIC which has already been matured and claimed in 3 years back. I have also been informed that I do not claim this amount within 20-25 days after providing all my personal documents it will be directly go to Govt.of India. She is repeatedly confirmed that she is calling from Dept of Cancellation Authority of money transfer Dept of India, Mumbai. address is Abusment bldg, 2nd floor, SG road, West Santacruz, Mumbai.

Anyway, I have not provided any details of mine. I would like to know whether it is an authentic or fraud...
Jan 21, 2016

Call from Unknown people

Yesterday I received a call from numbers 8882759106(Ananya), 8802794864(Amit) and 7428083009(Vasudha), all these numbers are CDMA Reliance. They claiming they are from Governing Body of Insurance. Ms Ananya told me that there are Annual equity Bonus lying of around 93000 in my account and this request is for cancellation of my this amount. Then I asked what is meant by cancellation, she further said it is cancelled then the amount will transfer in agent account instead of me. Agent replied to them that my client has already shifted to Canada and please deposit this amount in my account as advised by client.
I trusted there word as I am not in contact with my agent since past 10 years.
Ananya asked me to send some documents including residential proof, id proof and photograph.
They need this as they will remove the agent associated with my policies and for this they asked me to deplosit 24000 which I did it.
They provided the address as below:
GBIC Insurance verification department
Kindly advise me whether there is any Authority like that.
S. Rama Prasad
Jan 19, 2016


To day I have received a phone call from1409801051 claiming Central Government Insurance Authority New Delhi. Ms Janvi gave ring and told that some amount is lying in their account purportedly transfered by LIC of India and file no 000973521 is opend by them I has some funds. Since they are lying with them from 2014. They told me the agent has claimed 45 % of the funds. If no reply is received by them they will transfer the funds to the agent and rest will go the govt. Mr Gopal Das Mehta is the seinor person who can stall the procedure and can return the funds to me for that they have to open a claint ID. They told me that the fund is being managed by LIC of India and Bharati Axa Life Insurance Co. As the file is very old claint Id is not being created. Mr Atul Misra has created ID no RPS5932300P under Bharati Axa Life Insurance Company. A Person will come and will collect the ID particulars and request us to pay Rs25000/- as security deposit.

Kindly advise me whether there is any Authority like that.
Does the Government has any power to take money like that and pay huge commission to agent on claim.
Jan 11, 2016

Call to collect dividend from LIC

I received call from Mr. Abhiskek 8802124451 saying that you have to collect dividend of Rs. 90,580. He told that my money was invested in Future Generali Insurance by your agent at the time of purchasing LIC policy &now he will get the dividend. He has given me the code no TQR876B to claim the amount and asked for the documents of Future Generali. When I said I do not have such documents then he said you have to pay Rs.26000 to process the documents from Future Generali. Then he transferred the call to other person (9136193361) to process for documentation. When I asked to send email, they did not send any mail for the same. Theysaid if you did not claim for your amount, you will loose the same. 30^ will go go Future Generalli and 70% will get your agent.
Sujan Nagrik
Jan 6, 2016

Insurance Verification Department Fake Call

I got a call today(7-Jan-2016) where called told me that he is calling from Insurance Verification Department. He said that LIC bonus amount is pending with them and if details are not provided today, it will lapse. When I probed further, he gave me his name as Abhishek Sharma and number 9716950015. I asked for landline number for which he said he does not remember it. I disconnected call understanding that its a fake one.
Magan Rathod
Jan 2, 2016

Got a call from insurance verification department

Today on 2.1.2016 i got a call from the number 1409580674. The caller was a lady. She told me that i have got a bonus dividend on my lic policy and in order to receive that i must fetch her my bank details n pan number. I got suspicious about her intentions n when i became strict and interrogated her few questions like her name, place n office address, she stammered a little n finally disconnected the call by saying that it was just a regular procedure to stay connected n updated with their customers.
I would like everyone to be careful with this number n any other fake calls like this. Its a trap to obtain access to our bank details n internet banking in the long run. Be careful.
Dec 18, 2015

Insurance VERIFICATION department

Dear sir I did have the above mentioned many references of fraud in the name of insurance VERIFICATION department. Unfortunately I did share the pan N aadhar card number. After I spoke to IRDA THEY TOLD ME THERE IS NO SUCH DEPATMENT EXISTING. ATTEMPTED CALLING CYBER POLICE IN BANGALORE AND DELHI TO INFORM THIS. BUT TO MY BAD LUCK NO RESPONSE. CAN ANY BODY TELL ME WHAT IF THEY know MY PAN AND AADHHAR?
Dec 14, 2015

Insurance policy

Issue the wrong policy i.e regular premium policy
Dec 10, 2015


Policy No: 495973560 for an amt of INR 4387/ I am getting constant reminder on my phone from VM-LICIND on my Vodafone connection. I called nearest LIC help center, but there's no information on the policy. I hate LIC anyway and I do not recall having ever subscribed to their services even in the worst of my nightmares.
Dec 1, 2015


Today eveng I got call from 7503910094 number , first a lady contacted me on landline then on my mobile.

when i asked her irda and my insurance company doesn't make any call regarding bonus pending and all.

later they contacted me on mobile with that ladies assistant male candidate.
he told me his office is in Mumbai

when i asked about adds and website he said office time is over was disconnecting calls

people please be aware from above number and fake calls

do not share policy numbers and details.
Sourav Chakraborty
Nov 15, 2015

Fake Call from +918587974184

I have received calls from +918587974184 twice from the same lady in an interval of 5 days. She said it was from GBIC regarding insurance commissions disbursement. She got my date of birth but I did not answer her further queries. She was supposed to forward my phone line to some superiors for further verification, when I asked her details regarding her office and whether she had my insurance details. On this, she suddenly hung up.

She said "Government Body Insurance Counseling" instead of "Governing Body of Insurance Council", that too fumbling, which raised my suspicion. Then I checked internet and landed down to this page.

Please take necessary steps to stop this.
Nov 14, 2015


Today 14 NOV 2015 i receive a call from Central Govt Insurance authority ( CGIA) - 9210802858 ( No registered on the name of Rahul27- Truecaller ) regarding unclaimed bonus of my reliance life policy which have been already withdrawn. and she offering that i have an unclaimed amount of Rs 1,78,320.80 /- on behalf of that policy. after long discussion about the details whether all detailsprovided by her were wrong , then i asked how can i claim the amount ,she told to send the complaint letter to IVD ( INSURANCE VERIFICATION DEPPT) email id - ivd55@yahoo.in. and after receiving the acknowledge send your KYC documnets. when i asked her where she calling from.she told that i am calling from mumbai but when i told her that this is the delhi no. she hang up the call. I call back to her then some one else pick the call and told me that what is the problem with u ...?
Before this i got many calls regarding this. So please beware with these these type of calls................
Oct 24, 2015

FAKE CALL to cheat innocent people

I got a call from a lady (must be a bitch) from mobile number 8459403181 who told me that I would get a bonus of 1,32,000 rupees as bonus from my LIC policy which was matured in 2012. Surprisingly this bastards collected the few details already like my PAN card card number and my current location, office name etc. I was surprised and delighted too knowing I will get a huge amount but at the same time could not believe if it was true!
She told I will have to give my Aadhar card and Bank details to get the amount back bla bla.. However, when I asked her to tell my policy number she told a wrong policy number, my suspicion grew and I told her to send me an email with all the details required etc. But they never came back. I called the same number from my land line phone and they were asking me to give a cheque of 21000 rupees which they will return along with the claim.. Anyway, when I told that bastard that looks like this is a fraud call to trap people etc etc.. he hung up the phone. Friends please be aware of this kind of malicious calls.
Abdur Rahman Laskar
Oct 23, 2015

cheating of 57000/- in ac 5452000100103501 ifsc karb0000545

a fake call from 9910745995 named Aditya from Delhi on 30-09-2015 in the name Return services . Pl. enquire this make arrangement to find the culprit immediately
Abdur Rahman Laskar
Oct 15, 2015

regarding cheating rs 30,000/- in ac no. 17291131002067 in the name of Axis Services by froud named Aditha

pl. inquie it sir
Oct 4, 2015

fake calls regarding bonus accrued on LIC policies

Fake calls regarding Bonus accrued on LIC Policies
I have received phone calls on Landline stating that there has been bonuses from LIC on previous Matured LIC policies. They state that the call is being made from LIC verification department and that bonuses are pending from LIC as the LIC agent has unknowingly taken an NOC( No Objection Certificate) stating that he will take the bonuses and deliver the same

They transfer the calls to various depts like verification department, accounts department etc to make it feel real. Some of the names are SAYED MALIK,TAQWEEM HASSAN etc All calls are either from landline / or from numbers which cannot be contacted.
The calls made to mobile are from 9015134863,05750952083.

Please Beware! these are fake calls . These calls are made either to trap bank Information from innocent people or to make them buy new Insurance policies of Exide insurance or Religare.

They talk for hours and try to get information. Spread the message so that People don't get cheated. Do be cautious about these calls please do verify with your nearest insurance companies.
Oct 3, 2015

insurance verification department

i am getting persistent calls from this number 9211132940 claiming that my money is lying with him and that I have not claimed it.

this guy is a fraud - beware

rajkumar yadav
Sep 23, 2015

Call from so called 'Insurance Verification Department'

I received call from a call today morning from a person named as Rohit Tiwari.
The person gave his number as 9250002361.

The person claimed that he is speaking from Insurance Verification Department and there is a big amount close to 1,95,000 INR pending in my account.
If verification is not done today, this amount would get cancelled.

The amount refers to Company Performance Fund and he told that this amount is based on a policy with LIC and the agent code was B4V73.
He did not reveal the name of the agent and said that agent had not told me about such amounts in past and agent took 72% as commission.

Please be aware of such calls asking for your photographs, PAN card, account number etc.

P.S. - This person was not able to say IRDA correctly. He said IDRA 2-3 times. That made me suspicious about the conversation.
Sep 14, 2015

Persistent calls from LIC Releasing authority

Abhishek Malhotra, Code No. KBN173LIC092, Mobile no. 8882407982: This guy sounds so genuine and confident. keeps saying that soooo much of my funds are pending with LIC and lying uncollected! Dont know whether to give required info to this person or not. Not sure which agency in LIC can give me the clarifications...
kirtan vyas
Sep 11, 2015

face call from Swati sharma , rgarding iinsurance verfication

I received call from 9211132940, the person asking about my policy verification. I denied to give him this thing so he behaving rudely. I asked him to provide me address so I can give them in written but he disconnected the phone.
Sep 9, 2015

Fake call for Insurance verification

I got a fake call from no. 9136957515 from a lady Kirti. I am getting such calls regularly now. Request insurance verification department to please trace such no.s and also others in this thread. Please let know if any other help needed from our side.

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