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Dec 5, 2016

Account Suspended

I have been using my irctc account where around 10 days before it was suspended..

When I asked the reason they told that Im using some Autofill option or so.. But I've never tried it since I am good in typing and I can type without the use of these things..

Now I am finding very difficult to book the ticket...

Kindly re-activate my account and allow me to book the ticket in future..

A/c Name: svraman500
Mail ID : svraman500@gmail.com
Nov 27, 2016

Debited money from sbi accout


I trying to book Ticket online as dated 27 November 2016 for Solapur Railway station to Chatrapati Shahumaharaj Terminals (Kolhapur), train number is 11051, through sbi atm cum debit card. The 932 rupees amount debited from my account but there is no confirmation of ticket bookings.I called irctc all call centre numbers but there is no response to me. please as soon as possible refund my money.
Irctc id:- gawravj

Gaurav Jadhav
Nov 23, 2016

People selling beer nd liquior in train,nd some young people taking it nd drinking in train

Hi,i am basically from dehradun,traving from kerela to delhi,in nizamuddin express,people selling liquior in train after mudgoan,they come like a normal person,carring a bag in which they have liquior,nd in this train some young people had taken where my seat is so they were making noise,at night shouting,didnt caring for people sleeping,turning lights on lights again nd again,they dont even care about ladies in thi compartment,nd when they werr drinking,TT came but when i saw him he just said nothing to them,he just smiled nd moved on,he should had taken some fine from them but he havnt,that is so shamefull,atleast u should have some police mens in train atleast these things should not happen ,i. M right now also in train my seat num is 39 in S1.my name is Prateek Arya from Dehradun
Nov 22, 2016


Hi Myself Vineeth i was travelling in 16860 ( mangalore to Chennai egmore ) train , s5 coach during morning hours one thing i noticed that from calicut most of the people using sleeper coach with general ticket. and making disturbance to those who have reserved birth. i too suffered. when i see the checker he was casual in his duties. taking money without writing in charge sheet and allowing people to travel. this is totally annoying.
One kind request to Railway Authority should take severe steps against those TTR and should confirm passenger comfort & safety.
Nov 22, 2016

suspended my email id for booking ticket

today morning i try to book train ticket of my brother. but i get message from irctc. My email id is suspended amd i can not book any ticket.
my question is why?
i am not an agent.

please suggest me.

amit kumar
irctc id----amit_nadda
Nov 1, 2016


Dear sir,
My name is Hanif Sitaphade traveling from Adoni to Solapur ,my ticket pnr no is.4537487885,the train no is 11302 date of journy 30/10/2016, my coach no is B1 my seat no is 49,50,53,58,i was travelling with my family,by Udan express from Adini, to Solapur, when i reach the stations at 4.00 am in ticketing counter no body is there to tell the timing of the train as they all sleeping no one was in the ticketing counter, in the stations waiting room the cleaner of stations man was sleeping on the table he kept the all fans on and he was snoring and deep sleeping it was very inconvenient to seat in that room we seated at station seating area, we found the timing with tea stall staff the train arrived at 5.00 am 1 hour late ,when the train arrived we want to get in our coach but the both the side door was closed we are unable to enter in the coach as TTE ,and coach attendant was sleeping on the empty seats they are not bother to open the door of the coach we have to knock the door for more than 4 minute each and every window of that coach later in the last minute TTE open the door on runing train we got inside the coach along with my 7 year old child,with my wife and sister it was so danger and very bad experience in the train,i have request to the ministry of railway to look in to the matter, and take proper actions above persons who is fail to performed there duty's ,i hope the railway depatrtment will take proper actions for concern staff it will not happen the same with other passengers.

Thanks and regards
Mohamed Hanif
Oct 17, 2016

Train No 05528 running unusually late and AC not working in A1 coach

Train No./Name: 05528 / ANVT JYG SPECIAL
Coach - A1. PNR - 2223444679
I am currently travelling in this train and AC is not working. Train is running 6 hours late and there is no pantry service available.
IRCTC Staffs are talking about shifting to another coach.
I am 55 years old with three luggage and this is very inconvenient.
Please help.
Aman Ranawat
Sep 23, 2016

Damage of luggage by rat

PNR NO. 2222344237 FROM ANT -Muzaffarpur
my trolly bag was damaged heavily & some clothes wad also damaged . please take some response. this happens 2nd time with me. iam a student & cant afford these damages.

Sep 20, 2016

Security of ladies in Nagpur Mumbai duranto express

Some person physically and verbally misbhave with some ladies in train... Who consumed liquior in train ... It is very difficult for passangers in such condition... i request Railway and Railway minisrty to take serious action against such people... Details of train.... Nagpur - Mumbai Duranto express... Boogiee no S4 Date of journey - 20 September 2016... PNR:8351426712,TRAIN:12290,DOJ:20-09-16,SL,NGP-CSTM,Dep:20:40,
Aug 31, 2016

Irrational Seat Allocation

The PNR 4842825905 of a Woman Senior Citizen, and the seat allotted is UPPER BERTH.
Though the preferred BERTH was provided as LOWER.
Is there no one using some common sense in allocating BERTH.

Aug 16, 2016

regarding timmings of train and rules of trains

dear sir ,
i was travelling from Chandigarh to Amritsar on 13 august at a train named Chandigarh super fast whose arrival timing was 5:25 evening but it arrived at Mohali on 5:39 , due to which for the whole way , train has to give crossing to lot of trains and it also stopped on lot of those stations on which it normally not stops . then at Manawala it stopped for approximately 2 hours . the timings of train to reach at Amritsar was 9:25 but it reached at 11:45 . what the hell is this .name of train is Chandigarh super fast and it is so slow. what about those girls who have to go alone from station . all the passengers were irritated . children were crying .
and today when i was travelling back in intercity express , there was a huge rush . there should be no entry of those who tickets are in waiting in booking coach . and already it was so frustrated . washrooms were not at all clean . its for the sake of those who are facing all these problems
Aug 6, 2016

IRCTC deducted balance from SBI acoount

Dear Sir,
With warm regards I want to say that I Sohan Lal having coustmer ID as namely (Sarngal) with mobile number 8670204377 with IRCTC for booking tickets and enjoying good service provided by you.
But due to some software errors or else I am facing financial deduction from my SBI account (20081545666) automatically without any information and confirmation from me. I never active any facility or product from IRCTC.
I already complaint to IRCTC with ticket no. (2024282,3737048) but they are not giving satisfied answer from Customer Care.
Kindly tell me where is the problem, if any service activated in my account then kindly deactivate that service and refund my entire deducted amount immediately to my account number.
Balance deduction details are given below:-
1 May 2015 1 May 2015 POS PRCH-POS 512110394347 IRCTC- 488.72 4,602.58
13 Jun 2015 13 Jun 2015 POS PRCH-POS 516410013631 IRCTC- 489.05 35,706.53
25 Jul 2015 25 Jul 2015 POS PRCH-POS 520620013356 IRCTC- 489.05 42,110.48
12 Aug 2015 12 Aug2015 POS PRCH-POS 522420001125 IRCTC- 794.05 7,858.43
23 May 2016 23 May 2016 POS PRCH-POS 614410023973 IRCTC- 384.35 10,046.08
23 Jun 2016 23 Jun 2016 POS PRCH-POS 617520027811 IRCTC- 244.50 18,926.08
I also enclosed a bank transection statement with this letter.

Sohan Lal
Contect No. 9439123605
Email ID - Sohanlalbsf@gmail.com
Aug 1, 2016

Improper seat allocation

Dear Sir
I booked two tickets from Kalyan to Pune on 29/07/2016 for journey on 06/08/2016 on IRCTC site.
My PNR number is 8749613980 by train number 11029.
Allotted seat numbers are D412 and D4-3
We are both senior citizens and at the time of booking 233 seats were available.
I fail to understand why two seats apart from each other were allotted. When two persons are travelling and booking ticket at one go , should they not be allotted side by side ticket ?
Is it asking too much when 233 seats are available.
It may be noted that this is not an isolated case but I have faced this problem every time. the recent one is on 10/06/2016 and 15/06/2016.
Please look into your system if possible allot me new seats.
Jul 15, 2016

Improper booking

I have booked 3AC ticket on your site on 08/07/2016 from Jaipur to Secunderabad ( Train No. 19713) ,vide PNR No. 2320177158, while booking I have opted that "Book only at least one lower bearth is alloted " but upper bearth was alloted , I am a Sr Ctzn ,At the time of booking 50 bearths were available , what happened to my request ? Out of 50 bearths no lower bearth was available ? . It's a mistake of system
I request you to change my bearth upper to lower -- Thanx

Vinod Kr Chhajer
email : gemcalibration@yahoo.co.in
0 9414079715
Jul 14, 2016

OTP No. non-acceptance


For Email-Id verification IRCTC has to send an OTP. NO. code in my Email-Id. While entering the OTP Code which was received by me in the Email they are not accepting. It is showing "wrong OTP No.". The number itself is sent by them to me. How to solve this problem. Why IRCTC behave such an irresponsible manner? because of this I am not able to login and activate my account. It is high time Govt. should suspend this online booking of IRCTC and opt for something else.
Jul 12, 2016


I registered IRCTC UBI RUPAY physical card for my online ticket booking and make easy payment than the other option. Then I realized this card is not useful even for normal ticket booking. Sir please don't cheat the customers like this type. UBI Rupay card is not display during 08.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs in its payment window for tatkal/general quota when booking online. Then what is the use with this card I cant able to understand why this type of service is provided by IRCTC. OTP is not get in time. Please terminate this service. I have bad experience with this card and close this card with in a month. My card No. is
6071 6802 2004 4127. For this worst service they deduct service charge too. You have to same for getting service charge with out giving service.

Pankaj Kr. Ray
Jun 15, 2016

Deduction of double amount

IRCTC Txn No 616420031427 and 616420031562
Name : Pankaj Kr. Ray
Age : 27 Yrs
Journey From Asansol to Howrah
Journey Date 13 Jun 2016

Dear Sir / Madam,
Ticket booking not confirmed but pay deducted from my account (Rs. 159 + 159) on 12 Jun 2016 at 16.16 hrs and 16.20 hrs at above mentioned IRCTC Txn Number. I requested to you please refund above mentioned money at end earliest.
Sir this is my second time complaint....but my money not refund....I request you please refund my money as soon as possible..
Jun 13, 2016

Amount not credited in my a/c

Dear sir,
I have cancel my two tickets on 9.06.16 and 11.06.16 by the name Of Nilesh K singh with pnr no.6353044628 or 2418997559
till now i have not get refunded amount.
Please do a needful action ASAP.
Thank You,
Nilesh K singh
Pankaj Kr. Ray
Jun 13, 2016

Deduction of Double amount but ticket not confirmed

IRCTC Txn No 616420031427 and 616420031562
Name : Pankaj Kr. Ray
Age : 27 Yrs
Journey From Asansol to Howrah
Journey Date 13 Jun 2016

Dear Sir / Madam,
Ticket booking not confirmed but pay deducted from my account (Rs. 159 + 159) on 12 Jun 2016 at 16.16 hrs and 16.20 hrs at above mentioned IRCTC Txn Number. I requested to you please refund above mentioned money at end earliest.
Jun 11, 2016

Food and cleaning

I have travelled in 2nd AC during a trip to Agra from AndhraPradesh and back in Swarnajayanti. Cleaning took place only twice during a 27 hour journey. No liquid soap not even fresheners were sprayed in bathrooms. The 2nd AC coach seemed a general coach with least hygiene. The bathrooms were stinking n nobody bothered.
On my return journey I have ordered some food in Bhopal and the tiffin they served as stale after charging me 70 per plate. I don't understand what's the role of Irctc against such frauds.
A similar thing happened at Kalyan station when I was travelling from Mumbai to AndhraPradesh during last October. I had bought biryani packets @Rs.100 each for my children but they turned out stale. What the hell the Government boasts of railways.
WE don't need BULLET TRAINS. We expect trains with good maintenance.
Jun 10, 2016

A/c not working

I was travelling from bangalore to chennai on 30 04 16 along with mygrand son intrain no 22626 the ac was not functiong in mycoach we sweated a lot please refund the difference in fare Reference no.0808373
Jun 10, 2016


I have tried booking a tatkal ticket today morning at 11AM from the id(majay155).
But i have got an error like 'service temporarily unavailable'. I have tried around 4 times and every time i got the same error.

This error iam facing very frequently these days.

Could you please let us know the reason why it is happening.
May 26, 2016

In train disturbance

Respecter sir,
During train travelling, phone charging in entrance and lattraine there was so many disturbance for ladies, child, as well as other people. Some people standing for long time without leave a way .ple take that charging..so many beggers are coming inside the compartmant.
Ple take immediate action for our safety mainly for ladies.

Thank you sir
May 20, 2016

Reactive user ID nevilleed


Please Reactive user ID nevilleed or delink mob no 9833369905 from userr id 'nevilleed' as I need to link it to the active user id neville_ed

May 18, 2016

deactivate account

dear sir

I have account in IRCTC but automatically deactivate so please activate my IRCTC A/c. I can not make my reservation tickit so please shortly activate my A/c

User name - Bhatidilip
Mob.- 8696145537
mail id. -dilipbhati93@gmail.com

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