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Consumer complaints and reviews about IRDA

Jul 23, 2014

cheet with the name of irda

i received a call from IRDA mumbai Mr Raj Dixit call no (08655647052 and 8655603149) that i have regarding to my old policy bonus approx 1.5 laks was issued. and for this i required to open a new policy with the name of future general life insurance. after taking a new policy of 20000 of future general life insurance policy they told that u have to also open one more new policy.
Jul 19, 2014

Fake Call

I recently received a call from +91 120 478 2550 regarding my Birla SunLife Policy. I had received such a call earlier, but had luckily not given out any relevant details. When they told me about some very high bonuses, I asked them to send me everything by email.
I had talked to my agent about it and he had warned me about the fraud that is going on.

This time, I kept the caller talking, till he asked me my date of birth. I gave him a false date of birth. The conversation went on for some more time, and then I asked him why he had asked my date of birth. He said he wanted to verify my genuineness, at which time I told him that I know he was a fraud because, I had told him a wrong date of birth. He immediately disconnected the phone.
I really think strong action should be taken against these people, so that they fear the consequences and do not try to fool people.
I also wonder how these people have so much details about us !
Jul 11, 2014


Fake Bonus Call from IRDA

Today I received a call from +91 7532 091981 which says that this call is from IRDA & they declared a bonus of Rs 4,70,000 against my policy by LIC policy and they confirm me that its call for verification from its verification department because I have nominated Mr Neeraj Verma to claim my bonus. They want me to deposit some huge amount with them so they can generate an INC code to claim this bonus in my favour and to stop transfer of money into Neeraj's account. I was surprised that how this can be...I did not authorise someone to claim my bonus. They gave me some registration no. (fake).

When I & my office friend try to investigate this issue with them during call, because we know, that IRDA never call to someone reg. such type of issues. I request him to confirm me my policy number, they give me policy registration number instead of my policy number which is totally fake number, when we strongly speak with them, they put my phone on hold, and after few seconds, phone was disconnected.

When we try again and again on that number, one lady pick-up phone and advice that this is not IRDA number, its a PCO Number and phone was disconnected by that lady. We once again dial that number and same lady pick-up phone, i strongly inform her that we received a call from this number (IRDA) and we discuss about 30 minutes, how its happened that now this is not IRDA number, that lady handover phone to a person & that person try to ignore our voice, we inform them during call that we are going to lodge a Police Complaint. After this conversation, that phone was switch immediately.

Is there any authority keeping watch on these fraudsters???? We need to take strict action against this so many people are being cheated with this its a huge fraud racket that need to be adhered to....
Jul 7, 2014

Fraud calls from IRDA

Hi all, today received call from Mr. Ranghuvanshi (IRDA Official - 08010203159 / 9350860642) for "Lapse of my LIC policy. Asked about my policy no, lapsed since when, my birth details etc. Well provided the same in good faith -> Now got the bumper offer of getting it terminated and getting back some "Bonus amount" against purchase of new policy from FGI LIC. Asked to pay amount of Rs 30000 for purchase of new policy and than has option of closing it up after 70 days. Also will get 50% off on my first premium if book it today. The policy to run for 12 years with name "Pearl guaranteed". Got call from "My relationship manager - Aksah Agarwal (08467803156) on verification and step by step process of getting my money back.

Well they asked for few docs but strikingly did not asked for original policy docs which was to be surrendered.

Firstly it seemed quite good that someone is extending the support hand in getting your money back but later just checked the internet and IRDA portal. Read the bloggs and "IRDA Alert" that "Such activities are fraudulent...

Anyways I have not paid up any thing as yet but SUCH MAL PRACTICE SHOULD STOP !!!.


Jul 4, 2014

Fraud call for insurance policy bonus

I have got call from 8470005487 (Afzalpur, Karnataka) saying that they are from Insurance Control Authority (ICA), division of IRDA. He gave me some file number (AST****)and asked my all personal details (Name, Policy type, whether I have policy in my custody, Insurer, inurance premium amount, nominee name). He told me that due to my best relationship with Insurer, LIC is offering me bonus of Rs.87435/- on 16th August 2014. And to get this amount his senior would call. I got lured in this plan and gave them all details expect for my Policy number (Thank god). I did not got call so I called back in 15 minute. The person told me to be patient and his senior will call back.

Next day his senior called, someone called Jain (9871782137) and he gave me detailed expalaination about the bonus. He was very convincing in giving answers. I asked him few details about why should I get bonus? He said that 75% amount of premium is fixed with government gilt or bonds and other 25% goes into equity. As there is profit from company, they share it with people who have the best track record (like regular payment of premium, no lapse of policy or no loan on policy for tax and durability to pay premiums till last decade etc.). This convinced me that he must be genuine. I also raised query regarding the fraudent calls which he smartly tackled by saying that he understands concern and he will send me detailed mail about all above information and a recorded copy of the conversation during delivery of cheque.

Here is the catch. He said that I need to remove the Agent's name from the claim and policy as my file is being returned from my local Insurance office. This is done by my agent so that he can claim (40-45%) of amount for himself and other goes to the Government. He asked me 10 times that do I want to claim that amount. Here, you will loose confidence in your agent after this argument and you will fall into their trap.

I got suspicious when he revealed that to get this I need to submit self attested PAN, Address proof, Photo with my sign on reverse side, Nominee PAN and Photo (why should it matter for payment which I own). And finally he told me to issue cheque of Rs.25000/- in name of FGILIC. After receiving this I will get cheque of Rs.87435/- from him and plus 23000/- refund. Remaining Rs.2000/ will be used for processing.
I need to courier this immediately to FGILIC, C/o. Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, B-24 Second Floor, Sector II, Noida-201301. And when I told him that I cannot do it now he got frustated. This gave me enough hint to look up for this ICA.

When I searched for ICA I did not find anything related to same. Then I looked up FGILIC it was nothing but Future Generali India Life Insurance Company. I called him back to ask him what is this? He told me that FGILIC has been appointed to do this transfers.

IRDA should enquire into this fraudent calls and take strict actions against companies like FGILIC.
Jul 3, 2014

Fake call from IRDA

Today I got a call from +918459344120 - IRDA, offering insurance amount of 2 Lac even I do not have any insurance.
Ranga Rao Tummala
Jul 1, 2014

Fake Call

Got a call from 9210352523 stating that I have received a bonus on my insurance policy and tried to get a lot of personal details. I have given him the date of birth and stopped as I got suspicious. Please beware.
Jun 27, 2014

Fake call from LIC

My parents also received a fake call from lic delhi. They said the policy as taken in 1986 and promised a Hugh bonus. Thank fully i searched on internet and found this forum and informed them about this cheats. Thanks to all of you.
Jun 27, 2014

Fake Calls for "Bonus" from IRDA

I got a call from +918285960945 telling me that a bonus amount has been allotted to me on the basis of an IRDA registration number. For verification they asked my date of birth which I gave away. Later after googling out, I found its a fraud.

I request IRDA to please take action against people making such calls.
Jun 25, 2014

Fake Call on the name of IRDA policy verifier

Fake Call from IRDA
Even i have received a fake call today stating that the person is from IRDA. He was asking about my policy details. I wantedly told him that i am not having any policy and started questioning him about his exact office address. He was asking the policy details like Policy Tenure,Premium ,nominee and date of birth etc.
The number from which i got call is - 0966627148.I had recorded the conversation and would like to make a poilce complaint
I would request IRDA to take action on them to prevent people from getting cheated in this cases.
Jun 25, 2014

Fake Call on name of IRDA policy verifier

Fake Call on the name of IRDA Policy verfirier
Even i have received a fake call today stating that the person is from IRDA. He was asking about my policy details. I wantedly told him that i am not having any policy and started questioning him about his exact office address. He was asking the policy details like Policy Tenure,Premium ,nominee and date of birth etc.
The number from which i got call is - 0966627148.I had recorded the conversation and would like to make a poilce complaint
I would request IRDA to take action on them to prevent people from getting cheated in this cases.
Jun 23, 2014

Fake call from LIC

Few days back I too received this kind of fake call from these nos +911409807245/+911409807244. At that point of time I was not aware that this is a fake call as they very smartly convinced me that they are from the LIC headoffice. Requesting the authorities to have a widespread awareness as this seems to be going on for quiet some time.

Also please let me know to what extent they can go once they receive the policy details.
Jun 20, 2014

Fake call from LIC

Today (20 june,14 ), I also got a fake from 01204667250, the person said that he was calling from LIC department. He said that LIC has declared a bonus to me of rs. 3,00,000 and asked my policy number and family details. When I went to the LIC office there was no such bonus and LIC officials told me that it was a fake call.
Please seriously look into this matter.
Jun 20, 2014

Fake Call from IRDA

Even i have received a fake call today stating that the person is from IRDA. He was asking about my policy details. I wantedly told him that i am not having any policy and started questioning him about his exact office address. He was not able to answer and he disconnected the call.
The number from which i got call is - 08587027597
I would request IRDA to take action on them to prevent people from getting cheated in this cases.
kulwant chahal
Jun 18, 2014

Calls from IRDA persons

I have been issued fraudulanetly insurence policy by HDFCLIFE. i COMPLAINED TO hdfclife which is taking too long to settle and are going through delaying procedures. I got a call from one ATUL SHARMA phone no.9311278132 claiming from IRDA.. He promised that money will be refunded with interest. I am surprised that how they get my number and other data. I got another call from lady named Swati Ahuja phone no. 9311072685 and asked cheque in the name of FGLIINS for rupees 35000 along with documents.I happen to courier these thigs on Saturday. On tuesday I realised sonthing fishy and stopped the cheque.I got call from swati and infomed her the cancellation. Then another lady Ambika Mittal called me saying swati is busy and she told to call me. She demanded all the papers along with cheque for 35000 rupees..I asked for IRDA addres along with landline numbers. She started giving lame excuses and gave mobile no. 09717978613 this is clear of fraud. When I am writing these lines I am getting calls from Swati and Ambika continuously for cheque .
richard dsouza
Jun 18, 2014

lic delhi

Received call from LIC Delhi office on my landline on the 10-01-2014, I inquired how did they get my number, they said that from my LIC file. I do not have any recent policy, but from one of the company that I was working, when I left the company in 2001, the company had invested my superannuation with LIC Delhi office, for which I am still receiving my pension.
They gave me a file number and crossed checked my age and address, informed me that my policy has outstanding bonus payments on my name in Lakhs of rupees and if I want to claim this amount, I will have to purchase temporary life insurance policies from LIC selected companies, as the investments are made in these companies, which will be cancelled in a months’ time after I receive the bonus payments.
Between Jan and March, I have purchased policies for over two lakhs rupees as per their advice. After that, whenever I contact them they give a lame excuse, or transfer the call to other department.
Now it is more than two months and they do not take my calls from my mob, if called from some other phone they say to wait for another week.
Checked on the internet at LIC bhaskerkhanna this is the LIC person’s name with whom I am dealing with and was surprised to find that he has cheated many more senior citizens from out of Delhi.
Now I am stuck up with these useless policies, I have tried to contact the insurance companies but they refuse to cancel them and pay the refund after deducting cancelling charges.
This is to inform all senior citizens, if you do receive, any such bogus calls do not fall in to their trap.
Richard D’Souza

Person’s names and mobile numbers of LIC’S staff Branch No 112. LIC File No IR/0017/002.
First received call from Mr. Anand Rai Manager Mob No. 09582515347 on 10-01-2014.
He informed me that his deputy will contact me and guide me for every step of the procedure, Mr. Bhaskar Khanna Mob No 08588004977.
Finance & Accounts Dept Mrs. Shaksi Manothra Mob No 09643128622.
Complain Dept Mr. Raj Gupta complain No. 25643 dated 04.06.2014, he refused to give his phone number.
Policies purchased from.
Birla Sun Life Insurance Price Rs. 35,000 (Thirty five thousand only) per year
HDFC Life Insurance Price Rs. 50,000 (Fifty thousand only) per year
Future Generali Price Rs. 70,090 (Seventy thousand and ninety only) per year
Reliance Life Insurance Price Rs. 75,000 (Seventy five thousand only) Per year
RichardD’Souza mobile No. 9819414317 land line 022028769730
Jun 14, 2014

Fake call from IRDA

Today I received a fake call from the numbers 011409804233/224, caller introducing himself as Pankaj

Sharma claiming as an employee of IRDA, Delhi Office. He started narrating a cooked up story that my

Insurance Policy accrues a sum of Rs. 1,02,392.60/- as bonus and because the agents will not tell about

these additional bonuses, the customers will not know about these benefit, but IRDA always wants
the customer to reap these benefits.

Then he told since there is a agent code,they cannot release the amount directly to my account.
When I asked him about the particulars of the policy for which I was about to get the bonus amount,
he told since it is a telephonic conversation and line is recorded, he cannot divulge the details and instead I have confirm the policy number and need three details -1.PAN card Number 2. Voters ID or DL etc and 3. policy number or even the application number of Future Generali India Life Insurance Ltd(FGI). in order to release bonus amount... When I gave him some details but told i dont have FGI insurance, he connected me to his so called senior Vishal Mehra. That fellow insited me that If I dont get FGI policy today, the bonus amount is likely to be get reverted. When I told it is not possible as it is Saturday evening, he told he would do that as a personal favour to me and send the agent to my address. I told him I need some time to think and asked hime ring after some time.

But as I guessed it right, when i surveyed on the net, I found this was a fake call. After 10-15 minutes I got the call from same no. but didnot pickup knowing well it is fake call.

He called to my land line number(which I generally avoid giving to outsider and not mentioned in the polcy either) and even quoted my Name and new residential address( as against the one mentioned in my policy) which was enough for me to suspect this is a fake call.

I have a strong suspicion that there is well formed unholy nexus of scamsters( otherwise how will they get the name, address, phone number etc., ) trying to trap unsuspected middle class people in giving away their credentials like pan no.,Voter ID etc and
looting them in some way.

So please be aware of such despicable people..

Jun 14, 2014


Jun 13, 2014

IRDA fraud callers

Many people on this forum have mentioned receiving calls from criminal gangs claiming to be from IRDA and asking for details of your insurance policies. I got one such call recently from 91-1316452014 which cannot be traced easily but appears to be a telemarketing number whose location is not known. It is better not to talk to them at all since they are using various methods to defraud you. IRDA's own website has warned against this but it seems they will not take any action against them. They have advised the affected persons to make a complaint with the police.
We all know how difficult it is to deal with the local police. There is no use at all unless you have actually been cheated of a large sum of money. So what action can be taken?
You can send a complaint to the telecom authority TRAI whose address is ap (at) trai (dot) gov (dot) in Perhaps they may take some action against the party. No point complaining to your telecom provider since they cannot stop people from calling you. Since "prevention is better than cure" it is best not to get into conversation with them. If they continue to call them tell them directly that you suspect they are criminals and that you will report them. (Mention the name of some neta or senior government or police official if you can. Or just shout at them, which may be more effective.
Jun 10, 2014

Fake call from IRDA

Received a fake call yet again from these scamsters...they took away 1 hour of my time chewing my brains out and blaming the agent for not telling me of the additional bonuses. they asked me the policy numbers and the premium amount. I understood it was a fake call, as they should have had all the details with them if they are releasing bonuses against certain policies of LIC.

He managed to dish out an impressive bonus amount of 1,27,500/- loyalty bonus from LIC. Here is the interesting part...I took all the policies when I was in Delhi, so they should have my Delhi address in their records. Somehow they got my current address in Pune, which was a proof it was a fake call.

On top of it, they said the bonus is split into 2 parts: Silver and Gold. The gold bonus amounting to over 90,000 will be only given to me if I have a reliance policy and silver bonus amounting to some 35,000 will be given if I had a HDFC policy. To play, I said I have policies from both companies. That time they backed out saying they will get back to me with further information...

Fuckers....cheap marketing tricks...assholes !! IRDA - what are you doing? The number they contacted me from is 9313 216 577, and some Sujit Tyagi and Rajesh Shukla
Jun 5, 2014

Fake call from an an ill mannered female supposedly calling from a government firm

Received call from the most ill mannered female from the number +91 9136662059 claiming to inquire about my insurance policies and their bonus going to the agent. On telling her, I bought this from bank, not agent, she says" if you buy from a bank, you think there is no agent involved? ".
I knew this was a fake call and asked her to send me a mail about this on whatever email ID of mine is registered with them, on which she hurled choicest of abuses and disconnected the call.

Beware guys, do not entertain such calls at all.
Jun 4, 2014

Fake Call from CGIA-Central Government insurance Authority

I have received a call from number 9313599866 stating I am eligible for some bonus payout from my Reliance insurance policy. I literally scolded and asked that lady to put down the phone. Please beware of such calls.
May 31, 2014

under payment for claim

Our ford figo car was met with an accident. The IDV value for our car is 2,90,000/- but the insurer new india insurance company representative have told us informally that we will get around Rs 1,65,000/- plus scrap value for the accident car. Plus guide us in the criss cross road.
May 30, 2014

Fake call with name of IRDA

Today I have received a fake call from this number : 08459438147. They mentioned they are calling from IRDA and they also mentioned that IRDA normally do not call any one but if there are any problem with your file then they give a call. According to them, IRDA has legally had flights with insurance agents about high commissions and then amounts getting invested into stock market. They have recovered 2.4 core from such insurance advisors which they want to distribute among several policy holders. The amount which they want to give me is 2.45L which is not a bonus, not a policy redemption amount but a scholarship amount. If I want this amount they their person will visit my address (I am surprised that they had my name + address with them, that’s it I think no other details). They claimed that someone called Mr Autual Shah has filed my papers to collect such amount which they found as fraud so either they will cancel my file then I will not get money or they will correct my file and process it then I have to pay 35000 deposit for 2months 10 days. For a illiterate / unaware people about insurance and what is IRDA this is a really very easy trap. Person started asking my personal details, and when I say I will not share anything then all of a sudden he disconnected the line.. beware. This is a fraud and fake call. IRDA cant call to distribute money.
May 26, 2014

Fake Bonus Call from IRDA

Today I received a call from +91 1409801051 which says that IRDA has declared a bonus of Rs 1,80,000 for my policy and they have called me from IGMS department for verification because I have nominated any Neeraj sharma to claim that bonus. They wanted me to deposit Rs. 35,000 to generate an INC code to claim this bonus and to stop transfer of money into Neeraj's account. I was surprised that how this can be...I did not authorise someone to claim my bonus. They gave me some registration no. and the number of Joint Deputy director of IRDA "Rakesh Bajaj - Hyderabad". 09716577168. When i traced this number it was issued in delhi. When i serched directory of IRDA - The name is not fake. I believe some other person was talking by changing name.
Finally I spoke on IRDA Grievance Call Centre (IGCC) toll free 155255 and they told it is fake call and do not provide any personal information.
IRDA should take a strong action for these type of calls. Their should a body who monitors these calls.

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