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Consumer complaints and reviews about IRDA

Apr 8, 2014

Fake call from IRDA

Today I got a call from +911409804233 calming to be calling from IRDA, and the lady calling told me that my current policy in loss and if I want to recover the money I need to surrender my current policy and buy a new one from Reliance Insurance after paying an anount of 30,000/-.
Also she told me that a person from Reliance will call me and they will come and collect my document.

I was surprised to know that the person on the phone knew all my details like my address, my Date of birth also the orgnisation I am working in.
How come all these informations are available to these persons?
This is really a serious issue and these personal and sensitve information should not be accessible to these people.
Apr 7, 2014

Are they working for IRDA

Yesterday I have received 2 calls from the number -01143575739. They are claiming that they are the 3rd party of IRDA. Working/running complaint center insurance customers. I want to know is it true or false, because they told that they are calling from Noida, Sector - 62, UP but the calling number was from New Delhi of Bharti Airtel Network Operator. I want their complete address also.
Mar 27, 2014

Policy log in fo a convicted person

I was ashtonished to hear that a big brand like Kotak Life Insurance have logged in a life insurance policy of Mr.Prabhu Dev Agarwal proprietor of Haldiram Bhujiawala,who according to google also is a convicted person as of now and is under bail.My question is how can a company can log in this sort of policy in thier company violating the rules of IRDA. The annual premium is Rs.1Crore 15 Lacs with service tax and its a pure moral hazard case as per IRDA Regulations.

The form is already processed and awaiting for issuance.Please do the needful to take nessecary step to stop the same at the earliest.

Look forward for your kind action to be taken.

Prakash Choubey
Mar 27, 2014

Call for inforamtion on HDFC life insurance claiming bonus

Today I received a call claiming that I have a bonus on my policy. The phone # is 01165708884. Is this genuine call ? It appears that they did not have enough information about my policy and still call me for asking for more inforamtion to provide bonus.
Mar 20, 2014

Fake calls from IRDA

Today I got a fake call from IRDA, +918459079158 mr. VK ARORA, I have been told that I have accumulated some bonus of 152000, I don't no from where I have accumulated. neither my investment in insurance is 152,000. if I will not claim that, then it will go to Mr. Neeraj Varma, , who claim to have my NOC for colleting those money
As I refused to claim that money, I have been informed some registration number and told me to keep with you.
I have big question, why somebody will pay me 152000 agt a cheque Rs. 37998/- issued in favour of Royan Club .
I appreciate if this complaint can be taken seriously.
Feb 12, 2014

Fake Insurance Bonus call

Today I also received such a fake call from number 1409807679 . The person was claiming that he is speaking from Delhi and he is going to drop a mail for me to LIC for bonus which is pending for me. Though I said I didn't wanted to claim any bonus as I already received all my bonus, he was asking which timing he should put in mail so that I'll get a call from LIC during that that time. Also when I asked how you get this number, he was telling like we call the people who are government persons , retired people or who has good market reputation.I cut the call saying that I don't require any bonus.
Feb 3, 2014

IRDA - Fake Bonus Call

Today I received a call from 140930360 informing me about a bonus announced by LIC on my behalf of Rs 1.24 lac. However, to claim this amount i have to provide policy details, my address and PAN Card/Aadhar card details. I gave away my address and policy details but as soon he started asking my birth and PAN details I realized that this was a fake call and disconnected the line immediately.
jasvir bakhtu
Jan 23, 2014

froud call about insurance department

i have recived a call on my land line number , when i feel some doubt i tell him that plz call on my mobile , froud man talking in hindi his number is +911204861850 , he said that i was talking from insurance department new dehli jiwan bharti buiding connaught place, main i verify more he disconnect the call, after that i trace his number from website http://www.tracephonenumber.in/ his number detail is that,"+911204861850
Landline Number
Network Operator: Bharti Airtel
Location: GHAZIABAD+DADRI, GHAZIABAD, Uttar Pradesh West
. when government better know about these bad person why he not take strong action against him.
i am jasvir singh from punjab
mobile number 9876690208
Jan 20, 2014

fake calls from IRDA

Today I got a fake call from IRDA, +918459659810, I have been told that I have accumulated some bonus of 325000, I don't no from where I have accumulated. neither my investment in insurance is 3,25,000. if I will not claim that, then it will go to Mr. Ankit Gupta, And Rajeev Shukla, who claim to have my NOC for colleting those money
As I refused to claim that money, I have been informed some registration number and told me to keep with you.
I have big question, why somebody will pay me 325000
I appreciate if this complaint can be taken seriously.


Jan 18, 2014

Fake call from IRDA

Today I got call from Manoj Desai (09136763401) saying he is calling from IRDA(Hyderabad) and he is government officer and told me that "Your data of policy is with us, if you are not happy with your current policy and its not giving you good return then they have some policy which will give good returns". And then he started to taking my other information. I clearly say that I am not going to give you any single information about me. Please call me after 10 minutes. And mean while I search number in True Caller and I got result as "Reliance Munnu". So after 10 minutes he called me from some other number 09136423884. This time I told him that I going to file police complain against you as I am sure this is the fake call then he accepts that he is calling from Reliance Life Insurance and after that he disconnect the line.
Dec 25, 2013

Fake bonus call

Today i received a call from insurance verification department saying that i have got 154000 as bonus from insurance co. I have been rewarded because there is no withdrawl of insurance money in last so many years. He further said that i have to pay 28000 in name of reliance insurance ,out of which they will keep 500 as tax & return to me 27500. Also, a person will come from reliance insurance for verification and take the cheque. I then asked him for which policy i am getting this money? He said for all the policies. I got little suspicious as i have only got insurance policies from LIC and the guy was telling me that money will come from Reliance insurance. I searched the site and got this page. Thanks all the alert viewers for writing. Callers name was atul pande and his no. was 1409807547
ashok chawla
Nov 24, 2013


Nov 14, 2013

fake call from finance ministry

i got a call on 14-11-13 from 0120-4935550 he give some information about my existing policy of Max. he told that my money going to invest in market and he conform a big amount then he give me a number (08802023112) of Mr. Pramod Tiwari; PA of Mr. Prem Chand Kothari HOD of ministry and said if i request him to refund such amount then i can get the payment. i call that number and talk approx 30 min. i realised that he is going to convay for policy of DLF life. after that i got the call from 8860759505. i search that people on internet but i did not find any people of such name suddenly i see this complain box......thx to u all guys i same my money. but we need to take any strong action agains him....is any body suggest how can i complain for it
Nov 12, 2013

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Dear Sir(Anukrit),

We are sorry to hear your experience. We have received reports about unauthorized individuals posing as official representatives of the company or regulator who are contacting customers to pitch new policies. We request you to be cautious and not share any personal information with them. We appreciate the fact that you have highlighted the issue to us.

To enable us to investigate on the issue we would request you to share your policy number with us by writing to us on lifeline@iciciprulife.com. Request you to quote the reference number 093000_aaav1 whilst sharing the details.

We hope our continued efforts help safeguard your interests.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
Nov 12, 2013

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Dear Mr. Sharma,

We will have your concern reviewed again and accordingly provide a resolution at your registered email address.
In case of any further clarification please contact us on our Customer Care number 1860 266 7766 or write to us at lifeline@iciciprulife.com.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
Nov 9, 2013

FRAUD BY icici Bank, ask for FD but put mony in ICICI Prudential.

I visited ICICI Bank for Fixed Deposit but Rajesh Sharma employee put my money in Fixed Deposit. I never asked him to put my money in ICICI Prudential. I have urged many times to ICICI Bank authorities that I never visited ICICI Prudential; I visited ICICI bank on dated 28th Feb, 2013, to make fixed deposit of 2 lakh. It was last day of month and they show up as they have no time to deal with me and ask me just to sign the document which they will fill later on, because of their rush hours and closing. Because Before this I had never such a bad experience so I believed and signed and left the bank with this assurance that I will get fixed deposit receipt by courier. This fact that bank employee used his own discretion to put my money in ICICI Prudential about which I never listened. They their selves put my hard earned money in ICICI PRUDENTIAL for 7 years payments which are quite impossible for me to pay for such a lengthy period.On receiving wrong policy I immediately rushed at ICICI Bank Sector 17 C, Chandigarh & enquired about how they could put my money by their own. More over question was from where I would manage such a big money every year. Anyhow on agreed upon I handed over original policy to Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Manager, after all discuss. He clearly admitted in front of many staff members of ICICI bank that if I am not interested in this policy how they could compel me to retain it and accepted the policy in front of many staff members and assured for refund at an earliest.
He accepted the policy and retained till completion of free look period and as soon as free look period completed he sent the original policy by ordinary post at my locked residence because he was much aware that I had left for another place. Post was seen by our neighbor and he informed me. Till date I am trying my best to convey what happened with me.
I would be grateful if I may please help in getting my money back. I have also complaint to IRDA and awaiting their decision
Oct 28, 2013

Fake calls of Loan

I have been receiving calls from 01130778963 by some Sachin Sharma who claims that he is calling from Birla Sunlife Loans Department and he will help me get a loan at 4.95% from Birla Sunlife. The only condition is that I need to but a Traditional Policy as a guarantee to secure the loan. When I told him that I will assign my existing policy as a collateral he declined saying that the offer is available only with a new policy as loan requires a new policy.
Sep 28, 2013

amit mishra 09555570114

I got a call from some Amit Mishra from IRDA, who told me that he has 2 cheques for some bonus which should have been claimed earlier by me. He had only called to confirm if I was cool with them getting nullified.He told me that my agent should have informed but since he has not his intentions are questionable, as agents benefit from such things.

I dont remember having an agent, I told him my Dad knows all about it as he handles my policies. He gave his number 09555570114 and told me to have Dad speak to him at the earliest. He had my name, landline and address correct. Apart from that probably by coincidence the bonus he mentioned, was almost the same amount mentioned as bonus in a recent letter received from my insurance company. All this had me trusting him. He asked me where I worked, I told him I work in software coding and asked him what should I do to claim my bonus. He told me that he will connect me to the accounts department who would guide me stepwise. The call connected, the guy was polite but seemed confused. When I spoke to him sternly about the procedure, he panicked and said the cheques will be posted to me and disconnected.

To double check I called IRDA, they said they are closed on saturdays and sunday, so how come I got a call today which is saturday. Anyways I know nothing about insurance policies, my Dad is out of town and I am still wondering if it was actually from IRDA, if not is it risky that some fraud has my address, name and landline number.

I would very much appreciate if somebody could guide me through this.
Sep 16, 2013

Fraud Calls from Mr.Dr. Kishan S Kumar

I got a Fraud call from Delhi saying he got a flat in NCC URBAN 3BHK his name is DR. KRISHNAN KUMAR his mobile number 08130976763 i want to sell this can you help me he call me. After 2 days he calls from another mobile number 07838194939 He introduces vinay pratap he want to buy a flat in NCC urban I am NRI with in 0ne day i will settle the amount.Call the Owner fo the flat. He say i will pay his Owner travel expenses. I am at airport now i cant able to go outside. please deposit your money He give assurance i will give your money 100% with out fail once i reach Hyd Airport. airport. I had call mr. Krishan Kumar he ask me to deposit the amount from my travel expenses Delhi to Hyderabad then only he will come down to hyderabad. I thought deal will be done. I had deposit money to his bank a/c SBI 10,000/- once the amount deposit he call me say i am starting after an one hour he phone will be switched off. And he never lifts your phone. Then I had called Mr Vinay Pratap his phone also switch off. Then i came to know i had lost my money.

He also have one more mobile number 09891271441.
i came to know he had cheated some more persons
mbbs admission 2012 - Bangalore - Services - karnatkas

m.b.b.s admission 2012 under nri/ management quota book your seat — Bangalore
we are a professional consultancy company engaged from last 10 year big reputation in north india offering management and nri quota seat for admission in mbbs course 2012 kindly contact on 09891271441,09540422748

Can you help me out. How to file a case against him. I have all his bank details and Cash transferred to SBI 5,000/- + 5,000/- from SBI Smart Card. EACH MESSAGES FROM HIS MOBILE.

Thank You
Aware Citizen
Sep 10, 2013

Fraud Calls

Got a call from the no. 011-64008922 today. The person said he is calling from IRDA verification department and told that I was got Rs. 3.5 lac bonus and I have to submit Rs. 24,999/- to get that benefit. When I asked that I need to talk in person, he hanged the call. I called back, somebody else picked the call and behaved as if he doesnt know whom is he talking to.

Pl look into the matter.
Sep 4, 2013


DEAR SIR i have complaint for insurance before some time but no any responce mr rahul sharma fake neme he say i m hdfc bank manager and i buy the three policy when i know that is everything is wroung.my policy bond paper he took them and he recievrd from me cash 50000.but that time he not pick a phone so plg sir help me and surender my policy process.mr rahul no 8377849391 and office no 01206590185.that prob not me but many more person. then he call he say i m a irda office his exucative mr barun collect my document and his ph no 9540511357.he say i rejaine the hdfc bank.my policy no.. 15513017/15522530/15544269 so plg i sureander the policy help me
suresh kumar
dob 03/11/1980
cont no. 9871925013
greater noida
main prob he call my home and very basrted talking that is very very seme foy india largest bank hdfc.
that time his no is officeial 01204941650/01204941600 and mobil no 9650780951 and told irda insurance noida..his name sumit sharma (fake name0 HE CALL ME AND SAY YOUR TOTAL AMMOUNT I SURENDER BECAUSE ONE POLICY 37500 DO NAME OF BIRLA INSURANCE.SO SIR PLG VERIFY THIS PERSON AND IMFORM ME HIS PARMANENTLY ADD.
Aug 20, 2013

hdfc luife insurance

dear sir with request i buy the hdfc life insurance three policy but i have no recievd the bond paper our agent mr rahul sharma (fake neme) he say i have riceved your bond then i give you.but mr rahul say i m manager of hdfc bank .about policy he say that is total wroung.now he not pice my phone and he do only two policy 65 thousand he cheat with me .his phone no.8377849391 and his office no is 0120-6590185 when i call this no he say this is pizza shop.that prob not me but many more person.so plg sir that agent hdfc branch working that is very loss of hdfc bank one time so plg sir provide the rahul branch add proper and give the punishment. his email id rahulsharma.hdfc@yahoo.com .
my policy no is 15513017 (30000)
2nd is 15522530 (30000)
and 3rd is15544269 50000 and cash 25000
sir plg provide tha accutal status and return the ammount process help me.
i accept the total prob.but that is very seme he call my home and very basterd talking dailyso sir plg help me mr rahul inquary thank you sir .
i have inquary he is work in india info line sec 63 noida. i m very helpless plg help me retourn the ammount. regurd suresh kumar dob 23/11/1980 and cont 987192501346
Jul 24, 2013

Fake Bonus Call

I have received one fake bonus call from delhi no from 01166489485 claiming to be IRDA verification department. The person told that i have received the bonus of around Rs 99K, whose cheque has come for cancellation. He has enquired about the policy details for verification purpose, but i have disconnected the same. IRDA should take such fake calls seriously.
lalit gahtori
Jul 22, 2013

fake calls

today i have recieved a lot of calls from a person who related with I R D A n he named rohan agrawal mob no 8285338733. he offered me to send a cheqe of rs 45000/ on address rohan agarwal c/o rahul baghel reliance insurance,uttaranchal business center 2nd floor,52A rajpur road,neer vishal mega mart dehradoon.he ask me the cheqe in favour of reliance life insurence company LTD and i have already 30000/ Rs deposited in my bajaj allianz insurence account and they insure me to refund all my money with all benifits in march 2014 some of rupees 105372./. Pls adwise me to what to do.
Jul 17, 2013


Today on 17th July, 2013, I received a call 15 11.23 from no.1203926741 and the name of person was Mr. Ashish Desai. He gave me his personal number as 07836078768 and told about my BSLI VISION policy. To my surprise he mentioned all my policy details and further added that, goverment has banned all the ULIPS products as insurance companies ended up making profits and customer didnt get what they really deserved. she further added, in that regard, I had some bonus amount to be received worth Rs.36,651/- and told me to send xerox copies of Voter ID, Pan Card and 2 passport size photos and a Cheque of Rs.25,000/- in the name of Birla Sun Life Insurance Ltd.

Kindly guide me at the earliest as he has given me deadline to send the above by 18th July, 2013. The address given to send is Riya Malhotra,
C/o. Pooja Sharma,
D/221, Sector – 63, Nearby Dainik Jagran,
Noida, NEW DELHI – 201301.

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