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Consumer complaints and reviews about IRDA

Nov 22, 2014

Fraud insurance call

I got call from Ms Sonia Sharma number 09136508992, saying she is from management from head office of Hyderabad that my fathers life one time insurance of 30 years period is due in 2013 unclaimed and valued at Rs 3,00,023. She had my address and even details such as nominee which was my mother's name. She asked me to open pension plan of 10 years paying Rs 30000,- with Future General India life insurance for linking my name with fathers insurance for payment. She insisted on completing opening of new policy immediately sending agent at residence. I delayed with some reason only to find thereafter from the internet that there are such fraud calls going around and they disappear once the payment is made. I hope people do not fall in to such fraud calls and may note above number. I was amazed over their marketing and spoken skills of convincing people to go for new policy for claiming old policy amount.
Nov 4, 2014

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Dear Mr. Sayyed,

Your request has been noted. Our representative will get in touch with you in the next 4 hours to assist you.

Oct 31, 2014

Call from 'Insurance Controlling Authority'

I got a call from +91 9310373817 from a 'Hema Sharma' who was calling from a fictitious 'Insurance Controlling Authority' in Delhi saying that my father had some insurance policies on which a bonus amount of Rs. 1,15,481/- is due. To get this bonus paid, I would need to send some documents and a cheque of Rs. 27000/-! As soon as I asked for their address and phone number, the call was disconnected.

Having been in the Insurance industry for over 25 years, I knew that there was no such agency and if any bonus was due, the insurance company would get in touch. I was definitely not going to send any money. What worries me is that they had details about my father's name, his nominee's name (my mother) his present address, date of birth etc. I wonder where they could have got this information.
Shashikant S Modak
Oct 29, 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have taken ICICI PRUDENTIAL life insurance agency in 2009 but due to some personal reason I left the same and my license was expired on 2012. But Still My Pancard details showing on IRDA website(www.irdaonline.org). I am requesting IRDA to remove the same as early as possible. Now I want to join L.I.C.

Details as follows -

Pancard - BNLPS7890B
LICENSE NO - 763-5735202
URN - ICII0709093813
AGENT ID - MHU070909LIICI763006

Thanking you,
Oct 29, 2014

Fake call from Insurance Control Authority

I got a call from Insurance control authority to my landline (Number known only to my family) claiming i have received bonus for my insurance policy.Bonus is more than my insurance money paid till now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Initially i told my name and she confirmed my address!!

When i asked them tell me how much is my insurance amount which i have insured they beat around the bush.Finally i disconnected the call saying i will confirm with my insurance agent.

Google does not show ICA as any organization at all.Does such "Government" orgnaization exist.?
I asked them their postal address to which again they did not respond and changed the topic!!!
Oct 23, 2014

cheeting by reliance life insurance

I got cheated by Reliance life insurance company. Initually I got a call from 8743977726 Radhika Sharma who was saying that she is from Reliance. She promised me that Withva premium of 31350, there will be a policy and a instant loan for 3 lac.
I gave the DD on the name of Reliance life insurance company (31350) but till today no polocy has been received. I launched a complaint 1410971376. There must be a strong action from IRDA like cancellation of licence so that they can not cheat further.
Radhika should be arrest by police .

Oct 17, 2014

Fake Call In name of IRDA

I got a call saying to regarding releasing of dividend amount of LIC.
Lady calling herself Aarohi Sharma from number 7042696239. (17 Oct 2014 at 5:05 to 5:45 PM)

Other Person saying Vishal Mehra saying calling from IRDA asking my personal details. Unfortunately I have some details and worried about that.
They should be cracked by IRDA for fake call on name of IRDA. I can provide some evidence.
Oct 8, 2014

Fake Call from IRDA

Got a call today from 7503297543 regarding some life insurance amount of Rs 340,000 being authorised to be dispatched on the name of an agent (some fake north indian name). BEWARE!!!
Sep 25, 2014

Fake Calls from IRDA

I got a call from Radhika Sharma from mobile number7503058637 about my husbands LIC insurance policy. She said that some Neeraj Sharma has been asking them to transfer the bonus amount of Rs 3 Lakhs to his account. She asked me if I knew him, when I said no, she wanted our personal details to file a case against him. I refused to share any details and when I checked on google I realised that a a group is behind all this, what surprised me is they had my husbands date of birth, address and policy number. The question to IRDA is how could they get all the information which is supposed to be in safe hands.
alexa chin 1
Sep 24, 2014

sale girls

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Sep 16, 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have taken LIC agency in 2009 but due to some personal reason I left the same and my license was expired on 2012. But Still My Pancard details showing on IRDA website(www.irdaonline.org). I am requesting IRDA to remove the same as early as possible. Now I want to join HDFC Life.

Details as follows -

Pancard - BAFPS1562M
LICENSE NO - 5634844
URN - LICI0408094687
AGENT ID - MHU040809LILI009012

Thank you,
Amit Sawant
Sep 11, 2014


Today I have received one call from +919313914813 (Mr.Sudgir Tyagi) regarding Silver & golden bonus. which laps today only . after laps of bonus 60% of the bonus will be transferd to agent account to avoid this & for claim procedure he transferred call to Mr. Pravin Batra (personal No.7428899016) , he told me LIC & Reliance collaboration invest your money in Delhi Metro and earned 280crore profit. from it my share rs.177578/- transfered my account .
But He told me you are not a Reliance Customer , first you purchase policy of Rs.30000/-am within 40 days . then your bonus amount transfer to my account. . receiving of bonus amount policy will be surrender deducting of Rs.500/- processing fee and 29500/- will be refunded.
After 20 minutes another call received form Reliance Policy 9560686125 regarding new policy interesting . then i rejected the same.

I have traced on onet all theses mobile nos from Delhi & NCR cities or gaziyabad , or noida .

so.... be alert
Sep 10, 2014

IRDA Fake Call

I got a call today from a person Manish (+91 8285807403) and he quoted that I have received a bonus of 3,20,000 rs . He stated my address where I used to live before 2010 in Gurgaon and my DOB . He told me that a letter was sent 3 months back at this address and he received a letter from me(obviously I did not write as I have left that address before 2010) to transfer that fund to some Nitin Verma. I felt suspicious and straight away told that I have not received any letter since I dont live on that address. So he ask me to what to do . Cancel the request or transfer to my new details. If you cancel request the fund will go to IRDA NGO. I said please cancel it and do whatever do you want I dont need free money and I will report to police if some one is using my name. After that he disconnected the phone. I immediately went to google and searched "call IRDA" and landed to this page. Thank God I did not trust this guy. FOLKS PLEASE BEWARE OF THESES CHANCES OF EASY MONEY as this could lead you in trouble or loose your money. IRDA , Police please do something to crackdown these gangs.
Sep 9, 2014

Frauds devising new plans pretending to be IRDA officials

Day 1 : Thursday 4th Sep 2014 : PLANTING THE IDEA/FEAR/THOUGHT IN MIND
I got a call from someone who said his name is Jithesh Rathore from IRDA. He had my phone number, policy number and name. He said that IRDA is calling people who are having ULIPs since many years to check if they are receiving bonuses in time and statements. I had been doing a SIP ULIP from metlife since the past 8 years. I told him that I was getting all the statement receipts monthly and even my yearly statement after the end of financial year properly but I have never got any bonus and that I was not aware of the bonus. He mentioned that I was supposed to get the bonus as the money I give was invested in other companies/shares and hence any bonus they give, a percentage should come to me as well but this was a fraud the agents and insurance companies (as per him total 29; 1 Govt and 28 private) as doing. He asked me if I wanted to close my ULIP and withdraw the money or raise a complaint so that IRDA can take it up and get the insurance company to pay the bonuses accumulated all these years and the portion which was due to me. I agreed for filing a complaint. He gave me a complaint number and then he also gave me a File number. He said not to disclose the file number to anyone as if the insurance company/agents get it, then they will use it to close the complaint and withdraw full amount pretending to be me. He said this has happened to other customers and IRDA will not be able to do anything in such case. He said that his officer Mr. Aryan Kashyap will call me back in 24 hrs and check with me to process further.
Note : The phone number that Jithesh Rathore called me from was : +91 8860520589

Day 2 : Saturday 6th Sep 2014 : REINSTATING OUR DOUBTS AND FEAR
No one called me on Friday. Saturday morning I got a call from someone who said that he is from Metlife and that he received a complaint from IRDA regarding bonus. He said that I have only signed the terms and conditions while taking the ULIP that 40% will go to the agent and that bonus will also go to him and that he is my relative. This made me furious, as even if I have signed the 100 page documents and would have missed some of the fine print, what was Metlife doing this 8 years with giving me a statement for the bonus paid. Also if the agent is claiming that he is my relative, then it is clear and can be proven that he is not my relative. So I said please take my complaint that he is not my relative and hence his posing as my relative is illegal and fraudulent. Anyway he just kept asking me the file number and trying to persuade me to drop the complaint. I got more and more furious and I refused.
Note : I don't remember his name - he called me from +91 1204370177

Somebody called me saying his name is Raj Singania and he is from IRDA. He has got a request from Metlife and Agent to withdraw my entire bonus of Rs. 1,60,000/-. He said 40% will go to Agent and then 60% will go to Metlife. He is calling only becuase he had a doubt as I had a file number open. He told me the file number correctly, but was not aware of Mr. Jithesh Rathore or Aryan Kashyap. He said may be they are from the IRDA grievance cell. He said that I made a good decision to raise the complaint and the file number because of which only he stopped their payment clearance and calling me. But he said he is helpless to stop it further and will have to clear their payment the next day itself unless I get a CCID account. He asked my whether I want to process the CCID a/c with corporation bank so that he can authorise the payment to my account and stop their payment as I have a CCID a/c and for any customer who has CCID a/c it means the agent or insurance company cannot get the bonus. The prerequisite for CCID a/c creation is documents - address proof copy, pan card copy, two passport size photos and cheque for Rs. 20,000/- as a security amount. Of this 20,000/-, 2000/- is non-refundable (filing and other clerical charges) and the rest 18,000/- is refundable. So the total amount that I will get back is 1,78,000/- - this he reiterated many times and made me repeat. Now the problem he said is that his office is open only till 05:30 pm and I need to get all this documentation done and a/c application number taken and give to him by that time. I said that is very difficult - you called at 04:30, now the time is 05:00 pm and how I can reach home and take all the documents and courier in 30 mins. He said no problem at least can you do by 06:00 pm, I will wait for you as this is important and your last chance. I will send an urgent mail to the corporation bank official who will contact you immediately to assist with the a/c opening and application number processing. He said that if he got the application number today then there is no more problem and all the bonus will be in your a/c, if not he has no choice but to clear it otherwise the insurance company may file case against him. First mistake, i got panicked and left office immediately to reach home.
Got a call from Priya Jain posing to be from Corporation Bank. Same discussion happened and she gave me a sms from her personal number with the details of the documents needed, address to which it should be couriered and the a/c details for the cheque to be issued for 20,000/-. I called up my wife and she kept all the documents ready at home, before starting my car from office i sent a reply to Priya Jain's sms. I messaged her to send me a mail from her official mail id and shared my mail id. I drove. 10 mins later I get a call back from Priya Jain. She says as soon as they get my courier all the details and confirmation will be mailed to me. I said that is fine, but since we only had a phone call, i needed a mail confirmation from official mail id of corporation bank for validating the genuinity. I got the First signs of suspicion when she began fumbling and hesitating qouting that it is not possible as there is no such process. Finally she said she will check with her superior officer regarding this. Mr. Raj Singhania calls me back. It crosses my mind that I have heard this name in some film (may be Amir Khan's - Jo Jita Wohi Sikander) or may be not. Anyone can have the name. Anyway he was in hurry and still sitting in the office waiting for me to text the application number. Okay forgot to mention that for Priya Jain to give me the application number, she needs the consignment number of the courier that I send. I thanked him for his sacrifice, but I told him that our discussion was only through phone so far. I said i need an official mail from Priya Jain so that the genuinity is confirmed as this involved money and the a/c name that she gave does not look to be of corporation bank and anyone can create an account name like this. Below are the details of the SMS i received from Priya Jain :-
1 Pan card
1 Add prof
2 photo
Amt 20,000-corporations partners
Add - A152, 1st floor, sec 63, noida 201307
Mr. Raj Singania got furious with me, he said he that all this while he is waiting in the office despite his private life thinking that he is helping me and that I was not even believing him and asking such type of questions. I said if you are a genuine employee of IRDA or any govt organisation, then you will be aware that people pose as imposters and do fraud quoting IRDA etc.. Since this involves money it is natural for me to want to be clear that this is genuine. Instead of giving me a clear direction to confirm the genuinity why are you still trying to persuade me only verbally. Finally he said it is your money, you decide whether you want to lose Rs 1,60,000/- to some one for just a mere Rs. 20,000/- Call me back and tell me in next 10 mins he said. I told him, not to wait for another 10 mins and he can leave right away as I have decided just now not to lose another Rs. 20,000/- to a suspected fraud. Someone calling me at 04:30 and giving me just 1 hr to run around and do all this and pay money without anything official is highly suspicious. He kept the phone. I was fully tensed, being a heart patient and diabetic, it was important for me not to be stressed and take a step back. I relaxed, went home and typed IRDA in google. And there in their site i saw clear notice about spurious calls which was exactly what was being done to me. I thought through the entire sequence from thursday till now and realised that I just saved myself Rs. 20,000/- for my hard earned money. I decided to make others aware so writing this down. If IRDA or any authority wants to catch them they can use these information that i published ; phone numbers, address etc. as I am sure someone will be available in these address to received couriers. No matter how smart the frauds are, there can always be someone who can outsmart them among our police/investigators if they have the will. As for me, I am ready to bear witness if called upon. This is the least I can do. Beware of frauds especially when they try to put you in haste...
Note : Mr. Raj Singhania - Personal number : +91 9873359927 Official number : +91 1204370161
Priya Jain - Personal number : +91 8377079306 Official number : +91 8377079568
Aug 30, 2014

Fake Calls - Big Fraud racket. Delhi

Same modus operandi, as per the whole list of complaints recvd.
This time the 2 callers were , 1st Tricha Desai from 8459418220 followed by Hariram Mehta 9136393988, stating they were from Birla Sun Life (to protect the interest of insurers from fraudulent agents) & the latter from GBIC / Lok Pal Delhi etc.,
When I said I would like to cooperate and visit them personally in their Office, she said OK, and since then I have not recvd any call from either. Also asked her why a Mumbai file is sent to Delhi, she mentioned that is the procedure. When asked for a Direct no, of the office, she said this was the only no. there is Direct no.
She said she would send the procedure details on sms, which I have not recvd as yet.
THE POINT IS WHAT HAS IRDA DONE ABOUT THESE ? inspite of having recvd so many complaints, excepting advertising regularly, which has certainly helped,
But how should one book these offenders - which is a really big racket? They have all your information, policy no. File no. (Fake !) N Agent Code (??), but will not reveal Agent's name.
The cell nos are in the names mentioned (checked on truecaller) - and one can see there are so many of them. Why can't the Crime branch chase these nos. thru the Network providers and book them.
What is the use of this complaint forum, if the racket continues, and many would have already got conned this way ??
Aug 22, 2014

Fake IRDA call

Yesterday I received a call from One Payal Verma (from Delhi ), stating that she is calling from Insurance Controlling Authority, regarding a cancelled LIC claim, which has amount of Rs.2,80,608.00 on my late father's name and a file number was shared.
And she said she will be putting me on to her supervisor regarding the procedure(s) to claim that amount.

All calls were initiated by these 2 numbers - 911409803906 /7.

Within couple of minutes i received from one Komal Sharma - who explained that process of claiming the above said amount was, lookup for the policy and hand in PAN, Adhaar card along with photograph.

And asked me to lookup for the policy at home - if not found there is different process to be followed, which she would explain once i confirm that i don't have the policy document.

Komal Sharma shared a telephone number - 08527571984 - on which i should contact her if i don't fine the policy document.

I did contact her - confirming that i don't have the original policy document and she explained - in case of not having the original policy document the procedure is to hand them a cheque for Rs.30,000/- on HDFC Life Insurance favour along with PAN, Adhaar card along with photograph. An amount of Rs.1000.00 would be deducted towards processing fees.


To finalise the request for processing un-claimed amount, she put me to her senior officer - one Avinash Gupta - he again explained the above mentioned procedure for policies where original policy document is lost. He gave his mobile number as 9313847455.

He increased the processing amount to Rs.3000.00 max.

Please avoid these people
Aug 18, 2014

Similar call

Similar call received from 91-1409803907, claiming Insurance Controlling Authority saying about bonus amount not taken around 95000. Asking details to progress the case. even people like me who aware through media and internet and also understand IRDA and Insurance, feel like it is original call from any govt agency. Be aware. take precaution.
Aug 18, 2014

BSLI insurance bonus calls

I received a call from Delhi from a number +911147777550. From a lady Payal and her boss Jivanram.
A call for a policy of Birla Sun Life Insurance, which I closed a year back. This was regarding the agent bonus and policy bonus. The offered me to release the bounus only if I give them few documents and a Check of Rs 25000/- against a dummy policy. They said I will receive the documents in 6-7 days and the Money in 30 days.
All this seems fishy, if that amount is on my policy and the authority have all the details of mine then what is the necessity of new documents and a policy.
This seems fraud, please check or investigate if this is in your jurisdiction.
RItesh B
Aug 13, 2014

Racket of fake calls from Delhi IRDA

It seems like police in delhi is very busy. The similar racket and similar people are operating again and again. They must be frequently changing numbers. I received 9136240415 / 430 / 39690 / 45850 ; 8882420695.

Plot: Life insurance policy unclaimed additional bonus to be released for you by Govt. of India (irrespective of policy company) f agent code converted to self code.

They claim to have just file number may give you some date of birth and try to get all the info. On asking further info on ourselves they decline, we just get file number nothing else. Even premium, years from when policy is running and give some precise random amount like 95280 benefit waiting for you. But agent code mention on your file prevents it. If you get self code this amount will be given to you. For that we need refundable amount cheque of Rs.20000/-. A cancelled cheque, 2 pp photos, PAN card, voter card. Marvelous isn't it?
The tone of calling girl become monotonously longer which is the identification of fake call. Few scamsters seating next to one another claim to be from different department like login,verification etc. Verification department person told to have name Rajesh Shukla.
They press you for time to send hard copy of document along with cheques.

Beware! don't reveal your info. Your birth date is stolen from railway charts.
khaja hyd
Aug 9, 2014

) insurance verification Department Govt of India.

I have to bring the following lines for your kind perusal that, in April, 2014.I have received phone call from Mrs. Anesha sharma (phone No.14093 - 4456) insurance verification Department Govt of India, Delhi that a case of bonus for reconciliation is pending to settle with them, for further details another call from Mrs.Anamika sharma (phone No 09599531179) of the above office has been done stating that .I got bonus under silver & gold category etc Then, she refers this case to VANEETH PATHAK (Contact No.919599531179) and his personal mobile No.08285925440. He advised me to Release that above bonus amount, I have to take some LIFE INSURANCE POLICIESAccordingly I have taken these Policies from the following Insurance Co's Mentioned below.
All policies issued Agent/Advisor is M/S.RDB INS BROKING SERVICES PVT.LTD
. After a week, again Mr. Pathak informed me that Mrs. Khushi sharma has taken all the date and left the office, CBI is taking action against her, because she was trying to get commission on these cases. There are such 300 cases; We are trying to recollect date again afterwards process will star. After a week again he informed me yours case is ready for payment and transferred to our Sr.officers, Mr.Rama Krishana who is approval authority. After 2,3 days Mr.Rama Krishana called me, there is short fall in your formality and you have to send Rs.28,000/-on line for Delhi base DD under the A/c No.33537984716 of SARIKA MATHUR . Accordingly, I send the above amount Thro 'State Bank of India'
.I am retired person and unable to continue such huge premium for a long period .Already I have taken loan to pay the above premium .I have been cheated by them with assurance of payment of bonus as well as refund of premium amount and on line amount after deduction of some minor amount from it. Please help and save us from such people who are suffering in hardship to the innocent people .An early action is solicited to save me such hardship.
Jul 31, 2014

Fake call from IRDA

I got a call on my landline number , from a lady(she called herself Rakhee Sharma ) claiming to be from IRDA ,and she inquired about my insurance policies . She said that i have got a bonus from my insurance policy as my policy provider has reaped a great profit . She asked for my policy no. , date of birth , premium value to verify . She said that my agent has cancelled my bonus so about 40 % of the bonus would go to my agent . It made me suspicious because I have not given my landline number to any policy provider . then she transferred the call to another executive person , he too repeated the same story gave a File Number , Agent ID and said a bonus amount of 80,910 which would be delivered to me at 31.9.14 . but to claim i need to pay Rs 9999 . This alarmed me and I disconnected the call saying that I will speak to my agent regarding this and took his mobile number so that I can call back . His number is 9540440773 .
Its definitely a Fraud call with malicious intent . Do I need to go to the police regarding this ???

Regards , Ayaskant Singh
Jul 31, 2014

Fraud Call by the name of IRDA

This is related to the Fraud call I received yesterday ( 30.7.14) from Delhi region saying that the person ( Aryan Khanna-9136699616) is calling from GBIC dept of IRDA and I have got some bonus from my Birla sun life policy, which is going to be transfer to agent account in next 24 hrs, and if I want to get this amount I have to full fill some formalities immediately. At that point of I thought of that this person must be a fraud as IRDA never calls to any customer regarding policy and the policy which I own does not have the bonus clause as such. Still I continue with the talk saying that I am interested . Then he said that ok I am forwarding your file to the concern department . After some time I got a call from One lady ( Nikita-9212428708) saying that she is calling from Axis Bank Noida, and she is having a cheque of Amount xxxxxxx) which is going to be transfer in the agent account by 2:30 pm and If I want to get this amount in my name I need to full fill all the formalities by 2:30 pm after giving a call to Aryan.
Then I received the call from Aryan saying that I have to give a cheque of amount of 35000 in the name of Reliance life insurance company which will be utilize for RGP ( Reliance growth plan) for one year and the amount will be refund back after one year with 42000 INR. And the bonus amount of Birla sun life will be credited to my account after 90 days of completing these formalities. After that I got a call from another person ( HK Mehta-8459430167, 8459531543) from so called “Reliance insurance delhi” office that as I want to have the bonus amount, I have to submit the documents for which he is sending one person to collect it from my office address. After that I got their (Aryan and Mehta) call after every half an hour for submitting the document and I said that as I am busy with my work so I will be able to hand over the document in the evening or tomorrow. But they were so desperate that they started saying that if I will not submit the documents now I will loose that Bonus amount.
I said ok give me your email ID I will forward all documents after scanning to you and then he was not able to answer that why he want all documents in hard copy. When I confronted him for the fraud he was trying to do with me, he ( Mehta) accepted that they were trying to do a fraud by doing the investment in reliance life insurance of my money and basically they are from some Broker agency and for each policy they will get some commission.
After that he started saying that kindly do not launch any complaint sort of thing against them as their intention was just to get business out of my money.
I am sharing this so that more and more people get aware of such fake calls, who claims that they are from IRDA and cheat the innocent people. Also request IRDA and other insurance agency to take action against such brokers who are playing with their brand name in the market and ultimately creating a negative impression in the mind of common citizen.
Jul 23, 2014

Not Able To Cancel Policy


I have taken HDFCSL Youngstar Super Premium policy having policy # 16940660 .When I signed the policy docs,I was not informed about the details of the policy .So I wanted to cancel the policy but as per the rules I should cancel within 15 days from the date of issue of the policy documents to me.As per Bank record the policy was issued to my house owner on 8th of July but he(owner) handed over the docs to me 10th of July and the courier guy even did not call me and inform about the delivery.Now on 23rd of july the bank is not agreeable to cancel the policy.

Please provide me the suggestions how to take it further and cancel the policy.

Jul 23, 2014

cheet with the name of irda

i received a call from IRDA mumbai Mr Raj Dixit call no (08655647052 and 8655603149) that i have regarding to my old policy bonus approx 1.5 laks was issued. and for this i required to open a new policy with the name of future general life insurance. after taking a new policy of 20000 of future general life insurance policy they told that u have to also open one more new policy.
Jul 19, 2014

Fake Call

I recently received a call from +91 120 478 2550 regarding my Birla SunLife Policy. I had received such a call earlier, but had luckily not given out any relevant details. When they told me about some very high bonuses, I asked them to send me everything by email.
I had talked to my agent about it and he had warned me about the fraud that is going on.

This time, I kept the caller talking, till he asked me my date of birth. I gave him a false date of birth. The conversation went on for some more time, and then I asked him why he had asked my date of birth. He said he wanted to verify my genuineness, at which time I told him that I know he was a fraud because, I had told him a wrong date of birth. He immediately disconnected the phone.
I really think strong action should be taken against these people, so that they fear the consequences and do not try to fool people.
I also wonder how these people have so much details about us !

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