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J&K Bank

Jammu and Kashmir

Consumer complaints and reviews about J&K Bank

May 13, 2016

Jammu & Kashmir Bank

The Branch Manager is unprofessional and rude. Many account holders have already either shifted their accounts or opened new accounts in other branches like HDFC or SBI. Moreover so many customers get fake notes from concerned branch ATM. And when tried to approach branch manager . He is Rude and stright away said he cannot do anything in it.

Residents of Village Khanda...
May 12, 2016

Conviction of Your Bank Employee Namely Amit Gupta with ID COde 11870

With respect, it is to brought in your kind notice to your further action as deemed fit under the prevailing rules of your service manual.
1. That your Bank employee Bearing ID No. 11870 has been convicted in a criminal case by the Hon’ble Court of Additional Mobile Magistrate Jammu on 26th October 2015 and the he was sent to Central Jail Ambphalla on 26th October 2015 and remained in Jail till 27th October 2015.
2. That your Bank Officer and top Management including Inspection and Vigilance Wing are hand in glove with the said employee and did not took any action which was warranted under J&K Bank Ltd. Officer Service Manual Clause 392 which reads as under.
i. Not withstanding any think contained in rules 374 etc. Seq. the disciplinary authority may impose any of the penalty specified in rule 372-B, if any officer has been convicted on a criminal charge or on the strength of fact or conclusion arrived at by a Judicial Trial rule 372-B reads as under
a) Reduction t a lower grade or post or to a lower stage in time scale.
b) Premature retirement.
c) Removal from service which shall not be disqualification for further employment.
d) Dismissal which shall ordinarily be a disqualification for future employment.
3. That said employee despite having convicted and sent to Jail on 26th and 27th October 2015 and in convince with Senior Officer has so magic hand that he has operated / logged in his Computer ID on 26th and 27th October from the Jail.
4. That there are also evidences on the record that the said employee has earlier also attended his office while being present in Court on various occasion.
That above facts were also brought in kind notice of your top management in Jammu,
Thus for your information please.
Apr 25, 2016


Respected sir/mam,
i would like to bring it to your kind notice that i have not seen such a careless organisation as JKBANK is ever in my life. The employees here don't pay any attention towards the needs of their customers as they are not going through any hardness(EMPLOYEES) because they are getting the pay from the organisation ,so why should they bother about customers.Only a common man suffers as i am relating my incident here that i met with the JKBANK. On 20th of april 2016 i handed over the cheque to the official at JKBANK PUNE M G ROAD till now there is no information regarding my cheque because i didn't got any credit in my account. If there is a problem with the cheque atleast they would have contacted me, but i didn't got any information regarding all this .
So if the same trend they are going to follow then the organisation has a dark future because it is the customer with the help of him/her an organisation stands , so if you are going in this way with the customers then GOD knows better.
So through your help i should hope for something.
Sartaj Ahmad Malik
Mobile No. 8087857354
Email id : samu1921@gmail.com
Account No.0128041000000029
munish bhardwaj
Apr 11, 2016

Misbehavior by a female employee


I, an aggrieved customer of your esteemed Bank want to bring to your kind attention towards the gross misbehavior of a female employee of your bank at Main Branch , Rehari Colony,Jammu.

The details of the incident are as follows:
1) On Monday (12.04.2016), when I visited the said branch of your bank for opening a current Bank Account .
2) The only female employee working on first floor misbehaved with me and used very abusive words..." ye koi time hai Bank account kholne ka...."
3) On this I replied.very politely " Maam...Gussa kyon ho rahi hai aisa kya hua..mai to Bank Account kholne ki request karr rahi hoon"
4) She replied " Dafa ho jao kisi aur bank mai khulwa lo apna current account"
I was totally shocked and disheartened to see such behavior that too from a female employee
Thus in the light of the above an appropriate action is solicited.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Ambika Sharma
Mar 29, 2016

Quarterly charges

My big mistake in my life that i have open an account in jkbank..
Everyone knows that salary account holder can maintain zero balance in any bank. Then Y jkbank cut my quarter charges in my jkbank salary acc. i.e 0002040100028119..
This shame for jkbank..
Mar 24, 2016

complaint against JK Bank branch head Akhnoor

this complaint is regarding newly transferred branch manager Kuldeep Singh Charak who have assumed his duties in j&k Bank Akhnoor main branch and we the traders and Villagers Joint Action Committee members of Akhnoor has come together to file this complaint against the said manager as he is incompetent rude and egohead and lacks consumer satisfaction tactics as you know that this branch is the biggest branch in the town and it needs a most humble and experienced person for its smooth running as like the previous managers have always done .
now this is our humble request to Mr.Mushtaq sahib CEO of J&k bank that an intelligent, competent Polite and most experienced branch manager may be sent to this branch at an earliest so that general public may feel a change and their grievances will be addressed properly otherwise we shall be forced to shift our accounts to other banks which we do not want as we think that j&k bank is like our motherly bank of our state.

All Villagers Joint Action Committee, Akhnoor
narender malik
Mar 22, 2016

miss behaviour bank manager

my complaint registered dated on 09-03-2016 against bank manager.
Mar 21, 2016

banker Misbehaver

Dear Banker
We have an accounts in your hisar branch from last 10 year with name Chahal Sons & Electric Works With account No 0337010100000726 . we deposit a transfer check with same branch with check no 049137 as on 19/03/2016. we ask him it is urget to transfer the amount mention on check and he say don't worry about this . But he don't done his work and ask for some time . We visit again after 2 hours then he again says for some time and till now it is not tranfer . we visit again today two time now he misbehave with we and say he don't transfer this and he refuse it and say nobody have power to transfer this in this branch without his permissin and now some SMS we recived for Debit our a/c By rs 10/- again rs 10/- again Rs 10/- many times we Don't under stand that how a banker do This type on nonsens things we required solution ASAP . please revert mail or call me @ 9255433162 . Please Revert ASAP its urget for me
narender malik
Mar 9, 2016

complaint of miss behaviour of branch manager sh. A K KAUL....

It is immense pleasure to mention here that I am your coustmer last for 20 years and I am sole prop. of M/s NARENDER SINGH CONTRACTOR.Who is maintaning current A/c 1645,Balance outstanding remains approx. rupees one crore.earlier I was filling as it is my on bank because all branch manager were cooprative and do good behaviour with the coustomer including me.but it is shocked to mention,since the joining of sh. A K Kaul as a branch manager it is difficult for me to run bussiness with the branch.There are many complaints in my day to day branch transaction but here I am quoting only some incidents of his miss behaviour and rudness with me.
I need a bank solvency certificate,which required to submit with a tender earlier also I keep on taking hassel free.but bank branch manager instentionly declined my proposal and I could not submit the tender.
I perchased a draft for ruppes 2 lacs,as a tender fees but due to some unavoidable crcumstances tender was postponed by the concerned authourity.I applied the said draft to deposit back in my current account but the branch manager refused to cancel the draft,so it is requested to enquire into the facts and take stern action against the branch manager,I am ready to submit affidavit for the facts and branch manager compelled me to change my account to other bank.
zaid ajaz
Mar 9, 2016

forget transaction password

I'm having a account in jk bank branch-Nagbal which was my big mistake in my life.I started netbanking on my account after some time i forget my transaction password and when i approach to branch employees was telling me that we cant help you out..Very pathetic service by jk bank..They dont deserve to be in banking sector.
Feb 28, 2016

ATM Charges

Esteemed sir,

Bank charged me Rs 225 as ATM exchange charges,but as per the bank rule the charges should be half i e 112 as bank announced an offer for the customer who will exchange their atm card in a given period.I did my process in the given period but they charged me double.please see into the matter.

A/C NO 0243040100004415
E MAIL haqnoor1990@gmail.com
Feb 14, 2016

Failed Transction at ATM

Dear Sir
My transction was failed on 03/02/2016 for an amount of Rs. 10,000/= two times at the ATMs located at main Chowk SBI Sopore and other ATM of Excess bank located at Sopore. One transction of an amount of Rs.10000/- came back but the otrher transction is still pending . i approched the concerned branch manager and they have made complaint in this regrad vide compalint no.CRM050216100176816 today on 05/02/2016.
hope you will consider it on priprity basis as i am in need of money kindly do the needful at an earliest.

Yours faithfully

Mohammad Ishaq Damnoo
R/o Sopore
Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Branch MB Sopore
A/c No. 0068040100011425
Feb 8, 2016

Error 070

I would like to bring my problem regarding ATM card into notice.
Earlier this week i tried to withdrawl money from an ATM at Kamla Nagar's Kodak Mahindra Bank New Delhi 110007. Due to some technical issue i wasn't able to withdrawl it. Later i found out that sum of 8000 rupees was extracted from my account. I have filled a complaint regarding this in my branch since then nothing has been done. I checked my balance today (8-02-2016) in my debit card and error 007 was written on the slip. I am curious to know if this problem going to be solved soon or not. I am student studying far away from home and loved one. I am facing disatoruos final issues after this matter. Kindly do help me as soon as possible. I am in no position of threatening the bank like other people are doing here. I have no other option left other then to pled.
I'd be grateful if you take my issue into consideration. THANKS.
I am putting my phone number down. Reach me when information regarding my account is needed. I don't feel safe posting my account detail here in an open forum.

Saif Khan
fayaz ahmad baba
Jan 19, 2016

not giving calander

Chairman jk bank
Complaint from various accounts especially baba skins 88cc nagbal branch ganderbal not issued calendar 2016 despite repeated requests

Cell no. 9419003939
Jan 5, 2016


Dear sr
Mera aap Kay jk bank verinag Mai account chal reha hai acc cd382 meray account pay manager nay Kisi KO OD Diya hai
Taqreeban 6 months hogaye wo mrea account clear nahi kR rehay hai please check and clear what is the matter I have too much loss in my business on behalf of JKBANK manager. I hope you will do something and clear my account
. thanks and regards
. rahilfarooq@gmail.com
vipin chouhan
Nov 29, 2015

file a transaction dispute

I have no recieve my refund from amazone but they said we intishet your refund.Here is the reference number: NFT-151028334XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
I want to charge dispute file.
Please sir help me.
Oct 29, 2015

Complaint aginst misbehaviour of employees


I, an aggrieved customer of your esteemed Organisation want to bring to your kind attention towards the gross misbehaviour of employees of your bank in general and that of J&K Bank, Main Branch, Samba in particular.

The details of the incident are as follows:
1) The case is of Monday (28-09-2015), when I visited the said branch of your bank for the deposit of a bank challan amounting Rs 400/-.When it came my turn, I placed the challan form on the counter and began to search my pocket to take out money.
2) Within few seconds only, the cashier namely Shakshi Gupta yelled at me, “What is this? Go to the end of the queue and don’t waste my time.” To whom I politely replied, “Mam, please wait for two seconds only.
3) Again she spoke very harshly and used bad words unbecoming of a responsible employee and service provider and narrated “Bakwasmat Karo aur daffa ho jaao.”
4) Afterwards her colleague namely Parteek Sohal also joined her and told me that I will throw out of the bank. He warned me that no one will accept your challan form in this bank. Also he abused me in front of other local persons.
5) I am totally shocked to hear this type of wording.
5) Thereafter, I went to the bank manager on Wednesday (30-09-2015), and gave him application and told the whole story verbally. Witnessing the whole incident on CCTV footage, he got convinced and told me to come after 02/03 days and pacified me that I will take a disciplinary action against them. After that he started delaying me day by day.
6) Being a government employee of state government, I am bound to be a customer of J&K Bank only. Had I been not the aforesaid, I would have immediately shifted my account to some other bank.
7) Despite the passage of so many days, not even a single gesture of Sorry has been felt by them till date.
8) I am the respectful citizen of Samba and a disciplined government employee and it is not the way a bank/service provider should treat their valuable customers, the way they treated.
9) The whole episode can be verified from the other customers who were present that day. Also it can be witnessed from CCTV footage.
10) Also, I came to know from other customers and some reliable sources that both of the above mentioned persons/employees have misbehaved with customers in the past also and are in continuous habit of mal treatment of the customers.

Thus in the light of the above an appropriate action is solicited.
If the same does not happen, I shall be left with no other option, but to take the matter to the Hon’ble Court/Consumer Court, Chairman/Higher authorities of the Bank, RBI, Finance Ministry.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

R/O Mandi Kehli Samba
Tehsil & District Samba
Contact No. 9596604905
R.A. Bhat
Oct 20, 2015

Complaint against J&K Bank Srinagar

One of my friend namely Imtiyaz Ahmad Shoura has applied for consumption loan in J&K Bank Branch Chanpora and the said individual come to my office alogwith guarantor document and asked me to sign on it. I got surprised why he has come to my office along with guarantor document as the guarantor document has to be signed before of Branch Manager or any other Branch official at the Branch itself. I have signed the document after seeing the photo of my friend namely Imtiyaz Ahmad Shoura affixed on the document but deliberately I have not signed one of the affidavit as I felt some suspicion
After some time I got sms from the bank that amount of Rs. 12500/- has been deducted from your account as GRT of Zubaida. I got surprised and I contact the branch they informed me that you are the guarantor of MS Zubaida w/o Imtiyaz Ahmad Shoura r/o Chanpora. I didn't understand how the J&K Bank Branch Chanpora has sanctioned the Consumption loan in favour a person/ individual who is housewife, jobless, no source of income and no recurring income. Now I have simply following question;-
1. why didn't Branch Manager has not called me to the bank for signing of guarantor document?
2. Why Bank has cheated me by affixing loanee's husband photo on the guarantor document?
3. On what basis the Branch Manager sanctioned Consumption loan in favour of an individual ( Zubaida) who is simply housewife, jobless ( Govt. or Private or any other Business establishment), no recurring income?
4. Why didn't Branch Manager informed be before deducting an amount of Rs. 12500/- from my account?
If the reply of above question does not reach to me and an inquiry does not conduct into the matter within one week I have other options to follow this will include to approach RBI in this matter
sajjad shawl
Oct 9, 2015

character assasination

Sir, I am running My cc account with your SR gunj branch Srinagar.I have been out of station in connection of my ailing mother's treatment for past one month.Even though i have deposited the interest of my cc account, but suddenly yestarday one of my gaurantor came to know that his account has been stopped and he was not allowed to withdraw money from his account when he was desperately in need of it.He was directed to go the above said branch to verify the matter for himself.Once he entered into the branch he was not told about default if any on my behalf in maintaining the cc account, instead the branch staff started to do my character assassination in front of my respectful gaurantor and declared me as an absconder and a run away default customer on the basis of some mere hearsay.When i my self contacted the branch staff at the same time from bangalore where my ailing mother is under going the treatment,even i was not given any solid or satisfactory answere.In order to further scare my gaurantor,he was refused to be given any chance to ask any question regarding the status of his own bank account.My gaurantor as well as myself felt that as if we were not talking to the bank staff,who are supposed to serve and save customer-bank relation but were talking to some one who conduct their business on footpath and who do not care about serving or saving the customer relation and are ready to severe and sabotage it.My account number is cc 99724 Branch SR Gunj,Srinagar.Hope you will take note of my complaint and stop your bank staff from doing my character assasination.Thanks.

Zargar ali
Oct 3, 2015

recharges through embanking not done

Sir I have recharged my mobile no and my DTH through ebanking but it doesn't go wright besides the fact my account deducted the amount every time my account SB.751 at BOSE Bemina cell number.9797810316
Sep 11, 2015


I have two loan in jk bank Shalimar and Balgarden which i already adjusted in this montha and from last five days i am mailing both branchs with jkbank Zonal office, hiwever, no one replying, i complaint zonal office complaint cell even they didnt reply my mail, the worst service i have seen ever, i can say its ridiculous, jkbank sucks.
My loan account no is 5522 balgaren branch and 905 or 905 shalimar sxr branch. If jk bank have any service provider yet so please send me the NOC LETTER on my mail id sheikhube@gmail.com.
Thank you
arora ajay kumar
Jun 29, 2015

Not Detail Provide Of Housing Loan & Not Attend Proper

Respected Sir
I Purchased House In (Punjab) Moga City The House Owner Housing Loan In Jammu & Kashmir Bank I Go To Jammu & Kashmir
Bank For Housing Loan With Income Tax Return,Bank Statement ,Pan Card,& With ID Proof But Your Loan Manager Said Your
Loan Passed Your Bank Account Branch He Is Not Checked My Documents & My Statement One Moment and Not Attend Me
Proper Then I Try To An Other Bank This Is Very Bad Service & Very Bad Behaviour
With Regards
Ajay Kumar Arora
imtiyaz Ali wani
May 12, 2015

issuance of duplicate ATM

Sir, with due respect I beg to state that I am bank holder ACctt of your branch now we can apply the duplicate ATM because of missing my ATM but we recieved the duplicate ATM in your branch As on 11-05-2015 nothing has been activated till date so please activate my ATM mu duty is Jammu so please ignore this
May 11, 2015

amount debited through e banking

Sir ,
I have an account with your branch account nuber: 0258040100012140
I purchased some items online from snapdeal.com on 27th of may worth Rs, 2398 the order was not placed but my account was debited by the amount mentioned above, after I contacted them and they adviced me to contact the bank so now I request you to please see the matter and refund the debited amount 2398 rs i hope my problem will be solved soon
Bank branch : zainakote srinagar
Abdul Quyoom Lone
May 7, 2015

Non availability of ATM SERVICE


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