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J&K Bank

Jammu and Kashmir

Consumer complaints and reviews about J&K Bank

Apr 22, 2015

Disrespectful treatment and queries unresolved!

My name is irfan khan and i am running my own clothing brand/company under the name
WE GUVNOR™. I am holding a current account in j&k bank, chanpora branch(srinagar). I have requested to change the status of my CD account to CC. Submitted applications and ready with all documentations. It has been two weeks time that no one from the bank has yet visited my showrooms for inspection. Now I don't want anything from bank branch except transferring of my accounts to nowgam,kenihama. I have already written my application but yet no one accepted that. Please get bet to me ASAP. I hope this complaint will be taken seriously from your side. Please find my details below
Ac.name: WE GUVNOR™
Contact: 9469070325,8803751470
Email: ikhan1707@gmail.com
Naureen khan
Apr 12, 2015

Dissapoint with the bank service

I m very upset with ur bank services .i lost my atm two months ago I went to j&k branch of bata house where I hav opened my account number-0743040100001028 and informed the bank officials and get back to home with the assurance. After a week I again went to bank because they committed that my arm card will issue in 3-4 days but still nothing done by them. Again I had a word with the concerning person and he said that I will get the atm card within a week. After 10 days I again went to bank and I was surprised because my atm card still not there when I asked them that u people every time says that my atm card will come by post and still neither it came to me by post nor u guys have so can u suggest me what to do seriously they were very rude to me it's really Tyring to go again and again and ask the concerning people .please solve the problem otherwise close my account immediately and send me the closing details
mir muzaffar
Feb 17, 2015

complaint against your branch head zainakote regarding rehabilitation for flood

Jammu and kashmir bank ltd
Zonal office srinagar

sub:-complaint against your branch head zainakote regarding rehabilitation for flood under cash credit facilities

With due respect, it is submitted to your good self as under:

1,that i have an cd account holder 1609 b/o zaina kote from last 2 years as I am doing the business of hosiery readymade garments

and need bank service

2,that i am desirow of having a limit facility for smooth financing of my business for which I have approached your B/ o zainakote

and I requested its Manager for cash credit facilities Under the rehabilitation of flood

3,that instead of helping me he has shown a non professional attitude by showing lack lusted approach by asking me to come

again and again since four months even often completing the requisite formalities that on Monday 16/02/2015 I have visted the

branch and requested its branch head for the same but his response is, I will not give u such finance that my is under my custody

kindly do the needful as early as possible

thank you in anticepation

Dated 17th feb.2015

Haji mirsons


again and again
sheikh kamran yaqoob
Feb 16, 2015

Unparlimentry language

Unparlimentry language
Kindly refer greater kashmir dated 10.02.2015 wherein an advertisement at page first regarding j&k bank world cup bonanza was published . accordingly I went to my nearest branch of jammu and kashmir bank islamia college branch for availing loan facility for purchase of smart/led tv. The manager incharge put sum questions like what is ur name/ are u a govt servant/ what not and what not.accordingly I reply that my bame is sheikh kamran yaqoob and I am not a govt servant .surprisingly he told me which sheikh?Sweeping sheikh or sum thing else .such an Unparlimentry language spoken by the branch manger
kewal kumar gupta
Dec 26, 2014

not issuing new atm

with due respect i want to state that the magnetic strip of my atm was crushed so i opted for new atm on 22nd november but the authourities have not issued it still after more than 1 month so kindly take some sort of action
my accout no 25014
name- kewal kumar gupta
address 145 a subhash nagar jammu
branch name-rehari
Dec 16, 2014

Rude behaviour by Mr Abid of TP Branch Anantnag


I am an old customer of your bank. My salary account No: 91203 is operational in your bank's TP Anantnag branch for last ten years. A few days ago while using my ATM card to withdraw from my above said account I was surprised to find out that it was not operational. I tried on a few more ATM outlets but without success. I urgently needed to withdraw some money as I had to see a doctor and it was highly inconvenient that my ATM card had been invalidated without informing me. I decided to check from my bank branch and called on the telephone No: 01932-222548. . The behaviour of the person who responded on the telephone calling himself Mr. Abid, was impolite and very rude. Instead of responding to my query he used harsh language and bluntly refused to do anything about my complaint.

If this is how your employees deal with their customers especially women, I am sorry to say you are setting up a very bad example.

I request you to use your good offices to reprimand the above named employee so that the standards set by your esteemed bank are followed in letter and spirit.

Ufaq Makhdoomi
A/C No: 91203,
Branch TP, Anantnag.
Aasif Bala
Nov 29, 2014

missguiding the NEFT transaction

the two staff members of JK Bank Banch Ansa Complex Soura one is the counter lady with fatty Health and second Manager lady wearing Spectacle miss guiding me the timing of NEFT transaction they told me the timing of the trnsaction is 12.00pm only when i reach 12:20 in the branch when i told them why they not display the timing in the notice board they miss behaved me like an illiterates please take serious notice to these staff members so that they know the value of customer. please intimate me reponse of the complaint that willbe your most kindness.
Shakir Shafi
Nov 20, 2014


Dear Sir,
I have booked the airline ticket from Bangalore to Cochin for dated 12-01-2104..
But they have deducted my amount for Rs 4130 without booking the ticket ,...I did it through online Banking....I want to get my whole money refunded back to me soon...
Bank:- J&K Bank
Mode of Transaction :Online internet Banking
Date of Transaction:-20-11-2014.
Account no:-0385040100008336
Amount :-4130
Transaction details:- Bank statement
1 20/11/2014 eBIL/000000000005$CCABK1ALR210/002089234
DR 4,130.00(INR)
Oct 23, 2014

Miss behaived

J&K Bank
Zonal Office Rajouri

Subject ;- Complaint against your branch office salani bridge Rajouri & its Branch Head against the poor services and bad Behaivour with coustmers

with due respect it is submitted to your goodself as under :-

1.That i have an Cd account number 19 in B/O salani from the last seven months as i am doing the buisness of computer General orders and supply and need bank services .

2.That I am desirous of having a limit facility for smooth financing of my buisness for which i have approached your B/o Salani and requested its Manager .

3.That instead of helping me he has shown a non-professional attitude by showing lack lusture approach by asking me to come again and again even after completing the requisite formalities.That on friday 17/10/2014 i have visited the branch and requested its branch head for the same but his response is " YOU HAVE COME AGAIN TO GIVE ME HEADACHES" and "TODAY THE BANK GIVES FACILITY TO SHIFT THE ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN ALSO SHIFT YOURS "told me to come some other time .he is showing such behaviour as if he is financing from his own pocket and not from public money which is clear violations of RBI guidelines.

4.That it is brought to your goodself to kindly shift my CD account if that branch cant give the services to its clients better to close it

kindly do thje needfull as early as possible .

Thanking you in anticepation

Dated;- 20/10/2014 complainant
Raguvir Singh
Sep 15, 2014

Illegal way of Issuing lockers

Today ( Sep 15- 2014) I along with my wife went to J&K sarwal branch ( newly opened) for enquiring of availability of lockers. They told me to open an account with their branch ( agreed that one should have an account with that branch where you want lockers) with an FD of Rs. 25000. This thing I couldnot understood that why we need an FD of 25000 for locker. I asked the employee that why you need FD of 25000 for lockers, the reply was asome that its a new branch so we need an FD of 25000 for lockers. If you wish to obtain locker then you have to make an FD of 25K otherwise we don't have locker. Then I went to branch manager for complaint he agreed that he has instructed his staff to tell customers for FD if you wish to get lockers.
My question is that " Is there a rule that we have to go for an FD if we have to obtain a locker or the banks r torturing customers just to complete their targets. This is a serious concern and need immediate attention

Please look into this as a matter of urgency. I am waiting for your response on this

Sumeet gupta
Sep 1, 2014

Hyderpora branch staff imcompatibility and unprofessionalism

I was applying for e banking for my jkbank acc at branch hyderpora, but it is really sad tomsee the unprofessionalism of the staff there, I went there in my busy schedule only to know that the person incharge was was not available and was told to come tomorrow again, dont they have any substitute for that person, and the worst thing was that the staff was so rude as if they were doing us a favour rather than providing a service, and after that it was pathetic to know that the next day the person who told me to come tomorrow was actuqlly responsible for that task after going to the branch manager, this is intolerable.after that I had register for otp registration and I reached at the respective branch by 2 pm only to know that they I should come by 4pm which is when the bank closes, so what should I call this irresponsibility or improssionalism, it pathetic that to make iur banking easier we apply for ebanking and only to activate this service at this hyderpora branch is a hectic job.I kjow that this complaint is not going to make any changes but atleast I am doing my part

Ps:this complaint is only related to the hyderpora branch
Aug 16, 2014

post Machine service

Yama Adventures holding ac with JK Bank CD2527 , and post machine was given to us but has not been working for the last two months , I have complained to the Bank as well as the agent but so for no body had come to check on the same problem
please look into this matter

Rinchen Namgail
Yama Adventures
cell ;09419178763
gupta amit
Aug 10, 2014


Wrong deduction
I AM ACCOUNT HOLDER OF J&K BANK MAIN BRANCH RAMNAGAR. MY ACCOUNT NUMBER IS 0066040100017320.On 31-07-2014 I withdraw 10000 Rs from SBI ATM of Ramnagar at 19:05. But the ATM machine shows your transaction has been timed out. My first transaction is incomplete and get no money from ATM & Then i try second time to withdraw 10000 Rs, the transaction was successful. After some time i receive two messages of 10000 Rs deduction from my account.

Now I requested you to please see the matter urgently and send my 10000 Rs in my account . Please solve my issue, I shall be highly thanlful to you.
Jul 30, 2014

Misbehave and deny for RTGS

Dear sir,
i am regular customer (about 3-4 years) of your Jammu and Kashmir bank, phulwarisharif branch . But it is sad that today i e on 30/07/14when i reached to this branch for RTGS (I have 3 lakhs in my account) , the manager of that branch said that u can RTGS even after ur amount should be deposited to me minimum 7 days, then u my be able to perform work of RTGS. Including this he did misbehave with me very rudely and shouted at me .sir, i perform transaction around 30 lakhs in one month and i have not any CC or OD accounts. u may enquire about this to the customers who were available there. i want to know also that what is the procedure of making RTGS and is it compulsory to detain my amount ur bank and is any guidelines of RBI is available in this regard.
my details as follows:-
Name-Hope construction pvt ltd,
email-hopeconstructionpvtltd@gmail.com mob-9304544812
it is finaly i want to say that the behaviour of yr personnel may damage ur good business, and faith. it is fully clear that i have a lot of option to choose another banks thanks
Pervaiz Ahmed
Jul 20, 2014

Financing processing cost

Dear sir,
With due repect, I wanna to know what is the financing processing costs of a motercycle. Recently I purchased a motercycle and did finaned through J& K bank, I founded a deduction of Rs.1900 from my saving account as a LOA ENTRY without intimating me during initial financing processes. I visited to the branch asked for explanation of dedection they replied this costs was incurred on agreement deed processing fees between you and you Guaranter,showed me agreement paper , then after,It took me many doubts in my mind.
Now I request you kindly explain me what is the actual processing costs incurred for 50k financing a motercycle and clear my doubts.
I appreciate an early reply and abliged.
Nazir Ahmad
May 24, 2014

Miss Behavied

your branch chanapora is always creating mess for electricity bill and treat the bill customer as beggars. i reached the branch at 11:50Am for depositing the electricity bill but the concern lady & man of the said branch told me the counter is closed for electricity bill with very miss behaved manner when i want to contact the branch head he was not present their and somebody send me to second incharge person namely Mr. Nazir Ahmad who told me to come on next day but i am not satisfied with his answer i told the incharge to tell me the name of said lady but he told me that he will not tell you the name of said lady.I am self employed how i will come every day for depositing the bill i have close my shope to deposit the said bill but unfortunately the said persons miss behaved to me. Please take necessary action for this so that the self employment will not suffer otherwise the said complaint will send to the RBI grievance if it will not punished.
Mar 18, 2014

Chanderkot, Jammu & Kashmir

With du regrets it is to inform you that we are having a current with j&k bank at chanderkot branch in ramban district. My complain about their irresponsible behaviour. What happened, we did deposit a cheque in branch on 13/01/2014 and suppose to be clear in next few days. After ten days I contact to the branch, that my cheque didn't get clear and they said that it's in the process and would be cleared soon. After that I contact to them number of times and they said the same thing again and again. Now it's being almost 2months and still cheque didn't get clear.now they stupid are washing their hand by saying that the cheque got lost. I don't know what should I do with these useless. If anyone is there to look after the complain, just let me know. Is there anything positive or should need to contact to the banking ombudsman.
Davood Hassan
Mar 5, 2014

not received atm card

I have given application for atm card befor 30 days but I still cant take my atm card so kindly isue atm for me thank u
yours obedient
Davood hassan dar
branch naggam
Dec 28, 2013

Wrong deduction

With due regret, this is to bring into your notice that I am the guarantor of Adil Mir for Car loan A/c No.car-50 at J&K Bank Ltd.,Safa Kadal,Srinagar.Yesterday I recieved a ph.call from the said branch intiamting me that Rs.8000/- is deducted from my Saving Account,but unfortunately neither I nor the borrower was informed before deduction and the Bank was supposed to inform me or freeze my Account rather than make deduction directly. Kinldy solve this issue.

A/c No.0547040100000135.

Mohd Younis
Nov 29, 2013

No air for breathe

hello j&k bank team,

With due respect i am using cc account in your bank for the past 17 years.In which i have very excellent record too. for the past years. but from long time i am observing that there is no air condition or any type of exhaust fans are on. and its very very difficult to stand in queue for long time. as i am having an cc current account in your bank so i have to go to bank everyday for deposit cash and i understand that the winter season is going on. but always summers or winters. its the same. so please here by request you to take this serious issue. and tell them to at least on something which can reduce humidity. This complaint is from everyone almost who are going to bank everyday for deposit.

Please solve this issue ASAP.

Thanks and Regards

Honest customer.
Nov 15, 2013

i got fake 1000 note from Jk bank ATM

Some days back, I took out cash from the ATM of J&K Bank, Bhogal, New Delhi. And recently i got a shock when i realized that one thousand rupee note was fake/forged while paying my bill.
Yesterday (14.11.13) i went to that particular Jk Bank in Bhogal. I met all the people there, including the Bank Manager as well. Unfortunately they said that they cannot help me in any way, and that the note seemed not fake, but made up of several original pieces. I was shocked and disappointed with their unprofessional replies and attitude. They had no idea what to say, just sent me from one person to another, and finally to the manager, who was most unhelpful.
My ATM card is from JK Bank also.
My email: imysr@yahoo.com
Oct 5, 2013

unauthorised hold on pension account no 1218040600000444 OF PARMESHWARI MALIK




ACCOUNT NO: 1218040600000444
maajid wani
Aug 8, 2013

employee abused

Dear sir' madam
I am running an account in jk bank bemina bearing account no.CD 18266 and today I wanted to withdraw a cash through cheque I went through all the foamalities cheque was in a que and the person who was suppose to verify it at the end had been letting his friends or who ever they were m not concerned abt that what mad me feel bad is they were not even in a que I told the employee plz go through a que and he abused n called a guard to throw me out then I went to the manager of the same branch he was there complaining agianst me and i told manager what he did the best part is he even abused me infront of the manager aswel and then manager of the baranch realized who is right then manager promised me the guy who abused me wont be on his chair for more than 4 days he said he will transfer him ....thanks i hope he or u guyz will take an action ...thanks
May 27, 2013

Atm card

Respected sir A/A,
sir i am A/Cnt holder of Baghat branch under A/cnt no. Sb 9577,sir my atm card is showing that i have exceed pin entry,for that i have contacted the branch on phone becoz i am out station this time they have assured me for soloution but nothing happend so far ,sir i am outstation i need working of my Atm card..i hope your good self will look into the matter... Thanks
Mar 13, 2013

freezing of account with out information & abuse by manager

Sub: Misbehavior of Mr. Farhat Abass, Manager J&K Bank, Nandipora Hazaratbal,
(Opposite Kashmir University) Srinagar.
With due respect, I wish to say that my salary account bearing A/c No. SB 780 in J&K Bank, Baba gulam shah Badshah university, Rajouri has been liened in December, 2012 without any prior notice by J&K Bank, Nandpora Hazaratbal, Srinagar because of the reason I stand guarantor of Mr. Nissar Ali in 2002 for a CC Account 504. I discussing the matter with Manager J&K Bank Nandpora Hazaratbal, Srinagar namely Mr. Farhat Abass, . He ensured that, when the account will be under limit borrower will be allowed to regulate the account and simultaneously your account will be unliened. Meanwhile borrower has paid Rs. 30,000/ to make the account under limit and requested Mr. Farhat Abass to allow him to regulate his CC account .But Mr. Farhat Abass denied his commitment which makes borrower unable to regulate his account.instead of this Mr Farhat Abass warned the borrower to liquidate all of the amount (1.5 Lac) immediately in the month of January, 2013.
It is pertinent to mention that, there was the serious incident to the borrower as his mother was in Comma and admitted in SKIMS, Srinagar. After a long illness she expired on 24th of January 2013. On the same day Manager, Farhat Abass lined my account again without any notice despite I had already given my Phone No. to the same Manager for communication but he did not communicate to me. At that time I was on deputation to Jammu University where I visited ATM for withdrawal of money and found my account leined.I immediately called Manager Farhat Abass and requested him to please unliened my account till my deputation is over. I repeatedly requested that I do not have a single rupee in my pocket but he denied my request harshly. I requested him that there is a serious incident with the borrower as his mother expired to which he replied that I have nothing to do with her death and said let her go to hell, to which I replied that since you are a responsible person and should not say like this. After that he crossed all the limits and used un-parliamentary language and abused me.
When he abused and talked rude it hurted deep down my soul and he even didn’t stopped from calling me a beggar. Being a borrower is not a crime and being a guarantor of a poor is not a sin. It is routine, borrowing money from bank. I have a good image of J&K bank as the institution had always helped me in hard times and I have been borrower of the Bank for three times. Two of my loans I have liquidated within one year and currently I still stand as borrowers of J&K Bank but I have never been a defaulter. Sir the growth of bank is not only because of the good business but also due to the customer friendly and gentle attitude of Officers & other employees but person like Mr. Farhat Abass can ruin the image of Bank as he is not capable of public dealing, He also forcing me go to court of law to un lien my account. Before this incident you might have received complaints for ill attitude of Mr Farhat Abbas.. I have never heard that officials of your institution abuse a guarantor or a borrower not at least in such circumstances.
As I am an employee of the University taking 36,000 rupees net salary out of which 10,000 is my installment of Loan in J&K Bank. The rest of 26,000 I have to serve my family as my mother is diabetic & phyceatric patient but this month I could not purchase medicine for her it put me in mental trouble. Due to financial stress I am not able to prepare my classes well and it affecting my efficiency.
You are requested to forward my application to un-lien my account and also take a stern action against Mr. Farhat Abass. I also request your good self to farwad my request to chairman to nominate any other efficient officer for negotiation and decision may be communicated to the below given email-id and Phone No. Till the negotiation is over, I may be allowed to withdraw salary from my account.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Mir Aijaz Ahmed,
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engg.
COET, BGSB University,
Rajouri J&K – 185131
Email: miraijazahmadcivil@gmail.com
Ph: 09697858880, 09469633997

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