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jaipur nagar nigam


Consumer complaints and reviews about jaipur nagar nigam

Jul 22, 2016

Bina Setback Without Parking

Khatipura Road Jhotwara me Prem Nagar Ke Nukkad pe Right Side SD Agarwal or Left Side Me Sri Ram Gazak Bhandar Ke Pas Commercial Nirmaan Ho Raha Hai Wo Bhi Bina Set Back Or Bina Parking Chhode Jo Ki Galat Hai
Prem Nagar Me Jane Wali Road Ki Chodaai JDA Me 40 Feet Chodaai Hai Magar Moke Pe Wo 20 Feet Hi Hai Ye Log Bina Jagah Chhode Jo Ki JDA Ne Kat Ke Patte Diye Hai Usi Pe Nirmaan Kiye Jaa Rahe Hai Jo Galat Hai
Jo Raasta Prem Nagar Me Jaata Hai Usse Kumawat Colony, Kailash Nagar, Sain Colony, Om Shiv Colony Ke Logo Ke Liye Wo Ek Hi Raasta Hai Agar Ye Nirmaan Ho Jate Hai To Unki Parking Isi Road Pe Hogi Jisse Colony Walo Ko Pareshaani Ka Saamna Karna Padega
Aap Ise Jald Se Jald RukwaNe Ki Kripa Kare
Shri Saraswati Vidhya Mandir
Jul 20, 2016

about damage road repair


respected sir /madam,
this to inform you that the connecting road (80 ft) bajri mandi road to sirsi road in meenawala is completely damaged , every person is so worried about this main road .so many people use this road for travelling this is the main connectivity of meenawala area to sirsi road also . i am requesting to whom it may concern on behalf of every person in this area please rapair this road as soon as possible.
thanks .
santosh gupta 007
Jul 19, 2016

cibraje problem

I have many time complaint for cibraj problem but no response and many time call to mr. ram kishore gupta contect no. is 8764880201 but he no pick the phone so plz arrange the help
santosh gupta 9314913355
Jul 19, 2016

dumping of garbage

garbage dumping total sec 64 residents
If Modiji & Vasundharaji is working for SWATCH BHARAT ABIYAN Whole Countrywide then i have to tell about Sec 64.
We reside at 64/54 Pratapnagar,Opp Hanuman vatiks.sheopur road.
Just beside of our house a disputed land is covered with total garbage alongwith 10 to 15 bulls roming day and night,All the residents of
sec.64 use to through their daily use garbage as well as dead body cloths ladies bad cloth and many things.It is coming to be a bad smell and a growing diseases.I have contact Mr.Om Prakash Singh (Parshadji) but no work have been done.
We are waiting to see the work to be done.
hanks & Regards
Shivasis Sarkar
Jul 17, 2016

Street dogs

Directing your attention towards the no. Of dogs i have in my area...
It's a huge number...
Around 6 to 7..
Even they bark uselessly at local people...

I think some of them are rabid and some are mad....
It's very difficult for kids in my area to cycle around...
They have bitten many local and injured many bikers and scooters...

Please help us and send a dog catcher to pick up dogs around...

Looking forward for responce...

Vineet Jain
D-block,Roop Vihar,new sanganer road,near vivek vihar metro station,Jaipur-302019
Jul 16, 2016

street light not working

street light of pratap nagar sanganer Jaipur is not working. In sector 85/50 to 85/64 no street light is working since last two months. there is also road is damaged.

please look into this and get it repaired.

Anil Kumar Gupta
hanuma pareek
Jul 16, 2016

नियमित सफाई व निमियत कचरा उठाने बाबत

खेतड़ी हाउस चांदपोल स्थित विवेकानंद कॉलोनी व आसपास के सेकड़ो परिवार खेतड़ी हाउस गेट के अन्दर खाली पड़ी सरकारी जमीन में कचरा डालते है ! यह की गत दो माह से ना तो सफाई हुई है और ना ही कचरा उठा है मैंने कई बार वार्ड 79 के जमादार लड्डू लाल व इंस्पेक्टर भरत व वार्ड पार्षद प्रकाश गुप्ता महोदय से कई बार शिकायत दर्ज करा दी लेकिन ना तो सफाई हुई है और नाही कचरा उठा है ! यह की मेरा आपसे अनुरोध है की नियमित सफाई व नियमित कचरा उठाने के आदेश प्रदान करे

hanuman pareek

नियमित सफाई व निमियत कचरा उठाने बाबत

Jul 14, 2016

sivar lain choking & broken

Ward 69, Chokri topkhana hazuri kolio ki kothi Ramdev ji ks devara opp. Shiv Mandir Jaipur

sivar lain choking & broken pichale 20-25 days

Complain main

waice precident

Jul 14, 2016

sivar lain choking & broken

Ward 69 Chokri topkhana hazuri kolio ki kothi Ramdev ji devra opposit Shiv mandir jaipur
vigat 20-25 days se sivar lain choking & broken he kai bar inspector ko complent he

Waice president
M-- 9829272045
Amit elhance
Jul 13, 2016

Removal od dead animal

Jaipur Nagar Nigam, Jaipur,

July13, 2016
Subject : Removal of dead cow.
We the residents of R k puram , Vatika Road , Shri Ramji Ki Nangal hereby submit that a dead cow is lying in the colony causing obnoxiously bad smell for residents. We phoned at Nagar Nigam customer care number but did not get satisfactory response.

Kindly look into this matter and arrange the removal of this dead animal urgently.

Residents of R K Puram , Shri Ramji ki Nangal , Vatika Road , Jaipur
mobile- 9928499041
Jul 9, 2016

Garbage Safai problems

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself Ankit from Sector 26, 268/176 Pratap Nagar, Near Vidhyashram school.
I want to highlight a issue of Garbages leing in the street. Right from from Street starts near Vidhyashram school towards Siddharth institute. People do through the Garbages on the roads itself. Due to that a lot of Garbages becomes at one place and Mosquitos are arising slot. No Safai worker comes in this area.
No Garbage box is available in this area so people can use it for garbages.
Kindly make availability of Garbages Garbage box in Sector 268 near Vidhyashram school.
And make availability of a Safai worker on a daily.
Clean India and green India.

Also kindly let us know if you are unable to solve this problem
Call on my cell anytime

Ankit jain
Surendra Jain
Call on 7506187388
Jul 9, 2016

Sewage line dirty water leakage/damage in Sector 26 Pratap nagar

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am from Sector 26, plot 268/176, in Pratap Nagar.
From past 3-4 months I am seeing that Sewage line is damaged near to Siddharth institute Sector 268, very close to my House.
Due to this issue, a lot of dirty water has been petholes of this area. People are unable to drive on vehicle just behind the Siddharth institute. Lot of mosquitos and other problems are arising now. Our children are getting sick due bad smell of water near by 15-20houses.
Kindly look into this issue asap.
We have already told to the Member of parliament of this area. Still a fast work is awaited.

Ankit Jain
Surendra Jain
R K Mangwana
Jul 8, 2016

unhygienic environment on the back of 31 Vijay Nagar D Block Malviya Nagar Jaipur

It is to request that the back side of the said residential house is being used as garbage dumping place by garbage collecting persons and the same continues to rot & spread foul smell in the entire area, stray animals such dogs, pigs & bulls continue to threat the moving people / vehicles.
The municipal vehicle is coming to lift the same at irregular intervals and generally leaving behind part of it spilling over.
The request to the persons bring garbage from the residential houses and restaurants / dhaabas to not to off load has gone unheeded.
Kindly help in instructing the concerned civic body & the responsible officials to look into the matter so that we could enjoy the benefit of " Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan "
Rishabh Dadri
Jul 4, 2016

Making office in residential building

The commissioner
Nagar nigam
Subject:- making office premises in residential appartement

Dear sir,
I am Anil Kumar Dadri. Lives in Radha govind inderprasth residency. Plot no. G-44,45,46 , flat no. G-4, swej farm road nanpuri, bais godam, jaipur. Sir in front of my flat Mr. Gaurish sharma making a office in residential flat building. So I request you to stop the work as soon as possible. And the builders also made G+3 building. I think it's against the rule of nagar nigam and jda.

Sir please help us. There are some images of office and building

Making office in residential building

Jun 28, 2016


Sewage Line Blocked
We have complaint No.9577850 dated 29/06/16, wherein we have mentioned that Sewage line blocked but no action has been taken till date. Please look into the same and do the needful at the earliest, without any further delay.

sun n moon complex sector 5, vidhyadhar nagar sikar road jaipur
mobile no 8058111145
Sunita dhonkaria
Jun 27, 2016

Sever chamber damage

There is a sever chamber damage at the entry point of shaheed amit bhardwaj filling station ,sector 9,malviya nagar which causes a lot of problem to the customers.it has been brought to the notice of engineer,repaired once then again damaged..needs proper repair .

Sever chamber damage

Jun 27, 2016


Dear sir,

There is no trafic system and very very bad road from 200 feet bye pass choraha to gandhipath underpass.

Thousands of people travel daily on this rout but never a proper road structure.

Please repaid it as.a.p.

Thanks & regards,

Laxman Singh Rawat
Ayodhya Nagar A-Block
Gandhipath (WEST)
Jun 26, 2016

Garbage thrown in front of our house

I am dr madhur agrawal staying in respectful society at 118/252 vikramaditya marg mansarovar jaipur but the people living in the inner areas throws the garbage on front of our house. I have told them lots of time kindly arrange the sweeper who use to take the garbage from every house in colony including our and takes only 30 rs/ month but the dont listen and throws garbage in front of my house. I m very much disturbed by that for past 1 year. I thought they would understand our problem but the dont. This is leading very much unhygenoc environment around us and air pollution too. 4 times there was evidence of snake at our house and many animals like dog used to cone due to garbage. As i m doctor by proffesion i very well know the ill effects of it. So i request u to take strict action against them and to put some restrictions so that they dont throw it again as i m tired telling to each and every person
Jun 26, 2016

Waste burning in neighborhood

Sir I'm Dr Rahul Sisodia, living in, 3 R k puram,colony, surya nagar, Taroo Ki kunt, Tonk Road Jaipur 302029
This is a kind request from our side, to inform you that, the empty plot near to my house is being used for disposal of garbage and dead animals by the residents of the colony. This is leading to un-hygienic conditions around and is causing spread of disease, they burn all the waste illegally every week, which is causing suffering and suffocation to us, and much air pollution, Due to this the whole area is stinking and spreading diseases also.3 times snakes are found in my house due to all these waste collection in my neighborhood, I am suffering from the inconvenience caused. You are requested to help me by taking the necessary actions immediately, i am a doctor and i citizen which both make it my responsibility to inform you that it can be large issue regarding health and accidentally burning near by house,
You are requested to take necessary strict actions for it as early as possible and also inform the plot owner with regards the same.

Waste burning in neighborhood Waste burning in neighborhood Waste burning in neighborhood

dksg bansal
Jun 22, 2016

Non lifting of Katchra

i wish to inform you that, My complain is regarding the garbage lying down at 65/90, sector-6, ward no.38, pratap nager.sanganer
Huge amount of garbage is thrown on the road which smells very badly
a cause for lot of flies and mosquitoes. Because of this many diseases are spreading and even walking through the road is difficult because of the smell. Pl get rhe kachra lifted regularly and clean the site to avoid of breaking out any diseases.
kindly do something as soon as possible.

dinesh bansal
65/90,pratap nagar, sanganer, jaipur
Amit Chandwani
Jun 21, 2016

Construction of street

Sir I'm amit chandwani, living in 1118 ram kumar dhabhai Ji ka rasta, Subash chowk, Jaipur 302002, (8560818427)
This is a kind request from our side to start construction of street here. This is really frustrating for us
In starting of march pipe line work started here, after ending of pipe line work in last days of march this is end to come of June, no road construction, street light and street cleaning facility started here.
We have complaint about this many time to Mrs. Yadav Ji (parshad Subash Chowk) but there is no proper response from her.

Kindly start the construction of street and give us cleaning and light facility

Construction of street

Jun 16, 2016

रास्ता ब्लाक और गंदगी

हमारे यंहा कॉलोनी की रोड पे थड़ी रख के रस्ते को कम कर दिया ह, और रस्ते पे जाम की समस्या खड़ी हो जाती ह, यंहा के पार्षद को इस समस्या के बारे में बताया लेकिन उन्होंने इस के लिए कोई जवाब नहीं दिया,
और इसी रस्ते पे कचरा भी पड़ा रहता ह जिससे न तो घर से निकल सकते ह और न ही खुली हवा में बेठा जा सकता ह,
और तो और सामने की तरफ लोहे वाले ने अपना काम डाल रखा ह जो अपना सामन रोड पे ही छोड़ देता ह।
कृपया इसका समाधान निकले हम एक साल से परेशान है।

जितेन्द्र कुमार
वार्ड नंबर 33
गणेश विहार B,
भांकरोटा, जयपुर
Jun 15, 2016

remove garbage from the road and house


i wish to inform you that, the empty plot in front of my house ( plot no.117 ,new khadra colony mukund pura road, bhankrota, jaipur, rajstahan) is being used for disposal of garbage by the residents of the colony. There is no boundary around that plot, so that lots of garbage came on the road.This is leading to unhygienic conditions around and is causing spread of diseases.

You are requested to take necessary strict actions for it as early as possible and also inform the plot owner with regards the same.

I am working in supreme court of India in Delhi. My family are suffering from the inconvenience caused.

You are requested to help me by taking the necessary actions immediately.

I will be highly grateful for your assistance.


Ashwani yadav
Ankita Sharma
Jun 12, 2016

Garbage disposal issue

Hello Sir/Ma,am,

We have garbage issue in our colony, it is being thrown directly on the road and we have no box for at all. The guy who comes in the morning refuses to take our garbage too. People have started to burn the garbage now, which is getting very harmful for the old around here. Our colony is just behind CM HOUSE, I believe it is my duty that the air is going to affect government officials too. My address is written down below, I request you to please look into the matter.

Ankita Sharma
56, Hari Marg,
Civil Lines,
Devansh govind sharma
Jun 6, 2016

waste disposal in empty plot

It is to inform you that, the empty plot near to my house is being used for disposal of garbage and dead animals by the residents of the colony. This is leading to un-hygienic conditions around and is causing spread of disease.
You are requested to take necessary strict actions for it as early as possible and also inform the plot owner with regards the same.

I am suffering from the inconvenience caused. You are requested to help me by taking the necessary actions immediately.

i have also contact to the owner of the plot and he refused to take any action.

I will be highly greateful for your assistance.

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