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jaipur nagar nigam


Consumer complaints and reviews about jaipur nagar nigam

Virendra Singh Rathore
Oct 22, 2014

death of 4 cows in 3 months due to irresponsible behaviour of nagar nigam staff

iam virendra singh , resident of 66-a shivpuri colony, rajat marg, ward no-9 jhotwara. the purpose of this mail is to draw your attention towards the nagar nigam staff who are not doing their respected duties.today i called nagar nigam telephone no. to register a complain about a sick cow which was about to die and required immediate attention and  treatment.the person on the telephone gave me the no 9351869706(Mr. vijay) and when i called Mr. vijay he told me that he met with an accident and can't help me and gave me another no 9667444390 (mr. pareek) and told me that i should not disclose how i got Mr pareek's no.Mr. pareek gave me another no 9887669259.at last i called on 9887669259 and register my complain and the person on the other side lodged my complain and told me that the ambulance had left their vicinity and will reach within minutes.after waiting half n hour i again called on that no then again he told me that " bus bhaiya gadi phuchne wali h apke ghar k pass hi h" after half n hour i again called him again he said " bus bhaiya phuch gyi" i requested him that the cow needs immediate treatment.after waiting for 2 hours the cow died and the ambulance din't came.i want to ask you mam/sir now who is responsible for the cow's death. your staff only wants to draw their salary and are not loyal towards their duties.this is not the first time mam/sir.it happens every time i have to call on 4-5 nos and the person on the other side gives me another no and after lodging my complain i have to wait for 2-3 hours and the cow dies.in the last 3-4 months 4 cow died just because of nagar nigamm's staff irresponsibility.i want an immediate action from your side against those staff members.waiting for a positive response from your side.thank you
Oct 14, 2014

whater over follow

jaipur nagar nigam - whater over follo [my Complaint]
flat ke aage gater whater line leek ho gyi hai. us me se gater ka whater nikalta hai or waha whater bahut adik matra me smill karta hai . meri aap se recqwest hai ki samsya ka jaldi se jaldi samada kiya jaye

278, Tagore Nagar
Chitrakoot Marg, Ajmer Road
Jaipur 302019
Oct 14, 2014

whater over follo

flat ke aage gater whater line leek ho gyi hai. us me se gater ka whater nikalta hai or waha whater bahut adik matra me smill karta hai . meri aap se recqwest hai ki samsya ka jaldi se jaldi samada kiya jaye

Oct 13, 2014

NO Regular cleaning and garbage lifting in sector 52 of Mansarovar

There is absolutely no arrangement made by the J.M.C for regular cleaning and and lifting of garbage in sector 52 of Mansarovar.
Please make this arrangement at the earliest in keeping with the ongoing 'Swachhata Abhiyan' launched by the P.M.
Dr. G. K Tiwari
52/26, Vashisthamarg, Shiprapath, Mansarovar
Oct 12, 2014

Cleaniing of colony

We Residents of Keshari Chand Choudhary Nagar colony, Ajmer Road Jaipur have complained against the problem of cleaning of colony to your Staff officer at Bhankrota office and sweeper deputed for the work does not clean the roads , Drainage are full. although residents do cleaning of street and drainage, but there is no work is done by Mr...., Employee. He usiually sits with broom and if requested he do not care.There are some minor kids who collect the garbage from the houses who pay to Mr.... in return Mr.... pay to them...as we understand.It is most sad to see the minor child doing the job on his behalf. In fact people also afraid to complaint against Mr. .As he accumulate garbage before houses of complainants.
The residents if accumulate garbage or filth of drainage crane operators do not lift till Mr. advises them to lift garbage or filth.
This is happening since months.
Please do some thing.
Residents of Keshari Chand Choudhary Nagar, Ajmer Road ,Jaipur
Ward no.29
B. L. Verma
Oct 2, 2014

Repair of road

The half of the roads of Singh Bhoomi - C colony at Khatipura Jaipur were got repaired before two years but some roads as Shiv Marg, Pratap-marg, Bharat-Marg etc. were left unrepaired by the contractor. The reason of it is not known and it is a matter of investigation by your deapartment whether the payment of all roads of Singh Bhoomi C colony Khatipura were made? But these roads have been fully damaged and specially Pratap marg which is a link road is fully damaged and there are so many big pits on it. It is very difficult even on walk on this road as this road was got repaired about 10 years before. Now you may image what will be the condition of this link road.There are daily accidents on this road due to big pits on it.You are therefore, requested to get is repaired immediately so that the traffic may be smooth and may also be got cleaned as per the Prime Minister programe of cleanliness.
B. L. Kumawat
Phone: 9414001685
Chinmay Saxena
Oct 1, 2014

Street Dogs

there are about 6 or 7 street dogs in Malviya nagar C block area in jaipur. They have disturb all the colony all day and night. please take away these dogs from this area and clean this and let us provide peaceful environment.

Chinmay Saxena
C - 220 malviya nagar, jaipur
Sep 30, 2014

A cow dead in the colony

A cow is lying dead in front of plot.no. 23 at nareda colony located at jharkhand mode khatipura jaipur.
It is kindly request to take the dead body of the cow as it is giving fowl smell in the surrounding nearby it & causing growth of bacteria.
faheem ahmed khan
Sep 30, 2014

Regarding Sweeping and collecting the Garbage in Colony and Public Park.

Respected Sir,
It is to inform you that we are all residents of Colony are suffering from the garbage and dirtiness in our colony streets and the public park near Bilaal Masjid, Sanjay Nagar, Sector-C. There is no any arrangement of the sweepers for cleaning the garbage from streets and park and no arrangement for collecting and carrying the garbage. As a result the garbage and dust remain spreads around the streets and park and public are facing the problems of dirtiness and illness from it.
So, kindly arrange the sweepers for sweeping and cleaning the streets and park in our colony daily basis. We all colony members will remain very thankful to you.
Thanking You.
Dated : 30-09-2014.
Yours faithfully,
All colony members of Sanjay Nagar Sector-C,
Near Bilaal Masjid, Shastri Nagar, Bhatta Basti, Jaipur.
Sep 28, 2014


Madam Mayor
Namaskar and Shubh Navratri

We elected you with lot of hopes and were expecting that you will take steps for making Jaipur a clean city. Nothing of this sort happened and complaints lodged were not attended.Now, since honourable prime minister has taken a lead and 2nd October as day for launching Swachh Bharat Abhiyan it is appropriate on your part that you visit colonies and motivate people to participate in this initiative and also make some arrangements for collection of garbage from each house in colonies and mohallas so that public do not throw garbage on roads and vacant plots. If you can contribute to this programme and rise above party politics on this issue it will be great service to Jaipur residents.

May I now give my specific complaint:
I am resident of 47,Printers NagarII,Sitabadi,Tonk Road,Jaipur. It is opposite Toyota car show room ,behind Ganga Garden. The Parshad is never available and is not sensitive to public problems. We are facing problems of garbage disposal and cleanliness. As there is no system of garbage disposal residents find it convenient to dispose off their house hold garbage and Gobar in vacant plots. This has created nuisance and poses severe threat to health and hygiene. I am victim of this problem as there is one vacant plot near my house and people have made it a garbage disposal ground which is stinking and is house of rats, and breeding ground for mosquitoes. Please help me out. You shall get a warm welcome if you can do some thing significant to improve the situation/resolve the problem.
With regards.
Retd Director(SG)GSI
Associate Professor & HOD Civil
Rajdhani Engineering college
Sep 28, 2014

cows roaming

There is no action taken. Cows roaming in colony in group 15-20.there is danger cause of this. Pls take action imigiatly.
Add.-21south colony,niwaru road,jhotwara.
Sep 27, 2014

No arrangement for garbage removal

Subject: Establishment of regular Garbage removal system in Sector 17,Pratap Nagar.
I have been living in house number 170/190, Sector-17, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur since January 2007. All houses on the street have been constructed by RHB . No arrangement has been made for removal of garbage. As a result Garbage has been accumulating since then in the corner of street near a vacant plot owned by RHB. Stray animals spread the garbage making large area in corners very dirty. It stinks very much and many complaits have been made through RHB website and Jaipur Nagar Nigam website with no effect. The local Nigam Parshad has stated that Jaipur Nagar Nigam has not taken over the cleaning of area although RHB has handed over the cleaning work to Nagar Nigam.. There is daily cleaning of Haldi Ghati Marg and the cleaning team throws all garbage from Main Road in the divider adjacent to the road.
PM has emphasized on cleanliness but Jaipur Nagar Nigam defies all. We request you to Kindly arrange for keeping of Garbage Peti at the street corners and removal of Garbage from there regularly.
Mukt Bihari
170/190, Sector 17,
Pratap Nagar, Jaipur
sitaram verma
Sep 26, 2014

Road Light not working

One street light is not working from last few months, due to it more darkness becomes in my street and many accident happened. I have also checked it by Electricity department but light is faulty. kindly repaired it ASAP.
this light is installed at pole in front of this address "100, Champa Nagar, Gurjar Ki Thadi, New Sanganer Road, Jaipur.
Sep 25, 2014

catch d street dog

Sir many street dogs are here nd it all make noise in evng nd morning with barking ...its very irritating ....when all are bark same tym my colony like a hell ...plzzz sir catch the all dogs nd make city noise free enviourment ...
All colony member are irritate with his barking
...sir pllzzz catch all dogs
Alakh Nanda Nagar
Sep 22, 2014

repair of road

Sir/Madam , I have to register complaint regarding road bad condition in front of plot no E-150Mandir Marg Kataria Coloni, Ram Nagar Ext.Sodala Jaipur due to rain water deposits & heavy vehicles running on this sector road. We are facing dust problem due to this broken road. Kindly look into the matter & solve our problem immediately to save us from dust elergy & illness As our Prime Minister says to make neat & clean India
Alakh Nanda Nagar
E - 150 Kataria Coloni
Ram Nagar Ext Sodala Jaipur
Sep 18, 2014

Sewar line

Dear sir ,
I want to know about sewar line status because after so many years there're no sewar line made .and colony road are not good and year ago there r roads but now only .......nothing .
So please reply when government plan for sewar line .????. .
2nd there are Ganda nala and people are still growing vegetable from dirty and polute water so it's fail of government policy which is going few days back
Now government is also forget all thing

Why government make it naala and covered it by blocks

Eagerly waiting for responce and. Reply.

Sep 15, 2014

Too Many Cows On Main Niwaru Road


Niwaru Road has turned into animal husbandary Farm.

At any point of time you can see a lot of Cows sitting on Main Road.

This is not only increasing accidental risk but also putting their life at risk.

So I humbly request you kindly see the situation of this area and do the needful at the earliest.
vijender 2014
Sep 7, 2014

so many waste surrounding Chiturkoot stadium

Dear sir I am daily morning walker and went stadium along with my family and friends but there is so many waste and it was made by shopkeeper which they done during the business hours. I am requesting to you please put there some large dustbin near the stadium so they have used and make stadium polluted free.If you required any support from our side we are ready to give. Just because we love our Pink city.
Vijender singh Mob 8003594449
Vijay Sharma
Sep 4, 2014

street dogs

Sir many street dogs are here nd it all make noise in evng nd morning with barking ...its very irritating ....when all are bark same tym my colony like a hell ...plzzz sir catch the all dogs nd make city noise free enviourment ...its all quntity in my colony about 22 to 25...nd a kutttaaaa also in c 29
All colony member are irritate with his barking all tym bho bho...sir pllzzz catch all dogs
Sep 3, 2014

Street dogs and cows

Sir , there are too many cows and street dogs in our posh colony Mahadev Nagar Near Swami Narayan Temple ,Vaishali Nagar Jaipur. due cows and street dogs we cant send our childrens on road. So pls take action against street dogs . dogs always cry at night and always keep on barking.
Aug 26, 2014

Sewage Line Blocked

Sewage Line Blocked
Dear Sir

We all are in problem due to sewage line blocked again & Again in 5 days, Please solved this problem permanently.

32/271, Sector-03,
Pratap Nagar,
Sanganer ,Jaipur
vikash agarwal
Aug 25, 2014

Sewage Line Blocked

Dear Sir

We all are in problem due to sewage line blocked again & Again in 5 days, Please solved this problem permanently.

Vikash Agarwal
80/428, Sector-08,
Pratap Nagar,
Sanganer ,Jaipur

Hari Shankar Bhojnalaya
80/429, Sector-08
Pratap Nagar,
Sanganer, Jaipur
Aug 22, 2014

water logging and mosquitoes are spreading threat for deases

mosquito menacedear sir,
there is standing water on road damaging the road and mosquitoes breeding in our colony .increasing number of residents are suffering from viral and maleria recently,request take urgent measures to contain breeding of mosquitoes.

B-301 Vardhman residency
Kanak vihar
Ajmer Road
ved nathuram prakash sharma
Aug 21, 2014

mosquito menace

dear sir,
there is standing water providing an ideal place for mosquitoes breeding in our colony .increasing number of residents are suffering from viral and maleria recently,request take urgent measures to contain breeding of mosquitoes.
dharmender jangid
plot no 7
maa hinglaj nagar c
gandhi path west
ward no -12
mob no 9460333160
Vijay Singh Chaudhary
Aug 21, 2014

maintance of road

sir, on sirsi road 200 ft by pass there is no road only badey badey gadhey and dust and towedrs bajre mandi same problam so do same tritament ther

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