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Consumer complaints and reviews about LIC OF INDIA

Feb 21, 2015

due date is over

my premium due date was 8th august 2014, but due some problem i could not paid. pls tell me how i have to pay it.
policy no. 237409354
amount 3062
date of birth 15/07/1982
Feb 20, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam

Sub: 647816614-Original Policy Document not issued till date

with respect to the above mentioned subject i would like to bring some grave lapses on your organisation and associated agents involved in this process.

I have this policy in the year 2011, and have not recieved the original document till date. i have paid the premium as per the requirement. Any claim if to be made would neccesssiate the policy document at the first instance.

1) As a company of long lasted repute you have failed to keep the track of such issues.

2) When the local branch at Khammam was contacted for the same they informed to contact the processing agent.

3) When the processing agent Ms Vittal Bhai-0245664K/2009 was contacted, she had promised to get the document delivered which is still not executed. Off late we have come to know that the processing agent is not even academically qualified to become an agent. However I would even explore the possibility of taking up this issue in a greater forum if this mail of mine is not considered for appropriate action.

4) Getting the policy processed by an unqualified person would bring the organisation a good business but not a correct applicable policy for the person concerned since they will be more interested in thier benifit rather than social concern towards the policy taker. All the policies processed by such type agents would be by someone else and not by self, hence the processing agents would not even know the subject but they are getting benifitted by just fooling society. There are lot of people who have availed the policies by her and have got into same loop of suffering.

5) Her husband Mr Ramana Rao (1989/64k 2004) is also an agent with you and is been also considered by your company in a category of high achieving agents. Without having moral and social responsibilty no individual nor can a company grow . These type of people will make good money for themselves and bring good business to your organisation but as a team you fail.

6) If I escalate and appeal this matter legally, I am so confident that they can never prove themselves as a qualified processing agent. Most of the policies processed by these agents are only contact based, thier effort is nil and are unfit to be processing agents. A correct disciplinary action is a must in this case.

Warm regards
Pradeep Katiyar
Feb 19, 2015

Non Receipt of Money

Non Receipt of Money...

Policy No. 192614652
Name- Pradeep Kumar Katiyar
Money Back Policy (20 Year's Plan)

Getting 10000 Rs.every 5 years. Now in the month of Jan'15(28/01/15) payment due but still the same has not received.
We are regular following up with Bhiwadi Branch(Distt. Alwar, State-Rajasthan) but not getting any positive response.
Every time says that cheque has couriered but still not received.

Cell No. 9660112068
Feb 19, 2015

Maurity amount not received


My policy no: 901510141 under plan: 145/10/01 taken on DOC 21/07/2001 at Branch 899. Its got matured but the maturity amount still no received. when i done the enquiry Matuity claim is being taken. My LIC Agent is a Corupted person, dont know how he withdraw Maturity money. I think LIC gives the maturity in NEFT form then ow this can be possible. kindly help to resolve the issue on urgent basis.

Sanket Shah
Divyang Shah
Feb 16, 2015

Non receipt of Maturity Claim even after a repeated reminders

Branch Code:- 916
Policy No.:- 900591487
Policy holder Name:- Mr. Divyangkumar H. Shah

Above mentioned policy is already expired on 28/03/2012. Necessary documents submitted on 28/01/2015 wide receipt no. 96729. Still I am getting a reply, you will get your cheque by end of March 2015.

Kindly do the needful immediately.

Cell No.:- 9821922925
Feb 4, 2015

Maturity amt of Jeevan Nidhi policy no. Paid.

Subject Policy No 122814266, IYER 0113912F,Jeevan Nidhi Policy.Maturity amt not paid. Required amt urgently without delay

Dear Sir

This is with reference above policy in the name of. Narayan Kumar Iyer, C 55, Sector 55,Noida, UP, Pin 201301. Policy matured on 13/01/2015.

Sir I would like to inform you before maturity of policy on 13/01/2015, Branch Incharge/Sh Ravi Kaul,Mayur Vihar,Pocket 2,12f!Delhi office has not informed to me before the maturity period. I am a Sr Citizen having 62 yrs of age. I reqquire the full amt urgently. I visited Branch office on Wednesday and Thursday,21st and 22nd Jan,2015 and have been informed that now it is not possible to return full maturity amt. Nowhere it is mention in the policy that after maturity full amt will not be paid. Even the banks pay full amt and interest after the maturity period. Branch Incharge. was not abailable for meeting. LIC office always send the maturity information in advance but in this case no intimation from LIC office has ben sent to me and because of this I have to suffer.Moreover Branch office has sent to email for submission of medical estimate bill. Sir this also nowhere in the LIC policy mention that this is to be submitted by the policyholder which is unnecessary harrasement to me even branch Incharge has not clarified/ reply to me querry. Kindly help me and get return my full matured amt.So far from 21/01/2015 many requests have been sent to Branch Incharge Mayur Vihar,DO 2 and Customer Zone,Mayur Vihar but no any positive response.. Holding of Sr Citizen maturity amt is illegal moreover . Nowhere in the policy it is mentioned that amt will be paid after medical treatment estimate only.Your policy say prior intimation is a must to be sent to the customer but it was not sent. Kindly help me and get my maturity amt. Customer service of branch is very bad. There is no accountability of the Sr Branch Manager even the do not bothered to justify and reply my querry.

Plan Term. Instalment. Total Premium
Prem mode. Paid for
Sum assured. 10 Years

Doc. 10489.00. RS 104890.00

169. Yly
13/01/2005. 90000

The yearly premium @ RS 10489 has been paid from Jan 2005 to Jan 2014. Total premium paid is Rs 104890

Kindly help me and get my full maturity amt.

Thanks and regard
Narayan Kumar IYER
Jeevan Nidhi Policy no 122814266
Feb 3, 2015

maturity amount not remitted

Dear sir,
I have submitted my Lic bonds for surrender on 13January 2015.And also visited several times branch office .The maturity amount is not remitted in my bank a/c.
My Lic bond No-685691286,685691294&685691289
plz do the need full,

Thanks with Regards
Umesh Parmar
Jan 30, 2015

Robbery my monthly comission by LIC

श्री मान प्रबंधक महोदय जी सा
भारतीय जीवन बीमा निगम (L.i.c)
विषय:- कोड क्रं.583-18s/236812
के कमीशन को LIC द्वारा
डकैती/हडप करने के क्रम मे !

महोदय जी,
उपरोक्त विषयान्तर्गत निवेदन
इस प्रकार है कि मेने वर्ष 13-9-2001 को अपने स्वयं के नाम पर एजेन्सी ली,ओर एक एजेन्ट के रुप मे अपना करियर शुरू किया,किसी भी मौसम की परवाह ना करते हुये,दिन-रात एक कर, मेहनत कर मेने इस संस्था से कस्टमर जोड़े ताकि भविष्य मे मुझे लाभ के रूप मे कमीशन प्राप्त हो सके, इस संस्था को मेने "13 साल (2014)"तक अपनी सेवायें दी, बदले मे संस्था ने मुझे मेरे "13 साल"की सर्विस का जो ईनाम दिया वह किसी डकैती से कम नही हे, अब मे अपने-आप को ठगा सा महसूस कर रहा हू, एजेन्सी लेते वक़्त मुझसे बड़ी-बड़ी बातें की गयी थी कि अगर मे 5 साल एजेन्सी चलाने के बाद किन्हीं कारणवश आगे ना चला पाया तब भी मेरा कमीशन नियमित रुप से मेरे खाते मे आता रहेगा, मेरा कमीशन सालाना 1 लाख से उपर बनता हे, ओर मेरे पास मेरी आजीविका का यही एकमात्र साधन हे, जिस कमीशन के लिये एक एजेन्ट अपना दिन-रात एक करता हे, मेरी उस मेहनत के हक़(कमीशन)को इस तरह से हडप जाना
उस कहावत को सिद्ध करती है जेसे- "नाच-नाचे बंदर ओर माल खा जाये मदारी"
क्या इसी दिन के लिये मेने L.I.C को अपने केरियर के रूप मे चुना था,
अगर इसी तरह से कार्मिको के हक को हड़प कर जाने का काम LIC के पास रह गया हे तो बंद कर दो उन विज्ञापनो को जिसमें LIC कि साफ-सुथरी छवि के बड़े-बड़े दावे किये जाते हे, क्यों कि यहाँ जब LIC के कार्यकर्ताओं के मेहनत का पैसा सेफ़ नही हे तो जनता का पैसा क्या ख़ाक सेफ़ रहेगा,
इसलिये मुझे LIC से कोई भीख नही अपना हक़ चाहिये, मुझे मेरा कमीशन चाहिये
जय हिन्द

उमेश परमार
Jan 29, 2015

LIC wealth plus policy is worst policy

Dear Sir,

Pl note I had bought LIC wealth plus policy on march 2010 and it was completed on march 2012. The units i was offered was 6000 units on the basis of NAV of rs.10.

But I am shocked after 1 year suddenly LIC had deducted 400 units as mortality charges and thereafter it was repeatedly deducting my units and as on today the situation is my closing balance is 5354.

Pl expedite why my units are being deducted and it was no where mentioned in any terms and conditions for the said reason.

Then why it is being call Wealth plus when it is being actually called dewealth policy.As instead of increasing wealth it is continuously decreasing the wealth and fooled many Indian consumers on the name of good plan.

When inquired at your branch and the agent in the matter they don't have the reply.Pl note when it was launched at that time index was 15000 and as on today the index is 25000 then for what reasons such units are continuously deducted.

Pl reply to my complaint and Pl explain the reason in the matter.

Anil Soni
madhu mita
Jan 23, 2015

to take loan on my LIC the staff harassing us unnecessarily

I am looking to take loan on my LIC policy which is a 30 yr policy and I ve paid premium for 14yrs. They said we need to give LIC certificate and 1 cancelled cheque and theur form completely filled. Once our agent submitted it they accepted. Next day they informed that they need a photo ID as well even though the form has no mention of it. Then after 1 full day they called asking for my bank passbook xerox. Again I submitted it through my agent. All this wated a total of 4 working day. Then even though this whole loan process is an internal branch matter the branch officer said the papers has to go to Mumbai and it will take minimum 4 working days. I checked it with several other branches and LIC cyst care and they confirmed its dealt internally in branch and should take maximum 1 business day.
Before this I had another bad experience with this same kankarbagh branch when on another policy of mine they were suppose to reissue a cheque for premium as I was not at home and previously issued cheque was lapsed. Then also they had made us run pillar to post for 15 days. Dont know if the branch people dsnt want to work or dsnt know how to work.
virupaxi s guggari
Jan 22, 2015



Jan 18, 2015

LIC nmatured amount has not been deposited through NEFT

Non Depost of matured amount through NEFT
My Policy No :161276341 LIC office Sarbha Nagar, Near Bus Stand, Ludhiana, Punjab
My policy has been matured on 28 December, 2014. But till date the matured amount has not been deposited to my account through NEFT. Kindly early arrangement may be made to settle the matured amount with Bonus as I need this amount urgently.

Sunita Kumari Sharma
Jan 18, 2015

Non Depost of matured amount through NEFT

My Policy No :161276341 LIC office Sarbha Nagar, Near Bus Stand, Ludhiana, Punjab
My policy has been matured on 28 December, 2014. But till date the matured amount has been deposited to my account through NEFT. Kindly early arrangement may be made to settle the matured amount with Bonus as I need this amount urgently.

Sunita Kumari Sharma
Jan 16, 2015


My Policy No :740657249
My policy has been matured on 15.01.2015. But till date the matured amount has been deposited to my account through NEFT. Early arrangement may be made to settle the matured amount with Bonus.

K.S. James Stephenson
( Email id: ksjstephenson@gmail.com
Jan 16, 2015

non booking of fund

all the documents submitted regarding surrendering the policy no 133103868 on 1st dec-2014. because of carelessness of branch
the fund is not booked, on 10th dec 2014 all the documents returned back with sorry as the loss is about rs. 15000. who is responsible for my loss.

Nilesh Grover
#782/4 civil lines Moga -142001punjab
Jan 14, 2015

mobile no..par msg nahi aata hai

Sir mera policy no..334035935 hai mahesh Kumar hai mere mobile no..par9953413847 par koi bhi msg nahi aata hai na hi policy due ka Aur name hi premium ka so sir apse request hai ki mera mobile no.. Please update kare taki time to time mujhe msg mil sake. Thank you sir
Jan 8, 2015

About my policy

I do not know about my LIC policy no 196146104. I did not get any amount regarding this.
kiran k raj
Jan 1, 2015

paid last premium on 09/4/2014,even though receipt shows next due 4/15.

Respected sir,Self paid the last premium i.e. 15th on 09/04/2014 towards my annual LIC premium and as per insurance certificate date of maturity is 28/04/2015 but status of receipt still shows next due 04/15, which is not correct. it needs to be corrected by LIC. My e-mail address kiranraj2112@gmail.com. POLICY No.511662888. table and term=124/15, DOB=21/12/1967. my current address D-2,RRC Ghitorni, New Delhi-110047.
Satya Kumar Kolla
Dec 31, 2014

Non receipt of agency commision

The Zonal Manager
L.I.C. Of India
(Grievance Cell)


Ref: Agency No 668687 of Kolla Vijayalakshmi, Tenali, Guntur District
Sub: Agency commission not remitted to Corporation Bank S.B a/c No 07220010104831
Since 2-3-2008

I brought the fact to The Branch Manager, Tenali L.I.C.OF INDIA,on4-5-2013 requesting to check.Subsequently,I submitted my bank S.B.a/c.statements right from my opening date,for ready reference,requesting to arrange the amounts in to my a/c at the earliest.

I was informed that the same amounts were wrongly sent to S.B.a/c No 07220010104837 Instead of my a/c no 07220010104831.

Since then I addressed repeated request letters to The Branch Manager on the dates,4-5-13(Courier) 29.11.13,6-2-14 (personal visit)6-3-14,11-3-14,19-6-14,21-11-14(by reg’d post)

Later, I made a copy of request letters dt12-8-14 and 21-11-14 (addressed to The Branch Manager, Tenali) to The Sr.Divisional Manager, Machilipatnam, requesting to do the needful in the matter.

My husband Sri. Satya Kumar Kolla was directed by The Branch Manager to contact A.B.M Sri Syamala Rao in the matter. When I went to the office along with my husband to Tenali office,for two times, Sri Sayamala Rao was out of office on office work. Since then My husband was in touch with Sri Syamala Rao over phone for about 50 times. To my surprise my husband was questioned by Sri.Syamala Rao “why you made a complaint to Divisional Officer”. My husband answered that no complaint was made, but only a copy of the letter( addressed to your office), sent to The Divisional Manager for favor of information, requesting to expedite the matter.

Then I received the copies of the letters addressed to The Manager, Corporation Bank, Tenali and Smt. Kallam Nagavardhani ,w/o Sri Mohan Reddy, Chinaparimi, Guntur Dt. in the matter.In that letters an amount of Rs.4224.20 dt.31-3-2008 towards commission, was missed to mention. The same was brought to the notice of The Branch Manager on 21-11-14.
When ever we call Sri Syamala Rao he was asking us not to pressurize, since he is very busy with his Office work, as if it is not.

Finally my husband met Smt. Nagavardhini and her husband at their home,Chinaparimi,in the matter. They informed that Sri Syamala Rao obtained a letter from her, through Sri K.Srinivasa Reddy ( their nephew) agent L.I.C.OF INDIA, Tenali branch , in the month of Aug.14,accepting the fact and stating that she is ready to pay the balance amount,( since some of the amounts were transferred to the original account holder from her a/c)soon after she receives demand with details from L.I.C OF INDIA,Teanli. It was also sounded during the conversation, that some favor was expected by Sri Syamala Rao from me in the matter, hence the matter kept in pending.

As I am aged 67 and my husband aged 75,(had bypass surgery), left Tenali and living with our daughter Anitha at Vijayawada (already informed in our correspondence to Tenali Manager), request you to check and do the needful at the earliest and oblige.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours sincerely,

Kolla Vijaya Lakshmi
C/O M.Anitha
Sai Aasritha Nivas
Plot No.55, Gurunanak Colony
Mail ID skkolla@rediffmail.com
Mobile: 9848191710
Prashant Deochake
Dec 29, 2014

3% Discount on yearly Premium

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am policy holder of the company. I am having Pension plan which I had taken probably in 1995. Till last year I was paying quarterly premium. From 2013-14 I applied for the yearly mode and that was accepted by the company & I had been informed to pay Rs.3140/- yearly premium. But when I calculated my quarterly premium amount for all quarters put together it also comes exactly Rs.3140/- means I have not been given 3% discount facility by the company.

I made a regular application to the company to look into the matter but have been replied that when computer generate the amount means its correct. It is not justifiable answer. So I request you to look into the matter and help me in this respect.

My policy no is 951291778 and mail ID is prashantdeochake@yahoo.co.in. I am from Ahmednagar-414001.


P.G. Deochake
Dec 26, 2014

payment not recieved after maturety

sir, i am ranjana pandey my policy no. 536536441 have matured i have also sumbitted my bond and surrenderform before twenty days but not recieved any payment in bank. i also mentioned my bank pass book number and atteched my bank pass book foto copy. please solved my provelem as early as possible
Udaivir Singh
Dec 22, 2014

Non receipt of money

Policy No 416487646 Smt Nirmla Devi Jeevan Samridhi plan for 15 years and getting 12500 Rs after each interval of 5 years. Policy done on 28 Aug 2004 and Maturity date 28 Aug 2019. The amount due in the on 10 Year or 2nd time not received. Now I am retired and living at H 222 H Block Beta II Gr Noida UP. Policy Code Calcutta CBO-15 and Calcutta (M) -II and yearly payment Rs 5436.

Please help to bottle neck problems for not pay timely and intimate . My Mob No 09910031324.
Dec 20, 2014


Please cancel the policy with below mentioned details as I have increased the term of the policy and insurance amount.
Name : Kenneth Das
Plan : 825
UIN : 512N288V01
Proposal ID : 6157
Access ID: 681493236
Date : 2/12/2014
Premium Amount : Rs. 5449/-

I had bought the above policy with lessor amount and less term, so LIC officer Mr. P.K. Rathy guided me to buy new policy and then apply for cancellation.
So accordingly i have bought the policy with above mentioned details.

Name : Kenneth Das
Proposal No : 6263
Plan : 825
UIN : 512N288V01
Transaction ID : 6841
Access ID: 990351174
Date : 5/12/2014
Premium Amount : Rs. 8652/-
Payment Gateway Reference No:16162

Kindly request you to CANCEL the Policy with Access ID 681493236 at EARLIEST POSSIBLE.

Dec 4, 2014

policy transfer

Dear sir my name Umesh kulal lic policy no 540577233 at present in lic br code 63A Kochi to lic branch at64Y Transfer due to transferable job in CISF last year service it my secundrbad. So it's request to you have transfer of policy for continuing better way for a me.thankful to you Umesh kulal ph no 7382060366.
Nov 26, 2014

lic closing

Hesitating all staff to close my lic

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