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Maruti suzuki


Consumer complaints and reviews about Maruti suzuki

Ganesh Lolage
Mar 21, 2017

Facing problem of front wheel caliber noise in Stingray VXI model

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have used Maruti Suzuki Stingray Vxi model from last 3.5 years. From last one year i have facing problem of front wheel caliber noise, for this i have repair twice but problem not resolved completely. Due to same I am very disappointing on Maruti Suzuki Wagon R product.

After discussion with Maruti Suzuki Showroom Manager (Pagaria Auto, Aurangabad) he told we are not able to resolved this problem permanently. This problem is related to manufacturing and design.

I request to resolve my problem permanently.

Vehicle Registration No:- MH20CS7101

I am waiting for your positive reply.
Mar 19, 2017

Fake data created

this is complaint about my service. fake receipt was created by ganesh motors at vellore tamilnadu. my second service yet to do. without my knowledge thy enter wrong data in my account...yesterday i went to do second service in maruti service center in palakkad kerala state.thy said ur vehicle s already did second service in 12feb2017 itself.so i got problm in doing my second service..plz help me to do ...take action for that
Mar 10, 2017

Mruti Ertiga Car colour issue


i have purchase maruti Ertiga VXI model on 11 Oct 2016, and last week i have seen colour was melt due to heat. and Services center people told me to claim with the insurace. i dont want to claim with insurance.

i want to highlited here whitin 4 months colour going to melt hence how it will sustain till over the life. i want to claim full color of body without any cost from Maruti suzuki services center with long lasting warranty.

car purchase from Sai service Palghar branch.

let me know if any information required.

Nandkumar Gokhale
(Palghar Maharashtra)
Mar 6, 2017

Maruti AAA service centre


I need to share a very interesting service experience shared at Maruti AAA motors Okhla.
My car was due for its 1st service of 1000 km so i drove it to the service center for the same on 13th Jan, i know i am late in writing this mail but thought its better if i could highlight the issue to maruti so that you can improve the service standards and keep hygiene at the service centers.

Once my cars service was done i was taken to inspect the car now during my inspection there was an Ertiga parked ahead of my car which the service attendant was reversing a banged into my car, so u can imagine how i would have felt when Ur car is just 1 week old and u get a scratch on the bumper . I was calm as they said sir would get the touching done .

Now the most shocking part is the service advisor walks down and states that sir

"koi baat nahi yeh tu hota hai gaadi sadak par chale gi tu lagti rehti hai."

Now i have bloody bought a car worth 9.5 lacs and u put a scratch on it and give me this shit excuse how would i feel.

Then when i got a bit furious they said we would get the touching done which they did with some other color which was highly visible when i was not satisfied they said we would get the bumper painted.

NOW i want to know why should i get my 7 days old car bumper painted for someone else silly mistake.

Now the biggest challenge is my next service is due and i don’t trust the service center anymore and i am helpless that where would i take the vehicle.
Dr. Khagen Kurmi
Mar 4, 2017

Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus on my vehicle SWIFT ZXI


I have already lodged a complain to Any Time Maruti after several communication with the dealer.Please go through my communications.

K. Kurmi
Dated 04.03.2017

Jan 25, 2017 4:09 PM, "Khagen Kurmi" <kkurmi7@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for your quick response. My contact number is +919435350675.
> On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 3:39 PM, ATM Queue <contact@maruti.co.in> wrote:
>> Dear Sir,
>> Thank you for contacting Maruti Suzuki Customer Care.
>> We have received your communication regarding the concern shared about Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI.
>> However, we request you to send us the following information, to expedite in this case.
>> • Your contact number

>> Thanking & assuring you of our best services at all times.

>> Regards,
>> (Call Us- Toll Free: 1800 102 1800 and 1800 1800 180)
>>> Please visit us at http://www.marutisuzuki.com
>> C02
>> =========================
>> From: kkurmi7@gmail.com
>> Received: 1/25/2017 1:07 AM
>> To: ATM Queue
>> Subject: Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus
>> Sir
Please see the attachment regarding Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus by
>> your dealer M/S Anamika Motors, Jorhat, Assam.

>> K. Kurmi
>> This mail is governed by Maruti Suzuki India Limited's IT policy which can be referred
>> at http://www.marutisuzuki.com/email-confidentiality.aspx
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Officer Incharge
Customer Care
Maruti Udyog Limited
Sub: Non-Release of Loyalty Bonus on my vehicle SWIFT ZXI

Ref: 1. My earlier complain submitted on Wed, 09/11/2013 - 13:09
2. Customer ID 1311352764 & invoice No. VSL 13000538 dated 13.09.2013 against order No. SOB 13000485 dated 05.08.2013. (Booking Dealer G901)
I purchased a SWIFT ZXI (Silky Silver) containing Chassis No.MA3EHKD1S00502383 & Engine No.K12MN1298880) on 13.09.2013 from your your dealer M/s Anamika Motors of Jorhat, Assam. As per scheme available at that time from the Maruti Udyog Limited and invoice number mentioned in the reference there was a Loyalty Bonus on my new vehicle. But, despite my several approach I have not been given that benefit till today. As per the documents the total cost of my vehicle including Extended Warranty and Registration Fee becomes Rs. 6,39,130.00 (Rupees six lakhs thirty-nine thousand one hundred thirty) only. But, I have paid Rs. 10,000.00 (Rupees ten thousand) by cash vide Money Receipt No. AM-944 dated 05.08.2013 plus Rs. 6,45,960.00 (Rupees six lakhs forty-five thousand nine hundred sixty) through RTGS No. UTGS SBINH 13248332814 (Money Receipt No. AM-1167 dated 06.09.2013) totaling Rs. 6,55,960.00 (Rupees six lakhs fifty-five thousand nine hundred sixty) only. Therefore, there was an excess payment of Rs. 16,830.00 (Rupees sixteen thousand eight hundred thirty) only details of which are mentioned below statement. At the time of delivery of the vehicle I had been told that the balance amount will be returned after settlement of the Loyalty Bonus as there was some problem with the Loyalty Bonus which was resolved after my previous complain on 11.09.2013. But, despite my several approach I have neither been returned the money nor informed about the settlement of the Loyalty Bonus even after three and half years.
Therefore, I hereby cordially request you to look after the matter and release my refundable money along with interest due on that.

Yours Faithfully

Khagen Kurmi

(A) Amount To be Paid Document Amount (Rs.)
(a)Price of the Vehicle Invoice No. VSL13000538 dtd. 13.09.2013 541058.42
(b)Less Loyalty Bonus -do- -13215.85
(c ) Accessible Value (a-b) -do- 527842.57
(d) Add VAT@13.5% -do- 71258.75
(e) Add Handling Charge -do- 4500.00
(f) Sub-Total (c + d + e) -do- 603601.32
(g) Add Extended Warranty Invoice No. 10706705 dtd.13.09.2013 8005.65
(h) Add Registration Charge Receipt No 3705640 dtd30.11.2013 27523.00
(i) Total Amount (f + g + h) 639129.97
Round off Total of (A) 639130.00
(B) Amount Deposited
(i)Booking Amount (by Cash) Money Receipt No. AM-944 dtd. 05.08.2013 10000.00
(ii)By RTGS RTGS No. UTGS SBINH 13248332814 & Money Receipt No. AM-1167 dtd. 06.09.2013 645960.00
Total of (B) Paid (i + ii) 655960.00
Refundable Amount (B-A) as on 13.09.2013 16830.00
Rupees Sixteen Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Only
Feb 28, 2017

Grievance regarding performance of maruti suzuki celerio

Ref: Car no. MH-48-S-6159, with chassis no: MA3ETDE1S00145336. and Engine no: K10BN1782184 . Martui Celerio, AMT.

Above mention car was delivered to me through sai service in Aug 2014. Ever since these car is in operation on number of occasion defective things were noticed and due to that we experience difficulties in getting day today service.
This car is just 2 and half year old and has completed just 15000 kilometre in a above period and also vehicle has been serviced regularly at authorised Service Station (Sai Service Pvt. Ltd) as prescribed schedule in owner’s manual. This car is used only as a family car and being run on good condition roads in city area. From last one month car starts jerking while shifting gears and making some unusual noise from engine compartment. At this stage now the car is with your authorised dealer (Sai Service Pvt. Ltd. Virar west) for a couple of weeks and it seems that the dealer has Until Now not been able to detect the fault and put the vehicle on the road smoothly. They already replace many parts from transmission but engine noise problem remains as it is. The dealer now suggest that engine will be required to be open to see if the fault can be overcome.
At the moment the my vehicle is under extended warranty even though on opening the engine and transmission certain parts not covered under the warranty, will be charged me as dealer said. This will become a financial liability to me even when my vehicle is used very less and with extensive care. Further beyond warranty period if this is going to be the same scenario it ultimately resulting in a big financial liability in the time to come for me.
By all these means it seems that vehicle is brought out having manufacturing defects. When Maruti Suzuki claims to be a number one brand in customer satisfaction, deserve to be call back the said defective vehicle for safer transactions.
I earnestly request you that the needful is done at earliest to enable to get rid of these difficulties.
Feb 19, 2017

Complaint against DGM Kangra VehilclesADES

I Rozy Thakur Maruti Alto K10 HP 40C 4711 customer ID 1414402708, I done all the car services timely at Kangra VehilclesADES at Malan Nagrota Bagwan Kangra HP. Last service done on 1/2/2017 but I got major trouble due to total dryness of battery regarding that I call toll free number 18001021800 on 18/02/2017 at 6:50 PM and I also got call back by +911166582700, according to the conversation you say that it is negligence of electrician and go to Kangra VehilclesADES and replace it free of cost.
Sir today I reached at Kangra VehilclesADES 5:15 PM. They does not entertain us close the Kangra VehilclesADES at 6:00 PM. After calling DGM by staff, he come back first he abuse his gate man and use wrong wording in front of me, after that he was starting abuse my husband and brother, he also hit them five to six time and he also hit me (as shown in video recording attached) .
Due to night I leave my car at Kangra VehilclesADES and register FIR at Police Station against DGM.
Sir we are not satisfy with your staff. If staff do this type of activities with customer then how Maruti got business.
So you are requested to take need full action.

video recording link

Rozy Thakur
Savita pendse
Feb 9, 2017

Baisc elements QUALITY

I had purchased celerio almost a year before and today is the day that my key doesn't works.It is a horrible situation with us as I am out of my town and my key don't work...
Mukesh garg monti
Feb 1, 2017

Mileage problem in wagonr cng

I have purchased a new wagonr CNG before 3 months, first three services are done through mazic auto motion nagar work shop. I am telling to each service advisor the problem is shifting in the reverse gear, and mileage issue mileage is only giving 20 or 22 kilometre in 1 kg CNG BT still the problem as it is in second service advisor said marutis all car have a problem in shifting back gear we couldn't of any thing in this matter. mileage and reverse gear both problem as it is back gear putting very hard some time like putting in truck or bus.all three services are done in three months but problem as it is.
Thakur das
Jan 24, 2017

Service warranty

I have maruti ertiga 2013 Rj 39 UA 0711 running 45000 km I have extredwarrenty now gear problem In my car the authorised service centre say to me this no matter of warranty I say to company how's matter sole in warranty in gear please help me
Jan 21, 2017

regarding communication with customer

i booked car in 9/11/2016 by giving 5000/rs still now i did not get receipt and also car they my wagon car on 26 12 2016 still now i do not have car and now they are telling that your car has been sold how because i only having form 35 copy from bank now tell me what i have to do
Victor Emmanuel
Jan 18, 2017

Car Exchange in True Value


This is Victor, I purchased a new Alto 800 LXI from Acer Motors, Hyd by exchanging old car in Maruthi True Value cars. I purchased new car on 23-12-2016 and invoice done on the same date and i have given my old car on 22-12-2106 while giving my old car to True Value. Insurance for old vehicle was valid till 27-12-2016. But now this Acer Motors people are asking to pay insurance for old car. Please help in this regard and do the needful.

Arjun 027
Jan 13, 2017

M/s TR Sahani(Maruti Dealer, Naraina)

Staff at this dealership is very irresponsible. While selling they make all false commitments and after taking money from buyer they just do not bother. I had gone to their dealership on 7/1/17 for Ciaz VDI+ Car. I was promised delivery same evening provided I make payment the same afternnon. I arranged funds and submiited Pay Order for Rs.820000/- by 3pm same day. I was kept waiting and was told vehicle shall be deliverd on 9/1/2017 morning. I went in the morning and was kept waiting and the vehicle was delivered at 8pm in the evening and that also without any document(no invoice, no gate pass). Iwas told invoice shall be given next day and also registration shall be done next day. After my repeated reminders Iwas given Invoice copy and gate pass copy on 11/1/2017. I have still not received registration no. of vehicle till now. As per my last talk with the dealer my file has been sent to RTO only on 12/1/2017.
My vehicle is standing at my home since I cant drive it without the registration number. Everday the dealer has some different tale to tell. I arranged funds immediately only on their assurance that I will get delivery on 7/1/17 and registration no. latest by 9/1/12017. I feel that this dealership entice people with wrong commitments and when the buyer makes payment they then take the buyer for granted. Ifeel cheated
Arjun Khanna
Jan 11, 2017

Urgently need your help( last hope)

Dear Regional Managers,

I have maruti CIAZ car from last 2 years and not satisfied with the service at all. In fact the personal service center guys are much better than the company service center. I have always servicing my car with the company service center(Prem motors gurgaon sec-14) only. As they claim us the better and faster service in a total lie statement. These guys are least bother about the customer pain. They do the things as they want.

In the month of November I have given my car for rubbing and polish and I picked my car in the evening. Next day when I saw my car, the side panel of the left door was scratched and done a shabby paint without my permission. Everyone can see the two different shade colors. My question is I have given my car for rubbing and polish, if by mistake they removed the original paint of my car then could have informed me and should have done a good paint.

I called customer care no and lodged a complaint against the prem motor gurgaon service station. Unfortunately no one called me and complaint was closed without solved my car problem. Then again I called maruti customer care and lodged a complaint, still I haven’t got any response from anywhere.

On 4th Jan 2017 I have given my car for regular service and for insurance work. Again they have done a very shabby job. I asked him to change my both the bumpers but new rear bumper was scratched. And my rear parking sensor was not working. When I asked him to do something then they said you can come next time and we will do it for you. Today I went to prem motor gurgaon again for the same work, they kept me waiting one and half hour and again promised me to take your car in the evening. Still my car sensors are not working, rubbing is still pending. Again he was saying you can come and we will get it done by tomorrow. Need your help.

I would strongly request you to take appropriate action them. Please help me this time next time I will get it done from outside.
It is unexpected from a company like Maruti Suzuki.

Name- Rakesh
Car no- HR 26 CN 6420
Service center-Prem motors sec-14, gurgaon
Contact no-9650155805

Best regards,
Jan 10, 2017


I was purchased a maruti alto k10 vxi car no AS01HC3655 in nov 7th 2016 but avarege of this car below 10 km per litre..company clam the avarege above 20 km per ltr.I visited Bimal auto agency service center sundarpur guwahati service centre. , but problem is not resolve. please suggest how to resolve problem and maitain the avarege properly.
Bobby sharma
Jan 9, 2017

head light damage

Sir/mam meri wagonr car 2015 modal commercial no. Hai or uski takkar hone ke karan head light futt gyi hai or uska insurance bhi hai toh me yeh pta krna chahta hu ki uski head light dalane me insurance se kitna % price less ho skta hai or mujhe kitne price ki padegi

Vishal l patel
Dec 30, 2016

Difect car

Dear Sir,

I have purchased Maruti Suzuki Ciaz zdi+model On date 20/10/2016From Surat showroom name Kiran Motars Suzuki India Ltd.

Sir, I deeply regretted my decision to purchase from your company as from the first day onwards from the delivery of the vehicle, I am facing some noise problem during driving. 

I visited the showroom/workshop 4 time since the purchase, but the problem is not yet resolved and Manager/sales person available at the showroom/workshop  failed to provide appropriate solution till date.

Today is my 5th visit to the showroom/workshop but it is of no use as the problem is not getting resolved.

I request you to kindly look into this matter and resolve the problem as early as possible.

Thanks & Regards 
Dec 12, 2016

mileage problem

I have Alto 4 cylinder vx model and average become low to 8 km per litre, i visited zirakpur service centre and max auto sangrur. despite spending of money, there is same problem. please suggest how to resolve problem. everything have been changed in car like plugs, coils, throttle body but problem same, is there any good service centre which can resolve my problem
Dec 1, 2016




last time from shri krishna autosales 3 employees visited my home for my vehicle checkup...they told the vehicle comes like this only and we are closing your complain. i have visited shri krishna autosales 6 times in last 3 months for the same problem and i purchased my vehicle 3 months before only.....when first time i went to take delivery of my vehicle the employees told that sir ko ribbon lagake do gaadi pe acha lagega in this type of language ...the sales as well as workshop services of shri krishna autosales are worst i have ever seen. i would rather not buyed a maruti suzuki suzuki vehicle... from now i am definately not buying a maruti car...

now i feel why hyundai , ford , volkswagon are far better companie then maruti .they treat their customers very excellently not like maruti suzuki....

people of maruti suzuki talk like they come from any village ...the person visited my vehicle today 28072016 told me that complain bade bade english letters me likho taki maruti suzuki walo ko dikhe....these are the words of employees of shri khrishna autosales...

better take as a suggestion grow your employees maruti suzuki otherwise the market will be definately covered by other big companies then yours...
Nov 22, 2016

Kapico Motors for non cooperation to defence personal

I Mr Shyamjith need to put some important point regarding non cooperation of Kapico Motors Channai. I have contacted t dealer in the month of September for purchase of Swift dzire. Collected t dealer contact no fm internet and called a person and enquired abt t car. After listening all my queries I mentioned that I would like to purchase through canteen. He told me that I will call u back. But not at all contacted. After few days again I called him but not responded. After that I had contacted Mr Sayyed through some local friends. Someone called me n enquired abt my plan. Again after listening abt canteen purchase he never called back. But to be my surprise in first week of Nov msJanani fm dealer called me and enquired abt my plan. Due to my non availability at channai I promised her that I will call u sooner I reach Chennai. Today I spoke with her and promised to purchase through CSD. She politely told me that ms jyoti or Sayyed would b calling u. But till time no one contacted me. Are they really not interested to sell to a defence person. Nowadays All country is showing some sympathy to us. Are they not an Indian citizen. This is humiliation towards a soldier. Where as Volkswagen responded within hours and emailed all details. I always suggest for your company's car and my sister bought after my pursuance. Pl look into it.
h s panwar
Nov 20, 2016

low avarge

I was purchased a maruti alto car no DL-2C-AV4097 in june 2016 but avarege of this car below 10 km per litre..company clam the avarege above 20 km per ltr.Many times complaint at rohan motors at noida but problem not short out to till now.p check my car and maitain the avarege properly.l
Nov 12, 2016


na peru shekar reddy na car no TS07UA9720 swift dzire car ounder warranty , my car drive shaft not given under warranty just 12 months old vehicle iam very very disppoited please take coplaint help me
Manpreet Singh2304
Nov 8, 2016

Service Complaint

Dear Concern
I am a regular customer of your Franchise based at Yamunanagar, Haryana - M/s. Pandit Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. but it is really painful to update that mentioned of my two concerns has not been resolved even after my repeated requests.

1) Concern 1 : Shifting to reverse gear is a big problem from Day 1 of my purchase and I have requested many a times at your Service Center, to get it replaced as problem never solved inspite of many experiments. However I have been told that Reverse Gear has problem across all Maruti Cars which seems to be a wrong feedback when I personally used Ciaz and Ertiga for one week and found no such problem in both cars.

2) Whistling Noise From Tyres - When I drove around 15000kms, tyres started making whistling noise which was reported timely to dealership but nothing has been done on it now. This noise is on a increasing trend and is not bearable now. It is perhaps so high now that I have to turn on Music to overcome this noise.

I have one Fiat Punto and one Safari Storme at home, where I never faced such problems and for all other problems I got very timely response from the Brand and Dealer itself.

Looking forward to the earliest solution on my problems!

Manpreet Singh
Gagandeep singh marahar
Nov 7, 2016

Car is not working well

Dear sir.
I am gagandeep singh from mohali.i purchased a car form your stan auto mohali which car no has PB01B1488.when i drved first at was stopped in my way.the machanic said desiel tank have mixeurd of water.then it was not start.after same days when i was drive it always stopped at 100speed it makes me irrited.then we gone at company workshop for car checkup compny machanic said that car have a desiel pump dust.they gave me just working condition.further it was again stop.after that it was in a phoird agency for 14 days..that agency interchange the diesel pump...after 2 days because of cluch it was again stop ..after 2 -3days its again stopped from same cluch problem...we have just 2 months for purhased a new car bur it gives us alot of problems...we are fully irritated from that new car...its gives me 2 lakh wastage of money which is my big loss...full car parts opened by the mechanics ..again and again its stopped ....we donot wanna keep this car ....we want to interchange this car with a new car .....plzzzz i request to u interchange my car with new car ..i shall be thankful to u ...
Gagandeep singh 9888236401
Gagandeep singh marahar
Nov 7, 2016

Car is not working well

Dear sir.
I am gagandeep singh from mohali.i purchased a car form your stan auto mohali which car no has PB01B1488.when i drved first at was stopped in my way.the machanic said desiel tank have mixeurd of water.then it was not start.after same days when i was drive it always stopped at 100speed it makes me irrited.then we gone at company workshop for car checkup compny machanic said that car have a desiel pump dust.they gave me just working condition.further it was again stop.after that it was in a phoird agency for 14 days..that agency interchange the diesel pump...after 2 days because of cluch it was again stop ..after 2 -3days its again stopped from same cluch problem...we have just 2 months for purhased a new car bur it gives us alot of problems...we are fully irritated from that new car...its gives me 2 lakh wastage of money which is my big loss...full car parts opened by the mechanics ..again and again its stopped ....we donot wanna keep this car ....we want to interchange this car with a new car .....plzzzz i request to u interchange my car with new car ..i shall be thankful to u ...

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