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Consumer complaints and reviews about mhada

Jul 4, 2014

Refund Amount Rs.50000/- EMD Deposit for Mhada Lottery - 2014 Scheme Code -304 GP

I Kundansingh Diwansingh Almiya had Applied for Mumbai Mhada Lottery 2014 under Scheme-304 - Application No.9000038466 . Since I have not been allotted a flat in lucky draw and as per MHADA rule the EMD amount should have been refunded to my account within 7 days from the date of Lucky Draw.

However, its more than 7 days and I have not received deposit amount (Rs.50,000/-) as promised. Also the helpline number provided is of no use as no one responds.

Request early refund of my EMD amount along with the interest thereon immediately.
Jul 3, 2014

Refund of deposit amount

I Amol Vedpathak had Applied for Mumbai Mhada Lottery 2014 . Application No.0000045027 . Since I have not been allotted a flat in lucky draw I want to know my refund Status. I have not yet received deposit amount as promised within 7 days from the date of lottery. And also the helpline number provided is of no use as no one responding.
Kindly therefore deposit my refund amount along with the interest thereon immediately.
Jun 28, 2014

Refund Amount Mhada Loteery 2014

I Mansi Virani Had Applied for Mumbai Mhada Lottery 2014 . Application No. 9000061287 . Since I have not been allotted a flat in lucky draw I want to know my refund Status since I have not yet received deposit amount as promised within 7 days from the date of lottery. And alo the helpline number provided is of no use as no one responding. And there are no other helpdesk number to contact.
Kindly therefore deposit my refund amount along with the interest thereon immediately.
Jun 27, 2014

Illegal Tenants

Dear Sir,

In my Colony have 77 slums upto 2010, this slums have BMC Photopass issued on 1976, sudden now it increased 125 slums, this get 1995 BMC Id Proof how it is possible with in 4 years
45 slums increased, process still going it increased day by day
in (G south ward )officers taking Rs6 lac to 7 lac ruppes to each slum giving them all documents.
I am requesting to you please verify and take action to all officers who are involed in this case,cancel the all illegal slum which is already issued.

This area is located S.S Amrutwar Marg Worli OPP B.D.D Chawls
May 23, 2014

Scheme code - Mhada lottery 2014

Hi - While applying for the current Mhada lottery scheme, i am not able to select the scheme code..i have tried it many times. I assume even others also would be facing this issue...
Mar 12, 2014

Redevelopment not yet started after demolition of 5years

We are fed up by running behind the builder's lawyer.
Builder has not yet started the redevelopment work after 5 years of demolition.
Not paying a rent to occupants(63).
Not ready to talk.
All occupants belongs to middle class family.

Is there any one who suggest us what to do next?

The details are as follows:

63-69,Haji Yusuf Mansion, Dimtimker Road, Nagpada, Mumbai.400008


Name of the Builder:
Mr.Javed (Paradise Construction)
Chiranjeevi S. Nomul
Jan 28, 2014

Shreenath Development corporation Cheating with poor people

Shreenath Development corporation Cheating with poor people

Shreenath Development corporation
Mr. Chandrahas Mehta
Mobile: - 9223340198
Office: - 022-65006570
Add:-Prathamesh, 132 Khareghat Road,
Hindu Colony, Opposite King George School,
Dadar East, Mumbai, - 400014

Sion Koliwada Shastri Nagar, Slum area. We would like to share with you the SRA Scheme developer of Mr. Chandrahas Mehta. A general Meeting was held in 2010 with all shatri Nagar slum area members for developing purpose. There are total 734 rooms in Shastinagar Slum. After many meetings, finally all members decide to give their houses for developing to Mr. Chandrahas Mehta (Shreenath Development Corporation). Mr. Mehta committed to all the members that he will complete the work within 18 Months by that time he will pay the desired RENT to all the members. After the agreement with the developer out of 734 houses 105 houses were vacated. Now it’s is almost 3 years there is no sign of development also the developer has not given the rent. The houses which were vacated were demolished partly so that no one can come back and stay there. That partly demolished house are now misused by the surrounding people for sexual activities also complained came to society that there was an incident of rape attempt of a minor girl in that partly broke house. Also that area is in unhygienic condition. Everything is informed to the developer but he is least interested in this but this could be a dangerous incident. 105 members are repeatedly asking the developer for the rent but the company is just ignoring them and giving reasons like there is an income tax raid or to come back next month etc, this is happening since last 3 years. As it’s a slum area it is very difficult for us to manage our lively hood by paying rent from our pocket, most of the members have shifted their family to their province, people are literally harassed and are mentally unstable.
Anand Rao Jagannath Mohite ( Chief promoter Shastri Nagar society) support’s Mr. Chandrahas Mehta. So it is our humble request to everyone to please help us.
Yours Sincerely,
Shatri Nagar Rahivasi

Sion Koliwada, Shastri Nagar Zopadpatti Society Members

Sr. No. Name Post Contact No.
1 Sumathi Balkrushna Labde vise president 9221469983
2 Ashvini Eknath Jagade Joint secretary 9969100919
3 Suresh Shantharam Pawar Treasurer 9819989928
4 Devaraj Gangaram Narkuda Vise Treasurer 9869718790
5 Subash Baburao Thambe Member 9920155720
6 Chandrakanth Gudu Chougule Member 8082057757
7 Reshma Ramdas Parkar Member 9220882287
8 Mangesh Sarvaram Valange Member 9004688989
9 Harichandra Madukar Modkar Member 9869361601
10 Shivaji Eppa Gonga Member 8898081216
11 Gajanand Ramchandra Panchal Member 9664115401
12 Bajrang Ganpath Gujar Member 8082097256
13 Manisha Bikku Bingade Member 9224665714
14 Bathu Thukaram Dokle Member 022-65884578
15 Vijay Dattatreya Yeram Member 9969798072
Umyashankar Boda
Jul 24, 2013

Refund not Received

I am Umiyashankar Boda,application no. 2000105614. I has participated in Mahada Lottery 2013 and deposited Rs.15100 for same.

Till date I has not received any money from your side, please help to get money.

Umiyashankar Boda
Keyur Parekh
Jun 20, 2013


hi, I am keyur parekh and i have applied for mhada lottery 2013 and still now i have not got my refund, and there is no proper system which tells us whom to contact and from where to get the refund. if anyone can help me with it pls call on
+919819674935 / 022 28928209
Jun 19, 2013

Refund not received


I had filled in 3 forms in MIG group for which i had paid 25100 Rs each. My 2 out of 3 forms were not elected, now i am waiting for refund of those two application.

I tried calling on numbers provided by mhada i.e 02266405099/10 but it seems that these numbers are not working.

Below are the details of applications those didn't qualify for the final lottery.

Please help sir since 50000 amount is not small amount & casual attitude from Mhada is increasing our concerns,

Thank you for payment against application
Ref.No.: 2000018495
SchemeCode: 295

Thank you for payment against application
Ref.No.: 0000048101
SchemeCode: 298


Shridhar K
Rakesh Hirji Gohil
Jun 17, 2013

Refund of MHADA Housing lottery scheme 2013 amount of Rs. 10000

I have participated in MHADA lottery 2013. My name did not get selected in winners list. I was supposed to get the EMD amount in few days. 15 days has passed and I have not got the amount.My Mobile no. 9870056448 Kindly instruct me to proceed further.
Jun 16, 2013

not refunded money yet

when i fill the form of mhada lottery that time i was filling the wrong account no is 20136686176.
i have not getting money back that's why
plz help me ........
my appliction no is 6000042403
Mar 20, 2013

Not yet get the OC

Dear sir/Madam,
As we have been staying in SRA schem building in Borivali east . Our Builder has not yet completed the work there for we are not getting the Light bill on our Name. OC is also not yet given by the BMC. we are not able to show our address proof for any requirment Like Passport.etc..........

We have unothorised tenant also who are staying in uncosntructed area of building at the ground floor without any permission of builder & society, They make lots of garbage there.

Hence we symphaticaly request you to kindly proceed against them and take strict action on them to vacate
the rooms and we can stop illegal behaviors of unathorised tennants & also help us to get the OC for our society,

(SRA) Siddhivinayak building No.2, Sukarwadi, M.G. Road, Borivali east, Mumbai -400066.
Feb 10, 2013

one person illegal resident about last five year in our building one room

my building address 146 alibhai premji marg, grantroad (e) mumbai 400007
one resident illegal in our building last five year, no give document & no give maintaince charge light bill water bill watchman charge cleaner charger etc
where i complain this matter.
Feb 6, 2013

MHADA Deputy register

मी एम आय जी कॉलनी नालंदा को. हौ . सोस. सिद्धार्थ नगर गोरेगाव(प) . येथे राहतो, आमच्या सोसायटीचे सचिव व अध्यक्ष यांनी ३२ लोकांच्या पैशाची अफरा तफर केली आहे, तसेच गेली १२ वर्ष यांनी पद सोडली नाही आहेत आणि गेल्या १२ वर्षाचा ताळेबंद हिशोब हि देलेला नाही, याची तक्रार आम्ही १५ सद्यस्यानी उपनिबंधक यांच्या कडे गेली ६ वर्ष करत आहोत पण उपनिबंधक आमच्या तक्रारी कडे लक्ष देत नाहीत. तसेच उपनिबंधकाचे स्व्हिय श्री काकड आम्हाला उडवा उडवीचे उत्तर देतात व तसेच सचिव आणि आध्याक्षानी आमचा विरुद्ध केलेल्या तक्रारीवर लगेच कारवाई करतात,
यात आम्हाला उपनिबंधक, उपनिबंधकाचे स्व्हिय श्री काकड व सचिव/अध्याक्षक्चे काहीतरी काळे बेरे आसवे आसे वाटते ,तरी कृपया करून साहेब आपण यात लक्ष घालून आम्हा सर्वाना न्याय मिळून द्यावे हि आपणास विनंती. माझ्या कडून लिहिण्यात काही चूक झाली असेल तर माफ करावे

आपला नम्र
अमीर रामचंद्र शिरीष्कर
Jan 26, 2013

building main gate

our building main gate of ideal apartment 3rd sankli street byculla Mumbai 400008 is being trying to remove for there parking purpose we do need help its a mhada building
Nov 20, 2012

need noc from mhada

i am intrested in buying a flat in mhada chandivali in andheri east ,what are the process, so that i can do it, a bit earlier
pls reply .how to get the noc from the mhada .pls do help me in this process
Aug 19, 2012

Leakage Problem from above Flat

Hello! Sir / Madam,

I am a resident of Khatau Building. Dr.S.S. Rao Road, Parel Mumbai - 400012 . I am facing leakage problem from my above flat, Last year only we had done repairing through Mhada , but still leakage problem did not get resolved ,we concern with Mhada engineer also he checked but did not take any action against our problem . I am seriously worried about the structure getting weak.The leakage has increased a lot since last few days. daily we are facing this problem. Please help me on this matter.

Janhavi Karawde
Jul 11, 2012

Non Refund of EMD

Jul 11, 2012

Non Refund of EMD

my name is rizwan yet not got refund
Jul 11, 2012

Non Refund of EMD

Jul 1, 2012

Non receipt of Application money of 2012 Housing Lottery refund

Sub: Non receipt of Refund Money.
Ref: 1. My MHADA Housing Lottery Application Sr. No.0000184179 & Axis Bank receipt Sr. No.-00720805120009, applied in response to their advertisement published in DNA News paper on 03/05/12 for sale of Houses-May 2012.
2. Sr. No.-726 of their Refund Status (Down loaded from net) list where my refund status reflects as “WRONG ACCOUNT NAME”.

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that I had applied for the same and my application had been rejected due to my name not matching with that of my name in my mentioned Bank Account dtails, although it perfectly matches with my PAN Card details, as was enclosed.
My Bank account number as I mentioned in my application exists in my actual name as PIJUS KANTI SARKAR where as by default in their on-line application my name appeared as PIJUS NARAYAN SARKAR where NARAYAN represents the name of my father.

For your kind information, while applying on line, I didn’t have any choice of mentioning my said actual name, with out inclusion of my father’s name because of their system constraint.

Please note that unlike other community, in our Bengali community, father’s name doesn’t appear in individual’s name but because of your system constraint, my name had been captured, post including my father’s name in it.

Anyway I requested them to please refund my application money, in the name of PIJUS KANTI SARKAR, as been indicated in the PAN Card details, which I submitted, along with my application.

Further I do confirm that PIJUS KANTI SARKAR and PIJUS NARAYAN SARKAR is the same person and I shall be responsible for any future consequence if any.

Since there was no communication from MHADA in this regard hence I have no option rather to complaint against their said mal practices to a public forum like yours.
If you see the statistics then you will find that more than 75% applcants are facing the same problem although there is no sanctity of incluing father's name in the application when PAN card details and Bnk Details are already been asked for.

Thanking you.

Flat No.- A403, Gagangiri CHS, Plot No.-47, Sector-17,
VASHI, Navi Mumbai-400705, Maharashtra, India
Ph: 022-27895396 ; Mob: 9967098435;Email: pijus.sarkar@yahoo.co.in
Shrushti Society
Dec 29, 2011

Unauthorised tennants and residents

Dear Sir,

We are from New Mhada located at Malad (W), Near jankalyan Nagar, are facing lots of problems from
the unathorised Residents purchases flat illegaly and diverted the law of MHADA .

Hence we symphaticaly request you to kindly proceed against them and take strict action on them to vacate
the rooms and we can stop illegal behaviors of unathorised tennants.

In this above circumstances its very difficult to live life with such kind of people. and by initiating legal
actions MHADA organisation will be in benefit.

We hope you will take our request on top priority basis and do the needfull.


New Mhada, Nr.Jankalyan nagar, Malwani, Malad (W), Mumbai 95.
Jul 27, 2011

refund of MHADA EMD Amount Rs. 25000 for 2011 Lottery Scheme

Jul 25, 2011

refund of MHADA EMD Amount Rs. 25000 for 2011 Lottery Scheme

Please go through the brochure/bills/receipts for any terms and conditions.You can send them a legal notice stating your grievance and for the refund. You have a very prima facie case against the Company. They will certainly start responding to you immediately. I am a lawyer.
Cell No.:- 09341106594

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