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Micromax mobile


Consumer complaints and reviews about Micromax mobile

Jul 25, 2014

micromax mobile

I had submitted my Micromax canvas (A76) phone on 08 JUNE 2014 at RUDRAPUR UTTRAKHAND AND MY JOB SHEET NO. IS e070130-0614-10151042 Service Center as there was no POWER on and the Mobile was in the warranty period. Till date i have not received my mobile back nor i am getting proper response from the Micromax. I have called them even mail them several times but no proper response. I hope you would understand the query as it has been almost 1.5 months and there is no proper response. Please do the needful
Jul 24, 2014

Poor services from Micromax

I have bought my phone micromax Canvas Knight A 350 2 Ghz model in April 2014. Order #47556.

On 8th July its display was showing lines and white screen,I went to below service center and they said display needs to be changed, They should have replaced my phone as it was brand new phone under warranty.
Mobile No. :9888939314 Phone No. :9872612525 Email : akste_chandigarh@mmxcheckpoint.com"

I gave them my phone for repair on 8th and they said it will take 10-15 days for the display to be shipped to them, I called them several times to check on the status, then one day they said display is changed however while opening the set back of the phone is damaged, glass is broken
(They are not trained to open the new phones), I said what king of service is this , theys said we will replace the back, it will take 4-5 days
In the mean while i asked them to update the software to KITKAT as it has been launched and it can be updated by them only.
3 days back They said diplay and back has been arrived will give it to me soon, they also said they have tried several times but unable to download 1 GB of kitkat firmware/software, I gave them three more days for the kitkat.

Today I called and they said they still can’t download the update, I asked them I will come to collecr my phone and will do update later.
I went to them disappointing that kitkat is not available, they gave me the PHONE WHOSE BACK WAS STILL DAMAGED LIKE BROKEN GLASS OF CAR AND it was sticked like fevi stick, they said use it for few days and we will replace the back
I was annoyed and told them how can you give me broken phone, how can you expect customer to user broken phone, they should have told me beforehand that don’t come back is not fixed.
Jul 18, 2014

not repair my mobile micromax a120 in 10 days

not repair my mobile micro max a120 in 15 days and no response from service center today
Jul 12, 2014

Dint get my Micromax A117 Magnus

I have micromax mobile model A117 Megnus bought On 12/03/2014.I am facing disfunctional data cable port and some software issues. regarding this I have Complained at micromax service center S R Communication Govindpuri New Delhi On Date - 09/06/2014. However I was told that I will get my handset within 2 days. Already more than 30 days on over and the issue is not solve.

I have already complained at head office on 16/06/2014 spoke with Ms. Rasmi. I was told that within 7 days. I will get the handset back still today I am not getting satisfaction reply from service center.Please look into the matter and help me.

I got the mail in which you have mentioned that the issue is closed and I have to visit the service center to collect the material.
I would like to inform you that I have visited the Service center (S. R. Communication, Govindpuri, New Delhi - 110019) but was returned empty handed. I was told by Mr. Vikki of SR Communication that the handset is not ready.

I want to know that how come you declare that the case is closed. Are you misinformed or you have a unprofessional business ethic to misguide your customer.

For your kind information I am going to complaint in Consumer court and drag you and the service center for not fulfilling the said promise of service after sale.

You guys are the most irritating and unprofessional. Update me when shall I visit the service center to collect the handset.
Jul 5, 2014

not received phone from Service Centre even after 2 months

Hi, This is Urvashi, I Had bought Micromax android phone A111 Canvas doodle last year. Battery of the phone was not working properly even before completion of 1 year of purchasing this phone. Phone needed frequent Charging but it was working at that time. So I went to your nearest Micromax service center @ Borivali i.e. D R Telecom on 6 May 2014. They checked battery and phone and told me that there is problem in battery & phone too. Battery need to be replaced and phone has shorting issue. I ordered for new battery for Rs. 1100/- and gave phone for servicing. D R Telecom told me that they will return my phone within 30 days. On 6 June 2014 (after 30 days), I went to D R Telecom to receive my phone but it was not ready. I again went there on 12 June 2014. I received phone only and not battery. I again went there on 14 June 2014. Battery had not come. I again went there on 19 June 2014 and finally received a battery. But when I went home n tried to start my phone, it was not working. Phone was getting auto restart every time. I went to D R Telecom again on 20 June 2014 (immediately next day). They checked my phone and said I again have to submit my phone for servicing again as it’s not working. As it was already 1 and a half month passed I wanted my phone back in a working condition soon. So I called Customer care of Micromax. Customer care executive said we will try to give your phone on urgent basis and consider this a special case. I called to customer care on 25 June. at that time executive said " You will get your phone after 15 working days from today" What does it mean? Why from 25 June just because I called on 25 June. And what if I haven't called than? I told executive to register my complaint to make servicing of my phone on urgent basis as I was told. I called customer care on 30 June again. They told they have forwarded my complaint. I again called customer care on 4 July 2014 (yesterday). They said there is no complaint registered from me and Told me to wait till 15 working days starting from 25 June 2014. It’s been 2 months from when I gave my phone to Micromax Service Center. And still there is no clear picture how much more time it will take to get my phone back. What’s the use of buying phone from Micromax where I can’t use it even for a year? I had gone at service centre for more than 7 times in last 2 months and called customer care also many times. D R Telecom phone no 022-28079002, is never available. It’s either Busy, engage or there is no one to pick our call. This shows how important we are as a customer. This no is also on website. Executives at D R Telecom are also very rude sometime. It must be as almost every customer comes angry with a complaint. I had waited for 2 months for 1 phone. I had never experience such harassment. I want my phone back asap. Requesting you to reply and make a note of my complaint and help me getting my phone in working condition asap. Urvashi
Jul 3, 2014

Micromax Mobile A110Q

Hi sir

I bought micromax A110Q oct 2013.
Till february it worked fine

Problems I faced from March
-> slowly touch is not workin properly, one day suddenly it stopped working

I gave to service center , they reloaded the OS and gave it to me, it worked fine only for few hours.
Again same issue, They said it is hardware problem and kept the phone for nearly 10 days and gave it

-> New problem araised after this touch screen issue is resolved, when I unlock the phone mobile is rebooting.
Again gave the phone in micromax service centre, they reloaded the OS and gave it to me.

->After a week, it again started exhibiting the same problem.

My phone is still under warranty every week or every 10 days I cannot go and reload the OS.

My phone IMEI number is
m 911314103090307
s 911314103396308

I sincerly request you to please help me in this regard

Kishor Kumar Parmar
Jul 3, 2014

Micromax Mobiles

I Kishor Kumar, purchased micromax A/78 (coffee) android mobile phone on April 2012 second week. After warranty competition last year i.e. April 2013. Mobile touch not working property like Home, Back etc baton. I was visited micromax customer service centre Ankleshwar and explained problems. customer care demanded Rs.3000 cost of touch of mobile and local market like Bharuch, Vadodara, Ankleshwar touch of same mobile not available. so that I request you to kindly provide all type spare part of all mobiles which is making by your good company and again I request you to kindly provide me touch of Micromax A/78 mobile on payment basis like cash on delivery on my following address and inform to me price of touch, time of delivery etc. on my mobile No.9427612550 before delivery ;- Kishor Kumar, 38 Sai Darsha Society, Near Padmawati Salt, Rajpipla Chowkdi, Ankleshwar, Distt- Bharuch.

From - Kishor Kumar
Mobile No. 09427612550, 09469058182
Jul 2, 2014


Hi Ravi,

Sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us at social@micromaxinfo.com with following details:

1. Contact Number
2. Your Location
3. Job-Sheet Number
4. Device Model

We will have someone from the team connect with you. Please mention your name on subject and add your contact in the email.

Do include the complaint link in order to speed up the process.

Team Micromax
Jul 2, 2014


Hi Saurabh,

Sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us at social@micromaxinfo.com with following details:

1. Contact Number
2. Your Location
3. Job-Sheet Number
4. Device Model

We will have someone from the team connect with you. Please mention your name on subject and add your contact in the email.

Do include the complaint link in order to speed up the process.

Team Micromax
Jul 1, 2014

touch screen

Dear sir i have purchased micro max canvas hd 116i at 26-02-2014 but its touch screen glass break suddenly before few day ago . it is under guarantee but not replace by service center. so please help me....i am not understand handle this situation.
Sourabh Namdeo
Jun 29, 2014

micromax p360tab

I have purchase a micromax p360tab on 22aug 2013 at 2nov 2013 mather board board was damged i was given to micromax srvice center . Service center told me that your tab is given on 2month . he was given to me anther tab . p255 told that wait more 3 month then given me a old tab p350 tab was very old many many peple used that tab.i did not that tab i want my tab micromax p360.tab...thaku plz provide my tab p360.......
Jun 28, 2014

hanging problem

My name is Ravi Kant.
Contact no-09431881303
I purchased 26 june 2014.from the date of purchase
getting hanging problem.I want replacement of this.
Please help me.
Jun 24, 2014

Please help to resolve my micromax phone issue

i bought one micromax turbo mini A200 model phone before 12 days back,but its display ,suddenly stopped.
I submitted to the lucknow service center - prince communication, i got call that it will take 10 days to replace.
Now i am calling to the service center no. but they are not responding.
And kept the phone on busy always..

If this is the service then ,we will never recommend people to buy micromax.
i am an employee in telecom operator.


Regards,Puneet Srivastava,
Bhaskar Pendem
Jun 24, 2014

Micromax A117 Touch problem

I bought Micromax Canvas Magnus A117 on Jan 5 2014 in a retail store. The touch and feather buttons problem araised from 20 th April 2014 and gave the mobile to the authorised Micromax Service Center on 21st April 2014. They took 20 days to repair the mobile and delivered the mobile on 10 th May 2014 saying that the spares are not availabe. The same problem araised on 10 th June 2014 i.e., within one month of the repair. I handed over to the same Service Center on 12 th June 2014 and till now they are not repairing my mobile saying that the spares are not available.
So, please solve my problem.
Jun 21, 2014

wants brand new handset

Dear sir, my phone Micromax A116 having a signal problem that's why i has submitted my phone for repair at their service center. After 2 months they gave me a second hand set as a replacement but when i take the handset at home i saw their was a problem in handset. All the functions are working automatically in the set. Then i send the handset again in the service center. They told me to take handset after 15 days but today when i goes there to take my handset the problem is still on it. They have changed 3 touch in front of me but the problem hasn't resolved. I got helpless. Please help me. I want the brand new handset as a replacement or wants refund of it. Please sir help me. I have listen about you a lot.

My self Dheeraj Pandey
Contact no. 9627367378
Jun 19, 2014

micromax A116 mobile problem

Sir , i have purchased MICROMAX CANVAS A116 mobile on 04-09-2013, I have faced some display and touch problem and gave it to MICROMAX authorized service center (CHANDRIKA ELECTRONICS , BELLARY, KARNATAKA TEL:"083922267329) on 21-04-2014, After one week i received my handset with the same problem. And service center people told that , it has a problem with BOARD and it has to be sent to Bangalore. After one month i received my handset with the same problem in front of service center people only, and the service center people told that, handset will be sent to DELHI. Sir again after one month i received the handset with same problem .Again service center people hand over the handset to me after replacing someone mobile PCB. Next day again i faced the problem , screen was not unlocking . Again i informed the same problem to service center people and customer care also . Both peoples are telling me to wait for again 20 more days. Sir almost from two months i am not using mobile.

sir, please tell me what i have to do? . I really fed with this MICROMAX and its service.

IMEI NO:911304251623470/911304251776476

RECENT JOB SHEET NO:N030067-0614-10276312
MY EMAIL ID: mahesha.bl@gmail.com
Jun 19, 2014

Battery replacement

मेरा नाम चन्द्र शेखर है मेने आपकी कंपनी माइक्रो मैक्स का मॉडल अ ९२ कैनवास लाइट मोबाइल सितम्बर में ख़रीदा था जिसकी बैटरी की अब सर्विस काम हो गयी है श्रीमान से निवेदन है की मेरी बैटरी रेप्लस कर मुझे नयी बैटरी उपलब्ध कराने की कृपा करे। मेरा मोबाइल ९९७७००९५६६ है

थैंक यू। .........
Jun 18, 2014

Delay in Service with Poor Quality

Dear Team,


I’ve purchased product P360 from online shopping on 16-01-2014. As the screen was broken I’ve submitted the set to service center for repairing on 2nd of MAY.
I called service center many times to know the status but they said still we are waiting for parts please call after 4-5 days. When no feedback come from service center then again I visit there to know the status and they handover TAB to me(defected), but when I checked charger slot was broken. Then again I submit the tab for service and they said you can collect after 4-5 days. Now again I called at service center and they said please call after 4-5 days your TAB part is awaiting, then again I visit service center and they handover TAB to me. Now third time when I used TAB three days I observed Display spot issue was there and Heating problem then again I submit the tab for service center.

Now my Tab still in service center and in this period whenever I called they said parts is awaited and you can collect after 4-5 days. I raised my complaint at customer care with reference to MMX0306147480 on 3rdof JUNE-2014.

I visit personally at service center on 7th June-2014 and had a word with MANAGER at service center and he assured me you can collect TAB on 11th June-2014 positively and we will call you. But no feedback from there so yesterday(17th JUNE-2014) again I visit and meet with Manager and he said you can collect TAB on coming Saturday. When I told him how do I know the current status of issue he said you can call at given number on job sheet. But as I shared my experience they never knows the status so every time we come there and know you can come after 4-5 days. This is very ridiculous and when I ask manager’s mobile number he not shared with me. The behavior of the whole service center is very rude.

The behavior of the whole service center is very rude and irresponsive including his manager. At service center they are not supportive at all. Executive keeps on saying that it will take 4-5 days from last 1 and half month. They used to say they have no other information. I’m facing big problem now, as they are not telling me the exact date when I will be getting my phone back that is so painful.
I’ve appeared many times at Sat guru service center It takes my time, money. I have called many times at their service center but things are not working.
Now I’m very fade-up due to this situation and going to forward registered complaint in the CONSUMER FORUM. Please follow the below link for details:

ComplaintId :94461.3.2014

My humble request as I have invested 7000/- RUPEES on TAB and it’s not repaired yet and almost 1 and half month warranty loss. Moreover it was damaged during repairing its looks like old handset(but I was submitted new handset). So please kindly arrange cash back or other handset for me in case of repair extend the product warranty which I loss during poor service.

I will be highly thankful to you. Otherwise I have to move in Consumer court same already discussed with my lawyer.

Address of service center:
Satguru Communication
Shop No-1, Ground Floor, Dharampali Palace, Near Vinayak Hospital, Noida Sector 27, Noida - 201301
Jun 16, 2014

Delay In service

I had purchased A117 on 18-Dec-2013. Now its softkeys stopped working. I gave my phone to the service center on 29-May- 2014. When I enquired today 16-June-2014, they still say that they haven't received the part of my phone to be replaced from the company.
I would like to know that how much time it takes to solve the problem?
Will I ever get my phone back?
Or I have made a mistake buying a Micromax Mobile Phone?
Jun 6, 2014

non availiabilty of support services

I want to bring your kind notice that i was purchase a micromax canvas 4 in the month of Sep 2013 from benz india pvt ltd Naraina Delhi with Insurance from Royal Green services.

Now my phone have charging problem from last 3 days i had visited your 2 service centers located in dwarka and Nawada in delhi and also tried to contact with insurance provider royal green services but my problem is not resolved till now. i was tried to contact to service head in micromax head office but receptionist of the head office was unable to give me me the contacts of service head or any other senior official.

I am totally fadeup with the services from micromax and associates like royal green services and decided to go to consumer court for this matter and also this matter will be raised in front of print media available in india. however no more people will be harrsed with micromax services ...........

peoples please join hands the for the same

Thanks & Regards

Abhishek Gautam
May 28, 2014

Micromax Funbook Mini 410i unserviceable within a month

I just bought a Micromax Funbook Mini last month which became unservicable in less than a month.I then gave it to the service centre at Ambala for necessary repairs/replacement under warranty.It's almost been a fortnight but there is no trace of my funbook. I bought this funbook despite lot of opposition from my friends who discouraged me that the brand micromax isn't worth, but I went against them and purchased it just to give it a try ....... this I believe was my first mistake. After using it for a while I too realized that it wasn't the right choice .... it's got too many issues. The camera is pathetic, battery back up is bad and nothing can be worse than the after sale service of Micromax. I wonder when will micromax replace/repair my funbook mini, but I am sure that I would not recommend this brand to anyone. It's been a nightmare for me and I would not like others to pickup such a pathetic brand. The customer care staff of authorized service centre at Sadar Bazar Ambala Cantt also need to be counselled on their rude behaivour and dealings. I would want this issue to be flagged to Mr Navneet Taneja, CEO Micromax, who I believe has very recently shifted from such a big name "SAMSUNG" ........ wonder if his decision was as bad as that of mine.
May 20, 2014

Touch Pad Paralysed & Display Issues


I own a Micromax Canvas Ego A113 mobile, it is very pathetic that all of a sudden the phone is paralysed. One side of the locking pad is not working. And I am unable to receive and disconnect the incoming calls. The service center fellow says it will take 45 to 90 days for repairs. How can i work without my phone. My job is all associated with my phone. I am helpless, I am lossing my bussiness and clients due to the phone issues. I have submitted the phone at Mobile solutions, CIDCO, Aurangabad. Kindly resolve the issue ASAP, as my phne is my work. My contact details - 9923394544.

Rajat chandran
May 13, 2014

my phone cant hear me

My phone can't hear me .whatever I tell it can't recognise it .I would like to know that weather its software problem or hardware problem .if there is any software for it then plz can u give that software name so that I can download it .
Apr 29, 2014

reg. micromax A111 charger not supported

Dear sir,

With due respect i am your privileage customer i purchase a cellphone of your company and i m really very disappointed bcoz when i use charger in my phone charger not supported and my phone switched off,after that i gave my ph. for service on 12/3/14 at your service center located at sriganganagar (42-E-block,near shitla mata vatika,sarna electronics) they replied me to give my ph after 25 days for checking many time i'll ask and reminding about my ph. but m not getting any satisfy answer till now they don't reply me.my ph. details are given below

Name - Sahabram
Job sheet no. - 0203610314-8598667
Contact no.-9887585601

Kindly look into my complaint and please do the needful.

rs naruka
Mar 18, 2014

mobile internet applications are not working properly

Sir, I had purchase micromax A57 Ninja 3 from your company from Space Electronics, Jodhpur. in this mobile set Internet applications like whatapps, google, google play etc. are not working properly. Due this problem i had complained both service center SP - Logix Electronics and Automation and M/s. Rajveer Teleecare in jodhpur Rajasthan several time but this problem cannot be solved till date. I am faid up from this mobile. sir, I cant understand that what is the problem of mobile and if there is no solution they have please tell me i will do other things. I had submitted my mobile set is in our service centre in M/s. Rajveer Teleecare, Jodhpur Rajathan. I cant received this set due this problem. IF your change the set or otherwise i will go to the consumer court. IMEI No. 911234952874116, 911234953126110 Micro max A 57.
these are my Job sheet no. follows:
*w020386-1213-6828862* dated 6.12.2013
*w020311-1213-7287347* for detail please previous service records of mobile.

Vinod Joshi

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