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Micromax mobile


Consumer complaints and reviews about Micromax mobile

saket pimpale
Jan 31, 2015

charging problem

complaint against micromax bolt A 27. I have purchased this mobile on 27-06-2014. From the day i have purchased the mobile it is giving some or the other problem. i have got my mobile replaced by the service center 3 times . but still the problem is not resolved . now the mobiles charging slot is not working properly. now please give me some proper response as fast as you can. if mot i will have to go to the grahakh munch.
Jan 24, 2015

disgusted response from micromax service center

I am rahul kumar, i gave my micromax canvas A310 NITRO to the service center in the first week of the jan 2015 and they said within 15 days it will be done,as it was not giving my battery back up as needed, was very poor with the battery and it is a new phone just been a month i bought it/ when i asked them after 15day they said me a week more they need , i was frustrated at that time itself still i said ok and now after that week when i asked them they are saying more 15-20days , i mean what is this, the worst service i could say,i really need my phone back in good condition , it's really a lot humiliating
serial no. 911375707225276/911375707273938
nikhil sartape
Jan 22, 2015

hanging problem(A94)

I bought this micromax mobile as its an indian make and being proud of the indian product.I am completely dissatisfied cwith your service and quality.and simply as know the indian product is bad.And i request to all my friends please do not buy micromax product and save money....
paramjit singh pardal
Jan 18, 2015


I have purchased Micromax Canvas Juice A177 Mobile on 25th December 2014 . I gifted this mobile to my mother . After some days , my mother told me while attending calls , voice is coming too weak /low . Next Day , I took the mobile to nearest service Center (Ramesh Nagar) . They took the Mobile and Returned me the next day . While receiving the mobile from service center , i checked the mobile , there was no improvement in the voice , the voice was coming very low. I told the staff and they told me that they cant do anything , this is the maximum voice we can provide . When I told that My Brother in law and my father in law (both ) have same model No Mobile and there phone voice is very Clear and I have purchased this mobile after watching there mobile is working good . They told me to Bring any one mobile , in which the voice was coming very clear. Next working Day , i took the defective mobile and the mobile in which the voice was coming very clear . After Hearing the voices from Both the Mobiles , They again took the Defective mobile and returned me after 45 Minutes . I again checked the mobile , there was no improvement in the Defective Mobile Voice . When i told the Staff again , they told me that they have changed the IC and therefore they cant do anything except that . When i Reached Home , i again checked . I Called someone and i kept the phone speaker on , but there was no voice and when i turned off the speaker and took the mobile for listening call ( the voice was coming very slow.) . Now What i do , Please Someone Help Me. ( its not even a month after purchasing the mobile.)
paulami chatterjee
Jan 12, 2015


I have bought a micromax canvas fire2 silver black set(IMEI NO-911368057903980) on 30th october 2014 from YADSON TRADECOM PVT LTD,4A,DENT MISSION ROAD FIVE STAR PLAZA(3rd floor)KOL 700023.After a few days it was found that the sensor was not working and was given to a micromax service centre(FIRST SERVE 29/1 S.N ROY ROAD BEHALA KOL 700038) jobsheet no-E030421-1114-13473987 on 20th november 2014,then it was send to delhi head office as toid by the service centre and few days latter it was also told to me that the set had a manufacture defect,so the set will be exchanged by new one.On 20th december a set(golden black) was given to me(IMEI NO-911368054063119 and 911368054214647) which was USED and DEFECTIVE.
Before this incident i was fond of micromax mobile which has been lost.I need a fresh and non defective mobile.Without mobile I am suffering for 2 months.I hope you will take a drustic action very urgently against the problem.
Now it will be very greatfull if u exchange the set with a new set.

MOBILE NO-9874676574,7278760904
Goldy Mathur
Jan 7, 2015

Tablet touch screen not working

Dear sir/madam,

We have purchased a Micromax Funbook MIni P410i Tablet (WiFi) in April 2014. In August its touch screen was not working well. It has been given to M/S MSN Communication, NO 164, Keshava Complex,Jayanagr 6th Block, Bangalore on September 30, 2014, in the name of Kapil Mathur. Till now it is not repaired. Nobody in the service station picks the phone and if they do, they say that replacement will be given for the tablet as it was under warranty but till date no news from the company. Today on January 6, 2015, still we are waiting for the replacement of the piece. Very poor and pathetic service from the company. Kindly do an immediate action as soon as possible otherwise i will go for consumer court.

Kapil Mathur
Jan 6, 2015

mobile repair not done even after due date

My mobile micromax A089 was given for repair on dated 25-11-14 and still on 05-01-15 date, i am not getting my phone back. Kindly do an immediate action as soon as possible otherwise i will go for consumer court.

job sheet no: N030546-1114-13577278

Anil Yadav
mob no.: 9826960728
arun koundal
Jan 5, 2015

mobile repair not done even after due date

My mobile micromax canvas A110Q was given for repair on dated 2-12-14 and still on 05-01-15 date, i am not getting my phone back. Kindly do an immediate action as soon as possible otherwise i will go for consumer court.

job sheet no: N090346-1214-13697986

Arun koundal
mob no.: 9988952369
lalit chauhan09
Jan 4, 2015

poor service of micromax

Jobsheet no -N040643111413316279
Hi, i m lalit chauhan. Its been over TWO MONTHS i have not received my phone & ever time Service center is saying that the phone is with company and After 45days. I received the OLD replaced phone from your center. After waiting for 50 days company is giving me a defected phone which is not working. Request you to please help me as it been over 2 months now and repair it .
Jan 3, 2015


Dec 30, 2014

Jobsheet number-1114-13659003

Hi, Its been over TWO MONTHS i have not received my phone & ever time Service center is saying that the phone is with company and After 2 months I received the OLD replaced phone from your center. you will be shocked to know that the phone already had some BLUE FILM in it and they are saying that this is the new phone they are giving me. I am not sure what would have the reaction of a female if the phone have given to her. Also I am more then sure this is not new phone as it already giving me some kind of charging problem. How could company can provide me a phone (A121) that is old and have Charging problem. After waiting for 60 days company is giving me a defected phone which is not working. I have returned the A121 phone back to the service center, I will only take new seal pack phone not any old phone. Request you to please help me as it been over 2 months now
Umesh Mistry
Dec 27, 2014

Job Sheet No 121414004383


With reference to above subject I have given my Micro max A 106 phone for minor problem solution at you Anand Service Station vide their Job Sheet No-121414004383 before 45 Days. I have Visit your service Station at Anand thrice on their call.Every time they are saying some problem is ready but need some further maintenance & keeping with them. I have to travel around 35 KM every time which costs to me. Even their behavior is not well with Customers.

Request you to resolve the problem at the earliest or I will be going for File a Case with Consumer Court.
Dec 24, 2014

mobil auto stop

mene 9/10/14 me mobil 067 jo 22/10/14 me kharab ho gya or 23/10/14 ko sarvies centar diya unhone 30/10/14 ko kharb hi vapas kar diya 1/11/14 ko rdc gzb me phir diya lekin us aaj tak 24/12/14 takkuchh pata nhi he jiska job kard no n040643111413094128 he
Shabnam Saini
Dec 24, 2014

delayed in service

Hi Team, I had given micromax a121 elanza on 06/11/2014 for repair at Dadar service cnt in Mumbai as the phone got dead does not switch ON, passed 48 days still it is not ready, Mobile purchased on 4th June 2014 The Job Sheet No.-W031687-1114-13187772 dated 06/11/2014 I am highly disappointed. Please help to get immediate solution to my complaint. This is not how i should be rewarded for my trust in new emerging brands.i don't see any hope in getting my phone back...if so plz send my phone back i will get it repaired from local technician. -shabnam
Dec 23, 2014

Complain against the poor sevice

The complain is against the service center SP-MOBILE SOLUTIONS , AHMED BUILDING, H.B. ROAD , FANCY BAZAR, GUWAHATI, ASSAM, PIN NO-781001. i have given my handset on 08/12/2014 for repairing. but till now the handset is not repaired. Even when i tried to inquire about the matter, the service center didn't respond. They always ignored the matter. it seems like the service center hasn't even tried to repair the handset. my job no is "EO20220-1214-13811243" and job sheet date- 08/12/2014. kindly look up the matter. i seriously regret that i bought a MICROMAX MOBILE WITH SUCH POOR SERVICE. So i kindly request you either to give my phone fully repaired within the next two days or give me a new headset since the warranty period isn't over yet. Moreover its not the first time.. few days back i had given my phone for repairing... but at that time also they showed such poor service. seriously disgusting service. hope i get a respond from the head office as soon as possible.
Deepak Bhardwjj
Dec 23, 2014


sir, i purchase a mobile phone make micromax A1 in the month of September, 2014 (Through Amazon). after 15 days i connect my phone for shifting my mobile data to PC but it is not transfer and camera resolution is not clear. I contact customer care and he say to submit your phone our service center. i submit mobile phone to service center at Lajpat Nagar, new delhi. he say that it is a software problem and phone sent to Company. after 15 days he give me phone and problem is solved. my date is transfer to phone. after 10 days the same problem is repeated. i again go to Lajpatnagar service center but he not deposit my phone and asked to go Bikajecama place. i went to bikajecama place and he said that it is only collection center, not a service center. at that time phone was hanged. please replace this phone or proper repair it. i do not suggest anyone to purchase micromax phone.
israil kahn
Dec 19, 2014

Touch not working

Dear Sir,
I have deposited my micro max hand set to the service centre at M/s. Trupatii Infotech, G-72 B Block Ganpati Plaza Jaipur vide slip No. W 020319-1114-13107559 dated 03/11/2014 after observing that it's touch is not working properly, after few days I received a call from company that your phone accepted by the company for genuine problem and your phone is being dispatched to you after due replacement/ Repair between 20 to 25 Nov 2014.
But, unfortunately I am still waiting to receive my hand set back in any condition, neither I got my old set nor I could plan to buy a new. Dear sir, further I request to you and want know whether I would get my hand set back or should I forget it and buy a new one.Would be great full if you reply it truthfully.

Thanks & Regards
Anees Khan
Dec 18, 2014

Delivery of defective/tempered phone through courier after servicing

My phone A 116 started giving trouble and was deposited in a service center on 29.09.2014 through Job Sheet No N031657-1114-13123281. After several visits to the service center the phone was finally delivered through courier at society gate to my son. The courier man opened the packing and after inserting the battery started the phone. The screen display came and my son thought that phone must be ok. After reaching home when he tried to insert the SIM, there was no slots for the SIM, there were no screws, and touch screen was not working.
Complained to Micromax about this, they say the complaint is closed and now contact service center. When went to the service center, they refused to entertain as according to them the phone is totally tempered and its warranty is over.
Now I don't know the fate of my phone. The company is shrugging off its responsibility by saying that the phone has been dispatched and received by the customer, now there is no liability.

Akshay Aggarwal
gufran ansari
Dec 18, 2014


Dear Sir,
our job sheet no:-N030677-1014-12758345 Dated-14/10/2014
we are deposit our mobile in your service center
When we give our mobile to them Mr.gorav says to us that your mobile repaired with in ten working days and after ten days he say to me that your mobile is not come from service center please give us more ten days and after next ten days we go and meet to Mr. GORAV he says to us that your mobile parts will be come after one week and take your mobile in good condition. after this we go after one week and meet second person Mrs.SHABANA she say to us that your mobile is come and send again to service center because mobile is not working properly and she give us moble no-9582005809 of Mr.SACHIN Branch-holder she say to us that when mr.sachin take your phone then you confirm the date and time of your mobile taken time.
we called to MR.Sachin on the same number more and many times but that good man not take our phone.
now this is my humbly request for you that please send us my mobile with in one week other wise we will be take legal action against the company and Mr.SACHIN ,Mr.GORAV, Mrs.SHABANA
Thanks And Regards
Dec 16, 2014

micromax a106

i given my phone in service center in 12-11-2014 till now there is no progress in work as a reason of unavailability of spare parts. y micromax is being such care less about customer services?? if it continue like this it won't stand for long time. i don't think someone reading and taking responsibility by reading this. but please care for services.
Dec 16, 2014

Power Phone Restarts / Reboots & Dispaly Flickering

I had bought the Micromax mobile during Jan 2014, and started facing the problem of Mobile restarts automatically and display flickering and given the mobile for repair at M/s. Telelogic Communcations, Jalahalli, Bangalore on 28.10.2014 - Job Sheet Ref No. S010084-1014-13007154 and received the mobile after 20 days after replacing the new display and again the same problem started not even used the mobile properly for 07 days and given the mobile for repair again on 27.11.2014 with Job Sheet Ref No. S010084-1114-13624704, as they said we will get it repaired with 20 days with a new display from our Manufacturing unit in Delhi itself. But to my surprise when i contacted them today for status, again giving a reason saying it will take another 15-20 days...I am facing the worst service with the mobile i have bought and the customer care not able to reach or get any status update...........Very unhappy with buying this Brand of MICROMAX. very bad service and mobile also
Dec 15, 2014

display problem

This is to inform you that i have been using the micromax A120.I bought my mobile exactly from july 2014 but never find any internal problem but as far as dhanbad service centre is concerned, a found everytime an excuse and also different different conditions for services to customers.
As micromax mobile sector, being among the 5 major top priorities in india, i can't except this type of interruption and misleading from your owm service centre provider especialy here in dhanbad.
As my case, i have only a problem of dust contents, inside the mobile screen but they didn't want to take reponsibility of this to be problem fixed even claiming me to take responsibility.
so requesting you to please take some immediate effort in my favour.
Thanking you
Ajeet kumar
note :- Micromax cervice centre dhanbad Mob - 7677844924
Tel no. - 7631170777 / 03262300274
Dec 9, 2014

micro max mobile

i have bought Micromax A.106 Green mobile on 27.06.2014 . then only 3 Months later this mobile had 5101 keypad key (s) do not work ,I gave this mobile for repairing to micromax service center M/S BHAGWATI MOBILE borivali (w) mumbai -400 092, .but one 25 days later this mobile not repaired , .
Please resolve my problem urgently otherwise I will have to take help of consumer form.
Details of my handset and job sheet number is ;
Model no. A.106
Dinesh Kumar
MO.093223 72117
Dec 8, 2014

theft ofmobile

My Mobile was stolen from my pocket.I will be thankful to you if you please put the mobile on tracking list

Mobile discription:Micromax A 106

IMEI no. :911401155804329

lost mobile no.:9441355766 BSNL

Emergency contact no: 9014746410
chandrashekhar sm
Dec 4, 2014

poor service by micromax mobile service center

Regarding micromax A106 phone display problem.

Hi, I am CHANDRASHEKHAR .. i given my micromax A106 to the micromax service center on 12 NOVEMBER 2014 ( job sheet no SO10591-1114-13314462). i had visited there 7 times as they were always giving me further dates with their promises

I am given for repairing above mention model phone as on date : 12/11/2014.
service center : M/S Chamundeshwari telecommunications. #2831 k 14 ns road cahmundi puram mysore-570004.

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