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Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation

Jul 12, 2015

Street Electricity pole

Ramkutir Society Phase IV CH S LTD Mira Road Ram Dev Park at the approach road in the campus of the society a street electric pole is not working for the last one year when I had enquired I have been informed that this pole is not under MBMC it is under Reliance which is to be handed over to MBMC as there is not light during night hours and its dangerous for children, women and senior citizens Please look into it and repair this street pole.
zuber qureshi
Jul 9, 2015

Elegal connection in building taresse

Municipal corporation office,

Respected Sir,
In our building elegal connection of water from tarresse to each members of society,(direct an double line).we complain to society but all are same people,they ask huge amount for other line , if try to take action they fought with us as they are power full.ten month before new manageing society form but not use.if you people take action against old members its good. there is too much problem and corruption in society Kindly do some needful for Tenents.

Neelam park -A-wing,
nayanager, Mira Rd (E), Thane.
Jul 1, 2015

Gutter water coming in water tap in our area Geeta Nagar Phase VII, Mira-Bhayandar

The Commissioner/Mayor
Mira-Bhayandar Municipal corporation.

Sub:- Gutter water coming in water tap in our area Geeta Nagar Phase VII, Mira-Bhayandar.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that since 5th June, 2015 we are getting Gutter water in our water tap and very bad smell is coming from water in our area, for the past one week the whole area has been receiving dark brown colored water. People are suffering from stomach infections and it is of great concern during the ongoing monsoons. We have checked the water tanks of all the buildings in the vicinity but the problem seems to be from your water supply.
Kindly take of this matter in your record and take immediate action.
Hoping to get clean portable water which is our basic right after dutifully paying the water taxes.

Yours faithfully
Geeta Nagar Phase VII, Near flyover bridge.
ravita bhalekar
Jul 1, 2015

charges for living certificate

Respected sir
My daughter teached in gracious english school shirdi nagar bhayandar east.when I apply for living certificate that time one receptionists told me u paid 500 rs for certificate. .this is illegal
Jun 24, 2015

rregular Water supply at Kenwood park , Mira Road

Municipal Corporation Office
MBMC, Thane - 401107

Subject – Regarding irregular water supply in our Building Kenwood park

Respected Sir,
This has been a consistent problem for Mira Road inhabitants. We are been facing this water shortage since past 2 years in kenwood Park . Initially we used to get water for 20 mins every day, but now the supply has become even worst. We are facing water shortage, that also after every 3rd day we are getting water , but that also for 10 mins.
I still don’t understand, when other neighbouring palace at Mira Road are getting proper water supply , then why we people in Mira road are facing this issues.
I sincerely request the concerning authorities to look into the matter seriously and take necessary steps for solving the problem.

I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thanking you sir,
Mira Road
Jun 23, 2015

Irregular Water supply at Vijay Park, Mira Road

Municipal Corporation Office
MBMC, Thane - 401107

Subject – Regarding irregular water supply in our Building Ankur Enclave, Vijay Park

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I beg to say you that I live in Ankur Enclave, Vijay Park, Mira Road. The water supply in our locality is not regular. It is actually made to be bound at one time in two days and for a short time. Sometimes the water supply is not made for than two days continuously. Apart from Municipal Water Supply, we dont have any other resources for water supply. Earlier till month of April, we use to not receive water on Friday OR saturday for which we used to manage it accordingly, but since May'15 the situation is taking a worse road. When called/met to administration team at Asmita Park, Mira Road, they proove us the fact that they have not received water till their end due to some pipleline broken from Thane side OR they have not been receiving water from backend. Bcoz of such issues, residents cannot get water from them enough to fulfill their needs. Lack of water has affected our daily work. The time which they have to spend on their necessary work has to spend on arranging water.

Therefore I request the concerning authorities to look into the matter seriously and take necessary steps for solving the problem. So the water supply may kindly be made daily in our locality. People may get rid of the problem of poor water supply.

I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thanking you sir,
Kamaljit Sohal
Nilesh Mehta
Jun 5, 2015

No Water Supply since last 3 days in bhayandar west

I m residing at Devchand Nagar Road, Shripal Nagar No.3, There is NO water supply since last 3 days, single drop of water is not there at home as well as in society.

Many peoples are affected due to NO water. Kindly take some action so daily water supply come to home and society.


Nilesh Mehta
Jun 3, 2015

Worst condition of Water supply in MiraBhayander

Hi, I have been living in Bhyander since 1990, and since then have always faced water supply problem. Societies blame the MBMC that the supply from them is not regular. I have experienced that the supply from MBMC is not daily, but 3 times week only. Even when all reservoirs are over flowing and there are flooding situations, the MBMC has continued the 60% water cut. Request you to please look into this matter, its very serious. From last few days (1nd June) there is no water supply from MBMC in Bhayander East area. Please tell me where to Escalate this.
May 21, 2015

Bad internal roads in Mira Road near Ideal Park

Dear Sir,

The internal roads are merely ignored behind Mahavir Residency, near Ideal Park, towards Ramdev Park. The residences near the same buildings are facing serious problems and we are afraid that the situation will be worse when the monsoon starts. To add to the problem the builders at the adjoined plot have added more sand to cover the water blog for constructing new property. The situation is now very bad;

Please look into the matter on urgent basis as we are nearing the monsoon. Hope this problem is addressed soon.

thanks in advance.

May 11, 2015

illegal construction of 1st floor & additional extension of 1st floor bymetal frames on a building

There is this School named 'Annie Besant High School' at Beverly park, land mark ' Kanakia Police station' near Aakar Building.

The said school has illegally constructed a first floor on top of shops in order to extend the space for the school.

They have further constructed load bearing metal frames hinged onto the building to extend their first floor.

If there is any sort if untoward incident, the lives of many children will be in danger.

Kindly check the illegal construction by the said school.

Apr 28, 2015


Hello sir,

I am citizen of india and live in mira road poonam garden solitaire II building no 9,I am facing with drainage problem infront of my office because of which many bacteries such as malarie,jonedise and many disease are spreading.

After complainig many time to worker as well as head of mira bhyanader munciple corporation they do not look into this issues.we all citizen faces many problem with this drainage and complaining procedure..The drainage is back side of bulding no 9 solitaire 2 poonam garden location..

Please be a kind and look into my issues else i have to complaine to head of department..

I hope u will look into this issues soon


Regards by
(Rohit Mishra)
Apr 23, 2015

Inaddequate water supply

Inadequate water supply
The Municipal Commissioner,
Mira Bayander Municipal Corporation.

Dear Sir,

I m staying in Jyestha ,sector 3 ,shristi ,earlier everyday half an hour to 1 hour water was coming but we are facing water problem from last few months, every week twice or thrice no water either in drinking or toilet and whatever comes not in pressure to reach 6th floor to store for a day . what we are observing that in addequete water issue increasing every week. kindly let me know the reason why no water supply and please help us to solve our problem soon.
Please look into this matter ,Awaiting for ur positive response.

Jasbinder Singh
Mira road

Please drop in mail to jassi_designer2003@yahoo.co.in
Apr 21, 2015

Inadequate water supply

Dty Comissioner,

Dear Sir,

I m staying in Ostwal Paradise opp to shivar garden next to ratnagiri hotel,v r facing water problem since past years,every week wednesday and saturday there is no water supply from Bmc i dont know the reason why,after paying regular tax .vr facing this problem ,kindly let me know the reason why no water supply these days n even daily v dnt get even 50% of water.v hv to order tankers which is very unhygenic.

Please look into this matter ,Awaiting for ur positive response.

Mrs Pinto,
Ostwal Paradise
Bldg No 4/5/6
Opp to shivar grden

Please drop in mail to smpinto8510@yahoo.com.
Rupesh bamne
Apr 19, 2015

Badly need water connection

Munciple commissioner officer,
MBMC Mira-bhyandar,

Sub:-Regarding New water connection.

Respected concerns,
We Need water connection badly because we have facing problem day by day for drinking water.

I am enquiring about new water connection in mira bhyandar mahanagar palika they concerns said the water connection are closed of past few months.

But we get water in two days intervals we are in trouble.

In view of the above you are here by humbly requested to kindly give us new water connection, please do the needful, hope i"ll get positive response from your end.

Kindly revert on rupeshbamne8@gmail.com

Best Regards,
Rupesh Bamne
9664089370 /7208802907

324,Laxmi baug near saghni devi temple,
Ghodbandar road, kashimira,
Mira road East tal-dist:-Thane. 401104
kn singh
Feb 23, 2015

Barrier on foot path


The Hon municipal commissioner
MBMC Mira road

Dear sir

Sub- Footpath blocked to pedestrians - Open for business

I am staying in Mira road .At Mira Bhayandar Road East near Silver park signal people are facing great difficulties due to inaction of Municipal corporation.

The entire foot path at this area is blocked by garages repairing cars on foot path.
One housing society(Ostwal Ashadeep CHS Opposite vijay sales ) has blocked the footpath by putting barriers on the footpath at its entrance on both sides. Complaint was forwarded to local corporator for action but no response or action taken.

People are forced to walk on main road facing the traffic causing accidents .Foot path is used to sell Kadappa stones and Cars displayed on the footpath

Names of garages and car selling cos.

GM MOTORS TAJ MARBLE CAR ZONE few of 100s of similar garages.

Why corporation can not take action

Thanking you


And 6 others
Mira road

suryakumari nair
Feb 18, 2015

domestic wastewater overflow

i am resident to Shantinagar, sector X1 (sector eleven) B-1/004 of (B-1-2-3 bldgs) The domestic wasterwater is overflowing from the swerage main located outside my flat is overflowing into my kitchen and gives a bad odor in my kitchen making it difficult to live there. I have complained several times to Secretary of the Society and he says nothing can be done. When cleaned on my own the society reimburse to Rs. 900/ spent by me. This problem is unbearable and i can't live there. Please fix this problem once for all.
.My cell no. is 9930401926/28111705 ..........Suryakumari Nair
Feb 10, 2015

No Adequate Water Supply to our Society

Hello Sir,

This is in regards to the water supply to our Society , the Water Supply to our Society Premises is very irregular, we get water only after 36 to 40 hours & that too insufficient the pressure of the water is very low, we also have doubt that the pipeline of our Society is leaking near the Mary Gold 2 building. Request you to please send the person from the water supply department to check the pipe line and get the pipe line repaired and also to check the flow of the water which is not at all in pressure.

We are facing this issue since last 4 months, the committee has also given 2 written applications for the water problem but still we have not got any solution to the problem raised.

Request you to please solve the problem of the water which we are facing since last 4 months .

Thanks & Regards,

Ms. Lobo
Sanskruti Bldg No 7 & 8,
Opp. Mary Gold -2,
Kanakia Road,
Mira Road (E),
Feb 6, 2015

Road damage

Bad conditions of Roads near Hyderi chowk-Mira road
Dear Sir,
I am a resident staying near NH school, we are facing issue with the road from hydery chowk till bakers shop. The road is in damaged condition for more than a year. Once any repair work is done, the road is left in the damage condition which becomes difficult to travel and walk on these roads. We request you to take necessary action to develop the road as it is near N.H.school.
Jan 1, 2015

Potholed Road in Kashigaon

As soon as you enter Kashigaon from Western Express Highway you will face the potholed road.

Road leading to Agrwal Green Village via JariMari pond is loaded with potholes that are so deep that you cant avoid jerks even at near zero speed.

The road via Manali CHS is also similar and the residents of this area everyday facing the difficulty specially pregnant women and senior citizens.

We request concern authorities to take urgent action to resolve the problems.

Thanks. Hemant Gupta 9820298969
Dec 14, 2014

garbage collection issue

Hi sir,
I reside in krishna complex, miragoan. The truck which come for picking up the garbage doesn't pick garbage properly. Most of the garbage left in the ground only, i have also told them to pick the garbage lyingon the ground they straight forward deny to pick them. Due to garbage lying there from more than month they are stinking and my mom and dad also got dengue.
I kindly request you to look into this and take necessary action.
Nov 30, 2014

Pending road work from Vimal Dairy to New Golden nest

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are residing at New Golden nest past 18months and from than till now the road starting from Vimal Dairy to New Golden Nest is under construction because of which we are facing lots of problems travelling through that road by auto as well as vehicle. Kindly check the matter and take action immediately because of road construction many 2 whellers and cars are getting stuck in potholes and unsettled way.
Hope you will take action on immediate basis within 7days.
Nov 22, 2014

parking area

Dear Sir,
This inform you that in vasant heights parking area has closed build wall and useing for hotel cooking food.Please take action it is against the law and it is danager for the buliding
karunakar billawa
Nov 21, 2014

peast control & ghater open

This is to inform that your pest control person is not coming last 2 month, and ghatar all opend please take a action urgent close
thank you

sector 3 shanti nagar
Nov 1, 2014

Unscientific burning of garbage at night

Dear MBMC Municipal authorities:

Poonam gardens is a upcoming residential location in Mira Bhayandar. We, residents of Swayam Housing Society have severe objections to the open incineration of garbage at night on the open plot owned by one Mr. Shaikh, right adjacent to the Tamil Christian Church. Garbage is dumped by municipal lorries during the daytime and at night is clandestinely set on fire, posing a public health hazard. Will the Municipal authorities take note of the complaint of the residents?
Sawaliya Prasad Srivastava
Oct 26, 2014

Cheating with Property Tax Payers

Dear Sir,
I Sawaliya Prasad Srivastava residing at Flat No. 403, 4th Flr, Building No. 8, Ganesh Greeen Village CHS Lts, Kashigaon, Mira Road (E), Dist Thane- 401104. My bill no. is 3934589 dated 24/07/2014, Vibhag No. 01 (N) and Malmatta Kramank is : N010033562019.

I always pay my tax on time but Mira Bhayander Mahanagar Palika always send a hug bill that is always wrong showing interest etc Last year I fight with the department and they rectify the bill and then I paid the same. Again this year they send bill as mentioned above for Rs. 6394/- . I send my son to pay the bill after rectification, but nothing has done by the department and tax is pending.

Sir, why MBMC is cheating to tax payers by sending excess bill? Why without facility they are charging hug taxes from us ? Why MBMC officers want to call individually in their offices to correct the bill? What is the reason behind this? Why MBMC can not send rectified bill to us ?

You are requested to do the needful at the earliest. Delay is moral support of the crime.

I hope that you will instruct to concerned authority as fast as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation.
S. P. Srivastava
Mob.: 9322273991
email: spbima@rediffmail.com

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