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Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation

Jagdish P.
Sep 9, 2014

Dengue fever

Dear Sir,
I am staying in 406, Shivam apartment Behind Thakur mall. Due to mosquito menace last month we have suffered high fever,
particularly my daughter was admitted in Kokilaben Ambani Hospital due Dengue fever. Other flat owner in this building have also suffered the same and got admitted in hospital.
As Society management is not taking any action on this matter, it is humble request to take anti mosquito measures by spraying or fumigating the area and obliged.


Jagdish Patadia
Aug 13, 2014

Complain against Veerkar


I am writting this letter with full of pain that, A guy name Veerkar from Shiv Sena has captured an Road for his parking. I have seen his body guard beating an inocent guy who tried to oppose the illegal land capturing for this car parking. and he is getting good support from his leaders and due to which inderlok phase-2 road is been blocked from other end for veerkar's car parking.

I would request you to kindly remove the illegal iron gate from road which is been dug for car parking.

I can not disclose my name due to this gunda giri. Kindly visit that road(next to veerkar banglow) and see the illegal iron gate for car parking.

I am writting this letter because i am getting problem to go in phase 6 which lies in betwen inderlok phase-2 road.

Thank You
Aug 13, 2014

Campuraing Road place by Veerkar(Shiv Sena Leader)

Dear ALL,

This is to bring to your kind notice that Inderlok Phase-2 road has been captured by Veerkar (Shiv Sena Leader) and he has put an Iron Gate for his car parking and due to which they do not allow the vechicals to pass from there.

I am shock that, even Muncipal has never noticed that, how can any one put Iron gate in between of road.

If you need any prroof, Please visit Inderlok Phase-2 next to veerkar Banglow.

Indian Citizen
Aug 7, 2014

Health problems due to Mobile Tower in proximity

The Municipal Commissioner,
Mira Bayander Municipal Corporation.

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that a Mobile Tower situated on

Sai Siddhi Varsha Tower CHS, Opp.Geeta Arcade, Sheetal Nagar, Mira Road,

is posing a serious Health Risk to me and my family as we stay close to the building where this tower is situated.
Request you to please have its radiation level checked and also check its legality, and take appropriate action before it poses much harm to me and other residents staying in and around this mobile tower.
You can revert on my email id daviscv@hotmail.com.

hemanshu dhule
Aug 6, 2014

Inconvenient banners build in front of the main gate.

The Commissioner,
Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your kind attention 1 basic issues for a place to be worth staying.

1- I live in the area of Shri Laxmi park, which is supposed to be a very up market area in Mira road with the Mayor and Commissioners bungalows in the same area. I would like to bring to your kind attention that Mr. Javed huk mussa from Shivsena party he build big banners of his party in front of main gate of Jangid enclaves. vehicles and peoples faced many problems due to this banners there are many chances of accident because of this banners. many school buses faced problems because of this banners, the childrens cannot walk on the road. they could not see the vehicles on the road.. Why should the people living in the area suffer from this problems.

It is my sincere request to look into these matters on an urgent basis.

Mr. Hemanshu
Girish Amin
Jul 25, 2014



Girish Amin

7/401, Evershine maple 5,6,7 CHS ltd,
Beverly Park. Mira Road East

Dear Sir

There is heavy leakage from the flat upstairs.Flat no 501 (Bldg no 7). The flat owner, Mr Sharma is not co operative. Leakage is affecting electrical connections. informed Society, but no action taken.
request you to take necessary action.

Girish Amin
7/401, Evershine Maple 5,6,7 CHS ltd,
Beverly Park, Near Cinemax,
Mira road east
Jul 23, 2014

Water Shortage

Christopher Vaz
A-001, Ram Kutir,
Ram Dev Park,
Off. Shivar Garden,
Mira Road(East)-401107

Dty Commissioner

Dear Sir,
This is the request on behalf of thousands of people who are living in my locality.
We get water after 36 to 45 hours with minimum quantity. It is relatively sufficient for a family of even 2 to manage. We are forced to buy unhygienic tanker water which has proven to be a leading cause to diseases like malaria, typhoid etc.
Kindly look into the same to the earliest so our basic needs be fulfilled.
Looking forward to an immediate and positive change.

Thanking You,
Christopher Vaz
Ridhikesh Vishwakarma
Jul 12, 2014

kitchen side pipe line

Respected Sir,

I dinesh vishwakarma living in E- 102 ,Vidhisha Shantiniketan C.H.S,opp shamrao bank,mira bhyn road, mira road (e),thane wants to
inform you that kitchen side pipe line is liking from 1 month,i had given compliant letter to society secretary still he is not taking any action.drinking water pipe line is from there too. It make my family very difficult to stay because of bad smell.
please take neccessary action about them.e-mail id dineshpgv@gmail.com, cell no 9930855323.

Thanking you,

Jun 24, 2014

Inadequacate water Supply

Shaini Jacob,
206, B/4 Narmada Paradise
Phatak Road
Bhayaander East

Dty Commissioner

Dear Sir
This is the request on behalf of thousands of people who are living under Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation
We get water after 36 to 45 hours with minimum quantity. It is not sufficient for one person then how can a 4 or five members in a family to manage? We are forced to buy unhygienic water from the water agents due to people are tend to get ill.
Kindly do something immediately...so that our basic need can be fulfilled....
Looking forward for an immediate and positive change
Thanking you
Sincrerly yours
Jun 4, 2014

Roads & garbage/sludge disposal

The Commissioner,
Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring to your kind attention 2 basic issues for a place to be worth staying.

1. Condition of roads- I live in the area of Beverly park, which is supposed to be a very up market area in Mira road with the Mayor and Commissioners bungalows in the same area. I would like to bring to your kind attention that the roads in this area are dug up and not repaired every time some work is done. It is either the drainage lines been laid or the gas pipeline or some electric/telephone cable work happening. I would like to know, why all the under ground cable/drain laying work can't happen at one time. If the work can't happen all at one time, then once the work is completed the road should be repaired immediately. Why should the people living in the area suffer rom dust, rickety roads and so much inconvenience, inspire of we paying all the required taxes.
2. Sludge/Garbage on the roads- while the MBMC is preparing for the monsoons and drain cleaning is in full swing, I would like to bring to your attention that the garbage & sludge removed from the open drains is accumulated on the road. The authorities should have it picked up from there & dumped in the dumping ground. Sludge exposure to humans can lead to various diseases and in extreme cases it can lead to epidemics.

It is my sincere request to look into these matters on an urgent basis.

Mrs. Prasad
prashant khare
May 30, 2014

water supply woes

I am Staying at hutkesh near GCC Club; from last 2 months it is been observed that Main line Water comes after every 48 - 55 Hours. Due to this, many a times every alternate day we do not have water in our Building & especially getting water at 7th floor is another challenge for us.

Kindly help us to overcome the Water problem.
Prashant Khare
May 30, 2014

Water Supply Woes

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Staying at Vijay Park, Ankur Enclave Since 2008; from last 2 weeks it is been obeserved that Main line Water comes after every 48 - 55 Hours. Due to this, many a times every alternate day we do not have water in our Building & especially getting water at 7th floor is another challenge for us. Such issue has made flat owner buying water from Water suppliers who do supply water but not municipal & borwell water that alternately affects our health

Kindly help us to overcome the Water problem.

Kamal Sohail
Mar 9, 2014

Booth officer not available

Dear Sir, booth officer not present at morning 9 am to 1 pm at booth no 87 so pls take action against that officer.


Ramesh Tiwari

Sonali tower
Feb 11, 2014

Compulsory Car Parking Money demanded by the Builder

Builder Paradigm Constructions is not giving possession of my flat. The building was constructed and ready for possession in March, 2013. The builder not giving possession as he is demanding Rs. 1 Lakh extra for compulsory car parking. The car parking space was initially Optional and this demand was not made at the time of buying the property.

Now he is not giving possession to people those who are not paying parking charges.

Please help.


Seetha Iyer
shweta som
Dec 31, 2013

Street dogs in Kasi goan


I stays in Kasi goan near Jari mari talab, there are many street dogs in the area. Please take them away from the area.

Mrs Shweta chauhan
Flat-604, B-wing Raj Estate
Kasi Goan, near jarimari talab
Kashimira Mira Road Thane-401106
Dec 25, 2013

Online Property Collection is Under Maintenance

"Pay your Property Tax" link not working in www.mbmc.gov.in
www.mbmc.gov.inproperty URL throwing exception -
"Online Property Collection is Under Maintenance. Please visit again. Inconvenience regretted"
Kindly, do needful, So I might be able to pay my property tax online.

Thanks & Regards
wrushali chavan
Dec 21, 2013

Factory works sound in residential area

Respecetd Sir,
It is really sad to say that this is the second reminder I have been putting up regarding the sound pollution created by few shops in line opposite Shree Sai Sneha Complex and adjacent to Sai palace building in Ramdev Park. As mentioned earlier,the shops carry out factory works like grinding ,welding, loud hammering etc etc which is creating a lot of sound pollution along with disturbed sleeps in afternoons, especially for small children and senior citizen,causing headaches and irritation. Despite of requesting the owner to reduce the sound, he least bothered to know other pains. In evenings children cant study due to skcreaching sounds by machines. Moreover the works hes carrying out is in open space outside the shop which belongs to MBMC. How can authorities be negligible of some space used illegally for factory works. I am sure there are no specification followed regarding frequency of sound created or NOCs from nearby societies.
I once again humbly request the concerned authority to kindly come and at least observe the functioning of those shops and stop the nuisance. Sir, I deeply look forward for your help to live peacefully in a residential area.
Your co-operation will be a great help to all the suffering residents.

Yours sincerely
A common citizen.
Dec 16, 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

I had paid my property tax using online facility using URL http://www.mbmc.gov.in/property/.
The amount has been debited from my HDFC Bank credit card visa account number but the receipt has not been generated, I have received only "Transaction Done" message.
They have written on website "If debit is made from bank account and receipt is not generated then please check update with MBMC web site, an update will be available in next 5 working days" but there is no update. What to do now?
The MBMC has dont have any link to Print Payment Paid Receipt also they dont have any contact and Email ID updated on their website.

Please look into matter, waiting for your reply.

Dec 9, 2013

Goofing and misuse of Committee rights

Balkishan Sharma
705/A, Sai Pratiksha Enlave, Indralok Phase III, New Golden nest Road,
Bhayandar (East), Thane – 401 105.

The Secretary,
Mr. Chowgule.
601, Pratiksha Enclave,
Indralok Phase III, New Golden nest road,
Bhayandar East,
Thane - 401 105.

Sub: Excess Billing in Monthly Maintenance bill.
Re: Satyadev Sharma / Balkishan Sharma Flat no.705.

Dear Secretary,

We have found that we have been charged over billing in our monthly maintenance bill, as parking charges, interest, penalty etc etc,

Some them we wish to know the information as below :-
1. What information or declaration you have from our end to charge us the parking charges on our maintenance bill as no one had asked us to declaration or / and reconciled the parked vehicle owner, hence we are in impression that we have not provided any such information, if you still have, kindly provide the document held by you and copy signed resolution.
2. We orally had made many compliant for no and less water supplies in our flat no. 705, we complaint to treasurer , secretary mostly to all of the committee members, but still no result have been taken by the committee, also whenever we have taken this topic in Society meetings, the committee have done the partiality as we 10 people to asked to leave the water as its availability as the people staying at 6th and & 7th floor have big problem, but the same had been rejected every time due to ONE PERSON RESIDES BELOW THAN 6TH floor he not be available to fill the water at home, because of a single person we 10 people faced the problem, most of all the committee member resides below 6th floor and they very good flow of water accordingly their water container always full with water so they do not required water, accordingly committee decides not to leave to water at anytime and leave the decision at single persons end, no benefits to the society members stated at 6th and 7 th floor,
If in any case the explanation and objection taken by us is false, please provide the explanation for not leaving the water, and solution action taken by the committee, if any action taken by committee, is it resolved the problem of residents of 6th and 7th floor. What steps are taken by committee to know the action taken by them is fulfilled the comlaint.
3. After several complaints for watches and no resolution, We had been installed water pooling machine (which were suggested by one of committee member) in our tank of 500Ltrs, we were filling 500 ltrs water in our 500Ltrs tank by installing machine, after some time someone had grabbed to our home and inspected that we have installed the machine he taken some photographs, and ordered us to removed the machine, we did the same immediately, we had removed the machine as per the oral instruction given by the committee, we found in morning that a plumber have disconnected our water supplies pipe no water will be supply to us, we asked there is no notice have been given to us that out water supply will be stopped whereas at front of all committee we had uninstalled the machine, then also they decides to disconnected the water connection without giving any notice or information. we objected and agreed to pay the penalty and of Rs.3,000/- as confirmed by Mr. Mishra designation whole and sole of the committee and all committee members had accepted. After my acceptance they reconnected our water connection.

At the same time we had asked one old matter resolution which were done by secretary himself, he stolen the direct connection from main water tank to direct his home, we were explained that the secretary was having water problem so committee have decided to give direct connection to his home as sentenced by the Secretary’s wife, and society have spent Rs. 35,000/- for this installation and the amount is not borne by the flat owner, it is paid by the committee as the it is in the flat of Secretary, we objected the and direct line was got cancelled, and matter gone silent. And penalization and refund the society expenses, it was the partiality done by the committee.

In recent days, I have been penalized for the similar issue, as I am not in committee so I have penalized, if I would have been in committee my expenses of machine installation would have borne by Society as happened and borne in past.

We are objecting this nuisance action taken by committee and asked for the resolution and asking for clear accounts with relevant supporting with the vouchers from the day one since the committee was started and taken from the builder.

Separate accounts of TATA Telephonic Tower installed on my flat no. 705, no NOC has been taken by Society while renewal of their agreement whereas many complaint we have filed with society for this tower, my entire home gets vibrated and every time head problem to old parents,

I would request you to kindly remove the parking charges and penalty on penalties charged in my society maintenance bill with immediate effect.
I would request you to allow me and my accountant to inspect the voucher and its supportings.

For your reference I am enclosing accounts when I was at the post of treasurer, please provide the cash and bank statement of this period as well.

Thanking you
Balkishan Sharma

CC: Registrar of Society (Email)
Treasurer, Chairmen
Sep 4, 2013


Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation.

Sub. : Open gutter in the main gate and surrounding of the society.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you about the open gutter in the main gate and surrounding of the society. Till now there are four persons infected by Dengue in our building, out of which one person died last month. My brother and his wife also infected by Dengue and hospitalised for the same. This open gutter surrounding our building is the root cause of the issue and hence need to be sorted out as soon as possible to minimize the casualty.

I request you to look into this matter and take necessary action immediately.

Sanjeev Oza,
Rashmi Drashtant CO-OP HSG SOC.LTD,
Next to Gaurav enclave, Near GCC Club,
Mira Road (E),Dist. :Thane-401107
Sunil Fernandes
Aug 16, 2013

Bus Inregular

Dear Sir
Hi ,

I am daily going through MBMT bus to my stop.The service of bus is not good.Daily in morning hours after 7.15 AM there is no bus in depot.It will come at 9 or later that time..Its getting late to my office because of this issue.

Evening its even more worser than morning.From 6 to 7.30PM nearly ,only one or two buses are coming .some buses are not stopping at all.This bus covers major area and people working in this area is quite more.

I kindly request the concerned dept to take steps regarding this to increase the service to this route at frequency of 1 bus per ten minutes. .it will be more helpful if they can provide ladies spl bus.

Jul 30, 2013

bad roads & open drainage

I would like to bring to your notice that a storm water drainage was dug infront of our Housing Society Nityanand Nagar
before elections and till date the same has not been completed. The road also is in a very bad condition.

It is a great risk for children and senior Citizens,Request you to kindly look into the matter and get the work completed on a war footing.
Jul 30, 2013

open gutter

I would like to bring to your notice that there a drainage work going on road from St Paul School to Nityanand Nagar
The place is dug up before Muncipal elections and the current corporator had dug the place it is only about 100 mtrs and still

It is very risky for children and Sr.Citizens and also breeding ground for mosquitos .Autos do not come.

Request you to kindly look into the matter.
May 27, 2013


I will not Start with Dear Sir /Madam etc.

To get respect you have to earn respect. All Bhayander people who stays at indralok phase -3 know that BMC is useless and habit of working is just like running bullock cart on highway, BMC workers dont work fast due to that many problem will be faced by Bhayander Phase-3 peoples. Gutter work is still going on for last 4 weeks and also taar work on road is still half complete.

next time when i write about BMC work details I will attach complaint letter and also signature of people staying in Phase -3 Bhayander.

Water supply is poor in bhayander -E. Simple as such BMC people eat money they are blood succker. They have to be removed and give oppurtunity to young generation.

If you are real humanbeing then work properly. else young generation will come out on road and question will be asked to you and you are unable to give reply.

Jain Hind Jai Maharashtra.

mahendra athalye
May 22, 2013

Indicipline of Bus Driver & Conductor

Dear Sir,

I am staying in Dombivli, daily travelling in your Bus which goes from Kalyan to Bhayander at 8:15am from kalyan (W). It has been observed that regular driver & conductor of the Bus board every day 5/6 girls at Kon village from front door. Know it has been regular practice of this system.which is wrong, after several times verbal compliants to the Bus conductor no action is taken against. for other old people & womens not allowed to board from front door except that 5/6 girls. Know the thing is that some of the boys made a new practice that even the bus is empty at the starting point at kalyan they stand on the front door & block it for those girls. I request you to taken neccessary action .

Hope u will do the needful

Mahendra Athalye
Schenker India Pvt.Ltd
Indian Warehousing Complex
Dapode Road, Mankoli Naka
Tel. 9272227261

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