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Mirik Health Foods Pvt. Ltd.


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mirik Health Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Dec 18, 2014

MIRIK Health Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Mirik Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. is my second company in which I am working. This is a good company to work for. I have been working here since last 8 months and I can say clearly that the company actually treats its employees as their assets. They always keep on motivating us if we feel low at any point of our work. They constantly organize training programs or workshops for the appraisal of their employees. All the colleagues here are very cooperative.
I want to share here an incident of my starting work. In the starting when I joined the company, I was not that experienced in marketing or handling the customers. And many a times I used to feel depressed that I am working so hard but there is no outcome of my work. I decided to quit my job and search for another company. I mailed my resignation letter. But the HR of my company called me up and asked me about the problem I am having in continuing the work. I told her the whole story. Then she smile and called up my senior and tell him the whole story. He also smiled and asked me to continue and assured me all type of help if I needed any.
I continued to work and soon I saw the improvement in my work and outcome just due to the hard work of my Team Leader and my colleague. And now I am full confident and all the customers with whom I have deal and my office seniors are so very satisfied with me.
I am so happy with this and wanted to share my story here.
Thanks Mirik for helping me building my confidence.
Thank you so much.
Dec 15, 2014

MIRIK is a Life Saver

I am a 27 years old guy from Banaras, working in Delhi. As my family is living in Banaras, I have to live here alone. For one year after I came to Delhi, everything was fine and I was enjoying my life. I used to eat out all the time. I love aloo paratha, pizzas, and oily food and then I was free to eat anything and everything I wished to. I ate these stuff as there was not such proper diet available around me.

But after one year, I felt some problem sometimes in breathing. Sometimes, I feel suffocative and could not even speak or move. At moments, I used to feel like I am choked. I went to the doctors, everyone had a new story to tell me. Someone says I have heart problem, some said it’s related to my brain. I was confused and scared as I am so scared of dying. I don’t wanna die at all, at least in this age. I spent a lot of money in medicines and doctors. I lost almost all the hope. I had lots of tests. And have seen almost all the doctors in the area- famous and unknown as well. Then was left with no option but to just get disappointed all the time. I used to be a happy go lucky type of guy but now I mostly stay alone. My friends left me. My cousins who were living with me keeps on saying that I am fine and just making stupid issues and nothing else. A doctor gave me anti depression pills. I keeps on having those pills. I was thinking that my life has come to an end.Then I find a doctor who told me to have some tests again. Then only he told me that I have some gastric issues due to eating out. Then he gave me some medicines but they did not work well. I was continuously taking anti-depression pills which were even harmful. Then after 1 month, the doctor suggested me to take MIRGESTION Capsules from MIRIK Health foods. Then only after taking it for 1 month my breathing problem resolved and I was convinced that I can live my life properly.

I can’t even imagine that what would have happened to me if this medicine was not told to me. I just want to thank MIRIK for making such a wonderful product.
Shweta S Sharma
Dec 9, 2014

A Company worth working for

I have been working at MIRIK Healthsfood Pvt. Ltd. since less than a year (almost 7 months) as an Area Sales Manager and based on my experience, here are some of the good reasons why I would stay with them and recommend it to the friends also.
The Company is more flexible in terms of considerations. You can easily talk to the management on any issue whenever you want and they are always willing to help out. I haven’t seen such a management in a very long time. Policies and processes are always being improved to make it more standardized and more employee friendly environment. They pay good and in time. I never faced any issue with the payment part. I'm stressing this because most Desi companies cheat while you are leaving the company or when there are multiple layers in employment.
I've personally seen the management taking pride & passion in dealing most of the issues. People coming to them at the last minute were also entertained without any hassle. The managements motivates you and pushes you in right direction when needed. I love working for this company.
You need your employer to be available to talk to you or respond to your email if you run into any issue or want to discuss something related to your next projects/career/benefits etc. MIRIK is very good at responding to you in timely manner. I find most of the office stuffs are very efficient (Timesheet Management, Coordination with other vendors, marketing team and expense management).
There are also some opportunities for improvement like many other small but growing companies does. The health insurance plans need improvements. It's overly priced considering the coverage you get. Good Yearly bonus would also be a great way to treat employees which is not yet given to the employees here.
Raju Raman
Dec 4, 2014

Rheumapir - Good Medicine for Muscles

Hello friends aaj maine yaha aap se kuch baat share karne aaya hu ju ki mujhe lagta hain ki wo kahi na kahi aap ki bhi help karnegi jis thara mere kam aai.Rheumapir capsules ek bhaut hi acchi musules pain relife medicine hain jo ki ek tharah ka energy dose bhi bool sakte hain. Main ek athletes hu jis ki wajhe se mujhe workout or stamina excercise karni padati hain jis wajahe se body main pain ek aam baat hain or thakan bhi bahut mehsusa hoti hain jis ki wajha se aap jadatar aalsi ban jate hain. Tab mere coach ne mujhe kaha ki "aap Rheumapir capsule manufactured by Mirik health foods try karo jo ki musules ke liye bahut acchi medicine hain jis se aap ki muscles main pain kam hota hain aur aap ko enargy bhi milti hain jis ka koi sydaffect bhi nahi hain or aap ko doping ki chinta karne ki bhi koi jarurat nahi ye 100% ayurvedic medicine hain". Doping yaha is liye use kiya kyu ki ek athlete hone ki whajhe se trayel deni hoti hain jis main medical bhi hota hain aur agar app positive paye gaye tu aap ban bhi ho sakte hain. Jab maine ye medicine use ki tu mujhe bahut aram mahesus hoa or enargy level bhi bad gaya. Tu app sab se main ye hi khena chahonga jo bhi is tahar ki musules problums se pareshan hain wo is ko ek bar jaror try kare. Thank you.
Pooja K Rani
Dec 3, 2014

Mirvit is a great medicine

Mirvit ek bahot acchi medicine hai. Jab se lena start kiya hai khud ko fit feel karti hu. I want to recommend it to every old age ladies kyuki it’s the best. Mere pairo ke dard me bhi kaafi aaram mila hai. Ye bacho ke growth me bhi kaafi helpful hai.
Yah ek trah se multivitamin ka kaam karta hai kyuki it contains all the vitamins in it. Bus 2 spoon daily lo aur healthy rho.

Thank you Mirik company!
Vikash k Gupta
Dec 2, 2014

MIRICAL SYRUP is really a miracle

I am 54 years old and due to my calcium deficiency my bones have become weak. I always used to feel pain here and there. As I am retired, I love surfing internet and use to read and write about anything new that passes by.
Those days I was searching a good ayurvedic medicine for myself as allopathic medicines have more side effects than relief. There are very few companies in the market that go for ayurvedic treatment as it is a bit slow process than allopath.
Meanwhile I started to feel numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, and face. I could not bear that and thus forgot the little pains I feel here and there. For almost 1 year, I wandered here and there to see he doctors, but no one could even diagnose the exact reason for my pain. Then one day an acupressure doctor told me that it could be a problem due to lack of calcium in my body. He suggested me to take some ayurvedic medicine for the cure of this deficiency. He also said that the pain I feel in my body is also due to that deficiency. I started searching for a suitable and effective medicine that can help me out. I talked to many a people about the ayurvedic medicines, the doctors, and then came to know about MIRIK HEALTHFOODS. I am a man that do a proper research before trying anything new for myself.
I surfed through internet and searched about the ingredients of the product and sharing with you so that you could also believe.
1. Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement used when the amount of calcium taken in the diet is not enough.
2. Vitamin D (cholecalciferol-D3) is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.
3. Magnesium hydroxide is both a laxative and one of the three major classes of antacids, which also include calcium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide. You can use magnesium hydroxide to treat constipation, upset stomach and heartburn.
4. Zinc is such a critical element in human health that even a small deficiency is a disaster. Zinc is so important because it is found in every tissue in the body and is directly involved in cell division.
Then after self-satisfaction, I ordered the product and trust me the results were same as I expected. Now within 3 months of the use, numbness and tingling I felt very strong is very light now, almost negligible. I am very happy with this product. Hope it will keep on curing many people like me. Last but not the least, I want to thank MIRIK for this great product.
Akash Cande
Dec 2, 2014

Mirdiab is a great product

My blood sugar use to be Random approx. 350 but after I started consuming Mirdiab of Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd., in July, 2014, in last three month; my Random blood sugar is stable now, approx. 120 to 150. The most important thing is that the weakness I used to feel before the consumption on the medicine is now no more.

Now, the only problem is that this product is not available in any Chemist shop or Departmental store in Pune. I need to give call to Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Office and then they direct someone in Mumbai to deliver the products to me. Company should have their products available in Pune. It is good product but the only problem is its availability. In the diabetic life style, regular medicine is a much required thing. I have wrote to Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi in this regards many times.
Anil Roy
Dec 2, 2014

Mirik proved to be a life saver for me

I have been using MirSlim, a product by Mirik Healthfoods, since last 3 months and the results are unexpected. The true story I want to share about weight loss and its problems and consequences & lastly a happy ending that has happened with me.
I was always been a pampered child in my family. My mother always use to take care of me more than I do myself. I belong to a rural area and thus have to move to a metro city, Delhi for my further studies after my Schooling finished. When I was at home, I always used to eat healthy and was quite a slim and attractive girl. But when I moved to hostel, the food there was disastrous and I could not bear it for a single day. I started eating out. All type of junk food, pizzas (my favourite), rolls and all type of oily and fatty stuff, was all I could eat to survive and get rid of that Yuk food of my hostel. At that initial level, I could not trace my weight gain. But within 1 year, everyone started saying that I am gaining weight very rapidly and I must do something for this. And actually I had put on a pretty good amount of weight as I was 48 kg when I came to the hostel and now within 1 year I was 68 kg which was seriously worth noticing.
Then the journey begins of weight loss, and I came to know that putting on weight is very easy but losing weight is as tough as climbing Mt. Everest. I started gym. But for 1 month of hard work I did not lose a single pound. Then my trainer suggest that I must skip the dinner and also stop eating out. I did, although the food of my Hostel tasted like hell yet I had to do that. After 15 days of doing that, I had put on 3-4 pounds instead of losing any. I was sad, very sad. I thought I could never lose weight and could never look so good that I used to look before. My parents want me to come back, but due to my studies I could not go. I was almost got depressed when a friend of mine said that slimming capsules or drinks available in market can also be fruitful if tried. I surf the net, there were more than tones of products available in the market. I tried 1 of them and as per my expectations, the result was same, I did not lose any pound.
One day I and my friend were going together talking about the fraud ads of these slimming products, when an uncle tapped me on my back and asked me what the issue I am talking so rude about is? I told him the whole story and became dull when coming to an end. He then suggest me MIRSLIM, the game changing thing in my life. First I did not trust him and thought he would be getting some commission suggesting people such things. But then, he also shared his son’s story who had 120 kg weight, and just because of MIRSLIM he is now succeeded in reducing 35 kg. I thought that I had already wasted so much money for those stupid things then why not trust this elderly man and try this product once. And to my surprise, within 15 days of my experience with this product, I and even my friends started noticing some changes in me. I was much more active from before. I could work more actively and started feeling good about me.
And now within 3 months of my experience with this product, I am here to share my story. I am very much happy now. And keep on using this product as this is a total Ayurvedic product and have no side effect. I am feeling so much happy that I could not find word to express my emotions. Just want to thank MIRIK for manufacturing this fabulous product. I will highly recommend this amazing product to all disappointed people who have tried many product and just got deceived by the fraud companies here and there. Thanks MIRIK once again.
Dr. Krishanyya
Dec 1, 2014

Mirik health Foods - Dr. Krishanyya, Chennai

Medical Indemnity Services given by Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd. are very good. The Doctor’s Conference that has been organized by them in Chennai was also very good. All the speakers present there were good and they have explained the entire benefits of Medical Indemnity Services of Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd. in detail which was very beneficial for all.
But the place for conference they have chosen was absolutely unfit for a gathering of approx. 1000 Doctors. The place was "packed like sardines in a can". The food stall was overcrowded and even liquor was also short at the end of evening. More so-ever, they have closed it at 11:30 in night itself, where as many people wanted to have more alcohol. They should have made proper arrangements. However the Bag which they have given is good. The company must take care of my above mentioned issues so that the hustle occurred should not be repeated in future.
Dec 1, 2014

Mirik health Foods - A Good conference

"MIRIK HEALTHFOODS PVT. LTD." has organized conference at Chennai, where approx. 1000 Doctor were present. The venue was extremely crowded & sound system was also not of very good quality, however they explained later that there was some technical issues.

MIRIK HEALTHFOODS PVT. LTD. is a private limited company, registered under the India Companies Act, 1956 in Delhi formed by a group of experts having experience of more than 10 years in handling medical field and providing legal shelter to medical professionals and medical establishments all over India. MIRIK is all India medical legal Defense against any medicos-legal Risk/Problems/Cases arises on its members under any Act, Rule of Law MIRIK also provide protections against professional monitory risk where by arranging professional indemnity insurance/ Errors & omissions Insurances coverage to its members through one of the leading insurance companies of India and also take up the cause of medical practitioners/medical establishments by way of taking over the cases on a day to day basis at every level in Consumer, Civil, Criminal Courts and Medical Council till the final judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on India.
The Medical practitioner of India today are scared of various Consumer Courts that have been set up by the Government of India and the legislation by which the medical practitioners have been brought under the purview of these Consumer Courts. The day to day inventions in the Medical Science, introduction of new techniques of treatment and diagnosis and the new diseases that are coming up because of the jet speed pollution, adulteration, radio active atmospheric and environmental disbalance, have posed great challenges before the Medical Practitioners/Medical Establishments of today coupled with the increasing awareness of the Consumer Rights by the public at large., Medico-Legal problems are so technical that it can be dealt or understood by a Medico-legal experts only.
Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is a well know Act amongst the public at large and the medical practitioners and medical establishment have been brought under the purview by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. The main objective of this Act is to safeguard the rights of the consumer but misuse of this Act by the consumer cannot be ruled out also.
Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, in its several landmark judgments have held the doctors liable to compensate to the patients in case of legal liability during the course of treatment.
What is Medical Negligence?
Medical negligence is the breach of duty by a Doctor towards the patient, to exercise reasonable degree of care and skill which result in some physical, mental and financial disability or loss. Hence, it can be a civil or criminal mistakes (error) arising out of the contract between the Doctors & Patients relationship.
Who can be the Victim of the Complaint?
Ø All the Medical Practitioners in India.
Ø All Private or Trust Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics.
Ø All Government Hospitals and Doctors, if fee has been charged.
Ø All Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers, Blood Banks, X-ray Clinics etc.

YES, Litigation against Doctors/ Medical Establishments is not a new problem, but this problem has gained a lot of prominence. Doctors in general, are very sensitive people and the nature of their job makes them very vulnerable to litigation. After the landmark judgment of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in the case titled IMA Vs V.P. Shanta in 1995, the number of cases have increased very fast and in several cases, the courts have awarded huge compensation against the Doctors.
The reasons behind the Litigation against the Doctors
Ø Increasing awareness of Consumer Rights.
Ø Inter personal (Doctor-Patient) relation.
Ø Inter Professional rivalry.
Ø Misleading by the materialistic Society with vested interest.

Who can be the member of MHPL?
Any Registered Medical Practitioner, registered with Medical Council of India or any recognized/authorized body(in case of Doctors other than Allopathic practice) of India, can become the member of MHPL, after remitting the requisite membership fee, through A/c Payee cheque drawn in favour of "Mirik Healthfoods Pvt. Ltd."

Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage for the Members
MHPL has made an arrangements with one of the leading Insurance Company in India to fulfill its commitment of providing complete professional protection. If opted, the members will be provided the Professional Indemnity insurance coverage as per the limit desired by the member, under which MHPL shall arrange to settle the member, against the award, if any made by the Court. The applicable premium should be paid by the member against the insurance coverage.
It is MHPL's perception that the burning problem is disturbing the medical profession and that they often have to face criminal cases, which apparently and prima-facie are seen to be of civil nature but shaped in criminal form. But these are excluded from the scope of cover of the usual Professional Indemnity Insurance Police. MHPL had the foresight to realize that support was required by the Medical Practitioners/Medical Establishments, even if a case was prima-facie of the criminal nature. We put efforts in this direction and with focused approach, has boosted for a professional/medical establishment starts with an FIR at the nearest Police Station., or before the Hon'ble Court as a criminal case. MHPL sincerely believes that none of its members would deliberately venture into a criminal act. In your hour of the need-beset with FIR/CRIMINAL COURT and simultaneous cases in Consumer Court if any, or any other Court of Law in India or Medical Council/Medical Board, MHPL steps in, till the matter is sub-judice; be it civil or criminal at that stage.
Role of MHPL
As and when any notice or summons are received by its members, MHPL takes charge of the case and take appropriate action in consultation with its battery of lawyers & legal advisors.
Ø Stands as a Legal Cover to its Members;
Ø Represent them in the Court in Law;
Ø Bears all the Legal Expenses on Defending the Case(s) from the District Forum Level to the National Commission or upto the Supreme Court;
Ø Provides Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage.

In Case of Any Eventuality, MHPL Relieves YOU from
§ Mental Strain.
§ Mental Agony.
§ Physical Torture.
§ Wastage of Time.
§ Loss of Precious Practice Time.
§ Loss of Concentration & above all.
§ Financial Loss. (in Fighting the Legal Cases)

1. MIRIK provide the legal services from lower courts to the Supreme Court.
2. MIRIK provide the services of eminent lawyers. Legal advisors & medical advisors for any type of the queries pertaining to the legal problem of its members without any extra charges.
3. MIRIK is committed to represent its members in the court and the members do not need to appear before the court unless directed by the court. However, the member may be required to meet the company's lawyers for the discussion of the merits of the case based on the treatment given by the member, as and when required.
4. The member need not to liaison with the insurance company for any of their problem pertaining the professional negligence or the C.P.A. case, if any Initiated on them.
5. MIRIK is committed to bear all the legal expenses which includes the court Expense whenever any case has been initiated on its member during the period of his/her membership with the company.
6. MIRIK contests the legal cases of its member pertaining to the professional negligence under consumer protection Act or Indian Penal Code 304 (A) & 338, in any court of law in India, without any additional fee or charges, provided that the cause of action happens before becoming the member of the company and is before the expiry of the membership.
7. MIRIK takes care of all the professional problems pertaining to the professional negligence of its members right from date of his/her becoming member till the expiry of his tenure of membership with the company, without any extra cost, provided that the cause of action is occurred after becoming its members.
8. MIRIK provides the services to its members and also take care of the situation through its sincere and dedicated fields/administration manpower, in case of any company pertaining to the professional negligence, field against the member, without any extra fee other than the legal & administrative fee ones paid by the member at the time of becoming the member.
9. In case of compensation where the monetary punishment is awarded on its member, the company tries early settlement of compensation if any through its business arrangement with a leading Insurance Co within the stipulated period, provided that the professional indemnity insurance coverage is taken through MIRIK.
10. In case the member loosing the case in lower court (District Consumer forum), the case may be appealed to the state commission, Hon'ble National Commission or Hon'ble Supreme Court level, if desired by the members, In appellate court and shall been the legal expenses to be incurred. However, it has been noticed recently that in some of the medical negligence cases, while admitting the appeal and hearing the stay application the State Commission/National Commission In its discretion required the appellant to deposit a portion of the decereeted amount in the court as Security. In such cases, the appellant (member) may have to deposit such amount of furnish the bank guarantee in lieu of he some with the court.
11. Above all, MIRIK is committed to handle the legal cases of member confidentially with in utmost secrecy, as far as possible in the order to safeguard the reputation/fame and dignity of its member (Doctor/Hospitals).
12. MIRIK contests the case(s) if any, initiated against its ex-member, without any additional charges, even after the lapse of his/her membership tenure with the company, provided that the cause of action of the case is initiated during the tenure of his/her membership with the company.
13. MIRIK has a strong legal advisory Board consisting of Retired Judges & senior Advocates of High Court and Supreme Courts.
Features of MHPL
1. Flexible membership period option from 1-8 years.
2. Option for the Insurance Coverage limit from 5 lacs per annum and above.
3. Affordable membership fee.
4. Instant coverage on demand from New Delhi.
5. Helpline Phone Nos: 01145188121 to provided prompt and efficient services.
6. Backed by experts who have more than 10 years of experience in handling large number of Medical Negligence Cases (C.P.A Cases)
· Large Manpower Base with branch network in various states to find out the instant solution of its members.
· Battery of Expert Lawyers to take remedial steps as and when any situation arises.
Nov 28, 2014

Mirik Health is a Great Manufacturer

Hello my name is Siddharth das and I am currently residing in Mumbai. I would like to share my story with all of you folks and also would like to show my gratitude to Mirik health foods.
First of all many thanks to the company, Mirik Health foods for doing a fab job by manufacturing the best Ayurveda products. Really appreciable!
6 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and like any other diabetic I was advised to reduce my weight (my weight was 95 KG), Do exercise, don’t eat sweet, rice, potato etc.
I was following everything with medicines prescribed by doctor. My sugar levels were in controlled for few days but sometimes it goes to even 500 mg/dl.
I was much tensed because after doing all I was not able to keep my sugar level in control. I have tried all but nothing seemed to be working in long term. Things work out to be with few medicines but after few days everything back to as old situation.
Recently I visited Kolkata which is my home town where one of my uncle (having diabetes) was using some Ayurveda medicines to keep his sugar in control. I had a long discussion with him about diabetes and medication he was taking and how his sugar levels were. I was pretty impressed to know that even at this age(54 yrs) he was able to keep his sugar level somehow between 90-130 mg/dl which is quite good as compared to mine.
He then told me that along with work outs and Yoga, he takes an Ayurveda medicine, Mirdiab manufactured by Mirik Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. Which keeps the sugar level in control.
I was desperate to try anything because due to high glucose levels, I started feeling problems in my legs that caused because of blockage.
I instantly asked my Uncle to get that medicine for me and he was having an extra packet which he gave me and I started taking that, that was the day and today my sugar level is almost in controlled. I am now able to keep the level somewhere between 140 and now working over to keep it under 120.

Mirdiab is not only medicine which took my sugar level in control but my work outs too. However this is an effective medicine which helps you maintain your sugar level in control.
I strongly recommend Mirdiab!
Later I came to know about many Ayurveda products from Mirik health Foods. One being MirSlim Which I was needed because weight should be in control if you are diabetic. In fact, for a non-diabetic too weight should be in control.
So later I ordered MirSlim But it reached to me very late because of unavailability of this product. This is one thing where I was disappointed with Mirik health foods pvt ltd but I can guess as this is one of the most popular brand in Ayurveda industry it might have shortage of products at times.
Still, I would like to Request Mirik Health foods to manufacture the most selling medicines in plenty so that there should not be any availability issue.
Moreover, I got MirSlim (late but got it) and started taking it. Initially I didn’t feel any difference in my weight but later after 1 month I started feeling some change in me. OMG it was working now!

I kept on taking MirSlim along with MirDiab. These 2 great medicines have changed my life. Now my weight is under 60KG and Sugar level is also in control
What else I want? I am very happy with Mirik. A happy Customer! Great work guys!
For your ease I would like to share about Mirdiab
Mirdiab Tablet

Balance blood sugar levels in order to reduce or remove the need for insulin or hypoglycemic medications.

• Enlarge the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, which are responsible for insulin production.

• Reduce cravings for sweet foods.

• Improve circulation to the feet and hands which prevents diabetic problems with feet and improves the healing of wounds.

• Improve blood flow to the optical fibres to prevent diabetes-related eye disease.

• Assist with the breakdown of fats, balance cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of heart disease.
Nov 28, 2014


Aleena roy
Nov 26, 2014

Good company to work with

My name is Aleena and I would like to share my gratitude to Mirik health foods pvt. ltd. Being a fresher I wasn't getting selected anywhere but Mirik is one company which gave me an opportunity to prove my self. I started working for them where I have learnt a lot of things, A professional attitude, I got a professional environment to learn.

Mirik gave me a lot of things in my life and therefore I wanted to show my gratitude somewhere on the web. I got this website as the best place to share my words.

Thank you so much Mirik health foods for giving opportunity to a girl who was rejected everywhere. I recommend this company to every newbie because the learning environment is great there.
A Ranjan
Nov 26, 2014

I loved Miridiab medicine of Mirik

I am a diabetic since 5 years and my sugar level was always high constantly (400+). I have tried many things, many medicines, many exercises but nothing worked for permanent solutions. While searching over the internet I encountered with Miridiab, a natural medicine for diabetes from Mirik health foods. I got it and started using it. Believe me since then my sugar level always in the normal level unless I eat any high carb thing in plenty.

Thanks Mirik for making Miridiab. Thank you so much
Nov 26, 2014

One of the best Company for Ayurveda products

Hello all,

I would like to share my story with you all. I was an obsessed girl with a weight of 90kg. I have tried a lot of allopath, homeopath medicines but there was no effect on me. recently I had visited my cousin who lives in Rohini, Delhi. She suggested me to take medicines of the bran Mirik Health foods. Initially as I had tried a lot of things, didn't bother to use them but then my cousin said that to try at least once.

Ok, so I have decided to use and inquire them and I came to know about their medicine Mirslim. I ordered it and since the day I got this, I started taking it and I was amazed when I saw my self in mirror after 10 days. I was feeling slimmer a bit so I measure my weight and It was now 75 KG. That's the first time there was a hope for me that I can make myself slim and beautiful. Then I kept on using and now after 4 months my weight is 55 KG and I am happy with it.


Thanks Mirik health.
Rahul Singh
Nov 24, 2014

Mirik Health foods is the best company

Mirik health foods is the best company and these are wrong complaints to defame the company
Abhimanu singh
Oct 20, 2014


RAKESH KINGRANI IS fraud person & VERY VERY Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,Big chor,
Oct 12, 2014

Fraud Organization GAGA Jal Pvt ltd

Dear all

Beware of another Fraud Company Gaga Jal Pvt ltd. They have master degree in cheating subject. They marketed beverages which is same as drainage water. They first hire persons with high salary & TA,DA structure than enable them to focus on Modern trade business & afterword seeking business from general trade by using reputation of the person they hire & after distributor gave them DD they immediately fire concerned fellow & supply Drainage water quality to Distributors which is not possible to sell even in some small calls. I worked over there for 3 months & only 1 month salary to be paid. I have lost my almost 1,75,000 rs in this company.

Often they changed their Company's name,rent some office in posh area & started cheated innocent people.

The Managing Director of this fraud company is Mr Sandeep Gupta.

Whenever any person demand their hard earn money from him he didnt put his phone.

He had eaten mobile company money,Salary of 20 persons,Suppliers amounts. Very Fraud person.

Beware of all this.
Sep 16, 2014

fulll of fraud company

the company is a reall faud company. i have been called for interview, i reached on time, i waited for 3 hours, i sentmultiple reminder in office to take interview, nothing happened, i got to know after 3 hours, that not possible today, you need to come again tomorrow. this kind of gandu company they are... they dnt deserve good asm... racals
Sep 2, 2014


Guys Please please don't join in this company. I have joined this company as Area Sales Manager in June 2014 not even single rupee i have received not they refunded my traveling expenses.

The cheater MD Vinod Dubey, hr Pooja Singh & Avanthika are not at all responsible and not even they lift the call and answer.

First they take interview over phone or by person and send us offer letter mentioning to come down to Delhi for training and to collect offer letter. However i have gone and on 1st day they said they will collect all required documents on 2nd day training but fortunately on 2nd day they said concerned hr is not available so go back to hyd ur employee id will be created with 7 business days later on we need to submit once it is done and then we need to send traveling expense and lodge bill etc.

All bullshit after 7 to 8 days they pick ur call later when u ask of ur employee id they directly disconnect ur call nor ur call will not be transferred to concerned person leaving message he or she is busy on other call and they get back to us.

Not even single rupee i have received . Please dont join this company.

for any kind of clarification do call me on my mobile no 8885039000 or mail be at praviin.br@gmail.com
Sep 2, 2014


Guys Please please don't join in this company. I have joined this company as Area Sales Manager in June 2014 not even single rupee i have received not they refunded my traveling expenses. The cheater vinod dubey, hr pooja singh,hr avanthika are not at all responsible and not even they lift the call and answer. for any kind of clarification do call me on my mobile no 8885039000 or mail be at praviin.br@gmail.com
Sep 1, 2014

job offer for ASM

job offer for ASM
Please confirm me dear all what can i do, this company Mirik Health foods Pvt. Ltd. offered me ASM post for Chennai region, I have attend two telephonic interview & they are invited at our Delhi office on 3rd September two day training schedule.
Aug 26, 2014

job offer for ASM

Please confirm me dear all what can i do, this company Mirik Health foods Pvt. Ltd. offered me ASM post for U.P. region, I have attend two telephonic interview & they are invited at our Delhi office on 3rd September two day training schedule.
educated fool
Jul 8, 2014

Regarding Vinod Dubey and fraud set of idiots

Dear All

The all above complaint are true and 100% factual ,As Mr Dubey has got all the letterheads with him to show whoever sa for eg shailendra wrote complaint,Dubey would say yes he will write because Shailendra and cheated his previous company with taking few lacs .next you say xyz he has story for that too..Please please believe me it has happened with me when i asked about few people

The fact is if this guys have relieving letter foolish ,useless so called acting fraud General Manager don't even know in channel sales when employee exit and before relieving he would be asked to get NOC from all the off role people serving with him along with on roll ,So please think he is story master and Dean of Fraud college called as Mirik Health foods Pvt ltd

He acts as if he is least bothered to take money please cross check saying instead of 24 lacs investor wants to pay 12 lacs he refuses first,next day so called Pooja ,Disha or somebody whomever you report will call and say We will convince GM sir get that and happily you get cash/DD and you are trapped

The moment you say DD is ready they will send few thousand with that you would travel to Delhi and you will promised your salary on spot but once DD is deposited you are out of all things except the hefty calls from investors

After few Days idiotic Vinod will say get TIN number would take time please send mail and this drama will continue till you fight with them ,very next day you will receive a showcase false and useless notice to suppress you and story of one more educated fools being trapped along with few lacs lost investor will appear on screen

Please note never join never let any one join

Please write to all possible job portals along with as many consultants not give them access to CV or candidates across India

Please make sure any investor you find speak about Mirik and keep spreading this issues so that many more millions can be saved

All this can happen instead of sitting and blaming we all try doing a bit from our end and try getting this fraudster legally fit in some big issue

At last please bring in all investor whomever you can find by spending 100 Rs of currency ask them to join together and fix this bastards specially Vinod.Disha ,Pooja and so called commercial dept people

start posting numbers of distributors of C& FA who are made fools by this company,keep writing letters with unknown names to PM office as MODI sarkar will surely take care of fake company I hope because this group of fraudster are having little political and powerful links too i belive
Jun 22, 2014


fraud manager of mirik healthfoods
Please beware of Mr. Amitabh Chattarjee Regional Sales Manager Pharma Division of Mirik Healthfoods Private Limited, he had appointed me As ASM and my juniors as Sales Officers and taken one month salary as commission/ bribe for my appointment in company as shoe trade he has also taken Rs.5000/- from each of my sales officers as bribe and given us false appointment letter. after working with him for one month time we come to know he is working for one more company simultaneously and thereafter we asked him for our salary and reimbursement and he use to say you will get tomorrow, next week and kept us on dark.
We went to Delhi to the office of the company and there we met one Mr. Dubey who has shown us the documents of Mr. Amitabh Chatterji. The job was offered to him but, since company has received letter from the previous company of Mr. Amitabh Chatterji stating he has taken away approx. three and a half lac rupees cash from the various distributors and never deposited the same to the company. Please do not get into the trap of Mr. Amitabh Chatterji if he offers you the job.

Sushant Roy



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