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Consumer complaints and reviews about MSRTC

ashok chalke
May 16, 2015

money refund

i have did reservation for MSRTC (from Bhadkambe school to mumbai central for journey date 24.05.2015) on 14th may 2015. Ticket fare is deducted from my account but ticket was not generate. i am requesting you to please refund my money as early as possible
kindly do the needful at earliest
Mar 23, 2015

Shedulle to all pune to bhor ordinary

Please send to all Shedulle pune to bhor time mentioned reply urgent
Mar 23, 2015

Shedulle of ordinary bis bhor to pune

Please send the all Shedulle from bhor to pune daily bus ordinary. Reply urgent
Mar 16, 2015

Driver of katraj to hadapsar bus in pune

17/3/15 at 7.30 am it caught a bus named "katraj to hadapsar' the driver was driving the bus so fast over the bumper at the bumpers were very huge. I travelled till kondhwa with my family. My mom is suffering with back pain as she is very old. when the bus was going over the bumper we were thrown high 1ft approx and we crossed over 13 Nos of bumper in same speed. The travel was horrible the drivers inspite of taking care of citizien they are playing with there life. It may happen that pregnant women is travelling and got aborted and loose her child, old persons can get hurted. But these stupid drivers are not at all concern. The bus no. was MH14CW1860. We requested the conducter to ask the driver to drive slow but he was not concerned and took it casually. I also think that nobody will look into this complaint seriously. Its a very serious matter. If the drivers are not in a mood to do the duty properly then why they are not debared inpite they are playing with passengers life. They dont have any rights to play with passengers life.

KIndly look into the matter seriously. HOPE SOMEBODY WILL TAKE ACTION ON THE SAME.
Thanks and Regards
Suman SEngupta
Yogesh jagdale
Jan 3, 2015

No local bus movement for past 3hrs

Hi sir,
We are wasting our money by providing st from thane to borivali and via no locals st bus are running they are moving direct which leads to passengers can't get in or get out inbetween stops, whn asked to concern person they refuse anf don't hear us.
If you can provide a complain box it will b full but no respond frm st depot people or frm ur side
, 6direct bus have been moved but still we people are waiting for local st bus.

Dec 12, 2014

No any service from enquiry counter

I have done reservation of Nigdi to Malkapur bus from swarget bus depot. The scheduled time of bus was 8:25 from Shivajinagar bus stand. I reached to shivaji nagar at 8:00 pm and done the enquiry for bus. They said will come in 15 mins. I again asked that time they said will come in 30 min more. After 30 min they said bus was not started from Nigdi bus stand at 9:00 pm. Also said you can call Nigdi stand and confirm. When I called Nigdi stand no body answered the call.
I am posting this post at 10:30 and still no body is aware about the bus and no any bus arrived yet.
After 2 hours nobody has the update about bus.
Sunil Chaugule
Dec 5, 2014

bus reservation

I have fill the reservation form on online Reservation Succesfully Masseage is getting my account is debited But my ticket is not getting me please check this My Reservation from Swarget To Satara Please send me ticket
Thank You
Oct 27, 2014

Problems on a bus journey

Today morning i came to thane from pune throught ST(Pune st. to boriwali semi luxuri bus Mh 06 9060). In Panvel we were wait outside bus depo because of end of disel in bus but after 30 mnts cunductor told us here here also no avaibility of disel so you could complete your journey using other bus. Because of this we were totally bored and was reach to office late. For that who is responsible becuase driver did't got resposibility
Oct 16, 2014



I booked 2 tickets on 17/09/2014 but dut to some resons I canclled the tickets and refund is yet to come .
my cancellation voucher no. is 18410611 and 18415571 .plz takevit in consideration and refund as soon as possible .

Thank you

Yours sciencerly
Shubham palandurkar


Sep 23, 2014

Complaint against conductor

Dear Sir,
I travel daily from Kamothe to Belapur vide MSRTC ST Bus.I am using quarterly pass.In July - 2014 they issued me Pass like - Railway Smart Card.Which conductor check to their ticket instrument.On Friday,19th Sept,14 in between 10:15 AM to 10:24 AM i given my pass to conductor to check.Along with that she asked me for ID Card i have also given my ID card to her.After that she asked me for receipt.But i did not produced it so she seized my Pass & ID card.That ST Bus number was MH 20 D 9230.

Accordingly i have also visited to Thane ST office but the official said that this bus was not of their Depo.So I inquired to Belapur office but the official said that bus may be from Kurla Depo & and Said me to file complaint in Kurla Depo.I want to file the complaint of Conductor who seized my quarterly pass & ID card.I have also reported this on MSRTC Websit vide - Grievance / Feedback/ Comments which is mention on MSRTC website.But yet I did not got any reply from their any official.
Please look into matter & revert with suitable answer & Procedure.
Sep 13, 2014

Misbehaviour of Staff

Dear sir,

I am Rajeshsingh L Bayas age 52 years, I had travelled by Shiveneri Time 23:15 Seat No 05 Bus No 337 date 12/09/2014 .I had to get down at Vashi but due to late night I felt asleep and the bus pass Vashi and reach Dadar at 2.00 a.m (13/09/2014).On the same time the last Asiad Bus Ordinary from Dadar to Pune was leaving .I requested the Incharge Officer to allow me to travel back till Vashi but he misbehaved and also didi not tell his name.He was in close associate with Taxi Drivers and they were asking exorbinant fare approx Rs.400/- from Dadar to Vashi.If a passenger by mistake gets down at odd time I think the officer should show some courtesy. The offiicer is beard person and you can easily find out who was on duty at that time Dadar.It was tremendous inconvenience caused to me to reach back Vashi.

Please look into matter & warn the officer for his misbehaviour and tell him to be helping in future with other passenger in such circumstance.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Jul 31, 2014

MSRTC Conductor giving bad words & charged to beat me first then tried to throw me out of the bus

The incident happened on 30th of July 2014 when we (Myself,Mother,Father,Sister & Brother in law) got in the bus at Parli Vaijanath city for Latur at around 4pm. Some male passenger were siting on the seats which was reserved for females so my sister asked requested them to vacant the seat for her & my mother but the refused after which she reported the incident to bus conductor & surprisingly he did not said any thing to him & also supported them, after insisting for few times he started to shout at me with bad words like monkey, c...., m...... etc & when i told to stop he charged at me for hitting me, also he stopped the bus & threatened to throw me & my family out of the bus, it was very annoying when 2,3 persons where supporting him as he was of their caste.

Below are the details of that bus

Bus no.: MHI-20 BL2824, Nagpur to Latur bus cached at Parli Vaijanath at 4PM, conductor surname was Mr. Munde.

devendra ramchandra mirase
Jul 21, 2014

miss use of handycap reservation

Respected sir,

मी देवेंद्र रामचंद्र मिरासे एक विद्यार्थी असून मी लोनबेल ता. आर्णी जी.यवतमाळ असून रोज माहूर ते लोनबेल प्रवास करतो .दरम्यान मला रोज असे आढळून येते कि तुम्ही जी १४ ticket for Handycap person हि योजना अपंगां साठि लागू केली त्याचा बरेच लोक गैर फायदा घेताना दिसत आहे.मी रोज "अमरावती-किनवट " बस ने प्रवास करतो त्यावेळेस काही दनदाकट लोक जे कोणत्याही नजरेत अपंग दिसत नाही ते १/४ ticket काढतात तसे त्यांच्याकडे Agent ने काडून दिलेले १/४ पास देखील आहे पण असा १/४ सवलतीचा गैरफायदा घेणाऱ्यावर तात्काळ कार्यवाही व्हावी यासाठी मी तुम्हाला विनंती करतो कि ९.४० मिनिटाला ती बस माहूर बस स्थानकात येते त्याआधी तुम्ही ती बस तपासणी साठी तपासणी पथक पाठवावे निदान msrtc ला होणार्या नुकसानी ला आळा बसेल.त्यामुळे तुम्ही तत्काळ तपासणी पथक या मार्गामध्ये तपासणी साठी पाठवावे हि विनंती .
आर्णी-९.०० am लोनबेल-९.१५ am धानोडा-९.३० am माहूर-९.४० am या वेळेत हि बस अशी stop घेत माहूर ला ९.४० मिनिटाला येते.
Sundaram Jaykar
Jul 16, 2014

Why print out required

Why dont MSRTC demanding a print out of the ticket. If MSRTC has made ticketing online, they should have the print out. The passenger is showing ID Proof for Name, Gender and Age.What else do you want. This is common sense, the whole Railways accepted this. When our PM and others discuss carbon print , green world etc. the MSRTC is still backwards. They have to improve.
mansi bokil
May 30, 2014

Unsuccessful transaction

I tried to book ticket on 25th May,2014 at around 09:00 PM with following details

login ID: manasibokil
From Pune
To : Kalyan
Bus: 08:00 Semi luxury
Seat: 34

The amount was deducted from my State Bank of India Account but the ticket was not booked as the page displaying ticket and intimating passenger to print, did not appear.

Also the ticket is not available in My Tickets.
Yatin Desale
Mar 12, 2014

complaint against conductor Mr Y Bhand (0073371) Boisar Depot

I want to raise the complaint against conductor Mr Y Bhand (0073371)[Printed On Ticket](Boisar depot Tal Palghar Dist Thane) Boisar Pin No 401502
In Boisar Makadchola Bua
On Saturday date 8 March 2014 bus was coming and I showing my hand but unfortunately driver not seen my hand. That was ok but in bus my friend was seated he requested to conductor to stop the bus but conductor was not ready and told bus will not halt because bus is running late and he was iterated on my friend.
After that I ran behind the bus near by 100 meters and cached bus at next stop Navapur naka this was very worst experience with ST
If the ST conductor behave like this then that will loss for ST. ST,s slogan " hat dakhawa ani gadi thambawa" that is totally wrong
So this is my humble request please take professional action against the conductor Mr. Y Bhand (0073371)
I don't have any personal issue with Mr. Y Bhand (0073371)
If any action has been not taken from your end then I will definitely raise the complaint to higher authority
I also have that ticket with Me

Jan 20, 2014

Not Getting refund

Hello Sir,

I got online reservation on 28th Dec 2013 from Pune to Borivali and bus was cancelled so I could not travel.
As per MSRTC pathetic process of cancellation I have to take sign from my boarding point Depo manger and to submit the same in starting station depo manager. which I did. After few date I also communicated with msrtchelpdesk@gmail.com & pgsupport@billdesk.com mail ids which is mentioned for refund related issue.

following the response from after 5-10 mails:

PGI Support
Jan 15 (5 days ago)
to me
Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to Payment Gateway Support.
This is with reference to your e-mail dated January 14, 2014, regarding refund against bus cancelled.
We, at BillDesk, we only assist with payment updation related queries. For queries related to refund against bus cancelled we request you to contact the MSRTC and seek their advice in this regard.
We regret and apologize for the inconvenience caused
Warm Regards,
Daniel Gangurde
Payment Gateway Support

Here I don't know who is then MSRTC.
I am really not sure what to do.It takes around 150rs patrol to visit depo from my house and I already wasted money to calling them.Please help me for the same.
Manmohan Namdeo
S P Dhulap
Jan 14, 2014

Charge Extra Fare

We are regular passenger of ST (Thane to Vasai 9.15 am) , all we are working in Vasai. From last two days, ST are charging extra charges of Rs. 6/day due to crack of Versova Ghodbunder Bridge and Traffic police has change route of Vasai. This is not our mistake and why we should pay for this ? Please cancel your GR at earliest or otherwise we all will Ignore to travel through ST. Thanking you 9.15 Group Thane to Vasai.
Dec 10, 2013

Not giving any attention on bus time and any time cancle bus

In Maharashtra, Satar Depo,
"Satara - Durgalwadi" bus can any time and always cancle withou reason,
No any one person givin any atention on that,
Bus of 1 pm on 9 dec 2013 was cancled then, on10 dec 2013 at 10 am
bus is late or now it will cancle.
They have no care about rullar, illeaterate people, this is fustrating to
callege student also.

Shrikant N
Nov 22, 2013

Buses were not available

I have a complaint against Warud Dept Dist Amravati. On 21st Nov 2013, they stopped most of regular buses. They notified us that, its because of we have given buses for some other purpose. What kind of management the dept manager doing by this? Is he not irresponsible in providing the service to public?
Sep 15, 2013

state transport became private earning vehicle to bus conductor

Many buses traveling from amravati to paratwada and all buses traveling from paratwada towards dharni,donot issue any official ticket to passengers..conductor keep all money collected,obviously they charge less than actual fare..there are ticket-checkers roaming but not for their allotted duties but for collecting their percentages..
Kindly do something to stop leaking of state revenue..
If you doesn't do anything to stop this in near future,I am free to think that you are one of them who receives percentage from them
Aug 22, 2013

Bus does not Stop on bus stop

Hi Sir,

My name is Amit. I travel every friday from Chandani Chowk (Pune) to Mumbai (Sion).
Recently (2 mnoths ago) Chandani Chowk bus stop was shifted few meters away from previous bus stop due to traffic congestion on the stop.

However, every friday I noticed that most of the bus driver stop at the old stop and do not stop at new bus stop. Thus causing inconvinience and delay for passengers like me waiting on new bus stop. Most of the drivers/conductor do not bother to halt on new bus stop as the bus is full. The waiting time to get a transport is almost 30-45 minutes everytime.

Monday (19Aug13, eve 6:15 - 7:00 pm), I was travelling home for Rakshabandhan and I had to let go 6 buses just because the driver stopped the bus on old bus stop and the vaccant seat were occupied at old bus stop.

The issue is faced from buses coming from all routes (i.e. Satara, Waduj, Swargate, etc.). I request you to please look into this issue on an urgent basis so that futher inconvinience is avoided.

Jul 29, 2013

VinaWahak Hirakani buses

My name is Suraj i am travelling from Kolhapur to Pune and vice versa. MSRTC has started a new service VinaWahak Hirakani buses.
Which means no conductor in bus, for this MSRTC is adding extra charges of Rs 5 per ticket to passengers.
Then for taking tickets you have to wait in a queue for long time. After that when you are seated in bus and departure time is crossed bus driver still waits for more passengers. After that a conductor arrives in bus and asks for ticket to each passenger and again they provide tickets to new passengers in bus.
This process takes about more than half an hour, means if a bus departure time is 6:00 am it will depart at 6:40 am.
Again one incident happened with me that my bus got punctured and went to Satara bus depot. The driver asked everyone to take their luggages and walk out of bus as it will take time to get repaired.
After some time he came back saying that it will take more than 2-3 hours. Me and the others asked him to make some other arrangements, the driver was really rude and left place saying go and complain to the Satara us depot Controller.
So we went to the authorities for the same and they said wait and catch the next bust to Kolhapur and he stamped and signed all the tickets.
We waited for some time and a Kolhapur bus arrived. We asked to make some seating arrangements to the authorities but they refused and we have to go standing all the way from Satara to Kolhapur.
Is this the way MSRTC treats passengers, for this we are paying more and traveling with MSRTC?

Traveling with MSRTC is waste of money & time too.
Jul 25, 2013

Leaky Semi Luxury Buses

My Parents(Senior Citizens) traveled on 23.07.13 from Borivali(Sukurwadi) To Neware on Bus Route Borivali-Khandala Bus No MH-07-7339 or 3979 ( Tkt No.13924820)/C/4639837..Seat Nos.3 & 4.departing at 2100hrs.As usual the Luggage(Hand Bags) were kept on overhead Rack(Inside Bus).

While removing the Bags from the rack @ destination(Neware) they noticed these were soiled due to water seepage from the roof of the Bus.Consequently some eatables ,clothes & important papers were damaged.

MSRTC recently hiked the Bus fare however is not concerned & failing to provide fool proof/hassle free passenger service which same continue to remain shoddy.Why aren't the buses rigorously checked before embarking on such long Journey(more then 700 Kms return)

Pls let me know how u plan do make good the damage..?

Tel:022 28333114
Jul 12, 2013

refund my money for not providing service and rude behavior of bus driver

I booked e ticket for my wife and 2 childrens
Supposed to travel pune to aurangabad.
Trip no m7137 and ticket no 13874173.
Approx boarding time for the semi luxury
Bus was supposed to be at 08:10.at chandan nagar hadapsar bye pass.bus reached at bye pass at 9:00 am.The driver
Did not allow first to enter in the bus.as we show online booking print he started abusing badly including me and my family.eventhough I had already booked seat there .we had to
Return back home.before which I did contact toll free helpline who gave contact no for shivajinagar bus stand.
9404963486. But no reply.we wete helpless we already paid money for the travel .its online booking at msrtc site. And we were not allowed to travel..this creates aVery very  Bad impressipn about Msrtc.please ensure the responsible staff should be asked for the explaination.
Date of travel..12/07/2013
Bus  mh 06  s 8320

Date of travel..12/07/2013
Bus number.  mh 06 s 8320
time 9 am at hadapsar bye pass.bus was late by 50 minutes.We could not travel due to Misbehaviour by MSRTC DRiVER and not allowing to board in bus eventhoigh we had valid online booked ticket

waiting for Reply
Amit nade

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