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Consumer complaints and reviews about MTC

May 24, 2013

Rude and careless driving

The Managing Director,

Sub: Route No:C51
Fleet No : CRI 1947
TN – 01-N- 1711

I wish to bring to your notice that, I am passenger of MTC for the past 5 years residing at Thiruvanmiur. On 18/5/13 around 4.30pm while I was walking inside the bus stand in west Tambaram near vasanthabhavan to board the bus C51 which was already standing inside the bus stand. At that time the above mentioned bus was entering very rashly and wrong side to the bus stand. ( usually all the buses will enter inside through the first left and exit through the other side.) This bus was entered through the other side, behind of me very rashly and almost I would have hit and fell down but luckily by God grace I was escaped.

Sir, I just asked the driver “why are you driving like this?” he said “ if you walk on the middle of the road, will happen like this” and he used some derogatory words. But I knew, I was walking very carefully and he only came through the wrong side and rashly.

Sir, I believe, because of driver like him, many accidents take place. So I request you to take the necessary action on him, so that he will learn the road discipline and how to use the Government property on the road, and I hope the same.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,
Arun R
May 8, 2013

Coductor Bad behaviour

I am working in Sipcot IT park(Siruseri),
I and my friend boarded MTC Bus 21H(TN 01 Z-8219) on may 08 2013 about 8.15 PM at Sipcot Entrance. we took the back seat and the conductor came we took two 13Rs ticket and we gave Rs 100. The conductor simply gave the ticket without giving the remaining change of 74Rs. I thought he will give the remaining change after some time. But at the time when we are getting down from the bus nearing to karappakkam we asked the change. But the conductor responded with bad words(gotha,saniyan and many harsh words relating to my family)and finally he give the change that to he didn't give the change in hand some money dropped to bus floor.
We can't able to get the name of conductor in short time.
Bus No : 21H
Bus RegNo : TN 01 Z-8219
Date: 08 - 05 - 2013
Time : Around 8.15 pm in Sipcot Entrance

I am really frustrated and Disturbed the way of behaviour of the conductor to me.

Please Identify the conductor and take Neccessary action on him.

Otherwise he will behave like this to all Passengers

Thanks & Regards
Arun R
Apr 10, 2013



Apr 5, 2013



Mar 30, 2013

Complaint about misbehavior of a conductor TN 01N7962

Dear Director,
Complaint about misbehavior of a conductor.
Route: 5A
From: T Nagar –
Bus no. : TN 01-7962
Timing: exact 7.30pm .
This is for your information and immediate action that while I was travelling by bus No.SPI 216, route no.5A on the date 30/3/2013 (saturday), the conductor of the bus misbehaved in most insulting manner.
It is highly objectionable for a public servant to behave like this. I would, therefore, request you to make an enquire and see that the conductor is given some suitable warning and punishment.
The conductor had refused to give his token number but his name can be verified from the record kept with you.
Thank you in anticipation,
Yours faithfully,
Mar 3, 2013

Penatly Ticket

I was on a bus numbered 47D from Anna Nagar West to Sterling Road. I got off at Sterling Road and there was an inspector outside. He asked me to show my ticket and I showed him my Rs. 1000 Pass. Now my pass was a valid pass but I had not entered my name or my address and I never did fill in cos nobody insists that I should and besides, there is an identification number that proves this is a valid pass. He charged me Rs. 100 as a penalty for not filling my name! Has anybody ever heard of this? Is this even correct? This occurred on 4th March 2013 between 08:20 - 08:30 a.m. at Sterling Road.
Feb 1, 2013

No bus to Indira nagar, Adyar

I am a student studying at The Institute Of Hotel Management, Taramani. I am residing at Besant Nagar and I used to take the 6D or 21D and get down at Indira Nagar and cross the bridge to reach my institution. However, since 30.01.2013, the bus routes have been diverted and not proceeding to Indira Nagar at all. Instead, the buses turn left from Adyar depot and proceed straight to Thiruvanmiyur bus depot. As such there are no direct buses from Besant Nagar to Taramani where there are some important Govt.offices situated like "The Bureau of Indian Standards", "The MGR Film and Television Institute", "The Institute of Hotel Management and Applied Nutrition". How does an indidvidual reach these institutions without transport. The lack of MTC buses gives an opportunity to the autos plying to fleece the commuters. Will the MTC authorities look into the matter and take action with utmost urgency and help hapless students like me?
Jan 20, 2013


On 20th JAN 2013,at 2.40PM, I got into 15G bus and i saw a seat n so i sat ther,there was no rush n so i thought the condutor will com n gv me d ticket. But d conductor did not com,i was sitting in the first row n so i passed RS.5 to get a ticket to N.S.K NAGAR from YWCA but at that time the TTR came n i didnt get d ticket yet,so he asked me to pay fine RS.500. I refused to pay n i told him dat i passed d money bt i didnt get d ticket yet. He didnt hear my words,he asked me to get down frm d bus n pay the penalty, Some of d passengrs supported me bt, the TTR asked them to keep quiet.Then i paid him RS.50 n he gave him a ticket n then i left that place.I was very much disturbed from wt had happened n i walked all the way from DASAPRAKASH to N.S.K NAGAR.
sindhu bharathi
Jan 4, 2013

providing change

I usually take a bus to move to my office in the morning hours. Today a s usual i got into a bus. My office is just a stop from where i start. The ticket charge is seven rupees. I will always keep the correct change. Else i will give 10 rupees and a change of 2 rupees so that it will be easy for the conductor to provide the excess amount. This day i gave him 10 rupees. The conductor was so harsh that he told that whoever gets down at next stop provide seven rupees change. I gave him 2 rupees in addition thinking that he will give back 5 rupees. He spoke very rude that he wont give me change and that i have to give him the correct amount. HE spoke words like, is this a place for providing change, You people come daily in bus and dont you know that you have to give change and that he cant give the change asked me get down from bus. Is this the right way to speak to passengers. He would have atleast said politely. But behaving that much rude to passengers is not fair. Bus no is C51 and took bus at shilinganallur at 11. I dont know the conductor name.
Dec 24, 2012


wost bus service we don't want mtc bus wast mtc to down no proper response to passengers poor customer service TN 01 n 9077 vyi 2716 wost bus service in my life
B Manoj Padiath
Dec 12, 2012


The below described incident is something like a nightmare for any respectable citizen of India, where no words can console this kind of rude behavior of a bus conductor of an esteemed organization like Metropolitan Transport Corporation, I am writing this letter with sadness and despair in my soul that happened on that day and should never happen in my life and also I pray to almighty that it should not happen to anybody else.

On Friday 07-12-12 early morning at around 05:30 AM approx. as usual on my way to work I had boarded a bus from Porur with display board as 154 (154 and there was some alphabet added to it I could not remember) and the registration number is TN07 N9941 (PMG 0076), it neared the bus stop with a high speed and there were 3 passenger at the rear entry to board the bus and even before the third passenger could enter the bus, the bus conductor had blown the whistle and the bus took off once again at a high speed, this takes place as usual so there isn’t anything we can do about this.

Once I entered the bus I took out my Pass (1000Rs) and said “PASS” but he (conductor)in his seat was facing towards the direction of the bus driver and somehow I thought that he had heard me because I saw him shaking his head, after that I searched to have a seat and noticed that the bus was completely soaked with water including the seat also, may be they might have washed the bus, so I searched for a seat without any traces of water, this led me to the front side of the bus, at the back of driver’s seat, but I could not sit because all the seats were drenched with water, most of the few commuters were in standing position, suddenly I saw the bus conductor near me, he had issued few tickets to some of the commuter’s over there and there was person sitting at front seat of the bus, he enquired him if he had taken a ticket and he in return he saluted the conductor that means he is a staff and after that he came over to me and demanded ticket, I took out my Rs1000 pass and displayed to him, he stared at me for a while after that he started abusing me with all kind of Vulgar words in Tamil ,first I could not understand for what he was using these kind of Vulgar words because I never had gone through such kind of words which is quite new for me, then through his hoarse ill-mannered sound I could understand him that I had not told him while entering the bus that I had a pass, for this I pleaded him that while entering I had told him that I was holding the pass and also told him that I have got a pass, the only decent word he said was that “you fool you should ensure that I have heard it then only you should take your bloody seat”, he hurled at me a lot of Vulgar words, I was in a state of shock and shame, After that he went back to his conductor seat and again he started abusing me with all kinds of Vulgar words, Initially I kept quit thinking that maybe he could have had any bad experience in this case of displaying the pass and kept quiet, he taking my advantage of my silence started to abuse me even more from his seat, so I could not bear this and only thing I told was “ Mister please mind your words” for that he came running towards me swinging his right hand to hit me, I thought that I am finished because I am on medication and not in position to get a thrash from his hand, I could even lose my life, but luckily I was not thrashed but instead the words which he used is something that I could never forget till death in disparate I even thought that instead of vulgar word he could have thrashed me. Some of the words ( he used several Vulgar words due to fear and shame I could not remember) he used in Tamil was thevadia paiya (bastard), Porambokku, Mire and also asked “Are you collectors son this and that, nobody in the bus uttered any word to defend me fearing that they could also be abused or maybe they might have thought that it is not their business and the driver in the bus was supporting him, that naturally happens its departmental love, some people (driver) are blind when they had to justify what is good or bad, when they had to take a decision for their counterpart, (even though when they know that their fellow man is doing wrong) after that he abused me now and then whenever I accidently looked at him till I got down at Guindy.
From the above incident I could not understand what wrong I had done to be ill-treated in a such a way by an esteemed company ‘s government servant and one person who got down at Guindy with me consoled me and said this happens now and then, don’t take this seriously just think it as a bad dream and forget this and where ever you complain nobody is going to take any action, they are on duty government staff and they do whatever they like even police support them only, you are lucky that he (driver) did not thrash you, but I was dumbfound by his words and thought, “is this the plight of every common man who lives in a democratic country to be pampered by someone, where we have voices of human rights at each every corner whenever there is any injustice done.

I could remember that I was not the only person who was at the front side of the bus, even there were commuters whom he had issued ticket, I was thinking for what reason I had to suffer such a bad treatment, if I was travelling without ticket or I tried to cheat the conductor or misbehaved with him I would have calmed down myself, finally when I discussed with my friends who used the pass concluded that they also had the same experience but not that harsh as mine, they disclosed that nothing was wrong with you, it was the pass (1000Rs) which made you to humiliate in the bus, most of the conductors are irritated when they see the Pass.
I am was quite puzzled after knowing the reason and also I could recall at some instance I had observed that after displaying the pass some of the conductors were not happy. If this is the reason for the calamity, then what can be done regarding this kind of rude behavior meted out to commuters who hold the Pass, only the MTC higher official should decide and educate the bus conductors to change their attitude and take strict action on those who harass the commuters. We the Pass holders does not get this free of cost we have to shed one tenth or more/less of our hard earned money to buy this, which is also included to the annual budget of MTC yearly turn over, where the profit are enjoyed by the MTC staff as Bonus. I strictly condemn this act of the conductor and request all the concerned MTC higher official to take a strict action on him, this is not the end of the saga, I will continue this and will take all the necessary step deemed fit if no action is taken, till justification is done.
Dec 10, 2012

Rude Behavior of the conductor

Sir, I am working in TCS. I was travelling from velachery to sholinganallur in (m119) guindy to chemmanchery bus.
I boarded at velachery. Ticket checking person who checked for the ticket at S.R.P Tools busstop asked me for the ticket. I showed him the monthly concession pass(Rs. 1000) and my Identity card. But he did not accept it. He also forced me to pay fine of Rs. 100. He gave me a reason that my handwriting written in the pass was not as clear to read. So he insulted me infront of the passengers. Authorities of MTC please take the necessary action against the person. The number of fine ticket is 053875
Dec 4, 2012

Frequency of bus

The Bus frequency from Medavakkam to Tambaram West is really very low. Due to this I have to wait for nearly more than half an hour for M21 or C51 to reach Tambaram West and hence couldn't reach my office at proper time. There are a lots of frequency for T51 buses which goes only til East Tambaram... If few of those buses where directed to West Tambaram too then it would be very much helpful for the passengers to get the bus without any problem.

I kindly request the authority people to take a note of it and help us passengers for our travel.

Thank You.
Sep 26, 2012

torturing Public

I travelled by 17M bus. The conductor and the driver the was very rude. They irritates the ppl and commanding them AND THIER BEHAVIOUR WAS WORSE. If somebody asks them, they stop the bus and fight with them. Being a government servent, they should not behave like this with public. It hurts many ppl. I request MTC transport depart to take action on these kind of drivers and conductors. Also can teach them how to behave with public, probably give them SOFT SKILL TRAINING.
Sep 21, 2012

Stupid Services

Nothing is there talk about MTC TN Government

Very Stupid and Worst and Useless city compared with other bus services in the world
Sep 8, 2012

Regarding Bus Facility

Sir,We are studying in veltech college which is located in AVADI. our college opening timings are 1.Veltech multi tech-7.30AM 2.Veltech high TEch-7.45AM 3.Veltech university-8.30AM.
We have been provided with bus facility upto 7.40 AM (as they told),But truely the number of buses provided is not enough for us at that timing.They are making us to travel around 80 persons in a bus and that too only 5 + a ladies special bus this is not enough for 1500 persons at morning time.If it continues surely it may cause major accidents.So we request you to avail us totally 10 buses (Atleast 5 min gap between 2 buses) between 6.50AM to 7.40AM.Thank You
Sep 4, 2012

Misbehaviour of MTC conductor

Today I travelled from tambaram to sholinganallur. the ticket fare is Rs.15 and I had Rs.500 with me. Condutor shouted at me saying that he did not have change. I requested him to give me the ticket and also said that I will collect the money later when getting down from the bus in sholinganallur. Again the conductor shouted at me with bad words. I replied him, saying that I will the amount in checking. Then he asked me to give the 500 rupees saying that he will write and give on the back of the ticket. But later he did not write anything in the ticket and now my 500 rupees is gone.

Details of Incident:
Date of travel : 4th September, 2012
Time : 9:30 am
Bus No. : TN 01 n8314
Bus Route No. : C51
Ticket serail no.:60449 (ER26)
Aug 23, 2012

Irregular Bus Timing

I travel in A21 from kandhanchavadi to Kellkattalai. Those buses are not following regular timings on evening from 7.30 - 9.00. More passengers are travelling on this route. But only few buses are available that are also not following regular timing. Sometimes these buses will came at 9.00 PM after the 7.30 PM bus. This will affect most of the working womens like us who are all started from 8 PM. It would be better if anybody take some steps to regularize the bus timings.
Jun 28, 2012

misbehaviour of a conductor

day before yesterday ie. on 26th june a senior citizen climbed the bus near apollo hospital in route no E18(going towards parrys) at 5.33 pm in the evening. before stepping up in the stairs the conductor signaled the driver to start which resulted in falling down in the road from the running bus. without pleasing and showing any curtesy the conductor abused very bad words against the old man ( enna perusu saavarthukku vera vandi kadaikalaiya een en uyire vangara vayaa malae savvugrakki) the oldman was looking very decent and seems to be well educated. seeing all these i got angry and shouted the conductor on his misconduct. but he doesnt seems to care our arguments and in turn from the busitself i tried for the customercare dept of mtc and nobody lifted the phone. its very unfair to see the poor service from entire department. if you have any doubt anytime you can check with this number 9383337639 this is mtc emergency number. service has become a dream for every indian .hoping the dreams come true oneday.
Jun 21, 2012

Mis-Treating the Passengers in bus no. 242 (TN01 N 8645)

Respected Sir,

Bus no. : 242 or PP242
Vehicle no. TN01 N 8645
Route : Redhills to Broadway
Complaint on Driver and Conductor

I travelling in 242 bus daily to Broadway. In that bus, Conductor and Driver are very worst than anything. Conductor always use to abuse the passengers everyday for silly reasons. Sometimes conductor would not give the proper change. Sometimes the particular bus 242 (TN 01 N 8645) is rushing without stopping on stages (Vinayagapuram, Koluthur Annasilai etc.), even at 6:15 a.m. also. Because this action, many passengers are getting late. Sometimes the bus Driver of 242 (TN 01 N 8645) beating the school students on 14-6-2012 Thursday evening around 5:00 p.m. near Purasaiwalkam. Due to this, passengers are fighting with them daily. The driver also abusing the passengers, joining with conductor. Sometimes both Driver and Conductor are raising their hands, against passengers. Sometimes Conductor, manhandling the ladies and children.
Sometimes the Driver of 242 (TN01 N 8645) driving very rashly. One day he going to hit the Lady with Child who were standing at corner of road.
Due to this, passengers are fighting with them daily.

Sir, Iam working as a Assistant Proffessor. When I asked the conductor of 242 (TN 01 N 8645) at the time of he, manhandling the child, due to the child could not give the change of Rs.11, but the child gave Rs.15, the conductor and driver abused me with vulgare words. Afterwards other passengers were interfered and supported me. But after when I reached Broadway, the Driver was started his rowdism by joining his co-staffs. I was threatened by them for helping the child. This incident was on 16-6-2012 (Saturday).

For how many days we have to tolrate this issues. Is there is no other way to change this situation? Everyday we passengers are getting bitter experience with these people.Please take some action regarding this issue and make a way to find justice to passengers.

mail id : praveen.sba@gmail.com
Bus no. : 242 or PP242
Vehicle no. TN01 N 8645
Route : Redhills to Broadway
Jun 19, 2012

Complaint about misbehavior of a conductor.

Dear Director,
Complaint about misbehavior of a conductor.
Route: T151
From: Tambaram West –
To: Kovalam (through OMR)
Bus no. : TAI 1844
Timing: 8.40 am Boarding @ Medavakkam.
This is for your information and immediate action that while I was travelling by bus No.TAI 1844, route no. T151 on the date19/6/2012 (Tuesday), the conductor of the bus misbehaved in most insulting manner.
I boarded the bus at time 8.40 am at Medavakkam along with other passengers. The conductor was very lethargic during his duty and did not issue tickets properly. The bus was fully crowded and the conductor demanded tickets sitting at his seat. Even we were passing money to collect ticket he was lethargic to issue ticket.
An instance after getting money he is not issued the ticket properly, not giving change properly and looted the money too. A lady passenger protested at this. The conductor spoke very rudely to her. He used abusive language. The matter would have taken a serious turn, had not some people intervened.
It is highly objectionable for a public servant to behave like this. I would, therefore, request you to make an enquire and see that the conductor is given some suitable warning and punishment.
The conductor had refused to give his token number but his name can be verified from the record kept with you.
Thank you in anticipation,
Yours faithfully,
Jun 4, 2012

improper bus service

I am travelling from Pudhur high school to Valluvar kottam through my 17 D. Usually I get in to the bus which arrives by 9.27, and there will be lot of buses in the mean time on Monday. I was waiting from 9:25-9:50, there was no bus.
May 12, 2012

No facility

all bus violate
May 9, 2012

MTC Conductor_Bus no. TN-01 N 9627, at about 3.45 Pm

ya most of the mtc conductors are behaving like this only
May 7, 2012

MTC Conductor_Bus no. TN-01 N 9627, at about 3.45 Pm

Respected Sir,

My Name is Sujatha Subramanim working as software engineer. Its very bad experience for me traveling in D70, Bus no. MTC Conductor_Bus no. TN-01 N 9627, at about 3.45 Pm (It reached Velachery), I boarded the bus with my handbag and two books bag also and simply asked him to give tickets for 10 Rupees. No crowd were there. Only 6 people were sitting in bus. He immediately scolded me using filty language and asked me to come and collect ticket. He refused to give ticket at my place and otherwise asked me to get down in a very bad manner, this is ridiculous.!!!
These people will spoil the reputation of MTC & Tamilians as well.

I want to complaint on conductor on duty at Route No. D70 TN-01 N 9627 for his such a rude behavior with passengers

If MTC will take some serious action on such Rude and misbehaving Bus crews The service will improve and help MTC to keep its good reputation

Kindly do the need full

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