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Consumer complaints and reviews about MTC

Sep 26, 2012

torturing Public

I travelled by 17M bus. The conductor and the driver the was very rude. They irritates the ppl and commanding them AND THIER BEHAVIOUR WAS WORSE. If somebody asks them, they stop the bus and fight with them. Being a government servent, they should not behave like this with public. It hurts many ppl. I request MTC transport depart to take action on these kind of drivers and conductors. Also can teach them how to behave with public, probably give them SOFT SKILL TRAINING.
Sep 21, 2012

Stupid Services

Nothing is there talk about MTC TN Government

Very Stupid and Worst and Useless city compared with other bus services in the world
Sep 8, 2012

Regarding Bus Facility

Sir,We are studying in veltech college which is located in AVADI. our college opening timings are 1.Veltech multi tech-7.30AM 2.Veltech high TEch-7.45AM 3.Veltech university-8.30AM.
We have been provided with bus facility upto 7.40 AM (as they told),But truely the number of buses provided is not enough for us at that timing.They are making us to travel around 80 persons in a bus and that too only 5 + a ladies special bus this is not enough for 1500 persons at morning time.If it continues surely it may cause major accidents.So we request you to avail us totally 10 buses (Atleast 5 min gap between 2 buses) between 6.50AM to 7.40AM.Thank You
Sep 4, 2012

Misbehaviour of MTC conductor

Today I travelled from tambaram to sholinganallur. the ticket fare is Rs.15 and I had Rs.500 with me. Condutor shouted at me saying that he did not have change. I requested him to give me the ticket and also said that I will collect the money later when getting down from the bus in sholinganallur. Again the conductor shouted at me with bad words. I replied him, saying that I will the amount in checking. Then he asked me to give the 500 rupees saying that he will write and give on the back of the ticket. But later he did not write anything in the ticket and now my 500 rupees is gone.

Details of Incident:
Date of travel : 4th September, 2012
Time : 9:30 am
Bus No. : TN 01 n8314
Bus Route No. : C51
Ticket serail no.:60449 (ER26)
Aug 23, 2012

Irregular Bus Timing

I travel in A21 from kandhanchavadi to Kellkattalai. Those buses are not following regular timings on evening from 7.30 - 9.00. More passengers are travelling on this route. But only few buses are available that are also not following regular timing. Sometimes these buses will came at 9.00 PM after the 7.30 PM bus. This will affect most of the working womens like us who are all started from 8 PM. It would be better if anybody take some steps to regularize the bus timings.
Jun 28, 2012

misbehaviour of a conductor

day before yesterday ie. on 26th june a senior citizen climbed the bus near apollo hospital in route no E18(going towards parrys) at 5.33 pm in the evening. before stepping up in the stairs the conductor signaled the driver to start which resulted in falling down in the road from the running bus. without pleasing and showing any curtesy the conductor abused very bad words against the old man ( enna perusu saavarthukku vera vandi kadaikalaiya een en uyire vangara vayaa malae savvugrakki) the oldman was looking very decent and seems to be well educated. seeing all these i got angry and shouted the conductor on his misconduct. but he doesnt seems to care our arguments and in turn from the busitself i tried for the customercare dept of mtc and nobody lifted the phone. its very unfair to see the poor service from entire department. if you have any doubt anytime you can check with this number 9383337639 this is mtc emergency number. service has become a dream for every indian .hoping the dreams come true oneday.
Jun 21, 2012

Mis-Treating the Passengers in bus no. 242 (TN01 N 8645)

Respected Sir,

Bus no. : 242 or PP242
Vehicle no. TN01 N 8645
Route : Redhills to Broadway
Complaint on Driver and Conductor

I travelling in 242 bus daily to Broadway. In that bus, Conductor and Driver are very worst than anything. Conductor always use to abuse the passengers everyday for silly reasons. Sometimes conductor would not give the proper change. Sometimes the particular bus 242 (TN 01 N 8645) is rushing without stopping on stages (Vinayagapuram, Koluthur Annasilai etc.), even at 6:15 a.m. also. Because this action, many passengers are getting late. Sometimes the bus Driver of 242 (TN 01 N 8645) beating the school students on 14-6-2012 Thursday evening around 5:00 p.m. near Purasaiwalkam. Due to this, passengers are fighting with them daily. The driver also abusing the passengers, joining with conductor. Sometimes both Driver and Conductor are raising their hands, against passengers. Sometimes Conductor, manhandling the ladies and children.
Sometimes the Driver of 242 (TN01 N 8645) driving very rashly. One day he going to hit the Lady with Child who were standing at corner of road.
Due to this, passengers are fighting with them daily.

Sir, Iam working as a Assistant Proffessor. When I asked the conductor of 242 (TN 01 N 8645) at the time of he, manhandling the child, due to the child could not give the change of Rs.11, but the child gave Rs.15, the conductor and driver abused me with vulgare words. Afterwards other passengers were interfered and supported me. But after when I reached Broadway, the Driver was started his rowdism by joining his co-staffs. I was threatened by them for helping the child. This incident was on 16-6-2012 (Saturday).

For how many days we have to tolrate this issues. Is there is no other way to change this situation? Everyday we passengers are getting bitter experience with these people.Please take some action regarding this issue and make a way to find justice to passengers.

mail id : praveen.sba@gmail.com
Bus no. : 242 or PP242
Vehicle no. TN01 N 8645
Route : Redhills to Broadway
Jun 19, 2012

Complaint about misbehavior of a conductor.

Dear Director,
Complaint about misbehavior of a conductor.
Route: T151
From: Tambaram West –
To: Kovalam (through OMR)
Bus no. : TAI 1844
Timing: 8.40 am Boarding @ Medavakkam.
This is for your information and immediate action that while I was travelling by bus No.TAI 1844, route no. T151 on the date19/6/2012 (Tuesday), the conductor of the bus misbehaved in most insulting manner.
I boarded the bus at time 8.40 am at Medavakkam along with other passengers. The conductor was very lethargic during his duty and did not issue tickets properly. The bus was fully crowded and the conductor demanded tickets sitting at his seat. Even we were passing money to collect ticket he was lethargic to issue ticket.
An instance after getting money he is not issued the ticket properly, not giving change properly and looted the money too. A lady passenger protested at this. The conductor spoke very rudely to her. He used abusive language. The matter would have taken a serious turn, had not some people intervened.
It is highly objectionable for a public servant to behave like this. I would, therefore, request you to make an enquire and see that the conductor is given some suitable warning and punishment.
The conductor had refused to give his token number but his name can be verified from the record kept with you.
Thank you in anticipation,
Yours faithfully,
Jun 4, 2012

improper bus service

I am travelling from Pudhur high school to Valluvar kottam through my 17 D. Usually I get in to the bus which arrives by 9.27, and there will be lot of buses in the mean time on Monday. I was waiting from 9:25-9:50, there was no bus.
May 12, 2012

No facility

all bus violate
May 9, 2012

MTC Conductor_Bus no. TN-01 N 9627, at about 3.45 Pm

ya most of the mtc conductors are behaving like this only
May 7, 2012

MTC Conductor_Bus no. TN-01 N 9627, at about 3.45 Pm

Respected Sir,

My Name is Sujatha Subramanim working as software engineer. Its very bad experience for me traveling in D70, Bus no. MTC Conductor_Bus no. TN-01 N 9627, at about 3.45 Pm (It reached Velachery), I boarded the bus with my handbag and two books bag also and simply asked him to give tickets for 10 Rupees. No crowd were there. Only 6 people were sitting in bus. He immediately scolded me using filty language and asked me to come and collect ticket. He refused to give ticket at my place and otherwise asked me to get down in a very bad manner, this is ridiculous.!!!
These people will spoil the reputation of MTC & Tamilians as well.

I want to complaint on conductor on duty at Route No. D70 TN-01 N 9627 for his such a rude behavior with passengers

If MTC will take some serious action on such Rude and misbehaving Bus crews The service will improve and help MTC to keep its good reputation

Kindly do the need full
Mar 26, 2012

No bus service

I was at Nesapakkam bus stop waiting for 18M bus at night 9.30 pm a few days before. I waited till 11.15 pm for that route bus to come. Disappointed, i left back. Because even a single bus of that route didn't come. I don't know what was the reason, why it didn't come. Normally that bus route has very less frequency service, i know that. But within a time span of 1.45 hrs, if it didn't come, then surely it would be subjected to people's anger. I got very much anger more than my disappointment. Really frustrated with what happened. So i request you to view this as a suggestion as well to increase the route's frequency.
Mar 12, 2012

Bus Timing

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am from K.K.NAGAR area. I used to get 11H or 11G bus from ESI hospital stop at 7:30 a.m. Today(12/3/2012) i waited for more than half an hour for the above bus service, but after half an hour three (3) buses came one after another. This happens most of the time. So please, make the bus timings at regular interval. Kindly do the needful.

Thank you.
Feb 9, 2012

Abusive behaviour of conductor of 29C bus

Today (09.02.2012) i(female passenger) boarded into 29c deluxe bus at KMC stop around 7.45 - 8.00 pm. I gave money to the conductor to get my ticket to perambur. The conductor didn't respond me, between the bus reached the next stop. the bus was crowded and the conductor wanted me to move to the center of the bus.

I replied him that the it is crowded, no space to move in and asked him for my ticket. He was very rude and replied me that he will not give the ticket unless i go and stand in the spot which he specified. I explained him that it is crowded and am unable to move. but still he wanted me to move inside and denied to give me ticket.

since i refused to move further he tried to push me inside. he literally tried to push me using his hands , he pushed my shoulders and hands. I warned him twice in soft voice to take his hand off me. Third time i was bit loud and told him to take his hand off from me and demanded my ticket. for which he replied that either i should move to the place where he said or i should get down from the bus.

he forced me to get down from the bus and refused to give me ticket and money too. when i asked why is he not giving me ticket and pointed him to behave properly, he started using abusive words. (including the statement that he will beat me hard and slap me with his slippers). at last he threatened me to get down.Also he started making comment loudly to the bus passengers that i am a pick-pocketer.What a shame.I am an engineering graduate, working with a reputed software firm but branded as pick-pocketer by an MTC bus conductor, just because i refused to stand in the place where conductor pointed to. It was very embarrassing in front of rest of the passengers. With no other options left out i got down from the bus , 2 stops after KMC.

My questions are

1) How can a mtc bus conductor force the passenger to get down from the bus?
2) how can the conductor refuse to give the ticket after getting the money?
3) how can he behave so rude to a female passenger?
4) how can the conductor decide where the passenger should occupy place in an MTC bus?
5) how can a conductor use abusive words on a passenger?

That instant i was too tensed that i forgot to note the bus number. The conductor was not wearing any badge to identify him.
and i neither got the ticket.The situation was so critical and none of the other passengers showed interest in this. i have got no evidence to prove.I am very upset on this. I am educated still i have no idea on how to file compliant. I have no awareness on how to make the compliant,whom to contact and how to do it .

I hope am not the only person to face this. There must be people out there who would have faced even more sever scenarios

I sincerely request MTC to paste compliant phone numbers in each buses and to take quick action, so that the passenger get benefited and feel safe traveling in MTC bus and Also the reputation of the MTC bus service be saved.

Please let me know how to file compliant? is there any separate team operating to take care of this issues or do we need to call police (100) or media to bring such issues to lime lite

What is the action going to be taken on this issue?

Aparna Ravichandran.
Dec 18, 2011

Misbehavior of conductor

Bad behaviour of the conductor as well as cheating the passengers & scolding by taking extra money from the passenger:

Today i was traveled From Vandalur Zoo to perungalathur, i gave the Rs, 10 ( Ticket Price is Rs, 6) he just given the ticket, he didn't said anything about the remaining balance Rs 4, some times back i asked what about my balance rupees, he said rudely I've no change to collect your balance next time & also he scolding use the Bad words, Finally i am not received my balance Rs 4.

Bus Stop: Vandalur Zoo. (Starting).
Ticket No: 308195 (MB 34).
Date & Timings: 18/12/2011 & 6:40 AM to 7:00 AM

He didn't patch the Batch so not able to mentioned he's name.

I've request the Transport AUTHORITIES TO give the punishment the Conductor & don't happens this kind of behaviors in Futures.

Jul 27, 2011


my suggestion is to increase the bus frequency of 21A which is coming from Pallavaram to Thiruvanmiyoor time between 8.00 to 10am
Jul 27, 2011


hello sir/madam,

my suggestion is to increase the bus frequency of M9M, which is coming from ngo colony to tnagar, that too in the time between 8 to 10.
Jun 25, 2011

Non issue of Ticket

such complaints are regular happenings. I have seen conductors asking lady passengers to get down as they had no change... at the same time i met a conductor who was very genuine. At night one passenger had only 5 Rs. but the ticket he wanted was for 7 Rs. when conductor asked for 2 Rs. the man said sir en kitta ivalo than irukku kaasu illa (in a very low tone). 5 roopaiku naan enga eranganumnu sollunga. immediately the conductor said. paravaailla naangalum manushangathan. He took the 5 Rs. and gave him 7 Rs.ticket.
Apr 24, 2011

seats allocated to women

This is really bad, those guys (including the conductor) are a real Bas***ds. I don't understand how can someone do such things, specially when you are seeing that a lady really needs a seat due to Medical Rasons.

It is really sad Anusha. I don't know when will men in this country will start respecting the ladies.
Apr 24, 2011

seats allocated to women

when i was travelling by 11 H deluxe bus two men were seated in women's row. i was 7 month pregnant. fearing that someone would hit me i told them to get up. they didnt do so. i told the conductor. instead of asking them to get up the conductor told me that they wold sit like that and that it is not his duty to tell them. he told me not to talk for my rights and that he does not bother if someone hit against me... i had to travel standing all the way from ashok pillar to parrys. almost every conductor shut their mouth when they see men seated in the row reserved for women. its only because that women have physical problems compared to men that there are seats reserved for women. not understanding that some men occupy women's seat and the conductor says that he will not tell those such men anything. really annoying!
Feb 25, 2011


Dear sir or Madam I dont understand why not all the 65 B buses starting from Poonamallee to Ambattur Estate goes Via H.V.F Estate ? Same while from Ambattur Estate to Poonamallee . I can understand the roads are not fine ndue to other State government works but that doesnt means that the people residing in Shanthi nagar, H.VF Esatae, Poombuzil nagar and heart breaking little school going children lifting there heavy bags have to walk either to Murrugappa polytechnic or to H.V.F Ajeya Stadium. I hope we will get a remedy soon atleast after this message. Is there anyone who is looking at this message ? then please take some action...
Feb 25, 2011

Misbehavior of conductor

I am travelling by mtc on route no.170 for past 6 months and i am buying ticket Rs.5/- for travelling from kasi theatre bus stop to guindy bus stop. Today one conductor ask me to buy Rs.7/- ticket for the above said distance, then I told him that I am travelling for past 6 months in this route and I am paid Rs.5/- only. Then that conductor gave me Rs.5/- ticket in very bad mannerce and he returned my ten rupees and he wants only Rs.5/- exactly. why that conductor first asked me to buy Rs.7/- ticket. I dont know

That bus details is given below;

Reg.No.TN-01 N 9515
Depot. KNI 3268

Further details in that ticket is:

033133 c52345 053141 50075185N
Jan 20, 2011

MTC bus not stopping

totally agree with him on the same.
Jan 10, 2011

MTC bus not stopping


I rarely comes in 568C AC Volvo bus from Mahabalipuran to PTC(near karapakkam)in the morning which starts at mahabalipuram @ 8.15am. All the AC buses coming via this route or on OMR route will stop at CTS office(400mts from PTC bus stop). But this 586C bus, especially one driver is not stopping at CTS office. When i enquired with conductor, he is ready to stop at CTS office, but driver is not ready to do it.

Driver is telling that he will stop only in normal stops. But the same person is stopping at HCL office which is located near Navallur. When i ask driver about stopping at HCL office, he is telling that he will stop there and not in CTS office.

Please let me know whether AC Volvo buses have stopping at CTS office and navalur HCL office or not.

NOTE: This issue is happening only with one driver and not with another person.

I request MTC to check and take action against it.

Thulasi Raman

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