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Mumbai Local Trains


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Local Trains

Vikrant RAUL
Mar 16, 2017

12.30 chembur Panvel to cst train

12.30 am from chembur ( Panvel to cst at cst) train always terminate at wadala station. Railway should provide us details for these kind of termination.
sundramurthi ravichandran
Mar 11, 2017

tilak nagar station was not included in atvm

I'm a BMS students today I have taken a ticket through atvm which is in Wadala station but I can't find a option of tilak nagar so I taken a ticket for Kurla they both charges a same for tickets but at tilak nagar station I was caught by TC and he was forcing me to pay a fine and he order me to stand on toilets for not paying a fine and they were saying you gone a face a jail for not paying fine.
am I a theif or a fraud is it my fault what can I able to do If I never find a option of the station name
Mar 7, 2017

less number of trains from thane to cst mumbai

respected sir,
myself shridhar mahuli travel from thane to kurla for work on a daily basis. some times i find that trains are suddenly late , and told on announcement suddenly. so a traveller gets late to their workplace. also the frequency of trains from thane station to cst mumbai has been very low. thane has been a junction . but still central railway need to do much regarding more number of people going from thane to cst mumbai for work. so a kind request that if the number of trains from thane to mumbai cst increases the people boarding from thane station will have less crowded trains and a comfortable travel. my number 9819378228. thank you.
Mar 7, 2017

On ticket checking in first class compartment

This is to bring to your notice that no regular ticket checking is happening inside the Mumbai Local train (harbour line). Those passengers with second class passes are regularly travelling in first class coaches and denying seat to privileged first class pass owners. Especially in ladies coach where the fist class seats are very limited (only 14 passengers can be seated), second class passengers occupies the vacant seats so that first class passengers are made to stand and travel. First class passengers are paying heavy amount for their passes but the facility is enjoyed by second class pass owners who pay a very nominal amount. As ticket checking is not happening some of the second class commutors are regularly travelling in firs class compartments. This is injustice to the first class pass owners. Please look into this matter and do regular ticket checking especially in ladies compartments.
Sunil dubey1234
Mar 5, 2017

Local stopped witween station

Dear sir.
I really proud my bhrtiya rail is good conditions no body rich on time because if u takenfast train is really bulsit. I am going to joheshwari to charchget by train 10:12 is five time stop without station it a condition for Indian train. Thank Mr prabhu
Mar 4, 2017

Replace location name

I had purchased ticket thane to mansarovar pass for 1 month but after due to office shifted to goregaon mumbai i told to ticket counter man,please replace thane to goregaon if u require more money im ready to provide,they said its not possible.
Sir I'm saying where is the proper government system ur guys just earning all public tax income everyday and i need proper local train system..
Mar 1, 2017

Availability of Police and TC


After seeing people in Locals, behave like Gundas having a gang of people not letting people to go inside despite of having space are increasing nowadays. If we raise voice against them, they abuse, use faul language and even try to throw us out of the running train. They travel without tickets in First Class and there's no one to ask them and take necessary actions against them. It's very shameful that in our city such people survives.

Below is the link having the story of one of the Mumbaikar among us who came across such situation:

The level of such activities are increasing day by day and we have to raise our voice against them. I hope necessary actions will be taken against these guys and proper help is provided to every person traveling in Locals daily by means of RPF in each boggies and a help number is available for all of us.

We don't want anyone else to become victim in such cases. We want safety measures from Railway authorities and we're in support of it.

Hope this'll make a change in our Transport safety.

Thanks and Regards
Afsar Shaikh
Feb 25, 2017

ATVM machines not working

I have seen many instances where only 1 or 2 atvm machines are working out of 5 to 7 installed in many railway stations of central western and harbour lines

Sometimes machine don't print tickets even after completing transaction

This is one of the inconvenience faced by Smart card holders day to day and has to be taken care of for better services

It would be appreciable if concerned authorities look into this to resolve
Yasharth Brajesh
Feb 23, 2017

Wrong Fines Being Charged by the TC

A Ticket Collector stopped me at the entrance of the station and asked me for the ticket. I told him that I have just entered the station and I'm going to the counter to buy a ticket as the ticket counter is on the foot over bridge and I'm going there to purchase the ticket. But he didn't understand me and caught hold of me and handed over to a police officer nearby. I completely denied to pay any fine as I didn't do any wrong deed and I was going to buy a ticket as the nearest counter was on the bridge but he said that you must enter the station with a ticket. So for that the railways must establish a counter outside the station. This incident happended at Mira Road Station in Thane(Mumbai). And due to this I missed my office today. I hope stricted actions will be taken against the TC and my fine amount will be refunded as I had to pay the fine at the end.

Wrong Fines Being Charged by the TC

Feb 21, 2017

Bhajans in Trains!

This is in reference to the morning commotion a group of people create with their bhajans and songs.
Firstly I completely understand the fact that on religious grounds what they are doing is justified, but there are many people like me who travel by train in the morning to our workplace and all we want is our early morning peace till we reach out workplace, whether we have a seat or not is irrelevant in this case. And then there,s always this group of people who come with their bells and other instruments singing loudly to the dislike of others. We understand devotion, but not at the cost of disturbing other people this way. Please stop this nuisance in locals, it is a horrible disturbance for people who wish to sleep off their way till they began their work or are travelling long distances. Quite obviously nobody Takes the courage to talk to them about this expecting an unnecessary argument. People cannot just disturb and create a headache for other travellers travelling with them just for this purpose. This happens even in an early morning train of around 6.30!! , where literally all the passengers travel in sleep for some quietness, and these people come and create a horrible commotion. I earnestly request that Strict action should be taken to stop this practise in Mumbai locals at the earliest.
Being vocal for about a million other daily Mumbai local passengers.
Feb 15, 2017

ticket checker

hello sir,
kal hum ko kalyan se thana jana tha aur thana se bandra to thana me utrke fir hum bandra gaye aur humne return ticket nikali thi aur ticket timing 9:30am ka tha humne uswqt he journey ki thi to fir bandra station pe tc ne humko 510 rs charge kiya wo logo ne kaha ki humne journey wo time pe ni ki he ek gante me apko journey kanri hai aisa kyu sir jub humne time pe kiya journey to charge kyu sir..plz action le ispe bandra station do tc the sir.plz take action sirf lotne ka kaam he logo ko..
Shailesh Suresh Bhoir.
Feb 10, 2017

first class compartment indication on platform

Every day I’m travelling in mumbai local trains and I've seen most of the 2nd class people are travelling in 1st class compartment.
may be intentionally or they are not aware of 1st class compartment because there is not sufficient information to aware them!!!!
Mumbai local train service should add more highlighters like platform should paint at 1st class coach or/and which thin pillar is painted with cross red and yellow stripes should be broad with lights in same colors.
Chintan Shukal
Feb 9, 2017

Lost baggage

I had boarded in a first class compartment in local of Kalyan to dadar from dadar at 9.02 pm on 08/02/17 from dadar with a carry bag of cream color (made of jute cloth) having "Hyfashion" printed on it.

I got down at thane at 09.35 pm but forgot to take my bag which is put on carrier above the seat.
It contains ladies kurti wear (total 18) along with a pouch containing some visiting cards and challan.
Please return below if somebody found this.

Chintan shukal
Feb 8, 2017

Non working of at my machines

9 Atmv machines installed at harbour vadala station out of nine machines only two are working.no response from superior regarding the working of the machines.
Gen Complain
Feb 8, 2017

Mumbai Suburban Western Railway

Everyday morning train of 6:44 from Borivali platform number 7 is always delay by minimum 7-8 minutes. Sometime it is delayd by 15 minutes.

Any solution can be expected?
frustated commuter
Feb 7, 2017

Bed bugs in Local train (Old)

The 8.34 am fast local from Borivali on February 6, 2017 had bed bugs on all the seats of the second class ladies compartment besides the first class coach. This is happening from quite a few times from last month. Twice in a week this old train comes and is causing nuisance for the commuters as we are not able to sit on those affected seats. Please find a solution for this and also would like to advice that kindly discontinue this old trains in rush hours as they are causing inconvenience for us. And also carry out proper pest control in such old trains.
Feb 5, 2017

Harbor line from nerul 8:01 direct Andheri local train all fans are switched off by motorman

Harbor line from nerul 8:01am direct Andheri local train all fans are switched off by motorman.

This is occurring daily even though it is cold it should be kept on from motorman side. Since if public feels cold we can switch off the fans when not required.

Now we all in the compartment feeling very hot due to huge crowd. Also facing problem to breathe.

Hence requesting to keep the local train fan switch on.

This should be implemented in all local trains running in Mumbai.
Ujjwala Babhulkar
Jan 30, 2017

Late arrival to Thane station - 07:23 Panvel-Thane slow local

Late arrival to Thane station - 07:23 Panvel-Thane slow local
07:23 Panvel-Thane slow local always reaches late at Thane station. This happens almost everyday. On the other side Vashi-Thane train always reach any station before the time and the person who comes in time to catch the train never get the this train. I really do not understand why these things are not yet noticed by railway department. Morning time one minutes makes lot of difference and late arrival of Panvel-Thane train is regular. I hope this time something fruitful happen.
Jan 30, 2017

train speed between wadala to king circle

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I would like to inform you that i travel everyday from andheri to CST from last 7 years...i have been observing from many days now that the train speed is very high between swree to wadala and wadala to 'king circle and sometimes we feel like train might get collapse..Request you to please check the tracks or inform the gaurd to slow down the speed between the said stations..

Please consider our request.
Jan 29, 2017

Ticket counter not accepting Card in Kalwa new ticket counter

Dear Sir,

Today I & my wife had gone to take pass at Kalwa station new ticket counter & we encountered that the cashier is not accepting our card in spite of board being displayed ,that we can use our debit or credit card for making payment.

We were been told by cashier that we should have informed him for making payment in card before printing the pass.

Could you please let us know why is there that the customer need to inform first about the payment rather cashier been asking the customer on how to make "payment".

I am very disappointed with the service I have received I need an answer to this effect. How can we make payment of 780/- INR in cash? I am going to take up with Mr Prabhu too if no reply received from your end. It has to be understood by the cashier and should have accepted our card and since there was lot of inconvenience for other passenger, we had to leave the counter.

This is not the service which we expect from a railway authority. We pay for the service that is rendered by you all and if we don't receive service why should there be railway's running then? Sorry you should either deploy new trained staff or have a better well groomed and well manned and polite staff with a smile always on their face.

If you need any further detail in this instance do not hesitate to write in to me or can call you on my below number.

Appreciate your immediate and quick reply in this instance.

Vivek Rao
Email:- yogiviv@gmail.com
priyanka pednekar
Jan 25, 2017

Door blocked in all harbour line trains spl ladies

All the times there is door block from coming trains to govandi - Cst . There is lots off issuse .Govandi people can not do anything due to door block . Thats why they using lots of energy bad words or making noise .That why people having second class pass or tikets travel from first class coch/ hanpicapped coch .And First class people have problem against that people. Do somethings eairly .Before some one die.

You can also appoint the one lady police in each door for some days at least OR you can change the timings of trains as per rush.Change in one train timing also save the life of that peoples.

We are requesting to you do something asap.
Jan 16, 2017

Late night local issue

Issue:- Late night local running before scheduled timeframe.

The second last local for virar is reaching at andheri station bit earlier. The schedule time at andheri station is 12.42 AM, but its reaching before 12.40 AM. Most of the peoples are running for this local from out side of the station but still missing this by 1 or 2 minutes. I am 100% sure that this is happening on all the stations, because the train running 2-3 minutes early with respect to its schedule time.

The last train for virar from Andheri is scheduled by 1.4 AM, so all peoples have to wait for almost 25 minutes. This is really painful time, because even after reaching station ontime, peoples have to wait for train at late night. This is such a critical time, becuase peoples from naigaon to virar are having auto riksha problems from these stations.


Here I would like to suggest to fix the schedule and the local should not reach any station before it's acheduled time. Otherwise change the schedule time and make delay by 3 minutes, so that the train will reach Andheri station by 12.45 AM. Another option is to extend the destination of any of the Bhanyandar local (12.46 or 12.52 AM ) to Virar.

It will really helpful for passengers who left their office late night. Any one option from above 3 option will work with these passengers.
Shinde Vikram
Jan 15, 2017

daily late

centrail railways mumbai local trains kasara-cst line is always late by 20 minutes especialy 12:20 pm local at shahad stations is always late by 20-30 minutes
Jan 14, 2017

Everyday morning from 9.30am to 10.00am daily late train

Dear sir

I am regularly catch up 9.38am train from Matunga Rd(Mumbai) this train is not arrive in time on single day & towards Charni road this train delay around 15-20 minutes daily. Then how can we reach the office on time.

Worst service provide you in morning.
Jan 14, 2017

Daily late from Matunga to Churchgate

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that from last one week , the local trains from Matunga to Mumbai central takes almost more than half an hour to reach... where the distance is only of 15 minutes...the train stops in between two stations for no reason.... and even on the stations...

All trains on other tracks are running very fast... why problem on only slow track???

Please please... request you to look into the same.... because everyday we cant afford to be late in office...

Hope to get the trains in time from Monday..the 16th January'17....

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