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Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Local Trains

Nov 22, 2015

No checks in 1st class department

Iam a daily commuter from Kharghar to Airoli in 1st class conpartment but i see anyone and everyone boarding the 1st even without tickets... There is no check on any stations from Kharghar to Airoli and it makes comlliant people like us feel like jack ass who is spending their money for 1st class pass...
This has increased recently as everyone is aware that there is no checking done.
Nov 7, 2015

No action

Nobody cares about the complaints made in this forum, but do keep writing about them if it makes you feel better.
N S Padmanabhan Iyer
Oct 11, 2015

Block the doors

block doors at thane
I am daily traveler from Kalyan to thane its really difficult to catch slow train from Kalyan. whoever wants to get down at Thane,They Block at the door. from Kalayn and this people want comfort journey to Kuala to get down and they don't bothered about other people how wants to get down at Thane struggling like me senir citizen and my age is above 65 years seeing daily instance and they are 6 or more people blocking door and getting at Thane is very very difficult. When trains are not so crowed because of them nobody can get into it.a humble request to railway department n railway police at least. appoint officer on duty for safety of passengers. As this may also cause a accident at any time.
The same is happinging at 8.37 am train leaves from Kalyan to Cst and compartment is towards CSt next to Ladies Ist class compartment.Pls any senire officers can do some thing to stop the goodasimm of some of the educated people doing.
Sep 3, 2015

Train Delay in Central line every day

Hi Team,

Every day from last week trains are late, in platform it comes early 15 to 20 mins late. From Ambivli train timing is 7.13am but in thane stn it arrival at 8 am daily.. No one taking action against the same. Please check &

Kindly increase the trains from CST or Thane to Kasara Titwala & Asangaon.

Hope authorities will look into my suggestions and try to implement some of the measures. Your kind support in this matter

Deepali Das
Aug 23, 2015

Separate Local from Karjat to Thane during pick hours

Dear Sr,

It is our humble request to start a separate local train from Karjat, Kasara, Asangaon, Khopoli and Ambernath to Thane during morning 8 to 10 am.
People from above mentioned cities mostly get down at Thane and because of these they block the doors and does not allow other stations like Dombivli, diva, mumbra and Kalwa people to board the train.

We strongly recommend to start atleast 8-10 trains between 8 to 10am for Thane, so that people travelling far can atleat get into local trains.

Thanking you in anticipation
Megha Shirgaonkar - Dalvi
Aug 20, 2015

Valsad Train - Groups bullying fellow travelers.

I am a regular traveler between Vaitarna to Dadar. I have a valid pass for the same route. This train has groups who do not allow any other traveler to sit on sets which they block for their friends getting in from Borivali Station. They fight with fellow passengers and since they are a group they can trouble passengers who are travelling alone.

Their friends who board the train from Borivali station tell other travelers to get up & give the seat to them because they are regular travelers according to them.

This is the regular issue faced by other ladies traveling by the same compartment. Either they do not allow people to sit on these seats which they reserve for their friends or if anyone sits down, they ask them to get up at Borivali because their friends would board the train. Since, other travelers are fed up with this regular issue and constant fights, they leave from there to find another seat while this particular group pass personal comments about the individual.

We are paying more than these ladies but because of the regular terrorism and fights, people avoid arguments and prefer to keep shut.

I am writing to you with a hope that I see some change happening at the earliest because senior citizens and pregnant ladies also have to face the situation and they are standing during their entire journey while there are empty seats available.

Please do the needful at the earliest
Jul 24, 2015

complaint against railway ticket staff

I am a student living in a hostel in mahim n am eligeable for concession pass to grant road where I study, but evert month when it's time to renew the pass I have to suffer a hell load of problems as the railway ticket issuing staff refuse to cooperate and provide me my pass.I was rejected today saying the colour of the ink in my pen was blue n I should have filled the form with a black ink pen. These reasons are silly as u might see n I'm basically frustrated n irritated that we do not have a passenger or public friendly approach in the railways in Mumbai. I am availing of this facility because I deserve it n the government is providing it to me so who does the lady staff think she is to refuse my rights as a citizen on the basic of the colour of the ink in my pen. I humbly request u to look into this matter n pls take care to promote education by being student friendly in the future. Thank you.
Jul 18, 2015

no sense of making brodges

No Sense of making Bridges at Mumbai Borivali station.

Its a very idiotic planing for making bridge at platform no 7 , where there is hardly any space to walk there railway is making bridge , the person who is paasing this plans must be mentaly unsound person who never realizes that railway making such a wide bridge but the staircase ,2 persons cant even simultaneously use this bridge , he really never tried to understand the basic ergonomics. That's why people are suffering at platform no 2 -3 everyday crores of public facing problem to climb the bridge as its very narrow and since November reailway has dimolished existing wide staircase and now making very narrow staircase at platform no 1 .railway is working for better service provide or to crate problem for people who travels daily ????? Nobody is hearing ........
kadambari patange
Jul 14, 2015

block doors at thane

I am daily traveller from thane to dombivli its really difficult to catch slow train from thane platform no,2 as all ladies whoever wants to get down at kalwa mumbra diva blocks ahe door. When trains are not so crowed because of them nobody can get into it.a humble request to railway department n railway police atleast. appointe officer onduity for safety of passengers. As this may also cause a accident at any time.
Jul 1, 2015

u fucking basterds in indian railway

Just wanted to check if someone gives a fuck to these complaints. Also, the trains between thane and airoli is always delayed. The motormen purposely slows the trains....what the fuck is wrong.

sandhya b
Jun 30, 2015

Travelling by second Class Commuters in first Class

With reference to above we wish to inform you as under:
We are regular commuters travelling from Goregaon to Virar in first Class Ladies Compartment. However we find it extremely difficult to board in to the train due to following factors:

1. There are group of regular Commuters who have Season ticket of Second Class and they travel regularly I first Class Compartment.
2. There are group of regular commuters which includes holders of Second Class Season ticket, who board from earlier stations and don’t allow us to board in from Goregaon.
3. The second class season ticket holders’ forms a cartel and don’t allow us either to enter in the compartment nor allow us to stand comfortably in the compartment.
4. Such group of travelers also swaps the seats on reaching their destination. For example a female passenger getting down at Vasai will not allow any other passenger to occupy her seat but will allow only her friend from the cartel to occupy the same.
We request you to kindly take necessary action to prevent such practice which may include following measures:

1. Necessary fear may be created among Second Class season ticket holders travelling in First Class. This may be done by deploying additional ticket checkers at railway station standing in front of First Class Compartment.
2. Fine for such travelers may be increased along with prison sentence.
3. A devoted helpline number may be introduced to whom complaint regarding such travelers may be made.
4. In addition to fine and imprisonment rule for confiscating the existing season ticket may be introduced.
5. A group of civil citizens after clearing certain norms may be authorized to act as temporary Ticket checkers.
Jun 28, 2015

blocking of space in virar train

I traveled in virar train which would become churchgate. I along with my mother and father went in gents. my dad needs to be hospitalized due to which we had to be with dad. when we got in giant looking two fat men blocked th place where we were about to sit. in other places around people blocked. and said not to sit. what kind of behavior is this? Why cant railway department do something about these people. there might be many like us who had to suffer this terror behavior.
I sincerely request the concerned department to look after this issue.
I had to cry and tell people that my dad is ill so allow hik to sit.
Seats are for giant people to block? only they pay the ticket and pass money? ?
Jun 28, 2015

Blicking of space in virar train

I traveled in virar train which would become churchgate. I along with my mother and father went in gents. my dad needs to be hospitalized due to which we had to be with dad. when we got in giant looking two fat men blocked th place where we were about to sit. in other places around people blocked. and said not to sit. what kind of behavior is this? Why cant railway department do something about these people. there might be many like us who had to suffer this terror behavior.
I sincerely request the concerned department to look after this issue.
I had to cry and tell people that my dad is ill so allow hik to sit.
Seats are for giant people to block? only they pay the ticket and pass money? ?
Jun 25, 2015

Centrail Railway Trains Daily Issues

1. Since the starting of the monsoon we have daily problems on the central route everyday there is some problem or other.
2. We have some old local trains which has only two doors and which is very difficult to get-in /get-down due to that commuting is very hectic.
3. Local trains has inside audio system but there is no announcements for the cause of the trains delay.
4. Local trains has old groups who has either playing cards and blocking the space which is very inconvenient for the people to stand who are not the part of that daily groups.
5. Western railways has already received new bombarding trains but central is still in waiting. Why so?
6. There are plenty of Thane trains which goes just empty and they can be extended till Diva which will reduce the traffic and will give relief to Diva, Mumbra, Kalwa as well as Kalyan trains.
7. Toilets on Kalyan station are very dirty which spread diseases and there is no sufficient capacity.
8. Booking clerks on the booking windows for the railway pass season ticket counter does not bother even if they sit ideal and other counter is having long queue. Why it so? Other windows should share their workload and there should be some supervisor who should look after this.
9. Booking clerks on the windows always argues with the customers and they do not want to change their old habits.
10. There is no online portal where people can report their day to day routine problems in spite of having computerisation. This looks weird. I think railways should come out of the psychology of maintaining books kept at the one side of the platform where people are reluctant to go because of their busy time schedule. They expect online facility.
11. Local trains of 15 cars are still a dream for us.
Jun 14, 2015

slow trains to be increased in peak hours from Kalyan to CST

Please increase no of SLOW trains from Kalyan to CST or Dombivli to CST during peak hours ( 8AM to 10AM) from Platform 3.
There is a gap of minimum 20 mins during this time is rediculus. Fater 8:32 D (Dadar Train) goes from platform 3, The next train
available is at 8:51 which never comes on time. After 9:10 AM train goes from Platform 3, The next train is at 9:21AM which comes from Badlapur and never comes on time. At least during peak hours the train frequnecy for SLOW train should be of 5mins.
The same thing happens in the evening. When people are waiting for down train (to go to Kalyan,Dombivli), There would be less no of trains to go to down side and at that time after every 2 mins trains would go to CST (WHICH ARE EMPTY).


Central railway Train travel itself is not safe at all now a days.

Worst part is, NO ONE LOOKS AT THE ISSUES FACED. PM is not bothered or no one is bothered about it.

They should travel in the second class during thi peak hours to understand the pain.

Please look into this before it is more disaster.
May 15, 2015

Reserve seats for pregnant woman in First class

Have been travelling in First class of central railway during my pregnancy & had to face lot of inconvenience .Nowadays people have forgot about humanity .Only 20% of the times ladies offer seat otherwise had to travel standing to & fro from bhandup to curry road which was very tiresome. Also due to very little space in Ladies First class compartments & old model trains its very conjusted to stand.

Agree that pregnant ladies can travel in Handicap but now a days any Tom Dick Harry travel in these compartments due to which it is not considered safe.

So would suggest to reserve atleast one seat in each First class compartment for pregnant women so that people like me would get some relief while travelling in their precious times
Apr 23, 2015

Poor train facility for Harbour line commuters

The frequency of Harbour Line trains is very low compared to Central and Western line trains. The quality of trains are not improved in harbour lines, why are we still receiving those old age trains whereas in western line all trains are new. Why is the service not equal?
Apr 21, 2015

Over Crowded Train in Badlapur - Karjat

All the trains which are going towards / coming from Badlapur or Karjat are over crowded. Specially in rush hours many people are not able to ride on the train as it is too crowded and there is no space even to stand on the gate!!!.

Please increase Fast trains for Badlapur and Karjat from CST and Vice Versa.

S Dutta
Madhavi Sawant
Apr 18, 2015

no compartment for pregnant ladies

Its very difficult for pregnant ladies who have to work till end of their 9th month and have to travel in local trains. there is no proper provision for ladies regarding this matter. also, the handicapped persons do not allow the pregnant ladies to board in the handicapped compartment at peak hours. will be happy if some concerned person will look into this matter.
E F Misquitta
Mar 3, 2015

Illegal travel in First Class compartment

I am a regular railway traveller holding a First Class Season ticket. Every morning I board the 5.33 am or the 5.40 am train from Vasai Road Station. Now-a-days, it has become a common practice of Railway Employees to travel in the First Class compartment of Local Trains. Most of them have free Second Class pass but they claim that it is their right to travel in First Class as they are Railway employees. They sit from the starting point, i.e. from Virar, in the First Class compartment and thus deprive the authorised public who pay a heavy price for this luxury and have to travel standing.

They boast that no TC can question them as they are Railway employees and they also instigate their friends who travel by second class to come and sit in First class. They say that the duty of the TC starts from 9.00 am and hence they can safely travel without any hindrance.

It would be better if the Vigilance Team of Railways do something and stop this unauthorised travellers and also confiscate their free passes as they misuse the same.

E F Misquitta,
Godrej & Boyce,
Vikhroli (W),
Feb 20, 2015

9.35 local train from Bhyander to Dadar is always late by 15 to 25 min

Everyday I am traveling with Local train mentioned above And daily I am getting late I don't understand why this train is always become late. As this is the only train betn 8 to 10 am from bhyander.
PlsPls note my complain and manage such a way that it would not get late or arrange one more local train in 8:10 am to 10 am .

Sunil Singh
Feb 7, 2015

Illegal travelling in Ist class

Illegally Travelling in 1st Class
Traveling on Harbour Line for last 3 Years, Every Day Lots of People Travel illegally in 1st Class compartments on the Harbour Line CST Bound Trains specially in Morning. People actually paying 3 times Fare suffers a lot. Railway should Run periodic Ticket Checking on Trains on Harbour Line and fine/penalize illegal commuters.
Otherwise it is crime to take 3 times fare and not protect your consumers.
Jan 31, 2015

Andheri slow train

Please make 7:48 pm from Virar to Andheri local Slow train (can stop at all stations between Borivali and andheri)
Jan 14, 2015

Difficult to enter the trains due to blocking the enterance & also pushing out .

Daily I am travelling from Dombivali fast trains. But now days it is very difficult to get in to the trains because of blocking the one side of door.
Today one lady is purposely pushing out to the lady who has taken this train from dombivali saying that why you catch this train and also one lady on the door said that I will push you. If these ladies want to get down at Ghatkopar/Bhandup then why are blocking one side of the door? And if any one catch these trains then thy will not try to move inside saying that no space. These ladies also said that if you want to complaint then do it.
Daily from Dombivali facing the same issue…Please do something for not to block the doors. Give us space to get in the trains….Please Railway police do something….

Jan 7, 2015

Extreme problems due to new local train timetable on Central side

Instead of increasing the Thane Fast trains on Central side, the management has reduced the Slow trains from CST to thane according to the new Time Table. This is creating more problems to all the passengers who are residing from CST to Thane stations as the popuplation at all these staions is very high. These people have to board the slow or fast trains other than Thane and due to very heavy rush while getting down at Thane Mulund Bhandup etc. the people residing beyond thane also facing very big problems as they can not enter the trains.

So your new time table is really not working.

Kindly increase Fast trains to & from Thane. This will reduce the loads on the trains. Even if you start 2 more Thane fast trains from Thane in morning and 2 fast trains to Thane from CST in evening will be sufficient.
Daily people are falling down from the train.
Start some trains from Thane onwards for the people residing from Thane till Karjat & Kasara.
Also please allot some duration to the Mumbai Local trains for the 5-6 no tracks in peak hours instead of only caring for through train passengers. They are not falling from the trains.

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