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Mumbai Local Trains


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Local Trains

Oct 28, 2014


Sep 12, 2014

Ladies Special Train

I am a regular commuter to Koper-Khairne from Mulund.I normally take Ladies special (9:14 Am) train from Thane for reaching Koper Khairne. During rainy season I am unable to get Ladies special train as I miss the train by fraction of Minute (As the central line Trains are never on time).But the next Vashi train 9:24 AM is too crowded to board. Even if you board that train you will not find any space for standing also.
If you cannot increase the frequency of trains at least you can use the trains which are available. Make the trains wait in the platform till the next train arrive in the adjoining platform this will make life easier for both, for Boarding as well as getting down. This will also decrease the crowd.
Kindly look into the recommendation provided.

Train Traveller.
Aug 20, 2014

Train availability

I am daily going to goregaon from kharghar, when i reached in wadala there have only two train available for going to goregaon like andheri and bandra. but this trains coming after panvel, vashi, and belapur so thats why there so many peoples waiting for that train and every one wants to go in andheri and bandra train , so its very rush in morning i think its better to change the time for that train or availability of train for andheri and bandra. because belapur, panvel,and vashi train coming on platform no 2,3 also so please do something and solve this problems.
Aug 12, 2014

Nuisance in First class by people with 2nd class ticket

This is to bring to your notice that many passengers, mostly students with 2nd class ticket / pass board at Santacruz and create nuisance in the 5:23 PM local train from Churchgate to Borivali. Request to take immediate action.
Jul 10, 2014

Safety Announcements

Sir / Madam,
I would like to request that there should be safety announcements in all the coaches about checking under passenger's seats and around them and raise an alarm if they find any unidentified object. This way we can reduce lot of risks of any unfortunate event. If there are announcements about station information in the trains, why can't there be announcements about increasing awareness in passengers?

I am sure you would take sincere and serious steps to ensure passenger's safety.

Jun 17, 2014

No proper fans working in local harbour

This is to bring your attention to the unhygienic and unbearable conditions in the trains running on the harbor line. I am a daily commuter travelling from Nerul sation to CST terminal. Everyday when I am travelling in the train I noticed suffocation with proper Fans working and that too you people charge so 3 times to the first class compartment caused sweating and irritation and when I along with other commuters checked, there were other seats having same problem, thus, making the condition unbearable and deplorable for us to sit. A huge chunk of people travel on the harbour line so ignoring them is just like denying them the Right to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Since, I along with other commuters travel daily, so, I request you to urgently look into the matter and resolve the complaint at the earliest.
Sir/Madam, the matter require permanent solution in this regard since the Fans are not at all proper they seem they have been never serviced ever trains running at this line are very old and the condition of the trains are also dilapidated, therefore, new trains must be started and the some old ones must be renovated.
S. Fernandes
Jun 11, 2014

BY LOCAL 8.01AM TO Churchgate

Iam a regular traveler and I take the 8.01 train from Bhayndhar station daily. The train comes from Bhayandhar yard on platform no.2.

Often we have noticed that the train comes on the platform after 7.50 0r 7.55 am and the crowd starts pushing each other and many fall on on another. also the men jumps from a distance often fall and creates disruption to the ladies who are trying to get into the train.

Since there is no movement from platform no. 2 at Bhyandhar, it is requested that the train should be brought to the platform before 7.40 to avoid any kind of fall or accidents and also to avoid the push & full.

Also requested that the old trains should not be run on the longer routes like Borivali, Bhayandhar, Vasai or Vairar as there is very poor ventilation hence the over crowded trains creates lots of uncomfort to the passengers specially those who are in family status, students and the senior citizens.

Kindly take necessary action and allow the passengers to travel safely.


Severine Fernandes
May 8, 2014

cleanliness in the train and the request for starting new trains

This is to bring you r attention to the unhygienic and unbearable conditions in the trains running on the harbor line. I am a daily commuter travelling from Seawoods sation to CST terminal. Today when I was travelling in the train I noticed bugs in the seat on which I was sitting which caused itching and irritation and when I along with other commuters checked, there were other seats having bugs in them, thus, making the condition unbearable and deplorable for us to sit. A huge chunk of people travel on the harbour line so ignoring them is just like denying them the Right to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Since, I along with other commuters travel daily, so, I request you to urgently look into the matter and resolve the complaint at the earliest.
Sir/Madam, the matter require permanent solution in this regard since the trains running at this line are very old and the condition of the trains are also dilapidated, therefore, new trains must be started and the some old ones must be renovated.
Apr 29, 2014

Violence of groups in Mumbai Local Train.

Hello everyone,

Just like any other day I took morning 08:40 am train from Panvel to CST. Train was jampacked, almost same crowd. As soon as the train reached platform everyone boarded it in one go. As a part of crowd I also went in and took a seat. In some time I found myself in between a group which travels to CST. They were unhappy to see that I am sitting in between them, occupying one of their beloved seats. I took out my headphone and ignored them completely to avoid any kind of conflict. But, one of their member boarded the train in Khandeshwar (Second station from Panvel), and as he came inside he started questioning his other members that why did they allowed me to sit here. Time passed; we even crossed Kurla. In the journey, they were abusing each other wildly and pushing, falling, doing every kind of cheap tricks to show their strong presence.

All of sudden, that fellow fall down on me. In my defence, I pushed him and said, "Sir, please behave, you're constantly disturbing me, enough now". And thus, I seriously didn't know what struck him, he started slapping and abusing me and accused me as I am the culprit. For a moment I didn't understand what went wrong. Somehow I gathered my cell phone and specs and I quickly moved from there. I was scared that now the entire group will react to it, so it's better I should leave from here safely.

I just want to know why these stupid immature creatures do these cheap tricks to people. I want to raise this issue, so that it doesn't happen with someone else.


I have only one request, please stop them. They scare us and threaten us by saying that they will throw us out of the train. This should stop. It doesn't mean that they are in group so they can do anything they want to.

priyank chudasama
Mar 28, 2014

thane train drivers are not makin announcement

Dear sir, I ganesh lakhaji chudasama my son priyank n her masi hemlata joshi were travelling from mulund to thane by thane local the train no is 392 which was written on front of train. . we decided that this thane local will go to cst so we sitted in the same train. we were goin to high court for case. then the train stopped at thane and started again in same direction  but it went to carpet for maintaing of train. since d train started we couldnt go out of the train. we were in the 1st coach after the driver coach we were shouting to stop but he was acting like he is not listening. Then afterwards he waited for 2min then the person with green flag camed outside and said u all are mad n started insulting us. then when we reached carpet time was 12.25 PM there was no ladder or stool we were 3 person I ganesh, my son priyank,n my sons masi hemlata joshi.. hemlata joshi is 0f 58 yrs n she is handicapped her leg is broken and there is rod in her legs.. since there was no ladder or stool she had to jump from the train to ground now her legs are paining were much. more over the police officer there which was there for the checking said that u didnt heard announcement and started blaming us. further when we reached at gate of kalva station there was another police inspector he said that why you are coming from this carpet zone we explained him all situation then he said that go to high court or supreme court I dont care,and we saod that we will complaint to railway department,he said I am not scared of any one go and complaint. with us there were few people. so I request you to look in into the matter.
My number is 9664794584
Address is; mulund colony darga road laxman baug mulund west mumbai 400083
Mar 20, 2014

irregular Central Railways.

Dear Sir,
I am unable to understands why the Kurla locals are running from CST to Kurla and why not it has been extended to Thane. Is there any need for Kurla Local during the Peak hours of evening. Every 20 mins. there is a train from Dadar to Thane/Kalyan is very fine and affirmative. After 5.00 pm the trains from CST to Kurla should be extended upto Thane. Not needed upto Kurla only.
Secondly, there should be a train from Thane towards Karjat/Badlapur/Titwala for each 20 mins. so that crowd can be come down. During the peak hours whether in Morning or evening, the trains should be in time or should not be cancelled except having major problems. Why the authority is not taking care of their daily commuters. During the peak hours the trains are not running in time and what is the need of it?. Most of the trains are being cancelled without any information, I do not understands, what the rubbish peoples are doing?
Even from Kurla stn. there should be a local trains towards kalyan /Ambernath/karjat/Titwala at the time of evening. Kindly note all these issues which will helps us to reduce the chaos and issues always raising during the travels.

Thanks ...
Thane to CST.
Jan 24, 2014

local train malad

Local trains have been scheduled from Malad to assist the people of Malad.
During the last week, the train has been coming from Khandivli station and not from the yard, which is coming full
and difficult to enter.
Some thing has to be done for this.
madhurima chatterjee
Jan 7, 2014

Mismanagement of crowd which is life threatning

I Madhurima Chatterjee (Ph: 9930222448) am registering this complaint since it very ridiculous to see that there is a long standing life threatening problem in Parel station everyday and there is no actions taken against it. Today 7th January'13 when the train from Kurla arrived at 10 am there was inhuman behaviour around. There was unnecessary pressure coming from the back which literally lead to a STAMPEDE. Men from the back were pushing and women were being victims to the ridiculous form of "eve teasing" where none of their body parts were spared from the advantage taken by the men in such a mismanged crowd.
Sadly, there was no Police, Instructor there who could control the crowd and divert or stop the next wave of crowd from the upcoming train to push the people already in distress. This was no less than a stampede. In today's incident the woman beside me fainted and still the the push and jung-lee behavior was on. Personal belongings were also being threatened as bags and phones were falling and no one knew who was next standing on that. People standing on the side were literally pushed and could have come under the trains.
There was a couple of lady polices up on the stairs standing like a show piece who were waiving their hands but had no intention to go down and manage the crowd. It was even more pathetic when a bunch of us went up and complained to her and they asked us to shut up and go and said that they will work the same way and we are nobody to tell them.
Is this what we expect when we pay for 1st class tickets, can a person living in Mumbai not expect if not a comfortable but atleast a SAFE travel. And yeah this is an everyday issue and no proper action has been taken except for putting few show pieces named lady instructors standing here and there who are literally sleeping. If it is not possible to build additional bridges or broaden the current bridge, atleast efficient and sufficient police should be put there to held the next set of crowd from the upcoming train till the first wave of people go up/down. This issue needs to be addressed immediately or this situation will soon see innocent lives being molested and killed.
Dec 29, 2013

Regarding public toilets at kanjurmarg station platforms

There is no public toilet at kanjurmarg station at the end of platform(huma talkies)...
there is only one public toilet at the starting point of the station which doesn"t works everytime..
person standing at the end of the platform will have to go to the start point for toilet..
so i hope that u r agree with us and take action as fast as possible....

Your help will be appreciated.

Oct 29, 2013

Improper way of getting in train at kurla station platform 7

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am a frequent traveller of Mumbai local trains, since last 7-8 years.
And i wanted to bring noticed to you about the very improper
way of getting into the train at kurla station on platform
no. 7 by passengers. I am observing this since about
last 2-3 years that whenever the train going towards
Panvel,Belapur or Vashi arrives on platform no7 at kurla
station, passengers which need to getin the train doesn't
atall allows to get down the people who wants to get down
at kurla.And this has become a huge and very dangerous
problem which needs to comeup with the solution. As
many times I have observed old people and ladies getting
injured badly while getting down on platform 7 kurla.
Also it has reach till that extent that I have seen lot of
people taking the video of this whole dramma(scene)
of such a huge rush and improper way of getting in the
trains. So from this even you can image that if
it is worth of taking video then how worse that suitation
is. I has also raised this issue about an year ago on
some mumbai local government website but unfortunately
i didnt follow up, but its high time now and this matter
needs to be seriously looked by higher authority.
Also i have comeup with the solution for this,as I dont
blame the people who gets in the train in such a improper
way as they have just got use to this habit. But to resolve
this, we can just make a continoius announcement after every
half an hour about the proper way to get in train like" krupaya
utarne vale yatriyo ko pehle utarne de,etc"and if require we can
also deploy some (5-6 )police constaples to make
disiplinary to the passangers. As contuining this
for about 8-10 days will definately bring the change.
This can also be implemented for other stations witinin
mumbai or India, as i am sure kurla is not only the stations
in India which suffers with this problem.So i request you
to kindly action on this with solution,as i will be waiting
for your solution.
Jun 4, 2013


i was traveling from Thane to Dadar when the Train reach to Dadar one T.T person has caught to one guys he was a with out ticket then T.T has said to pay the fine after few min that guy was ready to pay the fine T.T has taken 200 rs & he had not given any recept to that guys & T.T warn to guys next time onward dont do like this way. & that guys was move ,

I was observe that for many of them he has done the same thing....

why this thing hapining in our side any soltion is there.
Mar 29, 2013

trians increased for virar at cost of borivali locals

I am daily travelling from borivali to church gate , but I am shocked when i reached to borivali station on 29 march 2013 .where the routine fast trains from borivali are reduced or changed to slow and the service to virar are increased at cost of borivali train.Why such time tables are being approved. This will be not appropriated by the people staying at Borivali. Are we not humanbeings who travels with so much troubles.

Can anyone indicate the right person or cell to which complaint can be registered for such nonsense time tables.

Feb 25, 2013

non availability of TTC

Hi Sir/Mam,

i am a daily commuter of local train from Thane to CST. i would like to bring your attention towards non availability of TTC in local train especially in first class ladies bogi. Mostly 2nd class pass holder is travelling in 1st class bogi which causing so much rush and lots of hue and cry in 1st class bogi.

it would be helpful if you look into this matter.

Feb 16, 2013

Non availability of Ambulance Driver

Today i.e 16/02/2013 at 6.35am there was an accident at Thane Station. while i was climbing thane railway station i heard railway anouncer giving call to ambulance driver to attend station masters office, there after every 2-3 mins the announcer kept calling the ambulance driver but it seems driver was not attending. I was there for 20 mins and the announcement was still goingon but driver was not available. God know whether driver attended thereafter or not. Just imagine the condition of patient who need the service of ambulance maintained by indian railways but what is the use of ambulance when drive is not attending. Request to pls investigate and appoint responsible drivers.
Oct 22, 2012

Only one smart card machine is working out of 11 machines in kalyan west Railway Station


First of all, think about this :- "Be a smart", What does this statement mean?
There are approximate 11 to 12 smart card machines on Kalyan station west side.
Out of these 12 machines only 1 machine is working.
Queue length for this single machine is equal to or more than length of ticket counter line.
Is this is a smartness of having smart card in pocket.

please take care of this issue.

सर्व प्रथम ह्याचा विचार करावा, बुद्धिवान बना , ह्या शब्दाचा अर्थ काय ???
कल्याण रेल्वे स्टेशन पश्चिम वर जवळपास ११ ते १२ स्मार्ट कार्ड मशीन आहेत.
ह्या सर्व १२ माचीन मध्ये फक्त एकच मशीन चालू आहे.
ह्या मुले एका स्मार्ट कार्ड मशीन ची रांग हि तिकीट खिडकी एवढी किंवा जास्त असते.
ह्याच स्मार्ट नेस आहे का स्मार्ट कार्ड असण्याचा???

कृपया यांची नोंद घ्यावी.

central line passenger
Oct 15, 2012

indirect looting

masjid bunder station me police aur TC milke loot rahe passenger ko. T.C. is black young man whether he is TC or police or not. Police is aged moustace . Please inquiry this people.
Aug 13, 2012

Smart Card machine not working in Kanjurmarg station


I am a regular traveller from kanjur marg and had bought smart card to save time. However for the last three weeks the machine is not working and I have to stand eveytime in the queue. I have tried the other end of the station and the machine there alsodoes not work. What is the use of such a system when I cannot purchase ticket and have to stand queue

Can anyone indicate the right person or cell to which complaint can be registered

Aug 11, 2012

Train availability issue

Hi Sir/Madam,

I am daily commuter of local trains from badlapur located in thane-maharashtra. I would like to inform you that every year many new trains are allotted to central line. But, those trains start either from kalyan/dombivli/thane. Only 1 or 2 trains are added from badlapur/Karjat that too during odd time, even though number of people travelling from that side is increasing day by day, There are no changes in number of trains. In night at a particular time, there is a gap of 1 hour between 2 trains which causes a lot of problems specially for girls. So, it wolud be very great if you could help in this issue.

Your help will be appreciated.


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