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Mumbai Local Trains


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Local Trains

Oct 25, 2016

foot over bridge

Have no foot over bridge to thakurli station platform from kalyan end for thakurli east khamblapada Daily commuters. To reach to
station platform commuter have cross Railway track. urgent need of Foot over bridge to new thakurli east Road of kalyan end.
Oct 24, 2016

Daily late train

Dear sir

I am regulerraly catch up 8.27 train from Ambernath this train is not arrive in time on single day & towards Thane this train delay arround 15-20 minutes daily. Then how can we reach the office on time. And i see daily railway status its 95-97% correct on tine train at cst.

So how can you judge the status ???

Worst service provide you in moerning
Oct 24, 2016

Train leaving the station way early than the actual said time

Mumbai local train administration,

The train which is leaving to CST from Panvel at 7:02am is bound to reach at seawoods darave station at 7:20. It has been observed quite a number of times that the train is reaching the bound station by 7:17 making the passengers uncomfortable. Kindly try to resolve this issue and make sure the train comes ON TIME
Pallavi P
Oct 24, 2016

Left Bag in local train

Dear Sir,
Today I left my one green coloured bag in the ladies first class compartment of the local train which comes from Churchgate to Borivili, and the arrival at churchgate was at 5.49 pm. The bag was full of books.
Please contact me on the given number. I'll be thankful to you for this.
Oct 24, 2016

Change of timeing

Hello sir
I daily take 8.24 fast local from charni road to malad ..but if I missed THAT TRAIN ,,THER is no fast train for next 40mts cause railways had made 2 train double fast form andheri , which is very bad for passenger travelling for jogeshwari, Goregoan , malad, kandiwali ,how can railways change timeing of 2 trains back to back ...at least THINK for middle travellers , if you will check these double fast train go empty after andheri ..and travellers try to catch slow train from andheri which is again to crowded
I request railways to change the timing and at least keep some time gap fir these double fast train 6pm -9pm is peak hours plzz plzz do change the time back to original
Sunil Malhotra p
Sunil gadge
Oct 21, 2016

DCM centwerl railway C.S.T job not working properly

Dear Sir,

I am disabal person i required concession ID all doqument submited 4.2.2016 Application number 3578
i am wating 9 month this person saying 21.10.2016 doqument meesing

way meesing document

but sir ap muze concession ID nahi desakhate to mera doqument returen kar do

pls help mee sir

Sunil Gadge
Ranjeet singh umat
Oct 18, 2016

Early departure of dahanu local

This is my second complain on the same issue about early departure of the local train for dahanu. I am a daily traveller in andheri dahanu local train catches local from bhayender. The local is scheduled to leave bhayender station by 8.09 am. Its been observed from a week that this local is daily coming early and leaving the bhayender station 4-5 min early to its scheduled time . This irregularity is creating problematic situation for many commuters including me. Today on 19-10-16 it left bhayender station at 8.06 am because of which I couldn't catch the train.
This is my humble request to arrange for the proper investigation and resolve the issue soonest possible or else I ll have to approach some other higher authorities to get it resolved.
Oct 18, 2016

2nd class people makes traveling uncomfortable


I travel from Bandra to Vasai by Dahanu local - which leaves from Dadar by 4:47

Request you please have regular checking in 1st class compartment.

We don't get even seat just because of 2nd class people's

Oct 17, 2016

For train

Dear sir I am coming from BORIVALI to andheri but plz sir paint train in side or out side enter or exit no body no where we stand for next station
Oct 14, 2016


I travel daily from Nerul to Kurla in the 1st class compartment which is heavily crowded. During the morning peak hours the frequency of trains from Panvel to CST is quite less. We have one train at 0821hrs & next at 0833hrs next at 0847hrs. Almost 10-15min gap.As it is peak hours, the frequency of trains should be increased as there is heavy rush and you can't get into the train.

Kindly consider this and take immediate actions.
Madhu Madhavan
Oct 13, 2016

Dirty Ist Class Ladies compartment

Yesterday 13-10-2016 the Ladies Ist class compartment in the harbour line train, time 5.57 PM from CST to Panvel , someone had urinated.

After a hard days work ladies could not even sit comfortably. They had to force themselves to sit with their nose covered.

It's a pity that despite paying thrice the amount we don't get proper seating. People having second class pass also occupy the seats. We don't pay to fight with people.

Kindly ensure that at least compartments are clean and women can travel without struggle.
Oct 13, 2016


Oct 7, 2016

TT''s are not available

hello sir, Iam surekha from Navi mumbai. As i already complainead about a ticket checking. As iam a regular traveller in 1st class. eventhough every 2nd class pass holder are travelling in 1st class compartment. Am travelling from Airoli to Vashi. I requested you to check regularly in these compartment. I am very happy that after a long time 2 ladies TT came to our compartment for the ticket checking. But the saddest thing is they dint notice the availability ticket, whether its a 1st class or 2nd class. Its too rush in this compartment that i really fed up. Sir my kindest request is that plese check their pass first. Plese let 1st class pass holder travel peacefully(no problem for standing in enough space)
Oct 2, 2016


i would like to inform you about the incident happened with me today ,
first of all i would like you to know about my daily schedule that i travel from Mumbai CST to kurla with fast train and then change it and go to harbor line to travel to chembur
i am a first class passenger from the last one and half years and never faced such problems like today,
while i was a bit late going to my classes i quickly boarded the 9.15am belapur train and as u know about the rush in the morning i was standing on the door as i was unable to move in
suddenly a man came running i just gave a little side so he could board on the train and at the same time another man from behind came running and while he was about to fall when he was running he pulled my bag and then started suddenly hitting me with on my back the crowd some how let him board on train after boarding he started hitting me again and abusing me he abused my parents i felt so bad if he did abused me no issue but why the hell did he abused my parents and then when the people started talking with Me they asked me that it wasn't my fault but it all was his fault then why did i didn't say anything as soon as he hard that he again started abusing and he said me that he kill me when i am getting down from the train some how i survived from the incident as when i got down from the train i met my friends over there. i mean what is this will anybody hit anyone without his mistake is this what we are purchasing the first class ticket for,
i hope you understand what i mean, i didn't knew whom to ask for help so i am asking you, that's all thank you.

will be waiting for your feedback,
please help the people in need.

Best Regards,
Ek Aam Aadmi
Dinesh Veera
Sep 19, 2016

denial of 4th seat in 2nd class compartment

i would like to know the legality of asking for the 4 th seat in second class local train compartment . i was denied for it in a thane bound local at parel on 18 sep 2016.
Sep 17, 2016

Corrupt T.C

Dear sir,
This incident happened to me today, my first class local pass got over two days back due to holiday it slipped out of my mind and at Khar stn. T.C asked to me to pay the fine which I readily agreed but T.C took the money but refused to give me the receipt they were 3 T.Cs but denied to give the receipt, my request is to take strict action against such corrupt T.Cs and they just stand at platform and doesn't check the first class compartment where the real offenders are , and I request to double their daily targets so that the high salary paid T.Cs do some work
Sep 12, 2016

People traveling in first class with no tickets spitting tobacco everywhere

Sir, I humbly request you to check for tickets inside the train going from Shahad. And I'm talking about slow trains the 6:24 and 6:42 ones in the morning. A lot of students occupy the seats and so old people don't get to sit till thane. We understand that they are minor and we can't really take any action against them but I have observed more and more students to fill the first class. Ticket checkers never really come inside the train to check. My ticket got checked once in 3 months. This is a good system then even I shall get a second class pass and get off at station like nahur or something where i know for sure it won't. Checked n go in second class for the next two station. I urge you to look into the matter as it's becoming increasingly difficult to handle such people.
Sep 12, 2016

stolen of office bag

Sir aaj meri office bag dt 12. 09.2016 chori ho gai hai sir usme id cards pan card aaddar car pass book check book or amount bhi the sir train timing from cst 7.17pm badlapur train or meri bag cst to dadar ke bhich gayi hai sir pls help me sir. Maine badlapur rpf me complaint ki hai mr. Pandav karke the unone kha ki dadadadar me nc karo cst me bhi check karo. Pls mera no. 9833644355,,9619702211 kiran sanap vangani
Sep 11, 2016

Service beyond Jogeshwari

Dear Sir,

I am a daily commuter and local on Mumbai city. I have heard and read a lot about the initiatives railways have taken to improvise the functioning of railways and upgrading the system and I really appreciate the fact.

It is my request to you, in morning time 8.30 am to 10.30 am , please hault all borivali fast trains after Andheri at Jogeshwari , goregaon and Malad stations. Because major of the offices are on western line of mumbai local railaway. this haults will relief rush of the slow track.


Reshma Shinde
rajesh 1212121212121212212121
Sep 9, 2016

photography in andheri station

today i saw a person takin pictures of every details of andheri station platform no.7 at 10:17 of platforms,bridges,tracks all the way they were in the coach near to the stairs of platform so please look into the matter
Mohan Kathe
Sep 8, 2016

Trains almost never on time (8 to 12 minutes delay day in and day out

Do you really want us to be proud of western suburban railway that runs late almost everyday? Any reason to defend the cause? Eunuch es keep coming in the second class compartment and beg. Is it legal to allow eunuch, beggars and salesman to allow in the train? Speaker install in the Train for an advertisement purpose? Loud voice.. To improve your service I advise you to visit Metro train. How clean and neat, no beggar, no eunuch, and trains on time. Can you please bring trains on time before I take this issue to legal legitimate? I will challenge this in the court of law and that any train delay the western railway has to pay heavy fine to the government as you play with the life of the commuter. Trust me this is a very serious issue. Please bring trains on time. Any delay by any chance please make clear announcement.
Mukesh Shahi
Sep 1, 2016

Dìrty in handicap coach

Dear sir
I am handicap person I travel by train In harbour line from cs to panvel I found dirty on seat
Done by drug addiction so kindly do not allowed them
To travel in this coach
Sidharthan Parakkal
Aug 30, 2016

Request for replacement of the seats which were removed by your authorities from the General Compartments of the Local trains.

We, the commuters of Central Railway, wish to bring to your kind notice that some of the seats which were removed by your authorities from the General compartments of few local trains and due to which the commuters will be facing difficulties, inconveniences and hardships as they have to travel by standing for a long time between Ambernath and C.S.T. Railway station.

We would also like to inform that the idea of removing some of the seats from the general compartments by your authorities would not solve the purpose of getting more space for standing thereby accommodating more commuters than the previous system. As you may not be aware that the commuters coming from long distance used to travel by sitting and they will offer their seats at Thane or Ghatkopar stations to the other passengers those who are standing for a longtime and by this way they are getting some kind of relief. If you remove the seats from the general compartments of the local trains many passengers will have to travel by standing. Needless to say that nearly 20% of the commuters are sometimes sick or injured and there is also psychological tension. They are also getting more inconveniences while travelling by standing. We humbly request the Railway Authorities not to make any inconveniences to the passengers by removing the seats, as they are travelling in the local trains daily by paying hefty amounts towards their monthly / quarterly passes.

We once again request your goodselves to kindly look into the matter and arrange to replace/fix the seats which railway authorities have removed from the General Compartments and ensure to continue according to the old system to enable the commuters to travel without any inconvenience.
We hope you will do the needful in the matter to avoid the difficulties facing by the passengers.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

P. A Sidharthan
Aug 25, 2016

Central lines Local Train


This is regarding the incidence happened on Mulund Sation ,

While waiting for 9.59 Thane Fast local at platform no.4 , a fast train non-stopping at Mulund ( 10.50 semi fast fast local at Thane station changing from slow to fast track at Mulund ) from last bogie anti social people try to hit the ladies waiting ahead for the Thane train. . Today a lady of 50yrs was hit by the person from last door of the train on her leg and collapsed on the platform. She was not able to stand properly after the hit.
The same incidence once hit a girl on her ear making a wound on her ear and bleeding when hit by the person from the same train.

It is surprised that inspite of Cameras installed at each station platform such anti social people are not arrested and no Rail guard is taking action against this.

Therefore requested to deploy guards in the period from 9.30 to 10.30 at Platform no.4 to arrest such people.

Thanks. Hope immediate action will be taken.


Aug 24, 2016

heavy rush

Sir this is my 2nd request letter. As i mentioned before that there should be regular checking in 1st class . But nobody bother about it. Though Am travelling in 1st class . Am travelling from Airoli-Panvel train regularly thinking that today there would be no rush. but it same as travelling in 2nd class. Most of the students are travelling in 1st class compartment at morning as well as in the evening. And other commuters also come. It is my request from you that you should send ticket checker regularly. thank u sir.

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