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Mumbai Local Trains


Consumer complaints and reviews about Mumbai Local Trains

Jul 22, 2016

harbor line trains

The new train time table is implemented, we thought it will ease out the commuters, but it has become worse. Morning from Panvel to CST we have a train at 07.02 am and the next train to CST is at 7.19am. almost a gap of 17 mins. Is this feasible? we request the authorities to start a train in between 07.02 and 07.19am.

we require Panvel Kurla trains to ease out the crowd specially during peak hours.

We require semi fast trains from Panvel to CST to reduce the traveling distance of 1h 17 mins. its difficult to travel so long. Atleast from Vashi to Panvel, we can start semi fast trains.

Most important is reduce the travel distance. Why are we harborline commuters getting step treatment? our trains are filthy, with paan stains and no cleaniless. No ticket checkers during peak hours. All second class commuters enter the first class and they are confident that there are no ticket checkers.
Jul 21, 2016

Huge gap between train timings

I travel every day from Mumbra to CST. I have to report at 8.30 am to work. So I have to catch a local around 7.15. There is a wide gap of 13 minutes between 7.09 am CST local and 7.22 CST local. If I happen to miss by mistake 7.09 am my whole schedule goes haywire. Will you please add two CST bound locals between 7.09 and 7.22. Appreciate a response on the same.
Jul 12, 2016

A Voice of Student

I regularly travel from Borivali to mira road but problem is about getting a train in which l can stand. At 8-9 pm the train which start from Borivali is being compact in first classes coach also.l am sure that many second class commuter gets in 1st class due to which l am unable to at least stand. Due to this issue it takes almost 1-2 hours after I reach at my home. I request that please make sure about TC to check this problem. I also have to study and because of this struggle I really get tired. I hope that railway department please make sure about student and please take some action!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Jun 30, 2016

Local train

I am a regular travelling from virar to chembur as i have noticed that the ticket checking staff are not available to check the tickets in the first class in peak hours and because of it the the people &( baggers) are taking the best advantage to travel in first class. we pay to railways three time more money compare to ordinary fair and suffered a lots, than whats the used to spend such money to railway.I would request to department to take the necessary initiative for this or may be suggest the following.

Make a full compartment rather than a half.
Ensure the availability of TT at all the station during peak hours.
Proper announcement must be there in the regarding the travelling on proper ticket.
Please ensure your best complaiance.


Gurujala Abhilash
Jun 25, 2016

Loss of carry bag

Dear Sir/ Maa'm,

I have lost my carry bag in the local train travelling from Dadar to Kanjurmarg on 25 June 2016 at 5.06 am.

There were Official documents/Booklet and Id card in it.

Request you to contact me on below contact no. in case it is found.

AD no. 42722487
UTS no. 960BBKN069

Contact no. : 9908394617 / 9768030226
Email id : gurujalaabhilash@ymail.com


Jun 21, 2016

NO Checking of Pass in FIrst Class

Dear Concern,

i have list of complaints, please go through these:

1. I travel from Titwala to Kurla, every morning trains are running late.
2. Second class crowd travel in First Class resulting into lack of place for even standing. i dont have any problem with people travelling any where in train but it becomes frustrating sometimes when u dont get to enter because the compartment is already occupied with other non ticket travellers, which cause delay in reaching to destination
3. less number of frequency from kurla to Kasara side, we have to wait for half an hour if one train is missed.
4. please its a request extend first class Ladies Compartment. its really getting over crowded.
5. reserving of seats for friends who are not in the comparment currently, but will board in later at next station.

Hope you shall take this matter as this is been repeated many time.
Jun 10, 2016

unothoried commtuer travelling in firstclass

Sir / madam,
I am a regular travelling from Kurla to chembur as i have noticed that the ticket checking staff are not available to check the tickets in the first class and because of it the the people &( baggers) are taking the best advantage to travel in first class. we pay to railways three time more money compair to ordinary fair and suffered a lots, than whats the used to spend more money to railway.I would request to department to take the necessary initiative for this.

sheetal berika
Varsha S
Jun 9, 2016

Bossing Ladies in Second Class


Today I got into 8.21 am Kalyan fast train from Dombivli, which moves towards CST from Kalyan at 8.36 Am, It was horrifying experience today, I was travelling in last ladies coach(towards CST last and towards kalyan first ladies) second class compartment, as train reached Kalyan, Ladies got into train and started chaos tht you are not supposed to do down from dombivli in Kalyan train, we dont allow anyone,if there's anyone doing so we throw them out of the train and if you have to do down then you are not supposed to seat near window....you have to seat on 4th seat...All this was so pathetic, Experienced was worst.

Requesting you to take action against this, pls stop this dadagiri of ladies...pls

We never say all this to ppl doing down from diva,kopar in our dombivli local trains
Jun 7, 2016

Unauthorized commuter travelling in First class

Dear sir,
I am a regular travelling from Kurla to Belapur C.B.D as i have noticed that the ticket checking staff are not available to check the tickets in the first class and because of it the the people are taking the best advantage to travel in first class. Since i have been travelling for last 1-1/2 years i have never noticed a ticket checking staff. I would request the department to take the necessary initiative for this.

Pankaj Gavkar
Jitesh Israni
Jun 3, 2016


There is very less frequency of local trains from North bound end and towards it as compared to south bound end. Over and above this the priority is not given to existing train. Most of trains are held up at Kalyan station to give way to Mail trains resulting in unneccesary delays. Why this type of Step motherly treatment? In the morning also due to late running of Mail trains local trains from North are delayed. Sometimes in peak hours the gap is more than 30-40 minutes. Many of the trains are either slow or semi fast. Railways should introduce more and more trains from North to Thane and vice versa as it is becoming difficult to board the train from thane. In the evening peak hours there is hardly any train originating from thane towards Kasara side where as there are many trains originating from thane to Ambernath side. Kindly look in the same and give fair treatment to Kasara Bound trains.


Jitesh Israni
May 26, 2016

Station lights

I am daily commuter from airoli to thane. There no lights on Airoli station from last 1 nd half moth..
May 25, 2016

Daily late running of trains- Central railywas

Dear SIR.
Myself Tushar Vyas, working for a bank who is a daily commuter from Ambernath to CST from last 12 year. I have heard and read a lot about the initiatives railways have taken to improvise the functioning of railways and upgrading the system and I really appreciate the fact. But I would also like to bring to your kind notice that the local trains running in the Central line are invariably late on daily basis that too with a wide gap of some approx. 20 - 25 mins in the morning which is a very crucial time for the working class people as they need to reach the office well before time, or at least on time. But due to the pathetic service of the railways on the local side we are mostly late. As studies suggest that a person should maintain a balance between a personal and professional life, i would like to say that a person can’t even do that as they don't even reach home at time, and spend most of the time just simply commuting in the railways.
I would just request you that instead of upgrading and bringing new things in the railways, the main initiative the railway authority should take is that to see that the commuters reach well on time at the destinations they wish to.
I kindly request you to look into this matter personally as it has been a daily headache now. And as heard about you i expect that something positive action will be taken for improvising that.
Awaiting your reply and positive action for better tomorrow and better INDIA.

Thanks and Regards

Tushar Vyas
Cell 9769209908
Off - 022 66263835/36
Suhas Palkar
May 12, 2016

Absence of Ticket Checking Staff in Ist class as well as on Stations

I am a regular traveller on Central Railway (between Kalyan & Dadar)travelling by FIRST CLASS. I have observed that since last so many years, there are no ticket checking staff in the trains as well as on stations. Second class travellers are taking disadvantage of absence of ticket checking in the train and travelling by first class. As you are aware, Kalyan Dadar Ist class pass is Rs.905 as again IInd class pass of Rs.210/-. After spending such huge amount, we are facing problems of unauthorized persons travelling by first class. If we object, these people says let ticket checking staff come, we will pay penalty. As a commuter you dont have right to ask for tickets. Also Railway Staff is also travelling by Ist class. I am sure all Railway Employees are not allowed to travel by Ist class. But there are quite a few Railway Employees who travel by Ist class. I request you please look into this and start ticket checking in suburban trains as well as on stations.

Suhas Palkar
May 9, 2016

Central Line Trains- First Class Compartment

Mumbai Local Trains- Central Line- Shahad-Overcrowded first class bogies due to no checking by TTE!

Dear Sir/Maa'm,

I am a daily travelling passenger from Shahad station to Dadar via local through First Class.
I have seen most of the passengers travelling in the first class either don't have authentic first class
pass/ticket or no tickets at all this in turn makes the first class bogie or compartment more crowded.
I sincerely request you to kindly make some arrangements for proper checking of passes or tickets at
first class bogies or compartments to avoid inconvenience to authentic passengers.

Thanking you,
ramakant kamat
Apr 27, 2016

central railway mumbai local issues

1 What is the age limit for SR CITIZENS in Mumbai Local trains to occupy their allocated seats ?
Is it 60 or 65 ? If it is 65 then Indian railways consider 60 age as the Sr Citizens why not in locals ?
The number of allocated seats are too less 7 + 7 in 3rd and 12th Compartment. Nobody can
reach to these seats any time and they are being occupied with all people age < 60 and not
offering the seats to senior citizens. No age limit is stenciled inside or outside of the bogie.
No home guard nor police is there to extend help to the commuters to reach their seats in these.

2 There are no compartments for pregnant ladies to travel nor for the patients to and fro to hospitals
Hence request to have compartment especially for pregnant ladies , senior citizens and handicaps.
You may allocate 10 / 30 & 20 seats respectively and about 15 seats for patients and their relatives
This will help all these people considerably and let there be a rail police or home guard in this.
This should be right from 6.30 AM Till 10.30 PM.reserved for the above 4 categories exclusively.

3 Shoulder clinging bags have become menaces these days. They are being hanged anywhere
in the train , below the rack , on the side stain less horizontal bars and wherever space is available
They even hang them on the inside windows. Hence let all the bars be vertical that of windows
and corridor side stain less steel bars. These bags occupy 1.5 - 2 times more space than a person
needs the space. This reduces the capacity further in locals. Hence they be charged double the fare.
The people use S type of metal piece and hang this anywhere they want to creating lot of problems
The day is not very far when the commuters will hang their bags on the ceiling fan grills and handles.
There should be immediate actions on this failing to which it will be the biggest hurdle in the trains
It may sound ridiculous but it is the true fact which will lead to a biggest hurdle in the coming days

4 Announcements in side the train and outside the train. The volume and frequency be less as the
indicators can display. Most of the time the announcements sound like noise pollution all over.

5 Usage of mobiles for playing games and talking loudly to be banned inside the trains. Let there be
announcements to stop such things inside the trains. Mobiles to be used only for communication.

6 Lot many young boys come in to first class compartment with their girl friends. Because of this many
first class seats get occupied and the real payers suffer also ladies these days travel in gents first class
Men are not allowed to enter ladies compartment and further more the ladies occupy gents seats.

7 These days the central suburb has extended up to Karjat and Kasara. Hence introduce shuttle services
from Thane to these two stations with a frequency of 30 minutes each. This will reduce the traffic.

8 People reserve the seats for their friends and relatives from the start of the train making it very
difficult for others to occupy seats. This is common at Mulund , Thane, Dombivili and Kalyan stations

9 Hawkers and Chana sellers , ground nut sellers , bhel sellers are found illegally occupying platforms.
Apr 21, 2016

Harassment by Ladies - Ladies Special

I travel everyday in the morning by Ladies Special 7.38 am from Virar, I and some ladies go down from Nallasopara to Virar in the

same train which is at 7.19 from Nallasopara. We catch the first bogie (2nd door and sit on the left side) towards Virar. As soon as

the ladies get in from Virar they start abusing us and shouting at us trying to sit on our lap or pull us saying that this is Virar train and

we are not supposed to sit.

All the Nallasopara ladies are frightened of them and do not know what to do.

Please help us and do the needful urgently before anything untoward incident happens.
Apr 21, 2016

no regular check by TC on harbour route

Dear Sir,
I am Dr. R. Surve a dental surgeon had been traveling between panvel and Chembur for the past 5 years
It has been noted that during night hours Major of the first class compartment is occupied by either ticketless travellers or those who have second class tickets or pass.
No checks by TC are carried during night specifically between 8 to 11pm ... This adds to the confidence of the ticketless travellers.
Kindly carry checks at this specific hours to keep tab on these miscreants..
Apr 20, 2016

ध्वनि प्रदूषण

लोकल मधील व्यक्ति रोज समूहाने प्रवास करत आसतात ते आपली करमणूक म्हणून भजन करत असतात मोठमोठ्याने ओरडत असतात याचा त्रास इतर प्रवाशांना होतो याकडे रेल्वे प्रशासन लक्ष्य देणार का ? की झोपा काढणार ?
Apr 18, 2016


Apr 18, 2016

blocking the doors

Dear sir,

Kindly note that from the period of 8:30 to 10:00 am ladies block the door even if there is space inside the trains. Not only thane but also the ladies who want to get down at Mulund keep blocking the door. They just think of their comfort. Its okay if you want to get down to thane you stand on the door but whats the use of blocking the door from kalwa itself for getting down to Mulund. And these stupid ladies are always in group they don't allow any one to board the trains from kalwa. When anyone boards the train he has no option than to push them inside with whole pressure. Then these nonsense, cheap and shameless ladies starts giving bad words. They are not at all bothered even though anyone falls down from the train. I humbly request you to take action for this nonsense.
Apr 15, 2016

less frequency & late running

Local FAST trains from Dombivli central line are daily late, no punctuality in the morning. Due to these problem public has to face lots of trouble, fight, argue, falling down, tearing of cloth etc.

I request & suggest to launch FAST trains till THANE in the morning 8-9.30 am specially from Kalyan, Khopoli, Ambarnath, Badlapur towards CST
Apr 15, 2016

Local train frequency less & daily late

Local FAST trains from Dombivli central line are daily late, no punctuality in the morning. Due to these problem public has to face lots of trouble, fight, argue, falling down, tearing of cloth etc.

I request & suggest to launch FAST trains till THANE in the morning 8-9.30 am specially from Kalyan, Khopoli, Ambarnath, Badlapur towards CST
mithil gor
Mar 20, 2016

problem in borivali to virar between 7 to 8pm

Dear Sir,

I M a regular traveller from Virar to goregaon and goregaon to Virar like me many people are traveling to goregaon, malad and kandivali but due to no train between 7 to 8pm for Virar we have to go to borivali for picking Virar train but there is a lot of rush for Virar and there is no chance to take train who is coming from churchgate main thing is we required frequent train for Virar in the puck up hours 7pm to 8pm I request you to please do the needful
Nataraj Deshpande
Mar 13, 2016

Complaint on pass issuing

Dear Sir,
The ticket issuing staffs are very lazy and lethargic.
Even after their duty starts they make us to stand in queue unnecessaryly till they start their day.

-They simply take time in starting the computer 5min late
-Chit-chatting with their colleagues
-checking and Adjusting their equipment later..

Meanwhile we miss our trains. Here in Mumbai we learnt to maintain time based on Local train timings. So please do the needful.
Shubham Bhosale
Mar 6, 2016

frequency of trains issue

Due to over rush at morning Dahanu road to Panvel passenger of 7:40 am in Bhiwandi Road Station it is very Difficult for Women and Senior Citizens to travel through it Safely as there is Compaints of difficult in taking breateness in a Boggies due to over rush .So i request to Increase the Train Frequency from Bhiwandi Road Station As There are 3 hrs gap between train Timings.If there are Issues Related increasing frequency of Trains then Atleast spot the trains to Station within right Times .I Suggest to Run a Train from Bhiwandi Road to Thane individually.As there is large passengers going to thane also to kalyan.

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