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nirmal lifestyle kalyan


Consumer complaints and reviews about nirmal lifestyle kalyan

May 29, 2015

nirmallife style kalyan

Nirmal lifestyle Delay in possession

I have booked a flat in victory A wing on 2009.
As per the agreement my possession Date was Dec 2014 but still incomplete work, today I visited the nirmal head office mulund for enquiry about possession they gave me the completion date on Jully 2016 but nothing on writing,also they will not pay any compensation due to delay of possession, they said go legally they have already appointment 3 lawyer to handle our cases.
So I request all of them come together create group and fight against them.

mahavir jain
May 25, 2015

Delay in Nirmal lifestyle project

I have booked flat in Nirmal lifestyle in March april 2010. Same issue as everyone has.
My contact number is 9820651444. Pl contact.

Ajay Kadam
May 8, 2015

Hopeless Project

hi all,

i have booked flat in Cypress-B in dec-2011. Builder did registration in may-2015 after 3years. i dont think they can complet this project in next 10 years.
we need to go and file complaint against builder for delays and false commitments.
kindly share your expereince let unite.
Biju Nair 1973
Apr 26, 2015

what is the remedy aainst this kind of builders

we have a flat in cypress A a project in nirmal lifestyle kalayan possession was supposed to be given by 2015 but till date only 8 floors have been made . they have given a possession date of december 2016 as per the agreement. have any one done the stamp duty and registration in nirmal lifestyle for any project
NL COJ Customer
Apr 25, 2015

High Parking Money being demanded

Nirmal Lifestyle has started clandestinely demanding high amounts towards parking allotment. The money is taken from buyers as cost of Amenities. This is being done despite the Supreme Court Order restraining Builders / developers from selling parking to buyers of apartments in their projects.

Please beware if any such demands are raised. There is no need to buy parking. Under the current DCR Norms every apartment 2 BHK will get 1 parking and a 3 BHK will get two parking slots. The builder even threatens to sell parking to third parties. Under the law no third party can enter the building premises once the building is conveyed to the Society. It will amount to Trespassing and can attract legal action / consequences.

Please note the above.

Aggrieved buyer in a nirmal project
NL COJ Customer
Apr 25, 2015



Dear All,

Please use the above link to get details of co-buyers in your various Nirmal Lifestyle projects. Form groups in Whatsapp so that youll can be in touch on a constant basis.
The builder will not deliver unless he is cornered. There is no seriousness in them to deliver these projects despite delays ranging from 6 to 8 years. Possibly there is no intent to complete these projects. The are now coming up with new buildings when the old ones are still under construction.

This calls for collective legal action against these fellows and please don't delay.

All the best
Another aggrieved buyer
Apr 21, 2015

Applause A Wing

I have booked flat in Applause A wing in March 2009. Same issue as everyone has.
My contact number is 9769790350. Pl contact. I am also ready to fight against these people.

Sujit Yadav
Apr 18, 2015

Nirmal lifestyle Delay in possession

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Rahul Rajankar" <rajankar.rahul@gmail.com>
Date: Apr 18, 2015 3:53 PM
Subject: Delay in possession Platano A wing (Nirmal lifestyle Kalyan)
To: <Narendra.arora@nirmallifestyle.com>, <amit.jain@nirmallifestyle.com>, <dinesh.suvarna@nirmallifestyle.com>
Cc: <web@nationalconsumerhelpline.in>, "Icrpc India" <icrpc.india@gmail.com>

Hi Narendra,

Its high time for us. We had already paid 100% amount of flat, at the time of booking you gave assurance the possession will be on Dec 2013 but as per agreement mentioned date Dec 2014.

Since Jan 2012 we are following with you but still we are getting same reply next year next year......

As you know we are employed in service industry, we are bearing EMI and home rent both . We can't afford so much

I visited Nirmal Head office mulund dated 11 April 2015 for inquiry about possession. They gave me date on March 2016 but nothing in writing, Also they said we will not pay any compensation due to delay of possession.

I have requested  to you please pay the interest or else I want to
sale my flat to you.

Please reply as earlist

Rahul  Rajankar
Nirmal lifestyle kalyan
Platano A wing
Flat # 604
Apr 11, 2015

Nirmal Life Style - Kalyan

Dear Flat Owners,

I have created a group in Facebook as 'Life Style City Kalyan - Customers. Please search for my name 'Ritesh Pallath' and lets create a group to stay together.

Ritesh Pallath
Mobile No - 9769092531
Apr 11, 2015

Nirmal lifestyle Delay in possession

I have booked a flat in platano A wing on 2010
As per the agreement my possession Date was Dec 2014 but still incomplete work, today I visited the nirmal head office mulund for enquiry about possession they gave me the completion date on March 2016 but nothing on writing,also they will not pay any compensation due to delay of possession, they said go legally they have already appointment 3 lawyer to handle our cases.
So I request all of them come together create group and fight against them.

My Mib# 8450918898
Apr 2, 2015

Delay in Possession

Dear Nirmal Flat Owners,

As we know that our flats possessions is getting much delayed as promised by the Sales officer at the time of Booking. I know individually we cannot do anything against Nirmal Lifestyle as they might have a strong Legal Team.

I would request everyone to Share the contact details and file a strong case in Consumer Forum against the builder to get the compensation. My Name is Ritesh and I booked 2 BHK in Glory A wing in 2010 but as of now got an update that the possesion can be expected till Feb'2015.

My contact number is 9769092531. I believe together we can take some legal action against the Builder

Mar 12, 2015

Nirmal Booking in full swing

Dear All,

I have read almost all the complaints which is posted in this forum but the sad the part is that people still believe in Nirmal Life Style project and the booking is in full swing. Like all of you when people do booking in Nirmal Life Style they feel to be proud to book in such a big project which have good name in Real Estate Market. At the time of booking people don't find all these issue and problems. When others who know about all this issue try to understand them at that time they don't realize.

I personally know to many people who are my friends and they have booked in this project even after I said all these problems and now I can see there posts.

I opinion is that this project will take some time to complete .
Feb 16, 2015

Thrill, City of Joy, Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund


I booked a Flat @Thrill (City of Joy project, Mulund) in 2009!

It is Feb 2015 now and I still dont have any clue if and when i would get the possession. Work was stopped for many months / years and has now suddenly started and they have started asking for payments of 2 slabs every month (the last one was for 18th Slab in Thrill). The builder sends demand letters even without obtaining or providing any architect completion certficate + doesnt provide any clarity on slabwise completion milestones or the monetary compensation that they should provide to us for the incessant delays. This is completely illegal. Behaviour from their staff is extremely rude, cheap and non professional. Is there any group where all of us can be connected and could jointly discuss our issues / concerns and take steps accordingly?

You could write to me on vijayppawar@gmail.com. Lets come together and take action / voice our collective concerns. Thanks.

ashis sen
Feb 8, 2015

Non Possession in Victory Building Kalyan

Similar to everyone else Nirmal made many promises to me of handing over possession at Victory from time to time. I have become sick of their unkept promises. Let us decide how we should act on these delays and seek compensation from the consumer forum
Dec 17, 2014


I have bought flat in Platano B and possession date was given dec-2014 however, now they are saying that this will be done in Mar'15. Does anybody have idea if they are giving possession in near term or just fooling around. I see only building structure ready and no finishing work being carried out.Nirmal is known for delaying project and using the customer money for another project.Pls suggest what is the legal remedy or we can do nothing against builder.
Dec 15, 2014

Delay in Possession

Dear Friends,
I am Rajkumar Chaturvedi, ( Mob. 7054099222, rajkc80@gmail.com). I have booked a flat in Nirmal Lifestyle Kalyan project in Aug 2011 and paid 90 % amount by Dec 2012. They have given possession date as Apr 14 with a grace of 6 months. Now this period is over. When i enquired about project they said that possession is in Jun 2014, which i seriously doubt. About payment of interest as per the agreement, they mentioned that they will not pay anything and we can take legal action.

He is saying that the delay is due to delay in getting clearances from Govt, however they are not telling which clearance is delayed. They were having all permissions in Aug 12, when i paid money and also the building was constructed upto 15 stories. They could not complete finishing in last 2 years.

In consumer court, we have to file separate complaints. Someone who have any contact with consumer court can file the case and let us know so that we can also file similar cases separately.
Dec 11, 2014

No Sign of refund

I have booked 2BHK in Platino-D, since there is no sign of possession applied for cancellation on june this year. They it will take more than a year to get my refund back....its disgusting...i am now preparing to go to consumer forum/legal approach to get my money back.
Dec 9, 2014

Nirmal LifeStyle City Kalyan - Applause

I am also one of many unsatisfied customer because of unnecessary delay of Nirmal Lifestyle City Kalyan project. I have flat in Applause building A wing.
On the sale deed project completion date is mentioned as Dec 2013 with 6 month grace. So now I am taking legal route and consulted a lawyer to send legal notice demanding 18% interest w.e.f. July 2014 on the amount paid.
I would request that all of us can join together in legal proceedings to make our points clear as most of us have similar issue. Please put down your name, email and contact number here so we can contact each other.
I will be collating the list and contacting you with further plan of action.
Oct 18, 2014

Delay in Applause B

I have booked a flat in Applause B Wing at Nirmal Kalyan. Work has stopped since September 2013 and everytime I call them, the only response they have is that work will start in a month. I have been hearing this for one year now from senior people like Amit Jain, Siddharth (from Grievances cell).

They do not have the courtesy to respond to emails or send their customers an update on status.

I am planning to go legal if I do not get a convincing reply from them within the next few days. Anybody wanting to join me can write to me on saurin73@hotmail.com. If they can send notices for delay in payment of 2-3 days, let customers show them the power of our legal notices.
Aug 31, 2014

Nirmal Project Delayed

Hi All,

I have booked a flat in Nirmal (Victory) on March 2009. The ADF scheme is activated, still no sign of Possession. Shall we all meet and fight for our right and lodge a complaint in Consumer forum.

Nitin Poojary
Abhishek Kumar Srivastava
Aug 28, 2014

Delay in Nirmal Lifestyle Kalyan Project

Dear Friends,

I am also a Victim of Nirmal Lifestyle like you all. I booked the Flat in their project ADVANTAGE which they promised to give possession in Dec 2011. They did registration in 2012 after I chased them badly. But till now they have not given possession. Every time I ask they say that it will be given in next 6 months. Please share your experiences and if you have any latest status in any of the building in that project, please let me know.
I can be reached at abhishekbhu79@gmail.com
Aug 22, 2014

Refund of Earnest Amount

Hi, I had booked a flat in Riviera Building in Feb 2014 with Nirmal Lifestyle's Kalyan Project, but had to cancel due to some personal and financial issues. I filed for cancellation and requested a full refund. Initially they told me that I will get my refund in 6+ months, however now they are saying that it will take 12+ months. This is ridiculous.
These people are cheaters. Couple of months back I saw an advertisement is newspaper that they are giving 'Stamp-duty and Registration' FREE on new bookings and also 1 Lakh rupees. My question is if they can give so much to the new customers, then why can't these burgars return my hard earned money back to me.
I tried to meet their Director who takes care of refunds and customer issues. He is person who does not reply to calls or SMSs. I dont know ehy the hell he is provided with a cell phone number, probably he must be using for the phone only for his personal issues.
I am just fighting for my money and don't think that these people will return my money along with the interest. They are beggars and robbers in white collar. I am just hoping to get my money back from them already lost my peace of mind after these people. If you check the cancellation policy with other builders, they return the money within a months time. But Nirmal Lifestyle likes to enjoy and live in posh offices on money earned from people like me.
Aug 17, 2014

Project Delayed for Kalyan SIte

hi friends, i also booked a flat in Spirit building in Nirmal Life style, kalyan in the month of March 2013. They have told that the registration would be done in 2-3 months and till now No registration done. I have booked flat under ADF scheme.
I am not sure as what i should do now ??

please let me know if anybody have done same ... Mail me at ajay.shukla20@gmail.com
Dipan Kanti Bhunia
Aug 11, 2014


I have booked a flat in victory building in March 2009 with 20% of total amount. Nirmal promised that possession will be Dec 2011. Registration of flat was done in March 2011 and I have paid 95% of the total amount by Nov 2012 ( as per as slabs completed ). As per agreement the possession was on June 2013.

Till today internal work has been completed only 10-15%. I am paying Bank E.M.I since August 2011. As middle class family it is very difficult for me to pay bank E.M.I and house rent.

If anybody facing same problem please contact me by dropping mail to my email id so that we can claim the interest from the builder else get together for consumer court.

Jun 28, 2014

IT raid on (Non) Nirmal (miserable) Lifestyle

IT raid on (Non) Nirmal (miserable) Lifestyle


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