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Consumer complaints and reviews about nirmal lifestyle kalyan

Sep 13, 2016

Delay in possession

Hi, I have booked flat in Nirmal Lifestyle Kalyan in 2010 and after zero progress I have transferred my flat into Amazon-D wing in 2014 but still I haven't seen any progress, if any body is from Amazon wing plz call me on 9029522220( Prasad) we a group will come together and find or take any hard core decision

Pravin Mane
Aug 23, 2016

Construction Halted

Construction Halted
I have book the flat in Glory 2011, payment for all floors are given, but from last 1 year the worked is completely stopped. Does anyone has any idea why construction of all the buildings are halted? No use of talking to sales representative as they give future dates.
Does anyone has filled any complaint in consumer court? Have anyone got refund after cancellation?
Aug 22, 2016


We had booked flat in Platino Building in 2010 we were supposed to get possession by 2011 .
we took loan from bank and paying with huge interest and 90% paid to builder.
There is no communication from builder office about the possession even if we enquire then there is no proper reply
every time they say next year I do not understand when their next year is coming which I am hearing since 2011.

I suggest u all give me your contact number and all details, we will jointly file complaint against him in police station as there is new law has come that if builder is failed to give possession on time, we can file FIR against him under MOFA.

If u all want our possession soon we have to act fast.

so now wake up and prepare a draft addressed to police office, kalyan stating all your payment details, sale agreement etc.

My phone number is 9757282123 and email id is vidhyavilas@gmail.com
Aug 4, 2016

Delay in construction

I have booked flat in Riviera A in 2013, from last 2 years there is no any construction or any progress has seen, since I have tried 1000 ways like you all . we should all come together and go to their head office or owner's office and by legal way we should conclude the solution. because i have seen meeting at sales office which nobody cares what happens there , Financially nirmal lifestyle is into default positions, Lets comment view on it and find solutions

Jul 25, 2016

Delay in possession

We had purchased a flat in glory , but its been so many years and there is no sign of any progress, Is there any whatsapp group or facebook group avaialble? please add us to thiis group, .?
My number..and Name as below..

Preeti Miranda / leslie Miranda
9820914080 / 9833111658
flat no 802/ glory NL
Jul 17, 2016

No Update on Niramal Life Kalyan - MAGNOLIA project

No Update on Niramal Life Kalyan - MAGNOLIA project
I have booked 2 Bhk flat in Colosseum A- wing in December 2011, can you please tell me any one when they are going to do registration...as per my knowledge they are not yet started a project also.

My contact number is 9324336899

If we have to cancelled this booking what is the process for the same.

Jul 15, 2016

Platano G booking done in 2012 and registration till date

Hi all,

We have booked a flat in Nirmals's Kalyan project in 2012 and till now no registration is done and there is no sign of construction being started. I have contacted them many times to cancel but they give some or the other excuses and also tell rhat 20% money will deducted and remaining 80% will be paid back. This is really very sad that such a reputed builder is doing things like this. Please suggest what needs to be done in this case. I have checkec someone has mentioned about legal process to be followed. Please suggest how we can do this. Please help!!

Shalini Gupta
Jun 23, 2016

booked since 2010 but sign of constructions

booked in 2010 and was told possession by 2012 dec
but till date no sign of construction possession is faraway to get
no body answers correctly simply folling to us i have paid around rs.1000000/-(ten laks)
Jun 22, 2016

big cheater like sahara

I booked a flat in year 2013 with nirmal lifestyle in kalyan project.now its been 3yesrs and no mark of construction.
i visited there headoffice in mulund on 15jun16 and when i stepped into the office i was totally shocked there were so many victims like me were waiting for there answers reagrding the project.....unfortunatley they said if u want ur money back then u have to goahead and cancel ur project and they will issue a cheque dated after 1 year..however i met people over there who got there cheques and due to lack of fund it was bounce...hopefully i met one person whos go his money back with interest he told me that first he cancelled the booking and then the cheque he recived bounce and after that they had given him one more cheque date afetr 6months////after that he went through legal way///and got he money bcak with interest after one year///
Jun 21, 2016

cheque bounce

We have booked a flat in Nirmal Lifestyle Kalyan in 2012. Since there is no progression of work, no registration from builder and no site of possession within stipulated time. So we decided to cancel the booking in 2014. since then we are after the builder to refund the booking amount with interest. We somehow got the refund in two parts with 20% deduction of the paid amount. We deposited the first cheque which got returned back due to lack of funds. This is really ridiculous and annoying. Such so called reputed builders are just playing with our feelings. Can we take any legal action against this??

Sonal Kubal
Jun 19, 2016

Nirmal Lifestyle Kalyan Flat Possession

We have booked flat in Nirmal lifestyle in Sept 2012 and paid almost 50%amount and last 9-10 months there is no visibility on the construction work. it is stopped and no proper answer that when it is going to start and when we will get the possession.

Pls advice what needs to be done. my flat is in platino e wing .


Shaheen Khan
May 26, 2016

Work on hold

Hi ,

I have booked my flat with Nirmal lifestyle Kalyan in Riviera Building in 2014 .I have already paid more than 35% of flat value. At the time of booking they had mentioned possession in Dec 2016 , but on stamp Duty Registration they mentioned Dec 2017 . One year delay . Now their work is totally stopped from last 9-10 months. No one is giving proper reply on project status . No one picks up phone . My booking executive has already left the job from Nirmal.

Please suggest me what to do ? I have taken loan from bank .
May 18, 2016

Legal route

I am writing this in view of public interest.
i had invested in one of Nirmals project way back in 2013. after seeing no progress with the construction, i decided to cancel my booking. After knocking all doors for months altogther , my request for cancellation was finally accepted and the 20% which i had invested was returned to me in the form of PDCs.
to my surprise, all these cheques bounced which is when i decided to knock the legal door. after fighting for 1 year, I have got back all my money with interest and legal compensation.
I follow all the posts in this group and hence am sharing my experience with you all.
Pls have faith in the judiciary system . Do not hesitate to take the legal routine. do not fall for false assurances that are made by these builders. Its your hard earned money and the only way we can fight our battle against builders like Nirmal is by taking the legal route
May 15, 2016

No Sign of Any Construction Platano F and Sales Executive are not even Answering

I have Purchase in platano F in 2011 and paid 20% amount. No registration done yet and sales executive are not even picking the calls to answer
Feel being cheated by Nirmal.
May 9, 2016

Delay in Possession

Please register your complain below. ABP news is exposing all builder who are cheating customer. It will help in getting your home fast.

pinna dhage
Apr 7, 2016


I have purchased flat in nirmal lifestyle kalyan in 2011 & taken return 20% money without interest in 2015 so my opinion is that this group is a big fraud & not interested in doing business seriously.They only want to earn money by taking 20% money from customer & invest in other business or place in bank & earn free interest.After 2-3 years they told that there is problem in land documents & could not clear easily & may required 7-8 years.So dear flat seekers I alert you not to invest money in such fraud company
Mar 26, 2016

nirmal lifestyle kalyan

I have booked a flat in Niramal Colosseum 1.5 years back. they have taken money fraudulently by saying Plinth & piling had started.
They took 20% of flat money. Now when there is no progress seen, i have asked them for refund.
They are now compelling us by saying sign in to Flat cancellation form & waive our right to go to court, then only they will process refund.
Refund will take a year or two or even beyond that with the clause which is saying, it is possible only if they will sale that flat successfully.
Now that flat sale will never going to happen as they have stopped the construction.
We paid them premium rate just assuming the name & reputation of builder.
Please help us.
Mar 17, 2016

DElay in possession

Approached sales office for possession of Platano, they have started interiors work of the flats ready for delivery in around july this year 2016 as told. Project will also continue as halted due to dumping issues as informed.
need to know any one recently visited the site of Platano, Let me know please the status if yes..
Mar 11, 2016

No progress in kalyan Project

Don't put your hard earn money in Nirmal Lifestyle project. He will take your 20% money. But they will never deliver your dream house. You can visit their site. No work is going on. Last seven years, they have not deliver a single flat.
Mar 11, 2016

Don't buy any Nirmal Project

Don't buy any Nirmal project. They have not deliver any flat in Kalyan. All work is stopped.
Mar 1, 2016

Nirmal Lifestyle


I have booked a flat in Nirmal Lifestyle City -Kalyan- Colloseum (A wing) in May 2014 and paid about 20% of the total amount. I visited their headoffice yesterday to know about the progress as I did not recieve any communication after the booking. They mentioned to be that Colloseum will take another 4-5 Years and gave me an option to move my money to some other project which is nearing completion. (Excel/Platano).

This is a very depressing situation where the update is provided only when we visit them and there is absolutely no communication from their end for almost 2 years. I would like to know from other flat owner the below two details.

1) Anyone knows the current status of Excel/Platano - is it a good idea moving our money here ?

2)What is the procedure to get a refund of the amount invested ? Has anyone got their money refunded from Nirmals ?

Hoping for a reply.
Feb 14, 2016

Construction Halted

I have book the flat in Glory 2011, payment for all floors are given, but from last 1 year the worked is completely stopped. Does anyone has any idea why construction of all the buildings are halted? No use of talking to sales representative as they give future dates.
Does anyone has filled any complaint in consumer court? Have anyone got refund after cancellation?
Rani Ramakrishnan
Feb 9, 2016

No Update on Kalyan Colosseum project

I have booked 1 Bhk flat in Colosseum C- wing in August 2014, can you please tell me any one when they are going to do registration...as per my knowledge they are not yet started a project also.

My contact number is 9867466159.
If we have to cancelled this booking what is the process for the same.

Rani Ramakrishnan
Feb 1, 2016

Nirmal life style

Hi All,

I have booked flats at Nirmal Lifestyle project (excel Building) in Jul 2010 and paid around 20% amount of the overall flat cost
but they have not start the construction of the said building long stating awaiting for the CC from KDMC but expected in next month every time i get a same answer from there executives
Many times we has visited to the site location & Head office (mulund) but the Nirmal staffs are not co-operating to resolve our queries.
In fact they are behaving with us like detector. They even not shown their courtesy to listen our calls.
In 2013 one of executive Mr Pranav SIngh told me that there will be delay in excel project and they only insisted me to shift in to cypress which construction is
started and registration also going to start from next month for that only you have to pay the differnce amount.I thought this is geniune offer and paid the diffrence amount and shifted to cypress bldg even though it
increses my actul flat cost by 2 lakhs.
But again the thins are same an there is no update from executive / builder.After one year thay started the construction site and started chessing like dog for registrati
on and service tax payemnt .They have construct up to 8 th Plinth and workd in stopped since lat 1 year.
For registration also i had approval from SBi but they insited me for HDFC.I completed the process from HDGC made the payment .When HDFC asked for some documents they are
not readyto provide and told me to apply home loan from PNB.Again i newly apply for home loan and complete the documentation work.
From last 10 months i am just paying intreast amount for the LOAN because as per Bank Principle amount can be deducted only after the possesion
Here the thing is that we r not sure that when we get the possesion of room .By current work speed ithing it will take 2025 for possesion.
These people are enjoying to have interest on our money since last 3 years without giving any updates. Request your help & solutions.

Santosh B
Jan 2, 2016

Will Project will b completed or abondened?

I had booked flat in Spirit B which was cancelled
Then I shifted my booking to Excel B -- which is also stalled No construction work going on

I am extremely worried

Will I get a flat possession from Nirmal


Are they going to declare themselves as Bankrupt

My hard earned money is at stake

Please include me in the group being formed by you

Nandakumar Desai


1403 Excel B
Nirmal Kalyan

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