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Northern Railway -DRM Office New Delhi


Consumer complaints and reviews about Northern Railway -DRM Office New Delhi

Subhash sachdeva
Aug 28, 2016

Complaint against Reservation Clerk, Reservation Office, Karnal

The Divisional Railway Manager,
Northern Railway,
Estate Entry Road, New Delhi.

Subject:- Complaint against Reservation Clerk, Reservation Office, Karnal.
1. That on 16.08.2016, I de-boarded the Train No. 14038, at Railway Station Karnal at about 3-15-3-30 p.m., went tO Reservation Office, Karnal. I have booked two Reservation Ticket of Pathankot Exp. Train No. 14037 from Karnal to Amritsar dated 03.09.2016 of A.C. Chair Car, in the name of Subhash Sachdeva, (M), 53 Years and Asha Sachdeva, (F) Aged about 46 Years and return journey from 05.09.2016 from Amritsar to Karnal of Train No. 14038, Pathankot Exp. of the same person.

2. The concern Reservation Clerk demanded Rs. 1840/- for Up & Down, I have given Rs. 2000/- to the said clerk, he returned Rs. 200/- and demanded Rs. 40/- loose notes whereas lot of loose notes were available within his possession and I made a request to the aforesaid clerk but he flately refused. I went to the plateform for taking the loose notes, I reached in the counter within 10 minutes but concern clerk was not present in the seat, other official was present, I made request to hand over the two Reservation Ticket and receive Rs. 40/-, he flately refused, I returned back to him home. I do not know the name of the concern clerk.

3. I visited many times to the reservation counter but did not met him.

4. On 25.08.2016, I went to the reservation Office, the aforesaid clerk was present, I demanding the reservation Tickets but neither he received Rs. 40/- nor hand over the reservation Tickets, the behavior of the concern clerk was very rude, I ask him name of the gentleman, who told me Mr. Rajesh, in the presence of Railway Employee.
5. I went to the Office of Station Superintendent for filling the complaint, but Station Superintendent was not present.

6. That on 26.08.2016, I met Station Master for demanding the complaint book, he gave the complaint book, I lodge the complaint but the fully complaint has not been written, due to this reason that the concern told me that there is only one page and I close the complaint in between.

You are requested to conduct the inquiry and to receive Rs. 40/- and hand over the Up and Down A.C. Chair car Reservation Tickets upto 31.08.2016, otherwise I will arrange the taxi for Karnal to Amritsar (Up & Down) on 03.09.2016 to 05.09.2016 and your department will be responsible for the same.
Thanking and assuring you, of my best co-operation, at all times.

Subhash Sachdeva
R/o House No. 583,
Karam Singh Colony,
Aug 18, 2016


Dear Sir,

Reference Train No. : SEEMANCHAL TRAIN NO. 12487/12488

I am sorry to say about Indian railway and I am very disappointed the service of Seemanchal Express ,Train No. 12487/12488

My name is Kamal Ansari and we have continuous traveling from Delhi to Jogbani and return back on same train since trains had started.

But I am facing very difficult last 3-4 years that every day train is delay 12-15 hours ,it’s not one day or two day problem or winter season problem but its daily routine .

FYI ……..Subject train have not pantry service, Actual travel time is 25- 26 hours from Delhi to Jogbani but train is taking time 30 – 35 hours so can you think about the difficulty that without pantry service if train will delay 5-12 hours every day ,people are traveling with small baby and lots of passengers are ill but this kind of delay I can’t explain the difficulty ,babies are crying so if you will travel then you can understand the actual situation .

I don’t understand below point sir :

· one day delay is ok ,two days delay ok ,three days delay, it can be ok but every day ,how can possible .

· one hour delay ,its ok ,two days delay ,its ok but 10-12 hours delays really I don’t understand .

this is our request to you that kindly look this matter and pls find the solution .

Thank you very much for understating

Jul 9, 2016

Complaint against TT Misbehavior

Dear Sir,
I have to Complaint against TT Misbehavior, because I have to go from delhi to Manduadih on 3-7-2016 and my train ticket is waiting (WL/279) and which taken by same day to the indian railway's counter. but when I was reached on station and went to my train then Suddenly the train's TT stoped me on the gate of train and ask for ticket then I am showing my ticket after saw my ticket TT say it is duplicate ticket then I ask Please check it on the chart but they not check on the waiting chart when I was told him that I am checking my ticket on the railway site my ticket is not duplicate it is showing all details on railway site but why you are telling it is duplicate then after he was told me you will tell me about right way what should be do or not, after that I am again say please check my ticket again then after he slapped me and say go from here otherwise I will call the police. I was go from there for checking again my ticket and I was seen my ticket is OK. then I was go on the station for my train but my train was gone from the station. then after I was gone for complaint against TT to New delhi railway station master and write down my complaint against TT but 7days gone till now no action taken by Station Master of new delhi railway station. sir please take any action against TT. TT name is PK Yadav. and I want whole COMPENSATION. because of it I have to cancelled my return ticket. and finally I want to say that if no action taken by both side by New delhi railway station master and Northern Railway -DRM Office New Delhi then I will go court for both department.
I want to tell you because of TT I am facing lots of problem like money and time and that day I have to go urgent base for urgent work which not done on time.please take any action against TT PK Yadav.complaint receipt number is - 074 and time 21:15
my train name is Shiv Ganga,
Train number is 12560
PNR no. 2800287721
Journey date : 3-7-2016 from delhi to manduadih
my name is : Vinod kumar
mob: 9810805813
Jul 3, 2016


Sir my family facing lots of problems because of an officer's family live in our qauter ,they block the water supply in our house, they sometimes broke our landline wire and much more and when we complain it to them they start abusing us please sir do something .
My house no.- 751/b loco colony civil lines Allahabad
Phone no.- 7236912294
Email address- ss0588560@gmail.com
May 4, 2016

railway staff misbehave

anshu sahai
Feb 7, 2016

cheating and fraud

Respected Sir,
I would like to bring into your kind notice about the cheating and bad behaviour of the vegetable ventor.In tuglakabad railway colony ,the vegetable vendors are illegally selling there.
I am a residential of tuglakabad railway colony, badarpur border and also belong to the staff of railway police department but still my complaint is regarding the cheating of money and using abusive language by a vegetable vendor standing in Rly colony.He has been not returning the money(purchased vege of rs 490rs and 510 has still not returned out of 1000rs) for the last 3 months and making excuses.
I have called to tuglakabad railway thana but they did nothing about it. One of other vendor have clearly told me about the halfta or bribe , which they give to railway local thana regularly .
One of retired police Hawaldaar have confirmed me for sure that madam “don’t complain ...they will do nothing , they take bribe (like salary)from them to protect and for illegal selling in colony .
Unfortunately when I shared this to approx 100 people , each and every one suggested me not to go for a complain even though many of them have faced same issues by that vendor.Statement was that ..they are paying money and we are not..so why legal system support us.
I am shocked about the confidence of that vendor and the other people who have also cheated by him that how can I even think about to complain to police(for such a small amount of rs510).
My complain is not for my money return. It is for this whole corrupt system . We always give speeches about the corruption but never try to initiate against them.
Sir, I expect a right legal approach from the department.
Your Sincerely,
Anshu sahai
Feb 5, 2016

playing of loud music

Dear sir,
I have recently joined railway at delhi dividion and is been under training at STC Lucknow. As railway club is adjacent to tranees hostel ,every night there are parties of all sort at the club premises. During these parties loud music with heavy bass is played during odd hours of the day , due to which students at STC can't concentrate on their studies properly. Please look into this matter at earliest.

Yours faithfully,
STC Lucknow.
ajoy kumar sinha
Jan 22, 2016

wrong pay fixation

Respected Sir
Requesting you to please look into the matter of my fixation of pay and reply me on my email. Although i am not from your division, yet i am requesting you to please help me and reply on my email.

I am Ajoy kumar sinha. V/Retired (31. 07. 2007), SSE/ Tele/ DNR/ Patna / Bihar

ajoypanvel@gmail.com Mob :-- 8108048534


[1] My basic pay in Nov 2005 was Rs 8100. In the scale (6500 – 200 – 10500) SE/Tele.
[2] I joined on promotion as SSE/Tele on 23/12/2005. In scale (7450 – 225 – 11500) SSE/Tele.
[3] The date for the benefit of my promotional pay was decided :-- (option)
from my next incremental date. ie Feb 2006.
[4] Hence my basic pay in Dec 2005 was fixed :--
Rs 8125 (bring into the slab). In scale (7450–225–11500) SSE/Tele.
[5] My basic pay in Feb 2006 was [ Rs 8125 + 225 + 225 ] = Rs 8575.
[6] On the basis of the above, with ref to Rly Bd order No:-- 40/2012. and option ”to have my promotional benefit from my next date of increment (Feb 2006)” What will be fixation of my pay in 6th PC :--
Hence basic pay :--
From :-- 1st JANUARY 2006 :-- ? From :-- 1st JULY 2006 :-- ? From :-- 1st JULY 2007 :-- ?
According to me, it should be
From :-- 1st JANUARY 2006 :-- Ref to RBE No:-- 40/2012. New Delhi, dated 23.03.2012 :-- [PARA 3]

[1] one increment will be granted on 01.01.2006 in the pre – revised pay scale 8125 + 225 = 8350.

[2] Revised pay structure on 01.07.2006 :-- 15540 + 4600 = 20140 Pay band (9300 - 34800) + 4600

From :-- 1st JULY 2006 :-- Ref to Clarifications on CCS (Revised Pay)Rules, 2008, notified vide
G.S.R. No 622(E)dt 29.8.08
[3] Further re-fixation will be done on the date of my next increment, i.e. 1st July 2006
On that day, I will be granted two increments.
One annual increment and the second on account of my promotion.

With one annual increment 16150 + 4600 = 20750 1st July 2006
Pay band (9300 -- 34800) + 4600
With one increment on account of my promotion. 16780 + 4600 = 21380 1st July 2006
Pay band (9300 -- 34800) + 4600
[4] With regular annual increment. 17430 + 4600 = 22030 1st July 2007
Pay band (9300 -- 34800) + 4600
Jan 12, 2016

Handicapped I. Card for Railway Tickets

I applied for Handicapped Identity Card in the DRM office kin New Delhi on 14/09/2015. I was said that thy would be calling on my mobile No. for collecting the I. Card. I am awaiting their call.
Jan 7, 2016

Adress of DRM office in Delhi

हमें DRM ऑफिस का पता मालूम नही न्यू देल्ही मैं कहाँ है
प्लीज़ हमें पता बता दे
हमे कहाँ जाना होगा
Jan 5, 2016

Complaint against non receipt of bonus for year 2014-15

To DPO(Bill)
Sir My Name Is Raj Kumar Gupta (SS/BRSQ, RET) my complaint is that my bonus for year 2014-15 is not given to me, even after continuing report to bill Clark and Establishment Clark. Every time when I report to them they make excuses and delay me and tell me to come tomorrow. Kindly redress my problem.

For your assistance I enclosed my P.F no. 03409193 And PPO no. 0115021494.
subhash chandra1957
Dec 31, 2015


I have submitted application form on 17.4.2015 in DRM office for issue of concessional railway pass for physically challenged disabled(mentally retarded)my son named AJIT TIWARI alongwith permanant Disability Certificate issued from the Govt. Hospital (IHBAS) Dilshad Garden, Delhi, having 71-99% disability suffering from SCHIZOPHRENIA chronic disease.
Number of times I have visited to your office but the concessional card is not yet issued though more than 9 months passed.
I tried to contact on telephone but no one pick the phone for reply.
Now a days in the electronic age times, for issue of concessional pass for a disabled person, such type of delay is undesirable.
Kindly look into the matter and resolve it at the earliest without further delay.
I would also request you to kindly streamline/simplify the procedure so that the disable person should not suffer, rather one should come forward to help such type of persons in the need of hour.
Hope to resolve the issue. Awaiting your reply.
Subhash Chandra, MOB 9871421211, 9952068197
NEW DELHI-110059
subhash chandra1957
Dec 31, 2015


I have submitted application form on 17.4.2015 in DRM office for issue of concessional railway pass for physically challenged disabled(mentally retarded)my son named AJIT TIWARI alongwith permanant Disability Certificate issued from the Govt. Hospital (IHBAS) Dilshad Garden, Delhi, having 71-99% disability suffering from SCHIZOPHRENIA chronic disease.
Number of times I have visited to your office but the concessional card is not yet issued though more than 9 months passed.
I tried to contact on telephone but no one pick the phone for reply.
Now a days in the electronic age times, for issue of concessional pass for a disabled person, such type of delay is undesirable.
Kindly look into the matter and resolve it at the earliest without further delay.
I would also request you to kindly streamline/simplify the procedure so that the disable person should not suffer, rather one should come forward to help such type of persons in the need of hour.
Hope to resolve the issue. MOB 9871421211
Sep 1, 2015

about passion of quarte

Sir, my name is Sudarshan kumar saini s/o Deshraj Saini.I have been retired from account office kashmiri gate delhi. I have given acceptance undertaking of quarter 139_D ramnagar new dehli pahadganj type 2 which was in my custody to shiv kumar sem. Sir my much payment is stopped due to this reason.i haven't gotten any sarendar slip of quarter.my nose hasbeen opreated,I can not go out side. I have two daughter.she goes for enquiries about it. Time is not good for girls. I want to see my daughter marriage. It is possible when I get my passion slip and remaing money. I have problem in breathing. Please before dying I want to see my daughter marriage. My allfamilly is in trouble.please help me. I shall be great full to you.
Aug 4, 2015

mere pati ke mityu ke paschat abhi tk mujhe pensan .pf v graguty nahi mila hai

Sir ... mere pati ki netural death 15.4.14 ko hui thi. Aur aaj 05.08.2015. tk na hi mujhe ppo form mila h aur nahi meri pensan .pf belance .grejuty mila hai.. walfare bhi meri koi sahayta ni kr rahe hai.. jb ki 3 month ke andar aise kesh ka niptara ho jana chahiye....mai bahot paresan hu kripya meri sahayta kijiye........

Add ..tkd new delhi
atihant media
Jul 9, 2015


Dear Sir/ Madama

पिछले कई महीनो से नई दिल्लीं से पत्रिकाओं की बुकिंग सम्बन्धी लगातार शिकायत के बावजूद सुधार नहीं हो रहा है । नई प्रणाली में कंप्यूटर के माध्यम से बुकिंग के अनुसार लोडिंग होँग़ीं परन्तु आज ४ दिन का बाद हमारी पत्रिका हावड़ा के लिए लोड नहीं हो पाया है जबकि यह माल जी आर स. 2000776660 दिनांक 6.7.15 को booking की गई थी । प्लेटफार्म बाबू के अनुसार समरी में नाम नहीं होने के कारण माल नहीं लोड होगा । फिर हमारी नुक्सान के साथ उन सभी विद्यार्थियों के साथ खिलवाड़ क्यों हो रहा है जिनका परीक्षा नजदीक है और वे लोग इस पत्रिका के इन्तजार कर रहे है ।

हम आप को यह भी सूचित करना चाहते है की कंप्यूटर दुवरा स्टेशन के अनुसार सही ट्रैन में समरी नहीं होने के कारण कभी कभी माल गलत ट्रैन में माल लोड होने पर माल ओवेरकेरी हो रही है जिससे हमें काफी नुक्सान हो रहा है । अक्सर गोरखपुर, मुजफ्फरपुर, वाराणसी, दुर्ग, नागपुर आदि कई स्टेशनों की इस तरह के परेशानी हो रही है |

हमारी (अरिहंत मीडिया प्रमोटर्स) पत्रिका करंट न्यूज़ पर आधारित प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए होती है यह पत्रिका यदि विद्यार्थियों को समय से प्राप्त नहीं होगी तो उन्हें असुविधा और परीक्षा में सहयोग नहीं मिलती है । अतः आपसे निवेदन है की कृपया उपरोक्त समस्याओ के लिए उचित कार्यवाही करे जिसेस हमारे साथ उन सभी विद्यार्थियों को नुक्सान होने से बचाये और उनके भविष्य , करियर बनाने में सकरात्मक सहयोग कर सके |
BS Gusain
Jun 4, 2015

Train No 54414 Late without Reason from Rewari to Delhi

Train No 54414 from Rewari to Delhi. This train late from Delhi Cantt (Out signal) to Delhi Jn: since last one month after completion of Railway work. Now on day, This train halt at Bijwasan 05 Minute, Delhi Cantt outer signal 7 minute, Patel Nagar 12 Minute. Same this train is getting late in the condition. Please take action for right time can be made in your record. If you give priority for right time. Please avoid the without reason halt at the outer signal and railway station
Jun 2, 2015

Violentary Retirement Scheme

Respected sir,
I want to bring your attention to a subject i.e. the persons who got retire under Violentary Retirement Scheme for the welfare of there children.
Sir, I got a call from welfare department at DRM office and they called us last week, when we go they gave a medical test form and told to deposit medical examination fee.
After that at evening they said you are not eligable for VRS becouse i am is in "POWER SUPLLY". and they send us back.

Sir, is it fare...!!! I am working for railway, so why some departments are neglecting for this scheme. sir we have also some accepation like other employess having for there childrens. so why we trated as a step.

Sir kindly do needful in same.
May 31, 2015

Train no-64034

I om Parkash daily passenger of train no-64034 daily I get the train from dayabasti but train stop everyday at kishanganj station 30 to 40 minute late so I am getting late at night at home
Please sir do something every passenger were suffer that is everyone problem. Thanking you
BS Gusain
May 3, 2015

Late Running train No 54414 Delhi Passenger

Dear Sir,

I am working at Delhi. I am going to my office by Train No 54414. Train No 54414 is getting late every day last month due to one way track. Train No 22472 Bikaner Exp beat the Train No 54414 Delhi Passenger and again DEMU also beat the Train No 54414 at Delhi Cantt. Both train come at Delhi Cantt , than my train 54414 is depatch. Hence, this train got late 20-30 minute every day due to both train. If, you start train No 22472 Bikaner Exp(08:40AM) from Platform No 1 of Delhi Sarai Rohilla. This problem can be solved and train can be in write time.
murli prasad saini
Apr 28, 2015

kudedan nahi uththa polich line

D.R.P.line crime&railway colony near div.hospital northan railway sp mukharji marg peeli kothi under C.H.I.manmohan meena no visit in colony .my colony Dusbin is allway full no last time claen 6month ago plz claen dusbin & attend safaikarmchari
Murliprasad Saini
Apr 27, 2015

kudedan nahi uththa

D.R.P. line naya bazar railway colony delhi.6 kudedan 6 month se khali nahi kiya gaya thekedar har mahine ka paise le leta hai .CHI.manmohan meena no appear on seat no appear any safai karmchri colony sewer band hai
Apr 14, 2015

stop sewage line in railway land

respected sir

i have to say that i am living ghirdhar enclave last 14 years, my house is near railway line, there is no sewage over hear but after long time, a parsad Mr Sachin Dagar of this area are forscefully plan to sewage in railway land, it is very danger for railways track, it may be railway track down from sewage store water. or Ghirdhar colony sewage water is also flowing in railway land. kindly stop the flowing water immidiately.
i request you kindly take a neccerry action for railway or it may be happend huge excident.
as per railways information no body can spreads sewage or any kind type dusts . it is effected railways land or environment.

my name is yatish kumar

52 ghirdhar enclave
near IME College

Mar 7, 2015


Dear Sir,

I would like to report that I was robbed/pickpocketted on the New Delhi Railway Station on 25 February last.
It happened in the chaos when finally the nighttrain to Varanasi arrived after a delay of more than 2 hours.
My wallet was stolen with the following items in it:
-American Express credit card
-2 x ING Bank debet card
-Drivers license
-My wife's ABN AMRO Bank credit card
-Cash: 80 euros and 10,000 Rupees

I had to catch my nighttrain to Varanasi so I could not go to the New Delhi police station to file a police report.
I was advised by the Mumbai police to fill out this Complaint Registration Form.
I need a report from you so I can arrange everything with my insurance.

Looking forward to your reaction,

Kind regards,
Barthold van Hasselt
Noorderstraat 69-I
1017 TT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Passportnr: NM1L2J9H4
Feb 25, 2015

pakshpaat or ghooskhori

Hello sir, mai pahle bi ek baar complaint kar chuki hu per uska mere paas koi jawab nai aaya or na hi uspar koi action liya gaya maine chhoti more sarai railway colony mai iw ko laker pakhpaat ki complaint ki jo 50 block b-7 mai tiles ko lekar thi .par uska mujhe koi reply nai mila iska kya matlb samjhu sir ap koi help nai kar sakte kya ? Plz help me

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