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Oasis Resource Management


Consumer complaints and reviews about Oasis Resource Management

Jan 11, 2017

Oasis resource management

Fake company
Jan 2, 2017

cheating the people

first one girl Ms.Faiza she ll talk nicely n convinced to pay and providing wrong details , once you paid after that not possible to find her we ll get cononected with 2nd person KANIKA , she ll say opposite of faiza , finally she ll say this s the process if u want withdraw it , we ll not get not even 25% of our total cash we paid .....................please whoever trying for abroad job pls pls carefully do your process.

fraud girls : faiza & kanika
Dec 16, 2016



I just to inform all that ORM is fraud company and there process is also very bad.
Recently I got a call from ORM representative Nupur and she told me that i have to pay 2020 rs for my profile analysis and after that my interview process will start for Dubai, and apart from 2020 rs I need not to pay any amount , I specifically asked is there any extra amount I have to pay for entire process and she clearly told that nothing I have to pay after 2020rs and as I paid that 2020rs amount after few days she emailed with positive analysis. Report and asked to pay 69000 rs which includes 9000rs as service tax, and when I asked why now she is asking this amount as this was never informed to me then she gave reason that it's decided by their ORM visa processing department, and then when I asked her to email exact all information on email after that she emailed me and in email she mentioned 7072 rs , here 69000 rs became 70725rs just in few days and then again I asked how come this amount got changed so she told it's with bank charges inclusion. It's very clear by these changes that they don't have any proper process and they just cheat people's. And now she is not refunding my 2020 rs.
Abra Ka Dabra
Dec 1, 2016


Thanks Guys for posting this reviews about these cheaters i was looking for job in Canada and i talked to them they were telling me the same process and i was ready to pay Rs.2040 for my document verification. But before paying them i thought to just look on the web about the company and now i am able to see that they are really fraud.

Nov 24, 2016

Overseas job

Haiii everyone,,myself anish writing this note to just to let you all know that this is a complete fake cheating company...they have well planned tricks to cheat. I applied for Canada, First they will ask for registration fee and along with your doccements they demand you to submit a particular amount for starting the process. And they will tell you that it takes 6 months for the process and after if we ask about interviews they will create drama interviews to make u fool...then they will deduct 25 percent of your submitted amount...and you have to go behind them for your remaining 75 % money... again it takes more than an year to get the money... one Mr. Rehan from Mumbai branch was dealing with me...after submitting the money you will never be able to contact him at all...you will get a status that he is abroad...after I was dealing with me NEHA, ARATHI, NEETU.... after all if you ask anything about these reviews....they will give you the examples of sbi, sbt an other organizations...don't get trapped in their web.....Please be very careful...
Because it's a very huge money chain racket ...they roll and play with you money as long as they can.

Still if you don't believe me...I can give you all evidences... so contact me for any doubts or help...
Sep 17, 2016

fraud for overseas jobs

Hii everyone!!!!
Never believe on them, I have paid 68k them and they told me for conducting 10 to 15 interviews.
But I got call only twice which I suppose their persons called saying this call is from overseas consultancy and finally they told there is not any requirements according to my profile and Ms. Sakshi rawat who was handling my case suggested to withdraw my application after 7 months and take the refund of 60%.
They are totally fraud never believe on their wordings.
Manvi Bhatia
Jun 4, 2016

Oasis doing the same with me

I am facing the same issue. they took 70+ k from me and have been doing some stupid foreign consultancy rounds for ages and nothing happens after that. I have to follow up with them like crazy and they don't revert at all. They have wasted my 7 months.

Please process this complaint.. people like us are duped every single day.
Jun 1, 2016

oasis fraud

This is regarding a complaint that I would like to lodge against oasis resource management pvt ltd based in Delhi who call themselves as genuine organization, and does fraud to its customers. I shall give you brief details about the case, requesting you to action accordingly.
There are 3 people involved in this case
1. Mr Sachin Rastogi (Director)
2. Ms Ruchin Rastogi (Director)
3. Ms Rupinder Kaur (HR)

- Date 20th Aug 2015 we initiated the process of their services of getting job in Australia and payment was done in few days in Aug of total amount of Rs. 26, 199/-to oasis resource management pvt ltd (proof available in the attached document).
- Few documents from us was collected from the consultancy and no further action was taken by the team.
- As the process was getting delayed, changed the applicant name from Hemalatha to Sachin, after rigorous follow ups regarding any update we did not receive a single call or email from the team.
- Realizing on the poor service we requested for a refund in Nov 2015 of the amount as no services were provided.
- Still poor service continued and no mails or calls were responded, they were only testing our patience.
- Date 20th Jan 2016 they sent us a quotation saying Rs 15, 471/- will be refunded and rest of the amount is deducted as consultation.
- We confirmed that this is not fair and they again confirmed back telling they will revise the refund amount and revert to us.
- Date Feb 2016 No emails or calls were exchanged, when asked for an update, they reverted back with the same amount.
- Now, it was the time for we being customer to lose our patience, so when we raised our voice saying whatever they told was lies they are now rejecting our request of refund and not ready to replay the amount.
Below are the procedure they were supposed to follow as per the clauses of their agreement and not even a single item was actioned.
Please note the procedure for finding a suitable job for you:
1. Resume designing
2. Cover note preparation
3. Finding out suitable profiles for you and sending for selection from your end.
4. Sending your resume to employer and doing primary assistance with employer.
5. Arranging job interviews – Total 15 – 25
6. Selection process.
7. Providing job appointment letter.
100% Money back guarantee will be there in case of failure in services.Total time duration will be: Within 180 days.

I shall be able to produce supporting document for all the calls and emails for all the points mentioned above. This company is performing fraudulent activities, request your assistance on the same as quickly as possible.
harry gomes
May 11, 2016

www.ormindia.com fake & fraud

www.ormindia.com fake & fraud
www.Oasis-india.com fake & fraud
www.ormindia.com and www.Oasis-india.com both is same company this is full fake & fraud west your time west your amount have any confused please call me 8759210075
May 7, 2016

Oasis Fraud

Yes this is very much true Oasis just conduct only 2 interviews with me and both were from india only different person, before i sign up with them. Sakshi Rawat said i full Amt will be paid back, so i trust and carry forward, than Ankita was Manager, after few months she was not available, then some other person came on her place, after few money other person also was not available, again kanika was in-charge and i was in touch with her, after my 2 interviews Kanika said there will be no more interviews further and no more date, i don’t know what to do she suggest me to withdraw the application , so i asked her how much money will be paid back to me, she said as per the agreement, but i said to her Sakshi Rawat she full AMT will be paid, than i spoke to Sakshi Rawat, she changed her words, and said she did not gave any commencements, kanika is my in charge and she will decide about the refund.
Finally i agree to get my money refund but not all, just only 25 thousand, as i paid 80 thousands rupees, so guys there are just making money and cheating the people. Government have to take action against them.
So guys be careful before you put your hard earn money into this bulshit. All branch of Osais employee are same character. During your first visit u will meet one person and when you visit 2 time you meet another person, when you asked about the first person they will say he/she is on leave or whatever, same next visit will be the same, I have a very bad experience with them.
So please be careful, before you do anything get information about them or not only Osais other consultants either, before putting your money, its all about money..
Apr 27, 2016

not fake

Luk at the people who are writing complaints. They don't even know English. How will these people go abroad. Luk at your self first and then blame others. If you have invested money get your money back through a proper channel not by complaining about the company. Go and search about your company on net you will find your company complaints too then why are you working in the organization.
Kiran mittal
Apr 21, 2016


Hai.....!!!! Frds I was cheeted with this company so I losed 3 lak money plz how anybody help how to collect my money
Con no: 9160732343
Mail: kothamiddeanji@gmail.com
Whoever working in this company all r beggers.
Kanika my clint she s worest girl
she s not a girl other type of girl she wants money only if u will give money definitely.....
Feb 18, 2016

OASIS is Good for Nothing

Dear All,

Please don't be fooled by this company. They are good for nothing. Once you sign up with them and pay a fee of over Rs 60000 they will promise you that they will conduct 10 to 15 interviews for you. This is not the case. They hardly conduct one or two interviews which also sound very shady and then they say the employers there are not interested in hiring you. This way they will waste 5 to 6 months and post that after numerous calls, mails and messages they will return 60% of the amount,

The biggest sham. Someone should take action against them.

Feb 6, 2016

now naukri .com

Beware of Now naukri .com it is a bad company give you false promises and ask for money do not pay any money and register with them. A BIG LIER company it is. I am cheated by them with high value amount. They will arrange false interview with you. everything is fraud with now naukri .com. beware. I have lost money.
Jan 11, 2016

Fraud Oasis

Please beware of this bitch anf fraud peoples . The name of this peoples are ...Why this criminals are still not getting arrested by police.

Ankita Arora

Rahul saini

Kanika Saini

Leena / Kanika (2015 clients)

Sakshi Rawat


Rupinder Juneja

Ankita Arora -- she was the person to whom i was assigned . After paying money , they were very rude and mannerless.
Shravan Rao
Dec 31, 2015

Oasis Fraud

Contact me at scrao2007@gmail.com. I will tell you how they take job seekers for a ride. Better file a police complaint failing which they will continue to lure more innocent people who will be ready to do anything to get a job.
anand j.
Nov 22, 2015

disagree with complaints

Hi, I am not agree with the comments and the entire complaints. what i have experinced in overall process of my PR application through oasis is different. they guide me very nicely and in very proffesional way. i tried from many consultanicies before but it not worked out. when i came to know about oasis i did application here and it was a great a very transparent service they provided. nothing fraud is here. many thanx to oasis and entire team for such a nice co-operation. all the best.........
Nov 9, 2015


Nov 4, 2015

fraud oasis...unnecessary harassment.

I had lost my 42,000/- Initially they said they had job offers in Canada. Once i paid them 66000/- and then they said to provide the documents with in one month. I tried to submit all the documents what ever they asked and i finally submitted the documents, then they are saying that we need some other documents such as like transcripts etc. I tried to give those necessary documents also even in last day. they simply said they didn't got the document on the final day. and they rejected my application and they refunded the amount 24,000/-. Its a harassment if they have the job opportunities they should intimate the people to get ready with documents and then they should ready with the process.
I got understand that they are just harassing the people and they don't have any jobs in abroad.
Its totally waste of time.
the person who called me is "KANIKA"
Oct 8, 2015

Oasis Resource Management

Following received from Oasis Resource Management after telling them that they are fraud:

Manisha <manisha.s@ormindia.com>
Attachments3:16 PM (15 minutes ago)

to me

Hello ,

I completely understand your concern related to the Consumer complaints. I would like to inform you that consumer forum itself makes money for each complaints coming their way. In fact you will find negative points against the best companies in the country. We have a pending case against these negative points in the high court & will be getting the solution hopefully in few months.

We had an upfront offer from Consumer forum for converting these negative comments into positive ones by paying just 20 lacs every three months. But we have refused the offer since we believe in investing this amount to the recruiters for the better career options for our candidates. Also the forum removes the positive points mentioned by the candidates immediately so that they can make money from the company. However, We could fortunately trap few of the positive points from the forum. Kindly find the attachment that has few positive points of my company.

At the end the decision is yours. Only if you have the trust in the process, the company & ready to coordinate in terms of documents, you can start the process with us.
Oct 8, 2015


Nownaukri.com is an fraud company to extract money by getting paid registration. I was told that I am shortlisted in 3 companies in Gurgaon & 3 companies in UAE & Singapore for which i paid Rs.5299/- on their site...moreover they confused me by telling that they are division of naukri.com. Once i registered on their portal i was asked to pay further Rs.5000/ for updating my CV as per International standar without which my primary registration also will be invalid. When i checked their portal they have listed jobs in India & Canada. Further i was also not registered in their portal. After lot of calls I got myself registered in their portal & i was told that what i have paid is only valid for 30 days, thereafter I haven't heard from them nor do they answer at their phone.

This is to caution the job seekers that beaware of such recruitment companies.

Amitabh Pandey
B-44, Surya Nagar,
Cell: 9999985443
Sep 30, 2015

Oasis - Fraud +91 22 40122307

I Received below MAIL : and its totally fraud, pls be aware:

We have received your CV for jobs abroad. If you are interested please read the information below and if you have any queries do call me at
+91 22 40122307.

Greetings from Oasis Resource Management !

We received your query regarding immigration and jobs abroad. Your CV has been shortlisted and you are eligible to start your application for jobs abroad. We cater to countries like Canada / Australia / Middle East and many more.

In our 14 years of Immigration and international resource services, we have realized what you are really looking for. Small mistakes in your application process could lead up to your Visa Rejection , hence Oasis Resource Management created a line of essential services that will help you to live your dream overseas.

OASIS- INDIA offers job search services, and our well-qualified and experienced Immigration consultants will guide you on process of visa application for Work Permit or Citizenship. Definitely to know more about jobs available abroad one needs the help of job assistance program.

Job Assistance Program has two steps, first is Visa Eligibility and the second one is the Sign Up process which will be taken forward once your visa eligibility report is positive.


Job summary

· Minimum 5 interviews will be conducted. Maximum depends upon the Market openings at the time of the Registration.
· Profile will be exactly similar to current profile.
· Three rounds of interview will be taking place
· One video conference and Two telephonic
· In advance we would be telling you the profile, salary package , job responsibility.


Our Immigration lawyers assess your profile for immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong & UAE. This service assures that your professional and educational qualifications are properly assessed, evaluated and classified in reference to the requirement of these countries.

For this client mandatory evaluation we’ll require your resume and a scanned copy of your highest education certificates and your job profile will be evaluated for the points based system. The report will come out in 3-4 working days. If the report is positive, then Oasis will take your process further. This service will be provided at a minimum fee of Rs. 2000/-.

Documents Required for Technical Evaluation:

• Updated CV (Kindly mention you’re Address & Pin Code Properly)
• Complete Technical Evaluation Form & Highest Qualification Certificates scanned copy
• Rs. 2000/- { Kindly go through the attachment for BANK DETAILS}

In case you fail in the first step, the money that you have paid will be REFUNDED.

If you’re interested to migrate do send me the requirements as soon as possible. Here I would like to clarify that Oasis prepare a legal agreement for the processing before we start up your interview process. The Interviews will be conducted over the phone and through a video conference.

We’ll pitch your profile for a sponsorship program provided by your employer (Which will include your immigration charges of 2 lakh INR). Depending completely on your work experience and Technical evaluation report you’ll be eligible to get a maximum sponsorship of 60-100 % along with Accommodation, Travel Expense & Meal allowance.

Salary package will be decided solely on the experience that you have had in the previous years. I hope this sums everything up that we at Oasis look for a mutually beneficial relationship ahead. Also please go through the attachments to view the details about our company profile.

* We are consultant and do not undertake any VISA/ job assurance, however we undertake to assist you to find the best for you on the basis of qualification and expertise.
* We request you not to provide any wrong/misleading information in your documents as same can invite legal prosecution.

For any further assistance feel free to contact me.

Thanks & Regards,
Client Relationship Manager
Oasis Resource Management Pvt. Ltd.
304 B Wing, Crystal Plaza, New Link Road
Opp.Infiniti Mall, Andheri(W), Mumbai - 400058

Tel :: 02240122307.

Office Timings :- 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. ( Mon-Sat ) Sunday Closed.

E-mail: neeta@ormindia.com
URL: http://oasis-india.com/contact.html

Aug 25, 2015


I just got call from oasis..her latest name was preeti chaudhary..

Fake company...fake people...

Here is her number - 97 16 860604
Jul 17, 2015

fraud oasis...a factory of making fol out of people

I wont say much...
But i woukd have been the victim of their "factory" had i not gone thru the feedbacks n remarks put up by other victims on this site...
My special thnx to Surya pratap sing an ex emoyee of oasis...for putting it across in a very clear way..
Thnx all
Jun 29, 2015

don't believe any promises

Don't believe them guys...they are not clearing full details... Seating in market for fool us and making money...

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