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oasis Resource management pvt ltd


Consumer complaints and reviews about oasis Resource management pvt ltd

Mar 18, 2015

Thank You Soo much Guys....Now 7533002013 is using by Jaya Nair....How Shame of you lady :)

Thanks alot guys....Technology is growing but still these people are in back off....I got a mail from Oasis in the morning and went to there website and had chat with Jaya Nair, She called me and told all the above crap with the same script 1250 and later on 75000 and keep on saying 50-70k USD per month.......some one tell these ppl by having Google in the net any one can find out these cheater are cheating......FOFU guys......Lets be aware guys
Feb 27, 2015

Feedback To Ex Employee

Dear Ex-employee,

I would suggest you that if you are not satisfied with your ex-employer or have any grudges against the company then kindly discuss with them in person / through mails / on calls instead of posting such disgrace comments about the organisation which you were once associated with .

As far as the Oasis representatives are concerned Neha,Ankit,Malavika,Balwant,Deepali,Richa,Shreya" none of them are fake i.e they are doing their work honestly & professionally.

Still incase if there is any client query (process related or any other clarification) kindly get in touch with Ms Rupinder HR Partner.

Feb 27, 2015


I am a ex employee of OASIS resource management pvt ltd nehru place New Delhi and I am here to aware everyone about the authenticity of this company as they say that they are in this field from past 2000 but if you check its Mca registration then they are registered from 2010 and if you ask them about it then they will say that they are working under the proprietorship and then they opened there office in India here as its totally fake.they conduct your fake interview through Internet telephony by their internal team ( MS. NEHA ) by just changing the names.They ask for money for documentation or sign up and tell you that your technical round will be after documentation which is just for salary discussion and they will sign a legal agreement with you in which everything is in their favor nothing for the client and they take 1500 for technical evaluation and for signup 75K and as you make the payment then you will get a hand written invoice from their accounts department (MR.ANKIT,MS.MALAVIKA,MR.BALWANT) and as you sign the legal agreement documentation manager (MS.DEEPALI,MS.RICHA,MS.SHERYA ) take over and they will send you a checklist and you mail them again and again but they don't revert and never pickup your calls just mail you.they say that all the expenses will be borne by the employer and all the expenses borne by you will be reimbursed in your first salary when you land in that country but that is also fake as they just do your filing for PR and you have to bear all the expenses as they have no contacts in abroad.they are just making fool of you as their MD SACHIN RASTOGI and RUCHIN RASTOGI they are the owner of this company who are running this fake business to just fill their pockets with others hard earned money for their personal expenses.they have a hdfc, Icici, Sbi account in which they tell you to transfer the money.they have two branches in Delhi one at NEHRU PLACE one at CANNAUGHT PLACE and other they have office in MUMBAI, BANGLORE, PUNE. MS.RUPINDER she is working as a HR PARTNER. so beware of them and if you want any other information contact me

this is suryapratap singh chauhan ex client relationship manager of OASIS and my contact no is 8826446552
Jan 20, 2015

I too got a call

Thanx a lot for writing your reviews. I too got a call and a mail from them asking me to pay 1500 Rs and sending a snapshot for the same. They said the amount can be submitted in 3 banks. I found it a little fishy.Then they said that the package would be something about 4-8 Lakhs/month + airtickets+ Meals+ accomodation which i don't think any company would give.
Jan 12, 2015

Oasis Management

wow i am going to Hong Kong, 68000 INR all inclusive for the work permit....they have guaranteed offers.....if i dont clear any of the technical rounds,, i get my money back simple...cool man
Jan 12, 2015

got a job

wow i am going to Hong Kong, 68000 INR all inclusive for the work permit....they have guaranteed offers.....if i dont clear any of the technical rounds,, i get my money back simple...cool man
Jan 6, 2015


I just got a call from Neetu from oasis and was trying to lure me with Canadian visa. Is there some way to trap her? Her number is +91 7533002027.
Dec 30, 2014

Do Not Believe and Be care ful

Hi Guys,

I gor a call from the Oasis and explained me about the procedure..When I had asked some questions back to them, they are unable to answer my questions...

1. Why should Candidate pay for Visa, If the company is ready to recruit...
2. They talked about some difference between and PR & Work Permit Visa's....which is not convincing because, PR is only option where you can your job at later point of time..some stories they told me...
3. They are saying, my CV is shortlisted and charging for Technical valuation as well...

Guys, this is time for consultancies to make money as USA, Canada and AUS countries open their Quota for 2015...Please be careful...
Dec 14, 2014

need help frnds

Hi Guys,

I have already made the payment of 1500 rs for technical evaluation and i just saw these reviews today....god help me yaar.

any suggestions frnds
Dec 8, 2014

cheating calls from oasis

This company is a complete fraud.If some company hires professional they pay to the consultants and nit the candidate.
please be aware
Dec 8, 2014

Thanks who wrote reviews

Dear All,

I would like to just say thanks of you, since even i got call from mumbai office and thought to go for it, fortunately i found several negative reviews right here and i changed my mind.

Thanks a lot guys who wrote reviews here, it will really useful for future who has to be aware of such a situations.

Nov 24, 2014


Hi Manish Agarwal,
myself nitin agarwal i am also applying for PR visa for canada, i need to discuss somepoint can you please share me your contact details or mail-id.

Here is my mail-id nitin12512.ganesha@rediffmail.com
Nov 19, 2014

Not Fraud

Hi Guys,

Was just going through some of your reviews on Oasis. I would like to say i am a client of this company and i have recieved my PR visa for australia from them just a couple of weeks back. I do understand your concerns and maybe you actually did not get the satisfactory service so i wont comment on that. But my personal experience with this company was good enough that i can write something in their favour to as they gave me what i wanted.
Nov 1, 2014

cheating oasis company

Cheating company i paid 1500rs and they emaild that i got 110 points for denmark for getting visa one lady called me her name is neethi asking for 75000rs for visa process so i checked in internet and foinf the reviews its very bad so i myself took decision not to pay money
Oct 17, 2014

I Was Suspecting

Hello dear friends First of all i would thank to all of you for giving the feed back of this fake cheater lier company i was just going to drop the money to the given bank a/c nos which were mailed to me by their staff ie HDFC, ICICI, SBI to start the process for Australia, but my inner voice was against to do so, its very hard earned money for like us middle class people it means a lot i was going to take a loan for this purpose. Then suddenly an idea struck in my mind then i searched for this company reviews and i had read out all the messages those people are suffered a lot i feel very bad for them, i am thanking all of them here from bottom of my heart for saving my hard earned money from this cheaters. Please those who are aiming for overseas jobs please think 10000 times before giving huge amounts, to this bastards blood suckers, pee eaters.
Oct 9, 2014

Big Frauds in India

DearAll Innocent Friends,

This company is a big cheater they not only take your money away waste your precious time and play with your emotions and career.

The big damn shits............
Jul 28, 2014

Completely fraud

Not sure how such companies are running smoothly and earning money by Cheating peaple. I just got a call from this company, few mins back, and i checked it on google. And, guess what, i came to this page.

Thanks to all the peaple who submitted their reviews; thus saving my money, time and efforts.

Jul 24, 2014

Oasis Resource Mngt-FRAUD

God saved me !!! I came to this site and read about them !! I guess they have also started targetting people from Mumbai.

Their Modus Operandi listed below:

The post a high paying JOB ADVT with NAUKRI.COM

People who apply online are then sent an email followed by a phone call. Asked me for 75000/-

I gave her the option of keeping this amount as a Bank Guarantee in Eskrow A/C payable once I get my PR

She got flipped and said its has to be paid upfront.

Ranganath acharya
Jul 21, 2014

Thanks for giving good feed Back


I Have paid Rs 1500/- for this company for my Technical Evaluation report. I cleared the Technical Evaluation. after that they started to call me for Rs 75,000 money. They promised me so many things. But i got doubt I just searched in google about it and then only i came to know this is fake company. Thanks for giving feed back about the company.
Jul 1, 2014

Completely Fake

Not sure how such companies are running smoothly and earning money by Cheating peaple. I just got a call from this company, few mins back, and i checked it on google. And, guess what, i came to this page.

Thanks to all the peaple who submitted their reviews; thus saving my money, time and efforts.

May 27, 2014

Lets collaborate and teach them a lesson

Hi Friends,

​​To who all have been cheated by Oasis Resource Pvt Ltd, I am planning to lodge FIR and a Criminal case against Oasis as they have cheated me. I have talked to a good lawyer and he has already dealt with these type of culprits. He is ready to take up the case on serious note. They have cheated me for about 70,000/- and not willing to return. But they cannot digest my money. Anyone who has been cheated and wants to teach them a lesson join me. I have talked to a new reporter as well and we will bring this case in media and expose them in front of everybody. Call me at +91-9560244229.

Saurabh Singh
May 27, 2014


Whatever said and discussed above regarding OASIS RESOURCE MANAGEMENT from DELHI is TRUE !! They are biggest fraud ever seen and still they are running their cheat institution profitably !!!

They take money, ask you to send documents and then never call you back, if u call u either see some new advisor for you or being told that rules are being changed now. so either you take back your money or do whatever you can is their reply.

May 26, 2014

HELP........ HELP....... HELP........

i am vijay from beed (mh) i have seen above more complaints against oasis res. mant. as fraud company. but i really wants to go other country for job, if you r settled in any company plz give me such websites or any guidence for forener company.

my mobile no. is 7719845455

thank you
May 18, 2014

Third Grade Fraud company

Hii Guys
Please i am advising you all people who are going to start their process with Oasis Resource Management. This is one of the best fraud company in India , I am surprised that after so may complaints Neither Indian Govt and Nor Police department is taking any actions against them.. It happens only in India
Their are few things which totally prove that Oasis is a big Cheat , Once you open the website of Oasis nothing is mention about their Owners and the Highest authority it seems n one is going to take the responsibility of the company and friend think about this if you have paid for your process whom you gonna blame for this , I guess no one there is no one in the picture
Secondly they will provide you a registration number of Ministry of corporate affairs, Here they will make fool of you because Ministry of corporate affairs (is an Indian government ministry. It is charged with administering the The Companies Act, 1956 and other acts related to Indian private sector. It is responsible mainly for regulation of Indian enterprises in Industrial and Services sector) and it has nothing to do with immigration and its registration you can take with only 15-20000 INR.

When i go deep into that shit i found Oasis is not at all registered with Immigration Authorities like MARA in Australia and ICCRC for CANADA, You can can visit their sites to find out the genuine Agent.

They are fully advertising that we are the best immigration consultants from the past 14 years and the most funny thing is that the registration number they have mentioned is of 2010 and it has currently expired , So i mean to say its not a company which is running from past 14 years.

Once you pay them they will provide you a piece of crap which they call a legal service agreement believe me guys on that agreement everything is against you and after a certain point of time that time is only one week after the payment they stop attending your calls and will provide you a lot of excuses like he/ She is in meeting or he/she is not available and the best excuse is of medical leave. So think 1000000000 time before you start putting your hard earned money into that shit.

If you are really keen to go abroad and looking for Permanent residence you can file your visa on your own until and unless you are damm illiterate to fill up certain form ohhh come on guyz you are not living in a stone age and you are not unaware of technology , everything is online now a days , you dont need these fucking piece of crap consultants.You can visit respective govt websites to take full information http://www.immi.gov.au/,,,http://www.cic.gc.ca/

God has saved me for wasting my money but he can not save my friend and he has wasted 120000 INR on these bastards for Canadian PR Visa and now he is in DEBT. So kindly dont accept a single call from OAsis resource management

They are not only wasting your money they are wasting your time also and most important they are playing with your dreams..

This is my heartiest request to indian law , Kindly take into this matter as your priority and shut down these companies As soon as possible to save other millions of innocent people.

A responsible Indian Citizen
dhoom 5
May 7, 2014

Best Cheater in the world

i am lucky because i want to joined there but then i check all that think even all yours complains. i suggest everyone who want to join there. Please this company is totally worst & damn. and his employee are fully knowledgeable that how can make you fool. everyone who want to complain go your nearest police station & do this. this is my humble opinion.
there are some people who make you fool & his name Ms. Charu Sharma, Prince setia, Garima & Divya..
these people are totally corrupt. so i want to aware you.


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