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Prabhavathi Builders


Consumer complaints and reviews about Prabhavathi Builders

Binu Daniel
Sep 26, 2016

Royal Gardenia - Status Update

Hi Everyone,

My name is Binu. I have booked flat in Prabhavathi Royal Gardenia. The construction work has been stopped for over 4 months.

Can someone please confirm the current status of Royal Gardenia project? I believe the project is getting delayed. I'm not in Bangalore since last June onwards so have not gone to the actual site or haven't talked to them much over phone, but whenever I called them they used to send some pics to me, most of the times it looked same pics, very slow progress or almost no progress.

Today when I called them they are saying that the office is closed and have tried all different numbers which I had for Prabhavathi and all their workers are saying that they are currently not working with Prabhavathi and have no idea or updates.

I know there is one Wattsup group created for the owners of this site. Could someone add me to that group?

My no. is 9886059997 and email id : binu6420@gmail.com

Binu Daniel
Sep 23, 2016

Shame less Prabhavathi

None of the employees are coming to office and may complaints filed in Mico Layout and Jp nagar Police station.

But of no use, yesterday i have seen some customers getting police people to prabhavathi builders and i have seen the whole drama.

Even police people were not able to find any of the Management team of Prabhavathi builders .

I think all investors and customers are in tremendous trouble.

All should fight together for our money, else we should forget our money.
Sep 22, 2016

Prabhavathi builders worst in bangalore

No sense people , dont no how to respond, and talk all false promises no matter what they dont respond of refund

i book my flat in Lotus grand basapura on oct 2014 till date not event brick moved

i have cancelled in month of April 2016 by looking at the progress and even now we are not received the refund evry day there is new reason

Tied of following up with money people

Sarath Liar - Poornima big Rowdy & liar shiva kumar- fraud kaushik cheater

Please dont even think of investing any money here

Iam still waiting for some response to get back my money
Sep 21, 2016

Foolish Investment Plan from Prabhavathi

Prabhavathi Builders told us to take a loan on one of their project and asked us to invest on them, in turn they told they will pay 1% Internets for us and they will re pay the loan directly to bank.

Loan will be closed in 1 years time, Believing them i have taken loan and invested with them, Its been 4-5 months they have not paid bank interest nor my 1% returns.

I have seen many people who opted this investment plan and got trapped by them.

Mr.Sharath (Management and cousin of MD/Founder Mr.Praveen), Mr.Charan (at present he is not in company), Mr.Mohan Babu (Sales) are the one who suggest this idea and processed my loan.

Now for the resolution i have met all their employees
1. Mr.Sharath
2. Ms. Poornima
3. Ms. Pallavi
4. Mr. Shivakumar
5. Mr.Mohan Babu
6. Mr. Venkat
7. Mr. Darshan
8. Mr.Rahul
9. Mr. Kaushik and many more

Non of them have answer and MD of the company is absconding.

Useless company and utterly useless MD and his Team.
Sep 20, 2016

Spring Feild

Spring Feild- Prabhavathi Spring Field, Devarachikkana Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076- This project , no work is done for past 4-5 months . As i Know the Builder tax payment was not done . IT Raid and freeze account . They are unable to make Payments so all work stopped. Need to file case in consumer forum , this is in progress.
Sep 20, 2016

Prabhavathi Bliss 2 - no details on my apartment by Builder

I have purchased plat in Prabhavathi Bliss 2 in 2015. During the purchase they were behind me for down payment and Loan. Now they are not responding to My calls also no details on the . Also i heard that they have stopped construction from few months. Also rumors I read online is they have gone bankrupt. Is it true? How can i get details from them. I heard buyers from this Apartment have whats app group. Any one aware of that? Is there a way I can get my money back from them?

Prabhavathi Builders are not trust worthy.
Sep 19, 2016

Prabhavathi builders not trust worthy

If u r planning to buy Apartment then definitely never look towards the any options from Prabhavathi Builders. They are not trustworthy.I bought 2 BHk in Prabhavathi Bliss 2 in Begur Road. During the the booking they were behind me all the time for booking and Loan. And they are suppose to finish the Construction in march itself. But still no details. I heard they have stopped construction from few months, Also i heard rumors that they have gone bankrupt. If I call them there is no response. Not able to get any details on the project status. I stay outside India and it is becoming impossible to get any details on the apartment. Does any one has any details on Prabhavathi Bliss -2 or the status of Prabhavathi builders.
Krishan Kant
Sep 19, 2016

Palm project not completed even after 4 years.

Palm project not completed even after 4 years (July 2012 booking). I am staying in Palm apartment, yelahanka for the past 1.5 years. I taken permission from them and occupied. That time they told, with in two months every thing will be completed. Till now there is no residential meter. No lift. No parking allotment. No khatta allotment. Many times KEB has disconnected power supply. And we 25 people faced difficulty for 2-3 weeks each time. May be due to this reason rest 25 owner have not occupied. There is no response from builder side. Recently I heard they have become bankrupt. Only god knows what will happen next. This apartment is a very small one having 40 flats + 10 illegal ones i.e. one floor extra. These people have not taken BAIPPA approval also. If any one from builder see this complaint, please respond. For other readers just review it. Actually I was trapped by there cheap TAG.
Sep 17, 2016

Worst Builder

If any one is planning to buy a Flat or any type of property with Prabhavathi Builders, My sincere request to all those people is not deal with them and do not lose ur hard earned money. They have already cheated 100's of customers and people are running pillar to post either for possession of the flat or for the refund. The company has gone thru huge losses and the construction as been completely stopped. Being a landlord of one their projects, I am behind them for the last 3 years for completion of work and till date they have remained pending. Never seen such an A** Ho** , Mo*** F**** who has given so much trouble to innocent people. They are bankrupt and the. Banks have black listed them. Plz be careful and stay away from them...
Aug 29, 2016

worst builder

The worst builder I never seen in my life and I lost completely after buying property in Prabhavathi… no electric city and no left from past 3 years… Worst people… I have spent almost 28lks… including bank interest… now I already to sell that for 24.5lks….no customer will ready to buy…because… NO WATER… NO ELECTRIC POWER… No LEFT… The worst people…. Pls don’t not buy the flat with these people….
Aug 18, 2016

Prabhavathi Builders

I booked a flat in Prabhavathi Fortune. As per agreement possession is on sep 2016. But still now only 40% work is completed. I am facing very much difficult in paying rent and emi both. But from builder side very bad response. They are telling it may take more than 1 yrs again. Pls request ur suggestion on this situation. I am planing to cancel because I don't want to take risk. If I cancel what is the procedure.
Aug 14, 2016

Booked flat in Prabhavathi Royal Gardenia

Hi Everyone,

My name is Shani Jaiswal. I have booked flat in Prabhavathi Royal Gardenia. The construction work has been stopped for over 2 months. I know there is one wattsup group created for the owners of this site. Could someone add me to that group.
My no. is 09769559517 and email id : shani_jaiswal@yahoo.co.in.

Shani Jaiswal
Jul 11, 2016

Pashmina Builder - Fraud

Pashmina a real estate brand formed by a business tycoon and committing all fraud in bangalore. Don't invest in any of his project.
Jun 24, 2016

Planning to Buy a Flat in Prabhavati Royal Gardennia

By reading the reviews about the Prabhavati Royal Gardenia, I am confused now about the builder now, can you please suggest whether to invest in Prabhavati Royal Gardenia or not. As I have been to their site and it looks like stil loty of amount of work is left.,

Please suugest


Gourinadha Jami
Jun 16, 2016

Prabhavati Royal Gardenia - A beggarly Gardenia


I booked flat in Prabhavathi Royal Gardenia on Non 2013 & as per their commitment I supposed to get the possession by Nov 2015 but still not even foundation work done, every time we visit the project once in 2-3 months, every time we saw nothing. Never labor working on the project.

Really frustrated & looks like they are taking the customers money as if granted, no accountability, no responsibility, no quality.

I have referred 2 people & after 6 months both of them cancelled their booking & they blamed me for bad choice, I could have also gone for cancellation but still I'm trusting them but they are cheating the customers continuously with false commitments.

I'm really not sure what to do now. We have 40 people who are victims of this project in a WhatsApp group, we frequently visiting the builder to talk on the progress every time they come up with some story.

Any suggestions or recommendations highly appreciate.

Mar 30, 2016

Delay Work

I bought 1 Flat from Prabhavathy Paramount B Block after 1 yr also they not even complete Plaster work in my Flat.Keep On changing engineer Blaming them self. Nothing Happening .
Mar 3, 2016

Dont Worry Customers

Dear Customers do not worry about any legal documents and paper works kindly call Kumar at +919632980002 Head of sales /Operations . They are really doing good in Market and all documents are clear and perfect with legal Approval.

Sites Value : 30*40
Individual Villa
All Major Bank Approval
Legal Document
Gated Community
APA/BMRDA Approved
Prabhavathi elegant flat owner
Mar 1, 2016

DELAY IN COMPLETION by prabhavathi builder

Hi Everyone

Delay is common in construction business. Causes of delay also common in construction business.
What is the acceptable period of delay?
6 months delay is common,
1.0 years delay your pocket start burning.
1.5 Years delay you start fighting with builder & your BP start rising. You start taking medicines .
2.0 years delay your doctor suggest not to take too much stress & you can have heart attack.
2.5 years of delay your BP comes to normal as builder is very co-operative & you start begging them to complete the project.
3.0 years of delay you decide to go & stay with temporary electric connection without lift & amenities.
Have no idea when we will get permanent electric connection & lifts & amenities.

Our Elegant project is now in the 2.5 years stage & we are mentally preparing for 3.0+ years of delay.
I also thought the delay is common but not prepared for the worst.
Now At least I thought I should share my experience with all new & existing buyers.

Prabhavathi builders staff is very co operative & very supportive. They will surely help you to successfully complete the project with their own timelines.

Now they have hired few Bouncers to take care of your safety incase you fell sick when ever you visit their office.

As per prabhavathi builder practice. 1.5 years to complete the project is ........( when prabhavathi builder is not able to tell the answer how can I predict)

Come and experience the best.
Feb 9, 2016

Status - Royal Gardenia

Hi All,

Can someone please confirm the current status of Royal Gardenia project. I believe the project is getting delayed.

Can someone please share contact number, if booked in this project.

Jan 26, 2016

Delay issue

Like every builder Prabhavathi Builders too have delay issue. We faced this issue for almost 7 months, this period was very difficult for us. We had to pay both our EMI and the rent of our house. Even though the sales and customer executives were in constant touch with us the response could have been made better.

One thing we all have to be thankful for is that we have not faced any quality issue so far. All branded materials were used, unlike other builders were got the flat handover. i have heard many companies don't even hand over their projects. if looked at that way Prabhavathi builders are very good. They can avoid the delay issue to make the customer experience even better.
Jan 26, 2016

Review requested

Could anyone please give me a review on Prabhavati Classic at Ejipura, and the builders.
Jan 25, 2016

money refund issue

Prabhavathi builders project was caught with some land dispute, Like all customers i was worried my money would be lost. They did deny speaking to us for a long time, however after a while we spoke to the manager and he explained us the issue.

The problem was created by a few people and was not the fault of Prabhavathi builders.they asked s to be patient and promised us to repay our money back. It took almost 6 months,

But they refunded all my money. I feel lucky like others to get our money back, other builders would have maybe just forgtten bout us. Cause of this i trust Prabhavathi builders.
Jan 21, 2016

Prabhavathi Springfield issue

I had booked a flat in Prabhavathi springfield in June 2013, they had promised to give possession originally by June 2015.

I'm not in bangalore since last 2 yrs so have not gone to the actual site or havn't talked to them much over phone, but whenever i called them they used to send some pics to me, most of the times it looked same pics, very slow progress or almost no progress.

2 days before when I called them I heard a new story that they have some issue with BBMP related to road widening and are not going to construct few of the units (my flat is one among them). Now they are asking me to shift to other available flat in same apartment or in their any other apartment.

Do we have any other springfield owner here who is facing this issue, please do share your contact, you can contact me on bikaskumar@gmail.com.
Jan 21, 2016

Money Refund

I have booked a flat at Prabhavathi lotus grand .After the agreement came to know there is legal issue so they are not going to construct my block. So I asked my money Rs 6,60000.00 back. But from last 10 month everyday I am fighting with them .But they are not returning my money . Do Not know what to do ? any suggestion?
Jan 21, 2016

Money Refund

I have booked a flat at Prabhavathi lotus grand .After the agreement came to know there is legal issue so they are not going to construct my block. So I asked my money Rs 6,60000.00 back. But from last 10 month everyday I am fighting with them .But they are not returning my money . Do Not know what to do ? any suggestion?

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