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Professional Courier


Consumer complaints and reviews about Professional Courier

Rupesh Andody
Feb 24, 2015

No Staff for Delivery BLR33358005

BLR33358005. is reached at kondotti branch on 21-Feb.
But still this item is not yet delivered.

I have called the branch and the reason they told is no delivery boys available to give this item delivered.
And if we need the consignment we need to visit their branch and collect, Other wise they will return the item by saying "Insufficient Address"
Gouri Shankar05
Feb 20, 2015

Worst Courier Service for Docket No - 432467529

I was suppose to get My domestic courier before one month but still i haven't received it yet.
When called to the customer care they are very rude and not responding and they r just passing the ball back and forth
They have asked me to call on 02240258200 a Person named "VAISHANVI" picked up the call finally after dialing several times, provided me
with another no from Bangalore 08022110641 and this was not reachable, so i got another no which was 08022249960 and a person named
"SUMI" picked up the call and she has got no idea about my Courier and she insisted to check or confirm the number which was given to me by "VAISHNAVI"and after calling her once again she disconnected the call as if i am calling her to take personal Loan or Credit cards.

And the Courier guy who delivers, he is so Intelligent that when he saw my locked door he just went away without even bothering me to give a single call.

So if this is the service u guys are Providing then God Bless ur "Professional Courier Service".I am gonna Put this on Social networking sites for ur Excellent services which you provided to Me.And I hope after reading this mail u guys will be able to deliver my Courier before the end of 2015.
Feb 18, 2015

did not reach my book

i am student in qatar and for my exam which will be held on 2nd march i ordered a book through online
from delhi to kasaragod
now when i check the track it says its in cochin since 13th feb and not yet moved from there
when i call them they tell me to call other one and it goes on
if i dont get the book within tomorow i am going to court
thats for sure you

no thanks at alll
Feb 17, 2015

Poor Delivery and Rude Response

Hi Team,

I have send the courier, as per your company representative, It has to be delivered on Feb 14. It reaches Kakkanad Office on Feb 14, 09:30 (as per online update). They have not done any actions on that. Once I called and enquired, their response is rude and un professional. He(whoever in- charge) called to Recipient number and they asked to come and collect it otherwise they have returned it. What kind of service is this? Govt Postal system is better than this. Sorry, i have to tell this, The Name "Professional Couriers" does not suit with your service. Sometimes, Delivery cannot be done the day that promised. That I can understand. But the people asking for inquiring about their courier, your people are not responding properly.

Please do some action if this strikes you . If they are worrying about escalation, they will not behave like this. But still I am trying my luck. (In a Professional Way)

guru vishwa
Feb 14, 2015

Non-Delivery of courier

No.20,Ramakrishna nagar,
sir, A courier was sent from kancheepuram branch on 10/02/2015.The next day evening your puducherry (muthialpet branch) staff
informed me over phone that the courier was not delivered as the door was locked.I informed the courier perswon that the courier may deliver after 2.00 p.m. But the courier person didn't turn back on the next two days.Yesterday when mi contact the branch by
phone he said that he cannot deliver the courier and returning the courier and he used abused language over me.

I am your regular customer for which i have a lot of evidence.This is the way your staff behaves with customers.

Kindly see that the courier is delivered to the address between 2p.mand 3p.m.forth wih. Please shift the delivery man immediately so
that your customers will not neglect your courier.

if the courier is not delivered then the future course of action including legal action would have to be taken against the courier.

Yours truly,

Feb 14, 2015

Customer satisfaction

when i went and asked him when my courier will deliver then the person told me only 2 days...

i tracked my parcel over internet and his shown me his status its very satisfactory...But after that in Jabalpur its took 2 days extra and when i call the reception person telling me ,please sir wait it will be reached...

now 5th day i ma getting waiting request ......
So what can i say ................
Feb 10, 2015

Courier Not received after 6 days also.

I have sent courier from Bangalore ( BLR570048061) to Sagara ( Shimoga Karnataka) On Feb-04. But till now its not reached to destination. If I ask at destination branch Sagara, they are telling its missing. I wonder with this response, the worst service I ever experienced.
Feb 9, 2015

Non Delivery of the Parcel

Dear Sir,

It is really taking life out by seeing the other complaints and what had happen to those complaits being not attended or never bother to answer.
One of my parcel bearing the consignment no of BLR 540040387 booked on 10th Jan 2015 and t the date is running 9th Feb 2015 to Kerala to Allepey is not delivered and the Profesional courier is not able trace and booked place is telling that the consignment is reached Allepey on 14h Jan 20 15 and the same has not handed over the party and party is informing that the parcel is not given to him.
Why this kind of worst dealing and handling Please tell us what had happen to the parcel as the Proffessional Courier is not responding to our several calls made to the local and Allepey office also.

We hope you will retain your business atleast to hold good in the business otherwise you will lose every where and it will be taken in all the place to block the business.
Mukharjee Pinapaka
Feb 9, 2015

worst courier service

I am writing this review to let everyone know about this worst courier service. I had bitter experience with this. My parcel was shipped through professional courier from Ambala to Hyderabad on Jan 30th. Till now(Feb 9th Afternoon) it is not reached. Other courier services delivering parcels within 72 hours. In addition nobody will take support call. Always their telephone lines are busy. sometimes they will tell irresponsible answers.They won't update website for weeks together. I never find such a worst courier service these days. They are not professional but un-professional couriers. Readers please ask your seller not to ship item through professional before putting order. It is my sincere suggestion - Mukharjee PInapaka.
Feb 6, 2015

non delivery of cjb.072749363 dated 2.2.15

The above consignment addressed to The Principal,Pollachi Institute of Engineering Technology,S.F No.107/1B,Poosaripatti,Pollachi-642205.Kindly reply status to srinivasan@nrsindia.in
Jan 29, 2015

Not delivering consignment

Professional courier Hebbal branch is not bothering for customer consignment and professional courier site doesn't contains a complaint request forum in their site.
My company has sent a courier through professional courier on 9th dec.2014 consignment no,MAA171789724,which the Hebbal branch has received on 10th dec.2014 and they've not intimated me and hold the courier in their branch only and returned back to chennai. They themselves are updating in the site that customer address not found and not bothering to call to customer once.

Such a irresponsible courier company I've never seen and service is worst.I've send a mail to their customer care mail id and no action has not been taken against this professional courier Hebbal branch till now...Its a shameless...


Not delivering consignment

Jan 27, 2015

Not getting to know where my parcel went

.My friend has sent me a parcel from bangalore to pune but i have not received it from last 2 weeks also the customer care people are not behaving properly and not getting me know the exact problem and i am not getting where is my Parcel went. This is seriously the worst service i am facing with the Professional courier.
Please if you want to keep your customer happy don't getting them frustrate with this kind of worst service.
Seriously WORST service ever i faced.
Jan 16, 2015

delay of parcel

professional courier is d worst service in our city..dey are alwayz delaying our parcel..im doing online business .other courier service always delvrd our parcel on time..dis professional guys didn atnd our cal ya dey wil not cal us wen our parcel arrives...my dealer sent parcel frm mumbai docket num. vpl 120081014 .trckng status shows it is desptchd kochi on 11 th january..but yet i didn get dat parcel..wen i caled to dis kasaragod courier office dey wil not answer promptly..plz take necessery action..
Jan 14, 2015

Courier Not Recevied

I have one parcel(recepit no -BUR70010720) which was displaced from my home town Burhanpur(M.P) to Bangalore on 5/01/2015, Today it is more than 15 days and I have not received my parcel.
It is one of my disgusting and unprofessional courier service. They are bunch of fraud people. Who will steal your valuable, So kindly avoid Professional Courier service at any cost..
Please go to some other reputed courier service provider.
Jan 12, 2015

Non Delivery of Consignment

My Client Mr.Balu Booked the Consignment at your Namakkal Branch Office vide CN No.NKL1573566 on 06/01/2015 meant for delivery at Ashok Nagar Chennai. However even after 6 days the documents has neither been delivered nor returned to him.
He has made several telephone calls to your Namakkal branch and there have been no response.The track in shows that the delivery is in pending status.The document consigned is a valuable and important one and your continued inaction amounts deficiency service for which you will be held accountable for all the costs & consequences in this regard.Hence do the needful at least after the receipt of this mail.My Client, however reserves right to proceed against you for deficiency of service for the delay already caused.

Yours faithfully

K. Vinaya kumar
Jan 10, 2015

Courier Not Received

seems to be a worst courier service. becuase after several calls also my consignment no. BLR6400441587 booked on 7th january 2015 at Bangalore is still at Bangalore itself.
Bindu D K
Jan 10, 2015

No Response to Phone call

Our customer from Mumbai has send us the parcel Four Days ago (Dated: 06/01/2015) Docket No: KUR371208752, still we are not receive the material, No response to our phone calls, its getting very frustrated. Please send the material ASAP.
Jan 10, 2015


To Customer Care Manager
Professional Courier Company
Mumbai, New Delhi, Ambala and Yamuna Nagar
I need your kind attention and favorable action on below matter....
My name is Nikhil Chugh I had sent a courier (Docket no. VPL 507094890) through Professional Courier Office Near Borivali Station, Mumbai-400066 on dated 5th Jan 2015 in evening to Mr. Man Mohan Chugh, Indian Sugar and General Engineering Corporation (ISGEC), Yamuna Nagar,Haryana - 135001. In that envelope i had put SODEXO Coupons worth Rs. 1120/- and that was duly packed by me at your courier office (2 Photographs attached namely - sent Front and Back side), but today on 8th January my Father received the Courier without Sodexo Coupons i.e EMPTY Envelope and the main point is packing of Envelope is also changed from back side (Photographs attached namely-Received Front and Back), you can see the Orange Tape at back side of Envelope, which was not at time when i packed the Envelope.
So, i request your Professional Courier Company to please refund my Sodexo coupons of Rs. 1120/- or give me Cheque/Cash for same and also my advise is to take the strict action's against all the persons involved in this matter, so that your Company Brand Name and Image will not affect in future.
I really want to say that, This is very unprofessional and unexpected from any Courier Company and with this type of theft/cheatings, no one can trust any Courier Company for safe and right delivery of their particulars.
Waiting for your Favorable and Prompt response.
Nikhil Chugh
Jan 8, 2015

Non delivery and worst Customer Care Attitude

My courier dispatched from Bangalore to M.P. address which is not been received for 3 weeks and when I called to customer care (080) 22230457, the lady was talking without any sense, she was shouting unnecessarily and she cut the phone without listening anything.

I have sent a mail to all given mail ids out of three, two mails returned back as Mail id does not exist and third one luckily replied and processed the complaint.

Its really very irresponsible behaviour and service.
Ram Kumar
Jan 8, 2015


My sister sent me mobile phone box with bill and user manual yesterday from kunnathur- 638103 (TIRUPUR).

I received my parcel today afternoon.NOW I COULD SEE ONLY BOX.

i dunno who intercept the parcel. I dont know what they will do with the bill??? i thought of selling my mobile..Now without bill i can't..

End of the story is you should not have personal problem with the guy sitting in Courier office.

vinod palukuri
Jan 2, 2015

Courier Missing

Hi ,

I have given one courier in ITPL professional courier office to deliver it in andhra pradesh on OCT 4th. Till they haven't received
from the last two months i have visted ITPL branch office many times. But i am not getting the proper information. Today they have shown very rude behavior and asked me to come after one week.

This courier is having one dry fruit box and 36 photos. Please take the necessary action.

consignment number: BLR250040124
Dec 27, 2014

Consignment still not delivered

Consignment no. BLR565319923. I sent a Chocolate box as a Christmas gift to my best friend through professional couriers from Modi hospital road, Bangalore to T.Dasarahalli, Bangalore. They had told me that it will take only 1 day for delivery. So I booked it on 23rd, so that it would reach my friend on 24th as my advance Christmas gift. But it is 27th today, and still its not delivered. All my plans and enthusiasm is ruined. And tomorrow being a Sunday, I'm even more pissed. I tracked the parcel on 24th morning, it had reached Dasarahalli office. So I called and told my friend that he will be getting my gift. Since then, he is eagerly awaiting. When I tracked it now, even today it shows the same, its still on transit. Why does it have to take so long for domestic transactions, that too from Bangalore to Bangalore. Its so pathetic service. I called them many times but none of them are picking my call. I lost my patience. I'm worried now whether they ll send or not. By the way, I'm myself going to my friend's place on 29th, then why did I have to send my gift through courier. That is because I wanted to give advance Christmas gift, not belated. Now I regret booking through professional couriers and wasting my time and money. I will hav to file a complaint in consumer court if is its still delayed. I want the parcel to reach the recipient by today. Failing which, Professional couriers have to face consequences. I'm waiting for a response soon.
Dec 27, 2014

No Delivery No Responce

This complaint is about Professional Couriers where there is no professionalism in their staff. My uncle book a courier on 20th Dec 2014 through Professional courier they promised to deliver it on next working day on booking time but till 27th Dec they didn't deliver it when i been to near courier office the guy is shouting on me that he given me call but i was not picking it he mentioned, where i didn't received any calls and i showed my mobile call list too... then he claims that he was tried many times and shouting again. This is what their service. Please never ever book couriers through Professional Courier Service.
shreedhar naidu
Dec 17, 2014

consignment sent back without delivery.

Dear Sir/s,

I bring the following to your information.

On 9th of Dec.2014 I had renewed a vehicle policy with ICICI LOMBARD,

On the same day a hard-copy of the same policy was couriered thru your
esteemed Couriers.

The concerned official, that is, the delivery person, in Doddanekundi
Branch, Bangalore, deliberately sent it back to the point of origin with a note
that the concerned person (that is I) is shifted out of the given address.

When confronted in the office, the delivery person argued with me that the
address given by me is ABSOLUTELY wrong.

His contention was the locality which I mentioned was ‘GOVINDA REDDY
LAYOUT’ in address, which according to him is NONSENSE and it, should have
been ‘NISARGA LAYOUT’ and there is no layout as I have mentioned.

Further, upon enquiry with your other staff in the office, they are delivering
scores of consignments addressed as ‘GOVINDA REDDY LAYOUT’.

And this is not the first time this has happened to me with the same delivery
person. The earlier occasion was, in Feb/March of this year, a consignment
shipped in the name of my daughter from Chennai was delivered to the wrong person.
Confronted, he pleaded guilty and delivered the same the next day with profound
apologies and assured me that this will not happen in the future.

I feel aggrieved as the matter is of serious nature as my consignment is of
Vehicle insurance, as the insurer, ICICI LOMBARD, should not conclude that
I have deliberately misled them with wrong locality and I am cheating them to
secure and insurance.

Shreedhar Naidu
Dec 15, 2014

The delivery person taken money

Hello Team,

I had sent a gift parcel to coimbatore GN Mills. It weighs 500 gms. I had paid 250 Rs. The delivery has taken 50 Rs extra on delivery with my friend. It's realy bad. Then why the hell you took 250 Rs.

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