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Consumer complaints and reviews about Professional Courier

Sep 18, 2016

Fraud practice

I had shipped a product from bangalore to Visakhapatnam BLR145098547. It was found that only the empty box was received. The product went missing. How can this be possible?. What kind of people are you hiring?. With no work ethics. Now who will take responsibility of the missing product, I need an answer. I will never again use the service of professional courier again nor suggest it to anyone and even will try my best to destroy it's current customers. I don't want any more people to face such an experience.
Only good customer experience leads to customer retention.
Awaiting for response.
Sep 11, 2016

WORST and waste

I have booked the courier from delhi to bengalure on 11/08/16....but I have not received courier date as on 12/09/16,,,As registerd complaint in their website and they are not responsding ...They have sent back the courier from Bangalore with out consulting the customer and also response is very poor from they are employee and manager also...I called 100 peoples and evry one giving new number.....Kindly sugest where we have to take legal actions against professional courier bcoz I have lost Rs.20000 due to neglegency of profession courier..also I have the same for RS.500..Docket no./.-DEL513007367

Kindly suggest how to go further legally against profession

Txs and Regards,

Mahesh kumar.N
Sep 11, 2016

(Un)Professional Courier, Best in Worst Servicing & Customer Handling

Dear Team,
I sent a parcel via this Professional courier service on 03 Sep with AWB # BLR75809881. Parcel is still not delivered to the consignee. It was sent from Bangalore ( HSR Layout) to Dindigul. I called the customer care / Courier office several times to inquire about the status. So far no positive response from them. In Courier office they are saying, Manager is out of station so I need wait till Monday. I am really not able to understand the linkage for a parcel missing and Manager out of station. Because of their sloppy work, I lost a customer as well as 2000 worth of hand made products.
The same situation happened to me during July for me. That time they told really sorry, this wont happen again, we will assure you. I didn’t not take any action just because that was my first time. But this time I am not going to leave this case as it is.
I will wait till tomorrow, if I don’t get any positive response or if they are not able to track the parcel, then I will proceed legally and will fight till I get justice.
Think before using their services.
devidas b gore
Sep 9, 2016

non receipt of parcel AMB512677332

Sir I am Gore My parcel is sent from Asian sports , Patilalal on 06.09.2016 Docekt No. AMB512677332 to Thane , Tiil today I have noty received. I am in need of material inside the parcel very urgent, My Mob no. 09594784911 email- devidasdish@gmail.com
Sep 6, 2016

DEL512985340 ex Delhi to B,lore booking date 27.08.2016


Kindly refer to subject matter, said parcel is still not delivered, status is showing that parcel reached on 31.08.2016 on madhavpura branch, we approach many times, but they don't give any response. When I personnel went there, they told us that parcel is mission road branch. Now please tell us what to do. No body is listening. This is position of number one courier of South India or All India.

If any body or department is caring this complaint, please do needful.

Sep 3, 2016

Worst Servies and cheated

worst service in krishnagiri. because they not give courier in mention Address.

Please Don't suggest profession courier. it's a worst service courier

My friend send the courier to my home. madhuri to Krishnagiri. it receive my home town. But they not deliver the courier.they told come and buy the they mention Address . that address my home to there 2.5km. they not come and deliver.

i ask the question why your not provide service in my village. they behave very horse and worst response and bad words. my friends courier at the time they not tell that place services not available.its very bad and cheated customer. finally they not provide courier to me.

so please response customer and don't cheated
Aug 31, 2016

Professional Courier - Courier Delivered to Wrong Address

On 17th Sep 2016, I had sent a courier from Pimple Nilak, Pune to Wadgaonsheri, Pune.
The courier is not yet delivered so I tracked it on Professional Courier company website. It says the courier is delivered at wrong address in Sanas Wadi, Pune.
All the landline & mobile numbers mentioned on shipper copy given to me are not working. Also Central Mumbai customer care numbers mentioned on Professional Courier site are not working. I tried to raise complain on Professional Courier portal but it is not working. PFA screenshot for reference. When I called Central Mumbai number, they asked me to call Sanas Wadi person and check myself, which is very unprofessional and incorrect.
From last 10 days I am sending mails to pnqmh@tpcindia.com; ho@tpcindia.com; kurmh@tpcindia.com; ssdmh@tpcindia.com, but courier is not delivered to right address.
Bajaj Allianz Life
Aug 30, 2016

cover not delivery 13th Days

I Am Bajaj Allianz Life Insurence Co.Ltd From Guntur I am Cover Booking 18/08/2016 But Still Date Not Delivery From Today 30/08/2016 Delivery Boys talking to customer customer came to office pick up the cover this is really worst courier & service
Anubhuti Dubey
Aug 23, 2016


Worst service I ever seen. My courier is not delivered on time even on booking pro premium service. Their website is not updated and when I call them for the status they are not even proper responding. Very irresponsible personnel they have..very unprofessional people they are.. Even the delivery boy ask for few money even on very late delivery... This what they provide on the name of the service.....shame on you guys....I must say NEVER EVER GO WITH THEM.........NEVER PREFER THIS SERVICE......
Aug 18, 2016

Unprofessional behavior from Staff

Given its name, Professional couriers should be named as UNPROFESSIONAL couriers! I recently was a victim of unprofessional behavior of their Delivery Boy Mr. SANTHOSH of the Thrissur branch and subsequent immature response of their Thrissur Administration Manager Mr. Ashok.
One of my friends had couriered me a parcel from Thalassery and the delivery boy contacted me and informed me that around 3pm, in will be delivered at the bus stop of Karamuck church as they do not do door-door deliveries!
Around 3pm, the delivery boy called me again and told to to come to Velukumkal Canara branch as he cannot come to Karamuck Church!!
I went to this place which is 2 km from my place and asked for his ID. He informed me that the company does not provide any ids!!!
Thereafter I asked for a contact number of his boss and he rudely informed me to call anyone!!
I called their Admin manager of Throssur branch Ashokan, who promptly responded that if I do not want the parcel, Iam free to return it!!!
This speaks volumes of their professional behavior that your company exudes. I have not received this kind of behavior from any courier company that I have delay with in past.
I have raised a complaint,let's see what happens
Jinoy Viswan,
Karamuck, Thrissur
Aug 17, 2016

Unprofessional, Rude people

My sister courier me through professional courier from Banglore. Today morning I got a call from Banglore that lady is from banglore professional courier and said they deliver once in a week in my area if I need it urgently I can collect it and provided me my area professional courier no., but when I called on that no the lady who picked my call was shouting on me initially I thought I have dialed a wrong no I confirmed is that professional courier no. She confirmed I dialed a correct no but she was not ready to listen my concern n disconnected call.
After all this I called the Banglore no from which I got call and there also the lady who picked my call was rude n disconnected.
I'm wondered why it's named "Professional Courier".
It should be "Unprofessional couriers" or "Rude couriers"
Aug 17, 2016


I am expecting my courier to be delivered since 10-12 days now today is 18th Aug 2016. My courier number is 0271105382 of PROFESSIONAL COURIER. On friday 12th Aug 16 I received call from Professional courier mumbai office saying that Lady at the address on which courier supposed to dispatch said it was no her courier.
But fact is that No one has came to deliver the courier, no one called me regarding my address verification. Then I called pune contact 9225602661 of professional courier on 12th Aug 16 to clear the confusion he said the courier will be dispatchd by next day on 13th Aug 16. but no one has came. Again I called him on tuesday on 16th Aug 16 he told me the same courier will be dispatchd by today evening.. but i didnt gt my courier since today 18th aug 2016.
If Professional courier cannot delivered courier in time you should close the service.
Professional courier a very pathetic service i ever experienced compare to other services
Aug 15, 2016


My Bill No : MAA534772028
On monday(8/8/2016) i sent a courier from chennai to pune (RECEIPT of RAILWAY)they promised me to deliver on wedsenday but after running from pillar to post and thearting them that police complaint will be given, instead of delivering they asked us to take delivery from there office which was ten kilometers away on Saturday (13/8/2016) from our given address.
Because of there delay we have to pay extra 1500RS/- to railway Authority for releasing our consignment.
When hole episode was happening we got irresponsible,unauthorized, immature, answer from PROFESSIONAL COURIERS !!!!
Aug 13, 2016

Courier Not dispatched

My Consignment No BDQ2748657
I am not getting the status and your representative is saying consignment is not received, now he is not picking my Calls.

Contact No : 9762357854
please look in this matter urgently.
Worst Service i have faced .
Aug 11, 2016

Professional Courier - No sign of Professionalism

Worst courier service.Worst Customer Care.Dont know why they are still running this courier service if they
will never deliver the couriers.Never use this courier service,it will never be delivered & the customer care
will never pick up your phone.
It will be better if you go and deliver the courier yourself instead of giving it to them.
Waste of money & time.
Ravindra Kumar Bajhaiya
Aug 11, 2016

consignment not receive

My Courier Id : 589193 booked Dt 02-08-2016
I haven't received the courier. I called professional Customer care center, They told my product is going wrong way. By tracking the consignment it show in Nasik But consignment is booked to Dantewada 494449 (on Jagdalpur Region) Chhattisgarh.
I need to know the status of the courier.
Worst service I have ever seen.
Angel Stella mary
Jul 28, 2016

delay of the courier

I had to receive the small parcel of sticker of invitation card whch was dispatched on monday from K.R market whch sin bangalore .
But I had been d person frm tiday mrng and d lady who attends d call is so rude she does not kbw to speak to a customer and she disconnectes d cal wit out giving any notification to d customer whch s more irritating.
When I raised my tone dn d lady informed me that her person would come in next 10mins, bt the delivery person came b4 10mins .
How is it possible ??I think jst bcoz of my rude tone I got my parcel delivered today if not I must hav been waiting for tmrw.I would say worst experience I had wit professional courier .
Plz look into it and tak action al customers vl b d same
Thank u
Jul 27, 2016

Uncultered people working in professional courier service

I had booked a very important document with higher priority on 23/7/16 but till date the the courier was not able to traced by the bastards who have given the name "professional courier".they don't have manners discipline to understand the question or query what the customer is trying to tell, instead they speak very cheaply .i really don't understand which fucker has hired such fucking people to run their fucking courier business. Never ever in my life I would use this courier service .
Jul 26, 2016


Hello Team,

My courier with number ANK706859 that was sent from ankola on 20th July 2016 is not yet delivered to me. I understand if it was a big product that caused the delay but it is just a 250gm box that was sent.
I also called the kondapur courier office to check on the status 4 days back. They said we have got the box but at the moment we don't have the delivery boy so we will send it tomorrow. After successive complaints I finally got a call today, 26th July 2016. I was expecting that I will finally get the box but they just called to me say it's raining outside so we cannot come today and will deliver it tomorrow.

I questioned them back about the delay and they said that the parcel was received yesterday. 4 days back I already had got a confirmation that the box was delivered in kondapur hyderabad by the HYD team. Not sure whom to believe and whom not to. This will be the last time that I used professional courier.

Be professional to earn your name.
Jul 20, 2016


We have sent a courier from chennai to Pune Airway Bill No.MAA196063649 dt.23-06-2016. Today we have shocked that this courier was not dispatched so far. We are in receipt your bill with CD for June'2016. While going through the CD also we found it was not delivered till 30-06-2016.

We are very much disappointed, please look in to this matter immediately and give us the feedback with details of dispatch with acknowledgment copies.

b.srinivasan. cell:98416 96564 email:accounts1@gurudevtata.in
CHENNAI 600 106.
Jul 19, 2016

not received the courier

One courier was booked on 15.7.2016 at Pondicherry Professional courier office addressed to Dharapuram cirty. ;But the courier has not been recieved for 6 days. After the enquiry made at Pondicheery and Dharapuram they were not property taken any steps to deliver the courier property. It is seems to very worst service of the Professional courier service.
Jul 15, 2016

Professional courier

Even charging 150, claimed as pro premium those arrogant idiots didn't deliver my parcel for more than a week. And only after we called they responded that they don't have courier boys at kozhikode to deliver .if u don't have courier boys in a big courier company, WHY THE F..K U ARE RUNNING a courier company.
And finally those A..h..es asked my customer to come to their office if she needs.
Prakash Marathe
Jul 15, 2016

Non delivery of Docket and no response

Courrier sent from our Bengaluru office on 8th July 2016 with Docket no. Blr8200052494 was not received till 15th July 2016.
On enquiring in your Pune office, Iwas given office no 02066048851 of Jangli Maharaj Road.This office seems to be closed as no body is lifting the phone.What do you expect me to do to receive the docket delivery?
Will avoid using Professional Courrier in future and advise others to do the same.
Richi K
Jul 6, 2016

Missing Items

Package sent from Vidyaranyapura to Madikeri via Professional couriers (Consignment no:BLR640143298) on 4th July 2016, was not delivered completely as few items were missing in the courier. No action taken from proffessional courier office.

Please Help me to resolve this issue ASAP.
Jul 6, 2016

Worst courier service ever

Worst courier service.I have used many other courier services earlier and this is the first time I have used professional courier & the experience is very very bad. They told that they have called on the mobile number mentioned in the courier & asked to collect from their office which is not true at all.Also what is the meaning of courier service if we have to collect from their office.I have never faced this issue from any other courier services before.Totally unprofessional behaviour.......

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