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punjab national bank

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about punjab national bank

naveen kumar mawani
Jul 21, 2016

internet banking

my name is virender singh & account no 7298000100040142 in anupgarh (sri ganganagar) branch. I made an online payment through netbanking for punjab police requirement 2016 rs 400 is dudcted from my accont but transction is failed. This problem is occured two times and rs 800 is deducted from my account. but transctios are show failed massage. after the 1 month my payment is not returned to me. it is so frustrated that bank is not returned my money. Please return my money.
Jul 19, 2016

Online transaction failed and money not refunded till date

My name is Indu Saini and my a/c no is 3527000105041563 and my account branch is in Ropar, Punjab. I made an online payment of my institute i.e. Dr.SSBUICET, Panjab University on 10th July, 2016 at 9:25pm. The payment was worth Rs. 10,299. The money got deducted at the moment but it didn't credit in the account, it was supposed to be. I confirmed thrice from SBI account holder in whose account I was crediting, but it didn't reach there. On calling helpline, they said money will be re-funded in 72hours but it didn't. Then on calling they registered complain. I can't wait more. I'm in urgent need of money to pay my semester fees. I'm quite frustrated from the kind of response I'm getting from helpline customer care. I can't wait more. Do refund my money within 1-2 days or I'll have to take strict action against the bank for the way they are delaying to refund my money.
Jul 19, 2016

Mis behaviour to customers

Dear sir,
There is man in Rampur (up) 244901 super market branch name M K CHAUHAN is very rowdy person and do not help customers and talk like he is owner of the bank and usually PNB is famous for misbehaviour to customers that's why big transaction accounts are not active in PNB branches.
This is for ur kind information.
EMAIL: regal_overseas@yahoo.com.
Jul 18, 2016

regarding ,balance deduction on ,21-06-2016

sir, my name is manish singh ,my account in pnb ,my acount no is -4971001500138087, from my account ,21-06-2016 ,the amount ,10000 has been debit ,please help me.and told me the why this balance has been deducted from my account ,
my mobile no is-9074532755,7830201278
Jul 15, 2016

Huge shortfall deduction

I Saurabh s/o Yogesh Dutt with pnb saving acc no. 3355000101290740 have actually deposited Rs. 8230 in my account on 11 july after a certain gap period as i was living in some other state, so was not able to operate my account. But after depositing the same the bank have deducted Rs. 1434.54 from my balance in leu of certain shortfall which i believe is totally unjustified as far as customer friendly policies. I was aware of this fact there will be certain shortfall deduction but this much of amount deduction is totally disappointing specially from such a reputed bank. There was an obvious reason because of which i couldn't operate my account but deducting such an amount is like making fraud of the customers. I am a middle class person and that money can actually make a huge difference.
I am really disappointed with the way punjab national bank had formulated their policies because from no where it seems as a customer friendly bank. Please look forward to this matter.

Acc no. 3355000101290740
Father name- Yogesh Dutt
Address -A-481, AWAS VIKAS COLONY UNNAO, 209801
Davinder Kumar Chopra
Jul 13, 2016

wrogly debit of RS 1802/- on 04.06.2016 from my SF account

on 04.06.2016 my SF a/c was debited with RS1802/- in my SF account no 3097000201652929 on account of quarterly interest for the quarter from 01.03.2016 to 31.05.2016 when there is sufficient credit balance of more than 50000/- in my account during this period. I have lodged my complaint in this regard at your site care@ pnb.co.in on 30.06.2016 under complaint no. 5000104624 and again on 10.07.2016 under complaint no. 5000106207. The status of these complaints is Completed. But neither the entry of RS1802/- was reversed nor the reason for debit of this amount has been informed. My service branch is BO MAHAVIR ENCLAVE NEW DELHI(6578). I also lodged a complaint with the branch on 22.06.2016 and again on 12.07.2016 but till date my complaint is not redressed. You are once again requested to look into the matter and reverse the amount of Rs1802/- wrongly debited and credit my account on account of quarterly intt for the period 01.03.16 to 31.05.16. I am a ex staff member and sr citizen.

MOBILE NO. 9891366376 9717422020
Davinder Kumar Chopra
Jul 13, 2016

wrongly debit of Rs1802/- in my SF a/c no. 3097000201652929 on 04.06.2016 on account of quarterly interest for 01.03.2016 to 31.05,2016

On 04.06.2016 a sum of Rs.1802/- was debited in my saving fund account no. 3097000201652929 on account of quarterly interest for the period 01.03.2016 to 31.05.2016 when there is a credit balance in my account. on 30.06.2016 I have lodged a complaint in this regard under complaint no. 5000104624 and again on 10.07.2016 under complaint no. 5000106207 at your bank site care@pnb.co.in. On tracking of my above mentioned two complaints the status shown is completed but neither the reason of debit of this amount is told nor the entry is reversed. My service branch is BO Mahavir Enclave New Delhi. I am a ex staff member and senior citizen. I have also lodged my complaint with the branch and the branch has lodged complaint through SPSD on 22.06.2016 and again on 12.07.2016. After enquiry from the branch about the fate of my complaint the Sr. Manager of the branch told me that my account status was changed from staff to general in April 2016 and 1% preferential rate was recovered from my account. I fail to understand when i am a staff member of PNB and retired on 30.09.2015 and how the bank can change the status of my account and recover 1% preferrential rate of intt. As such you are once again requested to reverse the entry of Rs1802/- debited in my a/c on 04.06.2016 and correct the status of my a/c.as staff for 1% preferrential rate of intt applicable to ex staff also.
Jul 9, 2016

Withdrow from atm but not got any money

Sir my name Jai Prakash Sharma s/o Kalika Prasad Sharma I am customer of Punjab National Bank Raisinghnagar Branch Distt. Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan pin code 334051. I was try to withdraw Rs. 6000/- from OBC bank ATM but i was not got any money from OBC Bank (Raisinghnagar Branch) ATM after this i was reached my Punjab National Bank Branch Raisinghnagar and complain this matter, after 8 and 10 month PNB reject my complain in the mean time i reached OBC bank and got CCTV footage and in CCTV footage clearly saw i was not got any money and provided this CCTV footage my bank and after this bank again reject my complain my transaction detail given below
ATM Card Number 5126520164966645
Transaction date and time 05/05/2015 15:59:19
Reference Number 512515374463
Transaction amount 6000/-
ATM id NA044001
ATM Bank name OBC bank
My address
Jai Prakash Sharma s/o Kalika Prasad Sharma
Ward no. 11 Raisinghnagar Distt. Sri Ganganagar
pin code 335051 mobile no. 9454873508 and 8302129225
mail id swamipsb@gmail.com
Kavita kanwal
Jul 6, 2016

Self deduction of money from account

My account have money transfered to it that is ruppes 500 three times . so total amount would be 1500. But today when I visit ATM for money withdrawal there is only 287 balance in my account . other balance has been deducted . I dont knw why but I want you to recover my balance. Refund it. I need money very urgently .
sakshi singla
Jul 1, 2016


my name is sakshi singla a/c no. 2349001500004666 at chandigarh branch sec-26. i made an online transaction of rs 10000 to pay for an insitute fee i.e. nimcet-2016 on 23-06-2016 but my transaction falied so i registered the complaint on pnb toll free number....but they are not responding any time whenever i ask them about any feedback or whats the status of the complaint......plz tell me if my money will be refunded or not and if refunded then in how many days its already 7 days till now.....
Jun 6, 2016

New account opening

I visit sec43 manav rachna pnb branch for opening of new account . As I want to open student account your staff sent me to registrar to allow for permission for opening of new account.as I m not minor I am major +18. I have the right to open the account by myself. What's is this happening? Why should students need any permission from any vc or registrar. We have the right. We do not need any vc permission to permit us as a student for verification. I have submitted all my documents . There is not any kind of procedure which ur staff is telling.every person having +18 age can open his student account by himself. Why does he need any vc or registrar permission? Pnb is not a private bank? So would we need any permission?

Please look into the matter quickly.

Student of manav rachna collge
May 2, 2016

internet money transfer NEFT

Internet bank is very ..very worst

I tried to transfer NEFT payee my account to other account that account also(pnb). there showing error valid ifsc code but that code is correct ...i checked 10 times but again ... showing same error.
May 1, 2016

Non credit of intt.subventions in my KCC AC no 1078008800002387 from 2014 to 2016

I have KKCg limit vide account no.1078008800002387in my name with PNB Tibbi Khurd .In this regard I want to informed that intt.subventions from the years 2014 to 2016 is not being given in my account .My account is met the all conditions required for granding intt.subvention as per the guideline of RBI or PNB .Moreover .I want to says that , I have checked my account statement I come to know that intt. Sub. for year 2014 was given . Despite the fact there is sufficient credit submission in the my KCC account.Every year, I have to pay visit many time to BO Tibbi Khurd 1078 for clear the matter, why the subvension is not paid but no satisfactory reply was paid to heel. Branch managers say that it is a matter of HO leval or computer faults and matter was submitted to circle office Bathinda .So,please take up the matter with concerned office so that necessary credit can be afforded to me.An early action in the matter is solicited .
Thanks and regard .
Name- Karnailsingh
378,new Azad Nagar ferozpur city
Mob. No. 9876944476
Apr 30, 2016

Non receipt of intt. Subventions in KKC 1078008800002387 not subventions paid

Respected sir,
Sub: KKC ac no 1078008800002378 in the name Karnail Singh .non given intt. Subventions .

II have KKC limit with BO Tibbi Khurd .In this regard I want to informed that my AC is running regur since the loan sanctioned . But intt.subventions for the years 2014 to 2016 is not beng given .My account is met the all conditions required for intt.subvention as per the guideline of RBI or PNB .Moreover .I want to says that , I have checked my account statement I come to know that intt. Sub. for year 2014 was given . Despite the fact there is sufficient credit submission in the account.Every year, I have to pay visit many time to BO Tibbi Khurd 1078 for clear the matter why the subvension is not paid but no satisfactory reply was paid to heel. Branch managers say that it is a matter of HO leval or computer faults. so please take up the matter with concerned office so that necessary credit can be afforded to me.An early action in the matter is solicited .
Thanks and regard
Yours sincerely
Name : Karnail Singh
378, new Azad Nagar Ferozpur city (Punjab)
Mob: 9876944476
Date: 30/04/2016
Apr 27, 2016

education loan

Sir,I am arun Kumar Yadav b.tech 2nd year student at Nitra Technical Campus Ghaziabad.my fees due in college and my family in financial problem.so I want to take education loan but bank submit all document but they don't give loan without any reason.and college do not attend the class .so sir help me quickly. 9452160262

education loan

Apr 26, 2016

Debit amount

Dear Sir,

My name is Laxmi Sandeep Bhate, I was withdraw Rs.7000/- Dtd. 10.04.16 in ATM Machine at sakinaka branch but we can't received amount Rs.7000/- becasue at the time of withdraw machine was swich off.their was no security, i was compaint in customer care but within 10Mints. Compaint no. M057352891. . I was visited branch also but they told call to customer care only. Still not credit my Account

Please take necessary action, My mobile no. 9594565757/9702626057
Apr 25, 2016

Regarding fund not transfered yet

Dear sir,
I have transfered INR 25000 from pnb customer center ,badarpur to everest bank nepal to one of my friend as he is in hospital and he was in need of money.The guy in cuatomer center told me money will be transfered by 4 pm itself.But it was not transfered.Now his phone is switched off.Please help me what should i do now.My friend needs money as he is in hospital.My mail id is raaj92934@gmail.com

Raj kishor jha
Apr 25, 2016


I ASHKO KR.CHAUHAN I m an account holder of PNB bank branch VIKASH BHAWAN,LALITPUR UP. I want to inform you that I tried to send money to my relative in KANNAUJ IN SBI ACCOUNT through RTGS service from PNB sarai meera branch kannauj. the bank MANAGER (including a ASST MANAGER) inform me that your money have been deposit in SBI account and give me receipt with stamp and sign for same.The amount was deposit in SBI KCC AC for closing/renewal the loan and stop the interest in dt 22.04.2016.I have checked and contact in SBI kcc account on same day,The sbi manager inform me that amount not deposit in ur kcc account.I approached to the pnb branch on for confirmation of rtgs request.I was shocked when the reply given by branch manager that ur amount RS 200000 will not be transfer in SBI account bcz u didn't have account in this branch so go to ur branch lalitpur 400 km and apply RTGS from ur branch and will transfer from there.When I want to know the reason they told me that i dnt want to use the intersol (word use by BMz) of my branch and i will not transfer ur money in sbi at any cost .His behavior was so rudely.I have payed to interest to sbi in kcc loan account 11% in place of 7 % due to wrong commitment/wrong behavior of branch manager. Please take a suitable action . thanking you.
Apr 11, 2016

mobile banking money transfer.

Dear sir.
My name is Neeraj pandey and my a/c no. Is 3080001500032105 . I want to transfer rs.4000 (07-04-2016) from other bank date but not Cr. To in other account because my accounts for Dr. My balance.. so kindly information argent to me..

c.chandra kumar
Mar 21, 2016

account transfer

I have my accont tranfer my city my dsp account no is 1118000400829705 account just bank of assam ,missamari,sonitpur dist. My account transfer my city pnb marthandam ifsc code no is punb 0438400 so kindley transfer my account sir.
Please tfansfer my account action please.
Yours faithful
C.chandra kumar
anuj kumar meena
Mar 18, 2016

atm card

pnb atm card not givan
Mar 8, 2016


gitesh gill
Feb 29, 2016

10000 rs deduct from my debit card

Sir I withdrawal 2500 rs from pnb ATM in sep 2015 but my account balance deduct with 12500. I complain branch manager but he not take any action.
My account no (hdfc) -21211910019644
Mob no-8958446507
Feb 27, 2016

Unknown Transaction and Withdrawl

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I have an account in PNB jharsatly ballabgarh faridabad .The account no is 3348000100151310. On dated 29- June'15 , Rs 15000 has been deducted from my account,when I checked the account through atm mini statement next day. It shows that the amount has been deducted through ATM. but in actual, I tried a transaction of ruppee 5200 but the atm machine got hanged up and i waited for few minutes and then an another person tried so i walk out because my transaction is cancelled technically.than i am going to another bank atm & there after few 1 min ai got a sms from pnb bank they will be deduct from my account 15000 , i contacted and submit a complaint against it the bank is not taking it as a serious matter and they are no replying any answers. its a huge amount and i want it back because the technical fault is because of the machine . what is my mistake in this. I have informed in the branch but they are not providing any satisfactory answer by saying come tomorrow.your bank staff say me the money and if the transaction is successful .kindily help me ,

My acc no is 3348000100151310
mob , no , +91-8882556100
mr. surenser sharma
#h-128/1 rajiv clony ballabgarh faridabad ,

Thanks & Regards
Tara Chand Agrawal
Feb 18, 2016

Cashier Sri J.P.Sharma Misbehaving customer

One of your staff namely Sri J.P.Sharma PNB,Betul ,most of the time absence from his seat during working hour's and at the time of
closing hour's before one or two Hour's he used to vacate the seat and just coming at 4.00 PM closing the window even if the customer waiting for a long for depositing the amount,In case some body told to him about his activity ,he just soutingly telling him go and make complaint no body will take any action on me.Please there for you are requested to take necessary action after making necessary inquiry other wise maximum number's of customer will shift their account to other branches which will result to
heavy loss to your branch.
Thanking you
Your's truly

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