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Nov 4, 2015

QI - e-Business


Dear Friends

Yesterday upon my Friends call , I went to find a job in Hyderabad, Kukatpally (UCO Bank's building, Temple street, housing board, , Hyderabad). My friend introduced me with a person in that office (Obviously office has no name). Many youngsters were sitting there, I don't know what they were doing. That person told me that many IT PROFESSIONALS are working in this online business by leaving their jobs in TCS, Microsoft, etc. (Oh REALLY!!!!)
Then he started talking about his Senior (BOSS), Who worked in TCS and left his job as to make money in e-business. He tried to create much hype about his senior(BOSS) saying that he will be busy all the time, its very difficult to get his appointment,...........................But (to my surprise) I can meet him/get his appointment immediately (WOW HOW LUCKY I WAS / WHAT A JOKE)

He took me to his Senior's cabin. He asked me about me, my job, Family, and ................. SAVINGS. Then he started talking about his career, no-savings life and tried to gain my confidence. After the motivational drama, he said that I can make lot of money in e-business. He didn't even tell the name of the company / kind of work I have to do, But he asked me : If i can earn about 50k/month then how much i will invest.
When I asked about the business products/ job role/ he said nothing but asked me to come along with at least 70k within 3 days to know all the the details.
Just I came out of there. and and asked my friend about the company, he said that he paid 3 lacs and got user name /password But he doesn't know about the work/(or not ready to reveal anything) again he said that he is getting good income. How is it possible. When he doesn't know how to work , then how can he earn. I asked the same question to my friend then he suggested me to pay the amount and believe them then I will become rich....


If I get any more details about them , then I will post here.

Satayamev Jayate
Oct 19, 2015

Coffee of Rs 2.5 Lac & time 4 hrs

Hi Everyone,

I gone through the above comments, i had the same experience guyz, the same place CCD, then they asked me 3 questions??? The second one was the finance part, they asked me to invest 2.5 lacs atleast either from bank for personal loan or else to swipe my credit card to purchase their products like health care products, tour packages, jewellery, etc. to get the QI membership. They were so keen about to know my bank details. They given me so many examples of successful entrepreneurs like Ambanis, Ratan Tata and so on.

when i start reading this forum I am actually shocked, i mean how my experience can be similar as others had. But anyways what my motive is to write a blog here is - I dont know how QI group and its agents are trustworthy or not. One thing is running in my mind that how they people can judge me in a single meeting that i am the next rock star and i should trust them and i should take a loan for more than 2 lacs, i mean how logical is this? We just ordered a coffee and they told me the same as above script written by so many people, then they start telling me that i am the next rock star or i should trust them and i should purchase some of their products worth rs 2 to 8 lac min to max. Am i fool? Rather to know about my passion or my capablities they were showing their trust on me and they were so confident about me. I mean how anyone can force me to take loan because they trust me.

If they really really trust you na then ask them are they willing to pay money on behalf of you? i am telling you they wont even going to call you again.

Try these things you will surely get an answer:

1) If there is some business kinda thing then person will look your skills, abilities, strength etc...rather than your salary, bank or credit card details.
2) They will not disclose the things with you soon they will take their time to make you prepare for instant on boarding in their team with the investment of lacs rupees.
For a transparent partnership every partner needs time to think about the pros & cons which involves in the business but i am telling you they will try to avoid this time frame thing and wont let you , you can see that these people are very restless. what they told me that this position is very good and they are about to close it asap.

Anyways i shared the things which happened with me and what i am thinking now.... so guyz i just wanted to say that Trust on you rather Trust anyone.

All the very best!
Oct 19, 2015

QI Frauds

Hi Friends,

This weekend only i met to one of these agents and to my surprise i could relate word by word to whatever is written above. Its all so true and these guys mentioned that they are working in IT and they are planing to leave their job and all. My frend is trapped with this and she asked me to come and attend. I can assure you about one thing that this company and the people here are fraud, they are no different then speak asia and the other frauds like them. Dont even waste you r time even if the person who is recommending you for the same is your best friend. They will boast a lot about that his relative got him interested him to this business and he is some bloody country head and all whose income was 1Cr annually. Guys please dont fall for this trap, they are all fake. The moment i told him that my dad is Asst Director CBI, his face turned pale. So please stay out of this shit.

Oct 17, 2015

Qi net cheating people

Exaclty as told by the person below the words told to me are like the script below. For me, the disease part is not there and they put new idea like she had lots of loans and all and she and husband are planning to settle without doing any job...

The person will say they worked in IT like 8-10 year, I was bluffing bluffing and she told yes yes.
From that I know if at all IT, maximum a call center person..
As my face seemed changing red, as the business thing changed from partnership to MLM(Multilevel marketing), she told, if you are OK only we will continue..

As the friend who referred me is a close one i didn't barge out and waited till she finished the preaching

See, the concept is ok and please read a blog by guruprasad (search in google) and he conveys the message excellent
They say their model is dependent on geometric progression, 2^2,2^3 etc and would be successful, but guru clearly explains why this chain will end eventually. after some stage, you need to have full earth population to suffice the stage and there it will end. By the time it will reach you, maximum 2-3 stages will remain and only primary stage guys will earn like hell and others are left with a 3.5-4 lakh loan..

So, I told I will let them know and left as a token amount of 20,000 was asked.
There were 2 stupid guys managed at same time by a joy/Joseph I saw paying 20,000 each and I couldn't say anything to them... Money is gone...

And my prev experience I didn't tell them

My brother like friend was running a game cafe and was pretty successful. His mother invested something like 50,000 and she got 1.5 lakh back. Instead of stopping and enjoying what she got, she put all gold and everything and put near to 10 lalh again and this time she got till 2 lakhs and company broke..
8 lakh loss.I still remember him selling the shop and pc and consoles to pay off the debt

Then only one thing I gained from the session was the idea of direct franchising (they told its not good) something like Starbucks and not using virtual things at all.
Called some buddies up and I think we can co ordinate the family members also and can get a big brand franchise, and later new-new ones...

If nothing happens also, bitch please ,I am getting 7CTC
Logical guy
Oct 6, 2015

QI -Modus Operandi- Beware

This happened to me when my ex-colleague called and mentioned about nice opportunity in e-commerce where he has doing extremely well and looking for few members/colleagues to join his team. he is suggested my name and his manager wants to meet me only on fixed day and fixed schedule so that one thinks he is busy and genuine.

Few points to be noted.

1. These guys wont meet you in their office- This people will meet you at CCD, KFC(public place) etc.
After reaching their they will say my boss is doing so well he had very nice job fantastic salary left his job for this as he sees its very big opportunity and within couple of years he has turned water into wine.

2. Now the Gyan Guru arrives for teaching.
-He would ask you about your self, your family background, who is decision maker at home
-Now he would why you want to do business. you may reply for money, success he would again ask the same question why you want to join them same answer in a different way. he would say he is not satisfied and you have to be more passionate , enthusaiatic about work
-For success he would tell you have to spend couple of hours daily for this work might be whole day on weekend.
-Now he would start preaching his gyan how he was facing difficulty in life. His dad died from cancer and he wont have money for medical expenses so he thought he would become successful so this kids wont face the same problem. He would touch emotionally. Its a Psychological impact where they try to emotional attach you.
-One this is done they would project bigger name like Ambani, Tata and how these guys become successful they took some risk.

3. Guru's Lesson
-He would tell you about the company establishment
-their e-eCommerce platform where around 400 products are available for trading which doesn't require product to be sold product sells itself.
-Products are of different categories including tour, FMCG Electronic but none of the brand would be mentioned by them.
-MAD(Marketing and Advertising Costs) they would emphasize on these concept as these product wont have advertising expenses so these are cheaper so revenues saved from advertising is shared amongst its partners.

4. Trap begins.
Now they will start about how you have to bring 2 members and they have to bring 2 members and so on. on every member introduced you will get Rs.2000 and your superior and above them the smae amount will be remitted. After few months you cna earn in lakhs and after 5 years you might reach to 5 crore mathematically.
For this structure or platform where some one has to buy from you have to create a platform wherin your user id would be assigned and ultimately incentives will be transfered.
They will plot few diagrams, restate few slogans about motivation, money and so on. will focus on huge lumpsum amout you could receive after 5 years

5. Membership/ partnership or to call it as to become a fool fee.
They would ask for fee which he is very less that is 3.5 lakh which you can easily recover in a month or two.
If you dont have money they will suggest you to get a loan on your credit card which they recommened me on the spot.
They will provide you concern person for personal loans

Few things why to you should run away from them:
-In all these 2 and 2.30 hrs these people wont even ask you for water they would be continuously blabbering.so how you cna trust some one who talks about lakhs crores and wont give you sip of water.
-They wont even mention their product neither e-eCommerce platform in these period but will try to get as much money from you with a smile.(Dont take your credit card).
- If the product is too good and gets its consumer so why they need us for membership fee?
- How could one invest money in a business without project framework within couple of hours.

I am just trying to convey a message through this platform just to aware people so that these cons wont dupe them.
Just a message to QI Group its hard earned money please don't cheat innocent poeple by showing them big dream and cutting their pockets.
Sep 8, 2015

QI investment

I also invested around 20000 and agent now pressurize me to ful payment but after that I was thinking whether this is fraud or not can any one help me? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Aug 22, 2015

Qnet - just want your money

One of my friend is involved in this. He used to talk big things 2 years back. I will leave the job. My annual income will be my monthly income in few months. Two years passed nothing happened. Its not that he did not worked hard in these years. He really worked hard. I saw him. Going here and there and taking meetings. But nothing happened as promised by Q net. He got some thousands of ruppees but not lakhs as promised. Main faliure of Q net is the amount of initial investment they demand - lakhs of ruppees. In India no one is comfortable in this. Some people also don't have it. In this way, q net itself restricts its market. You may be able to convince people on every other logic but not on money part. That's the biggest drawback of this company. And sir why do you call it as business and money as investment. Simply beacause its more attractive. You can simply call it as a membership fees and you need to make more members in chain. You give so big names to things as if some one has become Ambani at first instance. You just play with phsycology and dreams of people. Nothing more than that. I request you not to encourage people to take loans for your membership fees. Don't play with the lives of people. Don't create problems for them. In India, most of the people struggle with basic necessities of life. Don't get them in more problem by taking loans.

You make people believe that you will recover it. If someone is not able to make members than you will say you are not doing hardwork. It all depends on you. He will not able to make members easily. Your model itself shows a big faliure in it. When you demand lakhs of ruppes on first instance. How will he be able to convince people for money or taking loans. Before taking money you will help him. After everything will depend on self help. These corporates just suck the blood of people and enjoy. I really wish that this q net should get banned in India also. So that people can be saved.
May 24, 2015

QI group - Qnet etc

Guys...similar stuffs happened to me yesterday in Starbucks cafe, these guys identified me from far place like Pune and planned a high profile meeting/proposal..bla bla....thankfully I myself is a finance/mktg guy make so may other convince about .....my own dream (off course quality services/products). During meeting, I could convince them that they are biggest fool and also searched wrong guy. Asked so many weird yet logical questions.

My mind went off when they didn't offer a cup of coffee and when I asked that the cafe guys are watching us, should order something, he told me to go and take what u feel comfortable, he doesn't need any. Big idiot i was...and ass he was..he lost his customer first (non professional people) ....i immediately thought of f**king his time and make him irritate and realise that enough of making this shit.....bombed so many straight Q. We parted with leaning. For him - dont call any one without making initial assessment about person...and for me...it was ....dont get drive away for any tempted meeting without knowing person or opportunity first...whatever big it is....... to my surprise that guy (pune wala) told me to get your family (spouse/father) along for better understanding. F***cker he was.....i lost my money time weekend...n fun...in this HOT summer.......guys...learn from us..and spread this eswaran shivkumar's fraud story....to all social media
i for innocent
May 12, 2015

QNET is absolutely a scam

One more article to share

i for innocent
May 12, 2015

An Another SCAM QNET

QI aahhh..I would like everyone to know what exactly they tell, talk shit , waste your time and in the end you realise your are sitting with professional beggars all time losers and bunch of idiots who all have lost dignity want to earn money without doing anything.

It started with one of my close friends husband who is part of this multilevel marketing he was trying get in touch to me consistently finally when he came to know I am a guy who is looking for starting a business of own he came up with this approach.

He started with we are having some big expansion plans in Mumbai for which we require business partners
Me: I dont have any relevant experience I am an IT professional without any E commerce marketing experience.

He: No issues come up with open mind I will give your reference to my senior and let him know your are interested of doing business of your own blaah blaah blahh.....also don’t forget to bring Pan card, passport , debit & credit copies
Me: Okay kool will see (In my mind : Why would anybody requires debit credit card copies ??)

He: ( on call after some days ) My senior soon will be arriving in mumbai your are so lucky to me him f2f etc etc..
Me : okay when where , whats his name ?

He : name is Yazad Kasad he was Radio mirchi's regional manager left his job now drives BMW already started business in Gujarat now looking to expand in Mumbai you can meet him only on sat 7 , sun 3 & 7, bring all the required documents
Me : will be their @ sat 7

Now the venue is R city mall I was their around 6 and after waiting for almost half and shouting back here comes the guy (He).
He will try to make you emotional talking about your family problems, how your mother & father raised you facing difficulties in life , so how do you think you can repay them ? By doing the current job is it possible to achieve your dream blaah blaah

what he is trying to is he is washing out your brain & doping you with all the dramatic things so you will speak the same shit in front of his senior on which I turned my ass I spoke totally opposite.

Here is the conversation which I had with the great “Yazad Kasad Sir” ohh my goodness I am obliged : D :D ROFL :D :D
Venue : Mocha R city mall
Four people on table Yazad Kasad , Rohan (Dark guy for nodding head & giving serious looks) , he (one who introduced me) and myself.
YK: tell me about yourself
Me: gave him some details about myself, education, degrees etc..
YK: that I can see in your resume what I want to know is about yourself
Me : again told same stuff but in a different way (which he understood very well this time:D:D)
YK: Why you want to do business ?
Me: general reasons earn money, make family members happy, live a luxurious life blaah blaah
YK: Yeeh toh kissi airre gare ko pucha toh who bhi wahi bolegaa main tumhe kyu luuuh ??
Me: Till the time you will not tell me what is the business , what are you offering me , how I can give you specific reasons.
YK : I can’t see the burning desire in you ?
Me: I will and can show burning desire in my work but first tell me what is your business what you guys do ?
YK : It’s not important to know how it’s important to know why , when you know why you have to do bushiness when you will get that burning desire in you then you will achieve it anyhow.
Me: okay
YK: have you ever thought how can you achieve your dreams how can you repay to your parents What all things you will do for this ? if you are good with what you are doing right now you are free to leave …
Me: Yes I am looking out for a good opportunity as you saying you have one but again I would love to know what is your idea?
YK: you dont know what you know , you think you may know everthing but you don’t know anything still you don’t know lot of things blaah blaah
Me : In my mind (I heard only know & don’t know what the hell is wrong with you !! you fool)
YK: So are you a Decision maker How can you well you can take a decisions if it’s a financial one ? we require a person on board who can take decisions on his own ? can you take loan of 5 lakhs?
How much time you can give for business?
Me: its depends on what kind of decisions I have to make if it’s a big financial decision I have to talk to my elderly’s in my house. I can work on weekend’s
YK: I am taking you as partner here you can’t make decisions and it’s not the business done on weekends
Me : then I can give my 2 hrs daily
YK : See the main investment here is time not money also I have lots of investors but I want serious people who can give in time and efforts ..
Me: then I am ready to put in double efforts but tell me what is the business and if you have investors then why you want my money ?
YK: Do you know about intial capital & working capital ? have you ever talked to any businessman before ?
Me : No never got an opportunity you’re the first one
Now when I see the clock its already more than an hour still he has not spoken a single word about product, e commerce company , business what I am supposed to do just he is talking bullshit unnecessary things and wasting my time and his energy.

YK: I ask you again why do you want to do a business ? I can’t see that burning urge in you.
Me: Tell me the business first then I can actually think about it

YK : this is the final time I am asking you why you want to do business or why should I hire you ?
Me : I gave all the reasons already what exactly you want to hear

Folks I have tried my best to put as much as I can on paper but the most important thing I would like all of you to know is do not give them a single penny of yours because when the great Yazad Kasad was really helpless in convincing me he was asking for 20 to 30 grand’s on the table.
So this shameless creatures just want your money which you have earned from your everyday job, talent, efforts please be aware from this bunch of bastards and don’t be a scapegoat to them.
Moreover please post on blogs and social sites the similar incidents you might gone through atleast we can make people aware and save them from making a wrong move.
I went with the minset of making them realise they cant fool around everyone and get easy money was more then happy to see them frustrated & helpless :D :D :D....haa haaa

Apr 7, 2014
After my friend took me through all these session over the weekend. I have gone through the website, www.qigroup.com over the last 2 days. But you cannot see your product on offer unless he/she goes through your member id.

why dont they advertise it openly in the media? Show adds in Tv and newspaper?

If this business is open to all. Why not have session in groups? What is the critera? Just close friends and school friends because you could win their confidence easily? When i said that my friend would accompany me, Why was I told that there is only one position open and that is for you! Why one to one that too with close mates? Just because 2 people will ask you more cross questions?

What is the need to insist in investing at such short notice? I think a company who makes this much money in billions would not be looking for new partners to invest within a days time without even consulting someone about it.

Why meetings are held in CCD's and places like Capitol Hill to tell the whole idea, not in QI offices ?What credibility does this company have? Is it Fortune 500? The approach is way too suspicious and confusing.

Why company has changed its name so many times since inception. Is there a guarantee that it wont over the next few years?

I consulted to my cousin about this and he said he underwent an exactly similar process along with a close friend. they repeat same stories again and again during business idea. HOW or WHY? Your ideology of 95% Why and 5% How would not change the importance of How just because one of your senior members stresses on it. I can give you more legible examples to make you believe, "how" is equally important than "why"!!! Why you insist on explaining the HOW part of business AFTER investing the money & being so confusing when asked about it? You jusr reply bakk saying :My senior partner wil discuss with you... Bhai milkar baat karte hein". Good ideas strike one's mind in one go! It does not require meetings to convince somebody. Its a pure commission based system, No different!

Here is my take on this -
One, I cannot compromise being social and cannot compromise when it comes to spending time with my family.

Two, when there are other modes of earning I would rather invest in a business/property where the initial investment also stays with me rather than giving away hard earned money to a business which I doubt has credibility with the expectation that it would yield me quick money and benefits.

Three, as of now I am not in search of some quick money but some day if required be then being an engineer I am capable enough to take up other projects/assignments in the queue(using my skill set) (at my wish whenever I want) (that too without any initial investment) and work upon them(at my will) (work from home) over the weekend and trust me it could earn me good money. Moreover I will be more satisfied as I would be working on something I love to do and at the same time I would be able to give more time to my family as well.

All the best to people involved in this. I respect your business and I understand it fetches you good returns. Appreciate your hardwork and time you put in. People talkkingg good about it are quite at the top in the chain and good luck, I wish you keep earning even more in the times to come! But I am really not willing to join this at the cost of spending my entire weekend searching for and convincing a fellow to join my chain so that I could get secure returns asap on my initial investment and definitely you are trapped and you can't leave the business unless you atleast recover your own money. "Time is money" you are right but money can't buy you everything. If I talk about my friend's senior boss who was holding the session with me, his daughter was missing his dad's time and missing an extra hug, It was evident! She was trying to catch hold of her dad and was interrupting again and again. I really do not need to answer Why? I felt really sorry for the little girl. I can't compromise on this part! You only see the plus of your business bcoz you are into it, But a new investor would also peep deeply into the minuses. And I recommend, one looks into the pros and cons of this business from all angles before he/she invests!
Mar 18, 2015

Wake up Guyz

Hey all... i was just laughing while reading out the above all blogs...
1) some one said..people were explaining the business in such way....not going for any advertisement....no office & all......
Listen !! Guy..i m not a part of this industry or company called Qnet....But i m fond of Network marketing industry...The potential of industry is incredible if you really want to understand it...go for deep research..research the contribution of this industry in current economic & what would be in future...

* If we only talk about India..currently 7200 cr industry ...and would be 64000 cr by 2024....Is it stupid thing for u...
No body is dragging u into this industry forcibly ....In daily life..u buy goods...promote unknowingly the things on facebook or other SNS site ...even do promotion through Word of Mouth...but if you do the same thing in Qnet or any other network marketing company and you get paid..then u call it 'SCAM/FRAUD' ...wake up guyz....bacchapana choro...

* If Shahrukh khan says...plz use this shampoo..use this car..use this paint...have u ever seen him to use the same...never....then why don't u call him fraud..bcoz he selling the goods without personally using it...even he doesn't know the effect & side effect of same..but he is selling for money...

* In the other hands, If representative of company like Qnet etc asks you to use their goods even they use the same before promoting..the u guyz call them Qnet...U r moron...Not Qnet or Network marketing...

* Network marketing saves the MAD(Marketing Advertisement Cost) on their products and pay the same amount to representative as compensation plan..Is it fraud /Moron, answer me???

* Again u guyz r asking about Office etc : Guyz if network marketing industry also carries the office & meeting room like other industry & organization...so, what's a difference between both. In this industry, everything is virtual no need to any representative to go office or meeting room for business..they can globally do the same thing without any barrier...
We divide the Network marketing industry into 2 parts
1) Retail :Modicare, Hindustan unilever , Maxlife insurance, elkem, Tupper ware .....
2) Retail/Binary: Qnet etc

Both the types of company definitely manage the ware house, franchise office etc for official work...but they really don't need to manage the office for their representative...it would be boundation for them....Talk about freedom..work freely from any place ..is it also scam ???

* Today we are having an opportunity to join easily such huge industry....i can give u written guarantee..After a decade maximum...people will run to join it..but we will get there competition and lack of opportunity like IT industry or other traditional Industry
Feb 26, 2015


Wow you people are really stupid lol unbelievable how spiteful people can, nobody is obligating nobody into joining the business..if u think it's a scam shut up and go back to your job that after 1 month u dont have any savings whatsoever, do u think Richard Branson would be stupid enough to cooperate with Qnet don't u think his lawyers have done more research than all you morons, or Manchester City has a firm of lawyers!! do u think they wouldn't have been able to tell that it's a scam? You people are so stupid unbelievable only to the spiteful people i just cannot take this.
Feb 24, 2015


Hi Guys,

As I am also known to this company. SO one of my friend is advising me to get involve in this business. SO Please suggest I should Join or not and if Yes, What Investment I should get start.

Please Reply ASAP!!!

Feb 3, 2015

Need sugession to join dis business or not

Can i connect over email too if you prefer that to people who have actually tried this and had a bad experience. Am asking because I have been approached for this as well and want to get my facts based on people who have actually tried and not found it working or found it to be a scam. just want to know if it is legal
Neutral at this point
Feb 3, 2015

need Suggession to join cnet or not

Today i met 2 guys who explained exactly wt is told in above comments. I just want to know if this business is legal.
Nov 21, 2014

QNET is scam with highly trained cheaters

I also victim of QNET scheme.
We people should post the QNET people details(Who cheated us) in FB. And post the( Beware HE/SHE is in QNET) on their FB.
So that remaining people get saved.

Qnet people if you think you are right file a reverse case. Then we see who is right.

Untill that don't post.
Oct 8, 2014

QNET is not scam..people are

dear fellow readers,

i totally agree with your experiences and exactly same happened to me. couple of bastards met me and tried to brain wash me.

how can someone ask person to bring money and say start doing business and that too without telling abt products or business model. i saw news on tv about scam. so i refrained.

one day i met another gentleman. and he explained everything to me. company, products, business model, compensation model n all. So i decided to take that risk.not risk because i have now 2 swiss watches and one travel plan. so i started this biz.

now i can proudly say, those bastards are scam, those dick heads are the ones who made this business into money circulation scheme.

guys, trust me, i have used products and those are amazing.

the only reason why people are hunting and making other people fool. i joined this after seeing every business aspect.

yes, it is referral model. but if it is done with companys code and ethics...i dont see any problem with it. if i cant do it still i have 3 good products.
Sep 19, 2014

The biggest fraudulent company ever

I do not have much time to write about the rascals/scoundrels/IRs running this company but in few words I would like to mention below:

Its a giant fraudulent business model and a serious threat against the interests of citizens of India. Its not only money that you loose but you loose friends, relatives and other good people, when they get to know the reality of such fraudulent schemes............, who put money into it based on your trust and faith.

So guys please beware and raise your voice against them.

Meanmachine Mint
Sep 16, 2014

QI Group - a personal analysis

The way the process is explained by these QI guys, how each and every senior member is benefiting and rolling in millions, will entice all who want to be rich somehow or the other by hook or crook. Its a transparent lie,something that needs a great deal of intelligence to see through.There is no denying that some of the members at the top of the network are enjoying great benefits.Yet they are not free, they work for QI and have to listen to their bosses.So where is the freedom of being a free man, a self made millionaire, who has nothing to worry about as far as money is concerned because he has made enough of it.The catch is that the person who introduces QI to you, and gets money out of you, enslaves you for the rest of your life.You are the small fish, he is the bigger fish and can eat you anytime.Then they have their champions, the ones who work extra hard for that company called QI. These champions are the boss's right hand men,the dedicated,honest,loyal employees of QI. Believe me, down the lower ranks, there will be lesser and lesser champions as days pass.Power tends to remain concentrated around the top.They tout it as a direct selling network with just some silly toys as products, crappy chi pendant (my Rs 300 Rudraksh Pendant works far better) and a lousy looking swiss watch that looks hideous (my Swatch is so cool).Their holiday packages I haven't really tried to get a look at but I am sure it sucks too.
On a serious note, if a large group of people in any country take up being part of this network, that country will lose billions before they can count 0 to 10.This is serious stuff,it could contribute to the fall of a nation.Syria and Iran were affected by Qnet negatively.Wake up guys, there is no better way to earn money than healthy and decent amount of hard work.Dedicate that extra two hours to your own health, to your family, don't be a loser wandering aimlessly in the world with no anchors, forgetting the comfort of your family life, ignoring your kids, with just the false mirage of becoming rich leading you on.In the end, its just another company with a rich man at the top.There is no freedom.So what if you make a few Crores, in India there are the taxation guys running for your money and will catch up someday.
Sep 16, 2014


Was gng thru with all the reviews,not sure what to comment and what to suggest,, One of my friend told me about this business, and said he is working from past 6 months and earning about 1 lac or more a month. I asked him about the business and product told cannot reveal anything and this information has to come from his senior partner. I was bit hesitate to get into this and asked him again but he didn't reveal anything except the fact its E-commerce . Common E-Commerce is a huge business and got so many things so many vertical millions of products to sell.
He told to invest about 3-4 lacs initially and you will get double in 6-8 months.When I asked him how its possible all he said "Hard Work', "Efforts" and "The Quality of Time you spent" then you will earn like anything . Still,,I was not quite happy with that answer and he further referred me to his senior partner. That bugger took 3 hours and didn't reveal anything except the fact of interfering in our personal life. I noticed one thing he was trying to get in that mode where i should say YES. I'm In. like he was saying what will happen to your parents, do you want to work 9-10 hours daily , don't do you want to spend luxuries life, getting a BMW car and a flat and expensive mobiles and he was telling me life is too small , spent you time with your family, you are getting old and they are getting older. They will be one more one day and same goes with you. Enjoy your life and get what you want and fulfil your dreams and Desire. Said everything is possible yes its possible when you become our partner. After 3 hours also he didnt talk anything about the business and neither about the product. One day my friend was there who was sitting quite and seeing all this and other hand his senior partner was trying to drag in to something.
All i have few questions and if someone can answer will appreciate that.
1) Why this people are not revealing anything?
2) How can anyone earn 3-5 lacs a month and then every one should be Ambani, tata birla rit?
3) why this people are referring to every partners if we say "NO" so that we should say a "YES".
4) My friend told he is travelling abroad ... Common he doesn't have a passport and his senior partner was telling you can also travel along with him i already booked many tickets.. common we are not talking Movie Tickets?
5) Is it a SCAM?????????
I didn't tell anything to my friend, i also told a NO .told him cannot get into this business until and unless you tell me about business and name and finally he told me just the name ."QI" Just watching what is he trying to do and he told i already investment 3 lacs and pressuring me to join the business.
Can anyone have any answer for this, if yes please let me know and help. I dont have anything for anyone in fact i pray to almighty everyone should be rich and should be happy in their life,however not thru with any scams and not dragging anyone in to the trouble. dont want anyone to ruin someone;s lives. stay happy and live healthy thank you.
Aug 29, 2014

Neutral opinion

I'll try to be as honest as I can.
I just had one of those exact meeting with that exact script.

Let's not talk about how this is a scam, bogus, pyramid scheme etc. because let's get that out of the way. Come one, they don't even let's any outsider see their so called fast moving product, without paying up!

But, it's good at it. If you think you can be a good con, go for it and scam people to part with their money by showing them vulgar materialistic schemes. If you think you have already been fooled to join this, look for a bigger fool, and you will of course be millionaire one day, there are enough fools. That the only thing which works in these schemes Favor. There are always greater fool.

Sadly, many of us would be happy doing this.
Only request, please don't get in young immature people, who can't even get 'what' they are doing. Because you have taught them just to think why?
There are enough grown up fools.
Aug 21, 2014

QI Group A fraud company

This company QI operating out of CCD's, no description of the product they are selling .Team leaders only creating artificial hype by showing that big names of bollywood and corporate world are associated with the company and making money.When you walk to the CCD there the show people are busy doing business, making calls and sitting with pen and paper.They show you chances of earning as much as 40 crores if not more in 5 years time, by devoting 2 hrs daily.They stress on being and thinking into the catagory of 3% people of the world who own 97% of the wealth.They ask you WHY you want to earn money and seldom talk about how you are going to do it.All they say is that everyone will help you out in selling products and taking your closest friends to invest and become a partner of company.They say they have excellent products which sells by itself.Then they give you a picture of earning millions in a year and ask you how much you think is an amount you will think of investing to start the business.Then they say its 3 lacs and you need to arrange the same by earliest so that you dont lose the opportunity to be part of the referral income.As if daily so many guys are becoming part of the chain.At the end when the figure tht u may require time to arrange n all...they say to atleast pay 30K and book your place...and wen they find out tht you may think n all...they create a picture where senior mwmbers as introduced by them...try to convince you by saying to shell out 15 k then n there to book your place...its an utter shame and a cheap scam..all made up...any person having his foot on the ground and eyes n ears open can make that out.They are jst desperate to cough money out of u ...Be smart, there are better things in life than to make a foolish decision with the sole objective of get
rich soon...Its not only about losing the money...its about being a fool at the end of the day...I made a decision and saved my ass...Choice is yours...I write this blog bcoz i m an indian and i value all my friends hard earned money, time and mental peace of mind.
Siddhartha Sarkar
Jul 18, 2014

qnet is only for dreamers/achievers

Qnet gives u the way to prove you.....

qnet gives u the way to believe on u.......

qnet gives u the way achieve the things u want....

if u r not believing me......its ok.....

becoz qnet is not for morons....loosers.......

QNET is-
The one who is hardworking but didn't get the right path in life.....

in short..if u hav confidence in u....qnet is with u....
Jul 11, 2014

QI QNet.. what it truely is!!

Very well said Mayank..I was stuck in an IT job where I mused to slog for 16 to 18 hours in a day with limited opportunities and negligible financial growth. Qnet came into my life. Like most of our brothers here I also thought it was a scam.. over a period of time I learnt that network Marketing was like a Knife.. a murderer uses it to take lives and a doctor uses it to save lives...
I thank all the people associated with Qnet and Qnet itself who gave me support... today i am out of my job. an entrepreneur... I feel much more confident mentally financially. and yes we have tied up with Richard Branson and Manchester city also... now the only way is forward.. there are and will be challenges.. but whats the fun of scoring a dozen goals against a team of amatuers...
I thank God for getting Qnet in my life..
Brothers... Qnet is like a Gym who treats everyone equally... because people have paid the same money to enroll..
Though it works only for few... people who have their REASON clear as to why they need to work hard for a vision a goal... A DREAM!!!!

love you all!!!!

Jun 23, 2014

QI changing Lifes

Ha Ha Ha... The comments are laughable. People do half research and write/ say blah, blah. Guys, comeon, what do you know about the industry, about the company. Please research how network Marketing works. People who says that why don't QI group advertise, give TV adds, Use Facebook etc.. etc.., - baba, tell me one thing, if they will do all this, then why do they pay people to promote them. In this case, we are the advertisers, we are the marketers etc, and are getting paid. Secondly, Why do the representatives meet in Coffee Shops and not in QI Office, the answer is, again, if they will have offices in every city, they will have employees in every city, then the cost of the products will increase, right? Our Travel Package in comparison with Club Mahindra is almost 40% cheaper and the resorts are world class. I have been to Malayasia and stayed in one of the resort which was of 4 star category. QI operates with one of its Franchisee in India called as Vihaan (Bangalore) and it is registered with Ministry of Corporates affairs. Now you will ask me to provide the MOA & AOA, hahaha - Baba take it from Ministry of Corporate Affairs na, who is stopping you. For that matters, take MOA & AOA for all the companies in India and keep it handy :), if that makes you happy. One of our brother wrote that we ask for a reason before discussing it - YES, YES YES, this is the most important point because people without a reason, strong will and attitude, will definitely fail in the business or for that matters in their life. We make sure that a person with a strong reason should continue this business otherwise he/ she will write the hilarious comments like some of our brother & sisters have written in the forum. If you think, Network Marketing doesn't work, ask Warren Buffet (the no. 1 investor on the planet - the richest person), owning 3 n/w marketing companies. If you think, QI is a scam, Go and ask, Manchester CIty Football club (Top club in EPL). While closing my comments, comeon GUYS, Students who comes first and who fails, study in the same school, with the same teacher but still their is a difference. It is not the fault of a school, it is all about the WILL and REASON. Happy networking :)


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