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Apr 7, 2014


After my friend took me through all these session over the weekend. I have gone through the website, www.qigroup.com over the last 2 days. But you cannot see your product on offer unless he/she goes through your member id.

why dont they advertise it openly in the media? Show adds in Tv and newspaper?

If this business is open to all. Why not have session in groups? What is the critera? Just close friends and school friends because you could win their confidence easily? When i said that my friend would accompany me, Why was I told that there is only one position open and that is for you! Why one to one that too with close mates? Just because 2 people will ask you more cross questions?

What is the need to insist in investing at such short notice? I think a company who makes this much money in billions would not be looking for new partners to invest within a days time without even consulting someone about it.

Why meetings are held in CCD's and places like Capitol Hill to tell the whole idea, not in QI offices ?What credibility does this company have? Is it Fortune 500? The approach is way too suspicious and confusing.

Why company has changed its name so many times since inception. Is there a guarantee that it wont over the next few years?

I consulted to my cousin about this and he said he underwent an exactly similar process along with a close friend. they repeat same stories again and again during business idea. HOW or WHY? Your ideology of 95% Why and 5% How would not change the importance of How just because one of your senior members stresses on it. I can give you more legible examples to make you believe, "how" is equally important than "why"!!! Why you insist on explaining the HOW part of business AFTER investing the money & being so confusing when asked about it? You jusr reply bakk saying :My senior partner wil discuss with you... Bhai milkar baat karte hein". Good ideas strike one's mind in one go! It does not require meetings to convince somebody. Its a pure commission based system, No different!

Here is my take on this -
One, I cannot compromise being social and cannot compromise when it comes to spending time with my family.

Two, when there are other modes of earning I would rather invest in a business/property where the initial investment also stays with me rather than giving away hard earned money to a business which I doubt has credibility with the expectation that it would yield me quick money and benefits.

Three, as of now I am not in search of some quick money but some day if required be then being an engineer I am capable enough to take up other projects/assignments in the queue(using my skill set) (at my wish whenever I want) (that too without any initial investment) and work upon them(at my will) (work from home) over the weekend and trust me it could earn me good money. Moreover I will be more satisfied as I would be working on something I love to do and at the same time I would be able to give more time to my family as well.

All the best to people involved in this. I respect your business and I understand it fetches you good returns. Appreciate your hardwork and time you put in. People talkkingg good about it are quite at the top in the chain and good luck, I wish you keep earning even more in the times to come! But I am really not willing to join this at the cost of spending my entire weekend searching for and convincing a fellow to join my chain so that I could get secure returns asap on my initial investment and definitely you are trapped and you can't leave the business unless you atleast recover your own money. "Time is money" you are right but money can't buy you everything. If I talk about my friend's senior boss who was holding the session with me, his daughter was missing his dad's time and missing an extra hug, It was evident! She was trying to catch hold of her dad and was interrupting again and again. I really do not need to answer Why? I felt really sorry for the little girl. I can't compromise on this part! You only see the plus of your business bcoz you are into it, But a new investor would also peep deeply into the minuses. And I recommend, one looks into the pros and cons of this business from all angles before he/she invests!
May 31, 2013

Qnet Is fraud

This is with response to lots of discussion which i have gone through. Mr. Richard FYI any one can form the company sell the product in Indian Sub continent and pay the eligible taxes. So you can say that is Indian Government is Fraud even the VAT and Service tax is being collected on fraud company which was selling magnetic beds.

If company is so eligible why ED/SFIO and other departments are behind them? Thee department comes into action when they find some thing fishiy in the operations of the company. some questions.

1. Why company has changed its name more then 4 times since inception goldquest-questnet-qnet-vihaan in India.
2. Why ED,CBCID, SFIO are investigating these companies.
3. Why the fund was being paid by foreign investor while inception of the company in India when its not FDI.
4. Why company is black listed in Iran, Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more countries.
5. Why their was Interpol read corner Notice against GMD of the group.

I know only one thing that some thing fishy that's the reason they are getting stuck every where. If you go through history many company operating in world from long time and never changed their name like HP, MS,Oracle, Shell. Only fraud people come out with different names.
May 19, 2013

QI group

oops....missed the link

here it is-

May 19, 2013

QI group

A very good insite on QI group mentioned in this blog. thanks a lot Sumit, you saved me from going jail (@ other readers: read last line of the blog)
Apr 8, 2013

QI group

Mr. jack_22 , can you please publish the scanned copies of ceritificate on incorporation, service tax nos..

Why is the money transferred to Hongkong?? If registered in India then why abroad

If people who are writing against QI are loosers and not achieved anything in life and why are you wasting your time replying to them. If you think your are right then why do you need to defend yourself and write on blogs... It means you are a bigger fool..

Why is the company bannend in varois countires and the owners are searched by Interpol.

Man you accept it or not if you close your eyes it dosent mean the world is blind....

And please stop fooling innocenet people who hand over their hard earned money to you
Mar 12, 2013



I am comelete Neutral here.
Failures/Negative thinkers/Dream Stillers are always in our Socieity. Friends, Rather than beleving these Bakwas Blogs please beleive in yourself,Believe your loved ones,Friends. Accordingly take your own decissions. Do *NOT* Realy on these useless blogs of Dream stealers. All the Best.

If any ony having any question about Netwotk Marketing industory/QI Group please drop me an email.
Ashim Kumar
Mar 9, 2013

Q net is best company

Guys those are really wanted to do something in their life .....and positively looking for answers....i will tell u no need to believe this kind of below blogs.. if they r expert of business ya beth kar bolfg nahi likh rahe hota life main kuch achieve kar liye hote.....they r not expert they r looser...they speak negative about they company without knowing any thing... they say we want to save other to not come in this scam....these r the people they never think about their family and friend ever today they r thinking about world....guy people r not sad due to their problem, they r sad because other is rising....they want to prove their wrong decision as right among other... so other cant be successful .....guys i am doing this business from last so many month but still i don't say i know each and everything about company and industry but ya, i know more then each and every one those r not part of this......
Guys i don't say believe me and do it

but guys ask all those who say it is scam fraud or illegal

1) If it is illegal why Govt of India taking service tax from the company after sell of every product .....kya Govt of India fraud hai ya fraud company se Services tax leti hai.
2) why Govt of India provide TAN no. And service Tax no to the Company....
3) Why company have Certificate of In-Corporation: Registered under Companies Act, 1956
4) Why Forbes is publishing in favor of company and its mission .
5) Ok, i can understand might be i join it without doing any research ...but guys try to understand Can people like Sir Richard Branson, Murlidharn, Sourav Ganguly can add their name with any fraud company ....wht about their creditability in market ..

Guys now it is on you ...to decide ki, U believe blogs of all losses they already broke in life or blogs of Fobes or successful people like Richard Branson.....
Mar 8, 2013

My point of view

I had recently been to a similar session at the ccd in Bandra,I am a kind of guy who has value for his hard earned money.So I just thought that its better to investigate then to be sorry later.After reading all the posts I have had a good laugh because the session that I had attended was exactly the same as people have described it.Secondly I didn't get any physical address of their office even after insisting except for venues of seminars.The thing that alarmed me the most is that the person repeatedly asked me how soon could I invest.I personally think a company or a person who makes billions would not be so desperate that they want their new partners to invest within a days time without even consulting someone about it.I frankly don't think that I should be a part of this, people who are planning to do so can be a judge for yourself after all its your HARD EARNED MONEY not mine.
Jan 22, 2013


HAHAHAHA if any body says qi group is fake i thing he is blind. i thing he is immature and if he is working in big company spending 10 hours for his job and then say this company is fake then it is better for him to go back to school. BOSE WHOSOEVER says qnet is fraud come face us file a case and prove it wrong. i know half of his life is finished by just going to office and coming back home and rest of the life will be finished in proving qnet a scam, fraud and fake.i love to call these people morons because they are neither creative nor simple. they are morons better for them is to go to the office and put in xtra efforts to increase the sales and make somebody else accounts flooded with cash and at the same time thst person will leave with empty account at the end of the month.I AM DOING THIS I AM VERY VERY VERY HAPPY> I AM WORKING TOWARDS ACHIEVING MY DREAMS AND ON BY ONE I AM ALREADY GETTING THROUGH THIS LOVELY BUSINESS.QNET HAS CHANGED MY LIFE COMPLETELY.....
Jan 22, 2013


I laugh at those who say that qi group is fake.Come and confront face to face and prove it wrong don't just sit over your system and write bullshit. i know i am doing this business i am paid according to my hardwork, whosoever says that this is scam go and first try meet people who have done wonders in this business or else go to office try put in efforts so that some body else is increasing its profits and left u as a slave at the end of the month.
Jan 22, 2013

QNet, QI Group, Vihaan

To all those who say: "You work hard you get paid; Else you lose"
Or "QNet is not get-rich-quick-scheme. It requires hard work...SYSTEM .. Training"

Suppose you are in business of stealing money.
Now ask all the arguments in favor of qnet.
1) Does this business required Hardwork ? YES.
2) Does it pay if you work hard ? YES.
3) Should you do this business ? NO.

Simply put, you can't say that ''you failed since you did not work hard''.
In Qnet, QuestNet, GoldQuest, Vihaan, you will fail EVEN if you work hard.

If you see your friend is already successful with qnet then,
1) Probably he is lying. He has got his Harley bike or Porsche car on rent.
2) In rare cases he really made money, but consider that to be as good as stolen money. There is a big chance you will lose money(99.5%).

Stay away from QNET, Vihaan
Jan 16, 2013

qnet scam operandi

QNet operandi:
If you want to run a scam and still want people to trust you, what will you do ? This is what qnet did..

1) Do a little charity and showcase a huge one. Create concepts like RHYTHM.

2) Sponsor big events like F1. Hire celebrities like cricketers, actors. People easily trust when they can link their stars to the company. Most celebrities work for you if you pay them. Big names like Sachin Tendulkar, Hrithik & SRK were advertising for Home Trade scam.

3) Keep all IRs motivated. Dont give them free time to think. Let all conferences (vcon, pcon) full of music, dance and emotional speech. Write motivational books.

4) Learn to confuse! Keep the compensation plan very complicated. Give too many redundant details, and hide essential ones.

5) Show off! Use (rented) luxury cars. Show video of great office space. Meeting with well-known people.

6) When people lose money them will be angry at you. So, calm them down. Tell them they are not following right method, SYSTEM, RULE etc. Also keep creating different kinds of meaningless training programs(and earn money that way too.)

7) Still when they fail, tell them: "This is serious business. You work, you get paid; else not".

8) Register all domains like *qnetscam*. When people google "is qnet scam" they will only get your links.

9) Most important rule: Keep changing company names every 2 years. Fools have very volatile memory. Believe me it works ! Want proof: FutureQuest, GoldQuest, questnet, qnet, Vihaan.
Dec 22, 2012

QI Group

After sitting for 2 hrs with my friend(hope so Well wisher) in ccd and reading all the five pages, i have some Why's, i hope you can answer them ...

1. I tried to find shares of QI, but could not find it. Why QI is not registered in share market though it is more than 1 billion dollar company ?

2. Why guys are sitting in ccd's and telling the whole idea, not in QI offices ?

3. Why the same stories are repeated again and again during business idea. Like what u would like to choose HOW or WHY ?

4. Please clear me how it is different from other MLM, which came in market like storm survive for couple of years and then went like lightning ?

Hope will meet ........
Nov 24, 2012

QI Group

I have read most of the posts above. I am residing in UAE and was approached by a QI Group member a few days back with exactly the same style and modus operandi as they are doing in India, I typed QI group on net and found scores of negative reviews and deceptive past history of the QI group company, We should stay away from this as any Ponzi Scheme/Pyramid marketing is a very theoritical & risky proposition. Better invest our time and energy in useful work.
Oct 31, 2012


I think the whole concept just thrives on the loss of one another. Out of 10 people, 8 will not do the so called 'Hard work' i.e. fooling others into it and they'll be at a loss. They'll spend 1 lac rupees buying some products worth 5k in reality and the rest 95K will be eaten up by others. This person may even get 20 others to buy products but still will not be able to reap the benefits because 20 is still a small number to mandate a bonus payout! Where as 2 out of 10 who started this will enjoy and buy BMW's etc etc. So, this business will thrive no doubt but with majority losing out and minority earning money and a day will come when it will go bust because they dont have a world beating product that people will queue up for buying.

I'd suggest budding entrepreneurs to invest their time in something more real and productive. This is like being a property dealer, what's the need for IIM degrees! haha
Oct 31, 2012


I'd have believed in QI group if they had a real product to back themselves up. Look at AMWAY, they at least have world class products to show and the R&D behind it. Not comparing AMWAY with QI so pls dont start jotting down the differences between the two!

I want to ask QI people who're going lady gaga over this:

1. If QI thinks their products are so magical, why dont they advertise it openly in the media? Show TV adds, newspaper adverts? They'll brag about some communication company in XYZ company which is supposedly a sister concern (?!) and not about what they're selling here ?

2. Advertise your model openly in TV adds etc ? Im sure if your truthful, it will definitely add up to your network? Why operate in a hush hush manner ? Let people join your openly?

3. Also, kindly tell us if QI is a registered Pvt. Ltd or a LLP firm or a section 25 firm ? Also, do you share the company balance sheet with your so called dummy partners?

4. I will not deny that your model does not fetch returns. Its a pure commission based system in my opinion, if not do you invest money elsewhere to drive profits? If yes, what if there are losses?

5. You talk about delayed gratification, if I as a dummy partner choose to have regular income directly proportional to the sales that I'm driving, would you agree to that?

6. Why do you pay money through some Vigyan (or something like that) software ????? What does a software company got anything to do with it???

7. Are you actively operating in US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Japan also ? If yes, what are the revenues like ?

8. Why do you mostly operate in developing countries like Indonesia, India, Egypt???

9. Why does QI group keep changing names after every few years??? Is there a guarantee that it wont for the next 3 years?

10. Do you tell your partners, how much do the people higher up the chain are earning due to their efforts?

These are some of the questions I have in mind that I'd like the proponents of QI group to answer. Plz dont ask me to meet up some senior in person somewhere or attend some seminar!

Be open about it atleast now if you know the answers and if your so called journey has been so great!

I think the biggest drawback are your products, had you been manufacturing a BMW yourselves, I'd be the first person getting linked to you.
Sep 28, 2012


I think i am not Agree with you Guys I know you are saying the right thing but the same thing i want to ask is there is any other legal and Ethical way to earn Money faster and you are saying about the Money i think 1 lakh is not big amount to try with we will not loose big one but just think if you make it then what will happen you may be a looser who dont to try but if one try can make you a really big then there is no harm to try this.


Let See the Dream and Fill them With Good things
Tina7j Send email
Sep 22, 2012


It's so lame that people have been making a personal attack on me just because I have an opinion on their business model that they are trying hard to brainwash everyone with...honestly I don't care you'll can go on about this I am just stating my opinion because I know very well how you'll function & if I can help some naive souls from falling in your trap I will try to do so...also taking out time & effort to find out where I got my degree from & where I work is truly complimenting- & trust me I have every reason to be proud to be working in one what has been named the most employee friendly company in the country & which any MBA graduate would give an arm & a leg to work in...neway no point bragging in front of people who are involved in MLM scams...just hope the one's who aren't involved in this have the sense to stay away
Laxminarayana Kamath Send email
Aug 29, 2012


I have been associated with QI Group for more than 1.5 years now and I am loving it. Life has been mega exciting and rocking all along my journey with QI. I had to work abroad for 6years to buy my first all cash house in India, which I could just do in 1year being with QI.

This venture is for dreamers and visionaries.

The fact says it all. For the last 20years, Network Marketing (MLM) industry has generated maximum number of self made millionaires worldwide compared to any other industries.

One of the world's richest person Warren Baffet owns 3 companies in Network Marketing industry. People like Warrent Buffet, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Brandson are either owning Network Marketing companies, have written books on it, or have recommended it to ordinary people to create extraordinary wealth.

Guys who does not know about the industry, invest some time reading or knowing the industry. It may transform your life for real.

At the end of the day, its your choice to be an employee or small businessman and retire broke OR own a big business through network marketing industry in next 4-6years and retire financially free. I hope you will make a smart decision, chosen by most millionaires world wide.

In US alone, 8 out of 10 millionaires have made their fortune through this industry. In India its 1 out of 2. Make a smart choice.

Aug 29, 2012


Neeraj Send email
Aug 27, 2012


What is the need to insist in investing at such short notice(in my case less than 24 hours)? Like Jitin said, why the rush?
Are you guys giving a reality check that not ‘everyone’ becomes a crorepati? Not quite, to the contrary it comes across that you are bound to become one that too not in 10 years but barely 3 to 4 years
Why do you all operate out of coffee shops & give the same standard gyaan to everyone?
What is the goddamn criteria for identifying people for the business? Is there any specific skill set, education background? Age? In my case I was approached because I belong to the ecommerce industry & understand its power – well none of the 5 others I met belonged to it! If there is no criteria then why not just release an ad inviting people to attend a seminar on becoming a crorepati & one of the partners can give the gyaan. You will get so many wannabes in 1 shot thereby not needing coffee shops at all.
Why the insistence on explaining the HOW part of business AFTER investing the money & being so very ambigious when asked about it? Can a single person tell me that you can invest money in a business with high returns without understanding how he is going to make the money? If any idiot says yes, pls post your mobile number. I have a brilliant business opportunity for a website since last 6 months which I will meet and explain in a couple of hours – I need you to invest 2 lakhs & I assure you, you will get double returns in 6 months. Dont ask how, just give me your money! Which idiot is ready?
Lets leave aside fortune 500 company etc crap. Simple qs, has any of you heard of amazon.com, walmart, ebay.com? Probably yes but ask anyone if they have heard of theis ‘fortune 500; company called qi? No!!! What credibility does this company have?

For all you know there are a few who do make lots of money but the entire approach is way too suspicious & there is no harm in pointing this out. If after all this, people still wanna invest, there is no problem. ATleast they make an informed decision.
Xubi Send email
Aug 25, 2012


I happened to meet few people offering me the so called lifetime business opportunity which anyways was unfathomable to my brain.Their claims of Qi group of companies as a life changer with no revelation of business fundamentals was enough for me to get suspicious.

But to my surprise i am yet to come across a person who has invested and lost his money.
Cdgoodfriend Send email
Aug 20, 2012


To all those who have just heard and are giving their comments ... you are like giving a review on a movie just by seeing a trailer of it.
If you want to see the actual movie... step into it and you will know what this business is, how many crorepatis are there in it. To those talking about Maruti 800 and riding an BENZ ... come and see number of cars and BMW's parked when this company's seminar is on in Andheri and Bandra. Just by barking from outside is Dog's job, sit into the vehicle and drive to know what it feels.

To Tina ... you kept on repeating that Dato Vijay Eswaran is wanted by Interpol ... then why do you think he is not arrested even though he keeps on getting awards by various governments ... Term "DATO" means like Mahatma which is given to him by people of Malaysia for his good deeds. Any brains required to explain further ?? He will be there in Jakarta between 4th -10th September in midst of 10-15 thousand people ... do you think Interpol doesn't know about it ... the fact is he is not into any legal issues and not looked out by any legal authorities except fools like you who wants him to be on their reviews and comments.

To all my friends associated with this biz ... you are right on your points above and lets show these people what this biz is. One fine day they will be begging to be a part of it but it will be too late by then for them. Let them stay in their job and keep us serving while we fly business class or let them serve us when we are in the 5 star hotels. We need these people to serve us for our remaining life while we enjoy ... RIGHT ???

To all those who want to keep running throughout their life in job ... Keep running. All the best !!!
Sameerranjit74 Send email
Aug 15, 2012


It's such a funny opinionated article you have written. I can't stop laughing. it'sobviously a case of sour grapes quite simply the case of ZERO confidence in yourself and a friend who must have approached you. Now while it is completely alright to have an opinion, it is quite another to make statements without knowledge because it only reflects on one's stupidity and lack of vision. The only thing i can probably say in your favour today is that perhaps the person who spoke to you didn't actually stress enough that this is a serious business and that it is not some get rich quick scheme! Therefore perhaps you have written so loosely and thoughtlessly about someone's business. I'd really like to meet you face to face Ms. Tina I'm I right?
Rakesh Bhai Send email
Aug 12, 2012


QI group is an MLM company. Someone called Sapna will not disclose and insist on meeting one of their representatives a certain Mr. Bimal (in Delhi). When I expressed disinterest, they hung up the phone quickly. Very Rude!

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