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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Aug 28, 2015

QNET fraud master name

Tanuja Mohapatra, Swapna Dash, Satya Dash, Chandan Jetty,,,,,These are the peoples bigger fraud and master mind people in Qnet marketing company. They are the Qnet broker and if one person joined they are getting 14% benefit...
Aug 27, 2015

Get your hard earned money back

get your hardearned money
Do you want believe still your cheater friend/relative, no one can help you.
Hi QNET sufferers.

Please understand the truth, we know that You love your friend/relative because of his relation with you. Without QNET he may be good to you. Please realize that your friend is no more your friend.

He/she is now part of QNET illegal / unethical business. All these guys are excellent in acting after joining QNET. Please dont show mercy on them.

If you are from Hyderabd and wanted your money. whether you joined QNET 10days back or 3 months back. No issues.

Please write to rajasahay78@gmail.com we will guide you how to do what to do.

Please write your name, place, money invested and date, your contact number.

We will reach you to help.

Remember if you are serious about your money to get back. Please do not delay.

All the best.
Aug 27, 2015


Chances of getting back money is good within 30days of registration if is under India plan. It is always better to apply within 7 days of registration as u might be registered under Global plan. Under Global plan you can apply for refund only within 7 days.

Try to get your IR ID first at any cost. Ask your upline to provide the same. This is the registration id which gets created while registering online. Also write a mail to company for the same.

Apply for refund at the earliest.

write mail to below e-mail IDs stating your case :

"India Support Centre" <support.centre@qnetindia.in>,

"Rekha S. Mary" <rekha.s@qnetindia.in>,

"global.support" <global.support@qnet.net>,

Write the mail as early as possible.

The upline might have changed your registered E-mail ID as well. Also he might have kept some portion out of total amount paid in his pocket.

You may also call on below numbers to seek advice:

Qnet Rekha: 09900060061

Qnet Jyoti: 09900060068
refund possible
Aug 25, 2015

qnet refund possiblee


One day i got call from my friend and he asked me for business opportunity. i thought lets go for discussion about business. When i reached for my first discussion i saw 2 more guy's around. They were start showing dream giving examples of success businessman's, less investment big profit like matrimonial sites. Till now they did't confirmed about nature of business and investments. Second meeting guys open for investment which will be around 5 to 15 lacks' told them i cant think about big amount. After that my friend start convincing me that at least think about 3 lacs.he had invested 8 lacs. Then in third meting i invested 3 lacs.

A week later he called me for induction. When i attend welcome i came to know this is not realistic. Person was asking about signup the more nnd more peoples mostly hot zone which very near to our hearts then warm zone- our best friends and then cold zone. i reached at home at 11pm at night. Next day i start searching qnet reviews on internet. Then i decided to come out from this unethical business which looks like.I asked my ir id but they told password not received yet. Then I called Qnet international number,they asked me
few details which i had submitted during sign up.like my pan number my mobile number. They he provided me IR number.
Immediately i called india support team for cancelation but lady asked me to send mail from the same email address which is updated in their system but they had altered my email address as well. Then i send mail from my other email id by attaching pan scan copy and lady updated the new email address in system after few hours.
Once my new email address updated I open qnet login page. I click on reset password because i was not aware about Qnet login password. Then new password received on updated email address which was updated by me in their system. I logged in qnet and i checked and surprised that they had purchased products around Rs-2,50000/-
Now i asked india if it possible to stop delivery since 10 days already passed out. They check and confirmed products has purchase by india plan so it is possible till one
month I get refund but if it could possible through world plan then refund validity is only for 7 days .I was lucky so i send mail to india support team for refund and after
follow up i got my refund but still Rs-50,000 are with them. These guys are still not aware that i got 80% refund from company.

Please advice how to get that refund.om my Now i realized the call which i received first time is not from friend that was from evil.


Procedure to take your IR ID - Called customer care ask them I have forgot my Ir id and ask for procedure. They will ask to send attached documents which you had submitted on the time when you signup / I personally confirmed my pan number to take my ir id.

Procedure to update your email address- Cheaters must have manipulated your email address - called customer care provide them ir and check your email address.
If it is manipulated ask them procedure to make it correct. They will ask to send attached documents which you had submitted on the time when you signup.

Qnet password- go to the qnet virtual portal www.(qnet.net) and click on reset password. So that new password will receive on your updated email address.

Refund procedure- Called customer care, they will ask you to send mail for refund. Just confirmed your purchase is through India plan or world plan.If it India plan validity is 30 days.
If it world plan validity is 7 days for refund.

If validity is over called EOW office and ask for Mr. Kapse who is working on Qnet scam.

Aug 24, 2015


Hi appanna,

Dont worry , approach in ACB Office , definitely they will help you.
Aug 24, 2015

Happend same with me

With out having proper information i got invested in Qnet with trust in my friend. Later i came to know it is MLM from that time i am asking to back my money and convincing some how.

After lot of struggle i got my IR ID when i check with this the mail id and some of the information is not mine and now i am not able to update also.

When i check in the site they buy some QVI club package. So let me know how can i get the money back.
Aug 24, 2015

Refund complaint

Hi Prasadh,

I tried to give complaint, but police not co-operating. The conducted meetings 1st, 2nd and 3rd meetings in different places falls under different police stations.

Tell me any other way to complaint. Actually one of my friend also ready to give complaint.

Please tell me way and help me.

Thanks and Regards,
Aug 23, 2015

QNET in cuttack & Bhubaneswar

Hi guys

Please be carefully ,now the bloody peoples are working in Cuttack & Bhubaneswar ,They are fix there meetings in Bhubaneswar good hotels like HHI & Mayfair .Refound possible if you applied for refound in 7 days of enrollment .

Aug 23, 2015


Hi SagarDC,

Go and give a complaint on your qnet friend. this is the only way to get the money back.

I also did , my qnet friend has given money back to me from his pocket.
Aug 23, 2015

get back my money

Pls suggest me how to get back my investment,, I hav taken loan for investing in qnet.....
plzzz suggest me a way to get it back.. plzzz
ban qnet11
Aug 22, 2015


Is it Neha tiwari shukla ??
Aug 22, 2015

QNET Fraud

In Delhi - They call up a meet in Vasant Vihar in Costa or CCD and then a beautiful lady comes and starts explaining the practice. She almost wasted 1 hours in explaining irrelevant things and then suddenly asks for 3 lacs to join the business. When I said I dnt have the money right now.. within 10 secs she flew away from the store.

Guys beware of her. She and her husband are doing QNET Business illegally and her supporter is calling people like anything to.

If my memory allows me her name was something Neha chugh bhatia and Anju chaudhary they both are fraud ladies. you can search them over social sites too. Neha worked in Convergys and Anju chodhary is working in Hyperquality Gurgaon firm.
Aug 22, 2015


HI Inder25,
Yes , you can file a case against qnet.

i will give few points . these wil help for your lawyer friend.

1)qnet banned by indian government.

2)qnet business comes under mlm,networking marketing,chain marketing. this means circulation scheme.
(these type of business are banned in india)

3)the indian government stopped their money transaction through online (stopped online payment gateway).
now they are doing transactions with name called E-CARDS , most of the people dont know about this.
this is also type of cheating.

4)already indian govt blocked thier sites and they were doing business with some other names like qnetindia.net
erlier it was another one.

5)Deffinately they are giving false promises. this is comes under cheating.

6) recently they caught by police in vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh).
(i will post that video link in next post)

Please give a complaint in ACB office or Consumer courts or Police station.
Aug 21, 2015


POSTED THIS LAST YEAR OCT'2014 when i had just learned about the company and met many people who were lost and tried to lure me into their grand scheme of millions in few years ---- Since then i have lost a very dear friend to this company ... She used to be a wonderful person . The worst part is that the last time i spoke to her she believed that she is giving people an opportunity of a lifetime and they should praise her for helping them out and taking them into the business (Naive)...

The uplines really got her good !! In fact they had her that good ! that she got her sisters join the company (buy products , sell the dream .. whatever !!) and got to a point with me that either u join the company or you are not my friend .. Yes she did !! Only wanted to do anything with me IF I PAY UP AND JOIN THE NONSENSE !!

Point being i saw her become a different person over the span of time and the lack of actual human interaction like we used too.. Her talks were always about Qnet and how she is going to make million's which was good n all, until she became so desperate that she was ready to put her relationships on the line and see her close friends and family as prospect's. The thing is after a while in a game like Qnet - It changes how you look at every person in your life . Every person is a commission a link in a chain !! There is always a motive there after in all new friendships , acquaintance , even distant family members.

I hope she makes millions and even if she doesn't ..!! We will always love to have her back !!

POSTED EARLIER - OCT 2014 ---- Wake up and smell the coffee !!
I appeal to government of India to Ban Qnet and all other similar companies !! The system is deceptive and flawed , designed to tempt and dilute people's minds with greed .. Hence, acts as a base of wrong doing among the youth of this country !!

It is no good for our economy as it does not promote any local and Indian corporations... It is robing the youth of theirs minds and our own economy of money to fulfill the companies own global dream selling useless overpriced products !!

Fellow Indians and Indian Qnet-ers !! if you really go by the Qnet moto Raise yourself to help Mankind .. then do raise yourself to help your country and Mankind from these foreign scamsters who corrupt minds and souls (Helping mankind with greed is no help at all, monetary system and greed of a few people got us here in the first place) ...I am not saying all people in Qnet are bad or scam people (Qnet is not a Scam !! Qnet is a brilliant idea/design for blinding people even with intelligent brains to lure them in greed -- To fill the pockets of a few , the same type of people who fucked the world in the first place! They are helping no one but themselves making u work for peanuts compared to what they make!! And them making sponsorships and foundations like the RYTHM ..to justify being a boon to society.. Outrageous !! Yet always falling short to really contribute anything to society)

But what you have to understand is that any system designed this way or if it leads to a way where you have to hurt and compromise peoples emotions and create unsatisfaction among masses is flawed !! Companies should add value to your life not take over your mind !! Ultimately ! people who are stuck in it trying so desperately to at least get their investment back and luring more people back into the system creating a vicious circle where there are few winners and a lot of looser's.....

These Qneter's IRs are not the enemy .. But the design, the lure , the greed created by this system is the enemy .. And it should be stopped for the sake of all mankind !! People might have many justifications and arguments and opinions to prove its existence as good and a plus and a legitimate company .. But please dont tell me !! I know them all !! And noone can justify that it is good for our society .. !! and especially for India .. Im a patriot and i love my India !!
Its time to wake up and smell the coffee !
Aug 20, 2015

Qnet Fraud


THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!

Priyanka Kapoor
Aug 20, 2015

Q net refund

Hi prasadh, Is it possible? will they file an FIR? my lawyer friend, who sat with me for an hr, said FIR wd be difcult as there is no ground. Q net AVP woman said she ahs sold me holiday package in lieu of 2.5 lacs and said , cheaply, she can pay me back 20k!!!! later, removed me from fb, blocked me. may she rot in HEll!!
Aug 20, 2015

Q net scam

http://qnetscam.in/ could not register on this site, after many attempts. pls assist! As mentioned already, I was duped by an AVP of my last orgn whom i admired and she proved to be a fraudster. Emailed Q net mailbox, said i cant get back money as its beyond 7 days period. Pls help!
Aug 20, 2015

Q net scamsters TRAINED like TALIBANS

Q net has ruined my life. In delhi, they operate from SDA market, Ggn and other places. I would call at the nos given below and also email to recover by 2.5 lacs. The person who siphoned off my money, i would curse her for the rest of my life. DO NOT JOIN Q NET. THEY ARE LOSERS, WITH NO MORAL CODE AND ARE TRAINED LIKE TALIBANS
Aug 20, 2015

Qnet Victim

Anybody know Qnet Association office address in Gachibowli, hyderabad .
ban qnet11
Aug 18, 2015


Shame on them.They again changed the name!!.if there are no illegal activities from their side , why did they change the name and website??.They shld have fought for justice.
Even our indian govt is of no use.scammers have gud support and fexible rules in indian government..

No action against them.No indian can stop them.
Aug 18, 2015

Delhi Vcell

One off the Delhi Vcell location is Hotel Private Affair in GK-I. Almost every Sunday, new bakras are forced to assemble and made to dance for 15 mins. Thereafter, brainwash session starts.

Similar to Qnet, the hotel name is also dubious :)
Aug 18, 2015

Qnet Pus is QNET

Hi Guys,

Qnet plus is also qnet and illegal in india. Now a days theses people are using name qnet plus as it is not available on google, so please beware of it.
Aug 18, 2015

Qnet Plus is Qnet

Hi Guys,

Qnet plus is also qnet and illegal in india. Now a days theses people are using name qnet plus as it is not available on google, so please beware of it.
Aug 18, 2015

Qnet Fraud

Now a days they are using name qnet plus instead of qnet as this name has got less bad reviews and google do not shows complaint and scam with this name, So please be aware that this is also same.
Priti Jain12
Aug 17, 2015

QNET scam


Please tell me the procedure for IR cancellation procedure. I want to cancel my registeration as soon as possible.
Please guide me.

One of the victim

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