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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

May 18, 2015


HI abcdex,

No need any acknowledgement.
just go and tell to them . they will ask ur friend details (who referred u into business) and qnet ofc details..

u have to give the info(wat happen with ur friend , business) abt the business...

dont worry they will guide u....
May 17, 2015

Details required for complaint

Hi Prasadh,

To give complaint in police station what are the details required. Please let me documents required to give complaint . So far I have not received any acknowledgement from QNET or from Introduced.

As the complaint should be strong.

Thanks Prasadh in advance.
May 17, 2015

money back

hi drschaudhary7.

go to ploice station and give a complaint on her who reffered you into this business.

i did samething, then those people are given back my money from thier pocket.
after that i took back my complaint ..
May 16, 2015


dear all

I think I am one of the latest victims of the qnet. it was referred to me by one of my colleagues in my institute one year ago. But she never mentioned the name of the company. I joined the group this April 2015 in 2.5L on her faith. She told me name of company only after my joing the group. now I feel like cheated by fraud company.

if there is any way out getting my money back?
May 16, 2015

QNet Scammer Coming Back On 20th May 2015

Dear All / EOW,

The Q-Net V Con which is being held in Penang, Malayasia. The people are coming back on 20th May 2015 by Air India flight to Delhi International Airport.

This is a big group who demands huge money to join the company and than dupe them.

Request to EOW or related authorities to kindly take action on the same as it is spreading very fast in Delhi, they have a office in Nehru Place where the conduct meetings and trainings.

May 15, 2015


No matter how these QNETers defend. It is a scam.

Why it is a Scam ??

1. They add people by giving them hope that they will be rich shows that its a Scam.
2. They don't talk about the business openly. Again a sign of Scam.
3. They sell products promising that the product will do wonder, which also not true. Yet again Sign of a scam

Why still the business is not banned in India ?

1. People who got duped are ashamed of accepting it. They do not complain.
2. The chain has still not reached the threshold limit. Hence fools joining QNET will make money/ in fact they are making money as there are more fools to join under them (Greater Fool Theory). But this will reach the threshold limit in next few years and all the people at the end of the chain will be cheated.

If not today, may be tomorrow or may be after 5-6 years In the end QNET will cheat thousands of people who will put their hard earned money. People who are joining QNET will be part of these people curses.

If you want to be part of an organization which will eventually fool thousands of people. Go ahead and join QNET.
May 14, 2015

banned business

Hi Nadiadi,
this website is not for business promotions.


Networking marking , MLM, Referrel marketing , chain marketing and joining bussi......etc are banned in india.

if you want know more info , i m giving one URL. this is authenticated site..

go through this.

May 14, 2015


Hi scamm,

Even I know One person travelled to Malaysia for VCON.

Police please arrest these innocent young people who are spoiling their lives. Catch them and find the names of big scammers.

The Person passport number is H3416555.
May 14, 2015

QNET IRs returning on 19th and 20th

Hi Police Department,

QNET Scammers are in Malaysia now and returning on 19th and 20th of May 2015. I am not sure to which air port they will come back. I guess most likely to return to Hyderabad.

One Mr.Ramakrishna his Passport Number is J9915322. He is just baby in QNET now. You may catch him and cousel so that big scammers name list will comeout.
May 14, 2015


Hello Prasad,

I am not able to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OphkhtBAexY video as I am not in India.

I am getting error as "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Do you know any other link.

Please help me.

Please watch below link as well, it's awesome



May 14, 2015

great information Prasadh

Wow Prasadh,

You have provided great information.

Action need from Government on priority basis. The volume of the money increased by QNET IRs is now in lacs like 4 lacs 6 lacs and 10 lacs. All Fraud QNET IRs are now in Penang, Malaysia for VCON meetings. Everyboday will return on 19th and 20th of this month.

I request Police to arrest all IRs and counsel. Also need to put all senior IRs in Jail atleast for 5 years.

Else the sin and curse will not leave governmnet and police also.

Police it is your responsibility to respond and some social justice.

Thanks a lot.
May 14, 2015

updated news on banned qnet business

the latest telugu news source
Pls go through this below url:

i for innocent
May 12, 2015

An Another SCAM QNET


QI aahhh..I would like everyone to know what exactly they tell, talk shit , waste your time and in the end you realise your are sitting with professional beggars all time losers and bunch of idiots who all have lost dignity want to earn money without doing anything.

It started with one of my close friends husband who is part of this multilevel marketing he was trying get in touch to me consistently finally when he came to know I am a guy who is looking for starting a business of own he came up with this approach.

He started with we are having some big expansion plans in Mumbai for which we require business partners
Me: I dont have any relevant experience I am an IT professional without any E commerce marketing experience.

He: No issues come up with open mind I will give your reference to my senior and let him know your are interested of doing business of your own blaah blaah blahh.....also don’t forget to bring Pan card, passport , debit & credit copies
Me: Okay kool will see (In my mind : Why would anybody requires debit credit card copies ??)

He: ( on call after some days ) My senior soon will be arriving in mumbai your are so lucky to me him f2f etc etc..
Me : okay when where , whats his name ?

He : name is Yazad Kasad he was Radio mirchi's regional manager left his job now drives BMW already started business in Gujarat now looking to expand in Mumbai you can meet him only on sat 7 , sun 3 & 7, bring all the required documents
Me : will be their @ sat 7

Now the venue is R city mall I was their around 6 and after waiting for almost half and shouting back here comes the guy (He).
He will try to make you emotional talking about your family problems, how your mother & father raised you facing difficulties in life , so how do you think you can repay them ? By doing the current job is it possible to achieve your dream blaah blaah

what he is trying to is he is washing out your brain & doping you with all the dramatic things so you will speak the same shit in front of his senior on which I turned my ass I spoke totally opposite.

Here is the conversation which I had with the great “Yazad Kasad Sir” ohh my goodness I am obliged : D :D ROFL :D :D
Venue : Mocha R city mall
Four people on table Yazad Kasad , Rohan (Dark guy for nodding head & giving serious looks) , he (one who introduced me) and myself.
YK: tell me about yourself
Me: gave him some details about myself, education, degrees etc..
YK: that I can see in your resume what I want to know is about yourself
Me : again told same stuff but in a different way (which he understood very well this time:D:D)
YK: Why you want to do business ?
Me: general reasons earn money, make family members happy, live a luxurious life blaah blaah
YK: Yeeh toh kissi airre gare ko pucha toh who bhi wahi bolegaa main tumhe kyu luuuh ??
Me: Till the time you will not tell me what is the business , what are you offering me , how I can give you specific reasons.
YK : I can’t see the burning desire in you ?
Me: I will and can show burning desire in my work but first tell me what is your business what you guys do ?
YK : It’s not important to know how it’s important to know why , when you know why you have to do bushiness when you will get that burning desire in you then you will achieve it anyhow.
Me: okay
YK: have you ever thought how can you achieve your dreams how can you repay to your parents What all things you will do for this ? if you are good with what you are doing right now you are free to leave …
Me: Yes I am looking out for a good opportunity as you saying you have one but again I would love to know what is your idea?
YK: you dont know what you know , you think you may know everthing but you don’t know anything still you don’t know lot of things blaah blaah
Me : In my mind (I heard only know & don’t know what the hell is wrong with you !! you fool)
YK: So are you a Decision maker How can you well you can take a decisions if it’s a financial one ? we require a person on board who can take decisions on his own ? can you take loan of 5 lakhs?
How much time you can give for business?
Me: its depends on what kind of decisions I have to make if it’s a big financial decision I have to talk to my elderly’s in my house. I can work on weekend’s
YK: I am taking you as partner here you can’t make decisions and it’s not the business done on weekends
Me : then I can give my 2 hrs daily
YK : See the main investment here is time not money also I have lots of investors but I want serious people who can give in time and efforts ..
Me: then I am ready to put in double efforts but tell me what is the business and if you have investors then why you want my money ?
YK: Do you know about intial capital & working capital ? have you ever talked to any businessman before ?
Me : No never got an opportunity you’re the first one
Now when I see the clock its already more than an hour still he has not spoken a single word about product, e commerce company , business what I am supposed to do just he is talking bullshit unnecessary things and wasting my time and his energy.

YK: I ask you again why do you want to do a business ? I can’t see that burning urge in you.
Me: Tell me the business first then I can actually think about it

YK : this is the final time I am asking you why you want to do business or why should I hire you ?
Me : I gave all the reasons already what exactly you want to hear

Folks I have tried my best to put as much as I can on paper but the most important thing I would like all of you to know is do not give them a single penny of yours because when the great Yazad Kasad was really helpless in convincing me he was asking for 20 to 30 grand’s on the table.
So this shameless creatures just want your money which you have earned from your everyday job, talent, efforts please be aware from this bunch of bastards and don’t be a scapegoat to them.
Moreover please post on blogs and social sites the similar incidents you might gone through atleast we can make people aware and save them from making a wrong move.
I went with the minset of making them realise they cant fool around everyone and get easy money was more then happy to see them frustrated & helpless :D :D :D....haa haaa

Apr 7, 2014
After my friend took me through all these session over the weekend. I have gone through the website, www.qigroup.com over the last 2 days. But you cannot see your product on offer unless he/she goes through your member id.

why dont they advertise it openly in the media? Show adds in Tv and newspaper?

If this business is open to all. Why not have session in groups? What is the critera? Just close friends and school friends because you could win their confidence easily? When i said that my friend would accompany me, Why was I told that there is only one position open and that is for you! Why one to one that too with close mates? Just because 2 people will ask you more cross questions?

What is the need to insist in investing at such short notice? I think a company who makes this much money in billions would not be looking for new partners to invest within a days time without even consulting someone about it.

Why meetings are held in CCD's and places like Capitol Hill to tell the whole idea, not in QI offices ?What credibility does this company have? Is it Fortune 500? The approach is way too suspicious and confusing.

Why company has changed its name so many times since inception. Is there a guarantee that it wont over the next few years?

I consulted to my cousin about this and he said he underwent an exactly similar process along with a close friend. they repeat same stories again and again during business idea. HOW or WHY? Your ideology of 95% Why and 5% How would not change the importance of How just because one of your senior members stresses on it. I can give you more legible examples to make you believe, "how" is equally important than "why"!!! Why you insist on explaining the HOW part of business AFTER investing the money & being so confusing when asked about it? You jusr reply bakk saying :My senior partner wil discuss with you... Bhai milkar baat karte hein". Good ideas strike one's mind in one go! It does not require meetings to convince somebody. Its a pure commission based system, No different!

Here is my take on this -
One, I cannot compromise being social and cannot compromise when it comes to spending time with my family.

Two, when there are other modes of earning I would rather invest in a business/property where the initial investment also stays with me rather than giving away hard earned money to a business which I doubt has credibility with the expectation that it would yield me quick money and benefits.

Three, as of now I am not in search of some quick money but some day if required be then being an engineer I am capable enough to take up other projects/assignments in the queue(using my skill set) (at my wish whenever I want) (that too without any initial investment) and work upon them(at my will) (work from home) over the weekend and trust me it could earn me good money. Moreover I will be more satisfied as I would be working on something I love to do and at the same time I would be able to give more time to my family as well.

All the best to people involved in this. I respect your business and I understand it fetches you good returns. Appreciate your hardwork and time you put in. People talkkingg good about it are quite at the top in the chain and good luck, I wish you keep earning even more in the times to come! But I am really not willing to join this at the cost of spending my entire weekend searching for and convincing a fellow to join my chain so that I could get secure returns asap on my initial investment and definitely you are trapped and you can't leave the business unless you atleast recover your own money. "Time is money" you are right but money can't buy you everything. If I talk about my friend's senior boss who was holding the session with me, his daughter was missing his dad's time and missing an extra hug, It was evident! She was trying to catch hold of her dad and was interrupting again and again. I really do not need to answer Why? I felt really sorry for the little girl. I can't compromise on this part! You only see the plus of your business bcoz you are into it, But a new investor would also peep deeply into the minuses. And I recommend, one looks into the pros and cons of this business from all angles before he/she invests!
i for innocent
May 12, 2015

QNET is absolutely a scam


Why this happened?? There are so many just google it.

Whoever is approached by QNET representatives , please clarify these questions and verify yourself. Google it ask your seniors, family(father,mother,brother etc.). Representative will ask you before any discussion. who have the dececive power for your life. Beware!! don't get trapped in these bullshits.


Why product has not shown with price on their website??
Why there is no ownership/leadership of the company is public?
Whatever they are selling are available at much cheaper price in market or not at all available? (I knew the prices from my friends who joined)
Why one will only earn if others joins them and still representive keep saying this is not a chain business.
(Remember in chain business whoever join later will actully face the loss and whoever joined at early stage they have the actuall money. Never get trapped by looking on others success)
Why Qnet is banned in Saudi Arabia. if its really a business then no need to ban this.
What exactly you will have to do? Why nobody tells you that if you are unable to join anybody in your team then you will not earn anything. Why they just tell you that you will earn this much and blah blah blah but how don't explain. They will say only big things like you will go here and there and aware people about products.

speakasia,ebiz,ramsurvey etc. there are lot of names..Google it you will come to know.

This is not a actual business. they are just roaming here and there and showing the people that they have successfull life , just to trap more and more innocent people.

EWS is also after them. Just wait and watch. If you remember SpeakAsia, they will face the same consequences.

Let me tell everybody, Tendulkar endorse speakasia and it turn out to be a one more scam in the list. For this Tendulkar gave a statement that he is just doing the advertisement and he is not resposible for any background check of the company.
Same is happening with QNET they got endorsement from high profile celebrities. Don't get trapped.

In last its your hard earned money , decide yourself what you need to do with that.

Thanks Everyone.
May 10, 2015

Qnet Cheating

Hi All ,

Qnet agents are luring me and innocent peoples to Join in QNet Since 1 year. They are running Qnet office near to Madapur Police Station Hyderabad. I suggested them many times to come-out from Qnet, but they never heard my words. They are cheated many unemployed people and they are trying establish Qnet MLM business offices in other cities and Countries also. Please help me. How should us save innocent people. Here I am sharing Qnet agent Numbers: +91 7842981736, +91 8106789787.

Thanking you All
May 9, 2015

VCon Malaysia

Hello Afafa,

What you said is exactly right, I know one of QNet IR is leaving from Hyderabad on Tuesday for VCON, Malaysia.

I do not get one thing..If it is banned in India why can't police ride on these people? That guy also said false information to influence my family member.

May 9, 2015

the VCON is in Penang, Malaysia

Hi QNET Victims, Hyd,

The VCON is not in Dubai, it is in Penang Island, Malaysia. People are leaving on tuesday from Hyderabad via Singapore. I guess it is silk air flight.

QNET wont show prices of any products, still we have listen to IR words and purchase. Even after purchase they wont give any product still we should not talk.

Someone says QNET is good but IRs are giving false promises. How it is possible. Whatever uplines are telling same is followed by down lines.

Yatha raja thadha proaja. How the QNET same way IRs.

We cant expect right thing from wrong people, same way we can expect right thing from wrong QNET.

The QNET ultimate aim is make one lakh pathi drag 1000 people on to roads.

What is the business without product. If you do business without product what to call that business.
May 9, 2015


I paid 1year before 25000rs n they say give me schme but after that I m not geting any thing now I want money back so many tym I cal tha persn he not give me reply now his mobile number also changed
May 8, 2015

Am Waiting

Hi Angel for U,

First of all let me tell you am not scared of You or anyone else, cause I know what am doing.

I did not cheat anyone nor I told any lies to anyone to get signed up with qnet.Neither anyone of them from the ppl whom I signed up given a complaint against me.

I and my team as per your understanding never hided any facts, I always shown the plan to them and left the choice to them to sign up or not.

You say that U met me and you were in Saral talwar team, then why didnt you caught me then and there or why dint you bring police were you saw me or so called Saral Talwar.

You also said were in Qnet since 2012, so why dint you realise that it is a scam for 3 years. Why did it take 3 long years for you to know that this is scam.

If the people are hiding facts and signing people to Qnet it is fault of IR not Qnet, Just like salesmen of Sony TV showroom saying unrealistic things about a TV with a desperation to sell the product it becomes the fault of salesmen and same with case of Qnet, in same way if you search in google with cases on Sony or for instance any company you will find hundreds of them.

Also I dont think the person who is investing money will have minumim commonsense about were his money is going.

Anyways am here not to answer to anyones unnecessary questions or debate, just wanted to post my views and experiances with Qnet just as you did and I think being a fellow Indian I have every right to express my views anywere.

My personal experiance Qnet is amazing, I request everyone in this forum to do proper R&D with genuine facts and figures instead of taking decisions based on social forums as here everyone is just putting there own views and not everything can be covered.

Finally All I want to say Join Qnet with your own intrest not with the pressure of anyone as there is a saying like "U can take a horse to water pond but make make it drink water forcefully"

Jaihind proud to be Qnetter.
May 8, 2015

Is there any group or team against to Qnet?

Hello All,

My family member also influenced by this business.

He is passionate about business and the guy who is best friend made an impression that he/qnet is correct.

I wanted to know is there any group (whatsapp/Hike/FB..any) for Hyderabad victims.

I also know that the guy is attending VCon from May 14 in Dubai. I can't really understand one thing if there is no harm/cheating in business why they do hide/lie everything????

Please send me a mail to qnetvictim@gmail.com for suggestions/reviews/information.

Thanks in advance.
May 8, 2015

Qnet Scam

Hi Qnet Cheaters

Go through this link which happened in hyderabad. http://www.abinet.org/hyderabad-crime-branch-arrests-12-qnet-officials/
Angel 4 U
May 7, 2015

Qnet Scamed

Hello Mr Sampath Kumar,

you know what, i met you but you don't remeber me i think,

I was there with Saral Talwar's Team, Don't worry you will be getting the same when we meet face to face, i am coming to Hyderabad in few days i will show you till then you watch the video, Hyderabad CCS arrested Qnet runners.


Hyderabad Victims are searching you guys every where.
May 7, 2015

Now I understood How foolish UR(Angel For U)

Hello Mr. Angel 4 U,

Just by searching in Facebook and with email ID You are saying I work for Amazon and part of Gachibowli team. Go find thousands of Samm2687 across the world.

Wow that show the heights of your intelligence. Now am pretty sure what kind of knowledge you have about qnet and feels its complete waste replying to u.

All the best for your future for what ever u do.

"MR.Sampath Kumar work for Amazon.".....ROFL...... :-)

Jai Hind and Proud to be part of QNET which has changed my life.
ban qnet11
May 7, 2015


Dnt copy and paste the same matter over and over.
Go and prospect the peopLe .and trap them to do signup.

If u really love this business
Pls share those so callles succesful people details..
May 7, 2015

Blame people who referred you, not others and company

I have spent my hard earned money and bought a product(From delhi) but didn't do the business. Leaders who presented me were damn successful than anyone in this forum who have long poor financial career. all of this is legal.

Your friend who refers into business should be caught and be blamed for your loss. Simple logic. QNet or Leaders or successful people have no role in your stupid assumption of loss.

Case 1: You go to LG showroom and get mesmerized by the big screens and buy one.Pay your hard earned money and get the TV Home. If you use or not use is none of LGs business. But suddenly you change your priorities saying you don't like LG or it isn't your cup of tea/coffee/vodka. LG would give a damn for your refund

Case 2: You buy a product from Qnet( where was your intelligent mind while buying? you could have said NO then and there) do business as optional. If you change priorities that you didn't like the product. You have a BILL that says you agreed to buy it. The model is a loss-less one.

You don't like case 2 because it's your wish ??

I have used their products and away from business as i have moved to USA now. I am here to complain too about those people who should be arrested for wrongly doing the business.

Its legal. If your people who are with you while purchsing product are giving false promises and CONVINCE YOU( it shows desperation). You have every right to slap them. The law will ask you receipts and reasons and Company wasn't built on fake pillars. The company NEVER asks to convinc/force/loot from people, some people around me did it and hence created the dirty image.

The allegations you see in Google have already been answered by the company. I have done extensive research and found a simple logic. The government isn't a fool to.allow the business over 15+ years now. If business is your country it means its registered.

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