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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

tarun mahar
Aug 29, 2014

reactivation of my account

Sir my wallet has been locked please reactive my wallet
email id - mahartarun@gmail.com
Phone no. 9089275697
Aug 29, 2014

Details of Refund Policy

Luckily i was saved before investing in the scam. However, i did thorough research even before turning it down.
Qnet HAS a refund policy. but you should cancel your order WITHIN 7 DAYS OF PURCHASE.

After 7 days, you cannot cancel anything. Also, those who have paid by credit cards etc will be losing their transaction fees , and some extra fees..But most of your money can be returned. So if you want a refund, dont wait- Act fast!
Tarun Aggarwal
Aug 28, 2014


I was called for a hurdle up in gurgaon DT mega mall at 5:30 PM on 26th August 2014 for this QNET membership, I knew the whole story, I did not Join.
I have got to know that this company is going under civil cases and its website and operations has become illegal.

Partial refund is being under process and some was released by court as company accounts have been sealed.
The victims need to have transaction record and file FIR to Mumbai police station for
For further queries,
Contact me
Saved from being Victim
Tarun Aggarwal
Shraman Chakraborty
Aug 27, 2014


I was presented this so called "Business Opportunity" by my Childhood Friend and his elder Brother... My fault was to fall for their Trap of "Opportunity"... After seeing many fishy activities and them handing me a Package to a 5-star resort of QVI group in Thailand, just added to the questions.. So many of my questions were being foddled around.. they told me that i would start earning from the 2nd week.but nothing happened even after a month. And the amount i had to take from my parents for the IR-ship,1.5lacs, just makes me more full of guilt.. as i am a Student right now, who is unable to give the money back to my parents' hard earned money.. the thing which amazes me is a friend whom u have known from Class 2,cheats you 14years later in life.. is just unthinkable.. but this has happened.. and now when i am asking for refund, am getting no responses..
kyu net?
Aug 27, 2014


Aug 23, 2014

QNET cheating

Now a days they are not revealing company name until people join or transfer money..
Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt.Ltd. is nothing but QNET.. if anyone asking to transfer money to Vihaan group that means u are on the way to get cheated...
As QNET websites are blocked..they are circulatong money through DD's in favour of Vihaan company.. or into some IR (Qnet people) account..
Aug 23, 2014

Qnet Scandal

QNET shows business plan which is impossible to happen practically without cheating many friends and relatives,...
Any network marketing business maths is like showing how much energy is in nuclear reaction which we all know can't be utilised completely without wasting most of it's energy....
As per network marketing math.. if we have 30 people below us in single line.. and all to be satisfied..there should be 100 crore..people.. Come on this is not possible.. there are not so many IT professionals...It is designed to the the ratio of benefiting one guy and make 100 suffer.

Only if anyone want to make money without minding losing friends and relatives and are too lazy this business suits.

These guys act like Dicaprio in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Please watch this movie once before going for Qnet business meet (LOL).. U will come to know how much these people are inspired by the movie and u can relate there moves to Dicaprio..
Aug 23, 2014

QNet r cheaters- Targeting IT people

- I forget to add the important point . These fraud people telling that their Business is like Ecommerce and will use name like snap****, Fli*car* , so why not QNet. They forcefully proves their thought like dont think....., take own decision ,....u r grown up,,,,..dont think How ? , think Why ? I cant become rich.
Aug 23, 2014

QNet r cheaters- Targeting IT people

Hello ,

I may be the first person who is putting thoughts without being cheated by QNet ponzi schems. So I am Lucky.

On weekends , my one friend told me to come at CCD and in CCD , they do the business. I gone there but came outside after 1 hrs of fraud meeting. They will not show u any legal document of their products. I managed to walk away from there by not giving single rupees.

It works on Network Marketing (Friends,Family,Relatives). They r mostly targeting IT people.Please be aware.

Below r points which i collected by doing study after that fraud meeting-

- they will tell, u must Take u r own decision. Your parents were taking decision and now u must take. ( I totally disagree)
- They will tell u , how to become rich by investing in this ponzi scheme (min 30K - max no limit)
-Their products are expensive Holiday tour,watches, healthcare products like magnetic disc - fake
After becoming member(by paying 30K , trust me people invested upto 5 lakh in this ponzi scheme)
, you will purchase that products not having in the needs of life.
-Then u will force other 2-3 people and 2-3 peple to other 8-9....and goes on (otherwise u will not get commission so high level will have more commission)
* *
*********** <---- People chain

-Targeting IT people across Chennai,banglore, Mumbai ,pune, Hyderbad,Delhi etc (bcoz IT professional have min 30K and good network)
-Specially IT women are being cheated bcoz womens have much aspiration for money


From childhood we r learning there is no shorcut for earning money.
Please I am requesting this to indian govt....plz stop this.
Aug 23, 2014


Is it possible to regain my money after 3 year ?i have unused holiday package worth 1 lack.
Aug 19, 2014

Money Refund possible or not?

I made a purchase in the month of February worth 42000. Can i get the money refund now if i apply for cancellation. Please tell me friends. I'm so much worried about this fraud.
Aug 16, 2014

MLM(Read QNet)is a fraud!!

I have a question for all those people(basically IRS) defending these scamsters by saying that those who do not join and those who join but are not able to generate more "victims" are jealous should ask a simple question to themselves that whenever while selling this great business model why don,t they emphasis upon the product or the services that their company offers.? Is it because they themselves are not aware of what exactly the company products are ?? Or is it that they very well know that the products are overpriced and hence none is going to buy them unless given a lucrative money making "business model" which is nothing but a scam?

Nothing in this world comes for free. Anybody who says that he is going to double your money in a short span of time is either a cheat or is being by fooled by someone.
Aug 15, 2014

Qnet support not replying


I have mailed to global.support@qnet.net and eva.sins as mentioned in previous post but nobody is replying on a refund procedure.Can someone please help me out
Aug 13, 2014


I purchase holiday package around rs200000 before 2 month frnd told me about this business and I started but now I want quit this business so can I get refund plz tell me
Aug 6, 2014

ChuNet - Urf Qnet

IR's from qnet are Enticing innocent people in thane and mumbai, after the complaint was launched these guys are now targeting people from Bangalore and other cities where people have no knowledge of this stupid mlm. I see IR's from qnet in my city i.e thane showing plans in Malls, Ccd's, Having their calling activities in Malls like korum and viviana. I urge people to stay away from this mlm, it will only destroy your relationship with your family and friends. people who are on the top have earned their money and have flown away from India and are hiding in different countries, if their dato urf fato is so innocent why doesn't he has the balls to come down to India, people will rip his balls off. I was approached buy my close friend, i told her this is a mlm but she has been completely brain washed. These guys are really good at it. trust me they almost had me put my hard earned money into this mlm. people who are already stuck have no option but to entice more people so that they an retrieve their money back. I hope this menace ends soon, alot of familys are affected by this, girls where expensive apparels and show off their iphones and ipads which are on emi's to entice people, only people lose to them really know how much loans they have taken on their heads.
Aug 6, 2014

QNET Cheat Business

Don't wait for your Business associates (Cheating friends) to help u get ur money back..They will not waste time in get money back. They are only concerned in getting new sucker to join this network.
Start pressurising them to get money back right away.. there is a procedure to get it refunded..
Aug 6, 2014


I purchase holiday pack rs 300000 join business before1 month but now want quit this business can I eligible for refund plz tell me help me
Aug 6, 2014

How to get the refund

Hello Vishal,

I'm writing reading your review, Like you, I also made a purchase of 1830$ USD of a holiday package which is of no use for me.

I spoke to the people who introduced me to this but they are helping me for refund and not denying as well. They have asked me to wait until 6 months to check what is the way out for refund and cancellation.

Can you suggest if I email as per your contact and I can get back my money without any help from the people who made me join this.
vishal Savant
Aug 5, 2014

I got my refund


After reading all those reviews, i ask qnet to cancel my membership and refund my all amount within one day of my transaction of USD 2010. Qnet deducted Admin Fees – 5% - (i.e USD100.50) and Bank charges USD 30 and refund USD 1879.50 in week time period.

Contact Details of Qnet -
QNet Ltd 21/F Unit G, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kowloon East, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2263 9013 Fax: +852 2802 0981 www.qnet.net.
support.centre@qnetindia.in ; Eva Sin <eva.sin@qnet.net>

Thanks to Saayli Kawalee for helping me to get back my refund.

Vishal Savant
Aug 5, 2014

What is Our Goverment Doing ?

We see Millions of Rupees moving out of India Illegally due to this Fraudulent Qnet business Scheme. We are also seeing hundreds/Thousands of people getting cheated by this practically unrealistic business scheme. What is our Government Doing. Will our new Govt do something to protect the Citizens from getting cheated.
Jul 23, 2014

Bullshit f****** qnet company

Hi All,

I was working with MNC company and one my friend call me for Job interview with good package when i visit the place that time i know that there is no interview going on , they are there to discuss business plan and if someone is giving cold reply they will hot you up by giving your dream fulfilment which a normal middleclass man can't afford.

Once You join as a IR on qnet they will force you to make name list of minimum 500 people and index them into HOT / Warm & Cold people.
if you dont do this they will shout on you and try to convecnce you to do this thing and call two friends and make chain ( In Qnet word make your own system) , I feel cheated on first day still i feel guilt about this business.
They are well professional brain washers .
Currently i am discussing with Cyber Crime cell department to cease there bank account and arrest them asap.
I will ensure myself no one will join this f***** company in future.

Please be aware that if your friend told you that your interview will taken by any IAS officer then you should know that they are gone cheat you very clearly.
Jul 18, 2014

Qnet Fraud

I would like someone from the Qnet to respond to following queries.

1.) What is the actual monetory value of each of the products you are importing (post paying all duties and taxes)?
2.) The model which you have is not sustainable if all the IRs work as they are suppose to work. Please do the maths yourself and you will realise the product which is sold for INR 40K actually cannot be more than 13.2K to sustain this model with 1% distribution cost and VAT on the INR 13.2K. If this is so then why are the products which are said to be luxurious and miraculas be so cheap and why is your company not disclosing it to the prospective IRs.
3.) Is Qnet business legal or illegal as per current definition of PCMCS banning act 1978. Please do not say law is wrong or right, all I and other readers would be interested to know is it legal or illegal as on date as per law of the land. If illegal why do you not disclose this to the prospective IRs that it may or may not become legal at a later date, however it is currently illegal and you would be doing illegal business as on date.
4.) Is Vihaan DS Qnet or franchisee of Qnet. If it is franchisee why is this information withheld from the prospective IRs and not disclosed upfront.
5.) How many of your IRs actually make money promised by compensation plan.
6.) In this business what is your company's responsibility, is all the responsibility lies with IRs who do not make money inspite of the fact that they are suppose to sell a product with INR 13.2K actual value at 40K which is highly overpriced.
7.) You say give 1000 days to business. If you are so sure about this business then why are you not offering way out to the IRs to the extent of their investments or any other value.

Dear Readers who haven't fallen into this trap so far beware and do the calculations yourself and you will realise that chances of success are very slim and illegal too. Please read PCMCS banning act 1978 before investing.
Jul 14, 2014

Qnet Fraud

Beware of hot sign up's, and cold calls of business oppurtunity. These all are tricks followed by Qnet, If it is so genuine please open a shop and sell it to public. Don't cheat your trusted friends.
Jul 13, 2014

all these frauds are baseless...

Hi friends,
all these allegations are baseless which are made on Mr Pankaj Singh.He is a great mentor , teacher ,friend and guide.I was also present there. This business is not about luring.It is about collabration and connecting together for a better platform.Whosoever has worked hard with consistency and persistence in this business has achieved results .It has changed the lives of many.It is not a business for quitters .So before putting a complaint check your facts and don't believe on perceptions.Work hard and sky is the limit!!
Qnet Rocks!!
Jul 11, 2014

No Complaint - Qnet Rocks m/


All you complainers are big time looser!!!!

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