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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

May 7, 2015

Now I understood How foolish UR(Angel For U)

Hello Mr. Angel 4 U,

Just by searching in Facebook and with email ID You are saying I work for Amazon and part of Gachibowli team. Go find thousands of Samm2687 across the world.

Wow that show the heights of your intelligence. Now am pretty sure what kind of knowledge you have about qnet and feels its complete waste replying to u.

All the best for your future for what ever u do.

"MR.Sampath Kumar work for Amazon.".....ROFL...... :-)

Jai Hind and Proud to be part of QNET which has changed my life.
ban qnet11
May 7, 2015


Dnt copy and paste the same matter over and over.
Go and prospect the peopLe .and trap them to do signup.

If u really love this business
Pls share those so callles succesful people details..
May 7, 2015

Blame people who referred you, not others and company

I have spent my hard earned money and bought a product(From delhi) but didn't do the business. Leaders who presented me were damn successful than anyone in this forum who have long poor financial career. all of this is legal.

Your friend who refers into business should be caught and be blamed for your loss. Simple logic. QNet or Leaders or successful people have no role in your stupid assumption of loss.

Case 1: You go to LG showroom and get mesmerized by the big screens and buy one.Pay your hard earned money and get the TV Home. If you use or not use is none of LGs business. But suddenly you change your priorities saying you don't like LG or it isn't your cup of tea/coffee/vodka. LG would give a damn for your refund

Case 2: You buy a product from Qnet( where was your intelligent mind while buying? you could have said NO then and there) do business as optional. If you change priorities that you didn't like the product. You have a BILL that says you agreed to buy it. The model is a loss-less one.

You don't like case 2 because it's your wish ??

I have used their products and away from business as i have moved to USA now. I am here to complain too about those people who should be arrested for wrongly doing the business.

Its legal. If your people who are with you while purchsing product are giving false promises and CONVINCE YOU( it shows desperation). You have every right to slap them. The law will ask you receipts and reasons and Company wasn't built on fake pillars. The company NEVER asks to convinc/force/loot from people, some people around me did it and hence created the dirty image.

The allegations you see in Google have already been answered by the company. I have done extensive research and found a simple logic. The government isn't a fool to.allow the business over 15+ years now. If business is your country it means its registered.
Angel 4 U
May 6, 2015

QNET Scammed

Hi Samm,

I know who are you very well, you are very new to this business, Don't try to explain or Overact,

Do you understand Mr. Sampath Kumar, Work for Amazon & part of Qnet member Gachibowli Team,

you are the next target in Hyderabad. CCS people will explain you very well when they will come to your company & you can explain them what you know,

you are a child in this business understand i spend 2-3 years in this business & i know everything about this business, you are new thats y you are talking like this.

i warn you be careful you team is a next target in Hyderabad & now you are exposed,

i wish i could grab you but we innocent people want justice with ligally thats y you guys are still doing orelse.

Your Wellwisher

Jai Hind....
May 5, 2015

What is the business

Hi Samm,

you have cheated enough people, Dont try to convince yourself. What is the business without telling the name of the Company. You are not giving any information of products and company.

Yours business is Hotzone, Warm zone and cold zone. Where is question of willing ness from new joinee. Moreover you people are not even giving time to go through the terms and conditions and return the products. First of all you are not giving any product. YOu are not giving IR ID.

What business you are doing except cheating.

Your business is pulling people into roads on the name of association.

Whatever you say you are not in right path in any angle.

If you have guts, call pathman and vijayeswaran to come to India to address press conference. Then atelease people will believe 10% QNET.

Do you know howmany people you are bringing onto roads. The curse will not leave you, your uplines and QNET.

We know already you have been cheated, atleast dont try to cheat others.

One straight question, why you people are selling useless luxury vacation packages to only to middle class and lower middle class people. why cant you sell to rich if your product got worth.

There is no product and no worth.
May 5, 2015

Be In Reality, Not with Opinions- 2

Also to add in Qnet no one cheats anyone, We offer the business oppurtunity to people and if they like the products and services they will buy it.

Then if they want to do business they are welcom and if not they can just be customer.

I dont understand how come doing this business become Cheating. If thats the case whatever we do in our daily life will also fall under cheating catergory.

I wish people put aside their EGO and do R&D with nuetral brain without doing any prejudgjng.

May 5, 2015

Be In Reality, Not with Opinions

Hi Beware,

If the link given by you says its illegal I leave it your commonsense, It just warns the people to BEWARE and also there is 1 mistake in that link that Direct selling is not banned as per PCMC act and Qnet is registered with Govt of India under the name Vihaan Direct Selling Company with all taxes paid with valid PAN # and registered Office.

If Direct selling is banned then how come govt of India issues PAN and collects taxes from such organisations.

The answer for you 2nd question is, No company has a website in which govt supports them.

Iam writing here just to help people take their own decisions rather than depend on people like you whoz EGO is not allowing you to accept Qnet.

I also feel You are not any govt body or NGO who is appointed to stop people from choosing QNET, so I wish you concentrate on you daily routine work and be happy instead of wasting your time here, confusing people with unbased comments.

All the best for whatever your doing in your life.

ban qnet11
May 4, 2015


The blog which you have shared is created by some of your IR'S .It is not officially posted by govt of INDIA.

And the cyberabad police OFFICIAL website clearly mentions that GOLDQUEST ,qnet is an Mlm which banned in india.

Do you have any official website of Govt dat supports Your chain marketing company.??

You guys say dat," we are not here to sell you any product,im not carrying any products to sell you or im not here to make you a member of any organization, its purely a bussiness oppurtunity".so how come ut can be a DIRECT SELLING BUSSINESS,WEN YOU DNT SELL A PRODUCT???
May 4, 2015

QNET Fraud


First answer to below link

If you spend more time reading things here, you will become demotivated, your weekly energy pumping systems will not be effective.

Do spend time with QNet supporting people and become a curse to humankind by cheating as many people as possible.

Let me know if ur ready to come down to police sation or where u guys operate like terrorists.
So that u can share your good good thoughts.
May 4, 2015

Answers To Your Questions

Please go through the below link to take your own decision instead


Also read the Comments below the BLOG to get more knowledge.
May 3, 2015

QNET do business in night only

Hi All,

QNET do business only during night times. Because they are not doing complete transactions. They are doing one sided transactions taking money from new joinees with the help of his friends or relatives.
May 1, 2015

banned business information (Networking mark,MLM,chain mark)

HI friends,
the Cyberabad(HYderabad Telengana) police was clearly mentioned about this kind of business(like qnet,amway,herblife....etc).

if you want more information.

Please go through this url:

Please think twice before you join in this banned (qnet)business .....
it was already banned by indian govt.

banned business information (Networking mark,MLM,chain mark)

Apr 30, 2015

Hello DAKS


Your friend is living in dreams created by QNet Mafia. In anyway she can't succeed. Reasons are as follows.

1. QNET is Banned in India, It is not legal
2. Nobody will join for her. Incase any one join also problems
3. Person who joined for her will torcher for offering fraud business.
4. Her uplines will not pay money to her as uplines will ensure maximum not to max left and right binary matching.
5. She cant understand what is going on because If I am right she doesnt have IR login credentials
6. Incase everything goes well also Her uplines will ask to spend money for downlines.
7. Above all there is always Police threat, when police arrests no upline will be available to save. Uplines simply says issues are not related to Qnet, all issues are related to personal.

But fact is until we kill QNet and Vihaan in India we cant save anybody. After joining only people understanding that they caught in QNET. beauty is QNet people ensuring everything without giving any receipt or acknowledgement for money to new joinee.

Here Government is spectator and enjoying taxes. One side unemployment and another side cheaters. Cheaters got more advantage to survive in India than loyal people.

Because of fraud complanies like QNET genunie companies are getting bad name. For instance companies who are in IDSA also facing issues.

As a soft nature and poor people, without government observation and help peope will continue to suffer and suffer.
Apr 30, 2015

How to take action on Qnet IR?

Hello Everyone,

My family member got trapped in this QNet scam. Somehow I made her to understand it is not ethical business.

The result is she is not joining, but then that IR (Office colleague,Best Friend to her) is brain washing daily as they work together in a IT company for same project.

I stay in different country and could not able to make her understand better over phone. She is saying that the business may be not complete ethical but that person is a good.

My concern is that, one day she will convince in that trap and may join with out telling to me. (Bcz I had seen those kind of examples).

Now I would like to know, Is there any way where I can take some action on that him (IR). He is based in Hyderabad.

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

Please send mail to qnetvictim@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance.
Apr 30, 2015

Hearts says keep quite but brain says it is a Scam

My friend got trapped in QNET by one of her close friend.

I really wish everything to go well or she will go mad.

She has taken personal loan while already having an education loan of huge amount. I told my research & comments not to join but she was just bliiiiind :( .

The funny part is now she has resigned from job to live her dream.

Guys share your experience will she succeed.

Apr 29, 2015

VCON in Malaysia

Here is another strategy to cheat people.

VCON the annual IRs meeting is going to be held in Malaysia during May 2015. Collecting Rs.30000/- towards VCON Ticket. Expecting 15000 people to attend the program. The total value of tickets is coming to 45 crores. I believe this is another opportunity to QNET to cheat people. All IRs have to bear flight tickets and hotel accommodation and food. It comes approximately Rs. 100000/- per head.

If the company got love on IRs why ticket is required as all IRs are getting business to QNET.

It is ultimately QNET wanted to steal money from people unethically and illegally.
ban qnet11
Apr 28, 2015


French ninja..
Hello boss ..
In LG showroom if the prouduct is damaged ..there
Is a warranty and replacement and also servicing centre available..company takes it as a responsibility but a customer wil not blame the sales person.

No need of lots of research.WHO THE HELL SAID ITS SUCESSFUL IN INDIA FROM 15 YRS ??.juz google abt your company..you can find wen it was BANNED IN INDIA AND ITS BACK IN INDIA BY CHANGING ITS NAME..
And also arrest warrents are issued against your company owner VIJAY ESWARAN.

I still see my uplines struggling for signups.
They buy costly mobiles.go for parties and travel to dubai.all these are for show off juz to trap ppl but reality is they use creditcards and convert them into emi..

Apr 28, 2015

qnet scam

Yes it is. It is a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme. They operate mainly in 3rd world countries, poor nations, or nations with no real ethical money circulation rules, to recruit "investors". They mainly target poor people, or people with financial hardship, as they see them as opportunists who would like to get out of their situation with a promise of better times to come.

It is quite a well thought out psychological architecture of how they get people to sign up and meet them, then trial them into temporary membership, and eventually getting them trapped with an "investment", or more accurately, a losing gamble.

I have investigated them for some time privately due to interest in human psychology, interaction and deception, and in the hopes of writing and (hopefully) publishing a paper on it.

The most recent interaction has been in on social networks, where they target individuals by offering a "Unique Business Opportunity" in the hopes of getting you to start your own business... But eventually just joining them.

Whatever you do, don't join QNet, (Vihaan)or any other schemes that you have any skepticism or bad gut feeling about.

finally i want to say somthing....

if u want to cheat ur family members and ur friends ,u can join this banned business...

choose wisely.................
ban qnet11
Apr 27, 2015


Dear Saam2682..
Wen you are not an IR why are you so worried about the company??
This shows dat beign an IR who are trying to post some positives abt the compsny indirectly..right??
Oh dats really great..
TATA is a very big company i hope u have dat knowledge dat TiTan is subsidiary of TaTa..
IN EVERY SUBSIDARY OF TATA i.e Thaniq.TTitan.Tata steel. In everything y can find
can you find this in qnet???
Qnet is not subsidary of GOLDQUEST.I HOPE u have the knowledge of understanding diffrmce between subsidary and change in name of the company..
And we all knew very well..that all things u spoke are generated from grand uplines just to pretend the TRUTH..

Patman is not coming to india coz..govt of INDIA issued arrest warrant against QNET LEADERS.dats the reason hez not coming to INDIA .. :)

I have been with qnet for 3 yrs..i listened to my uplines and fooled few ppl.I knew well abt QNET..

If u feel its a genuine company..Come to any police station will discuss the presentation there itself..
Apr 27, 2015

QNET Fraud

Please share your QNET meeting location or address, As I need proof for my police case.
It will be good if we sit at police station and discuss your business ideas, as it will be helpful for many people.
Apr 27, 2015

Fraud QNET

@Foolish Saam

If QNET is direct marketing then it should not sponsor anybody, they are doing it only to make fool of new joinees.

Please do the math, if there is 31 step downline, and everyone has to be satisfied then there should be 100 crore people. This is the only reason why network marketing fails.
You can't find so many people, Only if you are ready to cheat close friends and relatives then join QNET and screw up life of yourself and friends.

Go back to your upline and cross check how many people have lost money and left QNET.

Just don't see good good things and come back.

Don't compare QNET with other companies, QNET has changed name to completely erase it's history and start new fooling scheme. Whereas other companies do so if any merging happens or is bought by other companies. These companies still retain there address and people.
Unlike fraud QNET which will comeback with total new face once it gets closed, as it is happening from last decade.

All the best to your dark future, losing all friends, relatives, colleagues.... and enjoy party life just to post in FB for show-off. You people will live with curse of many people.
No where in human history network marketing sustained or proven good for society.
Apr 27, 2015

QNet Victim Hyderabad

Hello Everyone,

I have been searching for QNet information .

My family member has got influenced by QNet IR in Hyderabad and willing to join now.

I explained about filed cases, but nothing is working out. This has spoiled relation.

I would like to know is there any group of people who are facing similar problems with QNet and can give me some inputs to me?

Please send mail to qnetvictim@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance.
Apr 26, 2015

please advise


Can anyone advise is this worth to join this business..? My friend referred me..but am very scary to join after hearing these many complaints...!! Am taking personal loan for this....!!
Apr 25, 2015

qnet scam

illeagal company
Apr 25, 2015

Police Complaint Against QNET Uplines

I’m also a victim of fake promises & fraud sales of QNET product.
My only mistake, I TRUSTED my friend blindly. Regret that, deeply.

I was RUSHED to join QNET in early 2015. I wasn’t aware of anything then.
After a while, I realized that it is not a legal business. But then it was too late for a refund.
Several mail chains & Customer Care Calls were made, but all in vain.
The only option for getting your money back is either request a refund WITHIN SEVEN DAYS of purchase,
Or RESELL the product to someone else.
I chose not to be a part of this fake SALE OF DREAMS.
Now, I’m on the verge of going bankrupt (unfortunately, Indian citizens don’t have that option), thanks to my friend for putting me through this financial turmoil.

But has anyone here filed a police complaint against these people?
If so, what was the result?

What if we all come together and file a case against these so called UPLINES?
I believe if we all stand together and demand justice, we will get it.

You can share your thoughts, queries, concerns or suggestions either here on the thread, or email @

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