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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Oct 23, 2014


@whoever you are - fooling and misguiding people and making money is scam...I never Misguided anybody nor did I fool any one...It's just Business and every business has a module..Just that people like you dont have potential to do this business doesnt mean u call it a fraud...!! Understand the concept and then comment...
Oct 23, 2014

QNET Banned in CCD's


Now you people are not allowed in CCD, sit and analyze ED is seriously into this, all you QNet frauds will be punished.

Making 50k in 4 months is ok, but think how you have made 50k. By selling dream of becoming rich. This will not run anymore.

You guys will live a repenting life for actively involving in QNEt.
qnet frauds
Oct 23, 2014

scam qnet

Hello mr SB03
Former telecom minister made close to 5k crores in less than 2 months. are u thinking making money in less time is not scam.
Use ur brain before speaking something.
Oct 23, 2014

QNET...scam? haha

Hello ppl i have made close to 50k in less than 4 months .. u stil call it as a Fraud? without giving 100 percent one should not jump in conclusions....
Oct 22, 2014


Cheated for5.40 lakhs
Oct 21, 2014

QNET @gds, got one downline here.. Chuthiya No. 2


Your describing sponsoring is not advertising is like telling water is not water, it is 2 parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen (H2O).

Stop telling lies here, Qnet has thought you very well how to tell lie, and create new scenario while answering a question and divert people.

If you people just have a tag line "Network marketing" with QNet it is enough to get you guys fucked. But Qnet will never tell it is network marketing and pyramid scheme, till people become victim to Qnet.

In Bangalore these guys are active in CCD in Brigade road, MG road, HSR layout, etc...


Hey we are not victims, we are just cheated by people trained by QNET. You guys are becoming victims, very soon it will be get closed and you can keep wondering what the fuck I did in life by joining QNet.

Already a movie has come in Tamil, based on Amway, even in this movie they have shown concept of Platinum, gold, silver, rust iron things.. Very soon Qnet scam will come to public and it will inspire someone to make a movie, then you can relate yourself to characters in movie. It will be bio epic movie on you own life.
qnet frauds
Oct 21, 2014

qnet systems conducting @

The Grand Magrath Hotel, #30, Magrath Road, MG Road, Bangalore, 560025.

Go and get them
qnet frauds
Oct 21, 2014

cheaters systems at bangalore on every sunday

Every sunday these qnet cheaters will conduct meeting in hotels they called them as systems.
At starting of system they will introduce one person like prime minister of india and they will show all his pics at resorts at big buildings at cars with girls.
Then they will play music, for that all will jump dance and shout they will encourage u to dance and shout . then that qnet prime minister will shout for some time and he will start his story how he susceed to fool and cheat people and he will tell u to just follow him if u need sucess .after that they will tell the plan to new bakaras who invited by their friends and family members.
Usually no one will like that plan but friendz will tell just trust me and invest and hiz upline will tell do u think ur friend will cheat u for 3400 rupees? the amount he will get as commision if he joins u. Even if u not convince they will send u to another upline untill u join this process will continue. ((Just remember guys if i dont have any values to ur friends and relatives this is especially for u))
Oct 21, 2014

Wake up and smell the coffee !!

I appeal to government of India to Ban Qnet and all other similar companies !! The system is deceptive and flawed , designed to tempt and dilute people's minds with greed .. Hence, acts as a base of wrong doing among the youth of this country !!

It is no good for our economy as it does not promote any local and Indian corporations... It is robing the youth of theirs minds and our own economy of money to fulfill the companies own global dream selling useless overpriced products !!

Fellow Indians and Indian Qnet-ers !! if you really go by the Qnet moto Raise yourself to help Mankind .. then do raise yourself to help your country and Mankind from these foreign scamsters who corrupt minds and souls (Helping mankind with greed is no help at all, monetary system and greed of a few people got us here in the first place) ...I am not saying all people in Qnet are bad or scam people (Qnet is not a Scam !! Qnet is a brilliant idea/design for blinding people even with intelligent brains to lure them in greed -- To fill the pockets of a few , the same type of people who fucked the world in the first place! They are helping no one but themselves making u work for peanuts compared to what they make!! And them making sponsorships and foundations like the RYTHM ..to justify being a boon to society.. Outrageous !! Yet always falling short to really contribute anything to society)

But what you have to understand is that any system designed this way or if it leads to a way where you have to hurt and compromise peoples emotions and create unsatisfaction among masses is flawed !! Companies should add value to your life not take over your mind !! Ultimately ! people who are stuck in it trying so desperately to at least get their investment back and luring more people back into the system creating a vicious circle where there are few winners and a lot of looser's.....

These Qneter's IRs are not the enemy .. But the design, the lure , the greed created by this system is the enemy .. And it should be stopped for the sake of all mankind !! People might have many justifications and arguments and opinions to prove its existence as good and a plus and a legitimate company .. But please dont tell me !! I know them all !! And noone can justify that it is good for our society .. !! and especially for India .. Im a patriot and i love my India !!
Its time to wake up and smell the coffee !!
Oct 21, 2014

dont waste time

hey gds,

dont waster you time here.. i am also associated with and i agree your points. but what we can do if people cheat other people using company's name ? this arguement will not yeild anything. even tomorrow everything goes fine, do you think people stop cheating or ditching people ? simply no.. so good that you put all the points very well.. but no use as all these people are victim of their own friends or best friends or relatives.
Oct 21, 2014

Never Believe QNET


What's your real name and address ? What's your contact details ?
Oct 21, 2014

its Sponsorship


Its sponsorship, not advertising. sponsorship is done to show credibility of company. and can obviously used to promote company or sometimes specific brand. where in advertising is done ( of products ) for hard selling which we all know how relative it is with product. celebrity endorsement is different than celebrity in ads is again different than celebrity associated to products.
Oct 21, 2014

QNet Chutiyas


Again and again don't lie you mother fucker
You only mentioned QNet sponsoring Virgin F1 Team, Some football franchise, and other places... This is not advertising?
Tupperware products are worth every penny we pay, even they are sold in shops, put adds in newspaper..

If your marketing is so genuine, Companies like Apple would have approached you, you people main concentration is to make money..not to sell anything...

You better wake up mother fucker, stop lying here... QNet sole purpose is to have money circulation in some way, which is by blindly cheating friends and relatives.
qnet frauds
Oct 21, 2014

illogical reasons by gds

Hello (gds) u tell stories to children dont tell to us. then Why tupperware selling products in flipkart and ebay like sites. why u qnet guys cant sell. because ur bloody products dont have any value. no one will buy ur glass piece for 25000 rupees without cheating friends and relatives even u can buy amway products also in flipkart . u just try to keep ur fake wonderful miracle products in flipkart then see how many will buy ur products u corp cheaters.
If u want proof
See blow links



The mentioned companies (amway Tupperware and herbalife) are also network marketing companies, even though they are fraud atleast they are selling products in real e -commerce sites.then why they are selling products. Why u cant sell cheaters.
Oct 21, 2014

Direct Selling industry


no direct selling industry has any shop. the sole reason behing direct selling industry is to cut down marketing and advertisement and distribution expenses. have you ever seen Amway products in general stores or super markets. same with Tupperware, some retailers keep tupperware products for look and feel, but you need to buy those from IRs. same with Oriflame and others. if all these products kept in retailer, again distribution cost will go up and no difference remain compared to other brands.
Oct 20, 2014

Total Fraud QNET

Does anynbody has any answer why QNET does not open it's shops in the market ? If QNET is so sure and proud of its business what restricts / prohibits / stops them to open shops in the market ???
Oct 20, 2014

Qnet ka Diwali..


"it was nice discussing with you. probably, i could try to convey your experiences to company so all bullshits can be stopped."

Does this line means you are signing off?

I tell you what should be done by QNet, it has reached it's peak in India, now it's time to move out of India, there are 196 countries in world, as Muslim countries won't entertain this kind of illegal things, you can try in other countries.. If QNet selects just 20 countries it is enough to survive forever.. as you can keep moving from country to country as it gets shuts down.. by the time Qnet returns to India after 100 years..it will totally new generation here..!!

You mentioning about Medical store, they wont force anybody to buy, they sell a real product..!! if it doesn't work medical store people will screw the company which has supplied. QNet's magical herbal product only doesn't work, if he keeps product from QNet in his store for public.. Shop has to be closed in less than 24 hours. Please don't compare your stupid business with Medical stores. They do in public not afraid of anybody, these shops have saved many people lives unlike QNet which has screwed many people Life.

You guys can't run QNet without doing "breaking someones trust or faith, brain wahsing , hypnotizing, or other wrong" who will put such big amount money for your dream selling business. You can't Max out in 4 years, if you don't do all these things. I recommend you guys to continue these things so that you guys will be fucked of this QNet cheating thing ASAP..

And stop giving irrelevant replies, don't mention new new things here.

UnHappy Diwali to QNET chuthiyas..
Oct 20, 2014

cheating is not accepted


dude, i totally understand your anger.if i would have been your place, i don tknow what i could have done. and i was about to get cheated.. untill i met someone who explained me everything, so i knew how it feels when someone forces you something , when u dnt want or like.i feel sorry for you.

i already cleared, breaking someones trust or faith, brain wahsing , hypnotizing, or other wrong ways is not acceptable. But neither company nor govt can control people, when u have freedom of speech. this is the only drawback of direct selling companies when u have wide range of products.

will give u practical example where we are victim of mis selling or breaking the law ( same happened with you guys )
no medical store is authorized to give any medicine without doctor's prescription. THIS IS LAW. still we visit pharma store and ask the guy for medicine for normal fever, headache or small things. many a times, we have reactions to medicine or simple it doesnt work. if god forbids, any bad happens to us, then?

nobody can not control whatever going around, and dont know what will happen.

just wanted to convey, that company is not bad nor company teaches us to do any wrong doings for money. whoever are doing that should be stopped. HOW is still the concern. anyway, it was nice discussing with you. probably, i could try to convey your experiences to company so all bullshits can be stopped.

happy diwali.
Oct 19, 2014


People its Time for Action and Shake things up. File all your complaints and encourage all new recruits to respectively file theirs at EoW Mumbai address given in previous post.You all will get back your money so do not worry. There is nothing to be ashamed of when one is being cheated by teams of qualified sophisticated greedy conmen.They are not direct salesman since no retail sales are made. Only dreams are shown and lure of time and money freedom within 4-5 years is demonstrated and money is siphoned off in the name of buying Tracking Centers. All information you have regarding IR names,IR IDs, photographs, addresses, phone numbers,documents,conversations, must be provided to EoW, gurupreet@gmail.com and ED to strengthen their case in court. Be Fearless.
Oct 19, 2014

QNET Cheaters


Where is this Chuthiya..I'm waiting for your answer...

This fucker as thought this place is like his CCD, where everything is fixed and people listen to whatever chuthiya says.

Just listen to door man..someone is knocking, might be police, now your tour package will come to use, make use of it... your getting 50k worth package for 12k,.. use it and get out of Our India. If you don't have tour package let me know..I'll give mine..!!

These guys are left with nothing, as they would have cheated or tried cheating all their close friends, colleagues, relatives... no peace of mind, I'm planning to visit to this mother fucker's house who cheated me..I'll be showing and telling all the things this guy has done to his parents..and screw his life forever..!! Later will be approaching police too.. I'll be more happy to see him
suffer than getting my hard earned money back...

Fuck you loosers (if not money, everything else u have lost)
qnet frauds
Oct 19, 2014

raid on qnet office at Bangalore

Ending days for qnet
Watch the link
Beware of qnethttp://m.timesofindia.com/City/Mumbai/Eonomic-offences-wing-raids-at-QNet-Office-in-Bangalore/articleshow/44870185.cms
Oct 18, 2014

QNET going down..


Yeah Social network sites are not your style.. telling about QNet in open,
Anyways this website can't be blocked like QNet's
You people style is more like terrorists in pakistan, do in hide out.
You people do these thing so secretly, even victims parents will not be aware of it..

You people should stop forcing people to join and screw up their life. Do something more like Flipkart.. post your adds telling "earn money by network marketing" , Instead of wasting money sponsoring Virgin F1 Team (may driver get well soon..!! LOL) and other places, flashing QNet name in those places..is just to show to people before joining and build confidence to join and get cheated,

You people know deep inside whatever you guys are doing illegal stuff and will be stopped one day..And you guys attitude is to make as much money as possible ..

I'm from Bangalore I have seen many network marketing companies for past many years, Please don't feel QNEt is something different and best with no flaws.

All network marketing company operate in QNet style only, even they have all certificates from Govt., tax paying, Form 16 (not pdf edited), also people like police commissioners, politicians and other celebrities in their team.

Good luck with getting law passed for legalizing this illegal thing, good news for all the victims..today Bangalore branch has gone down.. soon it will be washed out of Our India..

Again you have given irrelevant answers to my question, we know you guys are MNC operating in many countries.. but who cares network marketing is illegal thing only..

My question was: tell me how many people are there in downline to you? longest single chain u have under you?
Oct 18, 2014

QNET going down..

Oct 18, 2014

QNET is 100 % Legal


see, i have explained to every questions. Todays world gives you freedom of speech on any private / public blog..social networking and other stuff on internet. specially negative things come in picture.

we are 100 % compliant with all indian laws and regulations. we pay all taxes upto dot figures. every IR receives form 16 at end of financial year ( now there have been cases where other fake companies issues fake form 16.. its just PDF editing. but can not run for long time. ). any money goes out is fully compliant with banking and financial regulations. all products imported are with utmost taxes.

avg life of any MLM or network marketing companies is 2 years. Company has been survived and still going strong.

QNET operates in many countries where business standards as in rules and regulations are strictest and stringent like Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, and recently we opened office in Germany. The problem in this country is we dont any legislation for any MLM or Network marketing company. In fact, we are somehow trying hard to push gov to frame laws which will bring laws and protect genuine direct selling companies.latest law enacted was in 1956 and even no company was exists. ISDA, FICCI all are in efforts to frame a model which would differentiate genuine companies from ponzi schemes. but obviously it will take time.
Oct 17, 2014


These days I am going through all the complaints and reviews about QNET. I am not against QNET.One IR tried his best me to join QNET.But because of this COMPLAINT BOARD I survived.QNET may be legal in some countries.But it is illegal in INDIA. Its URL & websites are banned by court order.So INDIANS ,be careful.

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