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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

May 15, 2016


Hi All,

I am telling about my journey in QNET.
How my best friend did with me.

We are in same company and we are close friend.
And one day she called me and told i am working a business project and next day she called me i need you as my partner.After so many discussion .Then i replied her then tell me company name and what is my work
Is it chain business?
she simple told NO.then she asked me 20k transfer immediately in my account if you trust me. I said ok.
Then next day she told me apply loan 3lacs and transfer me.
Then applied loan because i trust her blindly.
Then i asked her what is my work.she explained me details bring people's then you will get profit.
And i replied her you told this is not chain business then now you telling bring two peoples.I am totally sucked.
from that day i never trust any friend if best friend do this.

QNET FRAUD peoples are available in different different MNC company like INFOSYS, IBM, TCS, CAPGEMINI,CTS etc.

How they are connecting with peoples.

1.They are meeting in new person like in office bus, canteen , New project etc,
2. They they are starting gusip with you then after some day they are asking your mobile number.
3.Then after so many days they will share there business project with more attractive face.

Guys listen this is very important if you are not come then there business will not work then by hook or crook they will try to motivate you pull you because your input they will get profit.No matter how much money you invest for them. your mentally pressure will start when EMI statement come in every months. so Don't waste your time concentrate your job.
May 13, 2016

Never attend any Qnet business meeting

Hello Everyone,

Just like you all I had a terrible experience with Qnet and would like to share in this portal.

I have seen everybody has lost money just like me. Qnet IR s say it's changing lives of so many people. But when the success rate is just 2% how will it change lives? This is a misleading statement.
Now do the IR s mention this at the time when u r joining the business? Never!!!! They say " just trust me and join the business and I will make sure you earn 4 crores in 4 years"

Only after you join the business you get to know that your job is to do TELE CALLING BUSINESS. HIT 10 AND YOU MIGHT GET 2

while the business plan is presented they say-
1. There are four things for you to qualify the business- learning unlearning, time I.e 10-15 hrs per week, money and own decision making
2. Move from employee quadrant to business quadrant
3. Time money and skill leverage
4. No selling required, training will be provided
5. Two yearly foreign trips to Dubai Malaysia
6. Own a German car and fulfill all your dreams
7. I promise that all our team members will be there by your side for your support

Now what's the scene after 1 week of business?
You come to an undisclosed location for welcome and system. You understand later that system is gathering of all monkeys under one roof. This is there system creation. Their slogan is simple " MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO" . Later you understand even you need to start behaving like a monkey. I presume we have evolved to become Homo sapiens but now all of sudden you are made to be like a monkey like them. Monkeys always like groups, their strength is groups, destroy their groups their network will crash.
After going home I realised to become a monkey I had to pay two lakhs. I could have become one without paying too.
You introduce yourself to all other monkeys. Later the HEAD MONKEY OR SUCCESSFUL MONKEY comes on stage like a SUPER HERO and shares their experience.
This system is a super BRAIN WASHING SESSION. The motive is to have many people because when new joiners see many people they start trusting the business. It's like a good innocent Apple amongst the spoilt ones. Naturally VIRUS IS TRANSMITTED.

May 13, 2016

Frauds in Gurgaon

This happened with me as well. I think it's the same group of people at the same place. Who referred you into this ?
May 13, 2016

Qnet,Fraud so called business

I want to warn every person out there to be aware of this fraud company Qnet. One of close friend asked me about doing a side business along with the job and asked me to meet at CCD in DT mega mall(as they don't have any ofcs so they all work in CCD). She didn't gave me a single hint about the kind of business she is doing and told that one of her senior will tell. She introduced me to a girl name Priyoma Basu who was previously working with Ericsson company but left her job as she was earning excellent in her business. she told m e about pyramid scheme, told me about different ppl involved with company and earn more than a CEO, and you will become a millionare and all that stuffand also they askedd me to not discuss about this business with anyone of your friend or family member. Then they pressurized me to do a payment of 30K at that moment only to book my place in the pyramid and asked me to take a loan of 3.5L and invest it in business(i dont understand why they call it as business,when it is absolutely not). I searched about this on internet and found that it is a fruad company. I asked my friend to cancel my request for business,but at first they both again tried to do brainwash so that i invest but i strictly denied and askedd for refund.It tooks more than 2 months to provide me refund even in which they didn't refunded my whole amount. My frind and that girl Priyoma basu travel to malaysia,dubai,sri lanka and post pictures and tel about how good they are doing in business. But i want to tel u ol ppl this is jus a fraud chain they are carry forwarding. they will just eat your money and can goto any level to attract u for this business.
Please be aware of these fraud ppl and dun get into the trap lyk i did.
May 12, 2016

qnet refund

Hi Guys

This is my experience I would like to share with you people, even me also a victim of Qnet
one of my closest friend introduced me to this qnet (without giving any information) just told that he is doing some great business and getting good returns and told me to join him
And I asked the nature of business he said it’s an online promotion Business
I believed him and I have invested 3Lkh on Qnt and latter I got to know it’s a Chain Business
The very next moment I told my friend im not interest in want my money back
that people not listen to me they said don't worry about your money be with us for one year and refer few people you can make money but im not yet all interested in doing this kind of fraud to my dear ones (friends and Family) so I told I want my money back initially they said they will return the money but after 7 days they come and said we can’t give your money back because its already been 7 days so the company cannot refund your money.

Seriously believe me this business turns your close friend into Monster you will see the another face of your friend that day I realize that a person can do anything for a money

So I'm requesting you guys before joining QNET do research discuss with your friends and family members then only go ahead

If you ask me I will strongly recommend NO to this Business

the guys those already got trapped in this business if your joining date is less than 30 days please don't make delay raise a refund request to company and take back your money believe me refund is possible within 30 days of Product purchase don't listen to your IRs they won’t you in anyway directly approach the company

For any help reach out to me@ happytohelp005@gmail.com
May 12, 2016


QNET Fraud people are also posting in Facebook to motivate there Facebook friends below story .
My dream came true Today i brought iPhone,mac book etc to motivate there Facebook friends. they are doing like this, but actually they are purchasing there own money.

Like this they are putting peoples in QNET. Beware from the QNET peoples.
Ram Kumar12030
May 11, 2016

J P Morgan Bangalore

Hi All,

i want to Alert about my colleagues working JP Morgan Chase bangalore to be aware of Aditya Acharya (9845705770) ,pushparaj moolya (9731611311),ananda raj (9844616517) and others. Aditya is the ring master who wil scout and eat you up. They are based in CCD near UB city. Don’t fall for these fraud greedy people.

-Mr. Pranay
May 10, 2016


I bloddy invest my 7.5 lakhs of my hard earned money without knowing the buisness.. i am such a fool.. guys plz make sure you understand the buisness than only get into it, yes people are making money init... but u need to understand... company is not bad... but the IR's who are involved init they are cheaters, they dont tell the full picture.. they just show you the dream to become a millonaire, and make you influenced and fetch your money for their own fake.


HATE U....
May 10, 2016


I joined at 2.5 lakhs, showing dreams.. didnt tell me what excatly i need to do..... when i came to know they convienced me by bridging fake stories and did my brainwashed, and asked me to get two of your family memers to get triple benefits, as they knew i am financially strong i can invest some more money, i invested 5 lakhs again, saying we will help you to get the signups, my upline is very poor he is with Qnet from last one year and i am his first signup.. he just cheated me... my all hard money destroyerd.... have already sent the mail to Qnet about this as per tem money can be refunded but it takes timw of atleast 1.5 month.....

May 10, 2016

Main qnet scammers

Here are the details of qnet members active in Bangalore even after the raid by the CCB on their uplines
CCB burst the qnet mini vcon on 13th march 2016 Sunday

But still people are active on qnet request people to be very careful about such people

They utilise ur trust and make u invest

Names of qnet representatives
Karthik Sharma ( absconding but heard he's active )
Arpitha karthik ( both husband and wife in this business and upsconding )
Swathi anagondanahalli ( cousin of karthik apsconding)
Tejaswini G (apsconding)
Poornima (apsconding)
Mrudula Ravi ( she looks like a rich girl but plays with others hard earn money heard from my friends tat mrudula and swathi are friends from school and is upsconding )

Also There was a main Vcon held at malayasia these people have gone to the vcon held on 2and 3 of may

Y is the police left such people so free they are freely roaming coubtriescoubtries, y don't the police block the passports and arrest them really very embarrassing about Karnataka police.

Request the police department to arrest such criminals who play with hard earned money of people.

And at last be ware of qnet
Qnet is a scam
May 9, 2016

Qnet refund

Guys those who got Trapped in qnet Scam Please put a mail to Company directly for requesting for Refund. Don't Expect the help from your IR they not gone help you in anyway

For any help drop me a mail @ happytohelp005@gmail.com
May 9, 2016


Guys anyone those who got trapped in Qnet. If u want to get back your hard earned money please raise request for refund directly with company, Dont ask IR"s They wont help you in anyway
If you need any help reach out to me @haapytohelp005@gmail.com
Ram Kumar12030
May 9, 2016

J P Morgan Bangalore

Hi All,

i want to Alert about my colleagues working JP Morgan Chase bangalore to be aware of Aditya Acharya,pushparaj moolya,ananda raj and others. Aditya is the ring master who wil scout and eat you up. They are based in CCD near UB city. Don’t fall for these fraud greedy people.

-Mr. Pranay
May 8, 2016


















May 6, 2016

Secret Business Trip

If you find such FB posts of people going to Malaysia or Dubai,on a so called Business trip,then he/she must be a Qnet IR going on a SELF SPONSORED trip to listen to Vijay Eswaran, Pathman etc, people who are wanted by EOW,Mumbai Police,ED,CID.Issued solely in Public Interest.
Kindly Share and circulate among friends messages similar to these, so that next VCon all Qnet IRs will feel ashamed to post.

Secret Business Trip Secret Business Trip Secret Business Trip Secret Business Trip

May 6, 2016

Lets unite on Twitter

Tweet @CPMumbaipolice today 6-May2016 @ 5PM to 6PM. @CPMumbaipolice #chatwithcp @QNetscam #qnetscam
I will also be there with my queries. All the best.
May 5, 2016


It's been 17 years, the company is still active by changing names and playing around the laws. Nothing will happen guys. We're heading towards an unethical world where dog eats dog. Everybody's hand is in each other's pocket. Ethics are a fantasy. People are selling their conscience, honor, & relationships for money. They're distorting the meaning of words called - Trust, Faith, Friendship, Love. No matter whether you're friends with 'em for the last 10 years, or 15 years; they don't think twice 'fore digging a hole in your pocket. They're conscience dead people. They emotionally blackmail you. They're misusing the image & name of our founding father - Mahatma Gandhi. Had Gandhi been alive today, he'd have been ashamed of his name & image been associated with Qnet, or any MLM for that matter. Day is not far when people will start snatching bread from each other's hand. Or worse, people might begin killing each other for money. They're selling comb to bald, mirror to blind, earphone to deaf, microphone to mute. What the heck has this world done to humanity?

( Note - I never joined Qnet. A girl who worked for Qnet came into my life, & went away as well. She tried to pitch me in this business deceptively. But i didn't join.)
May 4, 2016

Planning to join Qnet

Hi friends ,

I am planning to take IR from the Qnet as one of best friend forcing me to join in this as he has done already. As I am in dialama wat to do , My friend is Insisting me hard to do this business as this will change our .. CAn any one help me how would the future in this..
May 4, 2016


Why is media silent? They're in Malaysia.
May 4, 2016


Beware of these QNET IRs in Delhi. They often meet at Janpath.

Aniket Srivastava, Sakshi Wadhwa, Zaynah Rojoa, Akarsh Verma.

They're in Malaysia right now.

These posers went to DLF Emporio, & uploaded pics on fb with a caption - "Amazing shopping experience at DLF Emporio." But they didn't buy anything for real there.

Sakshi bought artificial jewellery, & flaunted on fb & whatsapp.

Sakshi told me that her UpShit(UpLine) Aniket earns more than a CEO. I replied - "Which CEO?" She got embarrassed.

In my opinion, he earns less than a beggar. So is the case with others.
May 4, 2016


Beware of these QNET IRs in Delhi. They often meet at Janpath.

Aniket Srivastava, Sakshi Wadhwa, Zaynah Rojoa, Akarsh Verma.

They're in Malaysia right now.

These posers went to DLF Emporio, & uploaded pics on fb with a caption - "Amazing shopping experience at DLF Emporio." But they didn't buy anything for real there.

Sakshi bought artificial jewellery, & flaunted on fb & whatsapp.

Sakshi told me that his UpShit(UpLine) Aniket earns more than a CEO. I replied - "Which CEO?" She got embarrassed.

In my opinion, he earns less than a beggar. So is the case with others.
May 3, 2016

Action against Fraud IRs

hi all,

kindly note that please don't hesitate to approach EOW,Cyber cell,CCB (Central Crime Branch) Bangalore & Pune for tackling against these fraudesters

Instead of approaching local police who may/may not understand these economic offences, it is always better approach EOW or Central Crime Branch who are already tackling several such cases and will help all.

I request all victims not to lose heart and come ahead ans speakup to EOW/CCB police.

Approaching CCB police or EOW/Cyber cell will make sure that apart from victims, the other innocent duped people will also get back their money

Please write to me at qnethelpbangalore@gmail.com and I will help you show the way

Please unite and make Namma bengaluru free from this fraud MLM company
May 3, 2016

Let's stop the scam

Hello Everyone

The company Qnet is celebrating VCon from 3-7 May. As a present,yesterday late night, I posted lot of comments on numerous pics uploaded on Instagram. I also posted on VChief Pathmans account. Unfortunately, they kept deleting my posts and had to ultimately block me. If each one of us, Indians, takes to instagram and starts posting messages like me, then they would have to either block us or abandon their account, which is their money making tool. You can start with Qnetofficial,TheV, Pathmans account, etc with phrases like Pyramid Scheme, Qnetscam, Franchise Fraud, Police arrests, court cases,Cheating, etc. They cannot stop us if we all work as one unit.

Hope we all teach them a lesson and save our fellow brothers sisters from falling for this scam.

Jai Hind

Let's stop the scam Let's stop the scam

May 3, 2016

Qnet Fraud Uplines


Here are the list of mobiles numbers of persons who themselves called uplines or grand uplines and cheat the people....they are the most busiest persons in the world (as per their opinion) and they themselves called Max Out persons, BEWARE of such fraudsters.

List is all follows.

1. Deepak Kankani - Chartered Accountant By Profession (Formerly work in ITC, Kolkata) - +91 9830783316
2. Vipul Dalmia - MBA by Profession (Formerly Analyst at Credit Suisse Mumbai ) - +91 9930761147
3. Manish Tibrewal - Chartered Accountant by Profession (resides in Laxmi nagar, New Delhi ) - + 91 8010875035.
4. Avinash Shaw - Based out in Kolkata (very good friend of Deepak Kankani) - + 91 9883958969.

Please beware of these peoples, they often meet at Lalit Hotel New Delhi, CCD M Block Connaught Place, Taj Residency New Delhi, Le Meriden, New Delhi..

Hope this post will helpul....

May 3, 2016


Lets Unite to get your money back.

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