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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

qnet action
Aug 17, 2015


My brother in law VIKRAM ASHOK KHAMBALKAR could you please provide your name and contact details. We will help you.
Aug 15, 2015

qnet IRs are biggest cheats

Hi all

I was also a victim of qnet. I paid money to one of my most trusted friend but later on i realised that it is mere network marketing instead of e commerece. However i got refund from company. I paid five lakhs and my friend paid only 4.3 lakhs to company. Company paid my money back however i am struggling to get rest of the money back. Thanks to people who post here to guide me to get back my money. For any help please drop a note to me and i can guide on how to get back money
Aug 15, 2015

QNET...biggest scam

I am also the victim of this scam. My brother in law VIKRAM ASHOK KHAMBALKAR (IR ID IN092169) has cheated me with the pretext of big e-commerce business which was nothing but the biggest bull shit. He told me so many lies that, this is e-commerce business. You just need to sit at home and work only for 2 hrs daily as and when you can. Laptop and internet will be provided by company. There are only 2 open positions, so you need to hurry. There is no networking, no people calling, nothing which I hate a lot. I already had told him that, I don’t want to do any such business where networking or people calling is involved. Also he told me, you will make 4-5 crores in only 4 years. When I put my money, I got some books and DVDs which were all about networking. Then I got some kind of welcome session, where they ask us to write 20 dreams and make a name list of at least 500 people. That list should be divided into three categories like HOT zone, WARM zone and COLD zone. Also he asked me to go to one place where all QNET people gather for this business (so called association). Currently in PUNE, association happens at Sinhgad road, at Pritam Paithankar’s house. His brother Nilesh Paithankar is also very much active in QNET. Location for all their meetings (so called plans for new bakaras) is Café Peterdonuts on Prabhat Road, Pune. Daily I had to travel 35 km to my home with no fixed timing (many if times I had to come at 1 or 2 am). This really disturbed my family, personal and professional life a lot.Each Sunday they used to call for one session (so called V-cell) which was compulsory to attend and whole day again at association. This really disturbed my family, personal and professional life a lot. There I got to know that, I have been fooled by Vikram and if I want to make money, then I have to make others fool (my relatives and friend) by telling them all the lies which Vikram had told me. When I asked him that, I don’t want to do such business, he kept saying that there is very huge business and this is very small part. But even after working for more than 3 months, I did not see any other activity other than calling people and asking them to pay money.
This really has ruined my life. My wife is pregnant and I literally have to arrange money from my friends as I already have taken personal loan and I am paying installment for no reason. Now as I am asking for my money to Vikram, he is saying you will not get money back. You have to do this business else forget money. I have lost many of my friends and dear once due to this business.
I request all people in India and especially from Pune, beware of companies like QNET and Vihaan Direct Selling. Also please beware of names like Ashok Sharma, Bharat Sharma, Gautam Sharma, Rakesh, Aditya Lunawat, Ruchi, Avinash, Jigar, Amit Soni, Pooja Veragiwala, Pooja Soni, Akhil Agate, Pritam Paithankar, Nilesh Paithankar.
Guys, you will definitely lose your hard earned money. I am not sure if I will get my money back or not. But just wish, we should make India free of this evil.
Aug 15, 2015

Appeal to Nation and relavant Goverment official

I appeal to all nation and responsible government official to stop the activities of company like QNET, who is working a big cheating and fraudulent way.
1. I was cheated by by close relative, who begged me Rs. 1.5 lacs as a loan and promised me to return soon.
2. A few weeks later, she lured my wife and my my wife told me she has started a business and shall get our money after making a few members.
3. she purchased a water purifier and a watch for Rs. 1,5 Lacs which i never wanted to buy. its a big cheat.
4. Later she told my wife to attend a few meetings at delhi and meet big people called up lines.
5. now she is luring my wife for a Dubai tour for business.

now please help my wife to get rid of it. she is totally brainwashed by these bunch of cheaters who make use of close friends, cheats them and drag them in to a bad business.
how government of India allow these frauds to promote these activities in India.
I am duped with 1.5 lacs there may be many like me who are like this.
i never wanted to do this business, but my close relative lured my wife and took money from me in a highly cheating manner.

lets join hand to eradicate this evil from India.

Anti Pyramid Scheme Crusader
Aug 10, 2015

QNET Refund Possible - Repost

QNET Refund Possible
Hello Qnet Victims,

There is a team working for providing guidance and advice against Qnet Scam. Whatsapp is the preferred mode of communication, followed by mail and call.

Alternatively, you can register on http://qnetscam.in/ and post your query on QNET VICTIMS FORUM.

Before contacting, go through this link - http://qnetscam.in/general-discussion/how-to-get-refund-if-claim-not-made-in-7-days-of-sign-up/

While texting, please provide the following points:

1. Your Name
2. Your City
3. Invested Amount
4. Date of Registration

Please contact only if you require the refund; for everything else you can see reviews on this site and elsewhere on internet.

The contact details are :





Spread the word
Aug 9, 2015

Seriousness to get your money back

Hello Friends,

Are you all serious to get your money back ?
If you are really serious to get your hard earned money back, and then don't think too much, just raise an F.I.R again them.
Give QNET cheater's a lesson that remind him forever.
spread the awareness.

If you just joined, raise the request for order cancellation and pressurize your friends until you get your refund back and also teach them a lesson.

I too lost heavy amount.

Regards ,
Jai Hind

And please spread the awareness
Aug 8, 2015

get your hardearned money

Do you want believe still your cheater friend/relative, no one can help you.
Hi QNET sufferers.

Please understand the truth, we know that You love your friend/relative because of his relation with you. Without QNET he may be good to you. Please realize that your friend is no more your friend.

He/she is now part of QNET illegal / unethical business. All these guys are excellent in acting after joining QNET. Please dont show mercy on them.

If you are from Hyderabd and wanted your money. whether you joined QNET 10days back or 3 months back. No issues.

Please write to rajasahay78@gmail.com we will guide you how to do what to do.

Please write your name, place, money invested and date, your contact number.

We will reach you to help.

Remember if you are serious about your money to get back. Please do not delay.

All the best.
Aug 8, 2015

Qnet Scam

Hi. I wanted to know the latest updates on Qnet Scam. My husband is being brainwashed by one of his close friends in this scam business. Inspite of me opposing it and my husband has gone ahead and taken a loan of 3.5 lakhs to buy the stupid holiday package.. We are already have other loans and this is an additional loan. Actually Qnet has been having training programmes in thane sumplace and also in Pune which is being attended by my husband. I feel he has been hypnotised as he is not ready to listen anything against this Qnet people. Initially he was watching a series of cds being given to him by this friend which my husband was religiously listening every morning /night. He has been completely brainwashed. I need help how to get my husband out of this... This friend of his gives him ideas from where to take loans to fund these stupid purchases...PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO CONTACT TO HAVE THESE PEOPLE ARRESTED WILL BE OF GREAT HELP.

I m not interested in refund as it is useless crying over spilt milk, Just dont want anyone else getting duped and want my husband to wake up from the deep sleep he is now under before it is too late
Aug 8, 2015


Hi, I am also become fool due to one of my known colleague. I had jsut yesterday paid amount of 48258.76 in INR through my credit card. I didn't have money but he made me fool and said that give me credit card details, I trusted on him and given all the details and also confirmed over phone for the transaction. Now when I have read all these complaints, I have tried to stop this amount settle by bank. But , I think I have done a big mistake on trusting on that person.

I don't think bank will help on the same.


I am already in trouble due to financial problem and again I have done a big mistake.

If any one can help me in getting my amount back please tell me. Do I need to make any FIR through pilice station. Please confirm urgently as I had made this transaction just yesterday evening.

Please help me
Aug 7, 2015

I am the new victim of Qnet

Hi All,

Qnet is not ready to return my money.

please find the Email below after I have requested.

Greetings from Qnet India,

Please be informed that your request for cancellation cannot be processed since purchase was done on 24/04/2015.

Amezcua Bio Disc 2
Exagon Watch - Leather Strap
Himalayan Crystal Tri Angle Pendant
Veloci-Ti Cosmos Pendant

Kindly note that refund request should be made in 7 days and IR-ship cancellation request should be made in 30 days.

Request you to kindly contact your upline for further assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

With regards
Jasvinder Kaur

My Reply :

Hi Jasvinder,

If you have gone through my email, so In that I have mentioned clearly after get to know the work I have asked to my upline to return my money, he said it is not possible in Qnet, even though he is in Qnet since last 3 years. After knowing everything he was not ready to help me out to get my money back and misguided me. So how I can expect he can help me out now.

I described my situation to you guys with the hope that you can help me.

Note: I have all products in packed condition, ready to return back all. I am not saying to return my money simply. You can take your products back.


Qnet Reply

Greetings from Qnet India,

Request you to kindly contact the senior uplines for further assistance.

Thank you for your understanding.
Aug 7, 2015

Spread the awareness

Hello Friends,

Please spread the awareness, so that your friends & relatives don't get trapped & fooled.
You all know better your current situations.

Use your what's up, facebook, twitter...etc

Jai Hind
Aug 5, 2015

post your query

pls register and post your query on the below link. Somebody may guide you.

Aug 5, 2015

do you think there is no way


Because Local police got some lega limitations they are asking to go to other police station. Do you think there is no way for you. You think and take exper suggestion.

Get your money back and also help others. As long as you cant dare you may not find solution. Others also may help you. But the initiation should start from you. Because it is your money.

Criminals always try to escape from law. But really the law is stronger than criminals.

My advise is please dont sit quite. There is nothing to lose any more. Think and fight back.

Believe truth always wins.
Aug 5, 2015

Unable to file a complaint

I am unable to lodge a complaint in Police station and they are just asking me to go from one station to another as it does not fall within their jurisdiction. Can someone help me, where to lodge the complaint (FIR). I am stationed in Bangalore
Aug 5, 2015

Unable to file a complaint

I have also been cheated by my friend but I am not able to lodge a complaint with Police Station. Police officers are just asking to go from one station to another as they say it does not fall withing their jurisdiction. Can anyone suggest where to lodge the complain.
Aug 4, 2015

Do you want believe still your cheater friend/relative, no one can help you.

Hi QNET sufferers.

Please understand the truth, we know that You love your friend/relative because of his relation with you. Without QNET he may be good to you. Please realize that your friend is no more your friend.

He/she is now part of QNET illegal / unethical business. All these guys are excellent in acting after joining QNET. Please dont show mercy on them.

If you are from Hyderabd and wanted your money. whether you joined QNET 10days back or 3 months back. No issues.

Please write to rajasahay78@gmail.com we will guide you how to do what to do.

Please write your name, place, money invested and date, your contact number.

We will reach you to help.

Remember if you are serious about your money to get back. Please do not delay.

All the best.
Aug 4, 2015

Slap qnet IRs

Qnet is not cheating with any one .

The IR ,who is our friend and relatives , making false promises with us .

The Qnet IRs play with your feelings your emotions for earning money .

The practice followed by Qnet IR is not right ,and without that false Practice Qnet IR can not convene a single person .

The are there to do any thing for money So my idea to handling these type of stupids--- slap them publicly when ever you meet them ,aware of all your common friends about these stupid and there fake mind wash ability .

Start the chain to slapping these stupid ,so in further they think twice before doing any mind and emotional game with there friends and relatives .

if Qnet business is money making with any in-legality then plz advice Reliance , TATA , and other company instant of selling vegetable , footwear ,salt why they not start Qnet type of schemes .

Aug 4, 2015

Qnet Victim

Hello NewUser,

They are cheaters. Did you checked their ids ( big organization related stuff). Don't get fooled again, ask IR Id and proceed to refund. If you are in Hyderabad I will help you in refund process.
Aug 4, 2015


Hello NewUser,

Since you just joined to a system, don't be late, talk to your uplines and pressurize them for total amount, and take total amount, as they says you can take refund in 15 days.
and don't agree on small amount take whole amount..

like you many guys fooled. dont waste your time, and talk to you uplines.
in case dont get money , contact mumbai police
Aug 3, 2015


Hello Guys,

I just joined it by paying amount 2.5 lakh but after reading all articles I started having doubt. its all same as you mentioned how they told me. I am scared that I am going to be fooled or what. I attended some meeting also but I have seen so many people and people are also not normal, all are from big organization with big post so I thought if these people are joining then there must be something to earn money so even I joined.

what to do... I m really confused and scared !!!
Aug 1, 2015

QNET Fraud

Hi Guys,

I request to all people who are cheated by QNET people to spread awareness.
You all are having social networking account facebook, twitter etc.

Please do share the complaints and spread awareness
Aug 1, 2015

Qnet Fraud

These qnet people are fraud and son of bastards. Please everyone spread an awareness throughout india and make these system go out of country. they just focus on TRUST to join in the system.

Agar aap chutiya nahin banna chahte to ...please spread awareness..
Jul 31, 2015

Full Money Refund

Please write to eva.sin@qnet.com,global.support@qnet.com, mena.support@qnet.com, haraesh.kelly@qigroup.com,seklian.lai@qigroup.com, reejoie@the-v.net and marlyn.g@the-v.net in separate e-mails and ask them to cancel your order. Also explain how you have been lured, duped and cheated by the IRs of QNET. If you use twitter then write on twitter to vijay eswaran @vjayeswaran & @qnetofficial regarding the fraud and ask them to refund your total money. Keep on tweeting daily until you get your complete money. Never agree for a part refund as there is no fault of you. If you have not received your full refund pressurise them for your full refund. Also make a call on the following customer care number of QNET and ask them to cancel your order: 000 800 600 1144 & 000 800 100 7022.
ban qnet11
Jul 31, 2015



I refered one of my frnd into this business. I had quit this 2yrs before.And now my frnd is asking for money.shez from a poor family.she borrowed money on intrest for signup.our uplines showed her lots of dreams and promised her to get money.now no one is responding.how to get her money refund . She took a course its been one and half year..
Please help.
Jul 31, 2015

Q net fraud, refund

HI, Juts marked an email to the below ids. Thanks so much!

Have 'joined' this bogus business a month ago and i cant bear it anymore. the sham, the pretence, the lies, the lack of ethics etc. Even yesterday, when I asked from my Upline, who claims to be 'holding my hand' , wellwisher and what not, how much i can get back, she said i didnt invest in anything. I just bought a product.

These guys are leeches out to suck their near and dear ones to begin with. Am glad I didnt ask anyone to join cos I still have the conscience.

Hope the email works, if not FIR would be the only option. thanks for the guidance guys!

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