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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Mar 17, 2015

Online course fraud

I got registered in Qnet and took online mini MBA course,now the course is not activating ,it says my id is not valid,all the customer care numbers of qnet are not working and no response to email,please help.
Mar 16, 2015

Can get your money back

Hi all,

You can drop a mail to rekha.s@qnetindia.in. Ask her in case she can help to refund. Hopefully it may work for you all
Angel 4 U
Mar 16, 2015

Want your Refund ?

Hi All,

Have you Lost your Money in QNet Scam ?

Do you want your Refund ?

Please let me know i have already got it & i know deeply & very rare about this issues. i went very deep in my case & got the very good knowledge. Please give me below information, i Will help you out by Dirty Qnet.

IR Id:
Upline Name:
Mar 14, 2015

Qnet Meeting

Today I was briefed for almost 3 hours on Qnet and about MLM. They nicely explained me about their business and earnings. For a moment i thought of investing around 2.5 but later made of my mind that think twice before investing.
After going thrugh all the posts in this website my thinking got change and puzzled. Kindly any one suggest the wayforward to..
Mar 14, 2015

We want to get the Refund. Please help us.

Myself and my sis-in-law are also the victim of Qnet. We are in this trap since 3 months. We didn't get any help from the Uplines also. Please some one help us. We tried the customer care number , no one is picking . Could some one please help us exactly how i can get the refund.
Mar 12, 2015

Qnet Reimburse

Dear All, i had been the victim of qnet for 6 months,my good old school friend is the member of qnet,today this useless bastard is driving BMW given by QNET to fool people. These QNET members who comes on SUV all are registered under QNET,nothing under their name. As i took his car for a drive traffic police caught me for speed driving,asked me to produce car documente,then i got to know his car is owned by QNET.
As we both had a bad argument regarding the same,i finally decided to come out of it.Where i had to approach senior up line where she said you have purchased our product and signed our agreement.

Immediately i had to approach Bangalore CCB to get money out of Qnet.
Please email your complaint to crime branch wing -dcpcrbcp@ksp.gov.in to get your money back. I got the money in 10 days.
V. K Tyagi
Mar 10, 2015

Please be away

Dear All, One of my friend was chasing me since long and I meet him yesterday. He did not tell me more about the company instead call his senior. The senior shows me dreams of heavens and told me about the people earned crores in year. then the senior one called his senior and he waste my 2 hours. Friends if you heard about the Speak Asia you can say it is a baap of this.
please keep yourself away. work hard and be wise you will definitely achieve what you want. Thanks: V.K. Tyagi
Mar 10, 2015

Qnet breaks relations

In search of a better future and to meet the growing needs of yourself and family, one tends to look for paths which can lead them get easy means to make some extra quick money so as to fulfill the ultimate goals.

So becoming rich at a early age or driving a BMW (though it is not your ultimate goal - as the same is made you feel by so called volunteers along with their SENIOR PARTNERS of Qnet (hush hush they would not reveal the name of the Company as they are aware in today's world of internet any one can easily learn what is the current status of the Company affairs and how many are affected by the stigma of putting their hard earned savings in this a scheme in search of super profits and luxurious life style).

Let me include all of you readers who are same as me, a professional earning a seemingly decent salary, as now a days surviving in Mumbai with everything becoming costly has become so difficult, wanting to meet needs and along with it build a small asset base by buying a property here and there and so far and so on.
Yes we all have a desire to earn that extra so as to make our life more comfortable.
This desire or longing make people like us an easy prey for the already affected troubled set of people who have locked their hard earned savings in the web of Qnet process.

So these set of volunteers or representative are more often are your own distant relative or friend who would suddenly but gradually come closure to you, understand your finances and then start penetrating with their trained skill sets of communicating so hard that their idea seems to be the best in the world and make you believe that with their set process you would become super rich in no time...

Yes this happened with me too, my own cousin whom I never met in years suddenly banged in our lives and almost pushed me into the process..

First meeting - It was a holiday in Mumbai, I was to meet him along with his so called senior partner who are real geeks and high thinking people as per my cousin. I was called with my CV (so here is the first step to potray that it is a professional conduct to drive you in a business). Than at the actual meeting where you have been already breifed by your folk that the prospective meeting would take your mind away as the senior partner is a great motivator and achiever. Than in the so called Interview the Senior partner would start taunting you on your low salaries and what you are loosing to be only remaining in your job.
After the session I have been asked to arrange INR 6 lacs (this amount varies from INR 40k to ~) depending on the salary and your asset base which you almost open in front of that senior partner.

I was given a week to arrange funds....

Now started the sessions of follow up by my cousin. Every night I was reminded of the better effects the business scheme will bring in Money.... he was adamant enough to ask my limits on my credit card, arranging a personal loans, getting funds from any where you like...

Than I wished to meet again with set of mind that I am going for it (it was effect of high level of persuasion by my own cousin)

My luck saved me on THE Day - than on a evening I was called again, met another senior partner,

They reluctantly after me arguing brought down the amount to INR 4 lacs,
Now the money needs to be transferred - here my luck favored on me. My account dint authorize the transfer and I have to end up giving a cheque....

And the fishy part is I had to make the cheque on the name of my cousin or transfer in his account. Just imagine at this moment too was not aware of the company and the name was still not disclosed citing company policy

I was made sign some documents and than I handed over the cheque...

Next day something clicked I did the stop payment of the cheque before it got cleared. Let me tell you it was great sense of relief and I thanked God that he has saved me in unnecessary getting involved in something so wrong....

Than started series of phone calls by my cousin who was totally pissed as his potential target IE me was out of the net of Qnet and he used all the pressure tactics to make me get into it again but my firm call helped me and now am safe and happy..

Let me tell you , if you have money to come to you , let it be out of your hard work and you will get what you deserve... don't take short paths...

All the best for your endeavors and may your relationships and friendships intact and no MONEY play its part in it.....!
Mar 10, 2015

QNET Cheater

@ Rockers

Hi is the guy name is Sunil, who bought duke 200?
Mar 9, 2015

Fully Cheating


i have paid 40000 rs as joinee payment for business on 20/05/2014

i got to know that company is closed by the agent who has make me joined.

Your ID Number: IN119200
Order No: DN35096295 Transaction Date: 20/MAY/2014 00:22:10
Receipt No: RG02210558 Transaction Description: REGISTRATION (Payment Waived)
Sponsor IR: IN108967

Please halep me by taking proper action or revert by money back.
Mar 8, 2015

Qnet spreading in bangalore

I have been called by Qnet members as one of close friend is in that team. So he called me up to just listen up all the things then they started to pressurize me to join at that time itself by buying the products.They forced me too much they introduce me some people who have just bought Duke 200 by the income in 6 months.But some how i managed my time to do RnD and escaped from there, Now I got to know the fact of this cheaters.In Bangalore they are running the office near Uddupi Garden Btm 1st stage tavenkere road.if I dont have any values to ur friends and relatives this is especially for u.
Mar 8, 2015

QNET Fraud

@ MJ - Life is beautiful
Please don't come and try to fool people here, we have already heard these shits form you people...!!

"If you find yourself not prepared for this - Decline the opportunity upfront, don't delay and don't get pushed by anybody."
-Qnet teaches it's IR's to misuse trust of friendship and relatives, and do whatever possible to get them signed up blindly.

"If you find your self prepared for this and want to make money - Sing Up immediately without any delay."
No problem if anyone is capable of fooling many people, yes they can join immediately.

"if you are confused - try and see what products best meets your requirement and get going."
Qnet sells magical products which can cure deadliest diseases. This itself is enough to show fraudness of QNet products.

If Qnet is legal company, please give company address in India, so that I can inform police.
Don't tell foolish things and try to fool people.
A Victim of Q Net
Mar 5, 2015

Q Net

One of my friend took INR 7 lacs from me and he needs it. I gave it to him. Then he called me from UK to attend the seminar the details of which he did not disclose to me ... i felt foolish going there.. my entire day was just a waste but later he booked a meet his senior... now here was the trap... she went on and on trapping me .. i then got to know that i am already a part of it. as my friend had put in this money and purchased vacation package for me.. he told me even if i dont want to do anything he will give me inr 14 lacs after 3 years. and if i work i will earn more...
this was when they disclosed me it is all about qnet...
i went into the trap..
eventually i got to know that it is all commission based and bullshit scheme of trapping people.. people lose their job and also the money and moreover the TRUST in any relation ...
can anyone help me to get my money back..
Feb 26, 2015

Qnet Illegal and unethical


U mother fucker, don't come and take out ur frustration here... if you or your downline are finding difficulty in getting new bakras to join Qnet scam.
You all will end up eating shit in jail soon, be ready for that.
After Sharada scam it is Qnet which will get screwed.
You have some time left so make as much money as possible and live with curse of people who have lost money,
Let you end up having miserable life,..u guilty bastards..
Feb 25, 2015

qnet is legal and ethical

if u could have done the business in 1.5 years...u would be in a position to reply all shit questions below..
Feb 25, 2015

no response from my upper level guy

hello friends,
i am also one of the guy , cheated my senior ex colleague. i have not refund also.its been a 1.5 year back i invested 2 laks. i have transferred amount through net banking. can i get any help from you guys
my mobile number is 7760633219
Feb 25, 2015

qnet is legal and ethical

all these comments are given by trained(trained to go only one way from childhood, study well - get good job, die broke one day) morons... i dont understand the problem from the below comments...do they have problem with the company or method of direct selling???
Feb 24, 2015

Qnet scam

i am also been cheated by one of my senior colleague, pl help me out how to get refund.. thanks
Feb 23, 2015

QNET Booming

Hello Guys,

Please beware of this liars..... Qnet - Haresh & Aditya upcoming Qnet Liars in thane.

They will cook all sort of story, show dreams, wont tell us the real company name instead they will inform you as INFINITY.

Infinity is QNET, which they will update you after transferring the money to there account.

Qnet is BIG fraud organization, they have dream money level scheme dreams for customer and checking our potential they will quote people.

Be aware.. Restaurant and Hotels should stop giving place to fool people.

preet sood
Feb 22, 2015


A friend of mine from New Delhi called me after 4-5 years and told me to join this business by investing Rs.2,00,000. I refused him right away because my family is not a business type and I was never interested to join this. But later on he was keep calling me almost everyday and kept saying he is very happy with this and saved money to give Audi to his dad and it all happened with this business. But my answer to him was NO all the time. When he realized that i am not listening to him then he started to say he is in big debt and about to sell his wife's jewellery. I asked him you was saying you have saved alot by joining this..then how come.. then he said he invested from my side because I told him my family doesnt like this business and thats what he understood.. After hearing this I have blocked his number.. they are big cheaters...making innocent people fools..Please dont spend your hard earned money on them..
Feb 20, 2015

QNet Scam

https://portal.qnet.net/VirtualOffice4/onlineestore/Online_Login_VO.aspx - People are still logging into QNet and getting duped, QNet link is banned in India, However QNet is still operating through India with other links such as the above one provided. People are still being influenced by QNet representatives who operate in mysterious ways. The Government can not turn a blind eye till this turns out to become another big scam. Kindly raise awareness and protect your near and dear ones not to fall prey for such duplicity and sham.
Feb 19, 2015

Need My Refund


One of my friend scammed me and took Rs. 90,000. When I told her that I don't have time to give your business and refund my money she has simply denied and now ignoring me. They all are big scam. When she took money she said that i will get profit every week without doing anything. Now she has been asking me to call my family n friends and take money to invest into this bull shit business. They sucks. Please stop all this bull shit. Please help me to refund my money as I really need it and it was all my savings till now. Any help would be appreciated. You can write me at decentallthetime@gmail.com.

Feb 19, 2015

got my refund

Dear all,
i was also the victim of Qnet, i exp. this buss. for 4 months, but internally i felt this business is not for me, bcoz i am not a person who can manupilate others or influence others for such things, may be company is ok or many people have earned lots of money from it, but i always have a problem with the approch these people use to add members. no doubt its commpensation plan is nice, but its for those who have a big network, who is cunning, and able to manipluate others easily. recently many arrest of IR were in news that actualy makes me to think what if one day somebody through me also in prission than what??? all my carrer all my reputation my family reputation will spoil, so i decided i dont want to continue this business and this is not the first and last business opportunity, so i asked my upline to help me in refund process but they didnt hep me infect with whom i everyday meet they didnt even call me to understand my decision that clears my mind that how much these people are mean, finally i decided i will fight alone and my efforts worked and i got my refund without help of uplines (so called), so guys before entering into such things first evaluate yourself, consult with your alders (must) than take your decision.
Feb 13, 2015

QNET targets Innocent People by selling dream of becoming rich

QNET targets Innocent People by selling dream of becoming rich. I was told that this business is not about buying/selling products to people, as whoever likes the concept (binary tree concept) can join and ask there near and dear ones to join the business to make quick money, so forced to take holiday (travel) package worth 2.50 lacks. Which is fraud because not everyone would believe in people joining business, so the person who has invested all his money assuming that his near and dear would also join his business to help him become rich would remain as a dream also that person would lose the money invested in QNET. I would request Indian government to take action against such unethical practices and help innocent people by not losing/not investing their hard earned money.
Feb 5, 2015

Stop Qnet scam

Guys, Qnet does not enhanced anyones life it is just another scam which will just break you financial and socially. Please join to band this group.

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