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Consumer complaints and reviews about QNET

Feb 25, 2015

qnet is legal and ethical

all these comments are given by trained(trained to go only one way from childhood, study well - get good job, die broke one day) morons... i dont understand the problem from the below comments...do they have problem with the company or method of direct selling???
Feb 24, 2015

Qnet scam

i am also been cheated by one of my senior colleague, pl help me out how to get refund.. thanks
Feb 23, 2015

QNET Booming

Hello Guys,

Please beware of this liars..... Qnet - Haresh & Aditya upcoming Qnet Liars in thane.

They will cook all sort of story, show dreams, wont tell us the real company name instead they will inform you as INFINITY.

Infinity is QNET, which they will update you after transferring the money to there account.

Qnet is BIG fraud organization, they have dream money level scheme dreams for customer and checking our potential they will quote people.

Be aware.. Restaurant and Hotels should stop giving place to fool people.

preet sood
Feb 22, 2015


A friend of mine from New Delhi called me after 4-5 years and told me to join this business by investing Rs.2,00,000. I refused him right away because my family is not a business type and I was never interested to join this. But later on he was keep calling me almost everyday and kept saying he is very happy with this and saved money to give Audi to his dad and it all happened with this business. But my answer to him was NO all the time. When he realized that i am not listening to him then he started to say he is in big debt and about to sell his wife's jewellery. I asked him you was saying you have saved alot by joining this..then how come.. then he said he invested from my side because I told him my family doesnt like this business and thats what he understood.. After hearing this I have blocked his number.. they are big cheaters...making innocent people fools..Please dont spend your hard earned money on them..
Feb 20, 2015

QNet Scam

https://portal.qnet.net/VirtualOffice4/onlineestore/Online_Login_VO.aspx - People are still logging into QNet and getting duped, QNet link is banned in India, However QNet is still operating through India with other links such as the above one provided. People are still being influenced by QNet representatives who operate in mysterious ways. The Government can not turn a blind eye till this turns out to become another big scam. Kindly raise awareness and protect your near and dear ones not to fall prey for such duplicity and sham.
Feb 19, 2015

Need My Refund


One of my friend scammed me and took Rs. 90,000. When I told her that I don't have time to give your business and refund my money she has simply denied and now ignoring me. They all are big scam. When she took money she said that i will get profit every week without doing anything. Now she has been asking me to call my family n friends and take money to invest into this bull shit business. They sucks. Please stop all this bull shit. Please help me to refund my money as I really need it and it was all my savings till now. Any help would be appreciated. You can write me at decentallthetime@gmail.com.

Feb 19, 2015

got my refund

Dear all,
i was also the victim of Qnet, i exp. this buss. for 4 months, but internally i felt this business is not for me, bcoz i am not a person who can manupilate others or influence others for such things, may be company is ok or many people have earned lots of money from it, but i always have a problem with the approch these people use to add members. no doubt its commpensation plan is nice, but its for those who have a big network, who is cunning, and able to manipluate others easily. recently many arrest of IR were in news that actualy makes me to think what if one day somebody through me also in prission than what??? all my carrer all my reputation my family reputation will spoil, so i decided i dont want to continue this business and this is not the first and last business opportunity, so i asked my upline to help me in refund process but they didnt hep me infect with whom i everyday meet they didnt even call me to understand my decision that clears my mind that how much these people are mean, finally i decided i will fight alone and my efforts worked and i got my refund without help of uplines (so called), so guys before entering into such things first evaluate yourself, consult with your alders (must) than take your decision.
Feb 13, 2015

QNET targets Innocent People by selling dream of becoming rich

QNET targets Innocent People by selling dream of becoming rich. I was told that this business is not about buying/selling products to people, as whoever likes the concept (binary tree concept) can join and ask there near and dear ones to join the business to make quick money, so forced to take holiday (travel) package worth 2.50 lacks. Which is fraud because not everyone would believe in people joining business, so the person who has invested all his money assuming that his near and dear would also join his business to help him become rich would remain as a dream also that person would lose the money invested in QNET. I would request Indian government to take action against such unethical practices and help innocent people by not losing/not investing their hard earned money.
Feb 5, 2015

Stop Qnet scam

Guys, Qnet does not enhanced anyones life it is just another scam which will just break you financial and socially. Please join to band this group.
Jan 27, 2015

Let us find a solution to get the money back from Qnet

In this portal most of the participants have been cheated by qnet.
So, let us together find a solution to get money back from qnet otherwise from your UP liner.

If your up liner not supported to get your money back from Qnet then up liner has to pay back because he was introduced this plan to you.

Welcome new Suggestions and new ideas..... to get money back.
Jan 25, 2015

How I can get Refund from QNET

Hello Sir/Madam,

I want my money back as i didn't use their Holiday package. I mailed to QNET support center through my upline but they have refused to return the money Rs 112548. They can deduct some money but return some money back so that i can repay the debt over me due to QNET. Any help will be appreciated.

Jyoti Persad
Jan 23, 2015


Ban all the Network Marketing Company from India because they are looting our country people. I was also trapped by QNET. I think QNET itself has 20
0000 registered representative . they have invested around 1.5 Lac averagely > They show dream to people and then people get into that trap which ere full of rosy dream. And one day you realize you are in BIG trap where you have lost your all money. India economy is very Big but due these Ponzi and Network marketing scheme people loose all there money.
abhay. mishra
Jan 14, 2015

trying to refund

I am trying to contact the customer support no and also trying to mail on given qnet support center but still i am getting failure massage its unable to deliver on given address .
so what should i do?
help me
Jan 13, 2015

Qnet Customer care details

@abhay. mishra
Approach the Qnet Customer care you will get the refund, bullshit Qnet IR's will never cooperate to get refund. They only know how to trap people

Customer care details
91 9900060604 Nirmala
abhay. mishra
Jan 13, 2015

refund money from qnet

dear all i need help to get back my money from q net i was make fulled by my i friend and invest money i wwamt to know that i how to get back my money.please help me and give me right suggestion
Dec 29, 2014

QNet are u Alive

I don't see things happening with QNET, are you alive?
We need answer for microsoft shit,..!!
Dec 16, 2014

Wrongly indicating that Microsoft endorses QNEt


I have worked with Microsoft and was surprised to hear these QNet people saying that Microsoft has endorsed QNet. The provide the link http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-Lync-Server/QNet-Limited/QNet-maximizes-efficiency-of-global-online-business-with-Microsoft-Unified-Communications-solutions/710000000294.
When i saw it ..i could clearly see how they are fooling people.
This is not Microsoft endorsing people. MCS (Microsoft consultancy services) create case studies for any software project they do for the clients. There they put a description of the client (which is provided by the client themselves). This is is not a endorsement of the company just that Microsoft did a software project for them and created a case study (for the software project and not the company and it has thousands of such case studies for every project they did). It has nothing to do with QNet. MCS does projects with so many companies (small and big) and they don't care what business thier clients do and Microsoft just focuses on providing/selling the software. I havent seen any company ever misuse this except QNET.
Shame on these people for using such cheap tactics.
Dec 8, 2014


Innocent young ambitious college boys are being dragged into this.
What they are supposed to sell are not real products.
they are going through brainstorming sessions to develop network and desperate to drag friends and relative into this.
I am afraid they may loose friends and relatives.
emphasis is on building financial pyramid rather than products and fooling people to get rich.
Nov 20, 2014

qnet fraud

I also victim of QNET scheme.
We people should post the QNET people details(Who cheated us) in FB. And post the( Beware HE/SHE is in QNET) on their FB.
So that remaining people get saved.
Nov 18, 2014

Do not fall prey to QNET agents

I have been a victim of QNET scheme where my close relatives N K Sarraf and Manish Tibrewal alongwith their uplines Deepak Kankani, Renu Aggarwal, Aditya, Ruchi has lured to work for QNET and get your money multiplied.

They even promised that if any doubt they will pay me double money by post-dated cheques what I have given to them.

First my close relative took my credit card to involve me in a new business which is online and home based and when they had transferred the money then they revealed the name of the company and the scheme.

I attended a few meetings at CCD Saket and met with others who lured me into the illussion of earning Rs. 10 lakh per week by making new members under me.

At last my relative asked to come to Malaysis for VCON 2014 where I had to visit the product manufacturing unit and the company head quarter but that was again a bull ship waste of money and time and losing peace of mind. At last after 6 months struggle my relatives returned me 65--70% of money spent for QNET.

Finally I had trust on my closed ones but these cheaters for sake of money will murder your faith and loot your money.

It's my humble request do not fall prey to such schemes and save your peace and money.
Manish Verma11
Nov 7, 2014

The Same Innocent case happened with me.

02 months before join QNET & Spent 3Lakh into fraud business concept.
Its a bull shit concept to earn the money.
No more interested into this.
Now Help me out that How Can I refund my money ??

call me 9910463345
qnet frauds
Nov 3, 2014

qnet cheaters prospect technics

See the qnet cheaters prospecting technic.
I got this msg in watsapp.
It starts like this.


Prospecting technique:
1) Start with a Hi for formality with the prospect.
2) Chat for few seconds like how are you, where are you,
Tell them you are into a business past __ months then immediately shoot then below one,

Any person looking for vertical income growth and an exposure to global market, via ECommerce, my project provides that.
And an earning potential that holds is a lakh to 6 lakhs per week.
I am looking for leads to look after markets like pune Hyderabad chennai banglore delhi dubai mumbai

Its a project, the synopsis of the project will be shared after meeting few criteria.
If you meet out the criteria, we will setup an appointment.

Let me know if you want to know abt the project
I'm looking for only 2 lead roles 

Prospecting technique reveled by CHINAR SHINDE at Pune system yesterday.
I personally implemented it on 4 prospects and all have positive response.
Note: Do not reveal anything about the project other than edifying E Commerce
qnet frauds
Oct 31, 2014

dont believe qnet

Qnet sites have blocked .
But qnet operating with alteralternative ways.
Stop qnet.
Oct 31, 2014



qnet frauds
Oct 30, 2014

qnet will be fucked off

Hey qnet slaves see the below link .how EOW is fucking qnet.


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