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Consumer complaints and reviews about redbus.com

Jan 27, 2016

Cheaters fron any possible perspective

First of all u must mention ticket numbers on bus. I bookef a tickt frm jaipur to udaipur in paras travels ac bus. But whole night no ac was provided by the driver and his creepy staff even after asking for the same in every 5 minutes. If u take the money you must take the responsibility. The bus driver says this bus is running on non ac contract with the travel agent. You go call them do not talk to us. Abusive language was all what they used and got the same from us. This is not the you people earn money on inconvinience of others, going to sue you people even if it takes me a lot of time and money.
Jan 25, 2016

Poor services of red bus tho Deep Travel amhdabad gujarat

kindly note that i hav booked a ticket fr Ankleshwar to Pune by Red bus service but see the negligence of bus service Deep Travel they did'nt come on the said bus stand time was 11.10 pm we hav waited till 1.30 am but no bus or no said cell # picked by deep travel on next day at office time we call the travel and we discuss the matter with Mr HEMANSHOE of deep travel .but reply was not up to the marke so we call red bus person .Hence refund the amount of Rs 850 / in time also let me no the status.

with regard
Rana b s (Advocate Surat )
cell # 9879539826
Jan 22, 2016

Seabird travels through repubs.com

I have booked my ticket Chennai to Bangalore on 22nd Jan 2016 (TJ2R76567582). On arrival bus halted for nearly one hour in seabird booking office I don't know exactly what they were doing. With this disappointment I started the journey bus stopped thrice on the way with different reasons like brake down and battery down. At morning 6am I was near krishnagiri. I just asked conductor what's the issue why haven't you checked this before leaving? He started shouting and just wants me to sit back. I asked him what's the approximate time we will reach he said I don't know

Please avoid using this type of bus services seabird and booking agent redbus. Redbus they are playing safely if you check terms and conditions it's clearly mentioned that they themselves are not aware about the bus service providers they are showcasing so no use of using redbus go directly and book with the bus service provider so that we can ask them if some Issues araises
Jan 20, 2016

complaint against Orange travels booked through redbus

I writing a letter of complaint against Orange travels booked through redbus on 06.01.2016 for the journey from Hyderabad to Shirdi.

Unfortunately, the bus broke down at 5:00 AM, about 180 kms away from Shirdi.
The owner spoke very rudely with all the customers whom ever call to him.And they are not trying to make any alternate source.
Being in such position - The answer we recieved from that person is - Tell whom ever you want, and do what ever you do.
If you are incapable to give answer to customers - Please stop this business and dont waste others time.
Actually the right time to reach shirdi is at 8:00 am but we reached at 2:00pm.
To night we already booked the tickets to return back.Bcoz nextday my cousin leaving abroad.

The grievance is not about the bus breaking down but the kind of responsibility which you take towards your customers is not justifiable.
What I'm asking is just to be human and don't wash away your hands in such situation. I know this might not concern you since your business will still continue and the show will still go on.
From my side, what I can do the most is to describe the incident to my family and friends, my colleagues and post it at social sites- for sure, and never to use your service as a precaution-being a common-man.

Think. If this happens to you...
Jan 18, 2016

Worst experience with Parveen Travels

I am a 24 yrs old girl working in Chennai. I was going back to Chennai from my home town Rameshwaram on Jan 18 2016. I boarded the bus at 6 pm in the evening . I was deeply sleeping around 10 30 midnight when I was asked to get down from the bus as some one else have already booked the seat. But I had the valid ticked whereas the other person dint. Then after inquiry I got to know that the other person has illegally booked this ticket by paying the driver some amount. It was really ridiculous that they asked me get down at that point of time in a place which are not known to me. I was totally scared in that new place. Then later at 11 I was asked to get into another bus of the same travels. There that particular place was dirty and was stinking as some one has vomited. When I asked the person to clean it , they told me to just cover the vomit with the news paper and open the window for air. I felt so sick and irritated while traveling . That was a very bad experience I faced with one of the well known travels - Parveen. It is not really nice to make a young girl get down from the bus leaving all alone in a unknown place. I am sharing this experience so that young girls who travel should always be bold enough to face these kind of situations.
Jan 16, 2016

Money is not refunded

It is very worst than any other services
Jan 16, 2016

retutning money

very worst services are given by redbus...they won't return money. Their executives politely gives answer like this...
no problem at our end . contact your bank people.(even after showing evidences for amount credit to their account) .
avoid redbus services
Jan 16, 2016


I made transaction on 14.11.2015 on redbus to travel from hyd to nellore.
But transaction got failed.since that date to today(16.01.2016) no amount transfered (returned),
even after several telephonic conversations and e mail transactions .

Their response is as below.

1)No amount transferred to red bus account. - red bus statement
- Bankstatement attached (soft copy) as the amount transferred to redbus asper bank transactions.

2)Raise charge back at bankers end
- same completed . But no problem at bankers end.

3)We contact you , wait for few days. - this is the way they respond.
Jan 12, 2016

Refund After Cancellation

I cancelled my ticket (from hyderabad to kochi journey date on 24th December 2015 in Kallada Travels) on 21st December 2015 and received a message vide ORED921599 after taking my mobile number, name and bank account details for transferring the refund. During conversation the customer care executive politely told that the amount will be credited into your account within 7 working days. But after 15 working days the amount did not credited in my account. I repeatedly calling within two days and the customer care executive will ask my name, mobile number and bank account details with generating the ticket number message into my mobile. Nothing happened. Today I discussed in Kallada Travels office and they informed that the same date they have transferred the amount to redbus account and informed me to contact red bus authority. At last I called red bus head office situating in bangalore, the concern person taken again the above information and told to me for "Please be online sir" for several times for 45 minutes. I loss my phone call charges for that also. In my case I got information that the amount paid through cash at that time.

So my question is that why the customer care executive is asking my bank account details and giving confirmation that within 7 working days the amount will be credited?

Anyway for the last several days I lost around Rs. 100/- from my pocket for making phone calls.

I given my refund amount as charity to red bus.
Jan 11, 2016

cancellation policy is pathetic

Cancellation policy is very bed as i have cancelled a ticket and red bus employee confirmed me that you will get retun money in 2 days but after 20 days i have not received anything. even no reply from them.
subhrajit tripathy
Jan 7, 2016

bus did not reach at my boading point

on 6th january i booked a ticket from kothrud maharaja complex at shree sai travels in pune to vapi by datta krupa travels,the boading time was 11.15pm but i reached at my boading point before 30 mins.but the bus did not reached at my place.now i lost 600 rupees for bus fair,and i lost my interview which was holding on 7th january.now i want my debited money and i want to complain on red bus also.
Jan 5, 2016

System error while booking /Ticket booked twice

I had try to book a bus ticket on redbus site from polachi to to Chennai for two passenger on 2nd January around 7 PM on wards for the journey date of 3rd January. I went up to payment and visa verification, but there is no confirmation for ticket booking in the site. I had not received any SMS on time. I tried for the second time same is continued no information for ticket booking. I left as like. after 1 Hr i had received SMS ticket had booked twice and money had debited from my card. I had made a call at 9 pm to the customer care and explained the issue and asked them to cancel one set of tickets. They said there policy is not permitted to cancel the ticket, it is so sad for the passenger. I had never expecting this from Redbus. They had taken a complaint and not given any reference number on that time. Again I had asked in the next day morning for the status , that time only they had provided the ref no. The Lady told me that due to the system fault we will made the refund 100 % with in 7 working days. we will inform the bus operator and our side we can able to cancel the ticket even though customer could not able to cancel the ticket. I had traveled the same bus on 3rd Jan The second set of my ticket number, passengers are boarded and traveled. I am not getting any call from bus operator for not boarding on time. So it has been cancelled / informed by red bus to the bus operator as per the discussion i made to your lady staff.

I had noticed that red bus is sending me a E mail around 7.23 PM as mentioned below. It is clearly mentioned that my ticket booking is not completed. But they said they had send SMS on 7.10 and 7.20 Respectively for two bookings.

from: redBusSupport <bookingsupport@redbus.in>
reply-to: "update@mailers.e-redbus.in" <support-b8rmemebf2uyzpaupqwwsbyj7hzukc@bookingsupport.redbus.in>
to: p.shyamdas1983@gmail.com
date: Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 7:23 PM
subject: Shyamdas - Complete Your Booking Now to Chennai

Dear Shyamdas,

Are you still looking for buses to Chennai? We noticed that you didn't finish your bus ticket booking. We apologize for the issue you faced, if any.

There are still 31 number of Seats available in the same route for travelling on 03-Jan-2016. Resume your booking now from Pollachi to Chennai.

Here's wishing you a happy journey!
Best regards,
Team redBus

Today I had received an SMS my complaint has been closed. I had made a call to the customer care on 5 th Jan and asked the status , they said they had send SMS, on time so they could not able to do any refund. I got the SMS not in time. They are not send any mails for E tickets. There system not thrown any confirmation (pop up Message ) . Due to all these things finally customer lost Rs 2400 . Even customer is made a call and inform to cancel the ticket with in two hours they are not done any think.
Theyt are not taking care of the customer they need only money. They are not trust the customer, but they are expecting trus from customers. this is the policy of Red Bus.

Consider all this I am looking for a refund of Rs 2400.
Jan 5, 2016

Redbus - Worst service and worst customer support


I am Arun, i have booked a ticket using RedBus on 23rd December 2015 in SMPK travels. PNR number for the ticket is PNR no: TS-RB23401770KVK/69767/bang to cochi and ticket number is THDJ55274238.

The bus got break-down and we waited on the road from 4.30 AM to 12 PM and arranged our own transport and left. Please refund the booking amount as i have used my own transport for the journey. The bus operator told us to complaint to the booking authority. I have called RedBus customer care around 10 times and complained the same. Each and every time i am getting the same response from customer support team that your query will be resolved within 6 hours. I waited for 10 days there was no response. Also I complained to superior officers in customer support team on 03-Jan-2015, but getting the same response that your query will be resolved within 6 hours.

I don't know what is the use of Customer Support team in RedBus. They are not ready to help the customers or not able to solve their issues. Can anybody please resolve the issue ASAP and refund the amount.

Jan 3, 2016

Very poor service

On 2/1/2016 i have booked the ticket from Pune to Shirdi from redbus in Paulo travels. I have booked the bus which is departed from pune in 6.15 AM. The pickup point is from Viman Nagar Pune at 6.00 AM.But unfortunately the bus does not come on time. The redbus has informed me to reach on time at 6.00 AM and i was on time at the pickup time but the bus does not come on time then i contact on the office but there is no one to recieve the calls. At last after 20min one man has recieve the call and told me that your pickup time was changed and the bus arrives at 7.15AM and he gave the the number of the pickup person but that person also not giving me the appropriate answers and both are cutting my phone regularly.At last i have contacted the redbus support but they are not answering and saying that our service is started at 7.00AM but they tend to recieve my call at 7.30 AM.Finally one person of the redbus team has recieve my call and told me to wait for the bus.At last the bus was arrived at 8.05AM which is almost 2Hrs late from the respective pickup time.They doesn't inform me for the latecoming of the bus.Meanwhile while travelling in the bus the bus get some problem and it take half almost half an hour to rectify the problem of the bus. So finally they reached to Shirdi at 1.45PM that was to late for me as i was able to reach at 11.45AM which is almost 2 hrs late.So very bad experience with both Paulo travels and redbus .They both are not providing the good support for the customers.
Jan 2, 2016

misbehavior of bus driver and helper

I booked a ticket from Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam in transit tours and travels. The boarding time of the bus was at 9:00 pm. We reached at boarding point by 8: 35 pm. After reaching at the boarding point the guy from bus service called up and told to come in front of kondapur harsha Toyota showroom, whereas we were standing in front of the same.

While me and my brother were coordinating with the issue, that illeterate fellow started scolding. Poor customer service by your travels. Really fucking attitude shown by you guys. One customer may not make a difference for you. But am sure this review will surely make a difference.
pushpa Bendrikar
Dec 31, 2015

Worst service - No refund

I Booked the Ticket by using the RedBus.com, I selected seat and made the payment, the amount is debited from my account but i didnt get ticket (not raised the ticket) when i confirmed with the travel, said that seat not confirmed you need to book one more time..when i called to Red bus customer care said that , because of technical problem seat not confirmed we refund your money within 7 days. I keep on calling them to refund the money from last one month but till now i didn't get anything from them ...Guys please careful while using the Redbus service,if you lost money means lost they will not refund it..its a really worst experience which i ever had.


Deepali Tomar
Dec 29, 2015

changed bus

We booked our bus tickets from Manali to Delhi on 28th December 2015 In semi sleeper bus. But at the last time they changed our bus and gave the sitting bus. And also didn't gave the same seats. We booked in Him chal holidays bus and they gave us Indo Canadian bus which was sitting seats. And they gave seats at the back. The bus number was 4908. So it was very bad journey. I will never use this site rebus. It is fake. They are lies. We called to customer care also . They says to cancel the bus.
Deepali Tomar
Dec 29, 2015

changed the bus

We booked our bus from Manali to Delhi on 28th December 2015 which was semisleeper but at the last time they changed the bus and gave the sitting bus which was from other company. And they changed the seat numbers also and gave us at the last seats. It was very bad journey and will never use this red bus.
Dec 28, 2015

Booked AC bus But Got Non-AC with unwanted seat

Hi Redbus,

I have never expect this type of service. I have booked my ticket From Bangalore to Goa on 24 Dec. We booked AC bus with semi sleeper and we got Non-AC bus seater. And the bus was came late also approx 3 hours. What we planned earlier to reach goa at that time was totally lost due to Bus service and the bus conductor were fighting with us.
My Tisket Number : THDB78279929.
Travel's Name : Diamond Travel.

Pathetic Journey of my life.

Expecting my refund amount as soon as possible.
Dec 27, 2015

Non Existence of Bus Service- Sachin Travels Pollachi to Bangalore

Red Bus has provided me a travel ticket from Pollachi to Bangalore in Sachin Travels. The biggest fraud is there is no such Bus called sachin travels but Red Bus has collected money from me and booked the ticket. This amounts to clear fraud.
The details of booking are
TIN THDJ48432494, PNR TS-RB23416193NSG/83634/7799 DEP DATE 26TH DEC 2015 TIME 9 PM , POLLACHI, FARE PAID 1009.

as usual there is no response from the help line.Never book through RED BUS.... It SHOULD BE RENAMED BLOODY BUS
Dec 24, 2015


Please don't ever book this bus!!!

Bus departure at 9:30 from bangalore to Ernakulam and it was not punctual . When called for status the person over the phone was rude (9448971381) and hang up on me.

I wonder why redbus has this travels in thier list even with a hundreds of complaints againts this Travels.
Ezhilan j
Dec 23, 2015

Had worst experience.

I booked tickets on 22.12.2015 by redbus in national travels. Bus departure time is 3.35 pm from silkboard. Bus reached the point and I showed my ticket to the person who is checking the tickets with a chart on his hand. Now the twist happened. He told my seat numbers has booked by some other person using goibibo app due to some server issue. I was no clue as what to do. He told today we have one more bus in this same route it will come in next 5 minutes. And he called some other person and confirmed my seat number to that person and he changed in front of me in that chart. And he took me shanthi nagar bus stop and ask me to board in to geepee travels. That bus was very late. And I reached Chennai only by 12. When I booked in national travel it shows it will reach by 9. That's y I booked in bus. But the guy cheated me and gave my seat to some other person. I think he is a broker doing all the things. Finally am not able to catch my train in Chennai and again book fast track to reach home. And they charged 700 rs. All because of the timing. Frustrated with private bus traveling. Better hereafter I will prefer government transport itself.
shaik akram
Dec 22, 2015

after payment not getting any sms or confermation

my booking on 3-1-2016 from chirala to hyderabad morning star travels non A/C bus time 9.55pm -6.55am seat no 9A
payment has been successful but i am not getting any conformation sms or email i am repeatedly try to call customer care number 08039412345 20min i am in hold after that call disconnected after that i try to call 040 39412345 hyderabad customer care but its not connected finally i want conformation email or sms regarding my booking please do needful
my contact number 9000022637
my email id shaikakram06@gmail.com

shaik akram
Dec 22, 2015

after payment not getting any sms or confermation

my booking on 3-1-2016 from chirala to hyderabad morning star travels non A/C bus time 9.55pm -6.55am seat no 9A
payment has been successful but i am not getting any conformation sms or email i am repeatedly try to call customer care number 08039412345 20min i am in hold after that call disconnected after that i try to call 040 39412345 hyderabad customer care but its not connected finally i want conformation email or sms regarding my booking please do needful

shailendra 1987
Dec 22, 2015

after payment not getting any sms or confermation

after payment not getting any sms o ticket
After payment till now not getting any sms or confirmation.
Delhi to shimla
Shailendra Kumar Singh
Journey date - 26/12/2015
Mob no.- 9450286854
Transaction Id - 122213686750
Amount - 1654

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