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Consumer complaints and reviews about redbus.com

Siddhartha Agarwal
Sep 1, 2015

money back

this is mail get from redbus but money are not to be back in my account.
Dear Mr. siddhartha agarwal,

The following ticket is cancelled as per your request. You can easily track the status of your refund by clicking Track Refund

Your booking trip id for this ticket is 59812796
Ticket details:
Ticket number (TIN): TH9J25837247
From: Pilibhit
To: Kaushambi
Date of journey: Sunday, August 30, 2015
Travels: Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport CorporationUPSRTC
Bus type: SHATABDI AC (2+2)
Boarding time: 12:00 PM
No of seats: 1
Seat number: 23
Please feel free to write to our customer care at support@redBus.in for any clarification.

Best regards,
Team redBus
Sep 1, 2015

Refund of money

I booked a ticket from Bangalore to Belgaum on 24th of August. But the person contact number which the redbus has given is telling to wait and the bus hasn't come after waiting 2 hours. i took alternative service at last moment and i went to Belgaum at 11.00 AM, which i supposed to be at 6.00AM.

Need my money back.

Dear Friends,
Go for good buses and don't use redbus app. The customer care service also pathetic.

Aug 30, 2015

not even mentioning or telling the right things places were the bus depart

bad experience..seriously red bus suck.... u said that and in tckt bookng form it ws mentioned departue place is chandigarh 43 bus depot and at last moment u said penol toll tax something bus will depart at that place at 12:30 .it was shit.. listn if u hv a family so thnk about it< hw cn u manage here and here <and nt evn knwng at that place and at so late ..so plz dnt make fools of ther cstmr..writeeen wat ryt plz..
Aug 27, 2015

bus ticket not booked

i am booking bus ticket on cgr travels from hyderabad to vempalli, but seat will nit be booked, but money will be lossed
please refund my amount to me
Chitta Behera
Aug 25, 2015

Communicated benefit not credited & Call disconnected by the egent

To day recharged rs 24 3G pack to get 500 MB 3G data for 28 day , but post recharged 25 MB credited for 28 days and rest 475 MB credited for oneday only (as per recharge confirmation message received). Ando the speed was is wrost than 2G speed. So logged a complaint by calling customer case and they informed me that both the issue will be resolbed by 2 hours. But the issue was not resolved after 4-5 hours. So i called again but the call was disconnected by the egents repeatedly.

MSISDN: 7853082395
Chitta Behera
Aug 25, 2015

Balance not credited yet

Have complaint earlier (Arount 20-30 day before) but no resolution yet.Post my complaint have received a call from red but and they informed me that deducted amout will be cretited soon, but yet to credit.

Balance was deducted from my bank account but the ticket was not booked.


Contact number : 9090009279
Aug 24, 2015

Ticket Refund

Hi, I am Ajeet,

Booked ticket from Ranchi to Patna,

Data 05-08-2015

Ticket no - TH9292548899

Amount - 1200

Bus was cancelled. I spoke to customer care executive four times. Yet not received the Amount. Due to cancellation of the bus I suffered a lot mentally and financially. If i still don't get any positive response then I will be going to consumer forum

Email id - ajeetn2@gmail.com

Deepika raj1993
Aug 21, 2015

Money not refund

While am booking my ticket through redbus app.There was a problem in payment processing then amount was deducted from my account but still the money was not refund to my account.my ref no is 59239257.my mail id is deepsdamini@gmail.com
Ajay Gawande
Aug 21, 2015

Cancellation bus

I Ajay Gawande is frequently booking through redbus.But in last 15 days I faced problem with cancellation of bus by service provider and shifting to other bus. I had booked a ticket in A/C Sleeper lower front berth for Pune from Amravati for 20th August in Tayal simba. But at the eleventh hour I got a call about cancellation of bus. My reservation was transferred to another bus which was one hour late. Surprisingly when entered the bus it was Non A/c and my seat was last upper berth.This is happened three time in last 15 days. Now I have decided not to book seat through REDBUS.
It is responsibility of REDBUS to solve this problem.
Aug 21, 2015

Redbus is the most pathetic vendor

It was the worst decision I ever took to book my ticket through redbus. I booked a VRL Multiaxle AC semi sleeper to travel from Bangalore to Mumbai on 10th august 2015. The VRL bus was cancelled 4 hours before departure and I was offered an alternate bus which was sleeper coach. I refused the alternate arrangement since I'm not very comfortable in sleeper class buses and I asked them for cancellation. VRL confirmed the cancellation and wanted me to collect the refund from their official counter in Bangalore. I argued with them saying if I booked the ticket online I should get the refund online, another reason was I had absolutely no time to visit their counter. VRL said for online refund i need to chase Redbus. I have been chasing the rubbish Redbus guys since last 11 days without any luck and they are saying that they are still waiting for VRLs confirmation about refund. My name is Mangesh Muley and mobile number is 9022492230. Transaction number 5227217 and fare was INR 1056/- I will be filing an official complaint to consumer court on Saturday 12th August 2015
Aug 18, 2015

Worst Service by Redbus and SRS Travel

This is with reference my travel. I am very disappointed with the SRS service facility, I was not been picked by the bus driver even though I was at my point sharp at 10 pm.

I have not received any SMS on the bus details and also phone number to contact them. This made me to run all around the places to book a new ticket which was booked at a premium of 800/ ticket.

The same was taken up with Redbus service desk and the team has refused to refund the amount stating that bus was available and I have missed the bus. Not sure what kind of verification that the redbus has carried out. I think that red buss will always support the service provided rather then believing the facts provided by customer.

TIll day I was suggesting all my friends and relative to use redbus for their journey......but with this disappointing experience, I request all redbus user to beware service provided by redbus and SRS travels

WORST Service provider of the year should be given to Redbus and SRS travels (BEWARE of Redbus services)
Aug 17, 2015

Jabbar Travels the worst ever

I had booked ticket from bangalore to chennai in Jabbar travels. First we got a message saying bus is delayed for one hour. Departure time was 10:55 pm and they made it 11:55.

A pickup bus came near our boarding point and it left us in some other location in the middle of the road saying bus will arrive in another hour.

After an hour that is 1 oclock in the night they told bus is broken down and they are arranging new bus from KSRTC. Again after an hour they told us no buses available so they are arranging SRS bus.

They just played with the customers telling all these lies till 3 oclock in the night. And did not even bother to inform that they are not arranging any bus. And bus is cancelled.

All passengers were fooled by them and made us wait in the rain for 4 hours in middle of the road.

Why do you even entertain such travels who doesnt have the responsibility or manners how to treat their customers.

I am sure this complaint will not cause any difference to those either. Just letting the other customers who use redbus. Please dont entertain them.
Aug 16, 2015

Bus ticket from pune to mahabaleshwar

I am writing to complain about a ticket (pnr- P141508225892/IDR) which i booked in through red bus.com in paulo travel agency from pune to mahabaleshwar on 15th august, 2015. I thought it would be a nice trip, however, it have been my worst experience ever. I had so many problems with this journey.

Firstly, the bus was delayed. our pick was at 6.15am form swargate but bus reached at 6.35am. Then it was in Pune till 7.45 am.

Secondly, the bus driver was not driving safely; driving was too rash.

Third, I booked for Rupees 2008 till mahabaleshwar but we were told to step out of the bus and sit in travera when we not even reached half way to mahabaleshwar. We paid for 2008 for the 2 comfortable seats, AC and safety from pune to mahabaleshwar, but it was not all worth.

Finally, when we complaint along with other passengers the driver came to quarrel and was about to fight.
I had been looking forward to my holiday, but I was very disappointed. Therefore I feel you should refund the cost of the ticket.
I am looking forward to your prompt response.

Yours faithfully,
Abhijeet Tiwari
Aug 13, 2015

BUS service not good

I travelled in SVR bus yesterday which the booking timing was shown as 7 AM as reaching time, whereas the bus reached destination at 10.00AM.When i asked the same to driver, the response was very bad saying this will happen like this only. Also when asked for WIFI service, the response was very bad from the staff.

Details:- AP 23-V-3366. Driver - Raghava

I dont like to travel in SVR travels any more.
Aug 8, 2015

No emergency contact number

Booked a Transit travels but to Bangalore, at ananthpur bus stopped for refreshment and I had got down, bus left without verifying if all passengers were back or not. At 2:30 am on highway I was stranded without my luggage n spects, redBus did not even have an emergency contact number.

When complained they just washed hands saying we can't do anything. Hopeless no empathy for customers.

Never use redBus.
Aug 3, 2015

The offer code which has been announced is invlaid and it looks like an eyewash

When i try to book a ticket via mobile application with the offer code which has been mentioned in your sites ( RBNACAPP50 ) , on payment section they showed me the amount after the deduction as per the offer but in my credit card they took the entire amount without any deduction.

When i contact the customer care they told me that its INVALID OFFER CODE.

When the code is not valid, why you people are showing it as OFFER?
Hema Minakshi
Aug 2, 2015

bus travel through seabird tourist

I travelled from bangalore to Chennai on july 31st night by seabird tourist bus.I booked ticket through redbus site. PLEASE DO MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BOOKING A SEMI SLEEPER THROUGH SEABIRD TOURIST. SUPPOSED to be a luxury bus.we changed 3 times in the course of the journey. in the last leg of the journey we were woken up at 2.30 am and asked to move to another bus in the middle of the hihgway. this bus had carried passengers who in turn were asked to transfer to the bus we came in.we weregiven the same blankets to use that the previous passengers had left in a tousled condition. also the drop off point was supposed to be tiruvanmyur,but the bus stopped at koyembedu .
a very pathetic service and terrible journey.also it was supposed to be a ac bus, but the outside temperaure was cooler! .most incomfortable seats too.
Jul 23, 2015

Worst experience with JBT Travels & Redbus

Hi ,

I have booked a ticket from Hyderabad to Chittor for my wife through Redbus on 22-July-2015. I use to book Jagan travels everytime where i didn't have any issue with that from past ONE year. This time i booked JBT travel with Sleeper coach since fate was not good. As per minimum comonsence if any ticket booked in double bearth (For one seat) with Female another seat should be enable only for Female. But when i get into bus, i came to know the next seat has been booked by Male through online only. When i argue with conductor he told that this is a issue with Online service provider who is redbus this is your problem we will not be able to do anything.

If that is the issue with online service why do they need to continue the tie up with them???
Now asdays money is important and they don't want passenger safety or satisfaction.

When i tried to reachredbus no one is responding.

IT''S A WORST SERVICE FROM REDBUS & JBT TRAVELS. Pls don't make passengers as a fools. Friends, pls better try to book in some good and responsible sites and travels.
Shakeel shafy
Jul 22, 2015


We booked a ticket through red bus from ajmer to delhi on 20.7.15
Ticket no.. TH8H53352278
PNR no.. 44264011-295183
Seat nos.. P,O,M
Travellers rishab travels
Fare charges 3000(1000×3)
Departure time 6:00pm at mahadev travels
I have a problem of suffocation.We paid 3000rs which is a fair price for Ac coach but we were sent in a non Ac bus.Doctors have suggested me not to travel in a non ac bus and fully closed bus.It went on my life so we are going to complaint on consumer care if I don't get a reply in 3 days.my phone no.. Is 9911804011 my email I'd is mds78786@gmail.com
Jul 21, 2015

refund money

i booked ticket on 20 july.but bus cancecelled. <TIN>TH8H898727282
Jul 20, 2015

Refund money

I was trying to book a ticket which canceled while payment but the amount was deducted but it is not yet refund and its been so long. date 9th july Chennai to Bangalore email id- manniboy02@gmail.com transaction number : 54556676
Ajitkumar Patil
Jul 20, 2015


Refund the Ticket amount

Bus ticket from Goa to Bangalore on 19/07/2015
Ticket no: TH8G38353543

VARSHS Travels
Volvo A/C Multi Axle SLEEPER
04 : 45 PM Reporting time
05:00 PM Departure time
Seat numbers :SU5, SU4
Ticket Amount Rs. 3776

We booked this ticket in Varsha Travels through Redbus.com but bus has not come to destination point , then we to called to concern department so they informed as bus is under mechanical problem today it will not come to pickup point. Then we made some other arrangements and came to Bangalore. I dont know wheter ticket is cancelled or not just i want full refund amount to concern account number. we have not yet received the refund amount. We have contacted Varsha travels. They informed that they have refunded to Redbus. When contacted the Redbus custumer care number 1860 3001 0101 the redbus people say it has not come. After so many calls we have decided to go to consumer court for getting the refund.
Hence please take action immediately to refund the amount of Rs.3776

Ajitkumar S Patil
iti shukla
Jul 18, 2015

regarding postponement of ticket

Can I postpone the same bus ticket to same bus but at other time as I missed my bus?
Jul 18, 2015

refund of money

i am R.Sridhar ....i had booked my ticket on june 25 .It cost of Rs.1284..
but u have withdrawn double the amount .please I need the money back immediately.
Actualy you hav send me the confirmation SMS, that you have refunded the amount. But i checked my bank account it was not credited to y A/C.
please Refund as soon as possible.
suresh gundu
Jul 17, 2015

Refund of money

i am suresh and booked on 13 july 2015 (From Vijayawada to Hyderbad) in Sri Srinivasa travels my TICKET NO: TH7T36859888 ticket was booked after that 13th day bus is cancled.so many time i will call from customer care but not responding.

TICKET NO:TH7T36859888

please refund the money

Thank you,

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