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Reliance 3g Data card


Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance 3g Data card

Ankit Arora
Dec 14, 2014

slowest 2g speed

I had bought an 2g package of 5g.and comparing with all the networks this one is the slowest one .i was charged 250 rs that gone completely waste .what i concluded at last that the reliance had gone to shut down its networkvery soon from punjab,that's why its data packages are very much cheaper than others to cheat people.
Dec 4, 2014

Reliance Pro 3

I brought device from Sridar,Internet Bazaar,Velachery..When i brought he said any speed and device problem we will take care of that.But after i brought Reliance Pro 3 i experienced worst service. Internet disconnected automatically after showing device lost error.Device cost 1800.00 INR Three months internet charge without use 3697.00 INR totally 6696.00 INR i lost because of Internet Bazaar Sridar.
How people cheated others easily in city like chennai.
My data card number : 9382804155
Reliance Pro3 device
Dec 4, 2014

No 3G service

Last month I have experience "No Service" for the 3G data and it was cited that due to technical problems, data services were temporarily not available. It was not available for 4 days. After several complaints, it was restored.

Again from the last 3 days my 3G service/Data service is not working. After repeated calls, i was assured that it was due to technical faults at Reliance, and same will be restored by 3pm (everyday of my call), but from last 3 days this 3pm has not arrived for Reliance.

The pack i took is for 30 days and fraudulently, the services are not provided for 30 days and many a times, it works on 2G speed.
Nov 24, 2014


i have 1 month back new data card buy that will be net is not connected
Rajesh 2115
Nov 22, 2014

Complain regarding Reliance 3g dongles


I had two 3g dongles(9015130254,9015148205).i was using these dongles from last one year.
From the day of starting dongles were not wrkng properpky.
I have given lots of complaint to reliance customer care but nobody resolved my issue.
as a good citizen I paid the bills so many times.but when I have requested them to block my dongles in aug 2014 but they havnt.
again I was getting the bills even dongles were blocked.
I called them again I reuested earlier for block both dongles but I m getting the bills again after conversation with customer care.
then they told me thr is no request for block the numbers,what is this really surprising.
even I got a waiver of 3000 againt 4500.i paid the bill but again I got a bill of rest ammount.
wen I spoke to customer care once then they told me thr is no waiver on your nb.

really surprising from this cleverness of reliance customer care.
I will suggest all never buy reliance 3g dongles.

Rajesh Verma
Dipto Chanda
Nov 6, 2014

3G speed slower than 2G

I am regularly using 3G pack of Rs. 1299(unlimited 15GB data, valid for Kolkata) for the last
2 years.But from the last recharge of 3G pack the speed came down to below 100kbps.
I had already talked to few Relience customer care executives but nobody could sort it out.
What to do next !!!!!
My relience No: 8820461381

Dipto Chanda
ajit ranjan pradhan
Sep 25, 2014

3g data card not working

sir my postpaid 3 g data doesnot connect to the 3g network and only delivers me poor quality edge connectivity for the past 6 days.i have no idea what is happening to my data card.will someone from reliance can resolve this issue?
my data card no-8260753065
Sep 4, 2014

connet failed connet failed

Worst company is reliance in india. Totally Cheaters. Never buy reliance dongle.

Rahul- 8802121478
Nothongol Atsi Kera
Jun 7, 2014

low 3g speed

poor signal and abnormally low speed
My 3G connection is connected with a single or two bar on signal icon. The average speed is about 2Kbs, during day and night time, so have to refresh again and again to open a page. Only early in the morning, speed is somewhat reasonable but still not satisfactory, comparing to other reliance 3g user.
I request to concerned authority in reliance communication if they are in a position to sort out the problem or they are as helpless as customer.

My data card number is 07308713069.
May 30, 2014

slowest speed!

I recharged for the '5 GB unlimited 3G data' pack in my reliance 3G modem,as shown in the chart of reliance data packs from a retailer and guess what ! I didn't get even 1GB of 3G data,instead it was only 2G data which is super-slow.. its so slow that simply google browsing takes time, and opening two or more websites simultaneously is out of the question!! On top of it, calling the customer care and talking to a representative didn't help at all!! I am really frustrated with reliance!! My 797 rupees gone into waste and if this continues i will have to go back to airtel which even if a bit expensive don't dupe its customers as i feel i have been duped by reliance!!!!
May 21, 2014

3G Data Card (21.6 Mbps) Not working

For the past 5 days, my Post-Paid 3G Dongle ( no. 7827297239) does not connect to the 3G network and only delivers me poor quality Edge connectivity. I have had this since 2011 and this is the first time I have experienced this failure.
I called Reliance customer care on the 19th only to be told that there was a problem in south Delhi and the issue would be resolved by 1 pm positively.
When on the morning of the 20th it still hadn't been resolved I called customer service again only to be told that it would take another 48 hours. No one would tell me what the problem was.
I called this morning again only to be told that my request number was registered and the matter "was being looked into". When I mentioned that a post-paid connection which did not work for 4-5 days was simply unacceptable i was informed that hopefully the problem would be resolved in 24 hours.
I even bought a new 3G dongle from a Reliance store (Huwaei E8231) just in case there was a hardware function but when I attempt using this dongle I get a connection saying I'm connected to "Aircel 2g"! I have no clue what is happening.
Will someone at Reliance urgently resolve the issue.

binodini purty
May 20, 2014

No 3G Network

I had purchased a reliance 3G sim about 6 months ago.but now no 3G network is available. only 2G network is available here. i have complained about it 1 month ago, but till now no required action is taken to solve this network problem, i will switch to other network if immediate action is not taken to solve this problem, my reliance no is- 9778253103
shivam 601
Mar 27, 2014


i have just shifted to reliance and im experiencing really like extremely bad reception in delhi cantt. living on a 5th floor house i never had any problem with vodafone and yes they had really good coverage but here im practically stuck with no reception almost all day. tried to find hot spots but no use. my number is 8010428398. i had shifted just a couple of days back but the way it looks i would prefer another provider if service isnt improved.
Mar 13, 2014

No 3G even if paying for 3G..!!

I am using Reliance 3G data on my cellphone & was pretty satisfied with it, until few months back when my 3G stopped. I now get 2G even though i am paying for 3G. Initially i thought the problem was temporary but now it seems its not.
Even though i am recharging for 3G, I dont get it.
Switching to some other provider soon.
Jan 29, 2014

Pure Duping

On January 28, 2014 i recharged my cell (9018121458) with RS 123/= to get the 3G 1GB plan . My recharge was successful but after some time i start browsing using Dongle and utilized around 50MB. Tomorrow when i again connected (this time) my phone to computer, it refuses to connect. Then I checked my 3G balance by sending SMS to 55333. The reply of SMS was quite astonishing and surprising showing 0MB left. How-come! When i contacted customer care, he replied that your 3G browsing is limited to your cell and cannot be used in dongle. What kind of reply is that? I used to do the same practice very frequently now all at sudden they are now changing their statement. If they have to do so then they should inform their valuable customers about this. Also, there must be some specialty to detect when the user is using dongle, it should stop displaying or browsing the pages. This way the user will come to know that something has changed and his remaining MB's could be saved and could be utilized on his cell.
Jan 25, 2014

Netconnect Datacard Excess Charge

I purchased a Reliance Netconnect Datacard in July 2011 and opted for Unlimited Data usage ( 5120 MB) till April 2013. I paid all my bills regularly eventhough my usage was limited. Usage 2500~2700 MB was recorded only 4 times out of 22 months.
I have MTNL Broadband. Datacard was used for internet on laptop and when MTNL was not working.
In April 2013 I got Wireless modem installed and started internet usage of laptop thru wireless modem. Thereby Netconnect usage was only when MTNL is DOWN/not working. Hence I changed my netconnect plan to 1024 MB/month (to reduce it further). My usage was as follows :
May'13 - 511.63 MB
Jun'13 - 263.7 MB
Jul'13 - 607.5 MB
However in the month of August RCom overcharged me 2048 MB (1024 + additional 1024) which I am 100% sure I have not used. I mailed them to discontinue the card and requested them to stop harassing me.I sent several mails to them and finally gave up as a Customer. They have been harassing me for becoming their regular paying client. They have threatened to take legal recourse.

There was no intimation that I have exceeded my slab.
There is no intimation that my excess usage will be charged at exhorbitant rates.
It was after the billing cycle that I am informed that I have exceeded the limit.
If there is a limit an intimation is mandatory.

Rs.250 is the charge for 1024 MB (ie. 24 paise/MB) my regular charge
They have additionally charged for 1024 MB
500 MB Rs. 600 ( = 120 paise/MB)
624 MB Rs. 314 ( = 60 paise/MB)

Also the monthly usage is indicated to the last 2 decimal point. However for Aug'13 it is a rounded figure 2048 MB = 2GB. I suspect foul play.

Jan 2, 2014

No network coverage for 3G

I have purchased reliance data card 3G at Patna on 19.12.2013.It's a postpaid connection.It's number is 979880972.Reliance 3G is very well used in all parts of Patna but It's not catching any 3G network at my home but 1 tower when I goto roof.I have used it somewhat by selecting 2G speed whereas I am paying for 3G.I asked the shopkeeper from where I had taken it,they are saying may be It won't be catching any network in your colony.I talked to customer care .they are saying that ur call is barred due to some address verification problem.Again when I asked the dealer,they do not agree with this.They simply say that this is not our fault and address is already verified.
The connection is postpaid and so I am bound to pay bills when it comes..
I just want to get my 3G started or To return the modem and get the money back.Rs.1699 is not a small amount for me as I am a student and this is a necessity for me as I am a software student.
Dec 28, 2013

Reliance 3g is very slow

Maine Reliance ka new sim RS.-300 ka liya jisme muje 3 month k liye 2 gb karke 3g milega. Lekin dusre month muje 2gb internet mb to mili lekin speed 2g ki milrahi he please ye problem solve karo....... my reliance number is 7866941539
Ashwani Kumar Munjal
Nov 18, 2013

Post Paid Reliance 3G net connection is not working from 18.10.2013

I am very old user of reliance GSM as well as net connection presently I am using Reliance 3G Broadband No. 9015108459 but from 18.10.2013 my reliance 3G Net connection is out of order,for that I had complained so many times but nobody is ready to take any action in my favour .When I talk in Customer Care they advise me to go to Reliance office in P-8, sector-18 but when I went to reliance office in P-8, Sector-18, Noida, they send me in next office of Reliance in J-40, Sector-18 in Amba Electronics Noida.
Finally they told me to talk in customer care but still I did not get any satisfactory answer from anyone as well as from Customer Care and Reliance Offices.

Finally one month is about to go but my Reliance 3G Net connection is not still working, and you can check my payment detail at least 10 days before from due date I made your payment in every month but nobody care about it.

Once again I am requesting you to please take any action in my favour and activate my Reliance 3G Net connection as early as possible.

Thanking You,
With regards

Ashwani Kumar
Nov 8, 2013

got less 3G data

I recharged my reliance prepaid number 9555395702 with recharge of 123 hoping to get 1 GB data but got only 510 MB.
Please take necessary steps.

Thanking You

Sachin Kumar
Aug 26, 2013

recharge done but 3G not working with Reliance 3 G

I have make a recharge of Rs 449/- for 2 GB on dt 26-8-13 . I get a message regarding recharge successful but 3G service is not working on my net.'

Sarvjit Singh
Mobile No 99155 14811
Aug 15, 2013

Reliance 3g

I have recharged yesterday 123 in my 3g sim for 1gb data but i just got 510 mb they are totally cheating with customers.
Never trust them.

Number:: 9015852991
Aug 15, 2013

reliance 3g

I have recharged yesterday 123 in my 3g sim for 1gb data but i just got 510 mb they are totally cheating with customers.
Never trust them.
Anil Kumar Lal Das
Jul 27, 2013

poor signal and abnormally low speed

I purchased a 3G Data card (Dongal) on 28 Jun 2013 from reliance shop Vaishali, Sec IV, Gzb, UP. From the day one there was always problem in connectivity. Talked to Customer Care seveval times but no help. Visited to Shop wherefrom I procured but of no avail. Most of the time 3G connection showed as 'NO SERVICE'. Some times it connected with a single bar on signal icon. The speed never exceeded 40 KB with most of the time hovering around 10KB. And even this condition do not continue for more than 30 minutes after that again show 'NO SERVICE'. At one time customer care suggested to run on 2G and it found working but speed never exceed 30KB but its connectivity continue for longer period even more than two hours. But net at this speed serves nothing. I purchased an antivirus for Rs. 1000 but could not load it on my PC till date due to speed only. It is once again reiterated that approaching customer care and shop did not solve my problem at all and all I invested (Rs.2300) wasted. Today is the last day of carry forward my balance (Approx 4 GB) which is going to be untilised and fear to rechage.

I request to concerned authority in reliance communication if they are in a position to sort out the problem or they are as helpless as customer and reliance shop at vaishali Sec IV Gzb, UP

My data card number is 8287233606
Jul 7, 2013

3g speed

After lots of effort talking many times to cc nd complaining through mail finally 3g services is activated, but speed is so sucked that a normal you tube page rendering takes 3 minutes. I am using a 3g sim with mobile no. 8010652446. Subscrib3d 12 gb 3g plan getting very slow speed.

Reliance no 8010652446

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