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Reliance Big TV

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Big TV

Oct 4, 2015

error 400

so this is a company where Executive says "why are u comparing Reliance with others"...??? For 2 days error 400 is flashing on my T.V and the other networks are broadcasting properly so why shouldn't l ask this question...???. I get it weather conditions are not, but this not how you talk to customers do you...???
You charge more give less channel in package and on top of that your service sucks your executive taunts don't compare then what should a customer do...???
R Venu
Oct 2, 2015


On 02 Oct 15 at 1630 hrs the TV shows ERROR 400. My smart Card No. 200866723952. I was using the Silver + pack. I was recharged on 01 Oct 15 before due date, Even though thrice I made the complaint in customer care but no response. One way I am lucky I was about to pay for one year but the dealer advised me not to take risk because your service is that much good. Anyway whether you rectify the Error 400 or not next week I am going for some other dish TV. About Rs.300/- recharge money I think that reliance TV personnel pick pocketed.
saleem ullah
Sep 25, 2015


My smartcard no is 200777202331, I registered a complaint on 13th September 2015 and the complaint number is 237605140 registered by an executive (Kavya) of Reliance Big TV customer care who doesn’t know how to speak with customer, she was literally yelling over the phone and the Team Leaders / supervisors are very smart enough in making commitments but there is no action and intimation to the customer.
Again we need to call them up and they have a very standard verbiage “APOLIGIES” and “within 48Hrs your problem will get resolve”. This is ridiculous
7845900058 this is the bloody stupid technician number who doesn’t even visit to my place and said it is the setup box problem and unless or until customer care people give setup box, he cannot visit my home as Reliance Big TV doesn’t pays him for visiting and inspecting the problems, however I’ve paid INR 175rs in my smartcard for service.
Informed the same to the customer care people and the supervisors but no use, as they simply said there is no connection between them. Now what the HELL is should do here.
I use to call them on a daily basis and repeat my problem. They again come back with the same verbiage “APOLIGIES” and “within 48Hrs your problem will get resolve”.
Later spoke to the floor supervisors Pravin / Naresh and again reiterated my problem. Pravin gave a strong commitment that my problem will get resolve before Friday EOD which is on 25th September again I became fool trusting them and the beauty is they doesn’t even bother to call and inform.
Now Naresh has given the commitment that my problem will get resolve before Saturday EOD 26th September but there is no response yet.
Sep 25, 2015

Beware of fraud! Reliance digital TV is a fraud TV network.

Reliance digital Big TV is a fraud TV network.
Ours is a few year old Reliance Big TV dish, after that some of the new channels have come to India like Comedy Central, Colors Infinity, etc. we dont get to watch them as the Big TV has not registered or bought the subscription for these networks for us. Then we are stuck to the age old channels and are not able to watch new TV networks even if we wish to. Also the subscription rates are higher than the other TV networks like Tata Sky. They have wider channel network and add on packs are very customer friendly and cheaper. They also have cheaper plans where as Big TV doest have such cheaper plans. Their plans are just more money swindling packs.

Beware of fraud! Reliance digital TV is a fraud TV network.

Once we buy the Reliance dish they dont add new TV networks which are available in India. Once we pay for the recharge they don't respond on the customer care to discuss the channel we want to request to add on our TV.

1. Certain popular channels are not available in Reliance Big TV menu at all: like Comedy Central, Colors infinity etc

2. half then channels they provide on packs are kind of Tele brand networks.

3. Every plan you need to take via Customer Care and they dont respond to your call immediately. You need days / weeks to reach them once you do that you are not provided proper services and also they drop your calls purposely.

4. Once you take the yearly plan for example bronze plan which says they provide one regional plan for free but they dont. after one yr you realize your money is deducted from your yearly balance. Thus your yearly plan is not for a year it lasts for 6-8 months only. You pay for one yr and you are forced to recharge after 6-8 months so thus they loot ur money. when asked they reply is u watched other regional channels.

5. Finally, most of the channels you get in these basic packs are useless, which you dont watch which is air's only Telebrand kind of shows.

So you get Reliance Big TV you are in a mess.
Sep 25, 2015

No signal

My BIG Tv ID 200843523652 is no signal kindly rectify immediately
Sep 25, 2015

No signal

My BIG TV Connection ID 200843523652 is No signal Kindly rectify the problem
Sep 22, 2015

Signal lost

I have already launched complaint about poor signal and This is one of my dish no: 200703675570,, i have raised a complain no. 237742958 dated 17 Sept 2015 till now no person came to repair it, they don't even have the courtesy to call and inform us. They blindly debited 175Rs for the service and the customer care person is not responding properly.He misguide me.
Very pathetic service from Big TV. please look into matter!!!!!!!!
Sep 19, 2015

A dysfunctional set top box has not been replaced from past 7 days.

A dysfunctional set top box has not been replaced from past 7 days.

My set top box has not been working from 13th Sep’15, I registered a complaint for a replacement of the Set top box, it was stated the the fees would be Rs 500/- and will be done within 48 hours.
After numerous calls and follow ups a technician came on 04th day after registering a complaint with a set top box that was not working properly and was out of order as a replacement! On asking for another piece it was said it will take another 2 days and yet today there has been no one who has come to replace it. I have called the call center several times and they just say that the request has been forwarded and we’ll try to resolve the issue soon. To the surprise the technician says the there are no set top boxes available with them to give as a replacement and the call center agents says no there is no such unavailability of set top boxes registered by any technician with them!!!! Just trying to fool around with the customers>

The service is pathetic and I wish I had not opted for Reliance Big TV for DTH service. I recommend other to be careful before choosing their service!!!


Customer Card No : 200871075970
Sep 15, 2015

Poor service

Its really sad to say that ,after raising two service request the disc tv has not be installed .This complaint has been escalted and discussed with two of your sr. Executives ( Sunil kumar & Manisha sharma) but till now the problem has not been fixed.
The first request (237121423) was raised On 31/08/15 and the service request was closed On 04/09/15 without attending the request again On 04/09/15 I have raised the request (237290063) but till know no body has turned up.
Kindly look into this matter and investigate the event happened ,waiting for your prompt response along with the action taken for this event.

Card no.200901896374
P. Ramanathan
Sep 7, 2015

very poor service

I registered for bigtv reinstallation. but i have been waiting for 3 days until now no person come and do reinstalling work. really your service too poor. i really dissatisfied your service
Aug 26, 2015

Yearly pack shown only for 9 months

Consumer no - 200516181728. I had recharged on in October 2014 bronze pack valid for 1 year. But from last month the pack has been expired which is 9 months from the date of recharge. I had called customer care for the same, Mr. Sunil Kumar - Sr. executive says you had not done recharge and says we had not called to activate the plan. further he clearly refuses to help and says you put complaint where ever you want. Such a rude behavior and shameless service form brand named RELIANCE ...!!
Aug 25, 2015

network error

This is reference to our smart card no:200624846384 belongs to Abdul nazar.i have been dne my recharge on last month.But till date it has not been activated showing network error.all the channels have been shown as scrambled.please activate it immediately.

Thanking you
Abdul nazar
Aug 24, 2015

Poor Signal

The television when switched on displays "Poor Signal". The cable connections, smart card etc have been checked.

When called the customer care,

1. My call was picked up after 10-15 minutes.
2. The customer care representative(named Nima/ Neema) has no courtesy to even transfer the call to the supervisor. Worst customer care ever interacted with!! When asked for supervisor, i was asked to call back after 1 or 2 hrs.
3. All these days, i had been recharging my account for Rs. 253, suddenly the tariff has been changed to Rs. 380, there was no intimation for the change.

My smart card no is 200739398810.

I hope to get back a genuine response to this complaint!
Aug 18, 2015

all channels not activate

This has reference to smart card no. 200722801433 which we have using for more then 5 years.
For last 3 days there no not even a singal channel is being telecast despite being recharged for rs.300. I called a number of times since yesterday but every time the customer care executive Krishna says the rote that our system is upgrading and they are not even confirming that that when the system will be upgrading.
They are not talking properly and when asked being transferred the line to their seniors she disconnect the line.
Is this the way to talk to customer ?
If they keep behaving in such a manner I am going to switch over from big tv to Tata sky.
Ashish Ashish
Aug 15, 2015

HD box not working - #236484875

Dear Reliance Customer Care,

I had paid a yearly subscription for "Max HD 198 Channels" on my Reliance HD set top Box.
The box had suddenly stopped working. Now i have been told the box needs to be replaced, however reliance has stopped manufacturing the HD boxes since 2 years.
So now i will have to pay 500 RS and get a normal box + 175 RS for raising this complaint on the call.
Which raises a question for me, why sell the HD channels on your site, when you don't have the HD box available. Not forgetting the extra charges in the beginning while purchasing the HD box.

HD box has not been working since 12th August 2015 for me. The normal Box exchanged is not operational still.
I would still be happy if you could arrange a replacement HD box, and compensate for the days the service has not been operational.
If not, then I would like to get a complete refund of the remainder of the service so that i can subscribe to another reliable Service provider.

Hoping to hear from you. Complaint ID - #236484875

Regards, Ashish
Card number: DIGITAL TV - 2009*****194
Aug 14, 2015

poor sevice

in reliance big TV i am register compliant from 3 month i have contact customer care 50 to 100 time but no response have been shown till today i have also talk to there senior manager but till no response as been shown so before taking this big TV you should think trice
Aug 13, 2015

Your customer service

I was calling to ur toll free no.18002009001.But no body attend my call from one hour. Your service is very cheap.You can not satisfied ur customer with your service.Please lock ur company.
ch ram gopal singh
Aug 11, 2015

poor condition of channel

MY SMART CARD NO, . I had lodged saveral complaint for signal poor at RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE NO.18002009001. Till date my complaint has not been rectify and when I am calling to RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE, each and every they said "Our technician will approach you within 48 hours".after 7 onths over, none of the technicians have appeared.
After hearing the information from BIG TV it raised me a concern on why we have to pay some X amount to BIG TV in advance if it is an communication issue from their end.

After all this we were fed up and asked for refund and disconnection of service but BIG TV Customer Care refused to do so though they agree that it was their mistake not keeping us informed properly.

I had also recorded the conversation we had between BIG TV Customer Care and forwarding this compliant copy to nodal office@reliancedigitaltv.com

I believe that there should be a way we should get justified for the time invested and maintaining patience on the inefficient service offered by the corporates.

Hope this compliant will be taken seriously and will be actioned to save others time and value for the money spenti tried reaching customer care people but not able to.they received the call said server is slow kindly call back after 1 hour after telling you guys make me wait for 30 min he said we have taken your request.we'll respond to you on priority basis but when i tried reaching them after 1 hour from 7:30 till 9:30 haven't got any response.these kind of worst services these guys are giving.Now i feel like these guys promises are only big but it came to response they give the worst service.
Ganesh Dongare
Aug 4, 2015

Complaint no. 234567015

Dear Team,

My Customer ID No. is 200570669907

This is regarding my complaint no.234567015, Dt.: 18.06.2015, still your field executive not came to our place to resolve the issue.

Even after commitment they are not visited. As I already speak with your customer care Executive, who are not able to give a proper reply on the same & even dont knaow how to close the issue.

After emailing to your nodal office & customer care, they dint take any initiative to close the issue.
Aug 2, 2015

signal eror 400

my signal last 5 day missing please replay 9833652440
Jul 28, 2015


SMART CARD NO.200553505875
Jul 28, 2015


This is to regret that Reliance is not providing proper service to customers. My monthly recharge amount has been increased without any notification. If their is no service no additional channels, for what purpose you are charging more. Above all customer calls are not getting connected to call centre executives even after holding calls for more than half hours.

I paid regular monthly recharge on 30-6-2015 then how services are suspended on 27-7-2015 ?

As there is no service from company customer needs to call local area engineers to resolve problems and pay high charges. Poor signal is all time problem. I am facing this problem since last two years. Pls note company is bound to provide qualitative service to customers for which it is collecting money from them.

If there is no extra service there should not be any extra charges.

Revert on priority
Jul 26, 2015

Poor Signal & Service

MY SMART CARD NO, 200938863448. I had lodged a complaint on 25.07.2015 for signal poor at RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE NO.18002009001. Till date my complaint has not been rectify and when I am calling to RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE, each and every they said "Our technician will approach you within 48 hours". stll none of the technicians have appeared.
Shravan Rajagopalan
Jul 25, 2015

Set top Box problem unresolved

I have your Big TV connection (Card No. 20 0952 5421 37) in Vadapalani area of Chennai.

My set top box (STB) shows error 400 (loss in signal) since 07/05/2015 and the problem is still unresolved.

Given below are the days on which i have followed up on the complain along with the complaint no.:

07-May-2015 - 233087646
04-jun-2015 - 234113050
20-jun-2015 - 234656898
23-jul-2015 - 235763985
24-jul-2015 - 235816517

Every time the complaint is registered within 2 days to a weeks time the case is closed automatically and your call center has the audacity to cut the call or inform that the case is closed as there are no technicians in Vadapalani area in chennai.

Furthermore there have been instances when the customer care person has refused putting me through to the supervisor stating that "he is too busy now".

Kindly look into the matter and confirm action being taken to ensure speedy resolution of my complaint.

I also need the days of subscription lost to be credited to my account.

Shravan Rajagopalan
+91 9840241186
Padmanabha Pillai
Jul 23, 2015

very poor service

Dear Sir,

After 6 days left I will not get any response from end very poor service, your technician call two time and he inform me to reach my home within 10 min. but 48 hr. left no response, your technician will staying near by my house, I think it was a silly matter so he will make too delay to solve this issue and yesterday night I have get a SMS your issue is solved, Sir any one will not visit here til time then how to solve this matter I ashamed about your customer service.

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