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Reliance Big TV

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Big TV

padma gundala
Mar 24, 2015

regarding customer care

customer care service is veryyyyy worst..never saw this kind of service in any other services.when we called cuscustomer care regarding the weak signal,the lady who answered was very rude.without hearing the entire coversation she told that she is hanging the cal and wil tel the board that customer was rude.and also.stated that she wil not answer further if call comes from the same number.didnt know that there such people working.wil never ever recommend people to use this.worst experience.feeling irritated.
padmavathi gundala
Mar 24, 2015

regarding customer care

Very worst customer care service.signals are very weak. I once called up customer care regarding this issue.the lady who spoke while taking the complaint was very rude.she yelled and has cut the cal..when we called for the second time she didnt even bother to answer and she has cut the call again.I wil never recommend any people to take up the service.worst service
jay dabhade
Mar 23, 2015

refund releted

Hi sir my smart card no is 200580245454 plz check details give allredy complaint customers care but my problem not solution give plz refund amount and start service
Raj Narayan
Mar 23, 2015

काल सेंटर से संपर्क मे असुविध

मेरा बिगटीवी स्‍मार्ट कार्ड संख्‍या 200500390410 है मैने छह महीने पहले लगभग 1500 रूपये का आफर के तहत एक का रिचार्ज आनलईन करवाया था लेकिन छह महीने में ही संदेश आ गया कि आप अपना अकाउन्‍ट रिचार्ज करवाए अन्‍यथा 25 मार्च 2015 से सेवाए बंद कर दी जाएंगी । जब इस सम्‍बन्‍ध मे मै कस्‍टमर सेवा से बात करना चाहा तो 18002009001 पर संपर्क किया वहां से यही संदेश चलता रहा कि कृपया लाइन पर बने रहे अभी हमारे प्रतिनिध पांच मिनट के अन्‍द‍र बात करेगे लेकिन 18 मिनट तक संदेश चलता रहा और अन्‍त मे फोन कट जाता । ऐसा मैने कई बार किया लेकिन संपर्क नही हो सका।अन्‍त मे मै इस सेवा कोक्‍या कहूं
Mar 21, 2015

reliance big tv signals not good

dear reliance big tv

i have buy reliance big tv set up box - smart card no-200993952845 in 2013.now it is running very poor and we can not see any zee tv channels, star tv channels, and other too much channels we can not see.Also my too much friends have reliance big tv also complaining same and now all are thinking to change over to airtel DTH if reliance big tv results will not get good soon.

hope it will resolved immediately.
Mar 19, 2015

Request for refund of Rs 350 / - regarding

Dear Concern.
SMART CARD NO 200826165156.

With reference to the above subject request for refund of Rs 350 / - which was charged towards reinstallation without visiting my residence inspite of requesting so many times registered complaint through customer care but I haven't been able to get the correct answer from the team. Every time I call customer care service they would register new complaint without proper justifcation given to the prior complaints results. Request you to refund rs 350 / - as early as possible. Please do the needful ASAP or else I will go to next level escalation.
Suresh B
mob 9972303309
senthil chinnamanali
Mar 14, 2015


My Big TV card no is 200631952645. I have been calling teh tollfree no and inspite of picking up English language option, the call is being answerd by the malayalam executives not once but atleast 10 times and i have got fed up . Surprising that a reputed technology company like Reliance is not able to address /build a robust IVRS. Then how do we reach you with a complaint. I asked the executive to atleast book a complaint and give me a docket number, but the executive is not ready to do that too. Very Poor customer service. I hope at least there is some responsible person looking after the facebook page who can look in to my problem. For the past 2 weeks I am not able to view the Star group channels. The audio is ok , the video is not continuous and gets struck up. I want to get this attended to immediately. Regards, R.Senthil-9445565994/ 044-26162188
Mar 11, 2015

Not working our set box

Hi how are you? My smart card no is 200710555568 It is not working last 2 months.can u please send to me technical Engi: and solve problem.
rajesh sahni
Mar 8, 2015


set up box not working properly we call on the customer care but they guys are not answering so kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible

smart card no -200772969516
Mar 6, 2015

Setup Box

Dear Sir

Our smart card no. 200795888295 we do complain on 01.03.2015 complain no.is 230651714 but not reach engineer till time. & we are call in customer care but not pickp the phone. Please solve our our problem imme.

Chummanlal Thakur
Rajesh 9213
Mar 5, 2015

RS 400 refand nahi ho rahy

sir mera smart crad no 200946432326 hi mene 28-12-14 ko complaint kari thi ki mera tv m errer 400 aa raha h castmer cere walo ne kaha ki smart crad kharab hi usko badalna padega mene kaha ki thek hi 30-12-14 ko mistri aaya aua kahaki smart crad thik hi sep top box badlna pdega mene cosmer cere phon kara unhone kaha ki aapka sep top box 02-01-15 tak ki garnti par hi badlwa lo koi pesa nahi lagega [ kyoki mene 02-10-14 ko septop box badlwaya tha uski 03 month ki garnti thi ] to mene sep top box badalwa liya ab enhone 01-01-15 ko mere accaunt se RS 400/ kat leya es ki mene kai bar complaint kari har bar kahte hi ki RS galat kat gay hi aapko wapas mil jayege bar bar complaint karne ke bad bhi aaj tek RS wapas nahi mele date 02-01-15 ko complaint no 228594987 date 07-01-15 228770954 date10-01-15 228881821 date06-02-15 229809174 sir meri smasya ka samdhan kro nahi to mere paas CONSUMER COURT ke alawa koi rasta nahi hi thankyou dhenesh yadav ph 9213322566
Feb 25, 2015

set top box not working last 1week

My smart card no 200863074561it is not working last 1week callcenter persons don't have any idea to resolve the issue they are simply saying that we don't have the boxes when it come the problem will be resolved and they are black mailing if the connection is cancelled the money will not returned if we will agree for that they do can el the connection but not interested to change the set top box .
Please my dear friends don't take this reliance big t.v not invite the problems to your home.

Manohar Sarawata
Feb 24, 2015

Bad Customer Care Service

Very Bad Customer Care Service

A user of Reliance Big TV with SCN - 200884206780. I have try calling in customer care call centre but they always busy.
Missing The channels
Feb 24, 2015

Reliance DTH

For the last on week our reliance digital connection is not working and no is bothered to address the issue.

We had called stating two of our channels were not functioning properly.. The staff asked us to press red button and the whole connection went blank.

Call center has no clue by when it would be resolved..

At 13:00 hrs i called spoke to priyanka she said she has no clue by when our problem would be addressed. I insisted speaking to supervisor is said supervisor would be available after 3:00 p.m.

Smart CArd no: 200902390217
NAme of Customer: Mani Kumar

Vani 9619458312
ashim bhattacharjee
Feb 22, 2015


:Smart card no. :#200887996970 Its just coming please wait... on the TV. I hope you sort this matter as out faster.. Thecustomer care no. is also not responding...

Mobile no. +91 9966172430
Name : Ashim Bhattacharjee
Feb 22, 2015


BIG TV SMART CARD NO. 200525061315
We are facing problem of signals since 10th Feb 2015 when we recharged the card for Rs. 1000/-. There was not display on the TV due to lost signals. I lodged the complaint and it was informed that my set top box will be changed. My set top box had never been changed and signals for display were never available. When we tried to contact the call centre but the phone call is very rarely picked up. When the call was picked the person from call centre told us that there balance is not available for pairing to solve the problem of error 102. The person also informed that Rs. 500.00 had been deducted for the replacement of set top box, which actually had never been replaced. We have been asked to deposit Rs. 30.00 for making the balance available for pairing Any how we deposited the money (Rs. 30.00) for pairing but the problem cold not be solved. People are not responding in responsible manner, not picking up the phone calls, they are disconnecting the calls when ever picked by saying that "we are connecting to our seniors). Money has been deducted fraudulently for the replacement of Set top box, which has never been replaced. It is requested that please remove the Junk Items provided by you from my home and refund the money. The reliance is good for nothing. It appears the senseless and criminal / fraud people are working in the call centre. We are badly fed-up with BIG TV. It appears that it is VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD TV.

B. R. Sharma

Phone number 09810321025
madhusudhanreddy .k
Feb 17, 2015

inconvineance caused in service provision

k.madhuudhanreddy r/o hyderabad with account no 200593799415 brought annualpack .from last four months i am facing disconnections of telugu channels again i have to recharge with 100 or 50
Feb 17, 2015

No response on toll free No

My smart card no is 200813328796 I have been trying to contact customer care for changing my plan, But it is quite unfortunate that there is no response from customer care. Either the no. is busy or disconnects without any reasons. I asked the customer care to connect me to his manager but they put me on hold then started to cut the call after 5-10 min of holding time, but I am yet to receive/connect to call from their side.
Feb 14, 2015

reliance big tv set top box not workingThe complaint # 22993381

This is inform you that I have lodged complaint on 10-2-15 with regards to non function of Set top box this is my fourth complaint and I have lodged today over the phone but every time I get the reply "engginner will come in 48 hrs". I hope you all know the meaning of 48 hrs. Its more than 48 hrs nobody has visited our place and the complaint is unattended. its very sad to have such a pathetic service to an old customer of yours for last 6 yrs. hope after recieving this mail you will do the needful. and would also like to highlight that the people working at the customer care don't know how to help customers and not even speak properly and i found them rude. its very upsetting.

The complaint # 229933817, I want the service to be stared today itself otherwise will definately excalate the matter.
Feb 12, 2015

Reliance Big Tv were not working

This is to inform you from last four day we are facing the problem in Reliance services and trying to connect the Customer care executive through toll free to lodge the compliant about the services but after the waiting 2 to 3 hours then also all your executive were busy ,We are fedup by your services and the Customer care line .

Kindly look in to this as we need the solution if anyone are free and they can reply for the same .either provide the higher authority detail so we can chase the same with them .

Customer ID - 200574865064
Feb 11, 2015

signal and setupbox not working

My big tv cust no.201505875768 i have been attempting to call them on their toll free no......Last two month .....it is impossible to get through the customer service executive to register.....and their is base problem signal was not coming in setup box.

all their executives are busy for 45 mins of waiting over a phone....a horrible experience .....

i hope some one is listening ......their is no respond from 3 month and yesterday I have recharged with 300 rs but after that no result.plz help me out as world cup started
Rupesh Dade
Feb 8, 2015

Worst service of Big Coustomer care people

Dear Big TV team,

This is the mail I am sending to you after facing a Worst and Irresponsible behavior of your BIg TV customer care people, and it is not only their problem "You people are more interested to take money then giving proper response to customers"

My DTH number is 200588345661 and the delay you are making on service is very worst, Please concentrate not only taking money from customers as well as SERVICE.

Do some work for the salary you take every month,

Vijay 10
Feb 3, 2015

Account suspended before date

Dear Sir
My customer id being 200927246682 which was recharged last year for one full year and it was done in the month of April but our account is suspended from February, on contacting customer service, i was informed that my id was recharged on 6th February last year, but i remember it was recharged in April, I would be greatful to you if you kindly look into this matter
Ram Prakash Jayaswal
Feb 2, 2015

Reliance big tv not acting ontheir response/assurances dt 24-1-1015

Ref: My smart Card No 200813726265 My complaint dt 19-1-2015 & Your representative's talk with me on 24-1-2015

Dear Sir,

It is very sad disappointment that despite my several complaints to you in the past 3 months & to some of which your representative's response/assurance,action on that is missing. My card has been suspended since 29th Oct,2014 despite it being charged on (th Oct,14 for 6 months plus 2 months free. I have been deprived of seeing my popular channels/news/entertainment programmes, keeping my LED TV costing Rs 35000/ idle & my initial investment of Rs 3600/ for Big Tv lnstallation at my premises, for no fault of mine.

Till now, I have avoided going to Consumer Court to short cut the delay & mutually settle the issue with refund of charged amount with appropriate & justifiable compensation (much lower) to the sufferer & harassment for no fault of his but for deficiency in services & arrogant/irresponsible response by "Big TV' towards its customer.

Hope for speedier & justifiable actio/response by 'Big TV'

2-2-2015 (Ram Prakash)
Jan 30, 2015

fraud company shameful response and customer care service is a shit

my acc no is 200608016279
i ask for a new remote for my big tv and u take the money from my acct and next day yr technician call us and said that "delhi aa ke apna remote le lijiye" and disconnect
after that we called customer care since one month and i dont get my 225rs back .this is my last warning to yr company or else i go to consumer court and send all the messages and recording of yr customer care people
moreover i dissconnect my connection for this shameful response from ur one of the best company of india.
i have take very serious action against u and this is not about my refund its only about yr third class service.

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