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Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Broadband

Apr 21, 2017

RE: Termination of broadband connection

Dear Deepak,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

Reliance Communications
Apr 21, 2017

Termination of broadband connection


My user id is 361379174912. I have lodged a complaint on reliance customer care on 02 Apr 17 due to non working of connection, but nobody entertain my complaint till 07 Apr 17. On 07 Apr 17, I made a request on customer care at 06:22pm (complaint no.255694073) for termination of my connection. Customer care representative explained me procedure for termination of connection is 16 days. On 17 April 2017 at 10:09pm I again contact on customer care for termination of my connection which was I requested on 07 Apr 17 and again he said termination procedure is in process. Till that my connection was not working from 02 Apr 17 and nobody contacts me in any manner .
Today i.e. 21 apr 17 I again connected the customer care for termination of connection and Reliance customer care told me that a confirmation call was done from their side to me and I replied I do not want to terminate my connection, which is purely wrong.
Today i.e. 21 Apr 17 they gave me another service request no.255999971 for termination of connection.
In view of the above you are requested to please help me for termination of my connection because reliance customer care mentally harras me very much.

Deepak Malhotra (9888514350)
House no.25, Sector 20-A, Chandigarh 160020
Dec 1, 2016

RE: Worst Customer Care

Dear Customer,

Kindly submit your details at this link using a PC: http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

Reliance Communications
Dec 1, 2016

Worst Customer Care

One-more observation I made about the call center agents of "Reliance" i.e. when a customer call them they use to yell at the customers, act arrogant to the customers, behave tyrant to the customers so that customers would never, ever call the telephone customer service back instead they spend more and more time with email service of customer care where "Reliance" use to trigger all kinds of default templates and postpone the solutions to its customers. Wow Reliance, Wonderful Reliance, but sickest Reliance!

I also repeatedly wish to appreciate "Reliance" for it's great business tactics i.e. getting the first month rent in advance, which means your forecast is your sickest service normally never works for the first month still the customer could noway escape from reliance as you got their money in advance! Wow, Wonderful, Tactful Reliance!

Oct 19, 2016

RE: Unsolved complaints for the last 3 months

Dear Rahil,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However, request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.

Reliance Communications
Oct 18, 2016

Unsolved complaints for the last 3 months

My Subscriber id is 361170926044 ; my complains have been in vain for the last 3 months even after persistant complains to your customer care it has not been resolved at all. 'My wifi does not work at all . Relaince please look into this matter asap.
Sep 15, 2016

Reliance broadband not working for last 3 days

My reliance broadband id - 316796754956
Connection is not working for last 3 days, trying to connect with the support team but unable to connect as the IVR is saying that m pressing a wrong button (9) to speak to customer executive. Is am so dumb that i don't know what digit (9) looks like. M so fad up with this connection and now trying to wind it up.
so please anyone suggest how can i end up this connection as i am suffering too much because of this broadband.
Jul 14, 2016

No Internet service from 10 days after multiple complaints

Dear Reliance Broadband Team,

This is to bring to you in notice that our internet has been out of service from 4th july for user id 314773199996. We've made several complains regarding this everyday day twice or thrice, but only thing we get to hear is the same that your problem will be resolved within 24 hours each time we've called. First of all I'd like you to note the complain number 247525073 register on 4th july and closed on 8th july stating issue has been resolved on which we've received mere 4 hours of internet service at night. Later again on 9th july internet was out of service and 2nd complain was registered 247684538 which has been unsolved till date.

We've also spoke to senior representative but didn't received any positive feedback. Last update from 4 days we've been getting that some guy Rajendra Technician is working on your complain at your local area and would be solved within 24 hours. Now it's more than 72 hours passed and not sure what techinician Rajendra is upto (may be innovating some fibre cable to transmit the signal from outer space with infinite Gb of service). During the bill payment time your employees keep banging our head 10 days before the actual date to make the payment, but while providing service you're keeping yourself distance upto 10 days.

All I want to know the ETA when the problem will be resolved for the complain number registered which your employees can't commit,but they can commit within 24 hours problem will be resolved which even makes no sense at all. Please improve the service you've been giving or atleast assured your customer about the problem and ETA.
By writing this email I hope the problem will be bring to notice and would be solved asap.
Jun 15, 2016

Reliance Broadband not working

Reliance Broadband not working since 15 days.
I am tired of complaining, your response to our complaints are very poor and not satisfactory .We are making alternate arrangements with other service providers if the issue is not rectified with in 24 hours .
Jun 3, 2016

RE: Additional bill

Dear Swapnil,

As per your telephonic conversation with our customer service associate, request you to visit any of our nearest Reliance Mobile Store for further assistance. Please feel free to write us at this link using a PC: http://bit.ly/1cmd6ds if you need any assistance in future. Thank you, have a great day ahead.

Reliance Communications
May 31, 2016

RE: Additional bill

Dear Swapnil,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

Reliance Communications
Swapnil Kadam
May 26, 2016

Additional bill

Please help me..
Reliance customer care service is mentally harassing me by providing unwanted additional landline connections without telling me and they only call me returns after complain only if bill is pending. Otherwise never replies or let me receive their call by giving me just missed call.
My complain number is 30521512 which was 4 months ago. Since now I am telling them to change my plan every month after clearing my extra monthly bill.
My landline number is 30521512 and user id : 369626609176.
Please help me as soon as possible. I'm loosing my valuable time just to requesting them to change my plan.
Jan 27, 2016

RE: Non receipt of refund amount

Dear Hetal,

As per your telephonic conversation with our customer service associate, we wish to affirm that the aforesaid concern has been discussed and resolved to your satisfaction.

Reliance Communications
Jan 24, 2016

RE: Non receipt of refund amount

Dear Hetal,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

Reliance Communications
Jan 10, 2016

Non receipt of refund amount

Dear Team,

Please note that I was holding Reliance Broadband connection vide customer ID is 261053097254. I had requested for termination of this connection on 22nd Oct 2015 due to change in residence. As per the company policy informed to me connection will be terminated with in 7 working days, however company has terminated the connection on 6th Nov. 2015. Even keeping this regret aside, I am continuously following up for my refund still. Please refer to the few call/ complaint details given below & also details on person with whom I spoke with regards to this complaint.

• Original comp no. - 239006390 - dt 22nd Oct 2015 – for termination of connection
• Email sent on 28th Nov 2015 (and many times after this) - broadband@relianceada.com
• Deep Ahire 11.13 Pm @8th Dec 2015
• Manoj Kanojia on 10.12.2015 @ 10.32 PM
• Viraj on 16.12.2015 @ 10.08 PM
• Vijay on 17.12.2015 @ 11.09 AM on – 18602002011
• Comp no. 241185082 - Hemant Koli, 4th Jan 2015 – 10.40 PM
• Comp id – 241656946 - Bhavika on 06.01.2016 @ 11.32 AM
• Comp ID – 241738656 - Vijay on 08.01.2016 @ 2.40 PM

Request you help me out and escalate this to the highest level in Reliance Communication.

Please let me know in case of any further details required.

Hetal Gandhi
Mob - 99309 66296
Email - hetalagandhi@gmail.com
Nov 2, 2015

Waiver not given

My name is Jaydev and userid is 356906920191,my connection is dead since last month and I applied for waiver regarding this and request id is 239283204 and company rejected it.I need waiver because my connection still dead and I want to pay my bill but I need solution for this my complaint id for last month that considered for waiver are:
17/10/2015 : 238836703
23/10/2015 : 239023695
Company says that there was no issue so request rejected but due to faulty switch that provide connection to building I have no connectivity since last month(oct 2015) and still connection is dead.they don't fixing this and refuse for waiver.
Reliance should resolve this because I admire their vision but issue like this really bad for brand like Reliance.
contact: Jaydev Vadher -9574513278
Oct 23, 2015

land line poor service


Since 29 sep'15 month I am facing land line connectivity issues, out of 30 days it works only for 2-5 days in this month.

After registering the complaints for the same NO action taken by the Reliance Communications Officials. Nobody in the whole company listen your complaint and you'll get new complaint no. every single day you called the customer care no 180030007777 & 18602002011.

I registered the complaint on 29 sep'15 (Tuesday) with request ID 238179095 at 3:30 pm and till now it is not resolved. Almost every day I talked with so many customer care executive.. after calling them only one thing I heard that wait for 24 hours with that time period it will be resolved nothing else
Sep 9, 2015

Account Closure after 45 days of request and charging customer for the delay in termination.

I had been using Reliance Broadband for over an year. I wanted to switch to another network due to frequent server issues and poor connectivity. I called customer care on 31-May-2015 and requested to terminate my broadband connection. I never used it since then. I was expecting a call back for the confirmation, but didnt get any call from the company. I used to make a call twice a week to the customer care to know the status of the termination request and i used to get a consistent response every time, that "We will escalate the issue and you will get a call back from our team very soon". But the account was not terminated until mid of July 2015, and i was charged with the bill for 11th June to 10th July (Billing Cycle).

What I do not understand is how complex is your account termination process that it takes 45 days from the day of request and you charge client for the delay from your side. I made calls to the customer care twice a week without fail, I visited your grevience cell (reliance office) at Kalyani Nagar, Pune just to make sure that my broadband account is terminated. In return you send me a bill for the extra period. Thats the Fab thing!!!!

Well my account ID is(was) 322597488010.
Request ID for account termination(got this from the customer care): 233923443.
Aug 28, 2015

I am at my wits end. Worst Service

My Phone and broadband connection has been dead since last 2 days. This has happened for the second time since I took the connection a month ago. My work relies on a good internet service, and it is really suffering.

The connection goes dead for 2-3 days at a time. The local rep (Mr. Pradeep) says the server is down and he cannot do anything about it. He also says he cannot say when the service may resume....so I am at their mercy. The toll free no. gives me a complaint no. of 0 (zero).

What the hell is happening. Is there any way of resolving this or does one have to go to the consumer cell. Pathetic service I must say.
Kindly help

Sunit Malhotra

Aug 3, 2015

Complaint Against Reliance Broadband

My reliance boradband connection number -359000101786. Further since when i have taken the connection have faced continious problem of internet not working properly. Sometimes working and sometimes not.

Done lot of complaints. Details as follows -

30/8/2014 - 224414307
31/8/2014 - 0001408453949
13/9/2014 - 0001409460890
15/9/2014 - 0001409461610
19/9/2014 - 0001411487136
21/9/2014 - 0001409464706
27/9/2014 - 0001409467967
29/9/2014 - CNM 10001505705

After thiis per telephonic conversation with Mr. Pradeep on 17/12/2014, he provided me waiver for the days/Month on which internet was not worked request number is - 228044752.

After this also I have suffered from same problem of internet not working. At last i launched complaint for termination for the connection on 20/12/2014 Req no - 228163651. After this only billing deptt. was calling me to pay the pending bills.

Please advise me how come I pay bills as your Internet didnot worked and being Reliance do I need to do this much of complaints as I did. Billing people are irritating and harrassing me to pay bills. If u provide services only then you guys can have bills paid. This is most pothetic Internet services I have seen.

Please disconnect my connection as soon as possible.

Hariom Arora
Jun 24, 2015

Broadband connection dead

Hi All please never get Reliance Broadband.

They are simply looting your hard earned money. I got new broadband connection 4 days back and after 2 days working it is totally dead and worst thing is the customer care number are always on waiting. These people simply suck our money. It is very important for me to have broadband conection working for my important work but ended up in such a worst service provider company. Now I have decided to terminate the connection with loss of my money which they collected in advance and as intallation charges. God knows even if they will make it simple to at least terminate the connection or not. They collected around Rs. 1600 and the cable is old and deteroted. My connection details:
1.CAF no:17800035288533
2.Subscriber ID/s :n 1) POTS-2030428590n 2) DIA - 372027045103
Arun Kumar Wunnava
Jun 23, 2015

Termination ID request 233753003

Respected Appellate Authority sir,

With deep regret and concern, I bringing to your kind notice that repeatedly I am getting reminders every time to pay the final bill though I haven't use the services.. You may kindly note the trailing mails which I were promptly informed even though fault is not at our side..

Request you to kindly check our record and you will be knowing that we are valued customer and due to fault at other end, getting reminders all the time for payment.

Also may kindly note that, even I had paid the bill on 26th May, 2015 (attached the receipt) towards the final payment which the customer care executive has confirmed and even then they have provided the termination id 233753003 dated 26.5.2015 which has not done so far.

Today, surprisingly again received call from customer care executive saying that bill is pending amounting to Rs.1205/- and particulars was not provided. So may times requested to change the address and contact details which also was not happened so far.

Thus, requesting you to kindly address the issue and provide the guidance to resolve the matter once for all.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

W.V. Arun Kumar
Mob: 7574822562
Jun 8, 2015

Very bad service and response from sales rep.

Subscriber id: 340657775342

I am having really bad experience with Reliance Broad-Band internet connection. It's just the second month since I have started using the service and already facing the issues for the second time. Even after filing the complain (Complain Id 234194295), it's been more than 24 hours, but still waiting for a response from a Reliance Engineer.
Tried contacting the Sales representative ( Gajanan), he said, "This is not in his remit, I need to meet his superior at the Kalyani Nagar Office". I am amazed of his response as I couldn't believed that he is the same guy who was after me in the month of April to take a new connection from him.
An employees behavior shows the real characteristic of a company......... rest you are intelligent enough to understand......!!!!

May 22, 2015

Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven

My data card number 9370954480(now disconnected). For 3.1 Mbps 40 GB, Area Kalyan Dombivli- Lodha Heaven. I was not able to even browse, forget about video streaming, from last 3 and half months. Then I have applied for permanent disconnection on 24/05/2015. They closed the complain without informing me giving technical reasons. I again applied for disconnection on 28/05/2015. I have paid Rs 1599 in excess to them, due to electronic payment through bank. Without using the net for about 3 months, they are applying rentals of Rs 999. At the time of disconnection my Rs 477 is with them. They are clueless from where I ll get my money back. I have also complained to their appellate authority also but they don't feel like replying. Even e mail address of their appellate authority mumbai division is incorrect (spelling mistake or don't know deliberate mistake).I am attaching screen shots for the same. Finally I closed my connection and took Reliance Pro 3, advance rental plan.

My number for Pro 3 advanced rental plan is 9320398612. Again I have complained for Pro 3 speed issue on 28/04/2015. Till now on 21/05/2015 my complain is not solved (atleast this time till date they have not closed the complain).

Here are my tips to all of you based on my experience:

1) Always take a demo at your place before taking connection.(I have to go to their gallery 4 times and personally took the demo person to my home on my own vehicle).
2) Never ask for disconnection, they may promise to solve your long standing problem in 6 hours??? But just promise...Instead ask them to make the connection pre-paid.
3) If your net is not working ask for waiver. If it is not working for more than 3 months, ask for converting to pre-paid, as they don't give waiver for 4th month.
4) Always get the things in writing from their gallery, it ll help you in future.
5) Never go for advanced rental plans, instead go for pre-paid. If speed is good in your area later convert it to post-paid.
6) Try to change your plan/data card number every year, as they give attractive plans for new customers.

Hope it helps.

Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven Reliance-Worst ISP in Kalyan-Dombivli-Lodha Heaven

May 21, 2015

asking to pay but no one is providing the billing copy

BAN NO100000104588933 .. saying 2007 bill pending asking to pay in 2015.. all these years were sleeping ..... more stupidity is that no one is able to provide me with a bill copy of the number and they have taken me to court. One thing i will remark here.... its dhirubhai ambani who without no reason showed me the doors of court in my life. When they have all the records of 2007 ... why dont they have a one page copy stating my bill. Really kiddish and bsnl is good ,,, though they may provide less service but at least are not cheaters

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