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Reliance Life Insurance


Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Life Insurance

Jun 10, 2015

mis selling of policy

This is to inform you that Policy No. 51186399 in the name of Rajini Gupta has been mis-sold to me.

As per discussion with Mr. Faisal Aman and Mr Thakur, the Policy was taken in the name of Mrs. Rajini Gupta as life Assured when he came to give us policy details but when I went through the actual policy document, I realized he has given it in my name Payal Gupta. Also the sum assured by Mr Aman was very different from the sum in the actual policy document. I do not understand how the name of the life assured and policy holder can be changed to fool people this way just to increase the number of policy closed by your brokers and representatives.

I have not signed a SINGLE document in the application form. All my signatures have been forged. I have attached all necessary documentation to show what my real signature is Even my mobile Phone number mentioned in the document is incorrect. The number mentioned in the policy is 8459023827 and my number is 9811699914.

I have been trying to get in touch with Mr Aman and Mr Thakur for more than 14 months but I have not received any feedback from them. I was given the following numbers by them. Pankaj Thakur: 9650727116. Mr Faisal Aman:9871350024. They do not answer any of our calls. If you see the policy document you will observe that their name isn’t even mentioned in the document and more people are involved in fooling people like us using Reliance’s credibility.

You are requested to take necessary action against Mr. Faisal Aman and Mr Pankaj Thakur and whoever might be involved in this and refund my money back immediately.
May 31, 2015

Complaint against Reliance life insurance

Dear Sir,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to kindly send us an email with your Policy number and current contact details at rlife.headcustomercare@relianceada.com with a brief description of the issue and a reference to this web post. Our Service team will quickly assist you with a response to your concerns.

Reliance Life Insurance
May 31, 2015

Complaint against Reliance life insurance

company ne muje 3 sal tak 30000 rupey salana jma karne ko kha. aur uske 5 sal bad 150000 rupey dene ko kahe.. par mene 1 sal ki kist 30000 jma ki.. dusre aur teesre sal ki nai ki.. kyu ki agent ne muje sahi jankari nai di.. ab me apne rupey wapas chahta hu..
After Having on a Search Google, I Got to Know About WWW.CLICK2COMPLAIN.COM
They Helped Me A lot & Recovered My Amount From Reliance life insurance.
Good Luck For All Members.
Mar 17, 2015

fake call

Dear Mr. Customer,

Thank you for highlighting your concerns to us. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you by this Spurious phone call. Write to us with your contact details at rlife.headcustomercare@relianceada.com to help us trace the origin this call. We will gladly assist you with initiating strong action against these miscreants.

Reliance Life Insurance
reliance complaint
Mar 16, 2015

fake call

i have received multiple calls from 01204870351, 61 asking for bharti infratel offer. when i checked on internet, it is showing that these numbers are of Life landline and Reliance Life Insurance respectively.
kindly let me know about the authenticity of the same.

himanshu 98271-11151
Dec 28, 2014

Fraud by telling false information reliance Life Insurance

I had been given cheated by calls from reliance from delhi.
i was told that i would get interest free loan after i take life insurance from reliance.
i had got calls from following numbers
Vijay - 091 7428366656/08010102788
- 09015155890
Mohit - 09015173472/9211628156
rehman- 09958060261
Vishal - 09650419265

They said many things and were in contact, they stopped me from cancelling my policy within 30days by giving different reasons and told me to take two more policies.
My policy numbers
50812867 March 2013
51265219 October 2013
51442679 January 2014

I have been cheated,
I want my money back.

Shekhar Khambayat
Oct 23, 2014

Fraud Reliance LIC policy no 51666576 & 51694336

After giving official complaint to Local Reliance office & IRDA we got our money back.

Thanks Reliance & IRDA for your help.

But pls take action against such people who are spoiling company name.

Rajesh karnik
Oct 17, 2014

Amount on 0%


Today i recevied a Call from Mumbai (022 61694444).
They claimed to be from Reliance Life Insurance.
They said to offer me a Insurance of 3 to 10 lakhs, for 10 Years.
The Maturity Amount will be paid First and then i should pay the Premium for 10 years.
Only FIRST cheque of Premium has to be paid in advance :)
I request them the send this Offer on Email, which they refused.
So finally i hangup the call.

Hope someone takes care of these fraud people and prevent Reliance Name to be framed as FRAUD.

Oct 7, 2014

Fraud call to pay insurance money

Dear Mr. Rao,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to kindly send us an email with your Policy number and current contact details at rlife.headcustomercare@relianceada.com with a brief description of the issue and a reference to this web post. Our Service team will quickly assist you with a response to your concerns.

Reliance Life Insurance
Jaimin Rao
Oct 7, 2014

Fraud call to pay insurance money

I have taken reliance insurance past 3 years.
Getting a fraud call from 8882636606.

Told my father that if he want to withdraw insurance money he need to pay 25,000.00 Rs. and this will be refunded after one month.

Pls. take some action against such fraud people.
Sep 18, 2014

Fraud Reliance LIC policy no 51666576 & 51694336


In the month of May i got call from Priya Ahuja (Delhi office) that Reliance is coming in Finance sector & is providing 0% interest to selected customers & for 15 years.
Then Mr. Ashok Jain (8505982492)called me & confirmed that you have been nominated for this loan & submit your documents with 30000 rupees check immediately, i submitted my cheque with all my documents in 1-2 days.
After few days again I got call from so Called Branch manager Mr. RK Patel (8745976373)to confirm that you will be getting this loan but you need to pay more 29500 cheque in the name of Reliance LIC as this money you will be returned with the actual amount.
I did pay them this money & i received both these policies from Reliance LIC. But in next 2 days they informed me to courier both the originals of policies to them & informed me that 2 policies will remain with them untill you clear our money & if you fail to clear our money they will use these policy to claim our funds back.
I was given commitment that 24July2014 my loan amount will be disbersed. But till today i have not received my loan amount.
After few days i stopped getting calls from Reliance & after frequest callup i got calls from so called reliance executive Ambika (9582107169 & 33137183) that she will be providing updates to me on regular basis. Then she told me that i will be getting my funds on 25-Aug-2014. But i did not recieve nor any one called up.
Then i again called up on the 33137183 & tried speaking with Ambika but some other lady named Muskan Sharma(9999137143) spoke with me & said that AMbika has moved to another process & she informed me that your loan will be disbersed on 24-Sept 2014.
However i again tried calling Muskaan today & i found that one new girl has taken over & Muskaan has moved to another process.
Ishita(011-43549233) later updated that you will get the loan on 25th Sep & that's confirmed. Again i gets call from manisha that your loan will be disbersed in the month of November 20.
today after so many calls i got in touch with Ashok Jain & he informed i am sorry i failed on my commitment & later on informed that your loan will be disbersed on 24th Sept.

The Branch Head : Mr RK Patel is not coming on phone from last 3 months. I keep on calling him & he handover his mobile phone to his college & he informs that he is either gone for luch or toilet & he never calls back.

Pls let me know what should i do, my 59000/- has stuck from June 2014 & there is no one accountable.

I think since Modi has taken as PM these Ambanis think Modi apna hai chalo loote India ko. Hum Gujju Bhai Bhai.

If this is the way PM is acting & no action against the defaulter i would never vote for suck people.

Can somone tell me how should i tackle such thing. I cannot afford to go to court since its difficult to Leave Job.

Pls help me to get my hard owned savings back.
Ganesh Kumar G
Aug 19, 2014


Same happening to me, and they said i need to send 31 thousand rupees to claim the price.

I got calls from these numbers: +91 92 6666 1705, +91 91 3645 6559

Please take action, else it will be a big issue as I have already complained this to local police.

Aug 6, 2014


Dear Mr. Anubhav,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you by this Spurious phone call. Write to us with your contact details at rlife.headcustomercare@relianceada.com to help us trace the origin this call. We will gladly assist you with initiating strong action against these miscreants.

Reliance Life Insurance
Aug 5, 2014


Thank you Mr. Rajkumar. Same is happening to me. I got the call to submit the check of 25K to get the gift amount of 3.5L. Obviously, after reading your post, I am not going to do that.
Thanks for this post. It has saved my hard earned money.
Aug 12, 2013


This is to bring into you notice about the fraudulent action being committed by Bag-It-Today and Reliance Life Insurance personnel.

Way back during January, 2012, Bag-it-Today representative Ms. Monika Sharma (Phone No. 917428508102) called me and asked to purchase a product combo and my name will be included in a lucky contest and if I won, I will receive about Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs Only)

I purchased the product combo which was worth Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Only) which I paid through my HDFC credit card.The products sold by Bag-it-today were totally outdated and useless and they charged more than double prices of the products i.e. 01 No. DVD, 01 No. Wrist Watch and some small pieces of Diamonds

In October 2012, again I got a call from Ms. Monika Sharma and she informed me that I have won the lucky contest and I will get Rs. 5,00,000/-.

After few days, I got another call from a representative from Reliance Life Insurance Ltd. (Mr. Saurav Mittal, Phone No. 09910879575) and he also informed me about this winning amount and also asked me to submit Rs. 35,000/- (Rupees Thirty Five Only) as the 7% tax amount of the winning amount in the name of Reliance Life Insurance Limited. He also told me that this amount is refundable.

I paid the amount of Rs. 35,000/- (Rupees Thirty Five Only) through Cheque No. 376778 dated 03.11.2012 of CANARA BANK in the name of Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd. But after receiving the said amount I was given one or other excuse whenever I call Mr. Saurav Mittal.

Then In December, 2012 I got another call from Mr. Saurav Mittal and he demanded more money as my winning amount has been raised from Rs. 5,00,000/- to Rs. 7,30,000/-

He demanded Rs. 32,500/- (Rupees Thirty Two Thousand and Five Hundred Only) as the additional tax amount. Again, I send him the amount through Cheque No. 376780 in December in the name of Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr. Saurav Mittal again confirmed that the whole amount of (Rs. 35,000/- + Rs. 32,500/-) Totalling to Rs. 67,5000/- (Rupees Sixty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Only) is refundable.

But I regret to inform you that I have received neither the winning amount of Rs. 7,30,000/- nor the amount paid by me of Rs. 67,500/- till now. The whole amount of Rs. 67,500/- I paid was borrowed from someone as I cannot pay this much amount by myself as I am working with a small company in Chandigarh and my monthly salary is meagre Rs. 12,000/- (Rupees Twelve Thousand Only).

Moreover I have not received any document proof from your company or Mr. Saurav Mittal for the payment of Rs. 67,500/-

Whenever I call Mr. Saurav Mittal. he is giving one or another excuse to me. I am unable to understand how does your reputed and esteemed company join hands with such a fraud company like Bag-it-Today to dupe innocent and poor people.

Hence, I request you to take appropriate action in this matter and make arrangements to refund my amount of Rs. 67,500/- as I have to pay the money to the person from whom I had borrowed when I paid to you.

Looking forward to a fast and reliable action from your side in this matter.

Your fast and reliable action in this matter will be highly Obliged.

House No. 2751/1,
Sector 47-C,
Chandigarh 160047
Mobile: 9417329994
Chandan Sinha
Mar 19, 2013

Fake Calls

I have been receiving calls from the following numbers:

1) 07428367784 - Shruti Sharma - Gurgaon
2) 07428367767

They say that they are calling from Reliance Life Insurance, and ask about the service provided by the policy agent. Then they tell that a Service Bonus of Rs. 36,000 is being send to the policy agent and it can be transferred to my account if I opt for FUND TRANSFER.

They ask for all my documents, and a cheque for Rs. 20,000 (equivalent to my yearly premium) to complete the process.

Then I called Reliance Life Insurance customer care tollfree number and discussed this with the customer care executive. Then I came to know that this was a fake call.

Now I don't understand how do these frauds get my confidential information? Is Reliance Life Insurance sharing these information or is there any leakage and rot in Reliance Life Insurance departments?

What action should IRDA and Reliance Life Insurance take to track and trap these frauds?
Feb 7, 2013

levied Fund management charges without even managing the fund

Reliance life insurance is the cheater company. I have bought a super market plan in 2009 (a ULIP plan), when the market was in 12k. I have been directed by the company adviser cum sales executive to diversify the fund in 6 different funds.
today the market is touching 20k my value is not even what i paid to the cheater.
the FM is not doing anything in this fund (confirmed it from cust. care) but the FM changes are being levied.
Nishadinakar Send email
Nov 10, 2012

surrender policy amount getting delayed due to internal process

I have a Reliance policy:14226497, which was surrendered few weeks back, attached with notary certificate.

I have not received the amount till now.

Please let me know what will be my further proceedings.

Thank you,
Nisha George
Mobile : 9447552592
Kjlewd Send email
Aug 28, 2012

Fraud Done by Employees

same kind of think happened to my father
Reliance Life Insurance Send email
Apr 3, 2012


Dear Mr. Preetesh,

We are sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory interaction with us. Our Customer Care team will contact you shortly to assist you with your concern.

Reliance Life Insurance
Kumar Rajneesh Send email
Mar 29, 2012

free look period

Dear Mr. Gurdeep,

I have gone through your whole details.Please allow me to inform you the cancellation procedure of Insurance Policy with any company.

In this connection you need to visit the concerned branch of the said Insurance company in person and have to handover the ORGINAL policy documents alongwith a cancellation request to the Operation Team within the freelook period from the receipt of the policy document as guided by Insurance Regulatory. Based on which the further action use to take place.

To add a salt to your injury you should note that handing over the original policy document to the agent/advisor/ any sales team is not at all going to solve the issue.

Any ways now I would suggest you to put a mail directly to Malay.Ghosh@relianceada.com and mark a cc to Manoranjan.Sahoo@relianceada.com and Saroj.Panigrahi@relianceada.com with entire episode in order to get prompt solution.

I am sure you will get a prompt assistance.

You may write me if require any further assistance.

Warm Regards,
Kumar Rajneesh
A Leading Brand Valuation Finance, Legal, & IT Consultancy Firm
[ Specialisation in Banking Disputes & Greivances ]
Email : rajneesh@indianconsultantgroup.com

'' It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently ''
AshKota Send email
Mar 7, 2012

surrender policy amount getting delayed due to internal process

You will Never get money on time for policy surrender. Reliance only collects the money on time never gives back on time. Help reliance providing some charity
Dec 11, 2011

froad, cheater, 420

My complaint is how ten cricket has been provided without being told by any of us investigate and take action against guilty. They never got call from registered phone= what is your Email address for such complaint . now when I am telling to terminate services why it is not being done CUSTOMER ID 850433
Nov 25, 2010

Defalter company / not give money back and never reply too

The Bima LokPal Adalat
2/2A Universal Insurance Building
Ist Floor Asaf Ali Road
New Delhi -2

Subject:- Complaint Against the Default Services and Deficiency in Services
With malafied Intention provided by the Reliance Life Insurance
Reliance Life Insurance
Mumbai (Head Office)
Master Bhuven Aggarwal
2/215 Maharaja Aggarsain Commercial Complex
Sector -9, Rohini, Delhi -110085 Complainant

Dear Sir,

I bring to your kind attention that Master Bhuven Aggarwal Address
2/215 Maharaja Aggarsain Commercial Complex sector 9 Rohini
Delhi -110085 is holding a Insurance Cover of Reliance Life Insurance vide
Client Id No 00953318 AND Policy Number 10465071.

We are regularly paying the premium against the above sited policy
Number and not a defaulter by any means. Since 6 Months we are
regularly in touch with the Reliance Life Insurance Company for get our
money back with the Benefit of the Insurance Policy Cover

But I am afraid to say that now the Reliance Life Insurance says
The Policy does not Belong to me (Master Bhuven Aggarwal )To justify our statement
of the Policy of Master Bhuven Aggarwal we are enclosing the complete documents .
from 01 to 12 for your ref:

We are persistently following the Same to recover the Money which we had
already paid as a premium against the Policy of Master Bhuven Aggarwal amicably
but sorry to say that the Reliance Life Insurance Staff have a malllafied intentions
and gave the money to any other person with his personal interest.

We are most humbly requesting you to please look into the all relevant
documents and help me to get my money back
Thanking You
Yours Truly

Sushil Aggarwal
Grand Father of Master Bhuven Aggarwal
2/215 Maharaja Aggarsain Commercial Complex
Sector -9 , Rohini Delhi -110085 Phone no. 27555789 / 47029394 / 9811225580
Aug 8, 2010

Regarding of Premium

Immediately complain to IRDA on Phone Number: 155255 and you will get your reply may be within 2 to 3 days. If you get your reply and your work is done, please help others also in solving their problem. You are not going to loose anything.

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