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Reliance Resq: Complaint : 8001117173.

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Resq: Complaint : 8001117173.

Jul 30, 2014

Pathetic service from Reliance Resq plan

Your brand is Reliance Resq Plan but actually you trapped the customer by harrasing them.

I am facing problem from last 10 days as i am unable to get PC connectivity when CPU is connected with TV giving error as no Signal.

I have taken additional 2 years warranty under Resq Plan which will expire in feb 2016

I have called up your Resq Customer care on 02244722222 on 23rd July 2014 and complaint was booked with complaint number 8003490505.

after 2 days one technician from Resq Visited my house and he checked that PC Connectivity was not working.

2 days post technician visit i recieved one SMS stating the my complaint has been forwarded to one Authorized service center of Sony at Dombivili E with one new Service ID 20154050

the day i recieved the SMS i have tried calling the contact number on technica Electronics several time but no one is picking up the call

i have again called up your resq customer care and the executive picking up the call giving a generic reply that he is doing follow up with the ASC of sony and will resolve as soon a possible.

I had a very bad experience in dealing with you people and is worst than a government office.

Reason1: None of the executive is able to provide me SLA as in how many days the problem will be resolved.
Reason2 : Executive are least bothered about customer complaints.
Reason3: False commitment as when this Product (2 years additional warranty plan) was sold to me your executive explains lots of lucrative thing about the same, but when customer really faces the problem then you give nightmares

I really frustrated with the level of follow up i have done with customer care.

Its my humble request you replace my TV set with new one as none of your executives are responding or else i will move to consumer Court and claim for compensation for TV set as well as for mental torture you people have given to me.

Name of TV : Sony Bravia 24Ex430

Date of purchase : 10th Feb 2013

Resq Plan starts from 10th feb 2014

Resq Plan expires : 10th feb 2016

Serial no : 202730
Jul 8, 2014


dear sir

I have purchase one hitachi window acmodel no RAV518HTD from your store ( address : 229 nsc bose road ,kolkata west bengal 700047) on 11.09.2013 .
I have got one free service after purchase that is also after giving a call to the service center by me ,the service engineer came and said that swing motor is not working AS A RESULT SWING OPERATION HAS BEEN STOPPED, it has to be replaced he visited my house around may 2014 after that i have call your kolkata service center several time they have given me false assurance that engineer will go and will replace the same. I have ran pillar to post but no solution came out then i call to your call center on 30.6.14 complain no was given 8003441715 . after this i have call to your center several time but my problem has not solved.
again some false assurance has been given.

At this point I have some specific questions
1.Do you give any after sale service at all to your customers?
2.What do you think of yourselves we the customers are bunch of jokers? We have spent our hard earn money. and you people are there to give us false assurance?

please look in to the matter and take necessary action and do not force us to go to consumer court

Ms K. Ghosh
Jul 4, 2014

Waiting period even for refunding customer's money subsequent to Cancellation of faulty Product and service!!!! - Email 1

"Rajan08"<rajanna08@rediffmail.com> | Add to Address book |This is spam
To: <reliancedigital@ril.com>
Subject: Delivered product not acceptable
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 17:35:50 IST

Dear Sir/Madam,
Sub:Delivered product not acceptable
With reference to the above mentioned subject, I have not taken the delivery of the product for the following reasons
1. The Original AO Smith Seal wrapper on the product is broken
2. There is no similarity with respect to product descriptions like EAN#, Product serial number or anything between the 'product wrapper' or 'delivery note' or the 'cash memo' issued to me.
Its utterly confusing,not reflecting the originality anywhere hence forced to cancel the product
Jun 28, 2014

RE : POOR service by RESQ

Dear Rupak,

We believe our team has got in touch with you and it was a pleasure assisting you. Have a great day and let us know if you require any further assistance.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 26, 2014

RE : Fraud with customer under resQ

Dear Sanjeev,

We believe our team has got in touch with you and your concerns have been addressed. Do let us know if there is anything else we can help you with and apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 20, 2014

RE : Reliance Resq: Complaint : 700007696

Dear Purushotham´╗┐,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you for sharing your contact details with us. Our concerned representative will soon connect with you to progress matters further.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 19, 2014

Reliance Resq: Complaint : 700007696

I've purchased Aqua sure water purifier from Reliance Digital Banjara Hills, Hyderabad branch and have taken RESQ plan for 1 years extended warranty on recommendation of Reliance Digital Manager.

I have reaching out to the service center to replace the candle for the last 6 months and have received no response except a mail saying that they will respond back.

Please look into this ASAP
Jun 18, 2014


Dear Amit,

We are glad to know that your issue has been addressed. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with and have a great evening.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2014


Dear Amit,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you for sharing your contact details with us. The details provided by you have been forwarded to the relevant team, who will soon connect with you to progress matters further.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2014

RE : Fraud with customer under resQ

Dear Sanjeev,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We will surely look into your issue and resolve it as soon as possible.
Thank you for sharing your contact details with us and our concerned team will soon connect with you to progress matters further.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2014

RE : Reliance Digital RESQ

Dear Amit,

Please accept our heartfelt apologies for the inconvenience you have faced. Kindly share your contact details with us at this link - http://www.facebook.com/reliancedigital/app_316705315043746.

We will get in touch with you as soon as we have your contact details.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2014

RE : Reliance RESQ is fraud

Dear Mudit,

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact details with us on - http://www.facebook.com/reliancedigital/app_316705315043746.
We will get in touch with you as soon as we have your contact information.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2014

RE : Reliance ResQ is Fraud

Dear Sumit,

We regret any inconvenience caused and are keen on discussing the matters you have highlighted. Request you to share your contact details at this link- http://www.facebook.com/reliancedigital/app_316705315043746 for our team to address your grievances.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2014

RE : Service center no. not working

Dear Nitin,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you for sharing your contact details with us. Our representative will connect with you at the earliest.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 17, 2014



Amit Bajpai
Flat 910 B,Raod No 12,
Raheja Vistas,Nacharam,
Jun 17, 2014



Dear Customer Support Manager,

On 09.07.2013 i purchased a RECONNECT Fully Automatic Washing Machine,Model no RHWTG-6201 from Reliance Digital Showroom at Nacharam. I was assured by the Store Manager at the time of purchase that all service related matters will be dealt promptly by the showroom as it was Reconnect product. Recently i observed that the Machine i making some noise while running which was not their earlier.I lodged a complaint with the showroom last Wednesday and they assured that they will attend within 24 hours.When nobody came i again went to the store on Friday and reminded them and they told me it will be done before Monday.Today i again spoke to them in the morning and they promised that it will be done by evening.Since nobody has come even now i am forced to right this complaint as i dont have any trust or faith on your showroom people.I hope you will respond to my problem immediately otherwise i will be constarined to escalate this issue to next level.

Thanks & Regards

FLAT-910 B,ROAD NO 12,
Jun 12, 2014

Fraud with customer under resQ

I've purchased Aqua sure water purifier from Reliance Digitla Bangalore branch : sahakar nagar 5 months back and taken RESQ plan for 3 years extended warranty on recommendation of Reliance Digital Manager.

Last week I called to resQ service centre and informed that there is huge sound coming while operate and also water is smelling. Till today no action has been taken and none of the Er. visited at door step to look into the issue. Simply apologize after looking in to my mail will not work out.

If you are fail to provide the service don't commit and return back the money taken under resQ else I've to take another action against you.

Twinkle Gupta delhi
Jun 10, 2014

Reliance Digital RESQ

Reference no. : 8003323076

We purchased Kent RO from Reliance Digitla around 1.5 years back and taken RESQ plan for 3 years extended warranty on recommendation of Reliance Digital service engineer. Now my RO is not working and getting worst ever services from relinace Digital. Reliance Service engineer turned up after 3-4 days of complaint on 12th May and assured that RO will be serviced in next 5 days. but it has been around a month nobody turned up. We are repeatedly calling Customer Care and mailing at email address but no respose from anybody from reliance digital Service team.
So, they are really fraud, fraud people.

Thanks & Regards,
Amit Gupta
Jun 10, 2014

Reliance RESQ is fraud

I have taken a resq plan for my LG LED tv which i purchased from reliance digital.
I registered a complaint at Resq to re install my TV on a new place where I shifted recently.
They did not turn up even after 48 hours and when I called them at customer care, They said
the technician will come as per his convenience and It may take 3-4 days. Furthermore, when
I said 3-4 days time frame is too long and I will never buy resq plan in future, The response from
customer care was ridiculously "No issues"
Beware of these people.
Jun 7, 2014

Reliance ResQ is Fraud

I have purchased RO from Reliance Digital and also paid around Rs. 5000 for two years extended warranty. I have complained so many times but they never turn up. This company is totally fraud and cheating people collected huge amount of money and earning interest on it and providing no service. They must be dragged to the Consumer court for cheating people publicly.
Jun 5, 2014

Service center no. not working


This is Nitin Goel. Pl. register my request for A.C. service and product is under resq AMC plan.

I tried so many times Landline no ( 0120- 4472222), but nobody is responding.

Nitin Goel
+91 9873076958
Jun 4, 2014

complaint no 8003310713 - LG Micro convection

We purchased a LG Micro convection 21L mc2149bb in Kukatpally Reliance Digital with bill no : C9129 #0052 on 29-SEP-2012. with 2 years RESQ plan for additional warrenty.
Recently we observed an issue in micro convection and given a complaint to RESQ Kukatpally with complaint no 8003310713 on 5th May 2014. After couple of requests/calls they sent a technician to home to repair micro convection. Technician came and he told that oven having some sensor problem and need to replace it and it's takes approx one week time.

After one week I called to RESQ Kukatpally and they said that, given a complaint to LG and they will come to home to replace the part.

Almost one month happened and my micro convection having same issue and still technician didn't come. Called many times to RESQ Kukatpally and still they are not confirming whether when my convection will be reqpaired.

Requesting you to please take immediate action on this.

Jun 2, 2014

RE : Very poor service of Reliance digital Chennai, Mugappair

Dear ThirumalaiKumar,

We believe our concerned team has got in touch with you regarding your concerns. Let us know if we can assist you with any further queries and have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 1, 2014

POOR service by RESQ

RESQ team,
I have purchased 4 Hitachi Air conditioners from Reliance Digital (hyderabad) along with extended warranty from ResQ. Because my house is under construction, I asked the technician to install outdoor units first.
In spite of his commitment, the technician didnt turn up for almost 4-5days until I went to ResQ office Attapur and requested them to complete the task on a priority basis. The job was completed without hassles. After a week or two I again called the technician for installation of indoor units. The technician came (after repeated calls), He arrived late at the site and due to total inefficiency on his part he could complete the installation of only 3 indoor units by the end of the day. I did not have any issues because he assured me that the matter would be taken care of in 2-3 days.
Already about 2-3 weeks since then no one has turned up for installation of 4th indoor unit for some reason or other.
Today I called up the manager of Resq attapur Mr Krishna Reddy (for the nth time in last 2 weeks) he was furious when I asked him to send his technician. Not just that he clearly told me that he would not be sending any technician to my site and he hung up on me. He also asked me not to call up again as I was disturbing his work. During his entire conversation with me he was rude, unproffesional and careless. I would like to know from ResQ if there is something wrong on my part, because you repeatedly insist us to purchase extended warranty. As a part of your warranty you are expected to be customer friendly and understanding. I only required 2 visits from ur technician but the work has been extended for ur fault for which i never complained. However this rude behaviour from ur senior executives is shocking too say the least. What service can I now expect from the same person in the future. I have already registered a complaint today on Resq site and the no is 700006900. As per ur showroom salesperson requests all the acs are covered under 2yr extended warranty.
I insist u to look into problem at earliest and either get the acs installed.

Rupak Kundu
Mob: 8331978039
May 27, 2014


I have purchased the LG Microwave from Reliance Digital, they convenience me for extended warrant which I opted out.
On 5th May'14 I have filed my request for servicing of Air Conditioner. But till date no person has attended the call.

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