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Reliance Resq: Complaint : 8001117173.

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Reliance Resq: Complaint : 8001117173.

Anureeta Siwach
Sep 19, 2015

No action after registration of complaint

No cooling reported in an under warranty hitachi inverter I clean split AC on 17september15. On 18th two incompetent seeming technicians came and serviced the AC. After that instead of cooling display panel on AC showing raising temperature . Again registered a complaint .on 18th .ref no. 700078936. No response.spoke to customer care.was told someone will contact on 19th.sat at home whole day ,waiting..no call no visit by technicians.

Major concern is AC warranty getting over on 26th sept15.it seems your company wants to waste time till 26th so that maintainance or repair could be charged to me.as the technicians were insisting on issuing an AMC.

If that is the case then I won't have any other option but to go to consumer court with all documentary proof.

An immidiate action is requested.
Anureeta Siwach
Sep 18, 2015

tablet not repaired even after 2 months

I had submited my reconnect tablet at pune service center(aundh reliance digital store) (problem: charging port is not working) on 11-7-2015. After several followup by me at last after 20 days your service people call me to collect it at the time of collection i found that now screen touch is not working it shows how careless are your service enigineer about their work. Now it is again submited by saying "sir aapka tab warranty me hai to screen bhi replace kar denge."
even after 2 months passed my tablet still not repaired. service team always tell me that you will get your tablet in two days and cut phone.
Now again there is no reply from your service team.

I just fade up of your after sales service and i think you want me to register legal complaint about your company service.

atleast have courtesy to reply customer mail via phone/mail.
Sep 1, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: Poor Installation

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact details at http://bit.ly/1JkbVAn for us to investigate the matter. We will get in touch with you and provide necessary assistance.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Sep 1, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: RESQ CARE PLAN ....Worst Service

Dear Valued Customer,

I am concerned to know of your perception about our service and would like to get in touch with you. Help us by providing your contact details at http://bit.ly/1JkbVAn and we will get back to you.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Sep 1, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: water purifier problem not solved

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to investigate the matter internally. Help us by sharing your contact details at http://bit.ly/1JkbVAn and please be assured that your concerns will be looked at on priority.

At Your Service,
Reliance Digital
Aug 26, 2015

water purifier problem not solved

I am staying in Rajhmundry .
I am having water purifier ''Pure it Marvella''. I am having Reliance resq Plan. Reliance technician visited he advised for cartage change, as I am having warranty, it is to be replaced by reliance . it is been 25 days ,nobody has turned to replace the cartage.Reliance technician has taken my sign on blank work sheet.Few days back I got Sms that this complaint is closed, with out solving my problem I don't know how they have closed the complaint. Reliace provides not bad but worst service.my complaint no. is 20090163.
Aug 26, 2015

Poor Installation

1. Installation people from Resq have no knowledge about the product - They even don't know to read from manual and say that properly.
2. Very poor installation - they say they forgot to install anti Rat guard provided with washing machine.
3. TV they are keep on bringing improper wall mount repeatedly - hence unable to install.
4. Sony home theater - They don't know to install - wall mount ! when we call sony(free installation - provided in sony warranty card ) they say they wont do it for products purchased form Reliance Digital.
5. Reliance Digital should either know how to install the products or should allow the people who know to do it - Authoriozed service centers for respective products.
Aradhana Singh
Aug 23, 2015

RESQ CARE PLAN ....Worst Service

Hi ,

A week back I purchased Samsung galaxy A7 from Reliance digital. During purchase they introduced me to RESQ care plan telling that it covers physical damage of your handset for next 2 years , salesman shared n number if examples in cases where they have replaced mobile phones for their customers. Samsung Warranty is only for 1 year but RESQ is for 2 year including physical damage caused under any circumstances. Recently my mobile got damaged in an accident. I visited Reliance digital and shared with them my RESQ care plan....Reliance digital employee clearly declined of providing any service from there end , now they are saying that this RESQ plan covers only for product which is out of warranty.....Here the problem is either with their incompetent employee or this plan is just to cheat customer for taking 2.5k .
Aug 12, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: 700070468

Dear Amit Bohra,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Request you to share your contact details at - http://goo.gl/forms/rS4fu6L2AA. Our team will get back to you shortly and provide required assistance.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Aug 8, 2015


I am getting horrible response form resq plan support. I dont have drinking water at my place from last 5 days because you guys are not responding and solving the problem.

Can you refund the money now, as still no technician is assigned for my request? I was told we provide response in 4 hrs and then service in 24 hrs, but currently from last 5 days the HO water purifier is not working for me and no one in reliance cares about it.

If you cannot provide proper service, why do you sell Resq plan? It looks like just to grab some more money.
Jul 23, 2015

RE: Pathetic & Irresponsible Customer Service.

I bought a Yamaha home theater on 28th June 2014 from the Reliance digital, Chromepet, Chennai store and the product stopped working on 21 June 2015 and raised a complaint through reliance customer care (ref no: 8004396150) on the same day. After several follow-ups with the customer care, personal from RESQ visited my house to check the receiver. But they were not able to rectify the issue at my place and told me that they need to take the receiver to the lab and check. And this was around 5th July.

After that no one has come to pick the receiver from my home and even after several follow-ups with the customer care, the issue has not been addressed. Their service is very poor, they are very irresponsible and there is no one to track or take any actions for their pathetic services

21-Jun-2015: 8004396150
24-Jun-2015: 8004396150
07-Jul-2015: 700063661
09-Jul-2015: 700066350
11-Jul-2015: 8003438815
12-Jul-2015: 8003446659
17-Jul-2015: 8004449604

Jul 17, 2015

Reliance Digital


I have bought a Godrej Eon fully automatic Washing Machine on 13th may 2015, made the cash payment on the same day and got the delivery after 4 days. Exactly after 3 weeks it has stopped working. Called up the reliance store and spoke with a lady customer support(pathetic response doesn't know how to speak with a customer) assured with in 48 hours they will send the technician after many follow ups and call technician attended washing machine and said mother board has gone it has to be replaced, requested for replacement giving funny and stupid rules. Selling defective products.Its been a month after that no one has come to repair that not even responding properly, not ready to replace neither sending any technician to make it correct. Really disappointed with the service and product. poor, pathetic and rediculous product and service.Never going to purchase any product from Reliance Digital. Pls take remedial action immediately otherwise i will be forced to report to the higher authority.

Jul 1, 2015

Reliance Digital

Re: commercial Solution for Unrepairable Hanset

Dear Dinesh Mahajan,

In order to speed up the process and contact you on priority, we would require your contact details. Request you to share the same at http://goo.gl/forms/rS4fu6L2AA and we will get back to you.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 27, 2015

Reliance Digital

Re: commercial Solution for Unrepairable Hanset

Dear Dinesh Mahajan,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will get in touch with you and provide necessary assistance.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 27, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: pathetic and irresponsible customer service

Dear Valued Customer,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Request you to share your contact details at - http://goo.gl/forms/rS4fu6L2AA. We will get back to you shortly and provide the required assistance.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
Jun 18, 2015

commercial Solution for Unrepairable Hanset


The Handset was purchased from the Wave Mall Store in Jan 2014. I have also bought the Extended Warranty for the same.

I have submitted the handset for repair on 18th April 2015, after 2-3 visits to the Service station and store(Wave mall). As the Warranty details were not uploaded by the Reliance staff.

I didn’t got any call from the service station or the Store for the same, although I went many times to the store to enquire about the handset. Last week on Wednesday I went to the store@ wave mall then I was informed to visit the Service station as your Handset cannot be repaired. So they would offer some commercial solution.

Visited the service station on 13th June, had discussion with the staff over there. The solution they are offering is like 30 % of the value of the Handset.

I am not satisfied with the commercial solution that has been offered, as I purchased the Extended warranty to safe guard the mobile handset against any type of Mechanical fault.
And now if that is not repairable then company should offer me new handset or value at least equal to the price of the handset.

Handset Details:-
Job sheet no:- 805
Dated:- 17/May/2015
Manufacturer:- Panasonic
Model No:- EB-905040T31

Since 2 months my handset is with them.

Expecting quick response..


Dinesh Mahajan
Jun 17, 2015

pathetic and irresponsible customer service

Hi it's been more then 2.5 months now but still waiting for resolution even after so many follow up. I believe u guys are trying to kill time till the validity expire.

It's really pathetic and irresponsible customer service I have ever seen in my life.
Jun 16, 2015

Pathetic & Irresponsible Customer Service.

It's been more than 2 months now, but still waiting on the resolution. My Sony Viao is being wasted just because I had purchased ResQ Care plan from Reliance Digital. These guys are so pathetic, they always close the ticket without providing a solution and don't even bother to inform. I have to call back again to get the ticket open, and they keep saying "someone will get back to you within 24 hours". I believe they are just trying to kill time till the plan validity expires.

I had posted a review earlier also http://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/reliance-resq-complaint-8001117173-l139456.html.

I personally recommend they should not be in the business as they don't know anything about customer care.

Mukesh Kumar Singh
May 28, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: servicing of AC

Dear Valued Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will get back to you and provide necessary assistance.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
May 25, 2015

servicing of AC

My Carrier Split AC stated giving noice and I gave a complaint to reliance care which is under AMC with reliance resque..(long waiting list on IVR call.).on 20.05.2015.
Till date no one has responded. The customer care staff says that the service personal will come today but no one has turned up so far.
I am not able to do my regular work because of this waiting for the service personal without going out.Before the formation of the customer care I used to get the service done just in a day or two.With this customer care centre it took more than seven days but yet to attend. Whome I have to report about this.and get things done.
The number they gave:Carrier:8004291150
for Hitachi:8004291351 dt 20.05.2015
May 12, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: Sony Bravia video port issue

Dear Valued Customer,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Our team will get back to you and provide necessary assistance.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
May 12, 2015

Reliance Digital

RE: Reliance ResQ Call not going through

Dear Murali,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and assure you that we will address your issue on priority. We will look into the matter and get back to you.

Warm Regards,
Reliance Digital
May 12, 2015

Sony Bravia video port issue

Complaint no: 8004268716
I have lodged a complaint with ResQ, the technician came then after 2 days from a local service center.Said he will change the board the next day, but has not come since 1 week.
He did not do any paperwork, nor did he give me any service memo etc. He did not pick up phone for few days and today ( 12/5/15) he says the board is not available with them and he does not know when it will come.
I had purchased extended warranty but not getting the service i paid for...
Frustrated customer of reliance Digital
May 11, 2015

Reliance ResQ Call not going through

I was sold into taking reliance ResQ plan when I bought a refrigerator from Reliance Store , whenever I call the Hyderabad ResQ number no one picks up the call ( 040-44722222). I did not know company of that size and revenues can cheat customers.

My Samsung refrigerator stopped working, as no one in the ResQ numbers is picking up the call. I called the store and store person says, sir call Samsung as it is still in warranty, it has been more than one year. I can wait for the lousy reliace ResQ so I called Samsung. Samsung was prompt technician came by and said that the fan motor is not working and is not covered under warranty, I need to pay 1200 Rs + service 550 Rs. He said he will come tomorrow.

As per the ResQ plan reliance need to cover this but it is such a fraud company, once they sold the resQ no one bothers.

May 7, 2015

Complaint ID: 700052285, Pathetic Customer Service by Reliance ResQ

I have Recently Purchased a New LG 1.5 ton Split AC from Reliance Digital, Shipra Mall Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, U.P.. Along with the AC I also purchased a Reliance ResQ 2 Years Warranty Extension as I was promised lots of benefits including prompt service by Reliance ResQ. The AC was purchased on 9th April 2015, but have not been able to use it because of faulty installment by Reliance causing water leakage from the indoor Unit. I raised the complaint on 30th April 2015. The complaint number is 700052285. Till date the complaint has not been attended to. I have been calling Reliance Resq number since the past 5 days, every day and am getting the same reply from the executives that the problem has been escalated to a higher department and it will be resolved within 24 hours but to no avail. This is completely ridiculous from a company of your stature has such pathetic customer service. Even yesterday morning I called customer care of Reliance resq and got the same update that the issue has been escalated to a higher authority and will be resolved within 24 hours. I am now completely exasperated with this behavior. If you cannot provide solution for installation issue of a newly bought Ac, then how can you provide service during the extended warranty period which I have bought after hearing the tall claims of service from Reliance ResQ. It also seems that you do not address concerns raised through your website as I raised the complaint through the grievance section of your website yesterday, and received a mail that the grievance will be addressed within 4 hours, but again you guys don't seem to care about these things I believe.

I think this is completely unacceptable, and you should refund the money that I payed for taking the extended service because i am completely sure that Reliance Resq is incapable of after sales service. Kindly do the needful in this regard. I would definitely advice my friends that they never buy things from Reliance Digital as they would never get any after-sales service.

Swarupa Mukherjee
Ph: 9654010543

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