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Renault duster


Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault duster

Madhusudhan Raya
Jun 18, 2016

Extended Maintenance warranty

Car was purchased in 2013 June, The mileage run till date is 48000km and there is warranty in place for 4 yrs or 80 000kms whichever is earlier. The vehicle was taken to NCR authorised workshop of renault in gurgaon. The accelerator wire got damaged. The service workshop says that they are not sure whether extended warranty covers free replacement of aaccelerator wire. But you have given extended maintenanace warranty for 4 yrs.

What I wish to inform you is that service is very poor and your authorised workshop personnel are not at all aware of extended maintenance warranty. No body in the workshop explicitly can tell whether it is covered or not. I feel it should be covered .

If this is the state of affairs with renault, people will stop purchasing this car due to poor after sales service of your service centres across India and lack of awareness of various terms and conditions of extended maintenance warranty, promised while marketing .

If these things continue i feel renault may be relegated to the bottom place in sales in India.

Jun 5, 2016

Pathetic work of SRMT Tata workshop in Vizag

I have got my vehicle. Manza serviced in SRMT service center near railway station and nearby Rajeshwari theater in Visakhapatnam . I always believed in genuine workshops and have always opted this workshop, to my unfortunate fate their servicing was so bad that my vehicle halted when I was heading out of the city, my vehicle was stranded on the road for two days following which I had to get to towed for rectification, the only problem was loose blots which eventually led to change of timing. This shows how reckless and awfully skilled these workshops are and simply know how to cheat their customers, beware of this workshop.
Shiva takkar
May 3, 2016

Part Not available

I am constraint to express my deplorable situation regarding part not avaible in your showroom. The erratic working of my car has created a lot of inconvenience.This infact represents a dismal picture regrading your organisation. Renault needs no introduction.It enjoys an enviable position in Cars.Your company is on culmination but the shortage of parts in your showroom doesn't go well with the reputation and goodwill you enjoy in the market. Hope you will comprehend with us. I hope you will not give a cause of inconvience to your bonafide customer . DO THE NEEDFUL EARLIER

Thank you

Sagar takkar
Rajni Shah
Apr 29, 2016

Stop Light signal appearing on display boatd

I find STOP light in red colour on display board since 3 days.
Mohan Tiluvalli
Apr 6, 2016

Problem with Gear, Battery & Power Staring

Problem with Gear, Battery & Power Staring
Problem with the Gear
I bought Duster 85 PS Desiel in Nov 2013 and found that the gear stuck a lot. Whenever i drive my car in first gear and want to shift it to the second gear it stuck. I need to go hard on gear to shift it to the second. Moreover after driving it for a good distance when I come to halt or in traffic picking car in first gear is much problematic and it gives missing. I have been to Renault service center but they were not able to detect the problem.

Battery Problem:
Car battery dried & gone bad in just 2.5 months, Due to this many other problems.
1. Problem With Power Staring
2. AC will not work, Windows & Music player nothing will work.
3. Big very big problem is Power staring will not work, Assume you are road, Suppose battery goes to low state, Staring almost
50% will not work. Very difficult to turn left right. Only straight you can go. In ghot section gone case.
Feb 18, 2016


I bought my duster 2-3 month 4 door noise do it do I suggested all people don't bought duster RXE dci modals
m s gupta
Feb 13, 2016

pluse clutch problem

I purchased pluse from bhilai renault office chattisgard lost year , car is running with hard clutch I send my vehicle for second servicing,
company refused to reactifed problem and asking for payment , why should I pay if company warranty is running.
akshay 45 thakur
Feb 12, 2016

Duster--full of complaints

I have a one month old Duster and it has already started giving problems. The polution control light has come on twice during this period and the gear shift lever makes noise. When I spoke with some of my French friends, I realised that the Duster is not a Renault product, but a Dasia product, which is manufactured in Romania and exported to poor third world countries. So those with a Duster, should learn to live with it and others may think twice before bying one.
Akshay Thakur
Amit yadav paldi panihara
Jan 14, 2016

Service and warrenty problem

MY car registration no- HR 36 V 3600, I completed service on 2nd Dec 2015 in Renault service centre sector 37 near Hero Honda chowk Gurgaon 122001 ,As per service centre all points completed but actually from my side observed some points not done. during running I observed that door noise still exist,front axle noise exist, even no. of time I contacted to customer care but no satisfactory reply , some warrenty related work also not done during servicing.they said part not available and pl.do warrenty related work from other service centre.
Name -Amit Yadav
Mobile no- 9992008396
Amit Kishore Gupta
Dec 29, 2015

Problem with the Gear

I bought Duster RXL 85 PS in Sept 2014 and found that the gear stuck a lot. Whenever i drive my car in first gear and want to shift it to the second gear it stuck. I need to go hard on gear to shift it to the second. Moreover after driving it for a good distance when I come to halt or in traffic picking car in first gear is much problematic and it gives missing. I have been to Renault service center but they were not able to detect the problem. It has just done 13000 Km and engine noise has also increased. Blue Tooth also don't work properly.

Amit Gupta
Dec 26, 2015

Complaint against service centre

Dear Sir/ Madam
Mere pass ek duster RxL hai jis me ab se 6 month pehle stop loght indicator show hone laga or fir sath he sath starting problem suru ho gaye. Maine apne car Ghaziabad me meerut road service centre per bhej de waha pata chala k iske injectors me problem hai.
Hum ne duster wahee choor de or 15 days ka time de diya but after 15 days jab phucha to pata chala k abhee or time lagega.
After 70 days service centre se gaddi milee but 5 din k baad ssme problem fir suru ho gayee
Stop light
Or gear jaam.
Fir phone kiya bole k gaddi phoucha do 2 3 din me ok kar k de denge but after 1 month gaddi milee or 2 din k baad fir vo he problem ho gayee
Stop light
Gear jaam
Than fir phone kiya to bole k khuch kaam reh gaya tha nahee ho paya hai service centre bhej do 2 3 hrs me de denge.
Than fir gaddi centre bhej de or 3 ghante ka kaam 10 din me kara or gaddi aa gayee but fir do din k baad same problem suru ho gayee or ek nayee problem or suru ho gayee k gaddi ka pickup bilkul khatam ho gaya , ab fir phone kiya to fir vo he kahanee k is baar or bhej do 4 5 din me bilkul sahee kar denge.
Ab ye ssmajh nahee aa raha k itne din rakh kar service centre walo ne kiya kya . Or ab is duster ka mai kya karu kis service centre per dikhau. Kai baar complaint karne k baad bhee Renault me koi sunwai nahee ho rahee hai.
Koi jawab hai Renault walo k pass ya us service centre k pass.
Sanjay Rana
Atul Bhutani
Dec 3, 2015

Stop Light

I had a duster 2013 model. I has done 65000 kms. Since its 59000 kms I had sent my car to service station 5 times for the STOP LIGHT reappearing again and gain. Faridabad service station is not able to detect it I think. They claim that every time they changes some or other part which is diagnosed faulty, so it means that this car has so inferior quality parts that they are getting faulty so soon.
if its not been under warranty, I would have ended paying around 1,00,000/- although I already had spend 80,000/- till now on services & "mandatory maintenance" as they say.
is there any body where I can complaint.
Atul Bhutani
Car: UK18 8042
Oct 29, 2015

A/c outlet blocked

I purchased a Duster AWD in Feb 2015 and have driven it for 11000+ kms. Recently I observed that the carpet in the car was wet. I took the vehicle to the service station in Sector 2 , Noida and was intimated that the outlet of the aircon was choked and the same could not be unclogged by cleaning.
Rectification of the said issue is a major job as it was intimated that the dashboard of the vehicle would need to be taken out before any maintenance could be done. It is surprising that a major automobile company like Renault has designed a simple feature like an outlet pipe in a fashion that a vehicle has to be kept in the workshop for 2 days to rectify a simple job like water outlet clogging.
rose international inc
Oct 24, 2015

hard kletch

many times seen the problem of soccers
its hard driving car
Sep 23, 2015

Shameless Renaults company's useless car

Purchased 6 months back.since then it has been at the service station for more than 10 times..n shameless people dont have any solution toyour problems. Helpline refuses to help & unfortunately no escalation point.
Guess its just not bothered about oys customers.. greedy people
Deep Johal
Sep 5, 2015

A piece of shit

Buying a duster was one of my worst decision . talking of clutch , AC , door , music system , fuel indicator , service etc . had faced problems in every segment , the only positive aspect is its millege as compared to other compact SUV s .But for some one thinking to buy a new duster.....I would suggest a big NO .
Aug 10, 2015


I have had the new duster for approx' 6 weeks and for the last week there has been a smell inside the car which is not coming from me. The smell I have described as being like ether. it is a light chemical smell which quite frankly scares me. I checked in the engine compartment and tried to locate the type of smell by removing the liquid caps in turn. The most similar to the smell was the brake fluid. As I removed the cap some liquid ran out, however I was parked on a slight slope. I have been to the company I purchased it from where the engineer tells me the brake fluid cap has to be replaced at a certain position due to a vent slit in the cap. The smell has been worse than ever since, the liquid does not now appear to be coming from the cap. This gives me the concern could there be a brake fluid leakage elsewhere, say at the brakes?
Bismaad Deep SIngh
Aug 10, 2015

Gear stuck

I bought duster in august 2014 and found that the gear stuck a lot ...... when ever i drive my car in first gear and want to shift it to the second gear it struck. either i need to go hard on either clutch or on gear to shift it to the second ..it was even not resolved in any of the 2 services. This is what Renault is providing its customers a service. Renault duster has many other issues as well my ac mode also struck will changing it.
anita milind
Aug 3, 2015

AC water leakge inside the car

I bought Renault Duster in Sept 2013 and till now it was running well. Since the past two months I noticed a stale smell in the car and upon analysing the same, found lots of water ingress under the mats. After drying the mats I found water again. I concluded that this could be due to water of AC seeping inside, instead of being thrown outside. The vehicle was sent for this problem to service centre in NOIDA sector 63 and they confirmed my doubt. They also said that this problem has been reported in other cars too.
My concern is that if it was a known problem then why didn't Renault take care and recall the cars. Other reputed manufacturers are doing this. From a company of Renault's reputation, this was unexpected.
I really feel the Renault needs to rebuild its image and give a quality product.

Anita Milind
Jun 28, 2015

Self starter failing twice in 4 months

I have renault duster 110rxz.i bought it on 7 april 14.the veh was running fine when on 13 feb 15 the veh did not start.i took it to tricity panchkula and they replaced the self starter .again now on 28 july 15 the vehicle stopped while running and the self is again not working.i will be taking vehicle to tricity panchkula tomorrow.i hope they will diagnose the reason for self starter failing twice in 4 months and will provide a permanant solution.atul9888713399
abdul arif
Jun 24, 2015

barck paid

Sir I will chang my brack paid on 20000 k.m. on 2nd sarvice in udaipur. Next 3rd sarvicr in kota branch I am sarvice my dustar 24 june. 30000 k.m. service advisor say this car brack paid loss and chang brack paid.
Sir brack paid sarvice only 10000 k.m.
Sir Udaipur branch chang old to old brack paid.
Jun 19, 2015

Engine and Battery Problem

Dear Renault,
I think whatever claim you guys are doing these are all fake.I bought Duster last year on 27-Feb-2014. 85ps RxL from Noida Sector 62, UP. Since the very first day I am not satisfied with the vehicle as well as your company services.
First time problem occur with wipers which was taken care (so called) by local service center at Noida Sector 63.
Next time when I drove only 13thousands Kms only, and in the month of January '15. I drove the car around 15 kms on that day and was waiting for my family outside of a mall. When I gave ignition all of a sudden car battery went down. After running 15 kms how is this possible that battery went down. I complaint this at this very place. But I heard only fishy things sir that could be anything and its a car so we can rely on this. That is why I spent Rs 11 Lakh on this stupid car.
Service center guy checked my battery situation at told me that its a battery issue it should be replaced. But your vendor, Exide return the same old battery by saying that it was just recharge and its working perfectly fine. How come a running car battery be discharged. After so many arguments service with service manager he gave me assurance that if something will happen wrong in future he'll take care of this personally.
At that time they didn't spent a single day to see what is the root cause of the issue.
Today, again a great day for my Renault Duster, when i tried to start its showing battery zero and Engine light is red. Although I drive this only 19,535 Kms. And very good thing is that only last Sunday 14th of June'2015, I went to Avia,Auto Service,Sector 63 Noida, for its 20k KM/3rd free services. I hope 3rd major service is to check full vehicle at every end. I spent Rs 6986 for this service.

Now, I am standing in this scorching day of summer in a highway and just dialing your customer care. So, I spent all my money just to stand in mid of a highway and take this vehicle to service station on every other day.
Crux is that this Duster is worst car I have ever drove and use. You guys are just doing cheating to customers.
Car VIN # MEEHSRAW5E1048928.
Jun 10, 2015



I brought a new Renault Duster car model 85PS RXEDCI on dtd 16/01/15 from Khatwani motors Jabalpur from Waidhan City MP.Payment against this vehicle is cleared,but second key is not provided at yet.So,many times approached to agency & regular contacting always excuses given to me.Hence please provide my second key.


Surendra kumar patel
Singrauli mp.
Jun 8, 2015

. Neither you nor your R&D team has the life knowledge about your Spares.

This is to inform with painful heart that I am the 1st duster owner of MANNARGUDI area, with the Renault Duster bearing Reg.No. TN.50 U 3839. I had two very bitter experience from your Customer Service point and from one of your dealer M/s.BANNARI AMMAN MOTORS, TRICHY. The first incident of breakdown is due to gear struck at Malaiyur, near Pudukkottai. Despite of our repeated call to the service point of your dealer service centre Mobile No. 96886 33200, and also no response from the customer care service centre. Then we arranged a recovery vehicle for rent and took our duster car to the dealership for repair. The thing which was painful to tell you is, it took 2 days for your service Engineers to find the compliant due to which the vehicle was off-roaded. Then they identified that the upper sleeve cylinder has to be replaced, and the same was replaced and serviced during the end of April 2015. Again our car met the same problem on 01.06.2015 at 8.20 pm in Trichy - Thanjavur road near Palpannai just 5 kms from your service point. Immediately we contacted the service centre phone No. 0431-2414214 and cell : 96886 33200 on several times in the very busy traffic at night hours. Alas! Everything went in vain, nobody responded the phone. Then we contacted the toll free number for help with repeated call to the toll free number. Somebody took the phone and informed us that within another 30 minutes the recovery team will come and service your complaint. We waited more than 2 hours 30 minutes on the middle of the road with family and children. Again contacted the toll free number, nobody has responded the call. After our repeated call to the service centre, the mechanic came and tried his level best and all his effort became futile. Then we handedover the car key to the mechanic and we started home from there. Nearing by 11.30 p.m. a call came to our mobile from tollfree number and they stated that recovery vehicle has come to the spot, you better pay Rs.2,200/- for toeing and we need the signature from you. We replied that we are far away from the spot and we requested to carry the vehicle to the service point and the payment will be made by us by the next morning through bank, but the tollfree respondent never answered us but only disconnected the call without manners. Then we don’t know how the vehicle went to the service point. The Second day we were told that the vehicle was taken by the personal interest of the attended mechanic.
Today the 06th of June, after five days we were informed that the lower sleeve cylinder was failed, so that only the vehicle breakdowned. The thing which makes me to think a lot is what is the quality of your product? Nobody in your service point have understood the parts of life history about your product. Neither you nor your R&D team has the life knowledge about your Spares. Why I think so means, I was not at all advised by the dealer that such & such services has to be done by me after running this kilometers. It is very painful that what are the services has to be done to the vehicle at about the kilometer duration was not at all printed in your manual book. If the same status has been maintained, it is obvious your product will stand by the road-side due to lack of maintenance knowledge by the customers.
Apart all from these things, which pricks my conscious is I was the first customer in my Thiruvarur Dist. for BANNARI AMMAN AUTO MOBILES, Trichy. They also utilized me as a DEMO CUSTOMER to flourish their business. Now how can I recommend your vehicle for others to buy after facing such a bitter experience?
Thanking you once a lot.
Cell: 94432 66961
Ajay Khare
Jun 2, 2015

Renault Duster Clutch is hard

I have bought Renault duster 100 ps RXZ (optional) from Aphrodite 4 wheels pvt ltd. on Jan 2014. after 10000 running of vehicle its clutch is feeling too hard its steering and gear shifting are also being felt slightly hard than at the tie of delivery. i have visited several times and no proper response fro their side. the said that they have rectified but problem is still there. They also cheated us during delivery of vehicle, they told me that they will provide me free accessories of worth Rs 25000/- but they never did that after several follow ups. when they delivered the vehicle to me in Bilaspur Station, wiper line of water was choked they told e they will change it and when I went service centre they charged me approx Rs 8000 for same and told me that due to that AC tube has been spoiled. But it was not due to me this situation was present frpm the day of delivery. then why they charged me. Services of Service Center of Aphrodite 4 wheels is not good they are looting customers.


Ajay Khare

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