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Renault duster


Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault duster

Mar 24, 2015

Good product but Bad after sale service

I am having Duster HR26BY5775 which I got serviced regularly. At 40K km, I got it properly serviced at NCR Renault at Kataria Chowk, GGN. But soon after service I faced problem of gear blockage. I reported back to NCR Renault and found that No gear oil was changed and hence lead to problem. they changed and told that problem is solve. after 2 days I reported back to NCR that problem is still there. Then they asked me to change gear wire and cylinder. I doubted and hence gave my car to Sprint, Renault nr Hero Honda chowk. They told that clutch plate is gone and needs to be replaced. I had to invest 22K and got it changed. I would like to state that Renault service is poor and specially NCR is worst. No clarity and transparency is there and they just want to earn money.

Not Happy with Renault Service and they are just giving bad name to Renault. Good product but Bad after sale service.
Mar 23, 2015

Air bags not opened.

Dear sir,

Renault Duster Car No MH-46-G-0052 owned by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, met an accident at Vikroli on date 17.03.2015.The impact was very high causing damage of bonnet,radiator,AC condenser etc. however the safety bags were not opened.It is very serious issue in view of safety point of the passengers traveling in the vech.At present the said vech is under repair at your authorized workshop M/s Gen-Next Motors,at Koparkhairane, Navi-Mumbai.The issue shall be taken seriously and compensation shall be claimed by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran.

Executive Engineer(M)
MJP,U&R,Mech. Div.
Mar 17, 2015

service complaints not attended properly

I am Karthikeyani, We had purchased a duster vehicle during jan 2013, till the first service the vehicle was running fine. After the service of 10000km, our problem started. There was an irritating noise inside the vehicle, when asked they said its the tyre noise and to my surprise they said the noise was due to MRF tyres and asked me to change the tyre( note: we were asked to change the tyre with in 10000km, were as a tyre can be used for 40000km).

Then, after repeated follow up and complaints to renault, I was offered some discount on replacing MRF tyre on which they were not sure if the noise would be arrested. With no proper response from renault and the local service center we were forced to live with the problem.
Now we had changed the tyre and again after servicing we still have some irritating noise inside the vehicle, after informing the same to the service center, we had a pleasing reply from the executive stating I will come and take the vehicle and rectify it personally and give it. I gave the same complaint during my service feedback call also.
But,till now it is not attended.

I still personally love this design and model of the duster compared to all the equivalent vehicle category. I am posting this complaint here only to get a solution for my concern.

Mar 15, 2015

Drive Shaft Broken

I have Duster 85 HP - diesel version, bought Nov 2013, driven about 32,000 kms. Last week, after driving about 2-3 kms, slowed down to allow another vehicle, I released clutch to engage first gear, there was loud sound and vehicle would not move anymore. Engine was running smooth, but whenever clutch was released, there was a jarring noise. The vehicle was towed to Anamalais, Coimbatore. To my shock, the drive shaft to RHS wheel was found broken. As the vehicle is under warranty, Renault has undertaken free replacement of the part. Is there anybody with similar problem or in the know of what could have lead to this issue - please mail at seshadri@nals.in
Mhabemo Ovung
Mar 12, 2015

Engine not starting at first try in the Morning

My car was running perfectly and gave me no problems until last week when, one day, trying to start the car in the morning while trying to go to work, took longer than what is usual. Now my car never starts at the first time, i have to try once, twice, three times...sometimes more.
Mar 8, 2015


ghirmai haile
Feb 25, 2015

weakness of engine especially with ac

i bought this can on July 2013 in Dubai,but ever since arrived here and started driving this car given me hard time.when the engine is run and start driving,after 15 or 20 minutes the car showed me high heat and i stopped it.i called tow truck and took it to the dealer to resolve the heating problem early before i damage other components.they resolve it temporary not once for ever,after sometime started the same problem again and again.did i waste my hard earning money by buying this car or has other solutions?
dara singh
Feb 6, 2015

engine voice is extra noisy

There is many technical problems in car. Your service center is not able to detect that .
I have compared that voice with another renault duster many times in ur center but there is no focus on my problem.
the only reply is that " aap free hoke aana tb kr denge Abi hum free nahi h".
plz take a look on my problem because the problem can be increased and can cause a mishappening.
thank you
Dec 30, 2014

Mis-selling at Sprint (quoting wrong price during sales)

Please beware before buying from Sprint cars GK. They tell a wrong price while selling and ask for additional amount at delivery.

While booking the vehicle, the sales person (Mr Ratan) told us that the price is x. Even the customer order form mentioned the price he had quoted. However, after a month or so, he informed us that we have to pay additional 1 lac to get the delivery.
He did not get the argument that a 1 lac difference could have altered my buying decision. His behavior was very weird as he was very rudely asking for cash/DD at the time of delivery. Since, I was traveling that time so my wife made the payment and got the delivery (lets keep the awesome delivery process for another post).

Later on (once back), I made multiple complaint through customer care and their north India sales head, but to no avail. The only reasoning I got from them was that the sales person (Mr Ratan) was on notice period that time (leaving job) so he had behaved that way. However, I see this as a clear mis-selling as if I would have known that the price is 1 lac more than I would have rather gone for another mode/make.

Dec 12, 2014



Ref : Complaint Dated 08/12/2014.
VIN No. MEEHSRA36C5000437
Please repair our car immediately in above complaint dated 08/12/14.
Please response to our above complaint. Kindly do the needful.

Saurabh Bhudolia
Dec 11, 2014

Poor Service

Do not buy any car from Gen Next Motors Thane.. Height of unprofessionalism. They will not at all entertain any of your problem. Since last 3 months I am making certain calls to fix the issues in my car but they are very busy with their sales target.

Saurabh Bhudolia
Dec 8, 2014

Unprofessinal Approach by Renault LUCKNOW

Dear Concern,
I brought a new Renault duster from Renault Showroom Kalyanpur Ring Road Lucknow.
The unprofessional behavior of Sales manager Mr Prashant Tiwari in not acceptable at all.
This is very insulting to a customer who buys a vehicle spending lakhs of rupees and such dealers behave in a insulting and disgusting manner with customers ruining Renaults reputation world wide.
Appreciate if Renault marketing department and customer care takes note of such dealers with unprofessional behavior with customers.
Please keep some trained employees who knows basics of customer handling.
The biggest mistake was to buy this car and would advise everyone NEVER TO OPT FOR RENAULT PRODUCT.

Dec 8, 2014



In my vehicle running 40000 K.M. I have given complaint to Renault Service mangalore, Karnataka for Braking Sound. I had even complained about the failure on the part of your dealer and your company in respect of poor response to the repair work to the customer care. However, so far there is no response from both of you. There is doubt that both of you have committed deficiency in service and have failed to provide satisfactory service to me. However they are not able to fix this problem. Please have this as a service feedback. Else. I will take some legal action against the company.

VIN No. MEEHSRA36C5000437

Jain Rakesh
Dec 8, 2014

Breaking, Tyre Alignment and Too much Noise

Dear Renault Team,

I have bought Duster last 3 months back from Karnawati Motors Ahmedabad and from very first day i complained about Brake Liner and Wheel Alignment and Car is making too much noise but after the first service also the issue was not solved and the service they had done was below the standard and they had given me Car without washing, this is ridiculous how one can do this. I request you to inform at Karnawati motors to inspect the Car properly and hope to get call from them at the earliest to solve my problem.

Rakesh Jain
Dec 5, 2014

Poor sales

THIS COMPLAINT MAY BE SHOWN TO CHEIF MARKETING MANAGER RENAULT INDIA AND THE CEO dear sir, for the past 6 months I am planning to buy a duster from your lucknow dealer but till date have not been able to purchase it because of the poor marketing done by the said dealer, i want to buy the same through CSD and that is the reason why the dealer is not cooperating. At present there is a discount scheme going on so as a customer of CSD am i eligible for the said discount or not? can you just clarify the same. Please make your organisation little CUSTOMER CENTRIC. Col Rameshwar Gupta
Dec 1, 2014

Faulty Braking System on bumpy roads in ABS, EBD enabled High End Renault Duster

Hi Renault Team,

In my all three services, I have given complaint to Gurgaon Service Center for faulty braking system. However, they are not able to fix this problem. Please have this as a serious feedback, Else, I will take some legal action against the company.
VIN - HR26CD6626

Nov 25, 2014

Vibrating Plastic Panels in the Car

Model - Duster RXL Optional 85 BHP
DOP - 15th March 2013
No - DL 8C Z 1673
Milage - 25,000 kM
City - Delhi
Dealer - Renault Delhi West, Moti Nagar
Service Center - Rama Road Service Center, New Delhi
Executive - Mr.Lalit & Mr.Paramdayal Singh
Service - 2 free services
Problem - Poor plastic fittings due to which there is unbearable vibrations in the car. I got the second service of my car at 20,000 kM in the month of August 2014 during which I had raised an issue of too much vibrations and rattling noice in the car specially from the doors, the dashboard area and the boot (the fittings near the tool kit). After proper inspection I was informed that there is some problem with the doors and it will be fixed during the service but unfortunately the problem persisted after the service as well, within a week I was facing the same issue of vibrating plastic panels and immediately informed the service center about it. They were very qucik to address the problem and once again inspected the car. This time I was told that there is problem with the spare wheel casing and they shall fix it. But once again after driving for a week the same problem came back to trouble me. This time it was my third visit in the month of September during which the mechanics and executive came up with another problem and said they will fix it, still the same result the problem came back within 10 days of driving the car. Next visit in the month of October when the service center kept my car for 2 days to repair the vibration in the car during which I assume they simply tightened the parts and fixed the foam in a very dirty way in different parts of the car, the dashboard, doors and the panels in the boot. Its November 2014 and I am extremely frustrated and will be taking my car to the service center for a fifth visit in 3 months. The plastic fittings are of such poor quality that it gives me a feeling of driving a very cheap car, a old Mahindra or Tata Sumo where the enitre car is vibrating and making a rattling noise. This is extremely shocking that such a reputed company is not able to fix such petty problems and are constantly bothering the customers.

I kindly request you to look into this problem and get it fixed once and for all by either repairing the panels properly or replacing them with new ones. Im extremely disappointed to have spent 12 lakhs of my hard earned money in Renault just to face such small and irritating problems.

Request you to kindly take immediate action.
Nov 1, 2014

electrical complaints about renault duster

I had purchased a Renault Duster VF1HSRCA2DA599259 (Oman Vehicle Reg. No:AA 4094) on 09.12.2012. I am working for a renowned firm in Oman, which purchases vehicles from Renault Showroom for its official purposes. After I purchased the car, many colleagues enquired about the vehicle and hence with my recommendation many had purchased the car. But unfortunately my situation has become so pathetic that my car is always under repair. I think they are not able to rule out the exact reason for the problem. I kindly request you to please look into the matter seriously so that the problems are completely repaired or if unrepairable please do replace another car for me. Please consider this as an exceptional case and do the needful. I would be greatly obliged to you if you could replace my car for a new one. (I am a person who handles the car very carefully and has not given my car to anyone for driving. So far I have just covered 26,000 km only.)
I have attached the history of my car:
1. Within 6months, the battery had become weak and had to be replaced.
2. The ‘Coil ‘Symbol used to light up very rarely for a few minutes and then it would go. When consulted, it was told that if it would remain long, the car should be given for repair.
3. Again when the ‘coil’ symbol lighted up and showed the signs of battery weakness, it was given for repair on 05.06.14. Along with the above problem, the RPM needle showed deflection when break was applied and the engine sound would increase slightly.
4. After 4-5 days we received the car after repair. The battery was replaced once again. Even after the repair, the RPM needle showed the deflection on applying the break. Few days after the repair, we had gone on leave.
5. When we returned after the vacation, for a week or 2, the car was in good condition. But again, the coil as well as the engine symbol started to light up. It was followed by jerking and vibration and the car would stop.
6. And once again the car was given for repair on 13. 09.14. We received the car after 21days (October 09. 10. 14)
7. Again the same problems were repeated from 27.10.14. Again the car has been given for service at the service centre at Azaibah, Oman.
Sadique. P. M
Oct 31, 2014

Rattle from Roofliner and sunvisor

I have Renault Duster 110 PS Diesel RXl purchased on 6th October 2014 . There is a persistent rattling sound coming between roof liner and sun visor. It seems to be centered on the driver side sun visor. When Sun visor is opened and shifted to side window, this rattle centers exactly between roof liner and windshield. Tyre rotation, balancing, alignment, door tightening, foam placement all have failed.
Rattle started when shoe brakes replaced at 20k KMs. An electronic warning light on dash board triggered and engine also stalled. Dealer updated the electronic code. Light is not coming on. However, my worries are that this rattle could be coming from Engine Bay. It could be misfiring of the cylinders or something wrong with spark plugs. Even suspension is suspect.

Dealer seems incapable to analyse the problem and carry out repairs. Not properly trained by Renault in India. Duster is still at 23k Km and under warranty. I want renault to take this problem seriously as I am worried about a mishap due to engine malfunction. Renault must rectify source of this rattle or take the SUV back
k c goudo
Oct 5, 2014

coolant leakage, ac malfunction and engine over-heating

My Duster, bought in December last, has developed coolant system malfunction resulting in engine over-heating, ac dysfunction recently. It has logged only about 5600 kms. I have communicated to the dealer TI Automobiles, Guwahati about these problems on Oct 4. Besides there was a small dent on the vehicle which they promised to rectify. I reside 60 kms away from Guwahati. Can't take vehicle without coolant. Can wait a couple of days for the dealer to respond.

Dr K.C.Goudo, Nalbari, Assam
N Khan
Oct 4, 2014

air condition not working properly of duster

AC of Renault duster is not working at it best.
The blower speed reduces automatically during steering and accelerating.
The cooling is not enough during day time.
call me:- +91 9029271813 and give me appointment for the same problem.
Sep 3, 2014

Poor service & Minor problem not able to rectify

Dear sir,
After a tough competition between Terrano Vs. Duster , at last i purchased Duster RXL 85PS. During my first service i told some complain to the dealer Ms.Annamalais Motor, coimbatore. The complain is a patch of discontinuous impression in frond side left window glass. This happens because of up and down movement of the glass. I informed to rectify this problem to the dealer when i left my vehicle for first service on 28-08-2014. i am not satisfied for all the work done by the service department and problem not rectified. But they asked to go for under chassis rubber coating, costing around Rs. 4200/-. that also not satisfactorily done because of some rubber spillage in outer bodies.
The above are my grievances at your end. hope Renault will take up this issues of customer and done excellent way.
thank you,
Aug 16, 2014

Duster radiator assembly bush not strong

This morning when I started my car, I could hear the AC gas leaking. When showed it to mechanic whole radiator fan assembly was broken because the bush could not hold on the weight. And AC pipe was damaged due to constant bruising. Showroom people believe that it happened due to some impact, whereas no such incident ever occurred and now they have to replace whole assembly just for a bush. Radiator assembly is working proper and I need to throw it and buy a new one for 25K just for a bush sake, You decide how durable is the part and how Renault takes care of customer.
praveen .k.v
Jul 24, 2014

a big sound from the engine

call me 09745500400
ca.neeraj kumar
Jul 23, 2014

leakage of water from roof of car

Dear sir

I kindly inform you that I have purchase Renault Duster on 04 May 2013.from your dealer at parparganj , delhi .

Till today I have drive it about 21950 km.but I facing the problem regarding leakage of water from roof side .I am facing heavy problem during rainy season . .Since I purchase it only because of your reputation and never think such type of manufacturing defect.

So please reply me immediately for my further legal action.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,


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