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RTO, Mumbai


Consumer complaints and reviews about RTO, Mumbai

Mohd Zahid Qureshi
Dec 6, 2015

Taxi Driver Rejected To Hire

Taxi No. MH 03 F 8907, Maruti Omni

The above taxi Driver Denied to take me to Andheri East from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.

On 06th of December 2015 around 3:45pm, I hired this taxi for Rs 350/- for andheri east.
After keeping all my luggage he just denied to go and was asking for more money.

So I request your good office to please look into it and take an action as soon as possible.
Nov 27, 2015

harassment of common citizens

I have a small business outlet on rental basis hi situated on shop no. 12 ground floor station road Bandra west next to coffee cafe day..pin code 400050
I have been running my small shop on the above mentioned address for the last 8 years n have been parking my vehicle outside since then.suddenly today some officers from RTO department turned up saying no one can park their vehicle on the said road. There is no visible no parking sign displayed anywhere on both sides of this road and when we got this to their notice they were rude and badly behaved.
Would like you to take stern action on the same.
Any further clarification / details on this matter you can get in touch with me on 9821883129

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Manish Dhairyawan
Nov 26, 2015

Double Parking of Taxis at working hours


I travel from Agripada to Nariman point by Bus. On my way to the bus stop on the main road there is Double parking of Taxis on the road and since its working hours there is vehicles running on the road. That area do not have Foot-path. It gets difficult for pedestrian to walk, Yesterday a Vehicle hit a old lady.

Double parking is just on the road of Agripada Police station and I do not see they taking any action for the same.

I am writing on behalf of all the pedestrian so that we can walk safely and there should be enough space to walk
Vijaya Nadar
Nov 25, 2015



My husband applied for license one year back but till now he has not received his license. whenever we ask for the license Motor training school agent said he will get in 2 days. Now they again took his documents.

Can any one help on this??

What action needs to be done.

Nov 23, 2015


Today morning ( 24 Nov 2015 at 9.10 am ) I took a taxi MH-01- BT-6193 , ( Number displayed on front glass 4869 D15 ) from Prarthana Samaj to Shri Ram Industrial Estate , Wadala , G D Ambekar Marg. Every day the fare comes between Rs 131 to Rs 145.Today it was Rs 168. I told the driver the meter is wrong. He refused to accept saying it is recently calibrated. Taxi driver refused to give his name or his badge number.
manjeet jitu
Nov 20, 2015

Wrong / meter

Couple of days back I availed the cab service from LTT station to JVLR & the meter reading was almost double. Upon challening the driver, first he didnt agree to it saying that his meter is correct, but later on agreed when I asked him to go to police station. More intresetingly, he had covered the meter area with a paper flap, so that its not visible while travelling. The cab no. was MH03 AT 5151.

Request the Mumbai traffic police team to cancel the license of this driver for ever. Also for fellow passengers, pl. be careful of the cab
Nov 18, 2015

Rejected to hire


Taxi driver rejected to hire cab for chuchgate from GPO CST. He want long hire customer.
Nov 13, 2015

Abusive driver

Taxi Number MH01 BT1962 Bumped lightly into front left side of my car in while moving in the same direction near Haji ali at around 12 noon today (13.11.15). The driver started hurling abuses immediately. I tried to disentangle taxi's bumper but he was so out of control that in a hush hush taxi's front bumper came off and my car was also damaged slightly. He lost his cool further and yelled. I approached a nearby Khaki Policeman while parking my car, seeing the policeman he calmed down. The policeman said you complain about him. I tried to offer him some money out of sheer sympathy, though it was totally his fault, but he asked for more. He noted down my car number and I noted his. We went off. I have a comprehensive car insurance with royal sundaram and informed the company about the incident. I did not make any complaint into RTO and their helpline numbers are not working. RTO should have an online platform for registering complaint against these "hot blooded" drivers, so that such incidents are minimised. My Car number is MH01 AC1751. My name is Anand Varwani (M-9323616450 Email: anand.varwani@gmail.com)
Nov 5, 2015

MH03AT2110 Abusive Prepaid taxi Driver

Further to my earlier mail, I would like to add that I am a visit NRI, I took an Uber cab to the CSI- Airport Terminal 2 at 4:30 in the morning which was airconditioned, the driver polite and it cost Rs. 180.
On return I took a rickety yellow black cab - MH03AT2110- from Terminal 1 (a much shorter distance), it cost me Rs. 253 and had an abusive driver.
From the customer's point of view I would question the very logic of letting these people be in customer facing jobs.
Nov 5, 2015

MH03AT2110 Abusive Driver


I took the prepaid taxi with registration MH03AT2110 from CSI-Airport.
The driver was very abusive through out the short 8 km journey.
He apparently is not very happy in his life but does he have to take it out on paying passengers?
Oct 29, 2015

Road signal is not working daily after 6 pm

kandivali is very crowded area. and especial where 4 road are connected at least that signal should work properly till the late night.
but i seen after 6 pm in the evening charkop market signal is not working that why i face lot of problem to reach to home.
In one day my bus driver get out off bus and do sort traffice issue on road .
there is no rto officer , no signal , and huge deadlock we i face daily in the evening 7'o clock
Why they stop signaling system at the evening ?
satish bambras
Oct 28, 2015

Wrong Kilo meter shown in Taxi ( Yelloww & Black )

On ,Monday 26/10/2015 I travelled from Kamothe, Navi Mumbai Sector 20 to Kashi Mira, Mira Road by taxi Service (yellow & black) in morning time at 9.10 a.m. After starting my journey when we reached to Mira road, we saw that the meter was reading wrong kilo meter it was showing 79 kilometer instead of 54 kilometer ( 25 kilometer more ), i searched google map, still it was showed 54 kilo meter, then i asked taxi driver that your meter is showing wrong kilometer, but he refused to accept this things he took Rs.1190/- from me, i suppose to pay Rs.800/- to 850/- for 54 kilometer, but he took Rs.350 more from me,
please accept my request to take strict action against the taxi driver.

Request you take action against driver of Taxi number MH 01 BD 4007.
Your immediate action will be highly appreciated.
Oct 24, 2015

Taxi Meter Problem

Yesterday, I travelled from Worli to Ghodbundar road by taxi Service (yellow & black) in afternoon at 2.30 p.m. After starting our journey when we reached to Ghatkopar, driver intimate us low level of CNG in his taxi. Then he dropped us at Mulund check naka. Fare from worli to mulund check naka is in range of Rs 390 - 400. Fare which meter reflected was Rs 533 that Rs 133 extra than regular. We had travelled via eastern express highway which was empty in afternoon time.My complaint is 1. Taxi meter should be checked. 2. If driver was knowing that CNG level is low then he should have told upfront at time of starting of our journey. we faced problem to get a new taxi at check naka.
Request you take action against driver of Taxi number MH 02 BQ 9770.

Oct 23, 2015

RC Book not received

Complaint : RC book was dispatched on 16 April 2015 as per the text received via DD-VAAHAN, however still the same is not received. Need a reason and solution for such a delay in processing the RC for the Vehicle number - MH05CL3497.
Oct 13, 2015

rejecting of taking hire

MH02 VA3505
MH02 TA9874
MH02 QA156
MH02 AA7871
the above rickshaws rejected to go to andheri west from andheri east
MH03 BT752
the above rickshaw rejected to go to andheri east from andheri west
Oct 12, 2015

Autorickshaw harassment

The autorickshaw had a functioning meter but the Driver refused to go by it and asked for unreasonable charge which is applicable after 12 midnight. Then he was rude and asked me to get down and refused to take me.

In short, didn't oblige the meter, spoke rudely and refused a customer.

Incident date and time : 12th October, 2015 - 9.15pm
Place : CBD Belapur station ( E) autostand
Auto no.:MH43AC2071

Request you to look into the issue and take the concerned person to task.

Thanks & regards,
Bharat Rao
+91 9833507607
shamik khan
Oct 9, 2015

rash driving

Pankaj Parekh
Oct 7, 2015

Changing Original Silencer & Making Large sound, create Noise pollutions & disturbance for Residents

To, Concerns Sr. Officials In Charge,
Most of the Autos Drivers Changing the Original Silencer giving by Manufacturers Considering various Norms related to Sounds & efficiency, This AutoDrivers Simply Change it & remove it original parts given by manufacturer , Due to modified parts The Auto Generate Unbearable Sound from its AUTO, which they don't care & Simply Use it.. Problem Particular in Late Night Time when is Come in Building Complex, which create disturbance & have irritative Noise Pollutions in odd hours..

This the One of the Problems we citizens are facing it beside this many more are their, which seems to be unsolved until now..

Required to take this issue in Very Right Way in interest of the Citizen & Passenger with greater responsibilities & transparency of the So Called Good Governance ..

Pankaj Parekh - Kandivali
Narayan Akadas
Oct 7, 2015


Place ; Kandivali East, Thakur Complex

I am a concerned citizen of Mumbai, In recent times it has been noticed that the footpath made and beautified by the corporator has been occupied by the hawkers.
Parking is done on both the sides of the road. Lane between Tera Panth Bhavan and cambridge school leading to main gate has been hell to walk for public and specially for senior citizens.
Can authorities offer any solution which can make residents see their presence ?
Abhi naik
Oct 6, 2015

I have not yet received my RC book MH02 DP 0523


I have purchased an avenger in jul 2014 but till now i havnt received the RC or smart card fot the bike.

Called RTO they say its dealers issue or the batch is not uet processed. The dealer says its rto work.

Kindly look into the issue and help me in heting my RC asap

Oct 3, 2015

Auto-rickshaw not lift me at my destination

On Date 03.10.15, on time About 12.50 AM, I caught Auto-rickshaw from Sakivihar Road. Ansha Ind. Estate, H wing for Mittal Industrial Estate, Auto Rickshaw no. was MH-03-AA-1913, but he said me that he is going Kurla and can't leave me Mittal, I said him I am too much late but he misbehaved me and left me before Khairani Road.
Oct 2, 2015

Refusal By Autorickshow Driver

In the kuluwadi, Borivali East area Autorickshow commonly refuse customers for going. This has become common in Mumbai now days and government is still sleeping Mode.

When accountability on government will be fixed for non doing of things. Why Government is not canceling the licence of these Autorickshow drivers. If government is not able to handle daily Adm nistration issue in the city then what is point taking big.
Sep 30, 2015

refused to take ferry by auto rickshaw driver

Outside Andheri station, there's a queue for rickshaws.however there are others auto standing beside these..the traffic officer/ police officer usually helping the passengers with rixas through the queue doesn't seem care abt these rebellious rickshaws
My complaint:Most of the time, when officer is not there, and the rickshaw drivers don't entertain passengers. That say,"they only want airport/highway etc long distance ".
Most of the people don't get rickshaws.
This rickshaw MH 04 RA 1301 denied to take me where I wanted.. Upon telling him about complaining to RTO, he said He doesn't care about it, and seemed to not worry about it because no actions are taken against such drivers.
I kindly request you to take this issue under control.
Sep 26, 2015

Taxi meter was rigged

Today I availed of a taxi (kaali-peeli) from churchgate(outside KC college) to pochkanwala road( worli). The fare came upto ₹270 which was a hundred Rupees more than what it is everyday. I take a taxi along the same route every single day and the fare is generally in the range of ₹160-170 with moderate to a lot of traffic. Today there was moderate traffic as it was around 2:30 pm when the roads are relatively emptier. When we confronted the taxi driver about the high fare he got very aggressive and rude. Another disturbing fact was that he kept looking at my friend and I through the rear view mirror throughout the ride and this really creeped us out.
The taxi number is MH 01 BD 2345.

Hope you will take strict action against the taxi driver and penalise him as his meter is definitely rigged.

Thank you.
Sep 24, 2015

Unauthorized Parking at Sector 15

Dear Sir,

I am residence of Kalamboli Sector 15. I have a complaint against unauthorized parking in the area.

Dear Sir, first thing in Kalamboli area there are restricted for big trucks, trailers etc. despite that all trailers are parked on the road and road also so small. Now they are parking big trailers in societies area which road are only 10ft. There are chances to accident because there are small kids are playing at society area. Also they are parking the heavy loaded truk, trailer on footpath way which is well maintained by the CIDCO.

Also i have done complaint at CIDCO for the same. thay are saying RTO will only take action on it.

So i request you to please look in the same to avoid accident and any public vailence.

I would humbled request you to please take immediate action on it.

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