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RTO, Mumbai


Consumer complaints and reviews about RTO, Mumbai

Dec 8, 2016

Racing nuisance near infinity 2

Behind Infinity 2, Malad, every night there are bikers who race. This is not only risky for their lives but also risky for other vehicles and pedestrians.
This is at back roads of Inorbit and Infinity 2 Malad every might
Nov 26, 2016

Car parking

Lot's of car parking in road side ,create problem for normal people and bus,trucks and etc.to drive turning area.and it create traffic jem long areas.please solve it quickly.
Nov 15, 2016

Monopoly of Autorickshaws in Ghatkopar east

In Ghatkopar East, many of the Auto rickshaw drivers are behaving very rude since few months. They are not accepting the passengers from Railway Police Quarters, Pantnagar to Ghatkopar railway station or from Ghatkopar railway station to Railway Police Quarters, Pantnagar. Almost all the auto rickshaw drivers goes for sharing passengers as they are getting more fare than the minimum fare which they gets for single passenger. If they accepts a single passenger they gets minimum fare which is Rs. 18 or 20 in case traffic is there. On the other hand they gets Rs. 32 for sharing basis passengers. Rs.8/- per passenger and they accepts 4 passengers which is against RTO rules. But nobody follows them. We are not against of them to go for sharing basis system. But if they accept only 3 passengers as per rule they will get Rs. 24/- which is not very big than Rs. 18 or 20. So some of them will also accept the single passengers. But this is not happening as RTO has no control over them. Kindly look in to the matter.
Nov 14, 2016

Over meter reading

Took a taxi( MH 01 AT1406) from siddhivinayak temple to Vikas Finlay tower,kala chowki,Parel at night 11.30PM. No traffic and meter reading should come of around 4.8KM and bill of around Rs 69/- but the reading was 5.8 KM and bill of Rs 89/- .
Please take action against such taxi and driver.

Oct 31, 2016

Over charging

Just took a kali peeli taxi (MH01 J7597) from Dadar Station to Malad East and the meter read Rs. 637 at the end of the journey. A total of 22 Kms travelled. No wonder people are moving towards Ola and Uber. But we need a proper prepaid taxi counter outside such big stations...
Hope the authorities will take necessary action.
Shashi Kumar
Deepa Kotian
Oct 20, 2016

Complaint Agstint Bus driver

Today Morning i was travelling with my husband in bike for office from vikhroili Tagore nagar to andheri midc. usually my husband driving
the bike with the speed of 40 to 50 kpm only. but in l&T flyover a timing about 9:20 morning a dirver of a bus no.MH04GP2115 Raman Logistic tried to change the lane with extreme speed without any indication. as a result we are about to smash in a divider of the road. as a reaction my husband scold him to drive properly as he is driving a big vehicle not a small one. Despite to say sorry the driver was giving a horrible look and again tried to pussing our bike by dashing his bus.

From backside one swift car was also coming, he also seen all these scene,while the bus driver was literely pusshing our bike we have fell down and driver of the swift car has to take sudden break. but the driver of bus & the pessenger of the same bus is so much shameless that no one is tried to stop that driver to do so. except that driver of swift car who is seem all that seen. he hellped us to get up & scold that driver and advised us to lodge a complaint in RTO agasint that bus driver.

Registration number of that bus MH-04-GP-2115. Traveler Name: RAman Logisitics office no of traverl agency 25438877
Name of the driver : Ajit Das. ( we have called in his office no. to lodge complaint agst the driver)

This was very horrible experience i have ever meet.

I hope action is taken against him becose that type of driver should be punished at any cost.
Oct 19, 2016

Towards a police officer 3 star

As of date 19.10.2016
I had gone to the new transport office at thane today. There was a three star officer who did not sign my papers saying that send the dealer i will not sign the papers.
Just for getting some money he did not sign my new 2 wheeler registration papers.
The officer name was Mr. Chauhan
I hope some action should be taken.
The common people dont want to pay extra towards all this.please look into.
Oct 18, 2016

Parking at no parking zone

I have a frequent traveller from Datta Mandir Road, Malad East before railway subway, I and many other people have experienced heavy travel jam because of people double parking on this no parking zone, I would really appreciate if you stop people park there, simply 2 to 4 towing van round will serve the purpose.
Kindly do the needful
Fellow Indian
Oct 14, 2016

Need to Make Veronica Road Bandra West a One Way

Respected Sir,

I have an office on Veronica Road which is the Road that connects to Waroda Road. Land Marks here is KCA Hostel. This road is a very tiny road and should be made a one way i.e. traffic should permitted to move towards Waroda Road. 80% of the traffic heads to Waroda road anyways but in the event of a car coming from the other side the road gets jammed for 15 minutes each time a car comes in. There are 2 other roads like Chapel Road and Jude bakery lane which are already one ways for traffic to go, hence these on coming 20% can make their way through either roads and it would not effect communication.

Just helping the Government with my views and experience and hope action is take in the best interest.

Regards K
Oct 7, 2016

misbehaving of auto rikshaw driver


in malad morning time i called auto and ask to driver to leave orlem church near to malad station but he denied to beacuse it is near to orlem church and he just say that do anything whatever u wanty to do but he would not go to drop me at orlem the Autorikshaw no
MH47 D 1377.

So Sir Please take Serious Action on this Auto rikshaw driver.
Saylee Sakpal
Oct 4, 2016

Misbehavior and arrogance and refusal

Taxi No. MH 01 BD 4452,

The above taxi Driver redy to take me to mumbai central from byculla masina hospital, when we reach mumbai central i ask him to take taxi near my building which is 10min from mumbai central Post Office But He Denied to take me and my mother who is cancer Patient near building we request him to drop us near building because my mother who is cancer patient was not able to walk that time she has completed chemo therapy that time and we was coming home.
My name is Saylee Sakpal
Email Id : saylee_s@yahoo.in
On 4th of October 2016 around 02.00 pm, the taxi driver behaviour is so horrible using bad langauge and saying "nahin jaana meri marzi" and giving bad words after requesting also. Atlest petent ko toh chodna chahiye near Building

So I request your good office to please look into it and take an action and cancel that taxi registration an d driver batch as soon as possible.
Mohit Kanwar
Oct 3, 2016

Excess charges and misbehaviour

Tokay at around 10am I hired a taxi on RS 285 fixed from Domestic Airport to Andheri West MIDC , he requedted on exist gate to pay RS 110/ - as advance to be adjusted against full final payment on reaching destination at Donear House Road no 1 he asked to pay RS 700/- on argument he said he had discussed RS 800/- and started argument, assessing or to avoid road side quarrel I paid him RS 700/- and said will complaint for extra charges he should no reaction on this and pushed off.
Taxi number MH 02 WAS 7322 TATA MANZA


Photo of number plate is with me.

Oct 3, 2016

Recklessly driven white Tempo traveller MH-04-GP-2799

Recklessly driven white tempo traveller MH 04 GP 2799
This tempo traveller driver was driving with extreme recklessness.This happened on the Western Express Highway, Borivali just after National Park flyover at 5.10pm, 3rd october,2016
This tempo traveller driver was racing with a swift. He overtook me very fast from left and cut in my lane inches close from my bike, without using any indicators. He did same with a activa scooter, some distance front of me Then he went to right lane cutting a swift very closely. His lane changing was at such high speeds, that the tempo traveller would bend left when he went right and it bent right when he went left. It felt like the tempo traveller would almost topple left or right when he changed lanes. I managed to note the tempo traveller's registeration number. It is MH-04GP-2799. There were no passengers in the vehicle. Just the driver and a person next to driver (aged 25-35)
This driver is a serious threat to other motorists on the road. A biker or a scooterist may get killed if this recklessly driven huge tempo traveller hits a bike or scooter at such high speeds.
I hope action is taken against him
Kalpesh Gogri
Oct 2, 2016


Dear Sir,
I am a resident of Himachal Co-op Hsg Society, Barfiwala Lane, Juhu Galli, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058.In our Barfiwala Lane both side Tarta wala and Shah Travels person their commercial vehicle and occupied parking 24 hrs. If any resident person parked the car then their car will be tow by RTO D N Nagar who is operating at Andheri Station near over bridge,. Today I have parked my car on the road as we were celebrating pooja in our society and parking area has to clear for function. My car Tow by RTO officer. When I visited to office and asked why only my car got tow being other Tarta Cars and Shah Travels school buses are parked beside me then he does not have any answer. I have taken the video of the place where my car parked which was very away form No parking board. In spite of parking Tarta Car and Shah Travels Buses right in front of No Parking board their car does not get tow by the officer. I came to know that they have setting with them so they do not pick up their cars. But they harass society people by doing this tricks. Pls. let me know how to punish this officer who are biased in their duty and do adjustment with this guys.
Sep 20, 2016

Unothorised fruit vendors

I work in thakur complex kandivali east.there are unauthorised fruit and vegetable vendors on road so we dont get parking for our vehicles and some cars are parked with double parking its a regular problem here.we need a help from RTO.
Ashely Shankhat
Sep 13, 2016

Parking in no parking

Few people are parking in front of my house I even don't know who they are and where they stay they park on the road in front of my house in morning the sweaper are unable to sweep the road they directly say they will not sweep due to vehicle parked on road.
Shaifu khan
Sep 2, 2016

Excessive of Fare

yesterday i was travelling by auto from ghatkopar to R city mall The issue is I hired an auto from ghatkopar vehicle no MH03 BT 4140. While leaving the auto dargah the auto driver used filthy language and charged excessive fare the fare was Rs 20. He charged me extra RS 40 .when I asked him abt the reason he told me " yaha itna Hi lagta hai itna traffic to jada lagega hi hamara time kharab hota hai tujhe jaha complain karna hai kar sakta hai sabko ham log hafta dete hai" .But how come I askd him he ran away. What should a Passenger do for this abusive driver

Kindly take a strict action As Early As Possible
M J Asher
Aug 25, 2016

fast moving meter reading in taxi

I have been working at lower parel and often travel by taxi from CST (Fort). i have found that daily the fare is different. how is it possible if the distance and route of travel is same daily. i feel normal fare has to be Rs 115-125 appx. but its totally varying from taxi to taxi. sometimes its 130 and once i was shocked to pay Rs 144 for same. i told the taxi driver about getting his meter checked. he in return shouted at me and abusing me.

i feel the RTO and TAXI UNIONS should open thier eyes and have inspection of such nuisance and rectify it with levying penalties on such taximan. Also conduct raids on Meter fixing agencies who are main culprits behind alll these.
Aug 24, 2016

Taxi no.MH04 4119

Taxi number MH 04 4119 driver and his friend are very cheap and third class...pls all ladies avoid to take share taxi from parel to mahindra tower n vice versa...
These taxi drivers harrases us
Aug 23, 2016

Meter Tempered - Auto Rikshaw

Meter Tempered - Auto Rikshaw
I hired the riskhaw on 23-08-2016 around 8.30 pm from Vile Parle -East nr High Way for J.b. Nagar (opp Kohinoor Hotel)which distance is around 3.5 KM, but the meter actually come for 5KM which is clearly a incorrect and tempered meter. Merter reading also jumping fast On asking, he said meter is correct

MH02 DU8140 4323 - Not ready to given (Driver)

Please take the strick action against such Driver, who after fulfilling all there demands also, looting the people.with tempering metere with CHIP nr by Metere
Aug 23, 2016

Third class taxi driver and his friend

Taxi number MH04 4119. Pls all ladies note this number do not sit in this taxi. This taxi driver and his friend forcefully sit inside the taxi and harassed me....i complaint to RTO but no response as usual...
This taxi usually a share taxi runs between mahindra tower to parel station.
Aug 23, 2016

Third class taci driver and his friend

Today as usual i took share taxi from mahindra tower to parel station. But after some time taxi driver stops the taxi and allows his one of cheap friend to enter in taxi...and i was sitting second row near to door...i refuse to make him sat but he and driver started abusing and were talking nonsense with me...and he sat very near to me..
Pls i appeal all ladies not to take share taxi from parrl station or mahindra tower...or avoild to sit in this taxi. number MH 04 4119....
I tried to complaint in RTO but they didnt help me as usual...even worst thing toll free number is not working..
Pls can u justice me?? As in the happening area we are not feeling safe....
Pls pls look into this matter on priority basis
shreeya n
Aug 12, 2016

rash driving

Today while I was driving my bike nearby grant road. There was a white car which was about to crash me. He was driving very rash following no lanes. I was lucky enough to be saved from being crashed. Someone might not be lucky. This is number of that car Mh01 AH9092.
I request u sir, please take action against him.
Aug 1, 2016

Meter Tempered - Auto Rikshaw

I hired the riskhaw on 31-07-2016 around 9.30 pm from JVLR signal for Bhandup which distance is around 12-13 KM, but the meter actually come for 21.1 KM which is clearly a incorrect and tempered meter. On asking, he said meter might be not working in rainy season, give few bucks less (10-20 rs)..

MH03 BM 4323 - Rajesh (Driver)

Please take the strick action against such Driver, who after fulfilling all there demands also, looting the people.
Aug 1, 2016

Meter Tempered - Auto Rikshaw

I hired the riskhaw on 31-07-2016 around 9.30 pm from JVLR signal for Bhandup which distance is around 12-13 KM, but the meter actually come for 21.1 KM which is clearly a incorrect and tempered meter. On asking, he said meter might be not working in rainy season, give few bucks less (10-20 rs)..

Please take the strick action against such Driver, who after fulfilling all there demands also, looting the people.

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