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RTO, Mumbai


Consumer complaints and reviews about RTO, Mumbai

Jun 3, 2014

Unwanted High Beam at Night Time in City

Respected SIr/ Madam,

Now a days i don't know it became style or people have the visionary problem or they are making the problem to the opponent Drivers. This is not the first time ,where i am facing the HIGH BEAM Problem in city , the Drivers purposely put there Headlights in HIGH BEAM.

This really make problematic in the city as well increase accidents. Even we have the Street Lights in the city, where we can see the road clearly and can put lights in Lower Beam ,but then to people do put there light in Higher Beam.

I do understand some have visionary problem but this days every one putting the lights to disturb the opponent drivers.Please see to this issue, and make alter the police staff, to catch hold such people ,and make the fine.
Kuldeep Tamboli
Jun 3, 2014

Abusive language used by taxi driver

Hello Sir / Madam
I want to complain about the taxi driver who misbehaved and used abusive language, This is not the first time these guys always using the bad words and language.
I don't have taxi number for now

Please teach them some good behaviour

Thank You
May 30, 2014


FOR ATTENTION RTO MUMBAI.I had booked a Mega Cab for 3.00 AM on 24 May 2014 to go to Mumbai Sahar International Airport from Powai.
The booking was confirmed by Mega Cabs around 1 PM on 23 May 2014
as per Booking No - BOM0025, Control No - C000138309. However,neither the cab reported
at the booked hour nor any intimation sent in advance regarding non availability of the cab at this unearthly
hour. When enquired Mega Cabs gave the reason in the most casual hurried manner as breakdown without any concern
to go back to slumber immediately thereafter.

There is a need to have a stricter control and accountability on erring Cab drivers who leave their customers stranded even at an unearthly
hour at their whims and fancy.

Can appropriate authorities look in to the existing system of confirming the allotment of a cab by Mega Cabs and other similar operators only 20 minutes before the time of the actual requirement time particularly for the cabs booked for airports/railway stations and especially during night hours when arranging any alternate vehicle is no easy task particularly with baggage.This has been the third consecutive occasion when the Mega Cabs have left us stranded inspite of the so called confirmed booking made in advance. What is the purpose of a confirmed booking and doesn't Mega Cabs feel the need of any back up arrangement to avoid suffering and inconvenience to their customers.I am sure attitude of normal black/yellow taxis is much better and they are significantly cheaper also.
anil i
May 29, 2014

unauthorised parking of garage cars outside all societies

Respected Sir,
We are residents of Nath pai nagar lane-2 Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai-77, There is one garage at the entrance of the lane & full day they carry out repair work on the street outside all the buildings daily & the major thing is they even park all the vehicles outside all societies at night & now since some days they have started double-parking vehicles at some places thus causing inconvienience to all the residents of all societies of Nath pai nagar, relatives & guests who come to visit find it v v difficult to get a place for parking outside any of the buildings.

Hence we request you to please look into the matter and do the needfull as early as possible, so that we get atleast some place to park our bldg guest & relatives cars & also the traffic doesnt get jammed bcos of double-parking.

Thanking you,
Residents of Nath Pai Nagar, Lane-2,Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai-77.
May 28, 2014

Mis Behaviour

Mis behaviour with pedistrains while waiting next to Rickshaw stand.
Auto NO. MH05 7 7960

I was waiting for my wife with my personal vehicle bit at a distance from the auto stand. Since the parking area is not available due to Vegetable vendors and ferry walas near to the station area. The auto rick lane was getting longer which reached near vehicle few of the auto rick drivers parked behind my vehcile later a driver of the above came and started yelling to move my vehicle. I told that there is no parking and will be moving in 5 mins and took my vehicle a side. But still he started shouting move your vehicle. Then I camly shut your mouth as I was moving.

But I want this kind of issues should be stopped by defining the areas of auto drivers and their limits for making the stands. I have seen drivers parking on non parking area, middle of the roads, but non of the authority members take action on such issues. PLEASE STOP THIS TYPE OF LENIEN ATITUDE TOWARDS AUTO DRIVERS WITH SUCH ATTITUDES.
May 26, 2014

RECKLESS DRIVING on Western Highway

i am complaining against vehicle no MH02 NA 2802, the person was driving the car very recklessly on western express highway near malad, he would have dashed us and when we stopped him, he started giving badwords and also he was drunk, the car had black color window glasses and with him there was a lady who too was bad words, and they just ran away later,
please take action as these Reckless drivers after drinking may harm someone else
May 24, 2014

Rash Driving

i want to complain against vehicle no MH02 BQ 9007, the person was driving the car very rashly on western express highway near goregaon , he would have literally dashed us and when we stopped him near the signal, he started using abuse language and there was smell of liquor coming from his mouth and along with him was a lady who too was using that abuse language, and they just ran away.
please take necessary action as these Rash driving people while drinking liquor may harm someone else
May 20, 2014

Rash Driving on Palm Beach Road

Hi ,

We were driving on the Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai when a speeding vehicle tried to over take us. The car hit ours and drove past us while over taking from the right side . We followed them and finally managed to chase them down. They were 4 men behaving irrationally and abusing us.However after a fair amount of squabble , they agreed to pay for our damages. But fled from there immediately. The person who was driving seemed under aged.

Name of the Driver - Geetanshu Katiyar
Employer - Encore Services , Ghansoli
Name of the person who promised to pay back - Kuldeep Katiyar
Employer - Arvato Systems , Vishawaroop IT park , Navi Mumbai
Vehicle Number - MH.02.AL.1830
May 19, 2014

refusal to drop to our destination

The autorickshaw driver especially the immigrant drivers are becoming a total nuisance nowadays.They have become extremely adamant and hopeless.i would hereby request the concerned officer to look into this matter and take strict action against them.Driver with no MH 04 FC 3405 had particularly refused to take us to our location inspite of fervent requests.These and many others are creating hevoc and have made our lives miserable.Hence i would like to request the officers to cancel their licences and take strict action at the earliest
May 8, 2014

Rash Driving

Today i.e. on 08.05.2014 at around 7.30p.m. Rash driving incidence is observed near Seepz & befor L & T, Powai . A person was rash driving his car gets black colour car having registration no MH-46-A-1932. He was purposefully trying to overtake our bike. He has left his lane & suddenly came in between our lane. Lucky we got saved. when we ask him a question that after continuously giving horn, why he has done so. He just abuse us & left carelessly from there. Twice he tried to dash our bike.

Kindly Make note of this Person and vehicle no. He may do a Major Damage as it Seems He is Mentally Sick.

Thanks & Regards,
Pradnya & Rajesh
May 5, 2014

Meter Tempering

I am travelling every day from Oberoi Splendor, JVRL , Jogeshwari (E) to BKC for office . The auto fare ranges from Rs. 135 to 145/- one way. On May 2014, at 7.49 AM I hired the Auto from Oberoi Splendor for BKC, MH-02-TA-5044 , after reaching BKc reading showing Rs. 175/-. The reading is exactaly 25% higher than normal fare.

I am puzzled to know that electronic meters are also not tempered free, can easily be tempered.

I know that our entire system is corrupt ,no action is expected, because every one is hand in globe in corruption but as good citizen it is my duty to loage complain expecting action against the auto owner.

May 3, 2014

indecent behaviour

When told to stop speeding and drive carefully the auto driver asked complainant to get down. To which the complainant refused and said if forced will not pay full amount in that case. The auto driver then spoke in the most indecent of manners that he would remove the money from the complainant herself or her purse, adding a whole lot of indecent words as well.

This occurred between MIDC and SEEPZ, Andheri (E), Mumbai.
Auto no. - MH03 AK2856
May 3, 2014

electronic meter tampering

Dear Sir,

Would like to complain against Auto Rickshaw MH-03 BN9544.. I took this auto from Amboli Naka, Andheri West to Mithibai college. As i travel everyday i know the auto fare for this distance. Even with lots of traffic jam the maximum amount of fare
is Rs.45.. But today 3.5.2014 there was no traffic jam.. I took the auto at 10.45am and when i reached the signal of Andheri
Flyover the meter showed Rs.41/-.. i was shocked.. normally it is Rs.16/- or Rs.17/- at that particular place...

And at Mithibai college the fare was Rs.65/-... It is a clear indication of Electronic meter being tampered..

Would request you to take strict action against this auto rickshaw driver...

email id gildagoes@rediffmail.com
Lawrence Rodrigues
Apr 30, 2014

Bike Driven Rashly On Footpath

Bike No.MH04FH289,TIME AROUND 7pm.Biker was driving very rashly on the footpath,i am 53yrs.and was quiet shocked to see this oncoming bike and shouted at the young man who was acting like bully no manners whatsoever, and started arguing with me that whether i was hit or touched by the bike.The excuse was that he was staying in the building where he parked the bike.Out of defiance he was willing to make a call on my behalf to the police station.This Shows how bold bikers have become and have no fear of the police.Are footpaths for pedestrians or they for bikes to be driven and parked. Why isnt police taking any action.Have even noticed bikers at St Michaels Church been allowed to go by when the signal is red.
Apr 28, 2014

rash driving

I was riding on my bike from work on JVLR towards jogeshwari and a transport vehicle indica registration number MH43D7273, maroon colour, was crossing the road in a great speed near powai (pizza hut junction) i was giving pass and also gave horn still that driver came rashly and i applied urgent breaks to avoid accident and stopped few inches away frm d car.. the driver absurt startes using false language.. Name of the driver was Shinde..
I hope someone looks after such rash drivingand appropriate action is taken.

Apr 26, 2014

Traffic Police

The worst behaviour is Mumbai Traffic Police they dont care what the hell happening with the traffic,

Nagpada Junction is having 8 lane of passing vehicles n r highness standing at corner of lane for taking money n they were least bothered about people n traffic,

I was passing thru Nagpada Junction in South Mumbai thonusands of 2 Wheeler Bikes r passing dont know 2 Constables Vishnu n Mahdev they r catching for selective people i was with my family he stop n talking very rude i told him i m rushing to Doctor but no i he want to settle down, i refused n communication turn down in blaming eachother,

i have shooted some clips this traffic police, n if mine 200 rs what has been paid will not be refunded with appology letter i will highlght this issue to Media n Superior,

Date 26.04.2014, Time 1400 hrs
Mobile 9833951745
Awaiting for your earliest action exception of Weekends excuse,

Thank You,
Apr 11, 2014

blocking service road by contract buses opp provident fund office upto stn road signal junction

during peak hour between 9 am to 10 am contract buses mh 46 j7070, mh04 g7890, mh04 g7248, mh46 j2727 and many more huge buses are blocking free movement of small vehicles in this narrow road by parking their vehicles on this bottleneck.
J. Vaz
Mar 29, 2014

Parking on the footpath

I wish to complain about parking of private vehicles on the footpath on Linking Road, Khar West, between Citi Bank and Axis Bank. I have spoken to the drivers who are very rude and even refuse to give the names of the owners. I have even complained to the pound where towed cars are taken and to traffic police on duty. All have promised to look into this illegal parking on the footpath but the parking of these particular vehicles still continues till today when I confronted one of the drivers.

First of all I must stress that I am a senior citizen. The footpaths are very uneven making it difficult to walk on them, then I have to contend with the parked cards.
Second, due to these parked cars, pedestrians have to walk on the road and due to this I had a fall about 6 months ago and fractured my left foot
You are requested to please look into this matter urgently.
Thank you
Mar 10, 2014

Rash driving

Dear sir,
Requesting officers to take stern action against the driver of Maruti Van white colour, reg no:- MH04CM5888. He was talking on phone and driving in the center of a main road not letting other cars move ahead . when I got space to move ahead of him, he started driving rash and tried to drive me off the road by pushing my car to the corner of the road. His companion was laughing all the way and this threatening of banging to my car went on for another km. I finally could get his reg number.I'm sure they were doing this because a lady drove. Just to inform you, I've been driving since 18 and I'm 39 now. Many a times male drivers bully on road when they see females driving. Please take action against him.the driver had a beard and orange tika on his head, also wore specs.
-manasi desai
Mar 9, 2014

faulty auto meter

Auto FARE FROM vashi station to board office (st lawrence school) WHICH IS NORMALLY RS 15/-



MH_43_Ac_790 & name of driver is santosh kumar pal


Praveen G
Mar 5, 2014

Truck movements

Dear Sir,
I am the Chairman of Rajanigandha CHS Ltd , Bldg No. 24- C, Mhada, Near S M shetty School, Hiranandani Powai.
I would like to bring to your notice that the Area in which our housing society is situated has a restriction for movement of heavy traffic Between 6 pm to 6 am , but inspite of multipel complaints to local police station nothing is been done to stop the heavy trucks movement throughout night hours resulting in disturbed sleep of all the residents young and old.The trucks carrying construction materials in dumpers make noise which also disturb the new borns.I request the concerned officials to look into the mater at the earliest.
Thanking you
yours truly

Raj kumar Chunilal
Feb 27, 2014

talking while driving on cell phone

Hi I notice this person 2/3 time he was talking on phone while driving and even rush driving car number - MH 43 V 6775 please catch this person
Feb 27, 2014

car rush driving

Grey dark colour
Mh 43 V 6775
Rush Driving
Feb 10, 2014

Tampered Electronic meter


Jan 26, 2014

Getting taxi to or From Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

It is really difficult to get a taxi from LTT terminus. RTO should do something abt it. The terminus is being build beautifully.
Also no Taxi is realy to ferry to LTT form places. Taxi drivers ask for almost 3-4 times the average metered rates (fixed) siting the reason they have to give money to police at the Railway Station. Also ane dose not get a metered taxi from LTT ( they ask for fixed amt ( 3-4 times). The recent incident of rape of the girl missing from LTT is a warning sign and proof of the things taking place at the LTT station. RTO & Police should take notice abt this

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