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RTO, Mumbai


Consumer complaints and reviews about RTO, Mumbai

Feb 2, 2016

the most corrupt dept of mumbai gov

why is the goverment planning the widening of roads ?... its to have low traffic on roads but let me tell to my knowledge in mumbai which ever roads are been widened are been used for parking of trucks or for vehicle dealers or for illegal stalls which infact creates much and much more traffic jams as it usually use to be and for that many traffic cops fill there pockets for allowing the car dealers to park the cars 24x7 as a hafta you can say and even many senior officials know it very well and are even part of it .....so the point is whom shall we complain now or let it go as its going on and close the eyes....its a shame on the goverment itself ..... the mumbai rto is the biggest open corrupt department of goverment of mumbai ... one never been too late to improve the image the rto has created in the mind of people....
Feb 2, 2016

corruption in the name of road widening

why is the goverment planning the widening of roads ?... its to have low traffic on roads but let me tell to my knowledge in mumbai which ever roads are been widened are been used for parking of trucks or for vehicle dealers or for illegal stalls which infact creates much and much more traffic jams as it usually use to be and for that many traffic cops fill there pockets for allowing the car dealers to park the cars 24x7 as a hafta you can say and even many senior officials know it very well and are even part of it .....so the point is whom shall we complain now or let it go as its going on and close the eyes....its a shame on the goverment itself ..... the mumbai rto is the biggest open corrupt department of goverment of mumbai ... one never been too late to improve the image the rto has created in the mind of people....
Pritish Desai
Jan 28, 2016

Triple parking

Hi no action is taken against any car showroom owners on Santa Cruz west s.v. Road.they park on foot path,on bus stops also do double parking ..entire flow of traffic and pedestrians is blocked.many r ::) maa we have shown this to on spot constables..they laugh out the matter.. Or say pls complain to seniors our hands are tied...this is exactly opp Milan sub way road .on s. V road..show rooms of honda, volkswagon etc
Jan 26, 2016

Double the fare from airport to Dadar East station

Taxi no. AT 4617
It took Rs 450 from me when the usual charges are of Rs 200/- that too on a holiday that is today 26.01.12 please check into this matter, if any further assistance required, mail me at Apoorvaa.0201@gmail.com

The fair was doubly hiked for this route as there was no traffic too. The prepaid taxi only takes Rs 350/- and this normal black and yellow taxi was costlier than that. Please help
My phone no. 9001841365
Anand dalal
Jan 25, 2016

Auto no MH 02 CT 4262 faulty meter

Date 25th Jan 2016. Travelling from vile parle highway near airport to borivali tata steel magathane. Normal fare ranges from 170 to 180 with traffic waiting 10 to 15 mts. Today meter zoomed to 224 and waiting only 2mts. Rto requested to check meter immediately and save others citizens being robbed by such auto drivers. We told him meter was faulty but he dint agreed and took entire fare. Please take action against such auto drivers and cancel their registration.
Girish Dubey
Jan 19, 2016

Double Parking of Police vehicle


I am staying near Saibaba Mandir Malad east express highway, on the service road there is Double parking of Taxis and police vehicle on the road and since its working hours there is vehicles running on the road. That area do not have Foot-path. It gets difficult for pedestrian to walk.

on the side of road taxi stand approved by R T O, but never seen taxi always police two wheeler and four wheeler parked on that area R T O people coming for towing the vehicle but never tow police vehicle but if any common man park thier vehicle , they search particular same and tow. Is this the Law and order made by R T O Department

Being Government department employee , they are not following the rules either from police or R T O

My request to Senior authority of R T O please look into the matter and solve the issue

Don't wait for us go to higher authority either through twitter or Media

Thanks and Regards,
Girishchandra Dubey
Jan 18, 2016

Rash driving


While I was crossing the road near galleria Hiranandani few minutes back this car driver had to put an immediate break because of a bike ahead of him. When they stopped I tried crossing the road same time this car driver drived in a rash manner inspite of seeing me crossing road n his car brushed me. While I saw that he stopped so I crossed the road but he suddenly brushed it to me. Car # mh31eu2007

Please ensure such drivers either calm down n drive or else they shouldn't be allowed to drive at all on any street
Ashish S Agarwal
Jan 15, 2016

Sign board

Dear Sir
This is a request that kindly stand a appropriate big size ONE WAY sign board at chakala signal towards station left side, it is very small, not visible, Bus is allowed but not other vehicle, which causes to pay them penalty etc to RTO, so a REQUEST if have the big size board please replace the same, so that from reasonable distance vehicles can see the board and can take proper precaution rather then getting stuck and speak to RTO authorities.
I hope appropriate action will be taken.
Santosh Padmanabhan Nair
Jan 15, 2016


I would like to know, as I have sent several mails to your office, but no action seems to be taken on errant officers. I have repeatedly pointed out the discrepancy of your traffic officer in towing away 2 wheelers while turning a blind eye towards illegally parked 4 wheelers. Almost 3 lanes on either side of Thakur Shyam Narayan Road, Thakur Village, Kandivali(E) is occupied by 4 wheelers, causing traffic jams,on weekends it is even worse, cars parked near MTNL junction boxes, Reliance Energy, Tata Electric Feeder Pillars, at important turnings, creating a blind spot for the on coming vehicle, even at Bus Stops(Opp. Noble Medicals) which are operational, cars are parked, I had written a mail to the PRO, BEST Undertaking, and he in turn has forwarded the complaint to the concerned authorities in your department, vide note no.vide note: DM(MGT)/632/15 dated 20.05.15 but no action has been taken, I have personally pointed this out to the officer who moves along with the towing contractor, but rather than taking action, he along with the goons of the towing contractor, threatened me wit dire consequences and to mind my business.

There are private buses parked on both the sides of the road, which connects Thakur Village and Siddharth Nagar, they also are never challaned, It is the same story even at Kasurba Road, Borivali(E), MG Road, Borivali(E), apart from this I have also observed that Cars are parked on the footpath, on Ambedkar Road, from Sion Circle upto Dadar TT. No action is taken against them.

Kindly enlighten me if there are separate rules for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers, if not, would request you to take stern action. Secondly the general public have been informed through the media regarding stricter penalties for drunk driving, driving 2 wheelers without helmet, speaking on the phone while driving, not carrying proper documents etc.

But I regret to not that almost 70% of the 4 wheeler drivers in my area, Thakur Village, Kandivali(E), talk on the phone while driving, this is during peak hours in the morning and evening, there are several colleges in the vicinity, college students not only ride along with 2 pillion riders but without helmet and beyond speed limits, but no action is taken against them. There are several vehicles in my are who have altered their silencers in their vehicle, creating loud noise while riding, no action is taken, there are several vehicles with registration numbers written in a fancy manner, depicting logos of political parties, at times it becomes difficult to read whether it is English Numeric or Devnagri script, if such vehicles are involved in accidents, it would be difficult to take down their numbers , no action is taken.

The only firm action your officers take is towing away 2 wheelers causing damages to the vehicle.
Jan 14, 2016

3 lane parking under Elphinstone bridge

There is 3 lane bus parking under Elphinstone bridge parel which creates traffic jam everyday. But spoken at that spot to traffic police nalavde he told we r helpess what the shameful answer. Because they take bribe for parking pvt bus. Yesterday 1 ambulance was stuck because of that for 27 min to cross 100mtr stretch. Please take immediate action.
Raj Dinesh
Jan 9, 2016

Excessive of Fare

I was travelling by auto to sion everad nagar from ghatkopar. The issue is I hired an auto from ghatkopar vehicle no MH03 BA 4134. While leaving the auto @everad nagar the auto driver used filthy language and charged excessive fare the fare was Rs 50. He charged me extra RS 60 .when I asked him abt the reason he told me " yaha itna Hi lagta hai" .But how come I askd him he ran away. What should a Passenger do for this abusive driver
Kindly take a strict action As Early As Possible
Jan 8, 2016

road parking

Hi i want to make complent against ill-legal parking on the road near Sabkuch food plaza , link road malad west. From last 1 year i am making complent to local traffic police against the parking on road done by link way car hire & one more car hire showroom, but i am not getting any response from them. Both this shop parking more than 60 to 70 cars on the road & it's make difficult to walk at the time of traffic.Last month one old lady heart because of this. So pls help to clear the same.
Jan 3, 2016

unwanted and un used car parked on Road


I am just Trying to improve and clean the traffic congestion in my area.

I stay at Bhandup from last 33 years. I have seen my area clean and good with wide roads. From past 10 years it has changed to worse, because of unwanted car, truck and Rick been parked.
Full area of JM road Bhandup is full of dusty and Rusted cars..Footpath is packed with unwanted parking and un used cars. People are forced to walk on roads.
Please help in
Details on congested area.. Right from Bhandup kokan nagar to Jungal Mangal road.
Jan 1, 2016

Vehicles in wrong direction

It is very common practice for auto and bikers to drive on wrong direction and when you try to stop them , they abuse you.

This is very common practice. I have complaint about the same to local rto and they told me to give written complaint.

Also I don't know if it is legal to take 4 passages in one auto in mumbai but it seems it is legal in Jogeshwari. All share autos have 4 passengers
They drive very rash and don't follow any rules.

I hope some action will be taken against them and things will improve.
Sanjay Jolly
Dec 30, 2015

Double parking at Lokhandwala market

Dear All ,

This is to inform about the nuisance of double parking of cars in the Lokhandwala market area from the entrance at Sasural restaurant till HDFC bank.cars are double parked and due to which the roads are blocked especially if a BEST bus has to pass, we residents have to face the music and get stuck for long time in the traffic which is frustrating.there have been few instances when people could not reach the hospital in time or have missed their flights.it has been rumored that the shop keeper associations have got the traffic police to look the other way which would not want to be true and would request that immediate action is taken to solve the issue.there used to be towing vans and traffic constables earlier which are missing completely since a year. I am writing on behalf of the residents and very sure ALL would be in agreement.
Dec 28, 2015

rc book

i applied forgrren tax of my car all procedures were done in september 2015 and yet i didint receive my rc book .i enquired in rto about it in window no 94 of tardeo rto he is not having the details of my rc book its very irritating that government cant even take care of imp documents yet i didint got rc book..may be it will be lying under the office desk.my vehicle no is MH02KA1913
Geet chavan
Dec 25, 2015

Traffic due to heavy vehicle at famous studio

There is a big truck who has created lot of traffic as he is not moving ahead n playing loud music.
Also he is the young fellow alone with no cleaner in the truck
MH 05 CU5456
Please do the needful now
sudish kumar rajak
Dec 21, 2015




amit khatate
Dec 15, 2015

RTO Privatisation

Dear Sir,

I Mr.Amit D. Khatate observing the RTO's working system and want to say something about RTO's work,
Our RTO's Laws are excellent and very good but our RTO's operational working system are not so good, they knows
those having Commercial, Tourist & Private Vehicle Owner's and as per my knowledge everybody (public). I want to suggest you
that this operational system make it privatize like Mumbai Passport office because in passport office working system are smooth
genuine & transferency is there because of computerize and not doing any fraud as well as Genuine work also done fast.
I am not blaming any one, i just want to say you something

Com man Man
(RTO Mumbai, Thane, Vasai & Vashi)
amit khatate
Dec 15, 2015

RTO Privatisation

Dear Sir,
I Mr. Amit D. Khatate observing the RTO works, our RTO's Laws are very good but our RTO's operational system are not
so good, I am not saying about RTO's operation, how is it work because they knows those having Commercial, Tourist & Private
Vehical owner's and as per my knowledge everybody knows this operational system. Give this operational system to contractor
like Passport office in Mumbai, because they work genuine in proper time not taken so long or fraud work done they having
proper computerize, because of computerize transferency is there. If our RTO's are not computerize or privatization our country
not go ahead because of our operational system.
I am not blaming any one for this just am observing and want to say something
Com-man Man
(Saying about Mumbai, Thane, Vasai & Vashi RTO)
Dec 15, 2015

Taxi from old custom house,state bank of india, refusing passengers.for Churchgate

Sir, my request for cabs to operate from SBI or Bank street to churchgate, as taxi's refuse as it is short distance. When a person is unwell n needs.to.reaxh churchgate or whatever reason, there is no mode of transport.

Please oblige and help the senior citizens n women in this matter.
Dec 14, 2015

misbehaviour and arrogance

Taxi No. MH 02 F 9907, Hyundai Santro

The above taxi Driver Denied to take me to Bandra Terminus Railway Station
My name is Mohammed Yakub Qureshi
Contact number is 09821186989
On 14th of December 2015 around 11.00 m, I want to hired taxi from shastri nagar santacruz to bandra terminus railway station for getting rajasthan train number 22915 bdts hsr sp exp.But above taxi driver behaviour is so horrible using bad langauge and saying 'nahin jaana meri marzi kissi ki baap ki karidi hui taxi nahin hai'and giving bad words and i also attach taxi photo

So I request your good office to please look into it and take an action and cancel that taxi registration an d driver batch as soon as possible.

misbehaviour and arrogance

Jayantibhai K. Lad
Dec 10, 2015

Issue of Registration Certificate / Book

On 29-11-2014 I purchased (delivered to me) a new Maruti Dzire car No. MH-02-DS-5814 from Spectra Motors, Borivali (East), Mumbai. Till date (10-12-2015) I have not received Registration Book / Certificate from RTO office. Number of oral (telephone) and written (websites & letter) complaints were made by me. Earlier I was informed that the delay is due to problem with the concerned contractors at Andheri, Mumbai RTO office. Thereafter I was informed that now the delay is due to records getting shifting to Borivali, Mumbai RTO office. Now I am informed that I have to visit Andhri, Mumbai RTO office and obtain some NOC / letter from them and submit the same to Borivali, Mumbai RTO office and there after only the matter of issuing document will be taken up by Borivali, Mumbai RTO office. All these was informed to me on my telephonic inquiry with the RTO offices. There was no response to my any of written complaint on website / letter.

I am really surprised how come I am concerned with the internal problems / arrangements of RTO offfices as I have paid all taxes and charges for the same to the concerned RTO office along with the cost of car. Why should I visit Andheri & Borivali, Mumbai RTO office to get my document (Registration Book / Certificate).

After one year of purchase of a new car from an official dealer in the city like Mumbai if I have to run from one government office to other of the same department due to their internal problems / arrangements than it is nothing but harassment to me.

I am more worried as I believe there is a fine / penalty for not carrying original / copy of the vehicle document while on road.
Mohd Zahid Qureshi
Dec 6, 2015

Taxi Driver Rejected To Hire

Taxi No. MH 03 F 8907, Maruti Omni

The above taxi Driver Denied to take me to Andheri East from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.

On 06th of December 2015 around 3:45pm, I hired this taxi for Rs 350/- for andheri east.
After keeping all my luggage he just denied to go and was asking for more money.

So I request your good office to please look into it and take an action as soon as possible.
Nov 27, 2015

harassment of common citizens

I have a small business outlet on rental basis hi situated on shop no. 12 ground floor station road Bandra west next to coffee cafe day..pin code 400050
I have been running my small shop on the above mentioned address for the last 8 years n have been parking my vehicle outside since then.suddenly today some officers from RTO department turned up saying no one can park their vehicle on the said road. There is no visible no parking sign displayed anywhere on both sides of this road and when we got this to their notice they were rude and badly behaved.
Would like you to take stern action on the same.
Any further clarification / details on this matter you can get in touch with me on 9821883129

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Manish Dhairyawan

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