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RTO, Mumbai


Consumer complaints and reviews about RTO, Mumbai

Anil Thakur
Sep 25, 2013

Unlawful parking on Dattamandir Road

Dear Sir,

I am resident of Dattamandir Road, Santacruz (E). We have a small road called Dattamandir Road which is not two way. The road is narrow so whenever a BEST Mini Bus came on this road, it create a traffice jam on this road. Also there is unlawful parking of Rickshaw and Mini Tempos in this road. It also create nuisance to the resident. I am only demanding to remove this unauthorised parking from this Dattamandir Road from Bank of Bardoa to Chakra Hotel. and make this as a One Way only.

Thanking you
Anil Thakur
9702 200007
email : anilthakur1414@gmail.com
Sep 13, 2013

rc book

suraj u gupta..
15-09-2012 ko hero ki hf delux,frame no-MBLHA11EWC9J06949.
VEHICLE REGN NO-MH-10-BH-4983..ye bike siddhivinayak automobiles,miraj.
yahase kharidi...
saare documents submeat kar diye the...1(one)year ho gaya abhi tak muze
mera smartcard(rc book) nahi mili...4 baar rto ofc jane k baad bhi
kisine thikse baat tak nai ki...
plz muze mera smartcard dilwane me meri madad kijiye..
mob 9850740220/7385341464
Sep 13, 2013

rc book

15-09-2012 ko hero ki hf delux,frame no-MBLHA11EWC9J06949.
VEHICLE REGN NO-MH-10-BH-4983..ye bike siddhivinayak automobiles,miraj.
yahase kharidi...
saare documents submeat kar diye the...1(one)year ho gaya abhi tak muze
mera smartcard(rc book) nahi mili...4 baar rto ofc jane k baad bhi
kisine thikse baat tak nai ki...
plz muze mera smartcard dilwane me meri madad kijiye..
Sep 12, 2013

Parking at Traffic Signals

Diagonally opposite the Podar School Signal, oneshop owners has started parking his car (Blue Getz). Everyday the Car is parked at the corner of the station road and S. V. Road. This makes it very difficult for the oncoming traffic to make turns. The Traffic cops who manage the Podar Schol signal do not say a single word the car owner. This has become a daily nuisance and leads to traffic jams for cars turning at the signal.
Sep 5, 2013

rude behaviour of auto rikshaw driver

auto rikshaw driver of mh-03 ak 5504 rudly behave with me and abusse me at chetna college bandra east please take action against him
Aug 30, 2013

Complaint against PRIVATE BUS (SAI CARE, Thane) Rash Driving

Complaint against PRIVATE BUS (SAI CARE, Thane) Rash Driving
This is a discussion on Complaint against PRIVATE BUS Rash Driving within the rush hours, part of the private public transport category; Every day in the morning & evening while travelling to office from Mulund to Goregoan (Mumbai), we took the JVLR road. This Sai Care Busses (from Thane) are drive so rash , they don't follow signals, they not give any indicators, suddenly they turn to left & right... we people are facing very difficult to drive.
We all request to punished them or take fine from them.....
Thank You,
Yours Faithfully
Sonali Dhanawade.
Aug 16, 2013

Reverse beeps should be allowed in venhicles

As I understand, currently it is not allowed to keep reverse beep in vehicles. What is the rational to disallow it.
I have heard/ read about couple of accident news where reversing car or truck caused accident.

Why can't cars and other vehicles have beep while taking reverse turn.
padamraj chopra
Aug 12, 2013

In dadi sheth agyari lane all handcart and big lorry trucks are parked after 7 pm to 10 am

In dadi sheth agyari lane all handcart , big lorry and trucks are parked at our building enternce and our school bus times
are 8.20 am than our all school bus are no to ready for in our street so please take action as soon possible
I am aware
Aug 7, 2013

Havoc at Kurla West in the morning

Please arrange something in Kurla west, the rickshaw conditions in the morning are horrible.

Please appoint 2 traffic inspectors to sort this chaos out.

Infact 1 will also do but please get someone to handle rickshawalas der.
Jul 19, 2013

excess fare charged by taxi

I had alighted at Dadar East (central ) station on 17 th July 2013 in morning at about 7.50 am and got the Taxi from Dadar Station for Jogeshwari east to be traveled by Western Express Highway
Generally When I travel from dadar to Jogeshwari East via Matunga , Dharavi ,Bandra and then by WEH The fare is about Rs 200 Plus Minus 20 Rs. depending on Traffic Conditions .However on 17th July There was no traffic jam on road in morning ,But the Taxi driver Charged me Rs 312/- and his electronic meter also showed the fare to be Rs 312/- .
I feel that the electronic meter of the taxi had been manipulated and therefore the fare was higher
Details of taxi
In the inside of taxi the number displayed was BD 3225 C13 I could not record the number plate but it was MH 3258
Make of the taxi is ECCO

My email is thoolta@gmail.com
I request you to make necessary enquiry and take appropriate action if the meter has been manipulated because the taxi driver must have cheated many people if meter is faulty
Thanking you
T A Thool
shyam narain singh
Jun 26, 2013


Dear Sir
I am senior citizon. I was walking on the left of the road near Powai Hosptal.There was a small pit in which some water was collected and The SUNCITY MOTOR TRAINING CAR No MH02, K45744 WAS COMMING FROM THE SAME DIRECTION. I DID NOT NOTICE HIS ARRIVAL.H e has increased the speed and have made me fully wet. I was going out for an Important work to the city. At the main road junction he stopped. I approached to him and told him why you dinot slowdown the speed and made me complete wet. He replied arrogantly stating that you take down my No and do what ever you want.
I therefore humbly request you to take spme appropriate action to stoop this type of misbehavior.
Thanking you.
MY MOB. NO 9869123201
email ID snsingh27@hotmail.com
Shashi Rajadhyaksha
May 17, 2013

Rickshaw carrying 4 passengers

This is happening regularly at Vikhroli (W) in the morning time between 9 to 10.30 am. Rickshaw drivers are carrying 4 passengers illigally. I have lodged complient to rto many times with rickshaw nos but no action is taken still, Once 2 traffic police were there and asked one rickshaw to stop for carrying 4 passengers but he didn't stop and two more rickshaws also went with 4 passengers. Here also I am giving 2 rickshaw nos MH03 AA5936 and BA9148. If these rickshaw drivers have no fear of traffic police who are deputed and authorised for stopping illigal activities then what will happen if common man is harresed by these drivers. Either these police personalities are hands in glove with these rickshaw drivers or rickshaw drivers are having upperhand on police person. If any unfortunate incident happens like tyre burst, rickshaw trumple due to heavy wright then rto's eyes will open or what ? This is happening at Mulund (W) also during pick time. Pl monitor and stop this otherwise it won't be too long to make Mumbai like Bihar or UP.
Apr 8, 2013

Noise Pollusion -Auto Rikshows

Dear Sir,

You may be aware that majority of Autorikshaws running are out dated and are in worst maintained conditions . Most of auto are tempering with their firing which makes a very loud noise, These idiots feel , more the noise , more is their impression.

Sir , we are fed up with these noise and are giving sleepless nights, we as a citizen of Mumbai have a right to leave in a better atmosphere. These vehicles cause tremendous Noise as well as Air Polltion . Please have it checked by your selves, visit a for instance Kandivali MG Road around 7 PM you will be forced to close both your ears as well as Nose.

It is unbarable , why can not RTO put this to end as definitely they are crossing the maximum decible of pernissible sound , and make a Mumbai standard with world class cities ? Atlease this will one step in this direction. This is very much essential for good health of citizens .

Appreciate and will be obliged for your kind action in the subject.

Ajay Mehta
khalid qureshi
Apr 6, 2013

invalid parking

dear sir,

here in dimtimkar road ,shaikh burhan kamruddin street near rasool masjid the street is very narrow and the people who go to offer thier prayer finds problem to go due to invalid parking near mosque.....so please we request you to take some severe and immediate action..and make it a NO PARKING ZONE AREA..near the the mosque ....thank you
Mar 7, 2013

Refusal to ply at meter fare

This is pertaining to the taxi stand outside Filmalaya Studio, Amboli, Andheri ( W ).

The taxi drivers here often refuse to ply to any destination at the meter fare. The fares they demand are almost double the meter fare.

Request you to take appropriate action against these errant taxi drivers as they occupy the place meant for a taxi stand but never fulfil their duties .
Mar 5, 2013

Reliance insurance policy wrongly issued

I am wrongly shown a owner of 2 wheeler MH03P9701 WITH POLICY NO.1105432348001410
Reliance insurance has issued a policy when i firmly state i am not the owner of such a 2 wheeler.
Jan 30, 2013

refusal to ply

Time :- 30.1.2013 10.15 AM
Place of Occurrence : GOREGAON EAST
Enter Details:- from GOREGAON EAST To Virwani
Archana Pillai
Jan 29, 2013

Parking of two wheeler in walking path

ours is a small area with so many chawl, with too little path to walk. in the walking path so many 2 wheelers are kept stand by. where as in front of our house too 2 wheelers are kept i have a small kid of 2 yr i fear if sometime it could be hit her by chance.

i want the RTO to take immediate action against the street passers as we have a big ground to park the cars and wheelers .

address is

Opp Jijamata school, Kaju Hill
Ganesh Nagar, Mangatram pertol pump,
quarry road, bhandup(W), mumbai - 400 078.
Jan 28, 2013

Refusal by autorick

On 28th January 2012 at 12.45pm , me and my wife tried to get an autorick from bhandup station towards Mangatram petrol pump but were refused the service. The autorick number is MH 03 M 1429 . I am surprised that inspite of noting down the number infront of the rickshaw driver, he had the guts to still refuse the service. I wonder if any action is ever taken against these people. Hoping this time a strict action is taken.

Ashish Edkee
Jan 23, 2013

Bad Roads in Aarey Colony

I travel daily from Borivali to Vikroli and take Aarey route from Goregaon. There is a toll to travel via this road for Car Rs.15/- and for Bike Rs.5/-. There is lot of traffic getting generated due to lot of potholes and uneven road.

When they take toll, its there responsibility to give good service to the people who are travelling by maintaining the roads in proper intervals.

Please take action to get the roads repaired.
Jan 17, 2013

charging more fare

I travel all the working days from Sandhurst Road to Goldeol (Near Alankar Talkies) and most of the taxi drivers are charging Rs. 10.00 per head ie. a total of Rs. 40.00 (though the meter reads 1.20) instead of Rs. 23.00.
I got the same experience today from the drivers of Taxi No. MH 01 X6926 & MH01 J6512.

Please take action against them and also I request you keep an eye on such culprits.
Jan 15, 2013

Irregular Parking

People are parking their vehichles right outside our gate inspite of telling them not to park outside the gate. This causes great inconvenience for us to take the vehicles from the building as the lane is quite narrow. My bigger concern is I have an bedridden father who might be needed to be rushed to the hospital anytime. It is extremely difficult to get the ambulance in the building due to these cars. Some people park their vehicles for days together and we have no clue as to whom these vehicles belong.
Some cars regularly parked are BLB 9223 and MH04 AY 4421.
(Have a photograph too but cannot load it now)
Jan 8, 2013

Fined for Number Plate

Dear Sir,
I have been travelling with my wife over the last 2 years by bike from Thane to Worli via the Eastern Express Highway. We have always respected the traffic norms and will continue to abide.
Today dated 8th January 2013 at around 9:30 am we were at the signal of Suman Nagar/Priyadarshini where I was asked to produce my driving license after the API Traffic scrutinized my vehicle.I do not know his name. He asked me to pay a fine of Rs.100 as the number plate of my vehicle had the alphabet font which was smaller than that of the number, but is easily visible from a distance. I asked him to let me off with some lead time to have the number plate changed as I wasn't aware of the same. But he did not budge.
It is not the question of money, but the question of principles wherein we showed him many other vehicles with VEDIC number plates which actually describes the name of a person eg. 2151 (Raj in Marathi), 214 (Ram in Marathi) which is very difficult to read.
The receipt had the following written by the constables. 23348 26/01/2013 which I again fail to understand for the post date.

Dec 25, 2012

Tampered Electronic meter and Errant behaviour of the Rickshaw wala

Dear sir,

Today being a holiday and to support my project i travelled from Mulund check naka to Godrej compund via the Auto Rickshaw

MH03BA- 24444 , usually when i travel in this route it would be 103-105 till Godrej compoung Gate 3 (vikhroli) , but even before reaching the magnet malll the Meter showed 176 when i educated the Rickshaw person, he resorted to wild and errant behaviour and was trying to urge that the meter is working fine, after wards when i got down near my office gate and asked another Rickshaw driver like how much would it take from check naka to here he told be aroung 100 -110...When i urged on this issue the auto driver started acting smart saying ...i never told and he was using abusive language...in order to restrict these types of anti social elements ... a stringent action has to be initiated and their licences needs to be cancelled. We hope that only a honest officer would do this..anticipating a strict action against these outrated people..

Dec 18, 2012

RTO, Tardeo, Mumbai

Renewal Of Driving License :

I have applied for Renewal of my driving License on 21st June,2011 and paid necessary fees against Receipt No 10G 3702029 dated 21.06.2011 at RTO Tardeo, Mumbai. The inward no is 123463 11. Subsequently, my photograph and biometric identification formalities were also completed.

Even after, lapse of 1 year, I did not receive the renewed license after many followups.

Looking at this, I went again to the RTO and I found that my papers were lost by the officers. I did the complete procedure again on 19th October 2012 and paid the necessary fees again, against receipt no. 11F 3258845. The inward no is 241619 12. Also did the photograph and biometric identification formalities again.

After all of this and almost 1 and half year, I have still not received my Licence. I am being harassed by traffic police for driving vehicle without proper license.

Request immediate redress of my complaint and issue me the Licence and oblige.

Rahul S Jog

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