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Consumer complaints and reviews about sales tax department

Feb 20, 2017

Shopkeepers not providing bill

Kiddoz toy shop, Vikas Marg, Ram Vihar, opp Bharat petroleum pump, Anand Vihar, Delhi, 110092
I bought a toy form the shop and it immediately got damaged
I went back to the shop in case if it could be fixed
But the lady got into a argument stating that I had deliberately damaged the toy.
I tried to explain that I am not looking for a replace or refund . I just want to fix it weather it is possible or not but she continuously said that it's deliberately damaged .
On which I said please give a proper bill of the toy.
She did not give me the bill and said we don't have our machine working
These shopkeepers so what ever they want and misbehave so badly
Something should be done to mark the lines
No body should be misbehaving like this and should be giving proper bills when asked at least
Please let me know if I can help in ny way for further information regarding this matter

Feb 18, 2017

Jai Kishan Jain, S/o Shri Duli Chand Jain

No Jharkhand VAT Registration and selling goods without paying VAT
The person mentioned above (Jai Kishan Jain, S/o Shri Duli Chand Jain) is a dealer in Jharkhand. The person had no VAT Registration and also sold goods without charging any VAT. There was a cheque dishonour case filed by him in Jamshedpur, wherein he has admitted that he had no VAT Registration and sold without VAT and thus he cant produce any proof of sale. The judge also ignored this point and there was no charge created on him. Kindly advise what further actions can be taken.
Feb 16, 2017

Medical Bills Not provides by Dayalpur Area Medical Stores

Dear Sir,

I want to introduce our serious problem who's is facing by every customer.
All Medical Stores in Dayalpur Area's not giving bill to all customers. This is a serious problem becuase of following reasons
Prescription gien by doctors is not understoodable by patients & due to this they have faiths upon medical stores that they will provide correct medicine by them. Some how if medical stores given wrong / expiry date medicine then it will cause harmfull for patients. In this case we will not have any proof that medical stores given us wrong medicine in absence of original bill . Also due to this they have not any liability of sales tax to goverment. They will show low purchase and also pay low sales tax to the goverment.
I want to focus specially one of reputed medical stores "Neha Medical Store" who is active in Dayalpur area , karawal nagar road, delhi-110094, they have excellent purchase specially in evening time and we are sure they are not generated any single bills.
So we are requested that please do the needfull action against them so that they will liable to goverment for real taxes and also patients will believe over them.

Thanking You

Citizen of Dayalpur Area
Feb 5, 2017

बिना बिल के सामान बेचकर टेक्स की चोरी

श्रीमान जी कोटा राजस्थान में राममपुर बाज़ार में गेन्दीलाल बसंती लाल किराणे के व्यापारी द्वारा सरे आम सरकार को रोज लाखो रूपये का चूना लगा रहा है यह फर्म बिना बिल के किराणे का थोक एवम् रिटेल का सामान बेचकर सर्कार के लाखो रूपये रोज अपनी जेब में भर रहा है।इस फर्म के पास शायद ही कोई बिल बुक हो और यदि है भी तो यह किसी को भी बिल नही देता ।मैंने भी 10000 का सामान खरीद लेकिन मुझे भी मांगने पर भी पक्का बिल नही दिया ।मेरा नाम कुसुम गुप्ता है और मैंने इस दुकान से घरलू उपयोग का सां खरीद था लेकिन इसकी चोरी और डकैती की हरकतों से मुझे मजवूर होकर इनकी शिकायत करनी पद रही है आशा है देश हित एवम् राज्य हित में आप इस फर्म के बिरुद्ध जरूर कार्यबाहि करेंगे।आप से पूरी आशा है।धन्यबाद
Feb 4, 2017

B K caneworks

Sir, BK caneworks ke pass GHATKOPAR[W] me bhi property hai aur woh GODREJ VIKHROLI ke sath hi kaam kartr hai woh regular SALES TAX ki CHORI KARRAHA HAI usi base par woh kam karraha hai PICHLE 10 YEARS SE WOH SALES TAX KI CHORI KARRAH HAI JO KI 5 KARODE TAK hoga penalty aur interest iske alawa woh har saal yahi karta hai AUR apne doston mein deing hankta hai ki VAT DEPT. KE BADE BADE OFFICER MERI JEB MEIN HAIN SAB KO HAFTA HAR MONTH KI 1 TAREEKH KO BHEJ DETA HOON BADE BADE POLITICIANS SE USKA DIRECT CONNECTION HAI USKA TIN NO.hai 05008892209 aur 050100554304
Feb 3, 2017

Non generation of bill

Sir, m residing in katihar,Bihar. A renowned shop named parul for mobile and computer accessories plus miscellaneous items is not generating any bills for goods purchased, upon claiming for same tell no bills for such petty amount. It generates good amount of revenue each day as its the only shop where we get certain stuffs. Kindly look in the matter.
Jan 31, 2017

Tax chori

Sir. Mere name sukh winder Singh ha ma ..shri vallabh electro samana Sa.led lye shop Wala muhja bill nahi Da raha plz help me
big bhai
Jan 27, 2017


I am a resident of Mulana Azad Road and many shops in that area are not having Sales Tax Registration and are doing business of 8 to 10 thousand or more per day For example New Sagar Stone and having its branches at Bldg no. 344 shop no.4 (Danish Marble & Granits) and Shop no. 2 (Ram ceramics) and one godown behind the shop in same bldg and other one at Rayroad .This is affecting the business of the traders with VAT Registration. This fact has been informed to the sales tax authorities several times and till date no action has been taken. I request you to check the credentials for the unregistered dealers who are doing business in Mulana Azad Road and surrounding places. This is resulting in loss of revenue (tax) to the Government and in one way the traders are cheating the Government.
I hope you will look into this and take suitable action.

Thanks & regards
Jan 21, 2017


Respected Sir,

This shopkeeper (ADDRESS- KOCHAYAIM ENTERPRISES OPP BROTHER'S AUDITORIUM, UMAYANALLOOR KOLLAM KERALA, TIN- 32020795506.c)has ordered the Handloom Rolls to me in Panipat,Haryana online. I sent him the stuff with trust putting up cost on transportation from Haryana to Kerala. Now he is not picking up the stuff from transport and giving me payment also nor paying me the penalty of sending him.My stuff is lying at the transport.First i sent him on my cost and now i will call back my goods which will charge me around 2500 more..Please look into the issue so that he doesn't do the same thing with other manufacturers and unnecessarily waste somebody's time and money.

Sandeep Bhandari
Jan 18, 2017

car registration incomplete due to sale tax

Sir Rajesh kumar serving in Indian air force at Gwalior,i purchased swift car from Ahamdabad through csd but I want registered from Bihar gaya.but RTO staff demanding road tax and sale tax also.so I request u to please guide me for correct payment for registration of my car.RTO staff demanding 80000.but car cost is 476062 from csd Ahmedabad at atulmotor agency
Jan 11, 2017

Gold sold without proper bill

Sir i have purchase gold from jewelers at goregaon East at adarshnagar a are colony last stop and he sells gold without proper bill and gold is of low purity. And cheats customers. Plz take proper action against him. Person name is jivan. Shop is situated at adarshnagar last stop at aarey colony
Jan 11, 2017


Dear Sir,
I am a resident of Hoskote Town and many shops in the town are not having Sales Tax Registration and issue bills for the products purchased. For ex.: SB Enterprises, I Main Road, TG Extension is doing a business of 8 to 10 thousand per day and there is no sales tax registration. This is affecting the business of the traders with VAT Registration. This fact has been informed to the sales tax authorities several times and till date no action has been taken. I request you to check the credentials for the unregistered dealers who are doing business in Hoskote Town and surrounding places. This is resulting in loss of revenue (tax) to the Government and in one way the traders are cheating the Government.
I hope you will look into this and take suitable action.
Jan 7, 2017

Tax evasion

Many of the textile business people in and around proddatur bring their stocks in inter city passenger train to avoid sales tax these business people unload their stocks at kalamalla railway station and transport their stocks to proddatur through RTPP route and enter proddatur town at rameswaram. This has became a habit to them and they are safely transporting their stocks by tax evasion. Request the higher authorities to look into this matter
Jan 2, 2017

Hotel Sri Devi, Kanyakumari denied the bill with proper TIN

I want to file a complaint against Hotel Sri Devi, Main Road, Kanyakumari regarding the worst trade practice being followed and doing tax cheat to the Government. I had a stay in this hotel for two nights on last week of Dec'16 and paid the hotel charges of Rs.3500 per night (Please note that this is over and above the tariff mentioned in the hotel website for booking) through my debit card (Credit to GOI initiative of cashless transaction).
However, when I was about to vacate the hotel, I demanded for Bill from the hotel management, which I am being denied and cited the reason that the hotel management does not have any such practice of issuing receipts to the customers. This is one way of cheating their own customers and the Governmental institutions by not paying necessary tax. Why common people like me should suffer? These kind of practices should be stopped and be punished....
It would be great if this can be considered seriously and take action against the Hotel Management for not issuing bill to the customers and for cheating the tax authorities.
Dec 24, 2016

No VAT registration

Kono VAT registration number Na thekeu buk fuliye business korche susovon maji 15 Lakh per month............

D. P enter prises.
Abash, Kuikota
Medinipur, paschim Medinipur
Dec 23, 2016

Without VAT & Without Bill

Respected Sir,

Buying Plastic Products from Distributors/Dealers and Selling in Hyderabad at Begum Bazar, in the name of A.K. Plastics, Beside Azeez Plaza, Shop No. 15-8-_____, Ground Floor, Begum Bazar, Hyderabad-500012, without bill openly. And showing in the building front Main gate some plastic items displaying. Daily turnover approximately 50,000/-. And they are having own
1. Innova Car
4. Bikes (Two Wheelers
1. Transport Auto and 2 godowns in 2nd floor same building

I request you to look into the matter, and take necessary action as per our Law. as soon as possible ...

Note: kindly raid without uniform come causal (mufti)

Thanks & With Regards ,
Dec 20, 2016

Charging Tax on debit card payments

Dear Sir,

I visited take away in Noida Bhramputra complex sector 30, the total bill was Rs 1016 but instead of paying by cash I opted to pay by debit card and the cashier charged 20%, so the total became Rs1219.

Name of take away joint is Balle Balle, please look into the matter.
Dec 19, 2016

Charging Extra when try to pay with Paytm

Today i.e. 19.12.2016 I along with a friend went to BANSAL ELECTROSTAT at G-6, Sidhartha Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019, to take print out of my Aadhar Card on Plastic Smart card.
Before taking his service I inquire whether Paytam is accepted, he replied yes we do accept Paytm and also showed us sticker of QRCode of Paytm. After getting our work done, when we started making payment of Rs.100 with Paytm he said Rs.10/- will be charged extra if we make payment through Paytm which he did not disclose earlier. We had to make payment in cash then.
Was he right in charging Rs.10/- Extra.
If he is doing wrong kindly take appropriate action against him in accordance with law.
Debasis Sinhamahapatra
Dec 19, 2016

Not giving bill with TIN number

I have purchased of clothes of cost nearly Rs 9000 from "Prava Cloth Centre, Sarenga-722150, Bankura, West Bengal". The shop keeper has declined to to give me bill with Tin number. It seems that he doesn't pay any tax to the government. He is running his business for decades. He is accepting payment only by cash.
Dec 17, 2016

not give tin no. bill and not pay tax

Respected sir ,
Greetings of the day .
I am here today to take an information regarding " where & whom to complain for non tax payer shop keeper .
Shop open 3 year not tin nmber and cst nmber.
Not give the bill custmer .
RK car decor .
Near kabadi market , Road no. 2, jhunjhunu
Dec 17, 2016

Not pay tax

Dec 16, 2016

sarees selling without bill

Respected Madam/ sir,
It is not only on grivence and partiallity shown for the one kind of citizens, who is been forced to pay the income tax as employed to an organisation. but the same country allows the other sector of business vendors who sell from the houses (all that trades the products from other state). I wish to bring it to your kind notice, about the gentle man who has never paid income nor sales tax doing Cloth Textiles trading for the past 35 years just opposite to my house. To my knowledge this gentle man has never paid sales tax or income tax or any other tax related to his bussiness . he prides himself that no government has rules to abide for holding traders like me.is it the fact that our prime minister designs the scheme, penalizing one segment and comforting the other . why this type of discrimination and cursed life for people living in the same country. This is because I see my neighbour selling sarees without bill and paying tax. earning a lot, very happilly buying and construction of own property within few years. They literally coner us through their illegal wealth and network of people in unauthorised way of earnings and transaction. why all salaried people has been harased to pay tax for the monthly peney income.
We and all our neighbours will be happy if you could take actions seriously on such vendors. and make them pay the tax for all their income sources which is not let out till date.
Thanks and Regards
Ravi d bhatia
Dec 16, 2016

Not paying sales tax

Delicia hotel which is in Ulhasnagar they are running business from last around 3yrs they are not paying any tax and the other branch is opened around 10months ago in the same city. They do daily business of hotel is around 25000 from one branch means from both it is around 40000 to 50000 sale is there as per day
This is the sale of per day so as per monthly business they do is 10lakhs around(rough figure) but it is right information. Many laws apply in that business(hotel) bt they are not following any of them
As per the law they should do and provide good service which they are not.
Hotel no. 02512526699 for Ulhasnagar 421005branch
02512707000 for Ulhasnagar 421002branch
Shaswat 09
Dec 11, 2016

Vat on home delivery

I ordered food from Chatkara .Bailey road.patna....it took vat tax even on home delivery..plz take serious action against this...Chatkara phone no-06122590121
babu ji indore wale
Dec 10, 2016

tax chori

श्रीमान ,
में आपसे निवेदन करना चाहता हु की दिलीप ठाकुर जिनका व्यवसाय इलेक्ट्रिक सामान बेचना है और इनकी दुकान का नाम स्पेयर किंग (जेल रोड) व स्पेयर किंग (महारानी रोड) है वे इसके अलावा और भी कई प्रकार के काम करते है जिसका किसी प्रकार का कोई टैक्स नहीं भरते न ही अपनी दुकान का सेल टैक्स सही भरते है वे टैक्स चोरी करते है उनके अलग अलग प्रकार के गोडाउन है जिनका पता है सिंधी कॉलोनी और जेल रोड और सांवेर रोड जिन्हें वे फैक्ट्री का नाम देते है और वे अपने सभी कर्मचारियों के खातों से व्यापार करते है उनके खास कर्मचारी जिनके नाम रमेश, इरशाद ,अरविन्द, सनी नंदवानी , विनोद, हेमंत, जाकिर, प्रदीप, अनिल, मोहन लाल जेसरानी,पंकज जेसरानी, गौरव लालवानी व कंचन लालवानी जो की अकाउंटेंट है इन सभी के खातों में अपने काले धन जमा करते है और इसी से व्यापर चलाते है मोहन लाल जेसरानी ( बहनोई ) के पास इनकी सभी खास ख़ुफ़िया जानकारी है जिसकी किसी के पास कोई खबर नहीं है और सभी ए टी ऍम उनकी दुकान के सामन के डब्बो में रखे रहते है और वे अपनी सभी जानकारी अपनी पेन ड्राइव और लैपटॉप में रखते है जो हमेशा उनके पास रहती है और कच्ची पर्चियों में लाखो का व्यापर करते है हवाला करके माल खरीदते है पक्के का कोई खास काम नहीं करते है इसके अलावा उनके पास ५ माकन सिंधी कॉलोनी में है १ बंगला माँ विहार ऐ बी रोड राउ में है इसके अलावा करोडो के माल का स्टॉक है जिनकी खरीदी के कोई बिल नहीं है साल में कई बार विदेश यात्रा करते है जिनका ब्यौरा आप देख सकते है इनके पास ३ लोडिंग गाड़ी है १ फोर व्हीलर और ६ टू व्हीलर गाड़ियां है इनकी मेल आई डी में करोडो के लेनदेन का ब्यौरा मिल जाएगा इनके पास और भी कई सारी प्रॉपर्टी है अतः मेरा आपसे निवेदन है की अगर इस जानकारी से कुछ हो सकता हो तो जरूर करे

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