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Samaj kalyan Kalyan Vibhag Maharashtra government


Consumer complaints and reviews about Samaj kalyan Kalyan Vibhag Maharashtra government

Harshal k
Oct 19, 2016

Regarding Income limit

Sir i am second year computer engineering student . Last year my income was ₹5,50,000 so i was not applicable for obc scholarship
But this year due increase in income limit (600000) , i filled the form but when i went to submit it college ask about form16. i also submitted form 16 but in form 16 my
gross income in 6 lakh+ but deducted income was 5,50,500. So college officers said you have over income so you are not eligible.
My question is do we consider gross income . Or total income after deduction

Please tell me details at
Vyankatesh Lahane
Sep 30, 2016

Tuition Fees Concession

scholarship form is compulsory for concession for tuition fees of college?????

Sir, I am NT- C category student. I am 1st year student of MBA. I am not Applicable for GOI scholarship form and Free ship form because of my family income is more than 6 lacks.. so college said me you have full fees paying to college of open category ...Is any effect on my scholarship form to my category fee transfer in open category??
Rajesh dighole
Sep 28, 2016


Respect Sir
what is the parent income limit for applying NT studant scholarship
please reply
Contact: 9860287880
Email. Rajeshdighole96@gmail.com
Kalpesh Wani
Sep 27, 2016

Regarding scholarship of obc

respected sir ,
As income limit is extend so now i can fill the form of scholarship but site said that " Your form will renewed by college "but college said that you have to take print out of your form what i can do sir now because it told to renew by college after filling the form.

Please help me.
My email. : wani.kalpesh123@gmail.com
Sep 13, 2016

limit about dte scholarship 2016

sir,pliz tel me about what is the limit of dte scholarship for year of 2016-2017
akshay anil chavare
Sep 11, 2016

regarding income limit

Sir I am SE year Engineering student in. First year i pay full fee because of my father income is more than 450000 but in this year the income limit 600000 then i fill the scolership form my father inocome is 550000 in this year so sir i fill the form or not if i fill the form, when i fill this he said that your income is above 450000 then what can i do?
Sir please answer me or replay me
Nikhil patil 123
Sep 1, 2016

Regarding to income limit

Sir I am SE year Engineering student in. First year i pay full fee because of my father income is more than 450000 but in this year the income limit 600000 then i fill the scolership form my father inocome is 550000 in this year so sir i fill the form or not if i fill the form, when i fill this he said that your income is above 450000 then what can i do?
Sir please answer me or replay me

My email -nppatil10@gmail.com
Milind Barad
Aug 27, 2016


Respected sir,
I study in govt college of engineering Amravati in third year of engineerig. My family annual income was above 4.5 lakhs in years 2014-15 and 15-16. So i was not eligible for OBC freeship and scholarship. Now income limit is raised to 6 lakhs. But i filled the form of central sector scheme of scholarship in year 2014-15. So, am i applicable to fill the form of scholarship or freeship in this year? or will it be illegal for me ? Please help me!

My email id is milindbarad@gmail.com
kunal s takalkhede
Aug 26, 2016


sir I have joined the course of engineering in yashwantrao chavan college of engineering in 2016
ge of income limit raised to 6 lakhs is passed but when i tried to fegestre for free ship it said that " your income limit is above 4.5 lakhs so you are not elligible please help me.
nikhil uday netke
Aug 20, 2016

sbc freeship

my name is Nikhil uday netke. I am in last year of engineering from Gharda College of Engineering. Last year my income was more then 4.5 lakhs so i was not eligible for the benifit of freeship. But this year the income limit is extended to 6 lakhs and my income is within the limit but I am unable to get the freeship..so please help me with this.
you can contact me on netkenikhil102@gmail.com or 7218776250 or 9403607096
Aug 19, 2016


Sir I am SE year of Engineering student in sanjivani college of engineering Kopergaon . First year i pay full fee because of my father income is more than 450000 but in this year the income limit 600000 then i fill the scolership form my father inocome is 550000 in this year so sir i fill the form or not
Sir please answer me or replay me

My email id : bedsec@ gmail.com
manisha thakur
Aug 9, 2016


Dear sir,
My daughter Poonam P.Thakur get admission in first year of Engineering in Terna Engineering College in 2015 . In that year i pay the fees of OBC but in this year college is not giving admission to my daughter for Second year. College recommed the Open Category fee & also first year fee.
But my husband annual income is 5,82000/- & the freeship limit is 6,00,000. Why my daughter is not getting the freeship.
poonam batwal
Aug 8, 2016

Regarding to income limit

Respected Sir,
Myself Poonam Batwal from S.Y.B-Pharmacy from Shri D.D.Vispute College Of Pharmacy,Panvel. I want to know that what is the income limit for OBC students . some news has been come that GR has been passed to increase income limit , when it will pass. After passing the GR what i have to do.Whether the new registration or continue the earlier form or process.It's kind request to you that please answer me or reply me.

Aug 2, 2016

fee structure

Dear sir This year my brother is taking admission for first year engineering but my parents income is 4.6lakhs and fee concesssion limit is 4.5lakhs. we have to pay full amount of fee in this year.why we are not applicable for freeship. i like to know the limit of fee concession for nt caste. so my bro.also eligable for fee concession.

I m eagarly waiting for ur reply.

contact no 8108662105
vaishali katkade
Pranit Bari
Jul 23, 2016


Hello Sir, I am a TE studemt. Last year my income was 4.5 lakhs so for that reason I was enable to fill my form. But this year , Income limit is made 6 lakhs, So can I now fill my form ????
manjari mhatre
Jul 20, 2016

has form for 2016-2017 is displayed yet.

i am trying to fill the form online but its not coming the scheme is not getting applied.please tell why is this happening.
Bapusaheb M Patil
Jul 14, 2016


Respect Sir
what is the incom limit parants for apply obc studant scholarship
please reply
bapusaheb patil
Sonali ladkat
Jul 10, 2016

About incresing limit of income up to 6 lakh for freeship


I, sonali ladkat (obc category) have to pay complete fees just because my parents income is 4.59 lakh. My parents have to pay complete fees of my brother and sister too. It goes araund 3 lakh. That is not possible for them.
Just because GR of income limit increase up to 6 lakh is not come yet. I HAVE TO LEAVE MY EDUCATION INCOMPLETE.
Its my humble request to u, please increase limit of income for filling freeship form.

Your truely,
Sonali ladkat
Email- sonaliladkat.sl@gmail.com
Bapusaheb M Patil
Jun 27, 2016

OBC Fee Maf Savlat Milne Babat

Dear Sir
My complent replay send my fathars Email Id bapusahebpatil9656@gmail.com
Bapusaheb M Patil
Jun 27, 2016


मा. रिस्पेक्ट सर
समाजकल्याण विभाग सोलापूर
माझी मुलगी शीतल बापूसाहेब पाटील ही वालचंद इंजिनियर कॉलेज येथे २०१५/२०१६ मध्ये प्रथम वर्षात प्रवेश कॅप राऊंड मधून ऍडमिशन घेऊन शिकली ऍडमिशन घेताना ओबीसी कास्ट सर्टिफिकेट अँप्लिकेशन देऊनही लवकरमिळाले नसल्याने ऍडमिशन ओपन मधून घेतले सध्या ओबीसी कास्ट सर्टिफिकेट मार्च २०१६ मध्ये१९/०३/२०१६ रोजी मिळाले आहेwani.(OBC-190) NO.MAG/SR/109/2016 Place-Pandharpur Date-19/03/2016 व ओबीसी सर्टिफिकेट व्हॅलिडिटी जून २०१६ मध्ये १७/०६/२०१६रोजी मिळाले आहे NO. A 1331013 Pune Division Committee No.1,Solapur Place-Solapur Date- 17/06/2016 ओबीसी कास्ट सर्टिफिकेटवेळेत न मिळाल्याने पहिल्या वर्षी ५०%फी माफी सवलत मिळाले नाही परंतु सेकंड वर्षात ओबीक कास्ट सर्टिफिकेट वैध असूनही माझ्या मुलीला ओबीसी कास्ट ट्युशन फी ५०% माफीची सवलत ऍडमिशन घेताना वालचंद कॉलेजने दिली नाही संपूर्ण फी भरून घेतली आहे त्यामुळे माझ्या मुलीला ओबीसी फी माफीची सवलत सर्व ओबीसी कास्ट सर्टिफिकेट व नॉन क्रिमिलियर प्रमाणपत्र ही सर्व कागद पत्र असूनही ५०% फी माफीची सवलत मिळाले नाही माझ्या मुलीवर फी माफीची सवलत न मिळाल्यामुळे अन्याय झाला आहे माझ्या मुलीला योग्य तो न्याय मिळावा ही विंनती
५०% फी परत मिळावे म्हणून मी कॉलेज मध्ये अर्ज केलेला आहे कॉलेजचे म्हणणे असे आहे की सोशल वेल्फर मधुन स्कॉलरशिप अर्ज करून तुमची फी परत मिळेल माझी विनंती आहे की ओबीसी मुलाची ऍडमिशन घेतानाच जी काही ५०% फी सूट देऊन बाकीची ५०% फी रक्कम फी म्हणून भरू न घेतली जाते त्याप्रमाणे माझ्या मुलीला पण त्याच प्रमाणे ५०% फी माफीची सवलत मिळावी ही नम्र विंनती आहे व यावर्षची ५०% फी मला परत मिळावे योग्य तो न्याय मिळावे
शीतल पाटील ९८६०५४५६४१
Bapusaheb M Patil
Jun 26, 2016

OBC Scholarship

Shital Patil
Bapusaheb M Patil
Jun 26, 2016

OBC Scholarship

Dear sir
I am Engg Studant Admition in 2015/2016 OBC Cast Certificat is isud in March 2016 OBC Cast Certificat Is Vallidity in Jun 2016
In Year 2015/2016 I am not Elligibal Obc Scolarship Because OBC Cast Cert. Is Issud March 2016 and valiidity is Jun 2016
I am SE Admition In 2016/2017 I am Elligibal Candidate by OBC Scholarship Send Reply Yes or No Send Request reply
Hou To appliy Obc Scholarship
IMp Reply Send I am OBC Tution FEE Elligibal 50% FEE Yes or No
Bapusaheb M Patil
Jun 26, 2016

obc incom

free-ship for OBC
Sir, I am SE student. i would like to ask you what is the income limit for freeship form ? gov. already show the creamy layer limit upto 6 lakh. In current year 15-16 raise in income limit up-to 6 lakh is take place or not

Shital Patil
sharad pratapsingh
Jun 22, 2016

not received cast validity

sir i have apply for cast validity from 2015, but the employees not response well so please help for solved this major problem.. sharad pratapsingh khiche
Snehalata Gondhalekar
May 29, 2016

provident fund is pending with govt.

I was working in Bombay Institution for Def And Mute at Mazagaon mumbai 10, as a principal, special school for deaf .
I retired on 1st june 20008. But still i did not get my provident fund from SWD. I red about
your new GR for PF .
My SWD office is in Chembur .
there are many cases are incomplit in my school. pl see the matter and help other 10 teachers and caretakers..
after 8 years i am unable to get my pf .
please see the matter and do needful action .

Mrs. Snehalata Mukund Gondhalekar
mob 9869071594
LL Ph. 27469351
panvel Maharashtra..

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