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SBI Credit Card

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about SBI Credit Card

Sep 16, 2014

usage of credit card by some unknown person.

I got a call and was told that your online transactions are blocked and within 15 days you will be receiving a new card with more discounts.He had all my card details.After 30 minutes i got a message from SBI card about OTP transaction on Oberoi kerela for Rs.6999/- . In the message the OTP no. given was 105535 which was valid only for 10 minutes, as in the message. Uptill now I haven't used my card for a single time, when I queried for the details on helpline 39020202 I was told that I have to pay rs.3000/-, that was another shock for me. As I haven't used the card at all I am not going to pay a single paisa. I am going to complaint in police station and I will go to consumer court. I don't want to disclose my card no. as I don't want to be in problem again. My details are with you. Please check the matter. I want to block my card and I don't want to replace it with any other card. I have lost faith on SBI CARD. Please solve the problem as soon as possible.

Anuradha Puntambekar
Sep 12, 2014

SBI is fooling the customer & Fradu

My name is SAGAR JAIN and my SBI gold card no is 4377xxxxxxxx7402. First of all i must say that sbi has the worst services....In the month of March i have some dues on my card that was 60000/- and there was one EMI also going on my card and i got a call from SBI collection department (Mr Ravi--9999735552) on 30 March. He told me that if i paid complete amount 60000/- my account will be closed and will get the letter for closer.I have given a call to SBI customer care on 3rd April 2014 and i have told the representative very clearly that i am going to pay this amount 60000/- kindly foreclose my account. And on 4 april 2014 I have made the payment 60000/- cash in SBI Pitam pura branch and after that i have given a call to customer care again to now the status of my account and for reward points as well and he assured me that i don't have any dues on my card at that time so i told representative that i want to redeem my points as well so he told me that i will get 1000/- cash back in my account so he told me to provide the bank details.He took my HDFC bank details.....After 3 months i got to know that SBI has not closed my EMI and they have given me the reversal for 30400 in my HDFC account in the month of may,however i have not got any confirmation from SBI and now i have some 34000/-dues on my card,however i have given the request to close my account in the month of April only for closer, but when i call customer care again somwhere on 31st august they told me that i have not given any request..Now every time i got a call from collections department (Pooja,Shweta,Aman,Lalit,Ravi ) every time they gave me a different amount to pay Like i need to pay 31000,32000,33000 to close my account i have the numbers as well 01146084044--Shweta, Lalit,8130520987--Aman,01244499200...

i would ask SBI that, if i have not given any request to close my account, so why i have paid 60000/- to SBI on 4th April.Today 4/09/2014 i got a call from SBI again, that they have heard the recordings as well and they told me that i have not given any request and the lady told me that i have ask for the reversal for 30400/- from SBI on 11th April. Now i want a clear answer for this and if i have made the request for reversal of 30000/- than sbi must have the proof as well and I want it in writing or i want that particular call in which i have given the request for reversal...

I checked my HDFC bank there is 30400 amount is reflecting in my statement...Now i will pay this particular amount to sbi instead of 34000/- because it was not my falt i have never asked for the reversal on what basis they have refunded me. i told every representative that i want to close my account and i dont want to use SBI card in future....Now i would really appreciate if you could look into this matter asap and i want a proof if i have given any such kind of reversal request in writing or on call......I want to close this matter.....
Capt Anil Kumar Bindlish
Sep 11, 2014


I have already made payment of Rs.26511/92 online from my registered SBI Current A/c on 8/9/2014 but getting reminders on e-mail as well as on my mobile. My transaction reference no. is IB19145213. It is also for your information that I never defaulted on my payment for the last 20 years. Please look into the matter on urgent basis as amount was debited from my a/c on 8th itself.

Capt Anil
manish tanwar
Sep 10, 2014

harresment for the payment

Before a few second I received a call from Sbi regarding late
Payment,,, I have some problem so I am not
Able to on time this month, bt she don't want to understand
An was ussing dammm language to talk to me like...Paise Apke chacha bharenge..
And more....
I want get back soootherwise I will file a case in consumer court.

Manish Kumar
Aug 26, 2014

Refund of annual fee Rs 499

I paid Rs 499 as annual fee in the month of May 2014.
I purchase Rs 2224 in month of June 2014 but annual fee not credited in 2nd month & till date.
sarnab saha
Aug 25, 2014

Height of Harassment-unable to receive credit card but got the PIN and Bill Statement

Dear SBI CARD department,

You reach at the peak of my patience. I really don’t know what the hail is going on. I was applied for the platinum card on the first week of the month of August 14. Till date the card is not be able to come to me...But the statement has been generated amount of 3369.68. This was come to me on my mobile yesterday with the due date of 27th August 14. Is there any my fault not to be able to receive the card???

At the time of my Application i clearly mentioned and told your representative to send the card and the document related to my official address, not to my residence. He agreed. At the time of verification i also told your representative about the condition. They agreed and confirmed. But at 16 th august when a courier boy called me to receive the card in my residence i denied. Because at first, i was in my office at that time. Was that my fault not to receive it despite of clearly mentioning the official address at the application form?? At that day i also mailed you whose ref no. Interaction Id- 1-465117867.
After one day a executive of your department called me and asked the details of my official address. But till date the card does not come me... At last Friday dated 22nd August i received my PIN no. On my official address. But can you tell me what is the uses of the PIN without the card???

Its not the end my dear sbi card department. Yesterday i have received the SMS showing "DEAR SBI CARD HOLDER,OUTSTANDING OF RS 3369.68.ON YOUR SBI CARD NO. XXXX. AND MINIMUM AMOUNT OF RS 570.68 IS DUE ON 27 TH AUGUST 14." Are you kidding with me ??? At the time verification a executive said that the bill statement would be generated after 20days of the received of card. If she told me that it might be generated before receiving i was hardly accept it.

Before a month, Some of my colleagues suggested me to take a sbi credit card because of its safe and trustable. Is this the example of of safe and trust?? Now i feel frustrated and irritated. enough is enough. I request you to provide me the card with in tomorrow and extend the due period around 15 days. Otherwise please cancel the card.. Please don't make any other harassment. Its a request to you.


APPLICATION REFF. No.: 1721301001887
Date of Birth: 02/05/1988
Phone :09477362968
jihuchua saru
Aug 14, 2014

duplicate of my already blocked credit card

I have already blocked my credit card through PULL SMS Service .My credit card no.is 4377486998012163.I hereby request you to kindly issue me a new/duplicate card urgently within this month and send to the following address........

Aug 10, 2014

sbi card

Hai all educated fools,

This is not bank website, this is belongs to private's one. Even bank people not aware of this website. And here the highlight you guys sharing your card details very easy, its very useful who all waiting to capture your card details, so u guys will get screw.
And the last one more than your bank none can help you to rectify your problems. So keep touch with your bank people to short out problems. If your can be short absolutely they can.


Angelina, ML.
Financial Legical advisor.
Aug 7, 2014

application for a new card

Dear Sir,
As i am krishna sudar raj ,i had blocked my card and my card no is 4317 5756 0947 1819 it is a cradit card. The reason for blocking the crad is i had got a message in which there is transaction of Rs 1139.00 but i haven't done any of transaction on this day i.e., 7-8-2014 so please see though that and get the money refunded to my card. So please grt me a new card as soon as possible.

Thanking You,
Your's sinserly
Krishna Sundar Raj
Aug 7, 2014

card closed but outstanding amount showing in cibil

DOB :12/04/1966
MOBILE NO:9440496451
HOME PHONE NO: 08455237553
Aug 5, 2014

Unnecessary Interest after information

I have been using SBI card for the pass 2-3 years and if you see my transaction I have made my payment in time.
he last payment I had made was of 38k through cheque in the near by SBI bank(you can check the entry).
However the cheque did not reach the SBI. So I called up the Customer care for it and informed them they told me they will not charge me the late fees. again Icalled up regarding it. they had still not recevied so i stopped the cheque request which was in process and made payment through new cheque. but they continued to charge the interst in inspite of informing them and Istill dont know what happened to the
first cheque.please stop this
Aug 1, 2014


Dear concern

This is in regards to my credit card no - 5264 6853 2917 5978 which I have been using since last 7 years charges are being added unnecessarily since last few months. at the time of taking balance transfers all the customer care executives informed that excepting a interest rate of 1.7% per month there would be no hidden charges for the same. but when I opted for a balance transfer of rs 20700/- I noticed that every month they are charging interest on my retail transactions also. Not only that, if the interest rate is 1.7% they are suppose to charge nearly rs. 351/- per month but in the month of June 14 they have charged me Rs. 696.22 and in July 14 they charged rs. 483.63. when I asked about the reason to the customer care executives they boldly informed me that - They are not going to give me any details information about my query and when I asked for the charges reversal Mr. subhas and his senior behaved me very badly and said - "WE ARE NOT GOING TO REVERSE YOUR CHARGE, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT". Should this be the behavior of an employee who is representing an organization like SBI CARD ?

My question is without informing how can they add charge on my retail transaction ? instead of rs 351/- how can they charge more of it ?

This is not the end. Since from the beginning 12-15 times they have lost my cheques which i use to drop in the drop box. They have already added lots of charges for the same and after several requests those charges got reversed. My question is how can they be so irresponsible that they will loss my cheques.

See. I am a very good user of this card. But since last few months I am not at all happy with the charges and behaviors of the employees. If this keeps on going I will be bound to leave the card and will surely escalate this matter to - RESERVE BANK, BANKING OMBUDSMEN and CONSUMER FORUM also. I am an employee of one of the biggest bank in India. So I will go till the end. so requesting you to please take the complain seriously and reverse all the charges at the earliest...

Thanks and regards
jayesh taratia
Jul 29, 2014

new issue and change my address

Sbi Credit Card No.
Lost my card 26/5/2014
Not issue new and I change my old address
my new address:-
38, Subham residency no.2, near nandanvan society, navagam, dindoli, 394210, surat, gujrat
Jul 28, 2014

miss use of credit card

There are three time 4000/- rupees (worth of material) was purchase from my card with out my knowledge on 23- 7- 2014. A card from delhi introducing that the SBI credit card authority and they inform me that my present card converted into international platinum card, on my faith the call was SBI credit card section on that assumption, I have already given concern to upgrade this card. after a few minuts I have received a message from my ontime pass word is 709054 after tat a message shows 699172 and after that 777189 and last X X 6162 as the last online password and finish the call.
At the same day I have received a message from you if you are interested to convert your transaction 8000/- rupees into flexi pay @9.25 % interest. Today I have contact with your customer care centre they inform we that this was a fack transaction and there instruction I have cancelled the present call and to issue a new one. so I request you to kindly go through the matter and do the needful.
Thanking you

K.K Nair
CHITHIRA (wood & metal industries)
I.D plot, Manvila, kulathoor p.o
Trivandrum. 695583
Mob- 9447206949
Jul 28, 2014

Fradulent Transaction by SBI credit card

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have an SBI card.This card was dispatched to me on 25th Jan’14 from Gurgaon vide blue dart courier and received by me on 27th Jan 14. I have received the invoice for the month of Feb'14 mentioning a transaction done in airtel for Rs. 4950=00 on 25th jan’14. I have not done any such transaction as on the said date I was not even having the card.

Have compliant with their customer care, nodal officer and recently with CEO but no result.


Tejas Shah,
pradipta panigrahy
Jul 21, 2014

pradipta panigrahi

My credit card is block since long , So I request you to re start my card very soon .
Jul 19, 2014

Regarding Credit Card Closing Letter

Dear Sir,

Myself MOHAMMAD IQBAL KHAN holder of SBI Credit Card No. 4726426894885971 had requested for closing my credit card due to personal reason.

I had applied via phone for closing and had also received card closing no. 0131866513014 but till date I had not received NOC in hard copy from your end.

Even after complaining several time to your Customer Service Department, I use to get 10 days gap for receiving closing letter. I had complained at least 3 to 4 time in your department but due to low quality service I am still failing to get the copy from your end.

I also request you to please provide me docket no. if the documents has been forwarded from your end.

Please help me in this matter otherwise next time I have to think for taking your Credit Card.

For any clarification, please contact me.

Mohammad Iqbal Khan
Mob. : 00919725777899
Email : mikhan443@gmail.com
Bhaskar K
Jul 15, 2014

credit card deactivation no4377486204698045

To the manager Sbi bank ltd , request you to block my credi card and refund my FD In my savings account as soon as possible
Jul 14, 2014

sbi credit card complaint

Just now i got a call from sbi cards and he told me to that card will cancelled and u dont need to pay anything there will be the charge of Rs.10 for cancellation and disconnect the call wat is this is this type of service ur guys r offering i think this call was a fake call i will do the police complaint for this
Jul 14, 2014

credit card complaint

At the time of membership ur executive told that there is no annual charges will be there any u have charge Rs.400 n again u have put the late payment charges on it and now the total payment is Rs.750 approx kindly reverse the same or i will not do the single payment on priority

vipul 9987205591
Jul 14, 2014

credit card lost

Dear sir its request that kindly cancelled my credit card on urgent basis because it has been lost from 2 days
manjula k
Jul 8, 2014

update of address for posting statement

call bk imdly for some problems to 7022002301 card no 4317575729371030 manjula
santu singha
Jul 5, 2014

wrong name

hello sir i am santu singha i live in kolkata and my sbi a/c no.32799542005 and my mobile no.9874438217.i was apply a credit card sbi gold and more advantage plus card june 2014 but then i receive the card i show the name is mistake by sanju singha but my name is santu singha.so please change my card immideately.
Jul 2, 2014


jayesh taratia
Jul 2, 2014

lost card but not issue new card

Dear SIR,
I am jayesh taratia my card is lost 1 month before but not issue new card

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