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Parvathy Visakh
Nov 24, 2016

Getting error in first time login

Hi Team,

I have received online banking KIT from SBT . Unable to login using the KIT number. It throwing error in KIT number. I have tried from Branch itself. Please help me in this case. Attached the error screen shot.

I have tried with correct user name password & kit number provided.

Thanks in Advance !


Getting error in first time login

Udita lal
Nov 22, 2016

Bad behaviour by SBT employee

Today, I visited to SBT indirapuram branch in indirapuram to exchange my old currency with new one. Me and my husband waited in line for almost 1 hour, which I don't have any problem with. I wasn't having my pan card Xerox so the security fellow said me I can get the xerox near by from xerox shop. I walked and got xerox of my pan card, which took almost 45min. When I came back with xerox and asked for token and exchange from security fellow he denied me telling I have already visited the branch before. To this I replied him that this is my first time visit to the branch and me and my husband is waiting here for almost 1 hour without getting our note exchanged...To this again the security fellow said that his boss has seen me inside the branch exchanging note...I lost my temper and my patience both and told if he and his boss is so confident then show me my pan card or any proof that I have visited the branch before...Listening my voice, from inside some person came out and started telling us that token has got over and I have to visit morning...It was that time I couldn't take any more shit from and I again said if this was the case he should have told me before I would have gone back, instead of putting false blame on that I have already visited the branch and all.
I have only heard from others that govt employees are the worst and laziest employees, today I even experienced it. I am very thankful that I dont have any account in SBT and I was there only to exchange my note and after such a worst exp I will never take any acct nor suggest any one to open it here....
Krishna Kumar
Nov 19, 2016

net banking

net banking not activated
Krishna Kumar
Nov 19, 2016


Oct 18, 2016


I am four years old Customer in your udyog vihar branch,sec-18,Gurgaon,(Hr.).my experience with this branch is to good.
But this time,regularly seen the branch manager language is very rough & tight regarding any type of quires.
he speak regularly that you go through private bank also.and speak to account closing.

Oct 17, 2016

not get sms alert

please activate the sms alert in all transactions in my a/c No.67169869618 SBT, Thodupuzha. I had complaint to the Br.Manager and other officials in SBT. But no action against in my request until this time. So pl. do as favourable regarding in my difficulties.

Vattappillil, Vazhithala P.O.
Sep 21, 2016

alert!!No account mappeed for my user name

no account mapped for my account.i am a anew registrant..I logged in first time without waiting 24 hour..how can i fix it??????
my email address:rahul808680@gmail.com
Jul 25, 2016

Not Receiving SMS Alert on Transactions

Sir ,

I G.AjayaKumaran Pillai , having savings account number - 00000067342395560 at THRIKKADAVOOR branch Kollam , am not receiving SMS Alerts on my mobile number - 8137028975 for any transactions made.

Matter has been brought to the notice of the thrikkadavoor branch but they are unable to resolve this issue.SMS alert charges are being deducted from my account as well but still i am not receiving any sms on my mobile for any banking transactions made so far.

Kindly look into the matter and resolve the issue at the earliest.

G. AjayaKumaran Pillai.
Jul 13, 2016

Money Lost -ATM Card


I withdraw money from from Medical College Branch ATM for Rs 10000/-, but account debited twice .Kindly reverse the money to my account
Jul 7, 2016


Jul 7, 2016

amount debited from account

On 2nd june 2016 I payed my KSEB bill of Rupes 2513/- online using my sbt visa card.The amount was debited from my account but was not payed successfully at kseb thiruvananthapuram.So please do the necessary actions to get my money back.My account no. is67322890091
Jun 28, 2016

എന്റെ പരാതി

എന്റെ പരാതി രണ്ട് മാസം ആയി online ചെയ്തിട്ട് അതിന്റെ login ചെയ്തത് തെറ്റിപ്പോയി എന്റെ ബ്രാഞ്ചിൽ സംസാരിച്ചു മനേജർ വേണ്ട രീതിയിൽ അതിന് ഉണർവ് കാണിക്കുന്നില്ല എന്റെ പേര് Hassainar വാഴക്കാല ബ്രഞ്ചാണ് അവർ പറയുന്ന് പാസ് വേഡ് അയച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട് ഇത് വെരേ കിട്ടിയില്ല 17 ദിവസ്സം കഴിഞ്ഞു നിങ്ങളിൽ നിന്ന് ഇതിന് ഒരു പരിഹാരം കിട്ടും എന്ന് വിശ്വോസിക്കുന്നു
sharif pulparambil
Jun 24, 2016

cash is gone in my ACCOUNT

67240417002 is my account number. 7000 Rs. is lost from account on 24/06/2016.
i want it back. i got a message saying 7000 INR credited in your account and bal 7193 Rs. but now it is 193/-
Jun 8, 2016

Wrongly Debited

Hello Sir,

on 5th of this month i purchased some grocery in shop i gave my debit card for bill payment but card was not working i went to near by ATM and withdrawal the amount and paid in cash on 6th of this month two times amount was debited by grocery shop now i want the refund.

Kindly give some solution.

R. Vijayakumar
Mob: 99441 86231
May 24, 2016

Forgot netbanking password

Dear Sir/Mam,
I have forgot my netbanking password. I requested for new login details through post, still I have not received the login details.
My account number is 67294406291, name KRISHNAKUMAR C. Email: krishnakumarmass@gmai.com

Thank you
Feb 17, 2016

SBT- Bhubaneswar Branch Very Unprofessional Customer Services

Hi All Concern,

This is Jyotirmoy Dey from Muscat, having a NRE account with SBT, Bhubaneswar Branch. I had tried for a home loan through SBT for one of the project in BBSR. Since the project is reputed, having tied up with SBI & SBT, so not appreciating any delays.

The Branch Manager Mr. Jaganathnn, started the communication with a very positive note, very optimistic on it. After sending the documents I waited, waited, followed up, followed up, just to have a prep approval letter so that I can go ahead for booking the flat, which never came after 2 months. If its taking so much time then how much it will take for loan disbursement..???

Mr. Jaganathhan is most lazzy & unprofessional Branch manager, the even the poor customer services & their corporate HR people etc who never respond you back.

Guys...its horrible...Beware of it.
Jan 24, 2016

not come to time

hi sir

i am request to you. please this problem solve. every staff come to 10:55am. and start work 11:00am other bank start 10:00am.

thank you
Jan 21, 2016

Againt the staff and the manager

Hai, i had a terrible experience from one of the sbt branch. Iwent there for issuing my statement and covering letter for my immigration process. They issued me once and when i found mistake in it and approached them again they were rude at me. I spend one whole day for this and i have found them chitchatting manytimes without working. Atlast i cried when icame out of the bank, Inever want this to happen again. I need to know who can help me in this. Never had such situation anywhere before.
santosh kumar jaiswal 9343
Jan 21, 2016

new ATM

Dear sir /mam,
my ac/no. is 67295442570 & my home branch is GURGOAN currently i am in MUMBAI and i lost my SBT ATM .
i jst want to issue my new ATM card without moving home branch ,is it possible??
pls suggest me .


santosh jaiswal
Jan 14, 2016

Request for view the CC TV camera footage

Dear Sir,

I am K.V.Rukmini I have an SB A/c in SBT, Banashankari branch Bangalore. I feel very unhappy to say that my purse, ATM Card, Diary, other documentations were stolen from my bag without my knowledge on dt. 30.12.2015 on that same day at 6:00 PM to 6:20 PM amount Rs. 10,000/- from HDFC Bank ATM at Holidaymaker Bangalore & Rs. 5,400/- from Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM at Srinivasanagar branch ,Bangalore withdrawn illegally by using my ATM by deceiver as well as I got messages to my mobile phone suddenly card blocked as per my request.

On dt.1.1.2016 I gave a complaint to Banashankari Police station Bangalore with acknowledgement I went to SBT, BSK branch approached respected Branch Manager he told me to contact HDFC & Kotak Mahindra Bank they will show you CC TV Camera footage Immediately I went to both branches they refused me to show the CC TV camera footage they told me to complaint through SBT, BSK branch as per the Procedure.

Again I went to SBT Bank branch and gave a complaint to Branch Manager requested him to show me the CC TV Camera footage to catch the thief. He accepted my complaint & tole me to sending my complaint to Higher authorities to get permission to show the CC TV footage.

On dt. 4.1.2016 I got two messages that thieves were trying to transaction my a/c by using ATM card I approached Branch Manager then he told me to wait for 2 days acknowledgement received from Head office I believed I am not getting truthful answer from SBT branch Manager even today.

On dt. 13.1.2016 I met the Branch manager of SBT finally he told me to approach the police they can only permitted to see the CC TV footage . I really feel very bad that I lost valuable documentation, cash, ATM card etc already I thought I definitely find the thief through CC TV Camera footage with the help of SBT Branch but I did not get any support from respective branch. I am unable to find the Thief.

I am requesting you kindly take necessary action in this matter help me to see the CC TV footage to find the thief Immediately.Please consider my request I hope so.It's my humble request .

My mobile No. is 97315 40921
Email ID: kvrukmini1979@gmail.com
Jan 10, 2016

UNRESPONSIVE phone and Email

UNRESPONSIVE phone and Email at any time
HELL services
Nov 11, 2015

Transaction declined,but amount got debited from account

I am sangeetha prasad (Account no-67296960952).On Nov 4th i had withdrawn 3000/- from TMB ATM,but transaction was failed ,at the same time amount debited from account.I had given written complaint in my SBT branch on Nov 5th ,but still amount is credited to account.please look into this.my mail id is sangeethavarma93@gmail.com

Jul 5, 2015

minium balance checking facolity

i reenu anna thomas with sbt ac no 67150639559 in branch m.g.m.h.s. thiruvalla(70482) p.b.no.14(2700124) is suffering from minimum balance checking facility.rs226is cutting from my account even though i have balance above rs1000.when i asked the manager he replied me yu should maintain 1000rs every day and this is because of yu have cheque book facility.then i surrender my cheque book and they took rs203as charge.they didnt inform me that even though yu surrender they will cut for minimum charge.next time also they cut rs 226.when this happens i asked themabout it and they replied that that all r becouse of coumpter updates they cant do any thing.the attitude of the bank staff archana is very horrible.shr is always eating and taking in the mobile phone.she wont respond to anything. sir kindly give me an answer and i am eagerly waiting for yur reply
Jul 5, 2015

mininum charge keeping

l reenu anna thomas with sbt ac no 67150639559 branch m.g.m.h.s. thiruvalla(70482) p.b.no.14(2700124) is suffering about the minimum balance checking facility.rs 226 is cutting from my account even though i have balance amt above 1000.when i asked the manager he answered me yu should maintain 1000rs every day .this 1000rs minimum is for cheque book facility. so i put 1000 rs before the next minimum balance checking .then also they ar cutting rs226.this happens several times.then i surrender my cheque book paied rs 203.at that time they didnt inform me that they will cut rs226 .after this also rs228is deducted from my account.they r telling that all are because of computer apdates.they cant do anything.the bank staff especially a lady named archana is behaving very rude and she is always eatting biscutis and taking in phone .she is not responding. sir how can i get a soulition for my problem.please help me as soon as yu can.thanking yu.my email reenu.thomas@rediffmail.com
Apr 9, 2015

Activation of Dormant NRE account

To Activate my NRE account I sent all my scanned document on 22nd March 2015. The next day I sent the attested copy of my passport and OCI. yesterday I called the manager to ask about the status. He said that he neither received my email and Mail by post.
If the email is not delivered properly we will receive a failure message. Yesterday again I sent another email attaching the documents. I requested him to acknowledge my email by just pressing the reply button. Till this time no reply. This is total negligence and the red collar job culture in the public sector banks. I am thinking of opening an NRE account in another private banks such as HDFCI and ICICI

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