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Seven seas Airport and Seaport Management Service India PVT. LTD


Consumer complaints and reviews about Seven seas Airport and Seaport Management Service India PVT. LTD

May 26, 2016

Mera Post ni Badh raha hai

Mera Post ni Badh raha hai
mera naam Deepak, hai, mene sevenseas me cook liye apply kiya tha,me select hua or medical b clear kiya. interview k time hr ne mujhe ne bohat kam salary diya, mujhe thoda or salary chahiye tha, but hr ne mujhe bola k 6 months me mera salary badh jaega, abhi mera 1 year complete hua ship me, But abhi tak koi increment ni hua, mene yaha seniors se baat kiya ship me, but wo bol rahe hai k mere performance accha hoga tho hi badhega salary. Atleast thoda tho increment hona chahiye. me or hard work karane taiyaar hu.
Agar seven seas se contact hojayega tho shayad wo badha sakte hai mera salary.
May 24, 2016

Not having proper order of reporting

Not having proper order of reporting
i am facing a problem in my ship. There is no proper order of reporting. Many employees thinks they are the GM of the ship & they treat other employees like servants & if we oppose that, they start using abusive words with taking all personal matter in discussion. This is very unprofessional-ism thing happening in my ship. I dont know what to do. I am fully frustrated. Sevenseas please help us.
May 20, 2016

Cant talk with our family.

Cant talk with our family.
I am Archit Naik, a security incharge in Cargo Vessel in Haldia - West Bengal. We can't Talk much with our family on calls as we are not getting network in mobile phones. Though we can't talk with our family members. This makes me little uncomfortable. Bit this is my personnel thinking. I miss my family a lot on ship.
Sourabh More
May 18, 2016

Seniors never not behaving well.

I am Souabh, working in cruise ship as a technician on cargo ship. I noticed several times that my seniors are not behaving well with junior staffs. Because of that they are not able to concentrate properly in their work. For simple things seniors starts firing junior staffs on few small issues. I feel helpless as i cant help them, because i am not having that much authority. Sevenseas plz got attention on that & help us on that our problem.
May 16, 2016

Not allowed for private vehicles

I work on seaport and I was planning to buy a motor bike for my personal use, but the port trust authority are not allowing me to take my bike in port area. They are saying that no employee can bring their personal vehicle inside the port trust area for security reason. For getting some thing we have to travel atleast 2 km from our working area till main gate, so i was planning to buy a bike for our comfort but security dept. is not giving me NOC for that. I don't know what to do. Plz Sevenseas got attention on that my problem.
May 15, 2016

Got job but not getting emergency leaves

working as a housekeeping supervisor since 4 months over here on the cruise ship and i need leave because my mother is not well (having operation of Angioplasty) but the authorities here are not sanctioning the leave,plz help me Sevenseas.
May 13, 2016

not getting proper facility

This is Akshay sale from Mumbra, My Designation is Accountant. i cleared both the round of interview and medical. And also i had submitted the cash. now i work on cruise ship
Actually i don't have any problem in job here, but i am facing other problems here in ship i.e accomodation problem, leaves problem sometimes food problem.
so SevenSeas please help me to get proper facility here in ship

Please say about that this is confusion for all over the Candidates from different cities of India we spend our time for that jobs selection process.
May 13, 2016

How much time they takes to process CDC?

Dear All,
I got selected for shipyard in Singapore from Seven Seas today (13th may 2016). They took Rs. 200/ from me as Registration Charge and asking for Rs. 26000/ for CDC. My questions are:-
Is Seven Seas Consultancy is reliable?
How much time they takes to process CDC?
I need immediate joining job, so should I pay the money or look for another job in different consultancy?
May 12, 2016



May 11, 2016

I lost my CDC don't know what to do

My name is Imran, i going to SevenSeas, company located at Chembur, Mumbai on date of jan 2015
and i applied to job on shipyard for post of safety officer.
after paid some money and doing medical test i selected for safety officer on dated march 2015 at ports Darwin ports and now.
I am working in ship yard as a safety officer.
i enjoy my work here but I lost my cdc,Though i don't know what to do.
I have not given any details about my lost cdc in my office yet due to fear of termination from the job.
I request sevens seas to help me out in this matter please.
I am very nervous & don't know what should i do.
May 10, 2016

can't Talk much with our family

Hii Hello freinds i am Ganesh Tavate, i applied in SevenSeas, Chembur, Mumbai shipping company in jan 2014 and i got the job as a security incharge in Cargo Vessel in Haldia - West Bengal on march 2014.
We enjoy my work here. But
We can't Talk much with our family on calls as we are not getting network in mobile phones.
This makes me little uncomfortable. But this is my personnel thinking becouse I miss my family alot on ship.
and now there is no leave as early as possible before two months.
May 9, 2016

working conditions are too tough

hello everyone, hey i am Suraj, i appied in SevenSeas, Chembur, Mumbai in Dec 2015 for the post of cashier on cruise ship and pay 30000 for that selection process and in march 2016 i got joining letter
and got a job now i am work as a cashier on cruise ship at coachin.
I am happy now i get salary of 60000 per month.
But the working condition is very tough on cruise ship.
We have to work for 12 hours shift. Rules & regulations are also too tough,
& we all have to follow it.
If we neglect any of the rules we are getting penalties directly.
May 8, 2016

Not providing free food facility

My Name is Malik Sayyad. I applied and got selected for the post of Bar tender in SevenSeas, Chembur Company. At the time of interview their's HR told me that i will get job within 90 to 100 working days, but it took around 6 months for joining. After six months awaiting they called me to collect my joining letter to job on cruise ship which i applied. But now i got the job from SevenSeas and now i work at cruise at Malesiya. Thank you SevenSeas for giving me job opportunity.

After few days i seen that there on they are not providing us proper facility here on cruise ship. And they are deducting our Food charges here on cruise ship.
But in interview their HR's told me that food, accommodation, laundry will be free for me. Management here please got attention on that our problem.
Please do something.

thank you
Malik Sayyad
May 6, 2016

Not getting increament after 2years

Hi my self Sandeep Pawaskar
Hello friends i visit SevenSeas, Chembur, Mumbai company i want to job on Cruise Ship so
i had applied for the post Jr. Cashier in seven seas. Then there's HR called me and invited for an Interview then i going for that sevenseas's office at chembur, Mumbai. The Office is huge and well looking there HR's say me Welcome sir and they request to sit down and help in my interview process.
There staff is sensitive and respectful to their candidates needs. SSManagement employees are talented, creative and highly proficient industry professionals most of whom are professionally qualified they are helpfull and having pleased manner.
I faced interview and doing medical test when i got report of mediclly fit. Then i paid rupees of 30000 to my job selection process and for medical test and this is a government recognised process so i never scared about my money wasted or they are not giving me job. i got full information about that and there's HR got me full information about there selection process and time delay for selection neatly and i understood that it's genuine process complited step by step.
then after 2 months they called me that you have selected for job which you have applied here Then i am very happy i got joining letter. And now i works on Cruise at Coachin i enjoyed my work here fullfil my dreams here.
Nice company. They treated in very pleased manner. Even they guided me very nicely. SevenSeas is the best recruiter for shipping jobs. As it mainly hires for cruise ship,shipyard and oil rigs. Seven Seas makes my life more stunning one.....by giving opportunity in cruise ship.

But I got job on passenger cruise for the post of cashier.
At the time of interview in sevenseas's HR told me that i will get increment after every 6 months. here on ship i am not getting any increament.
I wrote applications to HR department of ship and as well as sevenseas, but till now i didn't got any response form the company.

Please do something


May 4, 2016

They deduct food allowance from salary payment

This is Bravo i am from panji, Goa and i applied and i got selected in seven seas chembur office for Cargo vessel at chennai, i am working at chennai on Cargo as a Fitter, i joined this company on 15 jan 2015, and i enjoy my work here with my coworkers But from last month they are deducting food allowances from my salary payment .which is not good becouse, at the time of interview HR's Said me that food and accommodation they will provide me free of cost but now they are cutting that allowances from my salary payment. i am very disappointed becouse of this thing already i am getting less salary.
SevenSeas, Chembur, Mumbai HR please help to resolve this problem. Though Please mention that never cut that type of accommodations then we will get very less salary payment in our hand which is using us to fulfill our and our family dreams. Please don't deduct food allowance from our salary payment.
May 4, 2016

Sevenseas Airport & Seaport Management Services India Pvt Ltd — recruitment

Sir the company is providing the recruitment
In month of february i was given an interview and apply for technical job & done medical checkup and deposited some money also...then in Sevenseas, chembur, Mumbai there HR says me now it will take few days time limit will spend for joining process for got you a job. but after one month time i get scared about if they not given me job or my money wasted. then i visited sevenseas office they again says me it will take few days time limit and then i decided and thought for given complaint in complaintboard. But after 4 - 5 days from sevenseas HR's call me and says " Sir you are selected for job which you have applied and received your joining letter from our office at Sevenseas, Chembur, Mumbai. then i visits sevenseas and got my joining letter and job. Now I am Happy for got me a job on Cargo Vessels at Coachin.
Althought Never waste my money and job & career opportunity to work on Cargo Vessels.
So please give me the information about sevenseas airports and seaports management services india pvt. Ltd
Located at chembur, Mumbai . Why that delay time limit of 2 - 3 month for got job on Cargo vessels.

Sevenseas, Chembur organization is genuine please don't through the complaints or bad comments on consumer forum sites about this Company and don't damage Sevenseas, Chembur Mumbai's Reputation on Google and not got confused by reading of that negative complaints neither you may lost your good job opportunity to got job on Cargo Vessels.
May 3, 2016

Fake comments

All these comments which say that they got jobs are fake and posted by the employees of Seven seas.
if u closely look at the comments u will see aal comments are almost same only the name changes.

this is a big time scam and i have already filed an online complaint with mumbai police as they are not refunding the amount.
Apr 20, 2016

Got Job But Lot of Work

Nice company. They treated in very pleased manner. Even they guided me very nicely. SevenSeas is the best recruiter for shipping jobs. As it mainly hires for cruise ship,shipyard and oil rigs. Seven Seas makes my life more stunning one.....by giving opportunity in cruise ship.
Wow..Guys you all are true... I have gone through the process of Seven Seas Recruitment.. I simply loved it. sevenseas airport seaport managment services india vt ltd. good company thank you for providing a job to fresher also.
Seven Seas are the best one for the shipping job, which will enhance the growth of the candidates. Through SevenSeas i got a job but lot of work. I was working in cargo vessels 2 yrs back. Recently i came back from the ship & don't want to go again. Life is too hard in ship.
Apr 19, 2016

Never getting increment

I am Manoj i applied in Sevenseas and got a job & working on cruiseship at Coachin, But not getting increment from past 2years. Not even in salary or in designation.
Management here is not looking after the increment of the employees.
Atleast they should increase the salary package of the employees.

I also tried to contact to sevenseas. But they saying that if i will perform well then only i will get the increment. I am giving good performance here.
Apr 19, 2016

achcha job miss kiya online comments read karke

Mera nam vijay parit hai, muje 7 saal ka welder ka work experience hain. Maine SevenSeas me apply kiya tha December, 2015 me. Mere friend ne bhi mere sath apply kiya tha. Par maine complaint board me SevenSeas ke bure comments dekh ke medical ke baad CDC wala payment nahi kiya, but mere friend ne risk lete huye payment kar diya. To Main uske upper bahot hasi uda raha tha ki usne ethana jaan ke bhi apna paisa waste kiya. Lekin mere friend ka CDC aur contract dono aa gaya 10th April, 2016 ko. Ye dekh ke mujhe itna pachtawa ho raha hai ki maine complaint boards ke comments par q bharosa kiya , mera dost 15 din me singapore ja raha as PIPE FITTER , muze bahot dukh ho raha hai qki maine achchi job opportunity mis kar di.
Apr 16, 2016

Bed Bugs Problem

Myself Brovo i faced interview at sevenseas in chembur - Mumbai.
and got selected for steward on cruiseship at coachin.
we enjoy the work here but there is bed bugs problem.
though got attention on that problem sevenseas.
Apr 16, 2016

salary issue

i have given a interview at sevenseas
i got a job at malyasia at drydock
but i am having a salary issue
salary cycle told me was 25 to 25 of month
but it comes late in ac
rather than i am enjoying my jobs
vipin malviya
Apr 14, 2016



I got a mail form this company. Kindly let me suggest can i go for interview as i from Indore & this company is conducting his interview on 27 April to 01 may 16. as per above comment i have read only negative things on company. and its seems to question mark in mind..
kindly suggest to me..

Name--Vipin Malviya
Email: Vipin.malviya143@gmail.com

Ashraf Alam
Mar 31, 2016

Looking for refundable amount

Hi, Myself Ashraful Alam. I spend money near about Rs.50,000 (Including medical) with this fraud company. I have a humble request to all please come forward, join together & raise your voice with the help of media people or consumer forum. This is the way to punish such fraudulent organisation. If you want to move alone or wanna do this to siting at home, be sure never get back your money or can't do anything against him.

So, let me contact on this id (ashrafulalam485@gmail.com) for further communication. Hope you guy's understand me & come together to take some strong action him.
Mar 19, 2016

mc bc company


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